The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, September 28, 1894, Page 4, Image 4

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PuUHID 0llT IN 8eNTON. Pa., VI TNi
divYonamui mmi Bunas" Fa"" "
hav, Manaokm.
Sntikis T TMt earonn T osmto", i
"Printer' Ink," the recognized Journal
Tor advertisers, rates the SCRANTON
I'ltlHUNEastlie bent advertising medium
In Northeastern Pennsylvania, "i'rlnter'
luk" knows.
For Governor!
tor LUutenant fiomnor:
Ok ALl.tUUtNlf.
lor Auditor Generals
lor Secretary of Vernal Affairs:
1 or Coiiyressmen-at-Larye:
or WKsTMont;
Election Time. Nov. &
lor Coaarem:
For Lav Jiitlqe:
lor Sheriff:
lor Coun'v Ttrwnter:
9'or Clerk of the Courts:
lor Prothnnnlnrn:
For District A t'nrneii:
For Beconler;
For Register ef Wit's:
For Jury Comminsitmer:
Klectlon Time, Nov. 0.
For rettnfur, Twentieth District:
JAMES C. VAL'UHAX, of Scranton.
Tor Representatives: '
First district, JOHN H. FARR, of Scranton.
tveond district, ALEX. T. CO.NNELL, of
Third district, FRANK J. OLOYER, of Woo
sic. Fourth district, CHARLES P. O MALLEY, of
Election Time. Nor. 0.
When the unterrided torn torn
beater of the rescusitated Times speaks
of The Tribune as If it were "dying,"
bespeaks of the liveliest obituary event
in the history of Pennsylvania journal
ism; so lively, in fact, that the alleged
'corpse" itself leads the dance at Its
own "funeral."
Speak Out, Like a Man,
When the Harrisburg Patriot, repre
Renting, as it does, the state organ of
the old-time Pennsylvania Democracy,
recently declared, in effect, that a
rrotecuomst wuo uuuertakes to mas
querade as a Democrat should be
drummed out of camp, it was address
ing its observations directly to Edward
Merrifield, the Democeatic candidate
for congress from Lackawanna county.
The Patriot evidently thinks that a
man who tries to ride two horses at
once is not lit to be trusted with
either. The trick may do when the
road is clear; but when the divergent
steeds come to a mudt puddle, some
thing is certain to drop.
With this growing volume of criti
cism reaching him from all quarters
within Ids own party, why does not
Candidate Merrifield say something in
self defense? Can he, as a man of
honor, comfortably sit still under such
an arraignment of his fairness? Is not
every moment of silence an additional
acquiescence in the proposition that he
is deliberately attempting to trick the
voters of the Eleventh district by pre
tending to favor both sides of the chief
It is time the people of this district
were clearly informed where Mr. Mer
rifield proposes, if elected, to stand on
this fundamental issue of threatened
tariff revision. The people already
know where Representative Joseph A.
ncranion sianus. mere lias never
been a moment's question of his entire
loyalty to the cardinal doctrine of pro
lection to home industries. He has
never promised one course and voted
for another. He does not need to be
interrogated upon the foremost present
issue in American politics. How is it
with Mr. Merrifield? Who knows
definitely? Who can say?
With election day scarcely six weeks
off, there is only one faint glimmer of
light upon this subject, and it squints
both ways. Mr. Merrifield, in an in
formal manner and without manu
script proof, told a Tribune reporter
that he "was a conservative Protection
Democrat of the Sam Randall school,"
1 - A .1 II -
now, wuai uoes mis mean i .Let us
have Mr. Merrlfleld'a own "elaboration
of this insufficient phrase. The col
umns of this paper will be cheerfully
placed at his service if he shall be dis
posed to act fairly by the people of this
district and frankly tell them where he
is at.
No sailing under false colors. Speak
out, like a man 1
That portion of Senator Hill's
Saratoga speech wherein he sought to
credit the Democratic) party with the
recent repeal of the Sherman silver
purchase law moves even the half
Democratic Rochester Post-Express to
laugnier. -inougn it is partly re
pealed," that journal cruelly asks,
"Where is free coinage?" so profusely
promised to the west by Democratic
orators. "Moreover," adds the Post-
JiXpress, "the repeal was not carried
by Democratic but by Republican
votes. It Is a matter of record thift on
several test votes a majority of Demo
crats la the house of representatives
voted against uucouditiou repeal.
Tlie Sherinuu act was a compromise
to avoid free coinage, and was ac
knowledged by even its friends to
bo a cowardly makeshift; but the
mere repeal of the purchasing clause
was also a cowardly makeshift which
left the whole money .'question unsett
led. The attempt to magnify that
legislation into supreme importance
last year was a shameful political fake,
and the course of events has made its
character so clear that the less said
about the special session of congress
the bettor." A good many persons
who are not Democrats are beginning
to share these same views. At all
events, Hill is building his political
structure on a mighty uncertain foun
dation when he builds it upon misre
presentations . of his incompetent
party's bungling work in the Fifty
third congress, with reference to the
currency question especially.
The Common Sense View.
Ex-Counciliiian H. C. Llatton of the
First legislative district Is to be con
gratulated upon tho failure of his re
cent call to bring about organized Re
publican dissension to the embarrass
ment of the candidacy of Mr. Farr,
The sober and unbiased judgment of
disinterested Republicans strongly
condemned Mr. Hatton's original culli
as an act both irregular and uncalled
for; and this sumo judgment must cor
dially approve the discretion of the
overwhelming majority of Mr. Farr's
Republican constituents in refusing, at
this late day, to be drawn into an un
timely controversy.
As The Tribune has said, there is
not now a question of Mr. Farr against
Mr. Auybody Else. By Mr. Farr's fair
reuomiuation in response to the wishes
of a clear and large majority of the
Republicans of his district, it was in
stantly made a question of party loy
alty against threatened party revolt
and possible party disruption. The
Republican who would sacrifice the
party organization In order to vent his
pique over the regular party nomina
tion is fortunately scarce iu thiscounly
And the scarcer ho shall become, the
better it will be for the party and for
the people.
The Republicans of the First district
have iu Mr. Farr an experienced and
capable legislator, who ranks well to
ward the front. No new man could in
one term equal Mr. Farr's usefulness,
whatever might be the new man's
abilities. From a business standpoint.
not to speak of politics, one dollar
spent in employing Mr. Farr to repre
sent the district in Harrisburg would
bring two or three times as much and
as good service in return as would one
dollar spent iu employing Mr. Davis
or any other beginner. The Republi
can who permits ward boundaries or
individual disappointment to blind
him to the common sense of Mr. Farr's
candidacy takes a narrow view of the
situation, and ought to think twice be
fore giving sanction to schemes that
tend toward party division.
A San Francisco court has refused
to grant a divorce to a man who com
plained that his wife bleached her hair
and used paint on her face. This
seems to be a good iudlcatiou that art
Is gaining ground in the vicinity of
the golden gate.
Sleeping Innocence.
I'nder the terms of their contract, the
builders of the Nay Aug bridge are to
have their structure completed by Mon
day next. When that shall be done,
there will be a continuous stretch of
smoothly and nicely graded roadway
reaching in an unbroken line from
Arthur avenue,at the edge of Nay Aug
park, to the very heart of handsome
Eiiiihurst borough.
This driveway traverses some of the
most beautiful bits of rolling 'land
scape to be found in the United States.
It offers superb possibilities in way of
delightful scenery, pure air and natur
al inspiration. The merchant who
should travel over it would forget his
cares, the mechanic his worries and
the wife, child or mother made to glad
den in the bracing atmosphere. The
opening of this new boulevard would,
in short, give to Scranton just such an
advantage as the city has so long
needed ; the advantage of a really re.
spec-table and well-kept thoroughfare
stretching out beyond the forests and
the hills.
It is proper to state, however, that
this magnificent boulevard will not
open on Oct. 1, There are seven
squares of ungraded hillside between it
and Scranton. The Scranton Traction
company once obligated itself to pro
vide an approach up this hillside, but
it has apparently forgotten its promise
Only seven blocks of dirt and sod keep
the people from the enjoyment of tho
superb beckoning driveway; seven
blocks which the Philadelphia stock
holders in our local street railway sys
tem evidently don't know are there,
and don't wish to be in a hurry to dis
cover. Is it not time to prod these laggards
News from the seat of the Korean
war 1b becoming a little labored in its
rhetorical construction. The yellow
warriors are sadly in need of a brace of
Wilkes-Barre mine rat correspondents
to give the proper color to their move
ments. Hill's Future at Stake.
It is expressing an admitted fact
mildly to say that David B. Hill, in
his candidacy for the governorship of
New York, is battling for his entire
future. The prestige of a victory won
in the face of present odds would be
tremendous, if not irresistible, in the
next Democratic national nominating
convention. Tho Ignominy of defeat,
while It might not, carry with It utter
oblivion, would at least be an insur
mountable bar to national party lead
ership. '
It is one of the signal characteristics
of Senator Hill that he is at his best
when most strongly betct. The Re-
publican who shall fancy that with
tills adroit, daring and magnetic op
ponent in the field this year, the Re
publican ticket in New York will have
an easy campaign will make a mistake.
Little is ever gained in politics by un
deservedly underestimating the eneuiy.
When the enemy chances to be a man
who has, in two years, transformed a
popular sentiment of distrust and eveu
open hostility into a feeling of secret if
not open admiration, as lias David It.
Hill, it becomes the policy of wisdom
to face the facts and attend strictly to
There are reasous wholly apart from
.Senator Hill's resources of strategic
leadership why the state of New York
this year should elect Mr. Morton gov
ernor. The citizen who permits per
sonal liking for Hill to blind him to
tho glaring evils of Hill's party as
demonstrated iu state and national
records, will commit a grievous error.
Because Hill, at the beck of partisan
destiny and at peril of utter defeat
swallows his true convictions whole,
to such an extent that he can now laud
a tai'ill'bill which, a few days ago, he
could not vote for, is no reason why
others who have none of Hill's party
reasous as un excuse, should imitute
his bad example.
The interesting fact is cited that
at the recent election in Muiue the
Prohibitionists polled 2,(115 votes. At
the election of September, 1802, they
polled 3,732 votes. Iu two years the
vote has fallen oil" ;t0 per cent. Mean
while the Populist vote increased
from 2,888 to 4,i).'i0, a gain of 70 per
cent. Tho Third party pendulum is
evidently swinging.
Tiikhe is something apprehensive
and unrestful iu tho handshake of the
average Democratic candidate this
That idea of the Pittston council
men calling a policeman when ofiered
money is really very funny.
In his Willlnmspert speech ex-Governor
Beaver gave notice that he wanted to say
fomethiug to the Republican conferrees of
tbe Sixteenth district, who have been so
long deadlocked on n nomination. Tbe
conferrees occupied a box and the general
pointed bis linger at them and said that
not only the Republicans of the Sixteenth
district or of the state, but tbe Republicans
of the whole country had au interest in
the work that bad brought tbem together
lie said that a nomination was not only
wanted, but that it was demanded, and
that it was a very serious business to en
danger a Republican district by a bitter
personal tight. The ex-Uovernor was very
earnest, declaring that it was a shame for
those, men to sit day after day frittering
away time, creating dissensions and aroai
ing party feeling when the next house of
representatives might, be lout to the Re
publicans by a single vote. The speech
created a marked impression on tbe audi
ence and amid the applause were heard
shouts "Nominate Packerl" "Hive us
Packer I" and of like import. The Demo
cratic conference of the Sixteenth district
has nomiuated James B. Benson, of Potter
The Rochester Post-Express, au able
independent journal ordinarily with
Democratic leanings, thlnkB that Senator
Hill's speech at Saratoga, considering tbe
dmiculties he had to face, was a master
piece of clever word jucgling. "The Wil
son bill," it says, "may he entitled to all
the excuses that Senator Hill makes for it;
but he did not tbiuk it good enough to
vote for; President Cleveland did not
think it good enought to sign; and both
of them are on record as condemning
it in unmeasured terms. Neither of
tbem was willing to be responsible for the
thins, constructed without principle anu
freighted to the decks with fraud; but
both of tbem ask the Democratic masses,
who had nothing to do with it. to sauctiou
and defend the perfidy and dishonor at the
polls. We do not see how all Senator
Hill's eloquence will avail against the fact
that he is pleading with Democrats to bus
tain action that the highest Democratic
authority has pronounced Indefensible.
According to President Cleveland and
Senator Hill the Democratic party goes to
tbe people and asks for approval on tbe
ground of inability to do what it should
have done."
Snys the Wilkes-Barre Record: "The
nomination of J. C. Vaughnn, of Scranton.
for state senator by tbe Republicans of
the Twentieth senatorial district is a just
tribute to a sterling Republican and an
honest man. Mr. Vaughan will make a
strong candidate and although there is a
natural majority against in in, it Is con
fidently expected that be will defeat Mc
Donald and redeem the district."
In revising tbe base ball rnlos for 1895,
the Chicago Dispatch thinks it should not
be forgotten that Editor Singorly, of
Philadelphia. Is the greatest living author
ity oa the subject of sacrifice hits.
Tittsbwa Dispatch.
lie looks first to the Republican party
He believes the organization will be com
pelled, by the condition of things, to break
away from its moorings on the financial
question and nominate someone who will
be sound on the tarilf, and who, at the
same time, can propitiate tbe halt dozon
of western states that are committed to
the rehabilitation of silver, to say noth
ing of a large element in both parties
in tbe more eastern of tbe western
Btates which is in favor of an immedi
ate increase of the circulating medium,
During the extra sessiou the Pennsylvania
senator otton said to his mends he sin
cerely believed that if tbe question of free
coinage were submitted to a popular ex
presion in Pennsylvania a large innj jrity
would vote in tbe iilllrmative, He has
never believed that the masses of the eaBt
are in sympathy with tbe politicians, who
must always ran in line with the party ut
terance. All of these things make tbe
Cameron buom interesting, to say the
least, and there are scores of shrewd politl
clans in both parties here who believe that
tbe Popullst-Silverite-Cameron combine
may yet be a potent factor In the election
or 'no.
Ollphant Ktcord.
The Scranton board of trade Is composed
of men who have always considered tbe
affairs or ttielr city psramouut to all
others. They have dune much for the city,
and their plans for the future cbieflr con
cern tbe larger growth aud industrial de
velopment of the Eltctrio .City. It is
surpassing strange that this body of
Scranton men, should be gutty of so gross
an error, as to permit, us anuuai report to
be farmed out to an individual outside
tbeir city and county. We cannot believe
that the members of tbe - board have wil
fully lusulted tha efficient canvassers of
the Electric city.
The Scranton Tribune has taken the
board to task, and Us acliou is this is com.
mendable. If this Insult were nassed hv
in silent contempt by tbe lesding printing
Or mi-of the city, their indifferenoe to the
excellent workmanship of their employes
snoom ue reuuneu, auu ineir lacg or local
patriotism should be censured. Scranton
is no lunger a "mining town." It name
shines brightly amid the famous galaxy of
centers oi inuusiues in tne united Btates,
and its sons engaged in the typographical
art have kept pace with the rapid advance
ment of all other departments. Tbe work
turned out by The Tbiuoni job office Is
second to none In the country for artistic
taste and mechanical excellence; and there
re In the citv half a dozen other printing
firm?, whose production ranks in tbe first
class. Agents of "printers' supplies" affirm
that in no other city of the site of fccrau ton,
do they do as lartre a busiuess as in the
blectrio CitY, which proves fat more
money is invested in this industry iu
the capital of our county, than in cities of
equal po n'ation. This fact should be
known to ius board of trade, and especi
ally so to its secretary. This investment
deserves patronage, and should decidedly
receive it from a public body that exists to
enhance tbe industries of the city..
Patriotic seutiment for ones city and
county is praiseworthy. There is much of
it in scrautou and Tim tiiibunis is replete
with it. Its present stand in defense of
the members of the Typographical union
in general, and its own otlice iu particulur,
strikes a sympathetic- coril in the hearts
of tbe thousands who love Herat) ton above
nil other cities. May Tub Ikiuunc live
long to engage in such laudable work and
ever be as sound in local patriotism as in
tne present instance.
K.ic'eiter Post-Kepress, Ind.-Dem.
The senator throws tbe responsibility
for the bard times on the Republican
party; and as this is a matter in which
nothing but downright falsehood will
serve, we presntne it is best for a politi
cian to dig his spurs into bis eloquence,
shut his eyes and take tbe hedge of truth
at a flying leap. It may be that the panic
was not altogether political, but nothing
can be clearer than the fact that, in so far
as it was political, the responsibility rests
with tbe Democratic party. No rum but
a fool conld expect a general revision of
tbe tariff without something of a panic,
and benutor Hill incidentally admits that
Pittsburg Times,
Mr. Harritv la still exulainins to Mr.
Singerly that he had no baud near tbe
knife which did for McAleer, though his
appointee aud creature, Harbor Master
Ryan, was foremost in tho job. The Ryan
incident would be a fly iu the gravy of
most explanations, under the circum
stances; but Mr. Singerly is by nature a
guileless gentleman, and Mr. llurrlty,
both by nature aud practice, is smooth
enough to skate on at any season of the
year but thin ice, very.
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