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The Salvation army is now known
fTerywbvre, bat especial attention ia
directed at present to this marvelous
movement that origlaateJ lu oue man,
from the fact that tbe life and aoul of
the organization ia at present on
onr continent; and will probably be in
New York city about tbe latter part of
next week. General Booth will itay
in this country about two months, and
will visit tbe leading cities in tbe
United States. Before ho left London
he held a farewell meeting; an admis
sion fee of 25 cents was charged, bnt
tbe large ball was crowded an bonr
before the meeting commenced, and
hundreds were tamed away.
Tbe venerable general spoke for
nearly two boars, and In tbe course of
' bis address referred to tbe proposed
visit to America. One who was pres
ent has recorded bis impressions in tbe
"Freeman," and refers to tbe general
as saying: "He was not going away
from the army that woald be impos
tible, for they Were everywhere now.
He was going to make the acquaintance
of tbe American offloers and soldiers,
and inspect tbe Beat of war, wituont
which generalship is imoossible. He
was going to visit Salt Lake City, ami
would be happy to see Mormons and
Mormons' wires at ihe penitent form.
He would on an average have two
meetings a day most of bis traveling
being at night He predicted a favor
able bearing for himself, for the Amer
icans bad wit enough to appreoiate tbe
worth of tbe Salvation Army.
of Princeton and a member of tbe New
Jersey conference. This ie bis first charge
ia the Wyoming conference, ot which be
will soon be a member.
The leaders of tbe Baptist aharohes
in tbe Abington association are busily
completing arrangements for a grand
rally of the young people of that de
nomination, to be held Oct. 28, in the
Penn Avenue Baptist church. All
young people's societies of the several
churehes will be represented. Two
services are to be hell. Tbe pro
gramme bas not yet been com
pleted, bat it is expected that in the
afternoon several delegates who at
tended tbe Toronto convention will
give brief addresses. A talk will be
given on jnnior work, and the Rev.
Benjamin L. Herr, of Bingbamton,
win deliver an Rflarem. flir. Herr is
very popular in New York state, and
is considered one of the best platform
speekers among the younger genera
tion. His given name being Benj imln
and bis snrname Herr bis friends have
associated tbe two with tbe hero of
Colonel Wallaees well-known story
and call bim the "Ben Hur, of New
York. In tbe evening two addresses
will be delivered, one by Rev. Frank
& Dobbins, of Philadelphia, and the
other by Rev. Dr. Wilkins. of Chisago,
editor of the Young Peoole. Tbes-
two gentlemen stand in tbe front rank
of tbe clergy of the denomination, and
tbe yonng people can expect one of tbe
most enthusiastic, Inspiring and elo
quent conventions ever held ia this
cim, . . .
. The St. David's Kindergardeu u do
ing good work, and parents who have
sent their children there, are very well
pleased with the work done by tbe
principal and her assistants. This
system was only known in name to
most people on tbe west side until the
school was opened. Many desire to be
better Informed us to the work, but
tbey imagine it woald be intrusion to
visit tbe sohool during working hours
and so have kept awar. This is a mis.
take. To visit tbe school at any other
lime man wnen me cnuaren are in
training, wouia oe missing the very
tbing sought. To know whether the
system teaches, , one must see it ia
operation, and any visitor is a-ladlv
welcomed between the hours of 9 a. m.
and the noon boar, when the little
folks era at their work and the teachers
putting into practioa. kindergarten
methods. Any questions) visitors wish
to ask will be cheerfully answered by
the principal, and those who wish to
know something of Kindergarten work
should not miss this opportunity that
offers Itself to them. It is a new thing
on the West Side, and those who wish
to be posted la this system that is
rapidly taking root in tbe large cities
of onr country, and accomplishing an
Invaluable amount ot good, should
visit the branch in the St, David's
ehurch daring the boars of 9 to 13 in
the morning.
Tomorrow special services will be
held in the Holy Trinity Lutheran
church. In the morning service, Rev.
Et L. Miller, tbe pastor, will preach to
the catechumens. In the evening the
yonng people will bave charge of tbe
service. Three addreeces will be de
livered. Newton Croft will speak on
''Christian Nurture in the Lutheran
church." Miss Emma 8obulr will
read a paper on "Tbe Lutheran Cburcb
and the Modern Revival System," and
Richard Neubauer will give a talk on
' Organ! cation of Young Lutherans."
On Monday evening a social reunion
will be held In tbe Y. W. C. A. rooms,
towhioh the public are invited. A
musical and literary tjroeramme will
be rendered, and at tbo olose ot it light
reiresnmenis win oe served.
Tbe young ladies' Sunday school classes
of tbe Hampton street church will give an
entertainment on tbe 18th inst.
The teachers of the Green Kidge Presby
terian Sunday school will met this even
ing at tbe bouse ot Colonel Hitchcock. All
teachers and ofllcers are urged to be pres
ent, as 8, Ci. Patterson will be present and
address the meeting. Introducing new
methods iu Sunday school work, which
will be of Interest to alt engaged in tbe
The Sunday school and church are close
ly related and mutually dependent. Tbe
elsh Baptist church of Providence has
felt this more powerfully than ever before,
ana at its regular Dusiness mentiug re
solved that In future tbe offloers iu
charge of the buuday school will be ap
pointed by the church, and a joint com
mittee chosen from both the school aud
tbe church will bavn supervision of tbe
work. Tins is a radical cnange, ana is
expected to benefit the school.
The Touns peoDle of the Green Rirtae
evangelical tmnttay sonool were organized
Into a "Children's Mission baud" lant Tues
day. The pastor, Rev. G. L. Mnice, as
sisted by members of the K. L. C. E.
society, effected the orgunizAtion, The
following officers were elected: Superin
tendent, Mrs, Cora Brooks: president.
Maggie Urego: . vice-presidents. Robert
Peterman and Charles Nortbacker; secre
tary, sadle Bender; assistant; seoretary,
tmina Jonnsonj treasurer, Alay Ace.
Rev. W. G. Watkins will preach tomor-
row evening on "Echoes from the Tent
Meetings. "
Rev. W. G. Harrison, of South Dakota.
Is visiting friends in Providence. He is on
nis way to wales.
itev. isaao 'l nomas, or Hendbam. re
turned home from a trip to England tbe
beginning of tbe week.
Rev. Frederick Hotter, of the South Side.
was in Taylor yesterday afternoon in the
interest ot tue Liut&eran synod.
Rev. E. J. Morris, of Wilkes-Barre. will
preach tomorrow at tbe regular srrvices in
tne ruritan cnurcn, 01 Providence.
The Wilkes-Barre conference, of the Ln
tberan Mininteriuiu of Pennsylvania, will
meet next Monday in Carbon county. Tbe
sessions will last over Wednesday.
Next Sunday afternoon at 2.80 o'olock
the pastors of tbe Congregational churches
of the Wyoming and Lackawanna valleys
will meet in the First Congregational
ohurcu. in the evening Kev. T. t. id
wards, D. D., will preach.
Rev. D. M. Kmter will leave next
Thursday on a pleasant errand to Dauias
ens, Wayne county. His objective point
is tbe borne of Sexton Noble, whose fair
daughter. Miss Irene Noble, niece of Major
Fish, ot Providence, will be joined in mar
riage to William Yerkes.
The Rt. Rev. N. S. Rulison, D. D as
sistant bishop of Central Pennsylvania,
spent last Sunday In Grace parish, Hones
dale, when be confirmed a class of twelve.
On bis way home he stopped off in Scran
ton, and last Monday evening met the
vestry of St. Luke's parish.
Rev. D. P. Jones, of the West Side, will
leave today for New York, and serve the
Eleventh Street Congregational chnrch to
morrow. Mr. Jones bas also been Invited
to preach tbe sermon at the dedicatory
service of tbe Delta Congregational church,
Delta, York county, this state.
Next Wednesday the General Committee
of tbe Pennsylvania Conference of the
Primitive Methodist churoh, will meet at
Tamaqua, when candidates for ordination
will be examined, and tbe general work ot
churches throughout tbe state will be dis
cussed. On tbe following Thursday tbe
conference trustees, of which Rev. Daniel
Savage, of this city, is chairman, will meet
in St, Clair, when reporrs will be heard
from the various stations and plans for fu
ture missionary work considered.
Next Monday evening tbe young people
of tbe Green Ridge Primitive Methodist
church will bold a basket social.
The Epworth league of tbe city held a
union meeting in tbe Providence Metho
dist Episcopal church last evening.
The Young Ladies' guild of the St.
David's chureb will give an oyster supper
in the school rooms on Thursday and Fri
day evenings, the 18th and 19th lnsts.
The Yonncr PeoDla'a fiantlat nnlnn of
tbe Welsh Baptist cburcb of Providence
reorganized last Tuesday evening, and
bave planned work for tbe coming win
The Young People's society of the First
Welsh Bsptist church organized last Tues
day evening for the coming winter.
Clashes will be held In Bible study and
literary work.
The Christian Endeavor society, of the
ureen mag rresoyterian cnurco,appoint-
ed Mrs. J. F. Hangi to attend the state
convection at York., Mrs. T. U. Watkins
was nominated as alternative.
The Young people of the Puritan Con
gregational cburcb will give a concert next
Monday evening in the churoh on Market
street. Professor T. Evans, of Jermyn,
will be present. Tbe beueflt is for tbe
bucday school.
some of tbe converts of the Bliss meetings
were brought into tbe fold.
The mid-year examination of tbe Wyom
ing conference will be bell iu the Metho
dist Episcopal church at Susquehanna, on
tbe 'OA and 23rd Inst. Rav. D. 0. Floyd.
D. D., of our city, ia chairman ot tbe ex
amining committee.
Last Tuesday several members of the
Olyphant Presbyterian church, residing in
1'eukville, were formerly organized into
the Peckville Presbyterian church. The
liuv, George Guild, of Providence, and
Charles Wolls, esa.. of Green Ridae. ag
isted In the work.
Next Monday morning the Baptist min
isterial asHuoiation will meet in the Penn
Avenue Baptist church. Three sketches
of sermons will be given, and tbe commit
tee appointed to consider tbe questions
submitted to the conference by the
churches of Elmburst and Jermyn will
make tbeir report.
Tbe churches ot Providence are resum
ing tbeir usual services, which were sus
pended dnring the tent services. Both
pastors ana people nave been quickened,
aud the parties who professed conversion
are carefully looked after and earnestly
urged to unite with the church of their
choice. Tbe work will result in adding
many to tne number or the communicants.
Rev. J. H. Maice, tbe blind evangelist,
of Washington, D. C, will begin work in
the Green rtidge Evangelist churcn on es
pouse avenue, tomorrow eveniug. Mr.
Maice is the brother ot the pastor. Rev. G.
L. Maice, and labors under tbe Central
Union, of Washington. He is very suc
cessful in bis work, and bas already been
engaged up to May 1895. The pastor and
people of tne above church are bappy in
secnricg nis service.
Facts Upon tbe Solar
from Ebon P. Davis.
The Astronomical Controversy Re
newedStatements of the Professor
Corrected With Care An Argu
ment Between the Writers as to
the Length of Day and Night at
Different Parts of the Globe-An
Intimation That Mr. Joyce's Date
Are Mixed.
For the faturdav Tribun.
I hereby otter my slncereut thanks to
the Drofesaer for his verv able article
on the equinoxes in Saturday's Tbib
une, ana the zeal for trutu shown by
him in taking up a subject that should
have been discussed by another, but
who dropped it as if it were a piece of
reu-not iron.
While the professor has sided with
me in correcting, the falw notion that
"day and night are equal in all parts
oi me gioDe," yet ne "tninKs mat i
am mistaken in one instance." I feel
proud to know that we have come out
It is possible that the professor got
his dates mixed up a little, for the day
ia 24 hours at the polar circle on J une
22, when the sun is in the summer
solstice; but not on the equinox nor
any otner time of tne year.
In his fifth nummary, the professor
makes another mistake when he says
"the sun appears above the horizon in
the arctic regions from March 21 until
wept. 22." There exists tne some phy
sical impossibility to ine trutu or mis
assertion as there is to the correctness
ot the idea that the day is 24 hours
long at the pulur circle on the equinox.
On March 21 the any is the same
length as on Sept. 22, as stated above,
viz., ID hours, 20 minutes, so the suu
is at least 4 hours below the horizon on
that date: but as we move north from
the polar circle tbe day becomes
longer, and the night shorter, until at
tue very pole tne mgnt lias entirely
vanished ana the day is zi nours long.
As the sun apparently ascends from
tne vernel equinox juarcn zi, to tne
summer solstice June 22, the 24 hour
day descends from the pole to the
polar circle, and that is as near as tne
sun and the 24 hour day come to one
From June 22 to Sept. 22 the twenty-
four-hour day moves north at the same
rate as the sun moves south until on
the latter date the conditions and the
facts are the same as they were on
March 21.
In conclusion, I would respectfully
ask Professor Joyce tne following ques-
President of tne National TcachersVAssocia-
tion Paine's Celery Compound.
IUt. W. S. Jones or tte First Welsh Baptis
duutvu, vr iu yi imvu csu uugliau set iiluu KKf
morrow evening. Tbe discourse ia specially
prepared lor young people. .
Rev. F. Close, of Baltimore, will preach
in tbe First German M. E. chnrch on tbe
17th. inst, and collect subscriptions for
me sQurgu extension innu.
Tbe quarterly meeting will be held to
morrow morning ln tbe Providence M. E
cbnreh. Lots feast at 9.30 a. m., to be
louowea Dy tne sermon at 10.80 a, m.
Tbe ordinance of barjtlum will h ad
ministered st the Jacksou Street Baptist
cuuruu buuiurrow evening, wnen Kev. u.
u ungues, U.D., will baptise nine appli
cants. r .
Her. Daniel Bava?a of th nn rmm
Primitive Methodist church will celebrate
communion tomorrow mornlug and give
the right band of fellowship to recent coo
verts. In tbe evening be will speak on the
(Judgment." , , , , . .
Tomorrow Mr. Wellings on Wblte. who
has spent many years In tbe missionary
work in China, will speak in tbe Pro vi-
aence rresoywnan cnurou. . At 10.80 a.
tn. ane win spsas: to women only, ana lu
tne evening at i.m p. m. she will address
a mixed audience, tibe is an abl
and was highly complimented by all wbo
heard her in-the synodloal meetings of the
HMH tuia can ,.
The pulpit of tbe First M. E, ohnrch of
Hingnemton will De supplied by Prof. J,
H. Raoe of. Wvomina aemlnarv. T)r.
Benbam was called, but bis health Is mob
mat ne is not aDie to take cbartte. Mr.
Race, who has beeu called, is a graduate
Tbe Junior Leasue of Christian En
deavorers ot the Ureen Ridge Presbyterian
CDuron gave a very interesting entertain
ment last evening.
Next Monday evenlna tbe Bellevue Band
ot Hope, which won tbe prize iu the
Laurel Hill eisteddfod of recent date, will
sing in tbe social that Is to be held in tbe
Tabernacle (Jongregatlonal church,
good programme has been prepared.
Kev. J. Abel Perry, of Wales, will lec
ture on tbe 24th lust at tbe Tabernacle
ConRreaational Church, on the "Genius
of the Welsh people."
The Ladies' Aid sooietv of tbe First
Welsh Baptist church will hold a "Horse
shoe Social" next Wednesday evening in
tne vestry or tne church.
Last Wednesday evenins Rev. W. Q
Watkins held a covenant meeting ln the
norm nam Avenue Baptist church, wneu
St. Lukx's Parish Rev. Rogers Israel,
rector. Twentieth Buuday after Trinity,
8 a. m., holy communion; 10:30 a. m., holy
communion and sermon; 2:30 p. m., Sun
day school; 7:80 p. ra., evening prayer and
St. Luke's Mission, Dunmore Rev. A.
Li. Urban ln charee. 8 o. m.. Sunday
school.; 4 p. m., evening prayer and ser
St. David's Church Corner Jackson
street and Bromley avenue. Rev. M. H.
Mill, rector. Twentieth Snnday alter
Trinity. Morning prayer ahd sermon at
10:30. Evening prayer and sermon at 7:80.
Snnday sehool at 2:30. Friday evening
service at 7:30. seats free.
Trinity Knolish Lutheran Church,
Adams avenue, corner Mulberry street
Kev. a. U Miller, pastor. Reunion ot cat
ecbumens. Saeciai address by tbe pastor
at the morning service, 10.80. Evening
service begins at 7.30. Addresses ana pa
pers by the young people. Pews are tree,
and all are weleome.
Penn Avenue Baptist Church Tbe
pastor, Rev. Warren G. Partridge will
preach at a, m., and 7.BU p. m.
Ail are welcome.
Calvaet Reformed Church Cor. Mon
roe nvenuo and Gibson street. Rev. W.
U. Stubblebine, pastor. Tbe Holy Sacra
ment of the Lord's Supper will be ad
ministered at 10.30 a. in. Preacbins at
7.30 p. m. Subject, "Church Prosperity."
At the Simpson Methodist Chuhch
Preaching morning and eveniug by the
pastor, Dr. L. C. Floyd. Seats free.
Grace Reformed Episcopal Church
Wyoming avenue, ner Mulberry street.
Mornlug prayer and sermon at 10.30.
Subject, "Soul Food." Isaiah 65: 2.
Evouiug prayer and sermon at 7.80.
Subject. "The Condition of tbo Church
and tbe World at tbe Sesond Comina of
Christ." Luke 17; 26-30. Sabbath Bchool
at tbe close of tbo morning worship.
Seats free. Strangers cordially welcomed.
The Church op the Goon Shepherd
Green Ridge street and Monsey avenue,
twentieth Sunday after Trinity. Morning
prayer and litany, 8 a. m. Holy com
munion and sermon 10. 80: Sunday school
2.80 p. m.; Young People's servioe at 6.45
m.; evening prayer and sermon at 7. 8 J
m. All seats free. All welcome.
The Dudley Street Baptist Church.
Duumore, Pa. A. H, ONil, pastor. Ser
vices 10.30 a. m. and 7.80 p. m. Preaching
iu the morning by the pastor; theme, "The
inisuea purpose or uoa." in tbe evenlna
nev. rrea ureyer irom juooavs 'xrainina
school, Chicago, will preach, Communion
after close of the morning service.
Green Ridoe Evangelical Church.
Capouse avenue Rev. G. L. Maice, pastor.
Communion service as 10.80 a. m. Sermon
by Rev. A. H. Irvine of Milton, Pa. Evan
gelistio service in the evening by J. H.
juaice, Diina evangelist. Subjeot, "The
Key to Revivals." Everybody is welcome.
Park Place Methodist Church
Preaching by the pastor at 10:80. Subject,
weak Jfointi in tne unss Meetings."
Evening at 7:30, by request, "The Passion
nay," wun ster eopticon views.
Grace English Lutheran Church
Rev. Foster U. Gift, pastor. Services oa
Suuday at tbe Y. M. C A. at 10:30 a. m,
and at 7:30 p. m. Kev. v. Heilmaa will
preach. Everybody welcome.
First Baptist Church Pastor Collins
will preach next Sabbatb at 10.30 a. m. and
ov p.m. worniug tneme. "uameriog tne
Harvest." Eveuing theme, "Decision."
Baptism following the sermon In tbe even'
ing, Seats free. All welcome.
Elm Park Methodist Episcopal
CHURCn. W. H. Pearce. pastor. Mr. Fred.
t-chiverea will preach at 10.80 and the pas
tor will preach in the evening. Sunday
school at 3 p. in, Epworth league at 6.30
Church or Christ, Scientist. Spencer
building, oiy AiianiB avenue. Bible lesson
at 10.30 a. m. and church service at 7.80 p.
m. u. I,, speaker. All are wei
come. Seats free.
Luke and Kurti streets Rev. W. H. Whit'
more, pastor. Preaching. 10.30 a. m.
Sunday school. 9 p. ra. At 7.80 p. m. Rev,
A. II. Irvine, presiding elder, ot Milton.
will presch and at tbe close of the sermon
conduct holy communion services.
Grkex Ridoe Baptist Church. Rev. W.
J. Ford, pastor Services at 10.80 a.m. and
7:80 p. m. Tbe Lord's Supper at the close
of tbe morning service. Subject in the
morning, '"i ns runes or nearer." in tne
evening, "The Tenth Commandment.":
First Presbyterian Church, Rev,
James McLeod. D. D.. pastor Divine ser
vice 10.30 a.m.. 7.30 p.m. Dr. McLeod will
Drsach ln tbe morning and evening. ut,
ject ot tbe evening sermon "The First
Pope." (
Thr Second Presbyterian Church
Rev. Charles E. Robinson. D. D., pastor.
Services at 10.30 a. in.; Sunday sohool
at noon. Christian Endeavor prayer meet-
ins at e.iw p. m. une pastor win preacn
In tne morning on tne uiviue jaature ana
Person ot Jesus" as taught In the gospel
according to ionn.
Jackson Street Baptist Church The
pastor will preach tomorrow at 10:80 a.
m. ana o p. m, Baptism aitsr tue even
ing sermon. Seats are all free,
a , , ,,. .., . ... I nan 4. A vicoout u ' 11
oia- possiDie laoynmn oi misiaKen tion8. Is lt D089ible to see the suu when
iaeas"soweu,i.e. wunoniy one sup- more than ninety decrees awav? If
posed mistake attributed to us. I am
sorry that I can't speak as well of the
proresBor, for i tmnK mat be nas made
two mistakes; but inasmuch as I be
lieve him to be as anxious to get at the
truth as we are and not at the West
Side correspondent of the Free Press
would have people believe, "moved bv
a desire to air our knowledge of the
equinoxes" I suggest that we talk
this matter over iu the most friendly
manner, with the one end in view of
reaching the "correct idea."
To realize this result we must first
understand one another, i. e., define
our terms, or we may talk until
doomsday with no benellt to ourselves
or tuose who wish to follow us. I pre-
sume tnat we a
so, can it be seen when 113 degrees and
28 minutes distant? To substantiate
his asHertions it is necessary for the pro
fessor to answertne above in tne anirm-
ative. If he can do so, and prove lt, I
will stand corrected; If not, it Is but
fair to expect that he will see and ad
mit tnat mine "is tne correct idea."
Oct. 2. Eben P. Da vies.
Editor of the Tribune:
Sir: After general consultation with
bis friends from all seotlons of tbe county,
Aaron Augustus Chase bas expressed bis
disinclination to have his name used as a
candidate at the coming election, and it
is due to tbe public that tne committee,
ivb mrrofl on Hip mpunincr of is uue to tne pumic tnat me commuioe,
m-i t i 1 1 .1 Hi
all those germs,
the seeds of disease.
that are trying day
and night to get a
foothold in your sys
tem. You cant do
it, unless your liver
Is active. That Is
all you have to de-
rpend upon, to keep
them out of your
The vm-v beat mM-
idne for' the liver and the blood, is Dr.
Pierce's Gulden Medical Discovery. Take
that when you're getting thin, when vou
have pimples or eruptions, when you've no
appetite and feel "run-down" (these are
warning signals) and you'U save yourself
irom serious uiuess.
TtmkMn. Law Co.. Oreo.
World's Dispensary Medical AusociA
TION: GcntUmen-Mv wife, of whom I wrote
you. is another woman as fnr as her health is
conoerned : since takina- your " Oolden Medtoal
Discovery" and "Pellets," she says she feels
better than she has for years. She hss gained
twenty-uTe ikiudob id uiree morons.
the term
time when the sun is during a part
or tue whole of the 3ou degrees above
the horizon, and the term "night" to
mean that portion of the 300 degrees
wnen tue suu is ueiow tue Horizon
The reader will see, therefore, that
dawn and twilight are counted as be
longing to the night when the equality
or nay ana nignt is conquered
The "explanation or the equinoxes"
given by Professor Joyce "as a mutter
ot general information" is very clear
ana concise, and needs no further ex-
planation; but I think that he is mis
taken in his deductions ln two in
stances. But before attempting to
correct what I think to be mistakes in
his artiole, it is my duty to put myself
right In the eye or the reader In wunt
the professor thinks to be a mistake iu
my article.
In my previous article I wrote as fol
lows, which Professor Joyce quotes:
"The very fact that is the cause of day
and night being equal on the enuator,
demands that the clay should be at
each pole twenty-four hours long and
the night nothing." Of Uie above the
professor says: "This assertion gives
the wrong impression and should be
corrected." I clRim that the above
"assertion" is correct, and the profess
or bas failed to show its weakness. In
his attempt to "correct the assertion"
he said: "Between the polar circle and
the pole the days are reckoned as
months." Well, what if they are,
does that deprive me of the right to
say that the day is twenty-four hours
long at the pole in my etlort to show
tne error of tne old saying tnat "day
and night are equal in all parts of the
globe? " Surely not I had a curnose
in saying that the day Is twenty-four
hours long at the pole; to show that
the whole 360 degrees is occupied by
the day, and that there is no room for
tbe night, it la only by repeating the
above a sufficient number of times that
you can "count the day as months"
at the pole: Not only did I have the
right to say so, but I bud no right to
say anything else, Inasmuch as It is
impossible lor tne aay as it manes up
a date in the year to be longer than
twenty four hours, l ue assertion does
not give the wrong Impression, conse
quently there is nothing to be cor'
In my previous article I said also
that at the pole "Day reigus supreme
and the night is annihilated." The
professor takes exception to this and
savs: "He does not reitrn suuremeand
annihilate the night, tor she follows
him in his apparent course, disputing
every inch oi territory and casting her
mantle over one-nan or the globe." l
hardly know what to say of the above
insinuation as to my meaning; but my
sense of his intelligence constrains me
to hope that the professor did not
think for a moment that I meant thut
the night had been anniuilated from tbe
face of the globe. The substance of
what i said is this, "At the pole the
i say
We are neither dismayed nor aisueart-
oued at the power displayed by the tem
porary success oi the political Dosses aim
rings, because we know that our cause is
right sud that tlie people will sooner or
later come to comprehend tnis fact in a
manner that sunn control their votes, ana
then th man who serkg to buy and sell
votes, influence, nominations aud elections
win be Known ana recoguizoa lor jui
what he is the mst dangerous and uesino
able character in a Republican form of
government. If manhood is to survive,
ibis corruption in politic must be eradi
cated or suppressed. Possibly we should de
spair aid we believe tue vote returned
for our candidate last year represents tne
numerical strength of those who preferred
to tee him elected. Up to within three
weeks ot that election reports through iu
lelligdut aud reliable sources irom all seo-
tious of the couuty satistied onr committee
that JUr. Chase was tue preierence oi a
large majority or tue voters lor luage.
Tlieu cume boodle and bigotry, crazing
what could not be made drunuorcor
rupted, and through slavish obedience to
party whips and aided with the sophistry
aud specious Plea of "Dont throw away
your vote on Chase," tbe enemy tri-
We assert, theretore. that the result or
that election was not a verdict against our
candidate or cause, sud we believe that li
boodle, bigotry and slavish obedience to
party whip could be eii'iunatea irom tne
contest this fall, and Mr. Chase were a
candidate for judge, he would be eleoted.
But indications point to the same condi
tions as being likely to prevail that pre
dominated last year. We have no part lu
such a contest.
Wbeu susceptibility to these sinister in
fluences shall have beeu somewhat out
grown, we shall again call on Mr. Chase to
become a candidate lor junge.
Chairman Independent County Commit'
Bcranton,Pa., Oct, 5, 169.
Spiolmen Cases.
S. H. Clifford. New CasseL Wis., was
tronbled with neuralgia and rheumatism.
his stomach was disordered, bis liver was
affected to au alarming degree, appetite
fell away, and be was terribly reduced in
flesh aud strength. Three bottles of Elec
tric Bitters cured him.
Edward Shepherd. Harrisbnrg. 111., bad
a running sore on his leg of eight yoars1
standing. Used three bottle of Electric
bitters and seven boxes or ttucicieu's
Arnica Salve aud his leg is ouud and
well. John Speaker. Catawba, O, bad
rive large fever sores on his leg, docton
said he was incurable. One bottle Electric
Bitters and one box liuckleo's Arnica
Salve cured him entirely. Sold by Mat
thew liros. drug store.
E, TI. Cook, A. M., Ph. D., ex-head
master of the Rutgers college prepara
tory school, New Brunswick, N. J., and
president of the national educational
association, graduated at llowdoin In
1306. Ho organized the Westchester,
Penn., state normal school, and was the
first principal; was principal of the Co
lumbus, O., high school. From 1844 to
1839 he was principal of the normal
school at Potsdam, N, Y., spending $80,-
000 ln the erection of new buildings and
renovation of old.
Says the Journal of Education: Mr.
Cook is widely known and highly ap
preciated for the genuine boom that
every institution with which he has
been connected has enjoyed, and from
the prominence given hiin by the state
associations of Ohio, New York and
New Jersey. He has the tact to take
advantage of circumstances, the abil
ity to decide promptly, and the energy
to execute. He has accomplished
enough to satisfy any man's profes
sional ambition, and yet the best work
and highest honors ought to be ahead
of him.
Dr. Cook bas been sick.
Paine's celery compound has madq
him well.
As it has made thousands of others
Prof. Cook Is one of the editors of the
Educational Review. He knows Just
what the English languago means.
Here Is what he writes:
"Last winter I had a severe attack of
the grip, which was followed by com
plete nervous prostration. I lost 40
pounds of flesh ln as many days. After
trying change of climste and various
remedies without any apparent benefit,
at the suggestion of a friend I began to
take Paine's celery compound. Its ef
fect was very marvelous. My appetite
returned, my digestion waB improved,
and I began to sleep regularly, which I
had not done for weeks. I am still talc
ing the compound, but regard myself
as a well man. I have recommended It
to many of my friends, and they are STt
loud In its praise."
Can anytfiing be plainer?
Paine's celery compound makes peo
ple well. Just try it.
!SHtMn?nMSViiij,!i H,k
i ?r""-"--it-rniimii;a-- iitfu r
For Washing Clothes Chit AN and SWnnr:
It LASTS LONGER than other Soaps.
Price FIVE CENTS a bar.
Third Rational
Bank of Scranton.
Criticising a Young Lady.
"Eho would be a pretty girl for but one
"What's thatr aslted Ubarloy.
George Her face is always covered with
rnrule and red blotches.
cnariey uu, mat eitsiiy enouga uu-
uoned of. UBed to be tbe same way my
self, bnt I caught on to tbe trouble ona
day, and got rid of it ln no time.
Ueorge wuat was Itr
Charley Simply blood eruptions. Took
a short course of P. P. P. 1 tell you. it's
tbe boss blood corrector, Tbe governor
bad rheumatism so bad that you could
National Bank of ScmtE
tioiir him hnllttr rlftur Ai'mid thu onniitrr
nicrht in ftnnUiitRfm ' fnr if fho rlnv ia Tery time be mored. He tried it, and
....' I wsrn Irtifiw wrhnr an at
twenty-iour nours long I mil to see
Scrantoo's Sualaass Interests,
Tbb Tiuboni will soon publish a care
fully complied and classified list of the
leadlntr wholesale, banking, manufaotur-
ina and professional interests of Scranton
and vicinity. The edition will be bound
in book form, beautifully Illustrated with
chotosrsvare views of our pablle build
ings, business blocks, streets, etc., together
wlta portraits oi leaning, no
similar work has ever aiven an equal rep
resentation of Screnton's many Indus
tries. It will be an invaluable exposition
of our business resources. Sent to
persons outside tbe city, copies of
this handsome work will attract
new comers and be an unequalled
advertisement of tbe city. The circu
lation is on a plsn that cannot fail of good
results to those concerned as well as theoity
at large. Hepretentatlyea or THl triboss
will eall upon ntoaa whosb najibs
are dsbirid iu this edition and explain
its nature mors iuiiy.
Those desiring views ot their, residences
In this edition will please ltave notice at
the office.
, Real faith never grows weag by haV'
ing to wait. Sufferer taking Hood's Sar-
aapartlla for chronlo complaint anouia oe
patient and tbe result will be satisfactory.
Hood's Cures. (, . ,i
Hood's Pills act easily, yet promptly
and efficiently, on the uvexaou oeweu. xm
where tbe night can come in. This
again was written to prove that the
"old rut" is rot.
Now, having attempted to explain
what appeared to the professor to be
mistakes on my part, I shall endeavor
to correct what appears to me as mis
takes on his part. As I happen to
"live, move and have my being." ln
the northern hemisphere, I shall direct
my attention to tnat part or our planet
The reader will please remember that
what is true of the northern in our
summer is true of the southern in our
winter, Professor Joyce says "The
correct idea is this: The day is 24
hours long at the polar circlet and not
at the poles, which are 23 degrees aud
28 minutes away from the jxilar circles
(mark the difference ." Yes, Proles
sor, i do "mark the amerence," but
not "the correct idea." The correct
idea is this, the day is not 24 hours
long at the nolar circles on the an
tumnal equinox. Sept 22, for the elm
pic reason that it is a physical Impos
As the professor savs, tne poiarcircie
la 23 dporeea and 28 minutes awav from
the pole, and the sun on Kept. 22 is 90
degrees away from tne poie; so we see
that the sun at noon on the above
date is distant from the polar circle 90
degrees minus z aegreeB ana zt min
utes. while at mtdnlgnt or the same
date it Is distant from the same point
90 degrees plus 23 degrees and 28 min
utes, or lis degrees ana m minutes,
measuring over the Dole: and inas
much as it Is impossible to see the sun
when more than 90 degrees away
which fact is the cause of day and night
being equal on the equator it follows
that it Is impossible for Professor
Joyce's twserlion to be "the correct
idea." Rv a little calculating we find
that the day at the polar circle on tbe
22d of September Is in round ' numbers
you know what an atbletie old cent he is-
now. it someoouy wouiu give aiiss uaisy
a pointer, she would thank them after
warua. Ail tne arug stores sen it.
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the plue tree bas fln.lly been successfully
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Gray's Specific Medicine
HwriM mi. i.iu i ii voua Mo
bility, Weakness or uxiy ana Miua, bperraa
torrhea. and ImDoteney, aud all diseaees that
arts, from nver-Iadnlgenct and teuVubuso. at
Loss of Memory and l'owt-r, utmiisss or Vis
ion. Premature Old Am and many other dis
eases that lead to Insanity or Consumption
aud an early Brave, write tor a pampuiet.
Audreys unii Btjn ut tu., tsunaio,
K. V The Specific Medicine is sold by all
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a cure or money refnnded.
IWOn aocount of counterfeits we hart
adopted the Yellow Wrapiwr, the only Runti
me. Bom in ocrauiou uv maiuiewa uroa.
Maloney Oil and
Manufactur'g Co.
This bank offrn to dantialtara en
Saelllty wamutard by tkalr baJanoca. baU
MM suxt rejMlbilitT.
upaaiai atteauoa elves te tulaeaa a.
iiHO. H. CATLIN, lce-fraSdMt,
W1IXIAK H. Caahri
William Connell, Gncrc H. Catllo.
Alfred Hand. James Arekbald. limry
n.Un, Jr WUUaiu X feuithv Lusher
CAPITAL $250,000,
surplus $3aooa
BAHTJTXi mroS.rPrflatAflnt.
Vr'.W. WATSON, VtosPrtaideai
A.&WiUJAk4 Ushiett
SAMTrst Hurts, j A hi M' KrnwAsH
Ibvtso A. FlBOR, PlBKOl B, PlSLlti 7
JoglrH i. JSRHTK, it. M. KlMBUBIh,
CbaSi P. AUtthbws, John T. Pouxaa. i
W. W. WATSOlf.
This bank myites tbe patronage ot
sua and arms (UMnUy.
By the Beautiful New Steamships of the
Old Dominion Line
Most Delightful Resorts on the Atlantio Coast for
Old Point Comfort - $16.00
Virginia Beach - - $17.00
A day and a quarter at cither hotel. INCLUDING
EVE11Y EXPENSE of meals aud berths ea route, a day
and a quarter's board at either hotel
Hi 10 151 MERIDIAN SI.
This trip is aa ideal one, as the course skirts the coast, with lit
tie likelihood of seasickness, and passes in review many watering
places and points of interest. For printed matter and full partica'
lara address
W. I. GUILLAUDEU. Trafflo Manager, Pier 26, North River, New York.