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ft kt to Dyspepsia
6000 BREAD
And always have
- Good Bread.
The Weston Mil Co,
Punch Cigars
G.. B. & Co.,
Imprints on Ennh Cljiw.
Garney, Brown & Co. MffB.
Dr. H. B. WARE
406 Spruce Street.
OflL-e Hours: j jj
to 11.30.
to 5.
Attorney John S. McUroarty, of Wilkes
Barre, was in the city yesterday.
Mrs. John Moir has returned from a
visit with Philadelphia relatives.
Ex-Judge Garrick M. Harding, of
Wilkts-Burre, was in tho city yesterday.
Miss Comerford, of Penn avenue, is en
tertaining Mini Ella Lynch, of Plymouth.
Miss Cora Avery, of Cnrbondnle, is the
gueBt ot Miss Jennie Wright, of Capoueo
Sidney Burkett and Harry Kkeels, of
Carbondale, were visitors in the city last
eveuing. i
Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Chase and Mrs. R.
J. iliiphes and niwe are spending a vaca
tion at Ulica, N. V.
W. W. Adair, secretary of the Great
Railfl Vnilfirr lVfan'a Pliviutmn ncdnmntinn
visited friends in the city yeiterdny. '
Miss Hortense Coyne and Miss Gene
vieve McCann will leave for the Convent
ot the Visitation in Washington on Mon
day. It is announced that Dr. C. W. Trever
ton. who formerly nracticed in this citv.
bnt latterly at Harvey, III, will shortly
return to bcrnnton.
The friends of Isadora H. Kramer, for
merly of Scranton, will be glad to hear of
liis admission as an attorney attne,su-
prerae conn 01 :ew lorn.
. Dr. and Mrs. P. A. Capwoll, of Wash
ington avenue, us, entertaining Charles
B. Wilson, of Omicia, Nob., and Winslow
B, Gnile, ot Harford, Susquehanna county.
Lieutenant John Davis left for New
York yesterday on his vacation. Desk
bergeatit Ruuort Duiter is acting lieuten
ant and Police Officer John W. Moir is
desk sergeant.
The engagement has been announced of
Miss Nellie Mnckreth, ot 160 Sumner ave
nue, to Churlcs H, Keller, nnd the mur
riago will take place nt the Methodist
Episcopal church, Sept. 23.
Congressmnn-at-Lsrge Galusha A. Grow
and a Sunday school class from his home,
Kpout Tuesday in Bloomsburg. The excur
sion was run over the Delaware, Lacka
wanna and Western railroud. Wilkes
Burru Kucord.
Dramatic topics readably discussed in
the twelve-page Saturday Tribune.
There is no tragedian on the American
stage who excels Thomas W. Keene, and
Scranton tueator-goers will have an op
portunity to sne him next Monday night
in "Richelieu," one of his best characters.
It is a powerful play aud iu the bands of
Keene and his splendid company receives
nu interpretation that does justice to the
characters Balwer Lytton lutroduced into
it. Tho Keene engagement will be one of
the notuble ones ot the season.
t t t
The Frothingbam will give its patrons
next week Alexander Duma's great drama
"The Clemenceau Cuse." and Sydney
Grundy's laughable comedy "An Arabian
Night. Reno& Williams huve surrounded
Miss Laura Alberta with a strong support
ing company In presenting the above two
plays, un Monday and Wednesday "The
Clemenceau Case," on Tuesday "An Ara
bian Night."
T t t
Tuesday evening the original New York
company will present "A Trip to China
town" at the Academy of Music. It is a
clever musical concert and astamea popu
lar themes and characters of the day, in
troduces pretty songs, attractive girls and
clever comedians, affording an evening's
entertniument in which there is hardly a
break in the laughter. The piece will be
froduced in the same manner as at
Hoyt'B theatre, New York, and with the
; , ... .
ungual new lortc cast, wnicn inciuaes
Messrs. Harry Conor, George Bean, Harry
Gllfoil, Julius Wbatcark, George Sinclnire
and the Misses Clayton, Nellie Parker,
Sadie Klrby and Cora Titinie.
The famous Watson Sisters Extravl
ganza company, headed by the celebrated
lyrio artisf, Ida Biddun. who will intro.
duce her 1'itest Parisian sensation, thrt
battel fly dnuce, will be seen at Davis'
theatre next week. The organization is
an excellent one and will no doubt make a
big bit. It is the strongest show of its
kind in existence, as the bill says the com
pany consists of "a metorio avalanche ot
luminary stars, startling, dazzling ami hn.
wildering to the gaze." There are sylph
like beauties in dainty gavottes, sterling
comedians bnbbling over with wit, hmuor
and comic songs, and the most extrava
gant fancy cannot conceive the dashing
splendor of the talismanic productions.
City and Echool Taxe, 1894.
The city nnd school tax duplicates for
the year IBM are now in my hands for
collection. Persons wishing to pay can do
so now, or any person requiring state
ments of taxes by giving ward aud loca
tion of property will be promptly
R. G. Brooks, City Treasurer.
Municipal bnilding, Washington avenue.
Office hours from 9 a. m. to 6 p. m., ex
cept Botuurday, this office will be cloned
at noon.
Parg-alna for Saturday.
Gent's One white shirts, 50c; Ladies'
kid cloves $ LOO: ladies' nnd children's un
derwear, hosiery and corsets.
. Mkahs & Haqen.
: Mimeographs and neostyles for dupli
cating and copying.
Pratt's Book Store,
L W, bliss Will Driver His Last Sermon
i mellick lost patience
Complained to the Police and Had
Three "of His Tormentars Ar
restedThey Spent the Evening
in the Station House Boys Make
an Effort to Destroy an Awning.
Personal and Naws Notes.
A large number of people gathered
in the Gospel tent last evening to hear
Dr. Bliss' able discourse on "Heaven
and Hell," The meeting opened with
a song service aftor which Rev. D. W.
Skellinger prayed. E. W. Bliss read a
portion ot the Scriptures and then a
dlightfut solo was rendered bv Mr.
Stebbins. Prayer was given by Rev.
i. j. loutns auu a rre will offering
wag made.
Last evening's discourse nroved to
be a most fruitful one, as many souls
were brought to the folds of the Lord.
Mr. Bliss will deliver bis farewoll
West Side sermon this evening. He
has done much good during his stay
iu this city, and his departure will be
Th:y Weary Jaoob Melllok and He Ki
tallatea. Jacob Mellick, the proprietor of a
cattle pound on South Main avenue,
has been preatly troubled of late by
t oys who congregate in the vioinity.
They take Iheir cue from the older
residents, who are greatly opposed t)
Mulliuk and the pound, and oftan
tbuke their fists iu his face.
Lust evening a nntnber of the boys
assembled at the above place and be
gan to use vile nnm s. Mr. Mellick
notified the police and Officers Hetzt
r th and Lowry wont to the scene.
Three of the lads were enptnrsd. They
give their names ns L Doran, John
Thomas and William Willtuins. Alder
man Johns gave them a bearing in the
police court. They were fined $1 SO
nnd costs, in default of which they
spent the evening iu the station bouse.
North Hyde Park avenue is
Miss Maggie Murray has returned from
Theodore Nauinan, of North Sumner
avenue, is in.
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Hughes, of Division
street, are in leotviue.
Mrs. Elizabeth Robortfl, of Docker's
court, will be buriod thit nfteraoon.
Mrs. James Butchee, of North Lincoln
avenue, will spoud to-day with friends in
George Evans, of Virginia, is visiting his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Evans, of
North Sumner avenue. ,
Harry Jenkins, son of Druggist Goorge
W. Jenkins, has entered Wyoming sen
inary for a course ot study.
Miss Margaret Phillips, ot South Main
avenue, has returned from a visit with
tnendsin scbuylkiu county.
The members of the Simpson Mothodlst
Episcopal church choir held a rehearsal
last evening lor a cantata.
Robert Morris lodvo. order of American
True societies, held an interesting business
meeting last evening in Clark's ball.
Mr. and Mrs. William Shaller and fnm
ily, of Aspen, Col., are guests at the home
ot vv. A. Kent, on JSortu uromley aveune.
A crowd ot boys lost evening endeavored
to destroy an awning belonging to Mr.
l'uiiiips, ot uacKson street. Uneuoy named
Kime was arrested, but was discharged
witn a reprunanu.
An aged woman was arrested last even
ing for being drunk and placed in the
West Silo station house. Later in the
evening her son called, and with tears in
his oyes, left his gold watch as security to
cDtnin ms motner s release.
Hyde Park Business College. 107 North
Main avenue, will reopen dav and evening
session Monday, sopt 17.
Dramatic topics reudably discussed in
the twelve-page Saturday Tribune.
John Wolfe, of the Rigister office, is
viaiting relatives at lionosiiaie.
M. L. Fine, of Sanderson avenue, bss re-
inrnea iroin a visit to flew xorn.
Miss Margaret Watkins. of Catasaunun.
is visiting Mibs Elizabeth Owrns, ot Brick
avenue. ,
Mrs. Thomas W. Evans, of Green street.
left yesterday for Nanticoke, where she
win visit irieuus.
Rev. Mr. Kendall, of Roading, is the
guest ot ins aaugnter, Airs. ,1, u. Urayball,
of Green Ridge street.
Mrs. George Evans, of Shamokln, who
lias been visiting mends in this end, re
turned nome yeteruay.
Addyman & Calkins, contractors, have
tne contract lor erecting a large number
01 nouses on me Electric uity pars;.
The funeral of Mrs. Owen McHugh
will be held today. A requiem mass will
be celebrated at Holy Rosary chnrch at 0
Cards are out annonncing the marriage
of William E. Matthews, ot Olyphant, and
Miss Lillie Mathews, of Green Ridga, on
rnnraaay, sjpt, sj.
Attorney-Charles Hawley, the Prohibl
tion candidate for governor, leaves to
morrow for Bloomabnrg after which he
goes to Pittsburg and the surrounding
counties where he will stay until next
The Polish Catholic congregation which
recently purchased the corner lots on Main
avenue and Theodore street, expect to
orean grouna ior ine ouuaing in the near
future. It is expected that the buildlug
mu wan uubwouu 3,uuu anu $ iu,uou.
She American Mendelssohn society
ueiu wen Hiiunuua renearsai ac Lucas'
hall last evening, after which refresh
ments were served. This society wan or.
Canized for the Purpose of dovnlnninir k
greater love for music among thovoung
people of this end. It Is ablv conducted
by Profoisor Peter Peuser, who is as
sisted by Miss Nina Clifford, piauist;
Harry Stevens, violinist, and Fredorick
Dunn, cornetor.
The Saturday Tiuiiunk is a double
numoer, costing us double .money, but it
costs you just the same us ever. It will
interest you.
Tuesday Sept. 18 over the Lehigh Vailev
railroad an excursion will be ruu to New
York. Tickets for the round trip only,
$4.55 and good for seven days. Ttie excur
sion tram will leave tho Delaware and
Hudson depot at 7.45 a. in, on the 18th,
Everything for the comfort and conven
it now of patrons will be provided. Every
coach will be supplied with chair
cars, and a dining car will also
be attached to the train. This will
be the last opportunity at reduced rates to
visit New York this season aud stay one
week. Then the scenery along this
picturesque road will be in full grandeur.
Do not lorset the datn. Sent. IK: tlokets
only $4.55 and good for 7 days. This is the
uonii ouer yei. do not miss It,
Wood, bamboo and braiss ossol.
Pratt's Book Store.
Pillbburt's Best makes best bread.
Cpanlnir iLeop'lon Will Be Hld on
, Thuradav EvanlngySapt 87.
Lust year's attendance at the Yooug
Meu's Christian association's evening
classes was too large for the class rooms
at the disposal of the educational com
mittee. At its last meeting the board
ot directors authorized the enlarge
ment of the class rooms on the third
floor, and the work is now nearius
It is expected that an ODenlnz refla
tion will b held on Thursday evening,
Sept. 27, at which time the students
who buve enrolled and all who mav de
sire to do so will have the work ex
plained to them and will be assigned to
the proper clauses.
1 lie Young Men s Christian associa
tion's educational doprtment fills a
place which cau be ocenpied , by no
otbei institution in the city, with its
superb building combining with its ed
ucational advantages, other attractive
privileges such ns the soeial reoeptlons,
couoerts and gymnasium classes.
A young man not only has the oppor
tunity for development along the spec
ial line for whleb he enters the associa
tion, bnt has the opportunity for, and
incentive to.un all-round development,
Another feature of the Yonng Men's
Christian association evening sohool is
very noticeable, that is, it is praotic
ally a free school. The entire cost of
a membership ticket which admits the
holder to all the privileges of the asso
ciation for one year, being but $7. - The
classes which will be taken up in this
winter s work are us follows: Arith
metic, algebra, architectural drawing,
bookkeeping;, huglish literature, gram.
mar, history, panmanshtp, physics,
stenography, vocal mnsio, political
economy, oommereiat law, mechanical
drawing. Recitations will begin on
Monday, Oct. 1 at 7 31) o cloek.
Evangelist D. L. Moody loft at iuidnl?ht
Tuesday fur his home at NorthBeld. Mass.
Mr. Moody is at the head of n powerful
mission lorce w nu n at various timos bus
uiuuu iisuiL iuii uver a mrge portion 01 tue
worm and tne present work is out a small
part of the great mission work which is
being carried out in Pennsylvania. The
Btall comprities besides its great leader.
Air. .Moody, the eminent Evangelist IS Has,
wno has so successfully labored on the
West Side; Evangelist Schiveroa. whose
woiK nas been bo siugularly blessed in
Pittston, and Major Whittle another
evangelist otgreat renown. The musical
services nro ih charge of Georgo C. Steb
bins, the composer of many well known
sweet gospel tunes, whose cultivated
voico has accomplished so much to belp
Mr. Moody in the great work, and Mr.
weeuen. a girted and able musician who.
although young in veais, hns done sub
stantial work iu the grout movement.
Mr. Mood v. however, hns been the cen
tral figure in Scranton, and any one who
attended but a few of his meetings must
have been impressed with the fact that
Mr. Moody's leading trait was that which
is cssentiul to a successful revivalist, viz:
proclaiming the pure and unadulterated
truth. No one escaped his preachiug, from
ministers to the humblest member of God's
Kingdom. No trade, no profession but
their weak points wore touched upon: no
conscience but -was reached. The direct
benellts of Mr. Moody's invaluable jorvices
cannot be seen or weighed, but no impar
tial man wonld for a moment doubt thut
immense benefits will accrue If tho
churches will but tnke advautage of the
great wave of religious enthusiasm created
by tne evangelist. H tnere ts a time-serv
ing minister in the city, the words of Mr.
JUoody muHt have cut him to the quick,
and self examination must follow.' There
must be a large numbor of chnrch mem
bers to whom the sermons would be di
rectly applicable, and here lies the groat
point in the evangelist's words.
To quicken the converted, to stir ud the
indifferent church members. If Mr.
Moody has not accomplished this in the
last twelve days, then the effect oi his
worn lias Deen mi-judged. Here, then,
will be the opportunity to realize one great
peuonc ot tne mission, air. Moody laid
great stress on the quickening of the con-
vol tea. we want more good bamantaus
n our churches." aaid be. "aud the
churches will soon draw." This is the pitn
of the whole question. This is the real
test of the success of the mission an in
crease in churoh membership. Mr. Moody
has only commenced the work, and it re
mains in the hands 01 the churches to fol
low it up. He has shown the way even to
painful details almost, and it now rests
with the pastors and churches of Scranton
to decide. Shall the mission bo in vaiuf
Mr, Stelbins will loave to assist Major
wtilltie in a Buries of services at Alaucb
Chunk. Mr. Scbiveren and Mr. Weedou
will continue tho services at Hyde Park
and Mr. Bliss will conduct services at
Providence, where the tent now in Pitts
ton will be erected.
London and its oddities described in
captivating fashion by Miss Sadis Kaiser.
See the twelve-page Saturday Tribune,
Ecrantoa's Baalneas lutaraata.
Tim Tribune will soon publish a care
fully compiled and classidod list of the
leading wholesale, banking, manufactur
ing and professional interests of Scranton
and vicinity. The edition will be bound
in book form, beautifully Illustrated with
photogravure views ot our pnblic build
ings, business blocks, streets, etc., together
with portraits of leading citizens. No
similar work has ever given an equal rep
resentation of Scrauton's many indus
tries. It will be an invaluable exposition'
of our business resources. Sent to
persons outside the city, copies of
this handsome work will attract
new comers and be an unequalled
aavertisement or tne city, ine circu
lation is on a plan that cannot fail of good
results to those concerned as well as the city
at lare. Representatives of This Tribune
will call upon thobic whosk navus
are dkbiakd in this edition and explain
11s natnre more iniiy.
Those desiring views of their residences
in tnie edition will please have notice at
the office.
Dr. E. L. R-V)i. ,
Dr. Reeves, who is permanently located
at 413 Spruce street, Scranton, is perform
ing some wonderful cures and has already
gained the confidence of tho peoplu of
Scranton and vicinity. Having bad thirty
seven years of hospital and private prac
tice aud the association of many "loading
lights" in his profession, he stand first
among the learned and experienced nnd
can and does treat successfully all acute
and chronic diseases of men, women and
children. Office hours daily from 9 a. ni.
to 9 p. m. Consultation aud examinations
free to all.
Draaa Ok da Opening
On Saturday, Sopt. 13, we invito nil our
friends and patrons to call and examine
our stock of dross goods aud trimmings.
Wo have n largo number ot single 1reB
lengths which cannot boduplicated. Early
buyers will have thoir choice.
Wears & Haqen.
NEWSand gossip of inti rost to musicians
in tne twolve-page Saturday Tribune.
Do Nottaiae Them.
"The Translation of a Savage" Is a
powerful serial story by the new literary
favorite, Gilbert Parker. Us publication
will be began in the twelve-page Satur
day Tribune nnd continued daily until its
conclusion. Do not miss the opening
CorriNQ books and presses.
Pratt's Book Store, '
Buy tbs Wbr
and get the best. At Guernsey Bros.
Grocers and butchora' pans nooks,
Pratt's Book Store.
More Piilabury Flour sold than any
other brand made in the United States.
Rev. Br.' Wisswacsser Has Not Returned o
- ' His Wife and Family.
His Wife Stated That Ho Has Not
Written a Singlo Letter to Her Since
His Disappearance Patrick Mc
Cann's Leg Broken by Sliding Down
a Culm Plane William O'Donnell
and John Drummy Assaulted in Mi
nooka, For several days a minor has been
current to the effect that the errlngRev.
C. L. Wieswnesser had returned to his
wife and family. The fact is, Mr.
Wisswaesser has not returned, and,
further, although this is the third
time since bis disappearance he is said
to have returned, not even a single lino
has he written to bis wife or family.
The rumor bad it that the x
preaeher was in the city visiting his
family, but keeping himself behind
screens. The result of this rumor at
tracted to Mrs. Wisswnesser's house a
motley crowd of people, from the
common street arab to the man of a
family. Their oondnct baa made the
life of herself and family miserable.
She, with her two daughters, is living
with her mother at 420 Hickory street.
Her ; father, Fred Pfeifer. their only
support, hns been at the Lackawanna
hospital lor eight weeeks, and his de
bilitated condition does not give en
couragement that be will be soon well
and able to work again. To add further
to ber burden she is besieged bv in'
quiaitive neighbors, and the crowd
that congregates in the street hoot and
yell and throw stones aud tin cans at
the door.
A Tribune reporter called at her
house last night and was obliged to
edge bis way tbrongb a heterogenous
group of hamauity. After being ad
mitted to the bonse, the family was
found in a terror stricken condition.
The reporter learned from Mrs. Wise
waesser that her husband not only was
not home, but had not sent one letter
to her in bis absence.
Another Chap er from Their Rnord Set
Up for Perusal.
The dividiug line of the city and
Lackawanna township must not con
linuo to be the nrona ot the hobos. Too
many infractions of the law occur
there, from petty mischief to highway
robbery. The police are handicapped
because tights, brawls, etc., take place
outside the city limits; thorerore. tbey
are povtarleas to arrest any of the law
Wednesday night William O'Donnell
ane John Drummy, motortnun and
coudnctor on the Greenwood line, were
assaulted by these toughs without any
other 'provocation thun attention to
their duty. Una of the 1 11 tigs wanted
to ride witbont paying fare and whou
f jected from the car bad revenge by
mobbing the street car employes after
the gang had been collected together.
The Scranton Traction company owes
a dnty to tho public to prosecute these
thugs for Wednesday night's work.
It Was Not a Toboggan Slid bat N. x
Thing to It
Pat McCann, a young son of Jumep
McPaun, of Uenetstrout, paid the price
of a broken leg yesterday for bis fool
The boy, with a nnmber of others of
bis age, was enjoying himself,
after fie manner tat of man ii;
"Grimes' Cellar Door" McCnnu hm!
a piece ot sheet iron, and on it h
would slide down the culm plan) at
the Meadow Brook breaker.
The boys continued their fan for nu
bonr and became bolder iu the rapidity
with which they let themselves down.
McCann collided with 11 pulley block,
his foot striking against it and his
momentum was so great that his log
was broken just below tho knee. Dr.
Manly was sent for and attended him.
Comet lodge, Knights of Pythias, will
meet tonight.
Grocer P. A. Kavanaugh.of River street,
returned yesterday from New York.
A good carpenter, who understands fac
tory work, wanted at the Meadow Brook
Silk mill.
The owners of those houses which were
destroyed in the Minooka fire, that is thuie
who carried insurance, are preparing to
The Sonth Side Building aud Loan asso
ciation mot at Moeller's hotel last night
for the purpose of adopting a constitution
and by-laws.
Tho Scranton Athletic club will have
its room open during the winter each
evening hereafter. A short businoas meet
ing was held last night.
The Century and William Connoll Hcse
companies returned home last night from
Wilkes-Barre. The members roport a royal
reception by thiir Wilkes-Barre brethren.
The Sonth Side board of trade will meet
tonight 'and George Frable says that he
has another Btory to tell. This, as an at-
We have purchased from a reli ahlo
Wutch Co. that needed money, a
.. qnautlty of 111(10 GKADK Watch
es ut our own oflVr. All 15-year
gold filled ones, beautifully en
Braved with 11-JeweleiI American
movement. All have Gold Enam
elled Dials. Never sold tffc
. below ad They go at V-
Rexford Jewelry Ca,l6Crk
"We are prepared to furnish all
kinds of School Books and School
Supplies at short notice.
We always have in stock a com
plete line of Blank Books, Sta
jtionery and Office Supplies.
Wall Paper, Window Shades
' Pictures and Frames.
traction, ought to inspire a full attend
ance. ...
The congregation of the Polish chnrch.
of Prospect avenue, will conduct an ex
cursion to Lake Ariel tomorrow. Father
Aust, the p.istor, has left nothing undone
for the acooniuiodation of those who at
teud. John Cleary, of Stone avenue, is rusticat
ing at police headquarters. He is held in
the sum of 110, which fine was imposed
upon him for drunkenness and resisting
arrest. If it is not paid today he will
spend the next two weeks at the county
The residents of Remington avenue are
dreading the full and winter rains. With
out any sewer to carry off the surface
water that now a from tne neighboring
hillside these people have forebodings of
flooded cellurs and likewise undesirable
Tbs rooms of the Sonth Side ounir
Women's Christian association will off old
to visitors this eveniug a place where a few
hours of spiritual interest may be spent.
The exercises will be led by Kov. G. L. Al
rich, pastor ot Grace Reformed chnrch.
Speaial singing will also enlivon the exer
cises. All young Indies are cordially in
vited to attenu.
This morning at 7 o'clock J, W. Mack,
of 910 Birch strcot, bis wife, daughter,
mother-iu-luw and sistor-ln-law, will start
forElmira. Tho trip will be made iu a
two-seated surrey, drawn by a team of
black pacers. Mr. .Mack is a stock jobber
snd . makes this trip in the fall of each
year. He combines busineis with pleas
ure and buys up car loads of hay, potatoes.
cabbage, etc.
Wedding Presents
Dinner, Tea
and Toilet Sets,
Silverware, Cut
Glass, Etc.
116 Wyoming Ave,
New Store,
New Goods,
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Tbonamos are the samo but onr "Puffs,"
"KnoW and "Four-in-hands" aro of a dif
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205 liACK'A. AVENUE,
CuristianTTire Hatter.
in at Present taa Hoit PojmUr and Pnftmd by
Lwdfuf Anum
Wararooma; Opposite Columbus Mo mi moot,
203 Waohlngton Av. Scranton, Pa
II h
H j
Martin. & Delaziy
Custom Tailors and Clothiers,
jj We are offering some Great Bargains in I
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Soon be over the season for ridinir. If
you want a Bicycle now is the time to tret
it. We are clearing npall tUtti, and will
give yon such a chance ss yon nevsr had
before. One ot onr bargains:
A First-class, High Grade $150 Etcycls
for $03.
Brinir your cash and GET OFF THE
Successor to Florey & Holt
Avoid the scorns and win the
approving glances of tho people
by wearing one of our
Black and v Rosewood
Brown are the leading
Wide D'Orsey Curl, full brim and
full crown are tho spocial feat
ures. Our salespeople are expe
rienced hat men not ,boys or
amateurs. Tou can depend ou se
curing ouly BECOMING , Blocks.
How do these prices become your
$1.24, $1.49, $1.98.
$2.50, $2.98.
137 AND 139
Complete Outfitters.
in Blue and Black
Box Coats. .
jY Also, a first-class
stock of Imported
Suitings aud Trouserings.
now $3.50. I;
Testing Free
FAS ifi llli
Lacka. Ave. Ii
I '
B-4 .
a -
tit j
The Specialist on the Eye. Headaches and Ner.
vonmefs relieved. Latest and Improved Style ot
Eyeglat-se and Spectacles at the Lowest Prices.
Best Artificial Eyas inserted for fo.
nor, M'urc: st.. or. p-.'
le led
And must raise several tlion
sand dollars before Thursday
evening at closing time. Wo
have no other means of ac
complishing this except by
sacrificing a portion of onl
vast and valuable -stock.
Bay at Yccr Cia -Price
We'll positively refnse no(
oiler within the bounds of
C. W. Fre-eman
Watchmaker And Jawdec,
These chilly mornings and
evenings are a menace to
one's health unless properly
The first essential is proper
We have opened up an
immense assortment of medium-weight
Underwear for
fall wear in natural wool,
camel's hair, white aud fancy
. A price range of from
49c. Ip
1 & M Mm