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Everything used in male
ing Cleveland's Baking Pow-
der is printed on the label
rounded V
Idocs bettcrwork
ktlian a heaping
You know f., what ;f you
are eating when you ' use
Cleveland's Baking Powder.
Cleveland Ilnklnf Powder Co.,Neir York,
Succe.sor to Cleveland ltrotlierj.
Norrman& Moore
120 Wyoming Avenuo
Ladies', Gents' ana
In White or Natural
Wool, at
Greatly Reduced Prices.
415 Lacka. Ave.
If you want
Carpets. Draperies,
Wall Paper or Window
Shades, come to us.
We have a full line of
goods, and our prices are
very low.
Williams k McAnulty
127 Wyoming Ave.
Hears & Hagen
Gentlemen'. Driving Club races Thurs
day, 2 p. in.
The diagram for "The Amazon" opens
at the Academy of Musio box office this
v. morning.
N The Thirteenth Ward Republican club
will meet tn Alderman Bailey's office to
raofrrow evening at 8 o'clock.
Th bond of John Wagner, committee of
Frank .Reiner, in the sum of HOD, was ap
proved by Jndge Qunster yesterday.
The Nayl Aug Ho9e company was in Car
boodale yesterday and took a prominent
part in the Annual parade of the Carbon
dale firemen, y -
Register of Willi Koehlor yesterday
granted letters testamentary in the estate
of Snrah Rooney, late of Scranton, to John
and Martin Rooney.
The Ladies' Aid Society of All Soul's
church will entertain their friends at
supper this evening in the church parlors,
corner of Pine street and Adams avenue.
Today is the anniversary of the con
secration of St Peter's cathedral. Wax
tapers will be burned in front of the con
secration crosses all day, 'and as iu past
years the cathedral will bp visited by a
large number of persons.
Every committeeman recently appointed
by the standing committee residing in the
Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Fourteenth, Eigh
teenth and the Second district ot the
Twenty-first ward is requested to meet at
7,30 this evening at St. David's hall for the
consiaeration or Kegubliuan campaign
A Sunday School convention will be
leld at the Monsey Avenue Baptist church
on Sunday afternoon, when the following
subjects will be discussed: -'How Should
the Sunday School Be Conducted?" "How
May the Attendance Be Increased?' "How
May the icbolars Be Kept In Sunday
The Ladies' Aid society of the Green
Ridge Baptist church, conducted very
successful snppor In the cburch parlors
last evening, when a splendid repast was
prepared. Mrs. tiarney presides over the
society and the proceeds will be devoted
to church expenses.
Gentlemen's Driving Club races Thurs
day, 2 p. m.
Pabrt's Milwaukee Bkeb, cool and
sparkling, at Lehman's,' Spruce street
Wlllioery Opening.
A cordial invitation is extended to the
ladies of Scranton and vicinity to attend
the fall opening of Pattern Bonnets and
Hats, Thursday, Friday and Saturday,
Sept. 87th, 28th, 20th.
J. F.,
S14 Spruce St., Opposite Court House.
J. Frank Slsgti's
Academy of Dancing, now open for the
' Ll III IUU " J ' - vv - ,
Traders National bank. Opening social
m i e .i-. n 1 1 .1 aii -
lueeuay niKUb uuv. uu. zvu ivrmor
pupils and friends invited.
GiniLKMBN's Driving club races Tbura-
day, 2 o'clock p. m.
Mono Pillsbury Flour sold than any
other brand made in the United States.
Auditing- Comm'ttte Reports Favorably
on Doteotiva DHL
At a meeting of the common council
held last night tba auditing commutes
reported favorably on a bill ol $130 for
detective services and it wai orlered
paid. The report was made after re
ceiving an opinion from the city solici
tor. Mr. Robinson moved that the com
mittee report forthwith on the viaduct
ordinance, bnt a quorum could not be
mustered and on motion of Mr, Hickey
the committee was given until the next
moetiug to prepare its report.
The following resolutions were read
and approved: Directing the bosrd of
control to reconstruct the Dix alley
lateral sewer; requesting Mr. LRne,
the engineer appointed to examine the
bridge plans, to return them to the city
clerk on or before Oct. 4, together with
bis report upon them.
A petition from the property owners
of Harrison avenue was presented ask
ing for the narrowing of the roadway
between Mulberry and Myrtle street.
It was referred to the streets and
bridges committee. -
The ordinance providing for ft theat
rical liosnse passed first and second
rand ing.
I At the Theaters. f
Hie romantio drama, "The Great
Brooklyn Handicap," was produoed at
the Academy or Mnsio last evening be
fore well pleased, bnt only a fair
sized audience. It tells the story of
Viola Herts, a ward of Luther D.
Clews, a New York banker, and Jack
Prince ber alleged cousin, but in re
ality only her accomplice in sin. To
gether they steal from Bank Clews, a
diamond necklace, which hud been en
trusted to him after banking hours for
safe keeping, Howard Clews, son of
the banker, and a gar clubman was
charged with the theft and arrested.
Howard was also unfortunate in hav
ing removed at this time $3,000 from
his father's bank. This temporary lar
ceny, however, is unknown, He goes
to the great handicap race the next day
And wins enough to redeem himself at
the btnk. The atting ot the whole
company was excellent, and merited
much applause. That of Miss Mary
Sanders, as Freddy, was exceptionally
clever. The horse race, with grand
stand and betting ring soenes iuoident
to it were quite realistic.
t t t
At the Frothiughum last evening the
London Burlesque company gave an
entertaining pertormanoe before a fair
sized audience. The burlesque was in
terspersed with a number of good spe
cialties and living statuary. The danc
ing of Emma Ross Lee was a feature of
the performance.
t t t
"Parted" greatly pleased a large
audienc yesterday afternoon and even
ing at Wonderland. It is a splendid
drama and is well produced.
Miss Katharine Carlisle as May
Hardy displays great talent as the
heroiue of the pieoe and the old favor
ite, Ralph E. Cumminga, is inimitable
as Uncle Baldwin. Jack Hardy by
W. II Dobson, is a perfect old tar in
appearance and mannerisms. "Parted"
will be on the boards today and tomor
mow only to be followed by the great
musical comedy "The Irish Visitors"
on Monday.
t t t
A Q Scammon's company will be at
the Frotbingtiam tonight in the in
tensely interesting play, "The Burglar.
A very unique niche in the history of
things dramatical Is filled by the "The
Burglar." No plav ever written has
so complete a sway npontbe feelings
tbftt actuate the human being. No
prettier story ever told. No dramatic
teaching more profound. It appeals
to all classes, from the fashionable
votary to tba most humble and ob
scure. No Madison theater success
will live longer in pnblio estimation
than "The Bnrjlar.''
T t t
"The Dazzler.'' which will be seen at
the Academy of Music this evening, is
full of novelty this season. The play
has not merely been altered and fresh
ened a bit, bnt has really been rewrit
ten and now has a story, plot and situ
ations that are brimful of comedy. The
muslo is also new and of that bright,
catchy order so uuoh favored by the
patrons of farce comedy, and the com
pany, including, as it does, Florrie
West. Charlie Wayne, Luella WHgner,
Mason and Ralston, the Dewitt sisters,
Blllie West, Grace Rutter and a doz-m
other clever people and pretty girls, is
certainly the best that has ever been
seen in the piece. The Wilkes-Barre
papeis recommend the performance
very highly.
T t t
"Wife for Wife." a sensational mi-lu-
drama, will be seen at the Academy
of Music on Saturday evening. Tne
story is laid in the south, just before
the war. The play opens iu New Or
leans, and thence to Florida, and in
every scene the atmosphere of south
ern life is preserved and accentuated
with U Jelity. The story or "Wife for
Wife" is vivid, its climax is logical
and its plot intricate witbont being in
volved. t t t
"The Three Amszons," in A. W. Pin
ero's romantio comedy, "The Ama
zons," wbiob will be given nt the
Academy of Musio Monday, Out. 18,
are played by Johnstone Bennett, Isa
bel Irving and Elaine Eilson. The
curtain will rise on one of the most ex
quisite bits of woodland saenery im
aginablean English forest in au
tumn. And shortly after Johnstone
Bennett in shooting jacket and knick
erbockers will leap npon , the scene
over a five bar fence with an agility
that will take yonr breath away. The
Amazons, according to the 'New York
presB, is a wonderonsly clever imagina
tive work. Indeed, a veritable dram
atic fantasy.
t t t
Next Wednesday evening that clever
comedian, Roland -Reed, will be seen
at the Academy of Musio in "The Poll,
tician" as a benefit for the Elks. It is
one of the most humorous comedies
that Reed has yet appeared in.
Pigeon Match
Base Ball park this morning, com
mencing at 9 o'clock, i Every one
should take a day off and see one
of the grandest and hardest fought
battles that has been shot for in years.
Every shooter feels confident of winning
first prize. If you can't come iu the morn
ing come in the afternoon, when the ex
citement is at fever beat. The ciub has
received the following entries since list
has been published: Thomas Lewi, Will
Spriser, W. Annaman, Robert Wallace, W.
& Whatley, J. D. Mason, Will H. Davis,
which makes a total of thirty-seven en
tries. Score cards giving names of shoot
ers can be bought on the grounds,
Both Men Fined.
John Meher and Feather Deoniscb. the
two Hungarians who bad a severe en
counter in the general riot on the t lats
on weanesaay nignt, were y tateraay nnea
110 each.
Bienel's opening social Tuesday night,
Oot. 2. ,
Evidence of Morris Steel Who Was Injured
Given L:st Evening.
Inquest was Twice Adjourned,
George Houston Gives Evidence.
Steel Denies All Knowledge of the
Charged ' Hole Mine Foreman
Powell Explains How Neglectful
Miners Cause Accidents Verdict
Rendered by Jury.
The adjonrned inquest Into the death
of Thomas Ryan who died from the
effects ofjlnjuries sustalnediu an explo
sion in the 1'inebrook shaft on Sept. 1
was held last night at the Court bouse.
The inquest was adjourned from Sept.
20 when the jury dispersed without
the Coroner's permission. The priueipal
witness in the inquiry, Morris Steel,
who was with the deceased at the time
of the accident was sufficiently re
covered to attend last night and gave
his evidenoe as follows:
"I was working with Thomas Ryan
on Sept 1, the day of the accident,
on the afternoon shift. He asked me
for the "needle" whieb we used to test
the depth of the boles for blasting. He
looked around and saw a bole and
knelt down to put the needle iu. As
soon as he put it in, the explosion oc
curred, lust s all 1 know.
Coroner What was the depth of the
Steel Eighteen inches.
Coroner Do you know the amount
of powder that wai in the hols?
Steel No, sir.
Coroner Were you or Ryan inform
ed ot the bole?
Steel No, sir: I didn't know any
thing of the holo.
Coroner Did you meet tbe opposite
shift when you went to wnrk?
bteel Xes. George Houston was
talking to Ryan, bnt I didn't notice
what he said.
Coroner Did you know anything of
ibis bole before going to work?
bteel No; I did not know anything
at all.
Ceroner What! is the rule, should
the opposite shift tell yon of the bole?
bteel Yes if tbe bole was there.
Inspector Blewitt Did Houston tell
you anything about the bole?
Steel JNo, Sir.
George Houston was reoslled find
denied that he or bis men bad left any
holes charged. Three charges were
fired that day and in reply to tbe in
spector be swore that he heard three
distinct and separate reports. Ques
tioned as townetiier any piece or tbe
hole remained un fired, he stated that
he could not explain that
He was asked by tbe jurymen as to
whether it was rumored that on tbe
Saturday evening that a shot missed
and be replied that it was not so, bnt
there might be a piece in tbe bole
which bad not gone off.
Steel was recalled and stated they
were in the place but five ininntes
before the explosion ocenrred and no
boles bad been left by Ryan unfired.
jonn li. Jtowell, inside foreman.
gave evidence that George Houston
was arming a bole on the Saturday
inorulng which corresponded with the
hole 'In which the explosion occurred.
Mr. Powell then explained that some
ot the miners charged the boles with
the cap and cartridge and inserted the
black powder afterwards and from re
cent investigations ho found that at
times, owing to sawdust from the
packing which was not cleareJ off the
cap and cartridge, tbe black powdor
would explode removing the rock and
leaving the cartridge unexploded, It
men were not careful in removing the
sawdust it would prevent the cartridge
exploding and that he thought was the
only explanation ot the explosion in
the case.
Hugh James, a miner in the same
shaft, corroborated Mr. Powell's evi
dence and explained bis experience
confirming bis statement. The jury,
after some deliberation, returned a
verdict as follows: "We do hereby
find a verdict of neglect on tbe part of
Ueorge Houston of the death of
Thomas Ryan." The jurymen were
Patrick Prendergast, John .Golden, J.
C. O'Toole, Michael McLean, Michael
Dougherty and Patrick Hindley.
The General Refused to Go to Prov
idence and Call His Convert
tion to Order.
General Henry C Hatton, tbe yonng
man who on S'tturlay issued a call for
a second Republican convention In the
First legislative district, has sunk into
oblivion with the Banie rapidity with
which he emergod therefrom.
A few delegates assembled yesterday
afternoon at the Providence armory at
the hour nnmed for the convention
to meet, lut Mr. Hatton was not pros
ent. He was sent for, but refused to
have anything to do with the conven
tion and the delegates and the few
spectators that bad gathered, departed
for their homes. No ono elan cared to
shoulder the responsibility of calling
such a convention to order and those
who had assembled accordingly dis
So endod General Hatton's first
plunge into the sea of glory.
The sentiment throughout the North
End generally seemed to be that John
R. Farr is the regnhr nominee and
should have the support of his party.
Programme That Will Be Esndered Next
Sunday Afternoon.
By special request tbn sacred concert
at Laurel Hill pirk will be repeated
next Snnday. Tbe grand stand will
sent 8,000 persons comfortably and tbe
seats are free. The admission will be
the same as last Sunday and the con-,
cert will begin at 8 p. m. The follow
ing programme will be rendered:
Overture "Clna Mass" ...Gounod
Selections from Rigopetto Verdi
Invitation-"A La Value" Weber
Cornet Solo... Selected
Mr. Joseph Summerhlll.
"Hallelujah," chorus Handel
"The Musical Critic's Dream" Dix
(A modern melody among old composers.)
Uems from tbe Operas "Red Hussar,"
"Paul Jones" and "Poor Jonathan"
Selections from Don Carlo Verdi
i 1
Board of Charities Hat a Supply of That
Article ea the Market,
la tbe shape nt contributions to the
Society of St. Vincent de Paul there
nave been several cords of unprepared
fire wood donated. By way of famish
ing work to the worthy unemployed,
Mrs. Dnggan has had several old men
at work reducing it to kindling wood.
Any person desiring to lay in a stock
for the winter may call at the office of
the Board of Associated Charities and
leave his order with Mrs. Duggan. It
will be sold at a nominal price, and the
bnyer will be performing an aet of
charity without any sacrifice.
He Both Voted and Worked Against
Fr. Tfxt Books,
in relation to Representative Burke's
aisolaimer of opposition to tbe Farr
free text book bill, Representative
John R. Farr, the author of the bill,
was approaohed for information. Mr.
Farr said:
"Mr. Burke is certainly mistnksn if
be asserts that he did not oppose the
free text book bill. He not only voted
against it, but talked and worked
against it."
Industrial Classes Inaugurated Under
Favorable Auspices at the
Y. M. C. A,
Tbe concert ball of the Young Men's
Christian association was overcrowded
last evening by young men who at
tended the reception for the formal
opening of the industrial classes.
Conrad s orchestra gave several ex
cellent selections and Miss Clara Long
contributed violin solos which were
heartily applauded. Addresses were
ulso given by tbe teaehers of the vari
ous classes, and tbe members of tbe
gymnasium gave an exhibition per
formance of the "Indian olubs and
wand drills. "
During an interval about 300 young
men adjourned to the spaoious rooms
on the fourth floor, where "Pomona's
gifts," viz., the fruits of trees, were
served out in abundance.
In conversation with a Tribune re
porter President A. W. Dickson, who
is very enthusiastic in the furtherance
of the movement, stated that the young
men showed every sign of availing
themselves of tbe advantages offered.
He impressed the young men with the
argument that there was a greater de
mand for, than a supply of skilled arti
sans. Several yonng men were now in
positions for which tbey bad no in
clination and who bad no opportunity
of improving tbelr position except by
evening study. This tbe association
was endeavoring to accomplish.
He remarked that if be advertised
for a clerk he would probably reeeive
800 applications, whereas in skilled
labor there was a strong uemiml for
yonng men. The world was full of
young fellows who were ambitious to
qualify themselves for these positions
iustead of dragging on in positions
where no specific skill was required
and the opportuuiiy given by the as
sociation would no doubt be seized.
Tbey bad immense space on their
fonrth floor and they would use it all
up if tbey could.
208,000,000 POUNOS OF TEA.
The Amount Consumed by Great Britain
The Scranton Cash store does not ex
pect to sell that quantity of Garden
Brook Tea this vear. But if its sales
continue to increase right along as
tbey bave been doing for the past two
or three weeks it will get there in
time. (Don t hold your breath till
While a comparative stranger in
Scranton, it is being called for fre
quently every day, and owing to its fine
drinking qualities and low prioe (85
cents a pound) it will soon be the most
popular tea in the market. Have you
tried it?. '
Some of the smnll collieries in the Lack
awanna valley do not average more than
four days a month.
The South Side silk mills are again em
ploying a full quota of hands and running
to the full capacity.
The car shops of the Delaware, Lacka
wanna and Western are now working
ei((bt hours a day, but tho mines are not
doing on au average better than half time.
The output or coal at the mines of the
Delaware aud Ilnd.wn Canal company, de
ponds on tbe New York markot, which is
rather dull at preseut witu prospects not
over-encouraging for October.
The Hallstend colliery at Duryea, one of
the largest in the coal regions, which last
week was thrown idle from a cave-in, will
not be affected to Any damaging extent.
Work will be in full blait there again
within two weeks.
Tbe iron frame work of the Mears build
ing is being rapidly pushed upward. A
large number of iron beams are being
dumped into the cellar of tbe proposed Ho
tel Jermyn. but nothing has been done as
yet toward fitting them together.
An Arm Taken Cff
Vincent Megargell, of Moscow, was op
erating his father's threshing machine yes
terday and got bis right arm caught in the
spindles. The maclii nery dragged his arm
in until it reached the elbow before assist
ance reached him. He wan takeu to the
Lackawanna hospital aud his arm ampu
tated. GsntUtneo.
Call and see our fall styles of wing
tippe I shoes, in calf, rusafett, patent leather
and pig skiu. Commonwealth Shoe Btore,
Washington avenue.
Dr. O. ' C. Laobach
Is going to Chicago where ho will attend
Dr. Haskell's Post Graduate Dental school
during tbe month of Ootober. The doctor
is noted for his "up to date" methods and
desires to deep astride with the times ani
give bis patients the benefit of his experi
ence. N
Did you ever tasto bread made
from Coursen's "GEM." Flour.
If so, you will tliea understand
why it is used so generally. It
makes the sweetest bread and the
most and it is tho cheapest Flour
429 Lacka. Ave.
Unearthed by Boys Who Were Chcstnuttlng
Hear Chinchilla.
A Possibility That They Are Some of
the Stamps Taken from the Scran,
ton Office, Alti.suRh Postmaster
Vandllng Things They Are Not.
Part of tho Stamps Burned by the
Finders for Fear of Arrest.
vamss Jennings and Mlohael L
velle, two Providence boys, made what
may prove an important find near Chin
chilla yesterday afternoon.
I bey were out cbestnutting about
midway between Chinchilla and
Clark's Summit above tbe Dataware,
Lackawanna ana Western tracks when
tbey saw a squirrel rnn into a stone
wall. Tbey gave chase and one of
them stuck his band into tbe hole In
which the sqoirrel bad dissppeared.
He drew forth a lot of paper that
was stuffed into the opening and the
paper proved to be United States post
age stamps. A portion of tbem tbey
took borne with tbem. Some one told
them that if the stamps were seen in
their possession they would he arrested,
and tbey bad begun to burn them up
when they were stopped by friends
who advised tbem to go to Lieu
tenant Spellman and tell him of their
Tbey did so. Lieutenant Spellman
In turn notified Captain Edwards, who
with Postmaster Vandllng last night
visited tbe placei where tbe stamps were
No more stamps were unearthed, but
what tbe exsct results of the expedi
tion were, Captain Edwards, for rea
sons known only to himself, refused
last night to disclose; neither would bo
say the amonnt of stamps found by
the boys. It Is understood that about
$150 worth of stamps were unearthed
by the Doys, about $100 worth of which
are believed to have been burned up.
Some of tbe stamps were in an en
velope marked Factoryville. Post
master Vundling believes that tbe
stamps are not a portion of tbe $3,000
haul taken from the Seranton postof
fice a short time ago.
If they are some of'the stamps taken
from the Scranton effica tbey may
furnish au important clue to the thief
Bible readings were again conducted by
Evangelist Suhiverea yesterday.
A mass meeting of children will be held
at the tent on Saturday at 3.30 p. m.
Tbe mission services iu the Gospel tent
at Providence will cease on Sunday even
ing. Tallie Morgan's choir in the Providence
tent is one ot great ability and is niguly
Evangelist Bcbiverea will continue the
Bible readings until Friday at the gospel
teutst3,30p. m.
Last evening the large tent was filled
when Mr. Schiverea preached upon "What
Shall I Do to be Saved?"
Mr. Schiverea will continue the meetings
iuto next week, although arrangements
were made to this week only.
General praise is being showered upon
C. F. Wh temore for the excellent singing
by his temporary choir in the gospel tent.
Mr. Schiverea will have an audience of
1,000 men at the Delaware, Lackawanna
and Western machine shops on Friday at
Evangelist Schiverea will address a
meeting at Dickiion's manufacturing
works, Penn avenue, on Satutday, at
Although the weather makes tent meet
ings chilly, tbe attendance has increased,
filling up the new addition fixed tbe early
part of the week.
Professor Weedeu, who is in the city the
guest of his son, W. Weeden, the popular
evangelist-musician, will also, iu all proba
bility, devote bis time to evangelistic work
Norton's Bull. tin.
We are "settled" in our
new quarters, 115 Wyoming ave.,
"around the corner" from old stand,
where we have nice assortment of
new books and now stationery
received this week from headquarters,
will have new lot wall paper
in few days' time.
Have all the popular new books,
the fashion magazines for fall,
L.auies Home Journal for Uct.,
Scribner's Monthly for Oct.,
Harper's Monthly for Oct.
M. Norton.
Millin.ry Opening.
A cordial invitation is extended to the
ladies of Scranton and vicinity to attend
tbe fall opening of Pattern Bonnets and
Hats, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday,
Sept. 27th, SSlh, 29th.
J. F. Fuller.
S14 Spruce St., Opposite Court House,
Siegel's opening social Tuesday night,
Oct. 2.
I have just received a new line of
Cut Glass
for "Wedding Gifts. ""Step in and
Bee my new stock.
Best Sets of Teeth,$8.oo
Including tbe painless extracting
of teeth oy an entirely new pro-
S. C Snyder, D.D.S.
i'vl Jeweler
artf4l7 Lsckawanna Avs.f.;:- J
Muslo Boxm
Best made. Play any desired number of
tunes. Gautscfai & Sons., manufacturers,
1080 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Won
derful orchestrial organs, only t5 and $10.
Specialty: Old mnsio boxes carefully re
paired and improved with new tunes.
Tinning )
done by competent work- g
meut Wo make a snecialtv tt
of iobbinz. You leave your B
s s
Most people say when they
look at Wool worth's show
windows: "One window is
Gtted with fine Decorated
China and Glassware and the
other window has a display
of Coal Hods, Stove Pipes,
etc. Now this last mentioned
display is
Just What We
Want to Talk About.
We have here: Coal Hods
as cheap as 19c. and from
that up to 50c. each, either
black Japan finish or galvan
ized iron.
Stove Pipe Elbows I0O
Stove Pipe per joint 150
Ordinary Black Fire Shovels .... 3o
Long Handle Fire Shovels (20 In.) 5c
Long Handle Galvanized Fire
Shovels I0o
Galvanized Iro 1 0 gal. Oil Cans,
patent pump attachment. ...$1.75
Galvanize 1 Iron Ash Cans 2.25
AlaskaCoverLifters,nickel plated 10c
C. S. W00LW0RTH,
319 Lacka. Ave.
do yon dread Monday
washday t Can't blame you
much slop dirt confusion
heat enough to drive you
out into tho street. Wouldn't
it be better to send your
whole family wash to us every
weekt Special "POUND
RATES" to families. Write
for these terms.
Crop a postal-our wagons will call promptly.
322 Washington
I Plumbing
The Folio wing-
6 TO 8 AT - k $1.00
8T0 11KAT- 1.25
12 TO 2 AT - - 1.75
Are the sizes and prices on a line of Children's School
Shoes, not ordinary common shoes, but an extra good
Dongola Calf Skin Shoe; spring heeled, lace or button;
every pair warranted. .
It will pay you to buy your Shoes at
All the latest novelties in FALL FOOTWEAR.
uaiiimiaa The latest fad in Stick
I OWI1IGS Pins, plated. and enam
eled, 7c. each.
Jjj, Go to the trouble of having your
lL. DrpQQM ma rift. Our Rearlv.madf
Dresses are
fit well
0 mm Gloves bought of us. We keep thera in
repair free of
Fall Opening
Sept. 27
Sept 28
Sept 29
You are all welcome to examine
our handsomo line of
Fiirs, Ladies' Tailor-made
Goats and Capes
'Also, a beautiful line of
Ladies' Trimmed Hats
For these three dava we offer a
special inducement.
100 Electric Seal
Capes,length,30 in.;
sweep, 2 3-4 yards;
the latest style, for
Have your Fura repaired by the
only practical furrier in the city.
138 Wyoming Ave.
People want a great deal for tbelr money.
Tbey require tfxi things at little ezpenaa.
TION i-ame to be created. It's an outfit oo
sisting of a Double-breasted Coat, two (S)
pairs of pants, and tbe latest style Stanley
cap of Htm mat rUl to match. Also extra
Buttons with each outfit Th- roods are of
styllnh fabrics, of a most excellent quality
especially adapted for sorvlca, and we can
cheap as you can buy the bare suit from
other dealer.
Will remain uutil
Saturday of this week to
those who could not be fit.
128 Wyoming Ave.
cheaper and more stylish and
Made of Satin, all colors.
Elastic ends, very nobby;
they look like one dollar.
25c. buys a pair.