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    THE SCilANTON TKIB UNEH AT U ltl) A Y MOitNJLNtf, 0J i Oiiiiii loui.
know what you are
eating when you use
Its true composition is
given on every label.
Purs" and "Sure "
Norrman & Moore
120 Wyoming Ave.
No Oriental opium-scented linen
frayed, fretted and worthless, but all
returned tit for wear, Ironed with care,
and all of it there.
308 Penn Ave.
Want Carpets,
Wall Paper or
Window Shades
Come to Us. We
a Full Line of Goods,
and Our Prices Are Yerj
Gentlemen's Driving Club races Eatur
nay, zp. m.
The Barber Asphalt company has he
gun concreting i'ine street preparatory to
paving with brick and asphalt.
Simon Mlglnn entered ball yesterday
the sum of $.100 for his appeurunce at
court, uaniei uuuman became his bonds
The new gospel choir will assist the
quintette at a special service of son on
Biinaay evening at the lJenn Avenue Bap-
usi cnurcn.
The "Black Crook" will bo produced at
the -Academy of Music this afternoon at
z.w. me prices win i: oinierv. is: Lai
cony, 25; entire lower floor, SO cents.
The choir of the First Presbyterian
cnurcn will meet for rehearsal this even
lng at 7.30. A special programme of muclc
Will De rendered tomorrow evening.
Richard Hughes and Peter McDonald
were yesterday sentenced to pay the costs
in cases against Adam and Walter buy
aer in wnicn tney were prosecutors.
The will of Karl August Plttack, late
of the Tenth ward, of this city, was au
mltted to probate yesterday and letters
testamentary granted to Alurla Plttack
Alfred D. Harris was yesterday an'
pointed Judge of election of the Second
ward or Wnkely In pluce of Thomas H,
u imams, wno had removed from the dis
There will be an exciting game of foot
Dan at the ban park this afternoon be
tween the clubs from tturknell unlver
slty and the Colgate Institute of New
The meeting at the Rescue mission this
evening and on Sunday evening will be
conducted by w. Pearsall and W. E,
enno, ticket ngent or the New .York Ceil'
tral railroad.
Deputy Sheriff Ryan yesterday closed
the clothing store of Berthold Friend on
the West Side on executions Issued on
Judgments amounting to J3.500 held by
jonn ltosenDerg.
James McDonald was yesterday an
pointed commissioner to take testimony
on the application of John Wuench for
the transfer to him of the hotel license
or John Clark, of the Fourteenth ward
The Scranton Operatic society held a
full rehearsal on Thursday night when
me largest attendance was recorded,
Professor Lindsay also explained the dra
matlc portions of the "Chimes of Nor
The CreBcent Foot Ball team of the
Nortn End held a meeting Thursday even
ing and elected the following oftlrarn
Manager, Alfred DavlB; captain, David
Wllliaums and substitute catain, Edrls
W. E. Fenno. of New York cltv. will ml
dress the men's meeting at the Railroad
.Department Young Men's Christian as
sociation Sunday afternoon. The sor
vices begin at 3.45 o'clock. All railrond
men are welcome.
Special services will be held at the
worm Main Avenue Baptist church. Pro
vidence, tomorrow, when several new
members will be received Into the church
through baptism. In the evening- the trns.
tor, Rev. W. Q. Watklns, will preach on
uuver nenueu noimes.
Considerable excitement was caused on
Lackawanna avenue last night by i
drunken man. who reauired the assist
ance of four police ofllcers to help him
Into the patrol wagon. About 500 ueoule
viewed the Inebriate while he lay on the
siuewaiK awaiting me wagon.
The Scranton Baptist Pastors' confer
ence will meet In the PeTin Avenue Bap.
tist church on Monday at 10 a. m., when
itev. v. u. vviuiami win read a paper.
"Darkest England and the Wnv nut "
Important business will be transacted
. and members are requested to attend.
At the meeting1 of the Women'. Hvn
odical Society of Pennsylvania held In
Pittsburg this week, W11W s-Barre was
cnosen as tne place of meeting In October,
18. Mrs. W. B. Holmes, of Honesdale,
was elected president, and Miss Eva Ku
pert, of Bloomsburg, recording secre
At the Penn Avenue Baptist church to.
morrow evening the Haydn String auar-
. tette will play the Austrian national
nymn, as originally written by Haydn,
ine quartette is composed or Mr. Wld
mover, first violin: Mr. Welsenflue. sec
ond violin; Mr. Waters, viola; Mr. Black.
wooa, violoncello.
Children can enter the sight reading
music cinss at tne Boranton school of
music, 402 Lackawanna avenue, this af
ternoon at 2 o'clock. Parent, are esne.
daily invited to attend and witness the
wonderful progress that Is being made
by the children In the reading of mnslo at
sight Today the class will be divided
into companies lor drill.
Royal Arcanum councllXToJ 923, held
a regular session Thursdatfdlsrht at it.
hall on Penn avenue. After the regular
DUBinenn nuu neen disposed of a social ses
sion was neia. Bchubert quartette ren
dered several selections which were hlirh
ly enjoyed by all present. It Is the Inten
tlon of the officers of the sooletv to nro
vide future entertainments of a similar
The St. Aloyslus society will run a spe
ciai train irora mis city to white Haven
Sunday over the Central Railroad of New
'lapflau lA.vlnir thin nltv at ij an n m
Rates of fare and time of leaving are
follows: Scranton, 12.30, $1.72: Plttston,
12.60, 11.87; Wllkes-Barre, 1.20, 11.06. Re.
turning, the train will leave White Ha
ven at 8 p. m. AU members and tneir
friends are invited to go.
Gentlemen's Driving club races Satur
day, 2 p. m.
Pabst's Milwaukee Beer, cool and spark
ling, at Lohman's, Spruce street.
At the FrothlnRham tonight J.
McNally's very funny farce, "A Coun
try Sport," with the very popular
comedian, Peter F. Dailey, as the shin
ing star of the company, will De given.
Mr. Dalley's name carries with It the
promise of a good time and the fame
he achieved by his first starring tour,
inaugurated about a year ago, occa
sioned little surprise to the many who
have obseived his rapid rise in me
realm of comedy. His exuberance
never deserts him and In "A Country
Sport" he has found a veiUile for the
display of his effervescence which
would probably suit no other actor, but
which m tne nanus of Lailey at once
becomes a comedy gem. The superb
supporting company Includes Jolly May
Irwin, funny John Sparks, captivating
Andrew Mack and irresistible Ada
Lewis. There are also in the cast such
well knowr names as Harry H. MorBe,
Maud Harris, Marie Miller, J. F. Calla
han and Freda Depew, in addition to
the large collection of dancers and
singers employed In the principal
scenes of the play.
The great spectacular play of "Fan-
tasma," which drew such large audi
ences here before, will again be pro
duced at the Academy of Music next
Monday and Tuesday evenings. Since
last here the play has, however, been
completely changed and remodeled, so
that It is now called the "New Fantas
ma." The old spectacle was the grand
est ever produced here, and It is now
even more gorgeous. Not only is the
ingenuity manifested little short of
marvelous, but the scenery and the
groupings are of the highest order of
stage art; and, from what Is said by
the press of the metropolitan cities, It
Is probable that the "New Fantasma,"
as It stands, Is one of the cleverest and
greatest productions that America has
ever seen.
At the Academy of Music "Wednesday
night "A Night at the Circus" will hold
sway. The fact that this play has had
the endorsement of a run at the New
York Park theater may be safely taken
as a guarantee that in selecting "A
Night at the Circus" for the amuse
ment of his patrons, Manager Burgun
der has mad no mistake. The play
Is a farce-comedy, but It Is a decided
advance on the ordinary run of that
claps of plays. Miss Nellie McHenry,
favorite with the theater-going pub
lic, and once the bright particular star
of Salsbury's Troubadours is In the cast
too, and Just as full of her old time vi
vacity and rollicking humor as ever,
In a role that gives her every oppor
tunity for the display of her remark
able versatility.
Today will be the last opportunity
for Bcrantonians to see that fine must
cal comedy, "A Liberty Hell," and the
living pictures at Davis theater.
Next week Manager Davis will pre
sent to the patrons of his Linden street
theatre, "Uncle Tom's Cabin," as pro
duced by the Markoe company, which
is headed by Miss Dalsey Markoe. It
Is an aggregation of players and gives
a superb rendition of that time honored
drama which has cut Buch an important
figure in the history of our times.
Manager Burgunder has billed Ed
ward Harrlgan and company for per
formances at the Academy of Music
on Nov. 0 and 7. On the first night Mr.
Harrlgan will produce "Rellly and the
400," and on the second "Cordelia'sAs-
"Young Mrs. Wlnthrop," the great
Madison Square theater success, will
be produced at the Academy of Music
next Saturday evening. Nov. 3. by a
company of artists among which are
Robert McWade, Krrol Dunbar, Collin
Kemper, Mrs. Annie Mortimer and
Lansing Rowan. This is the best com
pany mat ever jiiayea me comeuy in
tills city.
Black Crook Presented to a Large Audi
ence at Academy of Music.
A fine presentation of "The Black
Crook" was given at the Academy of
Music last night before a crowded
house with a magnificent display of
scenery and effects, ballet dancing,
marches and specialties.
William j. Mills, as the decrepit
Black Crook, brought to the Interpre.
tatlon of the character a naturalness
of conception that made the Black
Crook what he is meant to be, a crea
ture to be abhorred. Mabel Montgom
ery, Blanche Mortimer, Ada Boshell,
K. J. Ward, Michael Rlxford, Joseph
LaMont and Frank Florence also did
clever work in unfolding the plot about
which the spectacle is constructed.
Mile. Craske and Mile. Sarracco did
some wonderful dancing, and Rexo and
Heno entertained the audience with
acrobatic feats.
The spectacle Is carefully staged and
was received with much favor last
night. It will be produced again this
afternoon at a special matinee for
ladies and children, and will also be
seen again tonight.
Musical Instruments at Davldow Bros.
Uydo Park Man Comes to the Front with a
Street Car l ender.
James H. Casey, of 330 Twentieth
street, on the WeBt Side, called at The
Tribune office' yesterday and had with
him a model of a street car fender, of
which he is the patentee. He sent an
other model to Washington a few days
ago and is expecting letters patent on
his invention to arrive within a week.
The fender will be four feet wide
and will project 3 feet, 6 Indies. It
will be fastened to the car three inches
from the rail,' and is guaranteed to
either pick up objects on- the track or
shove them to one side out of danger.
Miv Casey has not Interested any
body as yet with him In the enterprise.
The model was made by George Mack
ereth, a blacksmith living near the Ox
ford shaft, and when the invention is
patented, a full sized fender will be at
tached to one of the street cars and
given a trial.
The model has all the appearance ot
being a very practical one, the arrange
ment is simple, and looks as If it might
become, useful,
Shot guns at Davldow Bros.
October has been a good month, fer
tile in positions and in new business.
The foot ball team wins its star Is
in the ascendant.
The night school grows constantly,
Dngnt fellows every one.
The constant demand for clerical
help keeps up an intense Interest
among the students.
The happy ones this time are Am
brose Joyce. Joseph Foln. Harold Park-
er, Howard Foster, Harry Skeels. F. E.
November will be the best month of
tne season.
Diamonds at
Dr. C. C. Laubaoh, Dentist, will receive
patients at nis omce Monday morning.
Buy the Wobor
and get the best. At Guernsey Bros
Gentlemen's Driving Club races Satur
day, i p. m.
The fishing at Lake Harvey Is closed
for the season.
Dr. C. C. Laubach, Dentist, will receive
patients at ms oinc Monday morning.
Splendid. Reception Given to Ex-
Lieutenant Governor Da vies.
Weber's Rink Not Able to Make Room for
" More Than Half Who Wanted to
Hear the Speakers Fifteen
Hundred People Present.
The flow of enthusiasm at the Repub
lican mass meeting In Taylor last night
has not been outdone In this campaign.
The borough was brilliant with fire
works and the Btreets echoed and re
echoed with rousing cheers.,
The Republican club headed by the
Taylor band met the speakers on their
arrival at the Jersey Central depot at
7.30 and, escorted them to Weber's
rink, where an audience had assembled
that would have packed 'two rinks.
Those who could not gain admittance
surged shoulder above shoulder in the
street and endeavored to catch the
words of the speakers. Inside the audi
ence was orderly, but when applause
was in order the greeting manifested
itself with a vociferousness that told
of the party patriotism of the citizens
of Taylor.
Harry J. Cooper was chairman of the
meeting. On the stage besides Candi
dates Clemons, Pryor, Judge Arch
bald, Huester, Grover, Hopkins, Scran
ton, Thomas, Jones, Vaughan and
Davies were the following prominent
Republicans of Taylor: Dr. K, E. Wes
ton, president of the borough council;
Dr. J. S. Porteus, John W. Reese, J. E.
Watklns and H. J. Harris.
The walls) of the hall were pla
carded with mottoes such as, "Vote the
Republican ticket straight, straight.
Don's skip the smallest county office."
"The Canadian laborer gets 16 a month,
whose mines will work?" The stage
was decorated with the Stars and
Stripes, and In the center the picture
of Congressman Scranton beamed
down between the pictures of General
Hastings and Candidate Walter Lyon.
Colborn Was Eloquent.
Chairman Cooper In a brief speech
bespoke the kind attention of the audi
ence for the first speaker, Attorney
A. J. Colborn. The eloquence of Mr.
Colborn was never heard to better ad
vantage. He attacked the specious
promises of the Democratic party and
In glittering language tore asunder the
free trade fallacies that are taught and
which are being carried out little by
little. He said in part:
This Is truly a Republican year. It
is a year In which the great mistake
that has been committed will be recti
fied, and under the leadership of uen
eral Hastings, the gallant hero of the
Conemaugh. we will go on to victory,
This Is a campaign In which the work
lngman Is thinking; he is thinking of
the smokeless stacks of crippled nidus
tries, he is thinking when he sees his
family begging for bread."
At this point in Mr. Colliorn's address
some one from the outside thrust his
arm through the window. The speaker
said, "That s only some Democrat In
search of light; we will give them all
the light they want." The humor ot
this ready repartee created applause
that did not subside for two minutes.
Resuming the thread of his discourse,
Mr. Colborn pictured In eloquent lan
guage the destitution of the country
and the people under eighteen months
of Democratic misrule.
"The Wilson bill, the author of all the
mischief, is now In force," he said, "the
bill which a Democratic president
branded bs a bill of perfidy and dia.
nonor. une Democrats cry peace,
peace, dui wnere can we llnd peace? -"Labor
is king, the mightiest mon
arch that ever ruled on the face of the
earth. Give labor employment and it
will level mountains and build upon the
face of the country thriving cities with
thousands and thousands of happy
nomes. rrotection protects our Indus
tries and gives labor a chance."
Mr. Colborn referred to the statement
of Mr. Merrifleld, the Democratic can
didate for congress, who assumes that
ne is a protection Democrat
My mends," said the speaker, "if
Mr. Merrineid gets to the halls of onn
gress.. although he may think he can
uance tne good old protection walU,
wnen uuiy Wilson fiddles Mr. Merrl-
neia will dance to the tune of th nnth.
em plantation liar." Mr.
ciuaed with words of praise to all the
canuiaates or me Republican ticket.
&x-j.ieuienam uovernor William T,
juvivb, qi xowanua, was the next
speaker. Mtf. Davies said that' hla
county excelled all others he had vis
ited in the number of ladles who attend
puuuc gatnenngs, but their presence,
however, excludes the men who at the
ballot box wUl determine who shall be
tie said that he cast h a flr.t vnto
for John C. Fremont and has followed
the fortunes of Republicanism throuirh
victory and defeat ever since, and its
recora nas been true to the best inter-
est of the country and it has been ad
muted by the enemy. It stood by the
flag in distress and was with it in all
trials, and on the day of reconstruc
tion It was equal to the emergency. In
its financial management of the coun
try the Republican party has been the
wonder and admiration of the world
Whatever the future of the party may
De its past is sare, but the life of a po
litical organization depends on the fu
ture. The Republican party in the paBt
in making us pledges true and ful
filling its principles has a record made
that the future will take care of.
hews to the line and lets the chips fall
where they may.
When James G. Blaine in 1S88 came
down from the Pine Tree state and de
livered an address at Boston, he pic
tured a prophecy that the day would
come when tne country would see it
self controlled by the Southern Dem
ocracy, assisted by the northern Demo
crats of New York city, and the breath
of free trade would sweep over the
land. Mr. Blaine died the year that
saw the fulfillment of his prophecy.
We Have Been Fortunate.
Mr. Davies said that from what he
had heard this valley has not felt th
effect of hard times to the extent that
other places have undergone. He told
of a scene that came before his n itlce
last . winter in Philadelphia. One morn
lng he observed a line of men at the
desk of the hotel waiting to hear
there was any employment around the
hotel at which they might be able
earn a dollar to bring home bread
their starving families. This wns in
district of Philadelphia which had been
one of the busiest In the country, hum
mlng with the voice of industry. These
men were willing to work but there
was none to give them. Destitution
was rampant all over the land, and the
Democratic party charged it to the
McKlnley bill. This is an Insult 1
everybody's intelligence.
Tl.e people now want to u-ido the c
that they blindly permitted to occur.
and a vote for Joseph A. Scranton
means one step In the right direction
It may mean more than a step because
the next congress will be close and one
vote may control It. In concluding his
very eloquent speech Mr. Davies be-
seeched his hearers to repudiate with
vengeance the cowardly ' onslaughts
that the opposition Is making against
certain candidates.
Congressman Scranton was next In
troduced. He addresed his hearers as
fellow protectionists and assured them
that In no campaign through which he
passed was .the prospect of victory so
bright as at present. The great out
pouring of the cltliens of Taylor Is an
Index of victory. He referred to the
magnificent majority registered by
Lackawanna county last February
given to the peerless Republican,
Galusha A. Grow, and said that the is
sues now are the same as then as far
as the policy of protectlopn.
Attorney W. Gaylord Thomas fol
lowed Mr. Scranton in a telling speech,
well diversified with pleasing anecdote.
Candidate John R. Jones was the last
speaker and simply reiterated the
pledge to conduct the office of district
attorney, if elected, with fairness. Jus
tice to all, and to the best ot his
Came in Contact With a Bridge While
Riding on a D. A'H. Box Car.
William Roach, of Hawley, was fa
tally Injured on the Delaware and Hud
son railroad track near Ulyphant yes
terday afternoon. ,
Roach was in Bearch of employment
and took a ride on one of the freight
trains, and while seated on a box car
failed to notice that the train was ap
proaching the No. 22 bridge over which
the Gravity road cars travel. He waB
thrown from the car to the track and
the wheels of the remaining cars se-
ered both legs.
Roach was brought to the Lacka
wanna hospital as quickly as possible,
but died at 4.30 o'clock in the afternoon.
Officials Will Ride Over the New Street
Railway to Moosic.
Andrew J. Conlon, foreman of the
nemen's department of the Scranton
Traction company, arrived home last
night from Northumberland, where he
went to inspect a shipment of poles
purchased by the Traction company.
He had a force of men at work all
night changing the lines at the power
house connecting the switch board with
the new line to prepare for a trial trip
over the road today. The trip will not
be made beyond Moosic, as the cross
ings over the Delaware and Hudson
tracks are not in.
Manager Cabin's Foot Ball Indians Will
Meet Luzerne's Assemblage.
The Scranton foot ball team will
play this afternoon at Wllkes-Barre
and expect to return home with victory
perched upon their banner. Manager
Cahlll has strengthened his team and
the eleven from the Bleepy village down
the creek will have to hustle to keep in
the game.
The game will be played at West Bide
park and it is expected that a good sized
crowd of Scranton enthusiasts will go
along and cheer. The team will leave
on the 1.25 p. m. Delaware and Hudson
Large Gathering at the Musis Hall Last
The Unchurch lodge, No. 222, Ancient
Order United Workmen, held a social
and literary entertainment last night
at the MubIc Hall.
John T. -Watklns' quartette party
gave splendid renditions of the "Spring
Song." "The Parting Kiss" and "Good
Night." Mrs. Randolph Jones, Mrs.
Dora Metzsrar and Edwin Bowen also
contributed several excellent numbers.
J. C. Smith, of Harrisburg. delivered
an entertaining address upon objects of
the order and his remarks were well re
You Can Get a Round Trip Ticket on N.
Y. O. t W. Monday for $4.35.
On Monday the New York, Ontario
and Western Rullroad company will
run its annual autumn excursion to
New York, and the low rate of $4.35 has
been fixed for round trip tickets.
This is a particularly Interesting
time to visit New York and at no time
Is a ride over the Ontario and Western
so delightful as in October. It passes
through a very picturesque country
and gives the excursionist a superb
view of the Hudson river from Corn
wall to New York. '
Thirty-Five Persons Left by the Midnight
Train Last Night.
Thirty-five passengers left Scranton
by the Delaware, Lackawanna . and
Western midnight train last night for
New York en route for European ports.
Several had booked their passages
with the Cunard steamer Umbrla, which
sails at 3 o'clock this afternoon for Liv
erpool, England, and the remainder in
cluded travelers to far-away Naples,
Italy; and Germany.
Rev. D. W. Skcllcngcr Will Address Young
Men at Y.'M. C, A
The men's meeting on Sunday at 3.45
will be addressed by Rev, D. W. Skel-
linger, who will shortly leave Scranton
for his new field In Washington, D. C.
Mr. Skelllnger is an interesting speak
er and should have a rousing audience.
Tallle Morgan will have charge of the
usual opening song service and will be
assisted by a male quartette.
The roof Is being put on the new Will
lams building at Washington avenue and
Linden street.
The foundation walls of the new high
school have reached the water level.
Little if any work Is being done on the
Mearsbulldlngat Washington avenue and.
Spruce street.
Judire Hand's new home at Jefferson
avenue and Vine street will be a hand
some bulldlmr. It is constructed of a
rough dressed brown stone and brick. The
side walls of the second story are now be
ing laid.
The old Dickson homestead on Wash
ington avenue is now being torn down
to make way for a modern business build
Texas Slftings reports a new form of
nervous prostration:
"Brinsr me a beefsteak," said a custo
mer at a restaurant, "and a good one.
"Vm lp."
"And I say, bring me a big one. Every
little thing annoys me and makes me ner
Beware of frauds. Be sure you get the
ranulne Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil. It
cures Colds, Croup, Asthma, Deafness,
and Rheumatism.
Collarettes at Davldow Bros.
Dr. C. C. Laubach, Dentist, will recolvo
patients at his otllce Munday morning.
To a great many people
to see the large variety
and the excellence of the
. They are cheaper and
better than so-called
"fresh vegetables."
E. Q. Goursen
429 Lackawanna Avenue.
Scranton May Have Christian En
deavor Convention in Two Years.
City Union Executive Committee Started
the Ball Last Evening-York Delegates
Will Report in the Penn Avenue
Baptist Church Next Friday.
A meeting of the executive commit
tee of the Scranton City Christian En
deavor union was held last evening in
the Young Men's Christian association
parlors. The session was an important
one to the city at large in that steps
weVe taken to start the preliminary
work of securing for Scranton the state
Christian Endeavor convention in
If successful 10,000 or lS.OOO delegates
will be in the city at that time.
The report of the good citizenship
committee, which has for several weeks
been drafting a constitution and by
laws for tht Good Citizenship league,
was received and the committee given
power to effect an organization.
President C. E. Daniels and J. C.
Manning, of Plttston, secretary of the
Trl-County union, discussed the work
done at York last week toward securing
the '96 convention for this city. The
following were appolntedacommittee to
start the preliminary work, as it is
believed that sufficient assurance has
been given to warrant the action: C
E. Daniels, chairman; Harry Lathi-ope,
vice president of the state union: Rev
W. H. Stubbleblne, E. A. Reynolds, A.
v. Bioan, miss Ida Waters. Miss Ray
It was decided to hold a mass i leet-
mg of the union next Friday ev ning
fl 7.45 o'clock In the Penn Avenue Bap
tist church to hear reports of the York
convention by Rev. J. W. Williams, of
Dunmore; J. C. Manning, of Plttston;
Rev. W. H. Stubbleblne and C. E. Dan
The committee elected new officers
as follows: President, E. S. Williams;
secretary. Miss Delia P. Evans; treas
urer, A. C. Smith. A union badge was
adopted and a quantity will be dlstrlb
uted soon. The meeting adjourned.
Addresses by Professor Dc.Motte
Colonel Henry Wattcrson.
The county institute evening lecture
course mis year win consist or aa
dresses by Professor John 13. De Motte,
Ph. D., of Cambridge. Mass.. and Henry
Watterson, the brilliant editor of the
Louisville Courier-Journal. Professor
De Motte will speak at the Frothlng
ham Monday night on "The Secret of
Character Building," and on Wednes
day evening Colonel Watterson will be
heard on "Money and Morals" at the
same place.
Superintendent W. J. Brecht, of Lan
caster, writes as follows of Professor
De Motte: "He is a prince upon the
lecture platform. Lancaster never had
his superior. We have had him twice
and our people are willing to have him
twice every year." The Washington
Post says: "Eloquent sentences
chockfullof novel information. Illustra
tions superb."
Of Colonel Watterson s lecture the
New Orleans Times-Democrat says
'A more magnificent and delighted au
dience than that which greeted Henry
Watterson never assembled In the
Grand Opera house. 'Money and
Morals' Is not a lecture; It is a drama
In one act and one part, exquisitely
rendered. From gay to grave, from
lively to severe the orator carries all
hearts, and, when he tins finished, the
outburst that bade him adieu was spon
taneous and long sustained.
Judgments Awarded by Alderman Fltz-
siinraons at Yesterday's Hearing.
Employes of the late lamented penny
afternoon newspaper, the Scranton
Free Lance, appeared In Alderman
Fltszlmmons' office yesterday morning
at the dearlng, and Judgments were
given by the alderman for the claims
In full, amounting to $221.73.
Mr. Thompson, who was a member
of the printing firm of Walter, Thomp
son & Co., appeared with R. F. Little
as defendant and the property of the
publishing firm to which he belongs
was levied upon for the debt.
Alarm clocks at Davldow Bros.
Turkish an Russian Baths for Ladies.
At the request of physicians and ladles,
arrangements have been made to give
baths to ladles on Tuesdays from 8 a. m,
to 6 p. m. Private entrance throuu
Owens' cloak parlors on Spruce strret.
J. Purcell, proprietor.
Dr. Gibbons,
of New York city, will be In his Scranton
office. 411' Wyoming avenue, every won
day from 8 in the morning until 9 in the
Pillnbury's Flour Mills have a capacity
ot 17,600 barrels a day.
. . , . ..!, . ., ii-. nr
nave JUSt received i new line 01
Cut Glass
for Wedding Gifts. Step in and
our new stock.
tt st FnMot th Mm ropolar tod rnfornl by
be.diin Anton
Wtrtrooms: Opposlts Columbus Monument,
v3 Washington Av. Scranton, Pa.
Including tht palnlnss extracting ot
teeth by an ontlraiy new process.
S. C. SNYDER, D. D. S.t
V,' l.M
Of Clocks. A new fea
ture for us, but we can
assure you that we
have some beautiful
goods in this line, and
they are first-class
Prices range from
79c. to $12.75 each. .
Green and Gold Store Front
birds make great flights like our stock
of fall hots, which is also going very
fast. It's a case of heads we win, and
the heads are ours by a large majority
There's a style about our hats which 1b
quite up to xiate and as autumnal as
falling leaves.
do vou dread Monday
washday? Can't blame you
much slop dirt confusion
heat enouehto drive vou
out into the street. Wouldn't
it be better to send your whole
family wash to us every week ?
Special "POUND RATES "
to families. Write for these
Crop a postal-our wagons will call promptly,
322 Washington
trEJ&'M -".fcf .V d
Many a long mile . before you will
find Shoes to equal our new lines
of Fall and Winter Footwear.
ity that is firjjt-class and desira
ble Our prices are'as low, if not
lower, than you are paying for
poorer Shoes.
UMBRELLAS, 26-inch Fast Black Gloria,
Fancy Silver Handle, - 1
UMBRELLAS, Fast Black Sateen, Fancy
Nickel Handle, ...
Also a full line of Ladies' and Men's HackintosheSu
A VINO withdrawn entirely from
wholesale trade and having
transferred our wholesale stock
to our retail department to be ottered
to our patrons at wholesale prices, w
mention a iew of our prices:
French Blaok Lynz,25 in. t 6.00
Wool Seal, "
Astrakhan, "
WaterMink ,
E ectric Seal
Hudson l!av Bable
Stone Marten
With Double Head.
Ill ladies' Tailor Made Coats
and Capes we carry the handsomest
line in the city.
In Millinery Department
We carry a One- line of Trimmed and
I'utrimnicd, and the latest in a Child's
School Cap.
Have Your Furs Repaired
by the only practical hirner in tat
city. Send for illustrated catalogue.
138 Wyoming Avenue. .
In Town
Clothiers, Hollers Furmsnera
128 Wyoming Ave.
We are now showing an ex
quisits line of
At special prices
them in our stock.
to introduce).,
01R NEW RAZOR or Needle Toes fo
Ladies and Gentlemen are the per.,
fiction of the Shoemaker's art '
They cut their way into favor witl
every one who sees them.
will prove attractive to parentav
who are looking for reliable Shoe
at the lowest possible prices.
Corner of Lackawanna anl
Wyoming Avenues.