The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, October 12, 1894, Page 8, Image 8

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Line of
Is larger and mors
complete than ever.
Comprises garmeuts in
Sbeared an3 Palled Coney
We claim to have the
best finish, the choic
est skins, the latest
styles and the lowest
prices. An examina
tion will convince you.
Capes from $6.50 to
412 Sprues St, Scranton.
Dr. Keeves is now fully established at 412
Spruce strwt. Hcrantuu. He has performed
Ruine wonderful cured and lias Kaiuel the
connilunce of. the public. He has come to
STAY aud will remain FKRMAN KNTLY at
bin i-prucH street parlors. He lias had long
nnd varied experience iu hospital and priva'e
practice and treats all acute and chronic
diseases of nion, women and children.
He ?iv. advice. er-rnrr fir nil nnr
Tlces an.' Humiliation MLC Ul UllIiUL
2o one is turned away.
He. with his assistants, treat all diseases of
the n Twins system, diseases of the eye, enr,
no and throat, dyspop-d i, rheumatism, lost
vitality : r mature weakness or decay in
loth st'xea, nervous debility, catarrh, tumor,
cancers, eruptions, l.lood poison ins?, fits, opi
ilepsy. intiis. retion and errois of youth, lost
manhood, czema, w-mfulu. St. Vitas' dance,
asthma, diseases 01 the Heart, lungs, liver,
kidneys, I ladder, stomach, etc.
The doctor has opened a feinala department
exclusively for females so those
whom 'd9llcacy', has heretofore kept awav
may now ro eivo tho services of a "lady"
whose treatment will prove her ability In
u ll cases.
Any oio Bufl'erinff with "Catarrh" who
wishes to tie PKHM -iNEN i LTand OUH'KLY
cur i mar receive VuU-t MONTHS' TREAT
iftur holds Rood for thirty davs. Tho doctor
has discovered a KI'El It 10 for this dreaded
disease. Vou can and cure yourself aud
family with It at borne. It never fails to cure,
A trial treatment free.
Office hours: Daily It a.m. to 9 p. m. Sun
days, lot.. 1 and a to .
Take elevator in Christian's hat store, or
Remember the name and nnmber,
412 Spruce St, Scranton.
Oil Cloths,
Window Shades and
Wall Papers.
All the Latest Designs.
J. Scott Inglis
our doors abore Wyoming Home.
Xothartl Motharatl Mothers 111
Mrs. W inflow's 8oothing 8yrap has been
oied for over fifty yearn by millions or
mothers for their children while teething,
with perfect success. It soothes the child,
softens the gams, allays all pain; cares
wind colls, and is the beet remedy for di
arrhoea. Sold bydmggiste in every part
of the world. Be sore and ask for "Mrs.
Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup, and take do
no-other kind. Twenty-are cents a bottle.
Highest of all in Leavening Powef. -Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
The cantatH, "Jnphtba and His
DuoRhtfr," was prodneed yesterday
Hfternoon to the sehool children ni
Weber's rink, and nbont 250 little ones
enjoyed the performance immensely.
Iu the evening it was aguin given, and
the rink was filled to overflowing.
James Watkins plays the leading
role, and his splendid voice is beard t
great advantage. Miss Litverna Mitch
ell, as Jephtha's dnnijuter, displays ex
traordinary powers in her rendition,
and she is one of the best singers in the
oust. Her solos frequently brought
forth bursts of applause from the au. li
en ce. Miss Rrtbecci D.ivls, as Adah,
Jistingu shed herself in a most credit
able way, Her voice is not strong, but
it is an exceptionally sweet and pare
one. In fact nothing but praise can be
given the whole cast The choruses
were all rendered artistically. The per
foruianoe will ba repeated again this
evening, and everybody should take the
opportunity of witnessing this grand
A number of oases were heard before,
Burgess Griffiths yesterday morning
all but one being on the charge of
drunkenness and disorderly conduct.
Michael Serbia was the first to nppear
He was arrested on a complaint issued
by John Bosuuis, charging bim with
assault aud battery and smashing
furniture. He was committed to j ill
in default of bail. G6orge Berrick
also assisted in the disturbance, and he
was fined the costs of prosecution.
Frank Tikesb was arrested early yes
terdsy inorhlng by Officer Welby for
burning oil and commencing a fire
near the Holden breaker. When Offi
cer Welby was on his way home at
about 1 o'clock bo was a slight blaze
uenr the breaker, aud running over to
the place he discovered Tikesb holding
a stick in bis band lighted with fire.
Fearing the man was trying to set fire
so the breaker be plaoed him under ar
rest. At the bearing Tikesh said that
ho bad lighted the stick because be
was afrtiid to go through the woods in
the dark.' Tnis explanation was
thought by the burgess to be untrue
and he was fined $10 or labor on the
road for teu days. His fine was paid
by a friend later in the day and he was
Felix McLaughlin spent Wednesday
at Jermyn.
Patrick Jndgate and Frank Lally
spent yesterday at Mooiio.
Miss Nettie Ryau, of Dalton, spent
yesterday with frieuds in towu.
David Harris is con fined to his home
on Groye street with diphtheria.
John Christian, of the Scranton
Horold was in town on Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Inane Jones, of Scran
ton, spent yesterday with friends and
relatives in this borough,
Miss la Moran, of Dnntnore, was a
visitor at the home of Mrs. Mackin, on
Grove s'reet, yesterday.
Miss Mamie Ravin, of Pitteton who
bus beeb the guest of Miss Mary Mar
ray, of Grove street, for the past few
weeks, returned to her home yesterday,
aconmphnied by Miss Murray.
The employes of the Taylor, Pyne
& Holceu mines were paid yesterday,
and as a result the town put ou a more
llv-ly appearance than is usual.
Rev. b. D. Davie, of Windham, Ohio,
is visitinir bis parents, Mr. and Mrs.
David F. Davis, on Uuion street, after
an absence of five years.
One of the prettiest weddings that
l as ever been witnessed in this town
occurred at the Methodist EiiIhcodbI
church last evening. The contracting
partus wt-re Miss Ruth B. Ward and
John D. Atherton, aud the nuptial knot
was tied by Rev. F A. Kiug, p istor oi
the Methodist ennreb Professor D.
Jones plsyed Mendelssohn's wedding
march. The bride wore a costly cos
tnme of white silk, trimmed witb ohif
ton, and carried a beautiful bonquet of
teu roses. The couple were unattended.
After the ceremony at the choreb the
invited guests proeveded to the bride's
home on Main street, where a wed.ling
supper was served and congratulations
were in order. The conple left on the
midnight train for Philadelphia, Wash
iugton, New York and different points
of interest.
William Powell and Mary Lewis
were married by Rev. Ives Thomas
yesterday morning. They left on a
short bridal tour.
Misses Mnme Sampson and Lulu
Gress visited in town last night
For Burns. Scalds RrnUoa anil all ml.
and soreness of the flesh, the errand houne-
uom reuiruy i ut. i nomas JcieotriC Ull.
Be snre you get the best.
Gorge Walters and Joseph Mor
comb were Scranton visitors yesterday.
The freight station of the Ontario
and Western railroad company was
broken opeu Wednesday night A ease
of books was taken. Several other
packages were examined, but nothing
taken. As usual, there is no cine.
The Aid society of the Tompkins
ville Methodist niscopal church paid
a visit to Mrs. Samuel Hatobings yes
terday afternoon.
'Now that the water his snbsiJed the
extent of the damage can be more
easily seen. Michael Clark, C. L, Bell
and Mrs. Henry Dayles are among the
heaviest losers.
Miss Lettie Evans, of Scranton, is
visiting Miss Kate Sampson on Fourth
The fair of Crystal Fire company will
open on Tuesday evening. Try and be
Pay your tRxei today and save the
disconnt. Today is your last ohance.
The parade of the Father Mathew
sooiety and the Carbondale and Jermyn
ondets took place yesterdiy. Had it
not rained Wednesday there would
have been a great many more In line.
After the parade a picnic was held in
Elm grove in the afternoon and a so
cial in Enterprise hall in the evening.
The Mozart, Citizen's and Enterprise
bands were in line.
Keystone Academy.
Frank Depew preached at Carpenter
Hollow Wednesday evening.
Harry Mnmford will spend Sunday
at his home in Starnccs,
Solom in Strong took the Civil Sir
vice examination at Scranton Thurs
day. Joseph Stanton has been transferred
from the seoond to the first foot ball
team. Rlohard Henwood takes his
place as captain of the second team.
The students of Keystone will be
offered u treat upon lection day. The
Current Topio league Is miking pre
parations to hold a mock election,
This will be con luctel strictly accord
ing to tho Baker ballot system. All
male students will b invitol to vote.
The ladies of the Bryant literary
society, are m iking preparations to re
furnish their room.
Yesterday afternoon a horse driven
bv a peddler from Jemip run uwny on
Upper Main street and created great
excitement as be ran down town. The
driver and another man who was rid
ing with bim w. re thrown out nnd the
former was drneged nbont a hundred
yards and severely bruised. The other
man snstainel oulv n f-w scratches.
The wagon was badly broken and lb-;
goods were scattered about the street.
The horse was cmht near Jones,
Simpson & Co. 's snore. The runaway
was cans-ad by a broken axk
The John P. Kelly club will bold a
special meeting this evening.
Miss Mamie Clark of Honsdxle is
visiting her cousin, Miss Mamie Clark
of Pine street.
M. F. Caffrey of Main street was in
Scranton yesterday afternoon.
Mrs. W. H. O'Connor and her sister,
Miss Sarah Coicoran of Dunmore, vis
ited at their former home here yester
day. Mr. and Mrs. George Hughes of
South Scranton visited Mr. and Mrs.
James White of Wayne street yester
day. Richard Burke of Dot) das, Canada,
is being entertained by his cousin,
Mrs. M. A. Foote of Main street.
The grand fair of St. Thorons' con
gregation continues to attraot large
crowds. On Wednesday afternoon und
evening the attendance was enormous.
Each evening a musical programme is
rendered. Mies O'Malley of Wilkes
Barre sang two charming solos on
Wednesday night.
Mr. and Mrs. John Donnelly of Sura
cuse, N. Y. are about to line here again
after an absenoo of a year.
The University extension circle met
in the graded bnilding last evening
and received reports from those who
have been interested in the promotion
of the idiia. Already a large number
of our people have expressed a willing
ness to attend the coarse but not onou(h
to pay the expenses ineident to it The
ladies and gentleman who already com
posed the circle will make an energetic
effort to add to the membership and it
is boped for the good name of the
borough that they will succeed.
New Milford.
Hobert Gleason and family are visit
ing friends in Conklln.
The country roads were bsdly dam
aged by toe recent freshet.
Dr. Eugene Casey, of Oxford, spent
Sunday in town.
Attorney Andrew B. Smith, of Mon
trose, wis calling on friends in town
this week.
Willie McConnell, of this place, has
gone to Syracuse to accept a position
in that city.
The eoroet band report a royal good
time while at Bingbamton.
The following comrades of Company
H, Fourth regiment, Pennsylvania
Reserve Volunteer corps answer-d to
their name at the fourteenth annual
reunion of the company at the home of
Comrade B. F. Lewksbury, Nw Mil
ford, Pa.: Captain A. T. Sweet and
wife, Hartford, Pi. ; Lieutenant J. P.
Gay and wife, Sontu Auburn, P. j
Lieutenant C. E. McCracken and wife,
Nin-veh, N. Y. j rgeant M. H. Van
Scoten and wife, Rasbboro, Pa. ; Pri
L. S Woodward, Hallstetil, Pi.;
Private J. W, Tf-wsdsll, Minneaplt.,
Minn. : Private C. A Carter, L Riys
ville. Pa ; Private B-njamin Warner
nd wife, Tingley, Pi. ; Private C. A.
Kenyon and wife, New Milfrd Pa. ;
Private R. S. Luce au I wife, Liwsville
Center, Pa. The following comrades
nave been adopted as honory members
of Company II, and were present witb
i hem at their reunion: Prrv Sw-et
and wife, Company A, Fifty-seventb
R gitnent Pennsylvania Volunteers;
Alford, Pa. ; J. T. Middaugb and wife,
Company E, Fifty-first R-giment.
Pennsylvania Volunteer, Nw Milford,
Pa., H W. Kenyon and wife, Company
F, Ous Hundred and Forty-first Rgi
ment, Pennvlvannia Volunteers, New
Milford; H. Blandlng and wife, Com
pmy B, Seventeenth Regiment, Penn
sylvania Volunteers, New Milford;
U, B. Miller, Company K, Eighty
ninth R-giment Volunteers, New Mil
ford; B 6 Tewksbury and wife, Co tu
tu ny E, Third Rigiment, Pennsylvania
Volunteers, New Milford; Captain
G orge Starne and wife, Comp my A,
One Hundred and Fifty-first Pennsyl
vania Volunteers, New Milford,
C, S. Hoyt visited the Pioner City
last night.
Abiitliday party was tendered Mr.
Tripp, or Third street, Wedneslay
tiight Those present were H-nry
S one, N. Stiafer nnd wifes, Mrs. Allen,
the Misses Clara Roe, Emily and B ssie
Fiend, and Messrs. Griffith, lX-Gruw
and Hoyt. A very pleasant time is re
ported by those present.
John McGowuu wus in the Electric
City yesterday.
Mies Maggie Mulhollund, of Scott,
visited at W, J. Borgan's yestvrtay ftf
P. F. Kelker was in Petkvilla ytster
day. Richard Kirwin, of Carbondale, was
a Mayfield visitor yesterday.
Gospel meetings will be held every
night, but Saturday, of next week In
the cbapsl on Poplar street, to be led
by A, F. Sanford, of Jermyn.
Mr. William Murphy, of Scranton,
called hero yesterday.
PI iladtlphia A'orti Amerioaru
The easiest way to make a living is to
fit out an expedition to the north pole.
You don't have to get there. Only stay
away a decent length of time, and then
come back and become a lecturer.
St Zouii Olobe-Democrnt. '
There has never before been a time when
so many Democratic speeches and letters
were adantea to circulation as Republican
campaign documents.
S. B. Durfey, mato ot stamer Arizona,
bud his foot budly Jammed, Thomns'
Eclectrio Oil cured it. Nothing equal to it
for a quick pain reliever.
Miss Meretta Donovan, of Scranton,
visited Carbondale friends yesterday.
Miss Iona Tyler, of Forest City,spnt
yesterday witb frieuds in this city.
Miss Gertrn le V yle, of Oivpbant, is
the guest of relatives on River street.
Mr. and Mis O L. Utley will soon
take up their residence on Wyoming
Mtrset H; the new bouse bnilt by Mrs.
S D Baker.
Mrs. Charles Gilmartin died on
Wednesday eveuijg at her horns ou
Archbald street at the age of 48 years.
Sba is survived by her husband and
two children. Tue funeral will be
held this afternoon at 3 o'clock. Ser
vices will he held at the residence, No.
53 Arohbuld street.
The contracts for the erection of E.
P. Burke's new bnilding ou Sixth ave
nue, Iiav4 been awarded, and ground
will be broken on the site on Monday
morning next. Cmlractor John Han
sen will do the carpenter work and
John Colligan will do the brick and
stone work. The dimensions of the
building is 40 80 feet and three stories
in height. The contract calls for tue
completion of the structure by April 1,
The ninth anniversary of the Gir
ruania Singing society occurred last
evening and was olebrite.i in a be
coming and happy manner at their
rooms in the Keystone block.
Miss Nt-llie Konworthy and MIs
Enia Carey will leave today for a visit
with friends and relatives in Susque
hanna. W. S. McCartney has returned to bis
home in Springfield, Mass., after a brief
business visit iu this city.
-Lyman Smith leaves today to visit
bis mother in Rochester, N, Y.
Mrs. William Hiller, of Tank
bamock, is visiting her son, W. B.
Hiller, of Church street.
The funeral of the late Dennis Dren
nan occurred yesterday morning at
9 30 o'clock. The remains were In
terred in St. Rosa cmetery.
Miss Lydia Wood is entertaining her
friend Miss Mamie Barney, of Wilkes
Bsrre. Mrs. Henry J. Bear and children
spent yesterday in Honesdale, the
guests of Mrs F. P. Kimble.
F. A. Parker, having but just fully
recovered from on attack of typhoid
fever, is now nursing bis wife, who is
down with the same disease.
Mr. aud Mrs. Thomas Wbaite have
left for Illinois, where they will
spend the winter with their sons, Wal
ter and George at Danville.
Georgn Ackerly is going to leave u,
having decided to rent his place and
locate at Iiallstead.
Rev. A. Reynolds will fill the pulpit
at the Baptist church next 8undsv
morning at 10:80. Tbe Epwortb
League will occupy tbe church in the
Georga E. Stevenson is making such
large alterations on his already band
some house, that when completed it
will be one the most attractive and
commo tion residences In the borough,
James Thompson of Wilkes-Barre
and L. H. Thompson of Scranton are
erecting a saw mill on the Bailey tract.
Orsters, Orsers, raw. stewed and
fried at Martin Bold's "Little Delmo
uico. Baltimore select oysters, by the pint,
quart or gallon, at tbe "Little Del
woniro." M ss Ila Snyder, Mrs. Richard Olm
steud aid Miss May Logan have re
tamed to their home in Scranton, after
a very pleasant visit with Mrs. E. C.
Mr. end Mrs. E. G. Carpentor, ac
companied by Dr. and Mrs. S. M.
Ward, attended the wedJing of their
son, George Carpenter, to Miss Sidle
Mileban, of Wilkes-Barre, at Wilkes
B tree on Wednesd iy.
Cards are nut announcing the wed
ding of Mh8 N'llie Mersliou, daughter
-f Mr. and Mrs. Johu W. Mersbon, to
Harry D. LindHimam, of Troy, next
Wednesday, 17 lust, at 12 'clock noon
Horace Stewart, of Delaware Water
G p, wus a visitor here last Wednes
day. Factoryville.
Mr. Hopkins, who was run down on
the railroad crossing Wednesd. .y, died
a few hours luter from tho injuries r
ceived. .H wil! be buried todiy,
(Frid.y). Funeral Bt 2 p. in. at the
Methodist Episcopal church.
Onr ci iz in were again thrown into
a state of txcitem.nit about 11 o'clock
yesterJay (Thursday), by the ringing
of the ctinrch bells and tbe sounding
of the fire nlnrm on the lumber com
pany's huildii g. In an instant the
streets were nliv with men, women
and children, all hurrying in the direc
tion of tbe fire, which proved to be all
-moke, canned by a foul chimney in tbe
bouse of Lester Capwell, which had
taken fire and was burning out.
Mrs. Marion Capwell, of Scranton,
called on frends iu town Thursday
F. A. and G. B. Reynolds have the
contract for tbe erection of Mrs.
Green's home, near the Baptist church.
Walter Reynolds and son, who have
been employed ou tbe new schoolhonse
at Avocn, relumed borne Wednesday
and will ereot a new bouse and other
buildings for Dr. Richard Henwood.
The copious rains of Wednesday have
a beneficial effect on our low and dry
Miss Maud Capwell, of Linesboro, is
the guest of her aunt Miss Sabra Sea
mans, She is also assisting In caring
for her sister. Miss Florenoe Capwell,
who is very ill.
There will be a grand Republican
nlly this evening nt Csntral Hotel
ball, Pricetmrg. Many prominent
speakers will be present.
A team owned by W. C. Griffin,
while standing in front of his store on
Main street, became frightened by an
approaching electrio car, which caused
them to dash down Main street at a
fnrious rate of speed. They ran into a
tree, which demolished tbe wagon;
otherwise there was no damage,
William Higglns of Sorantoo was in
town y -sterdav.
Matthew McPhorson of Dickson has
commenced to lay the foundation of a
handsome block to be erected on Maple
llallst ead.
Scott Ward is ill.
Mr. and Mrs. John McAlooo, who
have been visiting friends and relatives
iu Nichulsan, have returned home,
CCD) Hart, of Dover, N. J., is in
town on business.
Dr. and Mrs. Barnes, of Thompson,
who have been calling on frieuds In
town, have returned home.
Miis Susie McAloon, of Scranton, is
stopping witb her brother, John, In
this place. She intends to stay here
for the winter to .work at dressmaking,
The Young People's Society of Christ
ian endeavor will hold a social at the
church l asement this (Friday) evening,
Mrs, Gardner and daughter, Miss
Mary Gardner, have returned home
after spending a few weeks with rela
tives in V-rmont.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Terwilllger are vis
iting friends at Berwick, Pt.
Mrs W. E. Smith is recovering some
from ber i 11m- sa.
Mr H. V. Decker was visiting at
Chinchilla last Thursday
Dr. Ives and wife, of Scranton, spent
Sunday with bis brother, A. O. Ives,
of ibis place,
Mr Drew, of Dunmore, will preaoh
at tbe Methodist Episcopal church next
Sunday tuorui ig.
Mus Jissie Van Fleet, of Wallsville,
is leudiug school nt this place.
The Lbu ,t Orchids.
Mr. J. Batemnn hna noticed the romantic
use of orchids in those countries he is
writing upon. He says: "In Mexico, where
the 'language of flowers' la understood by
all, the orcliiilacete seem to compose nearly
tbe entire alphabet. Not an infant is bap
tized, not a marriage is celebrated, no
obsequies performed at which tbe aid
of these flowers la not called In by the
sentimental natives to assist the expression
of their feelings. They nre offered by the
devotee at the shrine of his favorite saint,
by tbe lover at tbe feet of his mistress and
by the sorrowing survivor at the grave of
his friend; whether, in short, ou fast days
or feast days, on occasions of rejoicing or
in moments of distress, these flowers are
sought for witb an avidity which would
seem to say that there was no sympathy
like theirs; thus 'Florile los Santos,' 'Flor
de Corpus,' 'Florde los muertos,' 'Flor de
Maio,' 'No me olvides' (or forgetmenot)
are but a few names out of the many that
might be cited to prove the high consid
eration in which our favorites are held In
the New World."
An Odd Experience.
Queer things happen when New Yorkers
Visit Brooklyn. Two young women crossed
tbe bridge lust week to visit a friend on
Columbia heights. They walked back to
the bridge entrance, and, perfectly sure
they knew what they were doing bought
their tickets and settled themselves iu a
train on the Kings County Elevated road.
They talked away Incessantly, unmindful
of stops, until it suddenly occurred to them
that they "must bo nearly across." They
looked out on the green Holds of East New
York, and disgust was written deep on
their faces as they made their way back to
the city. New York Times.
Wet ClotlUng aud Lightning.
If tho clothing is wet the lightning may
pass over it as a good couductor without
harming the body. On tho other hand,
persons uuiy be killed without barm being
done to the clothing. In rare instances
bodies luive been stripped naked by light
ning. The coverings oi tbe feet ore liable
to be seriously injured, because it is here
that tbe lightning meets tbe greatest re
sistance 1 i !"fir'i"r lwdv. Kx-Jluinge.
Tired Feeling
) So common at this season, is a serious
1 condition, liable to lead to disastrous
results. . It Is a sure sign of declining
health tone, and that the blood is Im
poverished and Impure. The best and
most successful remedy is found in
Which mokes rich, healthy blood, and
thus gives strength, to tbe nerves, elas
ticlty to the muscles, vigor to the brain
and health to the whole body. In
truth, Hood's Sarsaparilla
Makes the
Weak Strong
Be sure to get Ilood's and only Hood't
Hood's Pills are purely vegetable, -Vetlv
harmless, always reliable ."iidlie"i'" v
230 Lackawanna Ave.
Are right in line, as usual, with
everything that's New, Elegant
snd Stylish in FALL CLOTH
ING. B iter Tailor Made
Clothes for less money than yon
get elsewhere.
Men1 Fine Stylish All Wool Suits m
Checks, mixrd or pla'n mater
ials, sol I usually at 12.00, selling
at The Bell for $MS9
Better suits of Black Cheviots and
Thiliets, Double Breasted Sacks
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J150J, selling at !SJ0 Lacks, ave.
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Men' Extra Fine Worsted Tweeds
Whipcord and Homespun Buits,
superbly made, equal to custom
clothes, others chavxe JStUUfor
surh qualities, our price but.... $12.50
(.Extra fine black suits, included
iu this lot;
Boys' all Wool Suits, worth $3 60, at.. $1.95
Finer ones In Cassbneres and Wor
steds, worth 5.(o, at $3.83
"Always tho Cheapest,"
230 Lackawanna Ave.,
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Special attention is called to oui
Millinery and
Cloak Departments
Figured all over, fringe (
top and bottom
These were previously
select from.
A new line of Chenille and Tapestry covers. Rich
Velour Table covers. Elegant line of Goblin Tapestry
covers and Pillow covers.
Four sizes of Hampers, in a variety of colors, All
new. Waste and Scrap baskets.
All prices and kinds.
406 and 408 Lacka. Avenue.
arriage Would
e a Failure
To many if our liberal Credit System had no existence.
For what comprises the major part of a happy marriagef
is it not the hornet A home furnished with solid com
fort and elegance, and this can Be procured by the me
chanio or laborer as well as if he had great wealth at his
command. Our establishment is a store for tho masses.
" Anything of a shabby sort will not answer here. What
is done under our name must be first-class, or it is some
body's blunder who is paid not to blunder but to serva
you properly. But to return to the
We aid you and are happy to do so. "We extend credit
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Our 39.00 Bedroom Outfit and $120.00 four-room,
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Dinner Sets Are Displayed in Windows.
iHwirtn fnnti f.-ao a rinj.. ... , s
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