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South Sldo
Of Good
News on
0 Ji i i
The Japanese Warriors Tramp Over
Sacred Soil of Tea Land.
Chinese Attempt to Resist the In
vaders Unsuccessful Troops Want
. ed at Hong Kong and Other Ports
to Protect Foreign Residents
Against the Native Feeling A De
cisive Victory in Manchuria Is Re1
ported Russia Not Liable to Re
main Friendly Without Compensa
tion. '
Shanghai, Snt. 23.
T is reported here that the Jupauess
Dare succeeded in entering tue
province of Manchuria and tuat
they arti adveuoinz upon the oapi
tal, Moukdeu. It is also said that
fighting has taken place between the
toraUrs and the Chinese at a town be
tween that oity and the frontier, which
enaea in a decided victory for the Jap
aoese, who established tneioselves in
the position previously occupied by the
Chinese troops.
.No details of this reported battle are
given and the Chinese here discredit
the report.
The Chinese report that the Japanese
have been repulsed at both Anja and
t HQ
London, Spt. 28 A dispatch from
Simla to the Times says tuat the En-
glisu papers there are urging the die
patah of troops to Hong Kong and the
other treaty ports from India, as letters
nave been received reporting a danger
ous anti-foreign feeling in those places.
Paris, Sept. 28. It is stated "on the
best authority" that in July last a pro
visional agreement was arrived at be
tween Russia and China in regard to
the future action of Russia to the
Pamirs. It is added that the two
countries agreed that the forces of
neither power sbonld pass the Sarrikul
range. This agreement, it is con
cluded, re-establishes friendly relations
between Rnssia and China and has an
important bearing upon the final for
tunes of China in the present struggle.
Russia, however, it is added, is not
likely to maintain a friendly attitude
toward China without substantial re
Washington. SeDt. 28 At th
Japanese legation today no official eon-
mmmon or trm -reported Japanese In
vasion of Manchnria and the reported
decisive victory of the Japanese near
Uoukden, conld be obtained, bnt the
reports were credited. It was pointed
ont by the Japanese that an invasion
of Manchuria would be a direct result
of the Japanese victory at Ping Wang,
and the diplomats at the legation were
willing to credit the news of a repeti
tion of the triumph of the soldiers of
the Mikado in the new territory.
The report from Paris of a provi
sional agreement between Rn-sia and
China said to have been effected in
July by which Ruisja agreed not to
cross bar Rikul range was regarded as
possible, if not probable, at the Japa
nese legation, although ibe fact of its
having been kept so long secret was
believed to militate against its authen
ticity. It was pointed out, however,
that suoh an agreement made just as
the trouble between China and Japan
whs being precipitated had no bearing
on that struggle and was probably
simply a provisional settlement of the
Funiirian question which has long
been a contention for the diplomats of
the Chinese empire and czar. The Pa
mirian tablelands, inhabited by the
Tartars, lie on the northwestern fron
ier of China, separating that country
from Asiatio Russia.
London, Sept. 29. The Shanghai
correspondent of the Times says- ''It
'is rumored that Lt Hong Chang will
h' permitted to take the field and that
f ', will probably have bis headquarters
at L vita I. It is reported tuat the
Chinese troops have evacuated Korea
. and are massed thirty miles west of
Yalu river."
Horrible Dta.h of a Young' Lady la
New York.
New York, Sept. 28. Miss Nettie Lee.
23 years old, the youngest daughter of
Henry Lee, the millionaire, died tonight in
terrible agony from severe burns about
the bands, face and body, received through
the of a pan fall of brandy on a
lighted stove.
The deplorable accident occurred shortly
after 2 o'clock this afternoon. It appears
that Miss Nettie usually superintended the
yearly preserving of fruit for the use of
the family. Shortly before the accident
" kiwuuu oi ner resilience,
i West Seveoty-third street, and there.
b the aid of two domestics, commenced
Jendying" peaches. A large quantity of
brtndy was placed in a pan, then put upon
th. etOVA. ThA Vnunv .a ....... Bnna.ln.
want a tV.A I. . . t m 1 1.1
tended the beating of the brandy and test
ing it to see whether lt had reached the
proper temperature for adding the other
preserving materials, the pun was upset,
throwing the contents of tne pan upon the
hot stove. In a moment the unfortunate
young lady was enveloped in a mass of
blue flames.
The two domestics, frightened into
panic, did not inaka any effort to extin
guish the flames. After lingering in great
agony until 8 o'clock this evening, ilins
Lee died. -
Foreigners Are Dying Rapidly from the
Fevtr at Salvador.
Bah Francisco, Sept 28. Private ad
vices from Salvador say that yellow fever
is epidemic throughout the republio, and
that the mortality is very great. The dis
ease is particularly fatal to foreigners, tak
ing them off inside twenty-four beurs.
' Among the first victims was American
f Consul Polloclt.
' Cleveland's Secretary Eats No Bsasoa
' T ' Whv Bill Should Hot B- Bleotcd. "
WASmnoioSr P- C,:Tpt. 28. Secretary
Dtmont gave bit views today about the
' nomtnatiens made by the New York Dem
ocratic Convention.
"I see no reason," said the secretary,
"why Mr. Hill should not be elected, New
York is a Democratic state and has been
tor 30 years. Mr. Hill is a vote getter and
the campaign will undoubtedly be an
active one. He has his own way of mak
ing a canvass and will lock elsewhere for
his votes. He has unquestionably looked
the ground over and knows about where
ms strengm nes, ana morougniy unaer
stands the situation."
Damage to Florida Property Will Bun
Into Tens of Thousands.
Fksnandina, Fla., Sept. 28.-A diupatch
iroiu raiaiaa announces great damage at
that place to river craft during the storm.
Advices from St. Augustine state that
no lives were lost, bnt several houses were
wrecked and the damage will ran into tens
of thousands. Nearly all the windows In
the city were blown in and the bouses
flooded with water. The loss to the orange
growers will be fully 20 per cent.
The Little Hamlet Nearly Wiptd Out by
Tcnkhannock, Pa-, Sept 28. The Car
lin block, Harding's jewelry store, a barber
shop and H.illo block at Meshoppen, were
burned nt midnight.
Lois, $ 15,000. The fire originated from a
lamp in the jewelry store. Meshoppen has
no fire department.
Deliberations at Philadelphia in the
Interest of the Laboring
Classes Generally.
PlllLADUDPHIA, S-pt. 28 At the
meeting of the International Factory
inspectors today a paper ou "Sewer Gas
and How to Detect It," by Chief In
spector Rufus R. Wade was read. A
resolution was adopted colling on dele
gates to pledge themselves to use their
best efforts to have enacted by the
legislature of their stato an amendment
to the building laws similar to that re
cently enacted in Pennsylvania, regu
lating the weight which each floor of a
building should sustain.
The committee on resolntions made
its report today. The report recom
mends the adoption of laws fixing the
nours of labor for women and minors
at fifty-five par weok, that all children
under 14 years be prohibited from
being employed in any manufaeturing
or industrial establishment and that
their edueation be made compulsory.
the enactment of laws of the most
stringent character establishing a
thorough system of inspection of build
ings where people are employed in
wmcn shall be requirsu perfcot hy-
genic conditions, the proper guarding
of machinery in all factories and the
enactment of laws governing the con
struction of elevators, providing for
tne inspection or boilers and reducing
the hours of labor of cable i ear and
eleetrio oar operators to notmore than
ten nours or twelve hours por day.
ine report also recommends the
enactment of laws prohibiting the
manufacturing ot wearing apparel in
-tenement noose swjat shops.
A minority report was submitted bv
Inspector McClonde, of New Jessey, in
which a substitute was offered provid
ing for a limit to forty-eight hours
labor per week. The report provoked
considerable discussion as to the advis
ability of attempting to enforce an
eight-hour law and ot dictating the
time ot laoor. ins substitute was
adopted by a vote af 24 to 14.
Resolutions were also passed relative
to the obtaining uniform faotory legis
lation in all mauutacturinz states:
recommending the legislation looking
to a still further redaction in the hours
of labor be urged, and asking that the
operations of the faotory inspection
law be extended to mersantile estab
After Providence. R. 1. had keen
selected as the placs for holding the
next convention, the convention finally
Several People Injured and $100,000
Worth of Property Destroyed.
Hanimo. B. C. Sont. 28. Two men wars
burned to death, two other men and a
little girl were badly injured, and 1100 -
000 worth of properly was destroyed by
me urni oi-okh out oere at o o Clock this
morning. The fire started at the corner
of Wharf and Commercial streets, in the
Royal botel, which was burned.
Patrick Mayce, a bootblack, and a bar
tender known as "Fritz," employes in the
botel, were burned to death. Three
guests were badly Injured. That the
newer part of the town was not completely
burned was due to the absence of wind
and to the vigorous work of the volunteer
fire brigade.
Indorsement of Mr. Sibley.
HaRRISBURO. Pa.. Sent. 23. Over 2 000
''Independent Republicans" have stoned
nomination papers In the interest of J. 0.
Sibley, the res-alar nominee of tha Damn.
crats and Populists in the Crawford-Erie
An un Known man died from exnnanrA
near Tamanend.
Lancaster veterans will flffht a nh.m
battle on October 4.
The receipts at the Allentown fair foot
up abont $1,407 daily.
Lafayette College's foot ball manager. J.
A. Miller, has resigned.
There are In Berks county 33.278 voters.
of whom 17,001 are in Reading.
Kobbers blew open the safe of the Jersey
Shore post office, but only got $10 booty.
Offering to sell a horse for 15 was tha
evidence that sent Jacob Johnson to Easton
James Raub, a Jersey Central railroad
fireman, bad both legs out off near Allen-
Audenreid and Pen Argyle will become
Presidential post offices on Oct. 1. at 81.000
salary each.
The Reading and Temple Electric rail
way has been leased to the Reading Trac
tiou company.
Professor W. B. Marshall is nnable to re
sume his dntles at Lafayette college on ac
count or niuess.
Jacob Searffwa. a brakeman on tha Le
high Valley road, was cat to pieces while
maxing a coupling at White Haven.
The Penn Iron comnanv of Lancaster
yesterday posted a notice of roduotlon of
puddlors wages from 18 to $2.78 a ton.
Other employes are reduced eight per
cent. -.-
The guidons of tha Fiftv.flnt rflffiment.
Pennsylvania volunteer. which were
found several years ago by General Wil
liam J. Jollors, ot Philadelphia, have been
sent to the state arsenal at Earrisburg.
Reports Received at Washington Marine Hos
pital Bureau.
The Frontier of the District of Mar-
ienworder Closed Against Russia.
(Quarantine Notices at Lisbon, Sofia,
Athens and Cyprus The Situation
4n the Infected Portions of Europe
and Asia According to Reports the
Cases Are Increasing.
Washington, Sept. 28,
REPORT was received at the
Marine hospital bureau today
from burgeon Irwin at London,
dated the lOtb. and covers the
progress of choltra in Europe and Asia
from Sept. 5 to 13, with intelligence to
Include tbe loth instant. The epi
demic, it says, has increased slightly in
Uermauy and considerably in AustrO'
Hungary, elsewhere is appears about
tbe same as last week
A report dated Sept. 10, from Berlin,
gives ten fresh cases from Kattnwitz,
in Silesia. In consequence of the spread
of tbe disease it is said that a request
had been addressed to the government
to order tbe complete closing of tbe
Owing to the prevalence of cholera
in Esstery Germany, the frontier of
the district of Marienwordor has been
closed against Russia, except at Ott-
latichin, for railway passengers, and
at Schiino for water trafllc. Further,
the Russian dealers have bsen pro
hibited from viiiting, as usual, tbe
Wfteklv market In Posen.
In Gallioia there were reported be
tween Aug. 27 and Sept. 2 1,508 cases
nnd 749 deaths. In Bukowina for the
same period 144 cases and 63 deaths.
The total number of cases since the
beginning of the epidemic has been
5. 367 and 2,093 deaths. In Bukowina
for tbe same period, S91 cmus and 807
deaths. Advices from Vienna dated
the tenth state that the last official
bulletin, embraolng three days, gives
QJi fresh oases in uaiitcia ana duko-
wlna and 304 deaths. Oa this day (the
10th) for the first time, eight cases
and four deaths are reported to have
occurred in the city of Lemberg, where
the Austrian emperor is now on a
visit to tbe exhibition. A report from
Vienna dated Sept. 13 says that the
number of cholera cases is still on ths
Inarease in tialleia and Bukowina. A
report today (Zl) for the previous
twenty-four hours announces 200 new
attacks aud 133 deaths in that interval,
Advices from Rangoon, dated the
9th, state that holer a has brokeu ont
in Mandalay jail, and thirteen oases
nnd seven deaths are reported. Tbe
jail population is being .reduced by re
moving the prisoners condemned to
short terms to two government vessels
in the river.
The following late quarantine notices
have been posted:
Lisbon Quarantine on arrivals from
Province of Liege.
Sofia Commercial travellers arriv
ing by sea from Russia direot at Bour
gas and Varna, subject to strict medical
inspection with disinfection ot lug
gage, and subject to five days' medical
observation at Domicile.
Athens Forty-eight hoars quaran
tine against Naples.
Cyprus Fivj days quarantine on ar
rivals from Alexandretta;to Beyrout,
exclnding the latter place nnd medical
inspection of arrivals at Beyront and
tbe ooast south thereof.
Two Hnndrtd Mill Bands on Strike at
Camden for Higher Wages.
Camdex. Sept. 8. Two hundred em
ployes of A.J. Priestly & Co, 's worsted
lnilia. at Seventh and Jefferson streets, are
out on a strike lor an increase in wages.
A year ago they were compelled to sab
mit to a reduction of 25 per cent., owing to
the business depression. IMow tbe mills
are crowded with work, and tbe employes
claim that they should get their old
A fruitless conference between a com
mittee of the employes and Superintendent
Bottomley resulted in tbe ref us al of the
employes to go to work yesterday.
Wladerlelgb, Fearing Be Gould Nat Sup
port a Wife, Took a Dee of PoUon.
Newark, Sept. 28. George Windor
leigh, a barnessmaker of Springfield ave
nue and Fortieth street, Irvlngton, com
mitted suicide today.
Winderleign bad a shop at the above
streets, aud business lately has not been
very good. Lie was to have been married
In two weeks, and tbe thought of not
being able to support a wife made bim des
At V o'clock, while he was alone in the
shop, he drank two ounces of carbolic
acid. Before assistance could be sum
moned he was dead.
But the Sixteenth Diitriot Deadlock le
Still Unbroken.
Williamsport. Pa.. Sent. 28. Conoresa.
man A. C. Hopkins, Republican, has with
drawn from tbe congressional contest in
this, tbe Sixteenth district, leaving Can
didates Packer and Lewis to fight it out.
As tbe Clinton county conferees have
thrown their support to Lewis, the con
ference is still a tie.
Wage fieduollon Restored.
Winstio. Conn.. Sept. 28. The mana
gers et the Philadelphia, Reading and
New England Railroad company notified
tbe employes of tbe road today that the
15 per cent, reduction in wagea which took
place last February would be restored
Arguments All la on ths Aotlon Against
the A. K. V.
CincAOO. Sept. 28. Tbe closing argu
ment in the American Railway union eon
tempt case was msde today and the cases
are now in the hands ot tbe conrt. Jadge
Woods set no date for announcing his de
cision, declaring he had not yet time to
thoroughly review the evidenoe aid the
law cited.
It will probably be several weeks before
he makes up bis mind.
Ths Joint Ball Games Arranged Be'
tween Its Clubs.
Cincinnati, O., Sept. 28. It was finally
agreed this afternoon, at the conference
netweon Managers tinulon and Ward,
that the first game of the joint series
should be played at Baltimore, Thursday
October 4.
The second game will be played Friday
at Baiumore ana tne tnira game Saturday
hi iievr i or.
Witness for the Ltxiw Committee In the
New York, Sept. 28. The throat of
Ueorge Appo. tbe Lexow committee's
green goods witness, was cut this after
noon at the corner of Barclay and West
streets, several witnesses ssy that Appo
did the deed himself, and the police are
inclined to take this view of
tbe case. Nevertheless Captain O'Con
nor, of tbe Church street sta
tion, and bis detectives were still
working at a late hour tonight to ob
tain proof that Appo tried to kill himself.
Tbe wound inflicted was only slight, but
it is not tbe extent, but tbe intent, that
makes tbe matter serious. Appo was re
moved to the Chambers Street hospital a
prisoner. Tbe police say that be was
taken there in such an intoxicated condi
tion that he could not toll how be received
tne cot.
Since George Appo gave testimony
against the green goods men and the po
lice before the Lexow committee be Las
often declared that be was bsing hsunded
ana tuat Le considered bis lire in danger.
Detective Drummond Will Be Asked
to Produce Records That
Have Vanished.
Washington, D. C. Sept. 28 It is
said that gDeteetive Drummond. who
effected the eapture in New York yes
terday of Captain W. H. Howgate, will
De canea upon to explain why no record
was left in tbe files of theseeret serv
ice office in connection with the How-
gate case.
Mr. Drummond was ohisf of the
secrect service under tbe Harrison ad
ministration. When the Democrats
oame into power, Mr. Drummond was
working on the Howgate case, and in
consideration of that faet be was re
tained for a period of eight months.
Having accomplished nothing at tbe
close of that period, ho was reolaoed
by a Demoorat, William P. Hszea, of
Ohio. Mr. Hazen found no trace in
the files of tbe department of anything
ooncernmg tbe History of tbe efforts of
the secret service to eapture Hewgate.
The first imonlae of tha treasury offi
cials was to demand. :aa . axaxuidation
from Air. Drummond, but this demand,
for obvious reasons was postponed. It
is now said that during the early part
oi oepiemoer tne secret service bureau
received Information that Howgate was
mwew xorK. While they were pur
suing their investigations Mr. Drum
mond made the capture. It is now
understood the department will at
onoe sail upon Mr. Drummood for any
papers or data bearing npon tbe How
gate case which may bave been in tbe
bureau at the time be resigned.
Distrist Attorney Blroey ears that
immediately npon Howgate's arrival
in Washington be will be taken before
tbe criminal court and committed to
j nil to await trial, Tbe district attor
ney does not believe Howgate will be
able to furnish the bail wbioh will be
Champion Visibly ff'.cted by tbe Talk
of Sullivan nnd Others.
Portland, Me.. Sept. 28. Corbett. the
prize nguter, was mucn aispieased today
when shown the dispatch sent out last
night, in wbioh ex-Champion Sullivan ac
cuses him of beating about tbe bush.
Corbett said: "bulllvan bad always
more month than courage. He is a auitter
from the word gq, and I do not want to.
have anything to do with him. He is out
of it. But there is one thing, if I ever
meet Fitzsimmons in tbe ring I will make
a better nght than Sullivan did with
me. Of course Jake Kilrain. hullivan
aud Jackson are sore, and 1 know it,
bnt that does not make any differ
ence to me. Tbe Olympic club does not
want a fight, they waut to make money
out of me, Now, I am not inclined to let
them bave a fight until I bave proof that
Fitzsimmons is somewhere in my clns?,and
this be can demonstrate by kuockiue out
O'Donnell. 1 am making good money now
and am not takiug any risks to please any
number of soreheads."
Corbett plainly showed that he is deeply
touched by tbe stories which have been
circulated within the past tew home.
Keepers of nine Chicago gambling bonsea
have been indicted.
There were fifty-three persons killed bv
the recent cyclone in Iowa.
Jockey William Bourne was killed bv
his horse's fall in a race at Busbnell, 111.
Shepherdstown. W. Va.. became a presi
dential postofflceon Oct. 1, at J1.0U0 salary.
Chicoutlmi and Bay St. Paul Quebec.
felt an earthquake at 8 o'clovk yesterday
A plucky Santa Fe train crew, held np
near Temple, Tex., put tbelr would-be
robbers td flight.
Iudianapolis is aroused over the school
board refusing to allow a colored child to
attend a white school.
Tbe Spinner's onion at Fall River. Mass..
will ask the Federation of Labor to aid lt
In its struggle against reduced wages.
Manager Roberts, of tbe Kentucky Rose
bud Variety company, mysteriously dis
appeared from Worcester, Mass., and left
his company stranded.
The practice of hazing was formally
abolished at Princeton yesterday by the
unanimous action of the students assem
bled in a mass meeting in Alexander hall.
The schooner Addle M. Anderson, of
Portsmouth. N. H.. in ballast for Phila
delphia, collided with and badly damaged
tne pilot coat coiumoia, on cape cod,
Tom Smith, a negro desperado, fired four
shots at a fair at Muskagee, L T., killing
tbree negro deputy marshals, and wound
ing two white onea who attempted his ar
rest. Judge Ross, at Los Angeles. Cal.. decided
gainst the Western Union and in favor of
the Postal Telegraph company in the let
ter's fight for a foothold along the Atlan
tic and Paciflo railroad and into Cali
Rescuers at Northwest Mine Are Greeted by
Ibeir Comrade's Voice.
At 3.30 O'Clock Yesterday Afternoon
the Rescuing Party at Work at
Simpson Are Overjoyed at Learn
Ing That John B. Fanning, One of
the Imprisoned Miners, Is Still
Alive The Fate of the Three Other
Men Still in Doubt Scenes at the
Mouth of the Slope.
Svecial to tht Scranton Tribune.
CARBOXDAbE, Sept. 23.
r INCE the timw of the awful aocl
Vsr which ooourred in tbe Northwest
n W mine at Simpson yesterday after
KZS noon, the rescuing parties bave
Deen working earnestly. They had not
the remotest idea ot finding any of the
nnfortnnate miners alive, bnt at 3:30
o clock this afternoon thev were harjpy
in discovering that one ot the men was
still living. It is John J. Fanning.
Tbe rescuing party bave carried on
a conversation with bim, and tbeie is
now hopes of rescuing some of ;the
otbors from what at first seemed to be
sure death.
Oa account of tbe narrow plaoe it is
impossible to employ many men at a
time in the work of rescue. There are
tbree shifts, eaoh working eight hours
Each shift consists of ten meu.
C. W. James and Thomas Moyles
are in charge ot the gangs. The whole
mass of fallen rock will buve to be cat
through, and it is estimated that tbe
men, or perhaps it may be their re
mains, will be reached some time to
morrow night,
At the mouth ot the mine there are
orowds of anxious ones waiting in
bopos of again seeing their loved ones
She Flatly Contradicts ths Story Told by
Private Secretary Swain.
Washington, Sept. 28. Mrs. Peary, the
UT It rf tha A ..tin .vnlnM. .(ami,, a An
pbatloally the strictures of some of tha
members oi ber husband's party upon
their alleged treatment.
Three charges, in brief, are that Lieu
tenant Peary's autocratic methods were
offensive to bis associates; that be was in
considerate of their comfort and un
gentlemauly in his treatment to them;
that they were nearly starved ' to death,
nnd that they would have fared better bad
Airs, ivary not been a member of the
party, lheae allegations were made by
W. T. Swain, Lieutenant Peary's private
Mrs. Peary said that her husband was
unusually considerate ot bis men. As to
the menu, he gave them tbe best lt was
possible to obtain."
"N'o partiality was shown. Lieutenant
Peary, all reports to tbe contrary not
withstanding, ate at the table with his
men, and shared their hardships in every
way. I could not go to tbe public table on
account of my baby. Some of the table
delicacies, given to me by friends, were
used by me, but my husband declined to
snare tnem witn me, saying that be pre
ferred to bave only what was given to the
rest ot the party."
"Mr. tswain," aim. .Peary continued.
''wants to set a llttla nilvArtitinir nut nt
the expedition, which accounts for his un
just criticism. He is welcome to this; but
lt strikes me that It is unfair to attack
Mr. Peary when he is not hereto roply."
Mrs. Peary, tin conclusion, Buid that she
had received a teleirram from friends
in Philadelphia advising ber to pay no at
tention to tne Eiaumeuts or Air. swain.
In that city, she said. Mr. Peary's friends
who had backed him in the expedition, are
Indifferent as to what any members of the
party may say.
He Lowers ths Fastest Bioycle Mile
Waltuam. Mass., Sept. 23. The biggest
cycle record of them all, a mile with pace
makers, was beaten all to pieces by John
b. Johnson, or Syracuse, this afternoon on
the Waltham Cycle p.u-k, the most sensa
tional pleoe ot riding of this whole season.
Until this nftcruoru tho worlds record
was 1:52 3-5 niude by J. P. Bliss at Spring.
beld. The fastest milo ever ridden in the
world on a bicyle had been 1 :"1 by Mike
Dirnberger, ol liullulo, but Uiib record
was not accepted as official aa be
was paced by horses. But the Waltham
track now holds a faster record, Johu-
sou's tune being 1:50 3-a. Besides
breaking tbe world's mile record, Johnson
also beat the threes narter mile record.
doing that distance in 1.23. Two more
class A reoords were broken by Haley
Davidson, of Toronto, lie set tho quarter
class A record at 27 1-5 secondB and the
third at 32 2-5.
Wllioo Would Not Be Banquetted by
an Amerioao Boatd of Trade.
Gallipolis, O., Sept. 23. In hisspeeoh
here today Governor MclCinley, referring
to last night's bamiuot to Mr. Wilson by
tbe London board or trade, inquired if
any one knew of an American board of
trade banquettiug tho author of the late
tariff law.
His speech was punctuated by hearty
Members of ths Ninth B?glment
Strlolien with the G.ttyebuig Dleease.
Wilkks-Barke, Pa., Sept. 28. frank
Adams and Henry Blaine, members of
Company F, Ninth regiment, died today
of typhoid fever contracted at the Oettys-
bnrg eucampment.
I ltteen more memners are down and oi
these thieeare iu a critical coudition.
Details of the Beoeot Tragedy Near
Hlner's mills.
Wii.kes-Barrb. Pa.. Sept. 28. Farther
particulars ot the tragedy at Miner's Mills
late last sight show that the murdered
man's name la Stephen Polttska, who was
know as Edward Kavan.
Politslta and his wife had retired early,
and shortly after 11 o'clock tbe wife was
arouned by a loud noise on the outside ot
the house. She called her husband, who
got ont of bed and went to a window. He
aaw four men as be thongbt disguised. beJ
ordered them to leave the premises at once, S
they replied by Inviting them to come out
as they wanted to see him,
Politska then procured a revolver. He
again warned the men to leave. Fading
to do so, Politska openod firo, which was
returned by one ot the men, the bullot
striking Politska over the heart, and Le
fell dead at tbe window. The murderer
and his accomplices then tlad. There is no
question but that the motive ot the crime
was robbery.
The scene of the tragedy was about one
mile from the spot where Red-Nosed Mike
and two other Italian brigands mnrdered
Paymaster McClure and his assistant,
Bernard Flanagan, six years ago.
Manufaotursta' Association and Spin
ners Will Cesxfer at Fall Brver.
Fall ftivsR, Sept 28. There Is a possi
bility of settlement of the labor troubles
in the mills in this. city. Soeratary How
ard, of tbe Spinners' nnion, has written to
tbe Manufacturers' association asking for a
Secretary Rousevelle has seut a letter In
return saying that the members of the
Manufacturers' association will meet the
Spinners' representative tomorrow.
A Marked Improvement for the Week,
According to Reports of
Dun & Co.
New York, &pt 28. R. G. Dan &
Co.'s Weekly Review of Trade tomor
row will say:
Special inquiry has been made this
week at all commercial centers regard
ing tbe state of retail trade. The
main facta disclosed are, flrst..a mark
ed Improvement within the past
month and a considerable excess over
the business done a year ago, particu
larly in the necessaries of life. But
second, it appears that the volume of
trade at present is on the-whole con
siderably lese than in a normal year,
at most points, and in tbe moreim-porta-nt
trades is apparently about 20
pr cent, smaller than in September,
181)2. There is large distribution on
orders given some time ago, bat now
bosiness going to the manufacturers is
everywhere slackening.
The volume of business reported by
clearings at the chief cities is 6. 9 -per
cent, larger than last year, bnt 218 per
cent, less than iu 18113 and for tbe
month of September the daily average
lias been $131,000,000 against $123,000,
000 last year before recovery from the
panto had oouie, and $177,000,000 in
1802. As these Include payment result
ing from trade deforred during months
of uncertainty, tbe comparison is bnt
moderately encouraging.
The iron industry shows a shrinkage
of demand, and tl:e prices quoted today
are bnt little above the lowest tliis
year. Bessemer pig is weaker at $11
at Pittsburg, with an impresuion that
excess of production must cause further
decline unl.-ss lower prices are made
for steel rails. Billets, structural forini
and nails are a shads weaker, and iu
eastern markets compotiou oi works to
get business tends to destroy ' profits.
There is no business at the west, and
Chicago reports a good demand for
sheets, for bar in small lots, and for
coke, pig, though platan and' boiler
tubes are weaker.
Failures are few. For the week tbey
were 235 in the United States against
334 bbt year, and 55 in Canada against
83 last year.
Councilman Armstrong le Convicted by
Criminal Court.
Pittsburg, Po., Sept. 128. Riohaid Arm
strobg, an ex-councilman and well known
citizen of Alleghany City,, was found guilty
iu theoriininulcourt this atternoonun the
charge ot offering a bribe of fcJOU-to John
Boru, acouucilnian in Allegheny, to vote
for a certain engineer for tbe new Alle
gheny City waterworks.
The jury recommended Armstrong to the
mercy-ot the court.
Physicians Are AJ armed Over tbe Condi
tion of the Caar.
St. Petkrshoug, Sept. 28, Professor
Leyden, the eminent physician of Berlin,
has beeu summoned from that city to
Simla, The doctors attending the czar fear
that his majesty's jooraey to tbe Crimea
must be postponed, aa they regard bis con
dition ad very serious.
His breathing is very painful.
Candy Dealers Fail.
Wilkus-Bakur. Pa.. Soot. 21 Van
Keureu & Taylor, deuleca iu candies,
have tailed. Their place of business was
closed by tbe sheriff this evening. Their
liabilities are said to be largo, assets un
known. TTr. HCoCullon Acoopts.
pHlT.AHFr.PlllA. Srtnfe."9.S JnMAnh.P Mr.
Culleu has ucoupltxi.the Democratic nom
ination tor congress in tne iouru (juo
Aleer's) district. -
Ex-Sultan Murad T is dying in Constan
Japan's mint runs night and day. coin
ing silver for war exptmses.
The London Time says the Reading's
reorganisation plan "is certain to prove
Passengers had a narrow esoape from
tlte British ateamer Dorunda, stranded- at
Peniche, Portugal.
Editor Abbe Montoncuis, a Freuohmao.
hits been exH-)ied from Italy for criticising,!
fVionl'a ffiU'nl'limnnt
Brazil's supreme court will on October 4
decide finally whether Embezzler JaDez
Spencer Balfonr shall be extradited to,
Official test of the war shin Maine Willi
not be made till next week.
Commander William A. Morgan an&
Chief Engineer Henry W. Pitch will be.
placed on the uaval retired list on account
ot disability.
Internal revenue collections for the past
two months aggregated f51, 14,8711 an In
crease ovor the corresponding period of
1BU.1 OI fUo,tW,oT4.
The Colombian and Italian governments
have signed a treaty submitting the claim
for reparation and indemnity in the easo
of Cerruti, an Italian, imprisoned in Col
ombia, to the president ot the United
Washington, Sept. 28. Fore
cant for Saturday: For eastern
Pennsylvania: Showers in the
early morninp, foilotaed in the interior fcy,
fair; northeast icuidn;. high on tht ooatL
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