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The problem often if bow to be
well dressed on little moneyt Looks
like a difficult tbiag, bat it iin't- It'i
mostly in the buying.
Of two women wbo epend the same
amount for clothes, one will be well
dressed the other poorly dressed. The
knack, or the lack of the knack, of right
baying does it It'i a knack that can
be acquired and cultivated.
Theflrit thing ii to find the right
atore to boy from. It'i a oommon lay
ing, "one woman' money li aa good at
another." It isn't true. One woman
bnyi here and geti more for her money
than the other woman oaa get else
where. Money li only good for what
it will bay. It ii worth moit where It
will bay moit
We don't believe there'i a better place
in Ameriea to buy goods than right in
oar etore, Better in the eense of giv
ing better valaei and better service we
We buy aseloie as we can, and sell
as close as we can. In baying and sell
ing, we have the interest of oar patrons
in mind as well as onr own. Their in
terest is ours, for if we do not strive to
serve them well, we cannot hope for
permanent patronage and that's the
kind that pays.
We try to gain trade by deserving it,
Now is the time to begi n to look about
for Fall and Winter Goods. In onr
recollection there has never been a
time when styles and fabries were so
beantifnl, or so varied. There certain
ly never has been a time when goods
were to good for the prices. There
certainly was never a time when we
hnd so GOOD or so LARGE, or so
We are proud of the stock and we'll
be glad to show it. Lookers are as
weloome as bnyers here. The more
people look around and the oftener
they come to see us, the surer we are
of their trade. Our business is based on
solid merit it wilt bear investigation,
and the closer it is the better we like it.
412 Spruce St, Scranton.
Dr. Reeves is now fully established at 412
Spruce Btreet, Scranton. He bag performed
lone wonderful cures and bas gained tbe
confidence of tbe public. lie has come to
STAY and will remain PERMANENTLY at
his bpruce Btreet parlors. He has had long
and varied experience in hospital and prtvaie
practice and treats all acute and cbronlc
diseases of men, women and children.
Me girts advice, ser- rnrr fir pusDPC
vloes nni examinations lIlLL Ul lIUnUL
No one is turned away.
He. with his assistants, treat all diseases of
the nervous system, diseases of the eye, ear,
nc.j and throat, dyspepsU, rheumatism, lost
vitality, premature weakness or decay in
both sexes, temale weaknesses and irregu
larities, nervous debility, catarrh, tumors,
cancers, eruptions, blood poisoning, fits, epi
ilepsy, indiscretion and errors of youth, lost
manhood, iczema, scrofula. St. Vitas' dance,
asthma, diseases ot the Heart, lungs, liver,
kidneys, bladder, stomach, etc
The doctor bas opened a female department
for those who wish treatment exclusively for
ailments peculiar to females, so that those
whom "delicacy" has heretofore kept awav
may now receive the services of a "lady"
whose treatment will prove her ability in
such cases.
Any one suffering with "Catarrh" who
wishes to be PERM ANENTLYand QUICKLY
cnri rtmav receive FOUK MONTHS' TREAT
offer holds Rood for thirty davs. The doctor
has discovered a SPECIFIC for this dreaded
dlseaso. You can treat and core yourself and
family with it at home. It never fails to cure.
A trial treatment free.
Office hunrs: Dally. 9 a.m. to I p. m, Sun
days, 10 to 12 and t to 4.
Take elevator in Christian's hat store, or
Remember the name and number,
412 Spruce St, Scranton.
Oil Cloths,
Window Shades and
Wall Papers.
All the Latest Designs.
J. Scott Inglis
onr doors above Wyoming House.
Mothers! Hothersll Mothers 111
i' Mrs.Wlnelow'a Soothing Brain has bean
, need for over fifty years by millions of
roomers ror their children while teething,
with perfeot success. It soothes the child.
softens tbe gums, allay all pain; cures
wind collo. and is tbe best remedy for di
arrhoea. Sold bydinggists in every part
of the world. Be sure and ask for "Mrs.
Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup," and take no
no outer una. Twenty-Bye cents bot
Yesterday afternoon the balloon as
cension took place. Tbe soot chosen
from where it would aseead was dl
reotly opposite the Mayfield house in a
voeant lot. The balloon did not go np
until S o'clock. Mr. Jewell was in the
air about two minutes and descended
in his parachute not a great distance
from tbe starting pi see. This after
noon tbe other of the brothers will per
form tbe daring feat.
Contraotor John Booth yesterday
afternoon finished the work ot grading
Terrace street.
Yesterday at noon Willie, the year-
old baby of Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Mc
Donongh of Cottage street, had tea
pot of boiling tea upset on him, and he
was so badly scalded that little hopes
of bis rseovery are entertained. The
aeoident was tbe result ot tbe little
victim's playing with another obild in
tbe kitchen.
The game of base ball whieh was
played yesterday afternoon on tbe
blmpson grounds between tbe Simpson
clnb and the Alhambras, ef this oity,
for a curse of $25, resulted In a quar
rel at the end of the seventh tuning.
ibe score tben stood 0-0.
Miss Hattie Pasooe entertained a
large circle of friends to a tea party at
ber home on Washington street last
Miss May Eullosk bas returned from
her visit with Forest City friends.
siiss Marion trans entertained
company last evening at her home on
Lincoln avenue in honor of her guests.
Misses Blanche and Louise Hull, of
Green Ridge.
11 Us Annte Kelly left yesterday lor a
visit with friends in Soranton.
Daniel J. Robinson, of Fsrn ball,
Crystal Lake, was ajplessant visitor in eity yesterday. Mr. Robinson has
ebarge of the constructing of tbe new
roadway around tbe lake, and says the
work is progressing finely.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. 3. . Crocker,
of Wyomiag street, a daughter
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Campbell and
family ettendedttne "golden wedding"
of Mr. Campbell's parents last evening
at MinooKa.
Mr. and Mis. John Anderson are
happy over the arrival ot a daughter at
their home.
Miss Annie Sweeny, of Dunmore, Is
the guest of friends in town.
Hush Jennings, tbe shortstop star.
will arrive at bis home on North Main
street next week.
Tbe Avoca Literary and Debating
society held its opening entertainment
of tbe season Thursday evening. Tbe
entertainment opened with tbe society's
classloal song, tben followed by a reci
tation by Miss Mary Maloney, which
was rsndsred In an excellent manner.
Next recitation by William Jennings,
wno rsspondsd to an encore, xnen a
vocal solo by John MoCourtney. After
this J. R. George recited two of his ex
cellent selections. Tbsn Misses Green
and McCrindle pleased the audience by
a duet. Tbe journal, the feature of
the evening, was next read and created
considerable laughter. The next en
tertainment will be Held on the 19th
inst., when a special programme will
oe given.
A son bas made bapnv the bom of
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sbeehan.
The John R. Jones Republiean olub
will meet in Llnde's ball on Monday
evening at 8 o'clock.
Tbe John P. Kelly club held a meet
ing in O'Horo's hall last evening. There
was large attendance. Hon. H. T
'Burke, Democratic candidate for the
legislature in the Fourth district, made
a brief address.
The McKinley club held regulsr
session at Linde's hall on Thursday
svening. There wss a large attendance
and several interesting addresses were
made. Charles P. O'Malley. the Re
publican legislative candidate from
this district, was present.
Tbe marriage ot Miss Ella Van Doren
and Thomas Moine, both well known
yonng people, is annouuoed to take
plaee on Wednesday, the 17th inst.
Tbe grand fair of St. 1 nomas con
gregation opens in the basement ot tbe
ehurob on Monday evening. There is
every proepeet that this will be tbe
most snccesstul enterprise ever earried
on under the ansploes of the congre
gation. Many excellent features have
been arranged for oaon evening;
large and varied lot of articles have
been prooured. and in every respsct
this will far eclipse anything ot the
kind ever held here.
Two Lives Savsd.
Mrs. Phoebe Thomas, of Junction City,
HI., was told by her doctors she had Con
sumption and that there was no bone for
her, bat two bottles Dr. King's New Dis
covery completely cured ber and sbs says
It saved her lire. Mr. Thos. aggers, lav
Florida St., San Franclsoo, suffered from
dreadful cold, approaching Consumption,
tried withont result everything else then
bought one bottle of Dr. King's New Dis
covery and in two weeks was cured, fie
is naturally thankful. It is such results
ot which these are examples, that prove
the wonderful efficacy of this medicine In
Coughs and (Colds. Free triall bottles at
Matthews Bros,, Drug store. Regular sise
Mc. and II.
It is rumored tbat Andrew MeAr-
drews will go to Binghamton to live in
tbe fntnre.
Mrs. Yan Loan fell from the veranda
ot her new house on Church street and
broke ber arm yestsrday.
Tbe Young People's Soolety of Chris
tian Endsavor of the Baptist ennroh
elected its officers for the ensuing year
on Monday evening. They are as fol
lows: Presid'-nt, Miss Mary Seotton:
Vice president, Miss Jennie Bound ; sec
retary, Mrs. John Tyler; treasurer,
Mrs. Charles Lawrence.
Mrs. Charles Currier is visiting
friends in Dalton, Mam.
Mrs. M. Cotter, of Elmira, is visit
ing ber sister, Miss Anna MoCarty.
Andrew Sawyer, who has be-n
visiting his parents in Candor, N. Y.,
baa returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Well so an, of
Jermyn, are visitlug at the residence
of U. J. Langley, on Front street,
Mrs. John Tyler is stopping with
friends In Syracuse, N. Y.
Miss Irene Hyde, of Afton, N. Y ,
wbo has been visiting Mrs. John Davis,
bas returned home.
Annie H. Dunham called on Owego
irienas yesteMsy.
Mrs. B. F. Smith, of Newark Valley,
a. x. is visiting friends in town.
For earache, toothache, sore throat,
swelled neck, and the reunite of cold and
inflammation, use Dr. Thomas' Eelectrio
uu the great pain destroyer, '
When Baby was sick, we gave her Cantoris.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria,
When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria,
When she had Children, she gavathara Castoria,
Mrs. Stone and daughter. MissStone,
of New York, who have been spsnding
some time with Mrs. John H. Lsrls, re
turned home yesterday,
The Maple City wheelmen held their
first annual ball at the armory Thurs
day evening. A large number ot tbe
wbewintm wbo attended the races were
present and enjoyed the danoiog. Mu-
sio was furnished by Metzgar's orches
tra. About 10 o clock the prizes were
presented to tbe viotorions wheelmen
amid mnob applauding aud enthusiasm.
The tire en Klilge wheelmen of Beran
ton were presented the handsome silver
cap for the best sppsaring iolub in the
morning's parads.
The Wayne Independent ot today
will publish the following: "I hereby
challenge Robert M. Doun for one mile
speeial bicycle championship of Wayne
county, time and place to be arranged
when challenge is accepted. A prlzs
badge will be donated for the event.
Answer through Independent. Fred
Factory ville.
Mrs. Merltt Pddrlok and son Howard,
of Madison arena k, Scranton, are tbe
guests of Mrs. Henry Reynolds on
Maple street
Miss Nellie DaGraw, of Ssrsnton,
visited friends in town this week.
Harry Halatead, who bas been very
ill with typhoid fever, is slowly recov
ering. Mr. and Mrs. Miles Gardner. Miss
Loucstta Gardner. Mr. and Mrs. H. V
Tonrpe, Mr. and Mrs G. B. Matthew
son and a number of others from this
plaoe, attended the twenty-third wed
ding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. 0.
W. Msson at Dalton, Tuesday evening.
Fred a. Small is quite serionily ill
with typhoid fever.
ii A. Capwell, wife and baby left
for Indiana Wednesday morning,
where Mr. Capwell is fireman on the
railroad. Tbey will reside there in tbe
The lecture ot a G. Kerr at tbe
Price Library last night was attended
by a large and cultured audience. Tbe
next ev-nt of tbe association will be
on tbe 221, when a grand entertain
ment will be given tn tbe rink. jnxi
Thursdsy and Friday the cantata
' Mentha and bis Diajbter, will d
Mr. and Mrs. James Uoodwln enter
tained a number ot friends on Thurs
day night
John C. Richards Is in New York
A Ore company is to be organized in
tbe Fifth ward.
The M. E. ebnroh choir will render
special mnsie at Sunday nights services
ol tbeeborob.
Mrs. John Barnes has disoosed ot her
property on the corner of Main and
Willow street to Jonathan Sebneer, ot
A Fruit social and entertainment
will be held at the Grassy chapel next
Monday evening. '
Horace Freer moved Into the rooms
over Cbancey White.
Tbe employes of the Grassy Island
Delaware and Hudson breaker were
paid yestsrday.
Dr. J. W. Beck is visiting at Mill
Mrs. Julia W. Barnes desires to sell
ber household furniture. Anyone In
wantof goods in this line will do well
to call at her residence, 80S Main
New Milford.
Joseph McConnell is visiting his son.
tbe drnggist, in this plaoe.
We understand tbat Ualstead is to
hsve a new depot. We wish the D.,
L. & W. Co. would east their west ber
eye over this place when they are dis
tributing new depots.
Charles sabin of Sniqnebanna was in
town Wednesday.
William Decker, a D. L. & W.
brakeman, formerly of this place, fell
from a box car in the Hallstead yard
reoeatly and was ssverely injured.
Cush Cole bas refitted the Isbell
cider mill and opened business.
Tbe gate receipts of tbe Montross
fair aggregated $370, A fine display in
all departments is reported.
Henry J. Best was at Noxen yester
William Fowler made a business trip
to Duryea and Avoca Friday.
Mrs. Joseph McReill is Buffering
with tbe quinsy.
G. A. Jones, of Wilkas-Birre, was in
town on Friday.
Frank Nuss wss at Duryea yestsr
day. Frank Humphrey has just returned
from Tnnkhannock.
Old Forge.
Rev. J. L. Race wis a visitor tn
Kingston on Thursday.
a. u. uooper, ot nttston, was call
ing on friends Thursday.
Mr. Tenant, of Wyoming semlnarv,
has been engaged to assist Rev. J. L.
T t t . 1 TT ...
nacc in nis wore, ne win enter upon
bis duties next Sunday.
Rev. J. Erwin Rrndhaarl loft tnr
Philadelphia ou Wednesday to resume
1 I
oil amines
Goethe's Visit to Carlsbad.
' There is no doubt that the life
of the great poet was greatly
prolonged by drinking the waters
of the Sprudel Spring. In our
day we have the Sprudel Spring
Drought to us in the form of Halt,
which is obtained by evaporation
from the waters of Carlsbad.
The Carlsbad Sprudel Salt.
(powder form) is in no sense "a
mere pugative, but is an altera
tive and elimiuutlve remedy
which dissolves tenacious bile,
allays irritation and removes ob
struction by aiding nature. . It
acts soothingly and without pain
Beware of imitations. The gen
uine article has the signature of
"Eisner & Mendelson Co., Sole
Agent, New York," on every
Augustus Sharer, u section hand on
the Delaware. Lackawanna and West
ern railroad, was struck by tbe local
rriegbt at Gravel Plaee wbile getting
out of the way of auotber engine.
Jacob Kinker. n resident of . Jackson
township, aged 03, died of old age.
ibe public schools are all closed on
account of scarlet fever.
Harry Traosue, an employe of the
woolen mill, broke bis arm last Mon
day. Harly Palmer, of this plaee, has two
horses entered at the Nazareth fair this
i red Bahr lost a gray horse from
Linfleld Barton, the proprietor of the
Crystal Spring hotel, is seriously ill
witn typhoid lever.
A competent teacher bas been en
gaged to take charge of the bible class
to tbs Lutbsran oburcb, commsnolng
next Snndav.
Tuesday Dr. N. C. Miller and wife.
Miss Lou Smith and Mrs. T. F. Hans
start to take a trip throngb New Jer
sey to Long Branch, Oeean Grove, eta
Tbey will return via New York, Pater
ton and Washington.
annuel Bel lis and Miller, of Uartons-
vklln, were put off tbe Wilkes Barre
and Eastern railroad train for disor
derly oo'idoct They claim they wore
not acting rudxly and have engaged
Lawyer Lee to bring suit against the
con duo tor.
Tbe entire board of health examined
the school building yesterday and found
nothing wrong.
All tbe scarlet fever cssjs so far re
ported are of a mild type anil are! not
spreading. So it is thought schools
will resumt next Monlay.
Young Mens Christian assooistion
elected directors and trustees. The
election was as follows : For directors,
three years' term George Weaver,
Cicero Gesrhart, John S. Brown and
Fred Y. Nutt; for two years' terra
Anizl B. Wyckoff. VV. H. Taylor, Wil
liam Cook and Dr. W. E. Gregory:
one year term C. D. Broadtiead, Van
C. Peters, W. H Flory nnd Robert
Brown. For truitoes: Three years'
term F. W. Born, C. G Mott; for two
years' term Elmer D. Beardiley, W.
A Erduian; for one year term f. C.
brown and T. M, Frymire.
Sjme very good shooting is shown at
the tournament of tbe Gun elub. J.
W. Huffman, of New Jersey, hit tbe
clay pigeons ninety-nine tiuns out of
one hundred. He missed tbe ninety-
first one
Tbe first earns of football will be
played at tbe normal on Saturday aft
ernoon, Oct. 6, between Hackettstown
and the normal.
Mrs. Thompson has returned borne
after a three months' visit to hsr
friends in England.
William Farrell, of this place, who
was serionsly injured in tbe Erie mines
in Forest City, wss removed to Car-
boudale bospitsl this morning. He Is
in a critical condition.
William Case has removed to the
Warren lot into a house reoently built
by him.
The addition to the school house is
nearly completed. We expect to have
Professor Brennan, of Carbondals,
teaching bare next wssk.
G-orge Youngs, wbo wot injured a
week ago, Is improving.
Cbarles Davey is building a bouse for
Stephen Fitzpatriek.
A sow belonging to Henry Vizztrd
hss not rstnrned borne sines a week
lest Tuesday, It is quite a loss to him.
Robert Burns bas moved into tbe
basement of Patrick Gillispie's house.
The electric railroad Is improving
Main street of Vandling, Supervisors
McGirty aud Coughlln are taking tbe
steep hill off.
Mrs. Patrlek Gillispie is able to be
out again, after a severe illness.
A son bas arrivsd at the home of ex
Constable McHugb.
A number of young people gave
George Fravls quite a surprise on Fri
day night, it being tbe last night be
fore bis departure for tbe Baltimore
Medical college.
Mrs. E. Stanley eonduotsd the
regular monthly gospel meeting of the
Women s Christian Temperance union
at their hall on Thursday afternoon.
Miss Edna Depew will leave toi'sy
(Saturday) for Pottaville to join hsr
husband, wbo bas a situation with
Jones Bros,, of tbat plsee.
Miss Ella Pelton was in Soranton on
Mr. and Mrs. Silvester Vangorder
and two children, of McKean eoanty,
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. E. M.
Mrs. Malonc and daughter Edna
spent bnnday with ber brotber, A.
Havenstrite, of North Wyoming street,
Isaac Bissecker is on the sick list
Mrs. T. B. Howe, of Greeu Ridge, is
visiting ber sister, Mrs J. W. Byre.
Forest City.
The Forest City musical festival
will be held at tbe Davis opora bouse
Dee. 23, 1894. The following is the
programme for the occasion:
Chorus (or mixed voices, not less
than 60 nor more than 75 voices, "O
Father, Whose Almighty Power,"
Handel. Prize, $150.
Male cborui, not leas than 16 nor
more than SO voices, ) "The Lord's
Fraysr," (r) "Come Uu to Ale," George
Marks Evuns. Prize, $10.
Ladles' chorus, not less than thirteen
nor mure tban seventeen voices, "Arise,
GUd Sumrn. r Morn," Leslie.
DouMe qaartett-, ''Men ot Harleck,"
Dr. Parry. Prize. $20.
Quartette, "Asn Grove" (Llwynann)
Thomas. Prtz, $10.
Trio, "God Be Merciful," Dr. Parry
Prlz. $9
Duet, (s a) "Song and " Hope,"
George Mark Evans. Priz. $0
Duet, (t t) "The Two Bares," J.
W. Parson Price. Priz , $0.
Soprano song, "I Will Extlt The.;"
George Marks Evans. Priz, $4
Alto song, "H..W W.ll I Now Re
number;" Dr. Parry. Prize, $4.
Tenor song, "Shoe Upon the Shore;"
Ap Madoe. Prise, $4.
Baritone ' song, "Old Lnd of tin
Harp;" George Marks Evans, Prize, $4
flnkwrst Hgnal
"A vote for Repreientatlve Scranton la
a vote BRainst tbe sacrifice of home indus
tries. A vote for candidate Merrifleld is a
leap io the diik." Scranton Tribuni.
A leap in the dark I Why, it ia deliberate
suicide. With a ballot bearing the name
of Joseph A. Scranton the workingman
can fui a barrier arouud bis borne tbat
will keep out want and give him work the
year round. Republican protection means
protection to borne, to wife and to child
ren. Mr. Bcranton and bis party gives
this protection, and be who refuses it Is
like a man wbo stabs bis dear ones to the
heart and tben commits suicide.
In Holland, Mich., G. J. Doeebnry put
lialies tbe News, and in its columns
strongly commend Dr. Thomas' Eclectrie
Oil for coughs, colds, sore throat, catarrh
aud asthma. . .
Mir. Ueo. H. IHetterlch
The Plain Facts
are that I have had Catarrh i a vi... v.
catarrh eure did me any good, but Hood's Bar
g Sarsa-
sanarllla hatn.H .
Wonderfully Mv ki,a.i
ticarcu, sense or smell tv j
returning. Hood's Bar- Var AeXiijsasVi
wife a world of rood fnr Tk.i TI..J
GsoausH. Diettxbich, Bobble, fa.
. Hood's Pills are efficient and gentle, sso
Wish to draw attention to their
stock of
Men's and Boys'
Manufactured expressly for them.
A great attraction 1b our
Ten Dollar
Gents' Fall Suits
and Overcoats
They are strictly all-wool, in
ail the fashionable colors and
shapes and made by good tailors.
We offer in our
Boys' Department
200 All-wool Suits, sizes 4
to 15 years, $2.85, which
are cheap at $5.
Two pairs of Knee Pants
for 25c.
230 Lackawanna Ave.
I2TA11 goods left over
from the fire sale, which
are damaged by water only,
at your own price.
DEPT. . .
D VERY description of Job Printing
li in iue uesi style 01 uie an.
Promptness and Punctuality a
particular point
petent men in charge of each branch
r .1
vi iue wur..
We do not make a sham show of
cheapness and curtail the quantity
or quality of the work.
Dancing Orders, Hangers,
Cards and Posters a
Bill Heads, Note Heads, etc, printed
at short notice.
Estimates on all kinds of printing,
small as well as large,
cheerfully given.
The Scranton Tribune Job Dept
fdy, safer swnntr.baeM Wr tUHMmtM.
rWinprii4 100. mo k IIMraM Inm
lir.fnat.nrad.bMkral ftoaBlSp1w
tat KnmiTftui, Our Masjle Rorrrady "
paHinlrnr.. COOS UalPT Cktac Ul.
m job.
400402 Lackawanna Ave,
Special attention ia called to out
Millinery and
Cloak Departments
406 and 408 Lacka. Avenue.. " -
The Greatest
Bargains Offered
By Others
Easily matohsd and discounted
Prove it by test
The EeonomT wants the people the experienced house,
keepers end lntelligotit bnyers to real In this. Tbey want
them to come to their mammoth stores and Investigate for
They have stood br the people and with the people for the
psst fire years; famished hundred of homes to ths satisfaction
of their patrons, and are today the acknowledged leaders of tbe
Caeh or Credit HouseFarnishinf Business of Soranton.
RSL.IAt3IL.ITV Is the ssnse of thsir (treat hold
upon tbe people. When tbey bny from the Economy they know
tbey are getting fnll valoe for their money. Tbat ia why the)
are popnlar and their business constantly increasing.
A Handsome Cathedral Strike Clock, American
Onyx Finish, with every purchase of $50 or over.
Or an Elegant 100-Piece Dinner Bet with every $75
purchase or over, for Cash or Credit.
V(m le