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In the village of Tempe, about twelve
mos irom rucBoix, id eapicai or An
ona territory, lis tha rains of the
ancient city whioh Frank H. Cashing
discovered som years ago sod in wbiah
conclusive evidence was foand proving
uie existence or a ore-UoIainDian olvll
izttion, belonging to&rao known at
me loiters. On of the supreme nays
teriei of tbeie ancienta liea in the dlt
oovery within the lait few weeke of
true anthratite coal within the boon
darlea of one of the rained cities. It
. created a decided excitement among
the few In Pbcenix who were admitted
to the aecret of the discovery, writee
correepondent of the Sin Fraotiaoo
Chronicle. An option wae aeeured
upon the land, which lay three
miles northwest of Los Muertos,
and work was began at once oh the de
velopment of what was tbongbt to be
tbe main cropping of a coal ledge, us
black stain beine traced in tbegranitio
conntry rock for folly a mile. Bat tbe
lead was soon exhausted and tbe rain
ere were amszad to find that tbey had
been cleaning oat tbe cbnteats of a
gigantic olla, an urn bnried to its lip
in tbe eartb. Tbe coal to the amount
of over three tons was eontalned in a
cornnoopia in the center of tbe jar, the
termluation of tbe cornacopu being
filled with clean charcoal. Aronnd and
supporting tbe coal and the obarooal
tbe olla was filled with dry eartb of a
limestone character.
The olla bad been made of a cement,
me main ingredient or wnicn was
plainly tbe hydranlio lime of the re
gion. Tbrongh sash a combination
needs no hardening from fire, the lip of
tbe nm, in it briek-red color, shewed
tbe effect of intense best Tbe olla was
fonnd to be about twelve feet, nine
inches across tbe month and materially
wider at half tbe depth in nowise dif
ferent in form from tbe drinking jars
of that region today. The wall tapered
in thickness from about eight inches at
the lip to a maxium of eighteen inches
near toe bottom. The material was
readily distinguishable from tbe
decomposed granite into which the
.urn bad beea built The coal found is
genuine anturaolte, on tbe authority
of several of the best mineralogists of
tbe coast, and sustains every test of
the assayer. It was fonnd closely
packed, though far from solid, and
regularly stratified as though in
trne coal blanket. In a atraigbt line to
tbe southeast, paralleling at a shor.
distance tbe eoorse of an anoient canal,
bits of coal were fonnd strewn upon
tue around ana, following; this ''lead
five other ollae were discovered, much
smaller, bat in every way similar in
construction and contents to that first
explored. One was not over three feet
in depth, yet it contained the cone of
coal, Without donbt a careful search
along this line wonld develop many
more sncn pits.
The discoverers, after secretly nsinu
every effort to locate coal in the nearby
mountains, at last confessed entire in
ability to solve the pnzzle. The forma
tionfor miles around is mnebthe same,
changing from porphyry to granite and
tnen to sandstone, with occasional cold
bearing veins of copper and iron-tinged
quartz, a region where the geologist
wouid scout tbe existence of a de
posit from the carboniferous age,
A hundred miles to the northeast
is the nearest coal, a sulphurous
J"!ltt ' in plsces may be
nth tof noui. In fuct. this "Dotted
atriotlo Ittalt Kiver Valley is the
tbe ft e ever found west of the
DDlauded loe ollas lie within one
sDeeob orb pueblos. A few hundred
me largest are tue ruins or
e, tbe walls of whioh were
y the work of tbe Heming-
pedition. Under the circum
stances tbe Question is natural. "Can
this coal be an artificial product, made
by these Toltecir
Modern seieooe can take wood and
by heat and preesnre and at great ex
pense prodnoe a lignite. Cbarooal, a
pure carkon, is, of eourse, easy to ob
tain, but ths production of anthraoite,
with Its baser percentage of earthy
mitter, is beyond the skill of the
modern TnrimAnr.alfafc Tf mann.
factured by the Toltecs It is probable
mat it was maae in tne great retorts
where fonnd, though not a sign of an
air blast hole could be detected nor an
implement that wonld aid in a lucid
explanation. Fragments of tpottery
fairly covered the gronnd nearby, all
marked with tbe common Tolteo orna
mentation of terraces, lightning flisbes
and wave lines, bnt in no manr do
they throw light upon the subject.
There seems to be no logical or plausi
ble theory to offer. The anthraoite is
there, let him who can read the riddle.
Minor Industrial notes t
All ef the collieries of the Cross Creok
Coal company worked full time last week.
The Tresckow waahery bas drawn tbe
dead line on non-nglish-speaking for
eigners. The New York, Susquehanna and West
ern directors will probably meet for or
ganization today.
Tbe other day the Beaver Brook colliery
prepared and damped 667 mine care in
nine hours, breaking the colliery's record,
Kuyle Bros., who some time ago received a
contract to strip a large piece of coal land
at Eckiny, for the Cross Creek Coal corn
pan t, began operations Saturday. The
stripping will give employment to about
800 men.
A Pardee & Co.'s No. 8 colliery was last
Friday shut down for an indefinite period.
The foreman and superintendent were
transferred to other operations, and indi
cations point to a long term of idleness at
that plant
The Beading Coal and Iron company is
about to erect a 9x88 pump on the grounds
of tbe Anthracite Powder company, which
will be used to force the water np to tbe
Keystone waahery, and the Potts' colliery
at LocuBt Dale.
The Schuylkill and Lehigh Valley Rail
road company has purchased a tract of
land containing 54, 000 square feet at West
Woods, within a mile ol Pottsville, and: it
iajUMed that a large machine and car shop
will be erected there.
All the Reading and Lehigh Valley col
lieries in tbe Schuylkill region closed
down on Wednesday evening for the
week. The shot down is complete and In
clude engineers and firemen. These col
lieries will not work more than four days
this month.
Tbe Lehigh and tfilkes-Barre Coal com
pany will soon begin the construction of
a large reservoir a mile west of Honey
Brook. It will be built be built large
enough to hold asupply of 8,000,000 gallons
of water, and will supply all tbe com
pany's collieries. ,
The largest steel plate ever rolled in the
world was successfully made at the Well
man iron and Bteel works at Chester last
Friday. The great plate measnred 450
inches long, or NX feet, by 130 lnobee
wide, or nearly 11 feet, while its thickness
was , inches. Tbe finished plate, sheared
to its proper size, Will be 4 Winches long by
120 lncbee wide. '
Tbe coal and coke originating on the
Pennsylvania Railroad company's lines
east of Pittsbnrg and Erie for the week
ended Sept. 1 werei Coal, 884,725 tons, aud
nterf for
way i
coke. 89.411 tons, a total of 421138 tons.
For tbe year, to Sept 1, tbe total of coal
and coke was 9,702,631 tons, a decrease a
compared with tbe corresponding period
m inva or D,iai,oui ions.
The demand for anthracite coal is so
light that tbe Reading bas rented a num
ber of its coal barges to soft coal shippers.
This never baa happened before in tbe
neretoiore so-called busy season.
The Milneiville colliery of A. a Van
Wickle, is the only colliery in that region
that is working full time. When the con
necting link, whioh is now being eon
strncted is completed, the collieries at
Coleraine will also work steady.
General Agent Latta. of tbe Pennsvlva
nia railroad, spenks in glowing terms of
the increased buineM of the company,
"Business is picking up," says be. "Our
equipment is rnsbed as bard as it can go,
aud we have not sufficient box cars to sup
ply the demand. Everybody appears to
want to do something and the idle capital
of the country is rapidly finding its way
Into tne cnanceis or traue."
Dick & Mantz evidently intend to do ex
tensive stripping at Upper Lehigh this
winter for preparations are well nnder
way to remove one of their steam shovels
from Tresckow thence. A small station
ary engine ana a loaie, wnich hauls cars
to and from the shovel, will also be re-
uiutdu, h wen bj an tne employes neces
sary to operate tbe concern.
Tbe coal shipments over the Hunting
don & Broad Top railroad for tbe week
ended HeDt. 1 a2erezatd fid S tnna an
increase over the corresponding period of
1883 of 33, M3 tons. The company is grad
ually makiug np the tonnage lo.t during
the big strike, and the total shipments for
the year np to Sept 1 are only 165,640 tons
ueumu toe corresponding period or last
Frank Dwyer ranks among tbe best of
the league pitchers. In answer to tbe
question, "Who are probably the best
eight pitchers in the National league?" I
should say Rusie, Meekin, Nichols, Brelt
enstein, Kennedy, Dwyer, McMabon and
Mercur. Young is nowhere in bis last
year's form and seems to have dropped out
almost entirely, and Stein cannot pitch
well when he takes his regular turn.
Cnppy is np and down, while the Phila
delphia twiriers are spasmodical. Such is
the opinion of O. P. Caylor.
Mothers! Motbersll Mothers Ml
Mrs.Winslow's Soothing Syrup has been
used for over fifty years by millions Of
mothers for their children while teething,
with perfect success. It soothes the child,
softens the gums, allays all pain; cures
wind colic and is the best remedy for di
arrhoea. Sold by dinggists in every part
of the world. Be sure and ask for "Mrs.
Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup." and take no
no other kind. Twenty-dye cents a bot
Etooks and Bonds.
New York. Sent. 11. For davs oast
some of the benr traders in stocks have
been predicting tbat tho govrenment crop
rryuri, ior oepiemDer woum snow tne con
dition of tbe corn to be onlv 55 tier cent.
The reporr. however, which was made
public late yesterday gave tbe condition
as 63.4 per cent., and, as a result, there
was a wild rush on the part of tbe shorts
at the opening to get back their contracts.
In the closing dealings tbe market was
nrm, a prominent trader having bid np
tbe prices all around, nut chancres for the
day showing advances of to per cent.
In tbe inactive issues Baltimore and Ohio
advanced 2V to 78? Total sales were
Tue range of today's prices for the ac
tive stocks of the Now York stock market are
given below. The limitations ara f nrnlaliul
TUB TkiuuNS bv O. du H. Dimmirlr. m AI1AGTPF
of Willi, ii Lnm Ailen ft Co., stock brokers,
u6 opruuti airuvt, ocraniou.
Open- Hlzh- Low
in?. est; ml
ing. a
Am. Cot Oil Uii M'4 $M
Am Sugar. 1(16 l(X)i 1(M
A.T. &8.F 8 a s
Can. 8a
Cheepeake & Ohio... M aW iiw
Chic. Has. t UU U
Chic A H. W IUU KM 100
C. M. SU Paul.... 671 07W etai
Cblcago,H. I. ft Pac. ml iO K,1
D. ft U im 1 A 1.15
d i,. & w w. jtwu ami
U.AC. F IS 10W V7.
. E. Co 41W 4M 41' "
Ills. Cent
Lake Shore
L. AN !ui 57W Mi
Manhattan 11 118 Hsu
Mich. Cent , '
MlM. Pur :1L4 iu
Nat. Cordage 1TW 17U Id
Nat. Lead 43j tlM
New Jersey Cent
N. T. Central.
N. Y. A N. E..
N. Y.,L. E.& W...
N. Y.. 8. A W
N. Y., R W pr.
N orth Pao
North Pac. or
Phil. & Roading....
Kith & W. P
T C. & L
Texas Po
Union Pacific
ii OH iu?s it
Wabash 8
Wiibanh pr 17
Western Union VM
Open- High- Low- Clos
est est lng.
May.. .......
, 845
New York Froduci Market.
New York. Sept. II.-Flodr Dull.
weak, freely offered.
Wheat Dull, firmer: with options! No.
2 red store and elevator, 58a58c.; afloat,
omovxa.; i. o. o.. oaovc.: ncgraaea red.
53h&Kc. Mo. 1 northern, 5V to arrive, op
tions closed firm at Ke up, with a fair
Oohk Strong, fairly active: No. 2. 64'
64X; elevator, e5nu6o.; afloat; options
closed unchanged io c. up, following tbe
west and firm; May and December most
active; September, 61c; October, 63 Wc;
November, oSJic; December, 60a00c:
m ay, oyjic
UAT8 Boots fair IV act ve: Arm- nntinna
dull firmer: September. 34 Uc- Or'tntur
3Xc. November, 36Xc; December, 87Wc;
Wo. a white, October, 87c,i spot prices.
No 2, 848340.; No. 3, white, S7c;
No. 2 Chicago, 85c.; No. & 83 Wc: No.
white. SOkc: mixed western, mv
35c; white do., 80h41c: white state.
Bskf Dull, steady; famlly.tl0.00a12.0O;
extra mess, t8.O0at&30.
1SEKF HAMS-ynlflt, $23.
TlGBCKD BEEF Dull. firm, city rtr.
India mess, (17.50.
(JOT Meats Fair demand, flrmnf.
pickled bellies, 12 lbs, fljc; pickled
noumers, Himci pickled ham.llallc!
middles nominal.
Lard Quiet, closed fl
steam. 19.04 asked; city, 8KsUc; Septem
ber closed, 19.40 asked: December. H 7S
asked; refined qniet, firm; continent,
19.75; Eoutb Amerloa, f 10; compound, 6
PORK Ltgnt aemana and firm: mess tis
a!6; extra prime, 18.50.al4.
BUTTKB iancy, nrm ana fairlv act ve:
state dairy, 14a22c; do. creamery, 18a24o.
rennsyivania, loasio.; western aalry, VJX
al7c; do. creamery, 16a34la; do. factory,
12al0c.( elgins, 24a24c; imitation
creamery, lSal8&
Cheibi Unlet, steady; stats, 8al0x&;
ancy, 10o.; do. small. bXalOJic; part
skims, 48Ko.i full skims, 38c.
Eqgs Fair demand, steady; state and
Pennsylvania, 18)al9o. Ioebouse,14Xal0a j
western iresn, lOfiac.
When Baby was sick, we gave her Caitorta.
When sbe was a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Hiss, she clung to Oastorta.
Whan sbe had OMldrn.she cave them Oastorls.
IndQstrleaa Indians.
The efforts of tbe United States govern
ment to render the Indian tribes self sup
porting and industrious have been most
successful in cases where it haa been pos
sible to take advantage of and develop some
kind of industry already known among
them in at least a rudimentary form.
With such a tribe as the Navajos, for in
stance, the government has had no trouble
since the wan with tbe tribe ceased, be
cause theee Indians are natural horse and
sheep raisers. Thay have been able to sup
port themselves by dealing in horses and
sheep. An attempt to make them farmers
In the sense known in the eastern states
would probably have not only failed, but
would have demoralized tbe Indians and
made them dependent upon tbe govern
ment. Other far western tribes of Indians have
subsisted largely In the past by digging
room wmcn grew spontaneously over
great extent of conntry. It is hoped that
these Indians, now that they no longer
have free range over a vast tract, may be
easily taught that they caii make a living
Dy planting other Kinds of roots on a more
limited area.
One of tbe difficulties with which the
government bas to contend in the process
of civilizing the great mass of tbe Indians
now classed as "wild" is the fact that they
occupy a conntry of dry plains, where very
little agriculture was practiced when the
Indians were in their primitive state, and
where it was comparatively easy and pleas
ant to derive a living from the herds of
buffalo and other game that were to be
found ranging the plains,
Such a people must almost be made over
again in order to be rendered agricultural.
But they bave a kindly feeling toward cat
tle which are a sort of natural successors
to the buffalo. They make excellent herd
ers and very good drivers of oxen.
Cattle raising, therefore, seems to be the
Tioti.iMiT mnana 1 i .. I, T.J:
and they are being encouraged with gifts
of stock and instruction in the best means
of taking care of it. Youth's Companion.
Mauagtng Mothers.
It Is often said that romance is shocked
at the idea of a mother finding a husband
for her daughter, but delicacy is equally
shocked at a young girl hunting a husband
entirely by herself. Mother and home
throw a charm and a refinement aronnd
such efforts, and no good young man will
refuse to acknowledge the wisdom aud re
spectability of the English custom that "a
wife is to be courted on her father's hearth
stone." It is very easy to resent this sup
posed necessity of guarding girlish inno
cence, but it is a necessity in spite of all
protestations to the contrary. If, indeed,
the young are capable of self direction,
then mothers are a mistake, and all that
Holy Writ and wise men have said is false
and antiquated, and behind the youth of
this generation.
ISutstirelya mother who has modeall
the conditions of her daughter's life for
eighteen years may at least advise her
child on the muklng of her marriage aud
her home. For if she be a good mother
she will always consider that within due
limits a marriageable daughter should be
intrusted with her own destiny. Slio will
know that it is one of the secrets of wise
management to manage as little as possible,
and never to interfere iu things of small
moment. Mothers, then, ought to supple
ment by their own experience the Inex
perience and emotions of their daughters
and to warn them. Amelia K Burr in
Ladies' Home Journal,
Good Authority.
There is a little circle of clever people in
town who have fallen into tho habit among
themselves of using grammar that would
make the schoolmistress's hair stand on
end. Finally, after an outsider hod heard
one of them say "1 done it" a'dozen times
or so in the course of tbe evening, he ap
proached the speaker. "Will you tell me."
he said, "why you say 'I done it' instead of
I did it?' It isn't good English, you
"It's Shakespeare's English," said the
other, "and that's enough for me."
So the questioner went home and got out
his concordance and painfully labored
through it to find Shakespeare's authority
ior saying "i done it." But be couldn't.
Then be came back to the first man. "Will
you show me where you got Shakespeare's
authority ior the '1 Uono it?' " he said.
"Certainly," suid the other, turning to
juocoem. "Mere Macbeth says it 'Thou
canst not say 1 did it.' "New York Even
ing Sun.
Sam Feminine Answers.
The members of a girt? class were asked
a few questions. One was interrogated as
to what was meant by "bearing fulse wit
ness against your neighbor." "It was.
said she, "when nobody did nothing and
somebody went and told of it." Anothei
was asked how beef tea was mude, and she
replied, "Uuy a tin of beef extract, and fol
low the directions on tbe lid."
"What are warmth producing foods?" a
tblrd girl wus asked. The reply was, "Cay
enne pepper and Jamaica ginger." Cas-
seiis Journal.
A Long Felt for Want.
Mr. Biiton (on the secoud story Wliv
have you put tliut top step of the stairs
above the level of tho floor?
Architect I thought you wanted all
modem improvements. That's the step a
fellow always reaches for when he gets to
the top or l.ic stairs in the dark. Puck.
Chnrlnh the Living.
Regard for the living is fur more helpful
to tbe world than regret for the dead. The
truest life cur.ijmtiion is he or she who
would prefer to have the one left behind
make another lmppy rather than spend
thetlmo in enervating memories of an uu
recallublo past. Detroit Free Press.
Completing the Collection.
. Maiden of Forty Summers (after view
ing collection of antlquitios) You have
wonderful taste, Mr. Poandro. 1
Mr. Poaudro (owner of collection) !
need one thing to make the house com
plete, Miss Posse. Will you marry me?
Harper's Bazar.
The Bat Was Lost.
The other day a West Windsor (Vt.)
larmer on going out to bis sheep pen no
ticed a bunch on one of his long wool
sheep, and upon examination found a rat,
which bad got his tail woven into the wool
and was unable to get away. Boston Her
ald. In the Theater,
"Who is that ragged looking fellow in
the wings?"
"He's our property man."
"Really? He doesn't look like a man of
property." Munsey's Weekly.
For a Consideration.
Hawkins I thought Jones gave the min
ister an extraordinarily large fee.
, Miller It was large, but you must re
member the old gentleman had to kiss the
bride. Epoch.
A Million Friends
A friend in need is a friend indeed, and
not less than one million people have
found lust such a friend in Dr. K inn's New
Discovery for Consumption, Coughs and
uojas, u yon nave never used this Ureat
Cough Medicine, one trial will convince
you that it bas wonderful curative powers
in all diseases of Throat, Chest and Lungs.
Each bottle is guaranteed to do all that is
claimed or money will be refunded. Trial
bottles free at Uatbews Bros', drug store,
Large bottles Soe. and IL 00.
In thousands of cases the cure of ccnih
is tbe preventive of consumption. Tue
surest congh medioine in tbe world is Dr.
Wood's Norway Pine Byron. Sold by all
dealers on a guarantee of satisfaction.
Some men have tact in different degrees,
while other are wanting in it altogether.
It hi the outcome of intellectual and of
temperamental qualification and implies
the possession of clear perceptions, quick
imagination and delicate sensibilities. It
is these that give the tactful person his
subtle intuition of another's mental pro
cesses and modes of feeling, and in the
same moment show exactly the right
method of action. New York Ledger.
Presence of Mind
An eccentric man went to church and
seated himself in tbe uearost pew. Soon
the owner came in, eyed the stranger critic
ally, and then, writing "My pew" on tbe
fly leaf of a prayer book, banded the book
to tbe intruder. The man read the mes
sage, smiled a beautiful smile and wrote
"Nice pew, what do you pay for it?"
He kept his seat, and after service dined
With the pewholder. Exchange.
Spain's American Dominions.
Spain's dominions on the Amorican con
tinent comprise Cuba and Porto Kico.
Cuba has an area of 43,220 sqnare miles
and Porto Rico 8,550. The population of
Cuba is now 1,000,000, and of Porto Rico
about 800,000. In area Cuba Is the size of
Virginia, and in inhabitants it is the size
of North Carolina, while Porto Rico is
half way between Delaware and Connecti
cut in area and slightly exceeds Connect!
cut In ponnlwtinn. Kxrhango.
Are out of the question when tor.
tured and disfigured with Eczema.
It is the cause of more intense
suffering than all other skin diseases
Tender babies are among its most
numerous victims.
They are often born with it.
Most remedies and the best physi
cians generally fail even to relieve.
If CUTICURA did no more than
cure Eczema, it would be entitled to
the gratitude of mankind.'
It not only cures but
A single application is often suffi
cient to afford instant relief, permit
rest and sleep, and point to a speedy,
permanent cure.
Cuticura works wonders be
cause it is the most wonderful skin
cure of modern times.
Sold throujtiout the world. Price, CimcoiiA, 50c.;
Soap, 15c. ; Resolvent, $i. Pottii Diiug akd
Chum. Cor., Sole l'root., Bottoo, Mus. "All
shout the Skin and Blood," 64 pages, mailed free.
For nearly fifty years this wonderful rem
dy has proved itself the best, quickest, saf
tst aud surest antidote for pain iu he world.
liable and effectual because of the stimulat
ing action f tbe body, adding tone to the one
tnd inciting to renewed and increased vljur
the slumbering vitality of the physical struc
ture, and throngb this healthful stimulation
ind increased action the causa of the PAIN
Is driven away and a natural condition re
itored. It is thus that tho HEADY RKLIEF
is so admirably adapted for the CURE OF
PAIN and v. il hoot tbe risk of injury which
la sure to result from the use of many of the
so-called pain remedies of the day.
In using medicines to stop pain we should
avoid such as iufl ct injury on the system.
Opium, Morphlue. Ether. O calna and Chloral
stop pain by destroying 'he sense of percep
tion, when the patient loses the power of
feeling. 1 his i the most destructive prao
tice; it masks the symptoms, shuts up, and,
Instead of removinc troubl, breaks down
the stmach, livornnl bowels, and, if con
tinued lor a length 01 time, kills the nerves
and produces local or general paralysis.
There is no necessity for using thiwe un
certain aernti-, when a positive remedy like
KAD WAY'S KEADV RKLIEF will stop the
most exoruciatinir nain ouiiiker. without n.
tailing theleut difficulty in either infant or
Summer Complaints
Dysentery, Diarrhea, .
Cholera Morbus.
R null tumbler of water, repeated us often
as tho disc.iHi-ges continue, and a flannel sal
umivu wiiu n,Huv nenvi piacea over tn
MtniDA'h And 1inwla will ofTl 4tYii.4 f
relief una ion effect a cure.
a uair t o a t-HHpo jntul In half a tumbler of
iriltnt in farm nilni,.i, t.
Bpasnii, Sonr Stomach, Heartburn, Nervou
nesa, Sleeplessness, Sick Headache, Diarrhea.
Not only cures the patient seized with this
terrible lo to settlers in newly-settled dis
tricts, whore the Malaria or Aa-ue exiati hni
If people expose! to it will every morning,
on getting nut of bed, take twenty or thin y
drops of the Ready Relief la water, and eat,
ear, a cracker, they Kill esoape attacks. This
must bo done before going out.
1 here is not a remedial anent in tho world
mac win cure r ever ana Agus ana all otlmr
Malarious, Bilious aided by RADWY'8
P UA so quick as K ADWAY'd READY
SOo. Per Bottle, (old by DrunaUta.
. The Great Liver and Stomccii Remcdv
For the cure of a'l disorders of the Stomach,
Liver, Bowels, Kidneys, Bladder, ervous
Diseases, Lost of Appetite, Head"b, Cos
tiveness, Indigestion, Biliousneu. Fever. In-
ll.m..lln. ... IH. H.,.l. U 1 1 . .1 ..II 1 1
derangements of th 1 internal Viscera. Poruly
voicriaujv, nuuimuiui lv iuvrourj, minerals
or deleterious drugs
Price. 25 cents per box. Sold bv all drno.
gista. - '
v.. .- " J " - turn - V, 11. u lur H1H uuw
nln I n. TH, H.ln .,..1,.1. .U. A
and enable it to perioral its functions. The
symptom 01 isyapspRiB owappear, ana with
them the liability of the If stem to contract
,i .lrA k . 1 i -J - .
directions,and obsorvs what we say of "7ilae
and True." respeoting diet
IVBend a letter stamp to DR. RADWAT
CO., Lock Box 806, New York, for "False
and True. "
Third National
Bank of Scranton.
CAPITAL, $200,000
SDRPLDS, $250,000
This bank offers to depositors evert
facility wnrrautrd by their balances, bu.i.
ness and responsibility.
Kpecial attention given to bualneas ao
eouuta. luterest paid on time deposit,
W1L7.IAM CONNKLI, Pretldent
tiEO. II. CATLIN, Vlee.Prealdent.
WIIXIAM a. FKCK, Cashier.
William ConnelL George H. Catllo.
Alfred H &mf Jmmstm a m v. 1.. 1 .1 .
Balio, Jr., William Kmithv ' Lntha.
Ms and
Large Medium and
White Clover,
Choice Timothy and
lawn Grass Seeds
Guano, Bone Dust
and Phosphates for
Farms, Lawns and
P OOF tinning and soldering nil done away
with by the use of HAKTMAN'8 RAT
ENT PAINT, which consists of ingredl nts
well-known to all It can be applied to tin,
galvanized tin, sheet iron roofs, al so to brick
dwellings, which will prevent absolutely any
crumbling, cracking or breaking of the
trick. It will outUat tinuing ot any kind by
many yanrs.and it's cost does not exceed one
fifth that ot 1 he cost of tinning. Is sold by
the job or pound. Contracts taken by
W. L. Douglas
S3 SHOEnosqueak?nq.
CDCUPUA CHiAlJCi f enin r
Yea can save moner lr purchasing VV. L.
Dmifflns Hiaes.
Dccausc, wc are tue largest mauutacturers of
advertised shoes in the world, and guarantee
the value by stamping the name and price on
the bottom, which protects you against high
prices and the middleman's profits. Our shoes
equal custom work in style, essy fitting and
wearing qualities. We have them sold every,
where at lower prices for the value given than
sny other make. Take no substitute. If your
ueaier cannot supply you, we can. bold by
Eaaoasse ar vh. Hlhsst Uu,cai Amwoamr.
a-1 .J - " This MSNTBor
from Colds, MnreTbront.
sunurnia, nronciiHU.
mmrtnuiTUUT. ADeWCieilt
In pocket, rearty to ue on Ufrt IndlcatfiVu Wt cold!
(oDtlnned I'm ttui Permnnent Cnre.
SatlafacUuriCTarnnteed or money refunded. Price,
oR Vila irlAl Trnn nt Ilrtuririaia ri ..!
60 cent JU i, crMif mETSS sSWW'
, -1 wt v. a,
MENTHOL 2'i,i0J'i"rjrt ncl S.'08t remedy for
"! ",lna eaaes, Kciema. ltcu.Rnlt
nneunijoin rnreo, iiurna, ruta. Wonderful rem
e;lr fur FILKM. Price, CS rta. ,t )niVr, i I s
Bjgta or bj mall prepaid. AiljroiaiiaboT. dALF"
For sale br MutiltMiv. m.i
H. l'helus.
w.plsxion Presarved
Bemoves Freckles, Pimples,
Liver Moles Clackheads,
Sunburn aud Ten, ond ru.
stores the skin to its orli-l-
, . i-. . . u
ul uraiiina, prxjiuoiDg Bip-y' Vj:;
ploar and healthy com-3Jfe XwzFtJP'L.'
ploxlon. Superior to all faee i:
preparations and perfectly hnrmless. At all
druggists, or mailed ior SOcts. Seud ior Circular,
VIOLA SKIM 80AP U tlmplr liKaaparabla as ft
kla purirtlog Kocp, UKqnltal (tr tlia Inlkit, and without a
rival fur tea aunwr. Abiolutnlr pum aad wUoatal BMdi
eMod. Atdrwrlna, Price 23 Cnts.
G. C. BITTNEH4,CO.,To!.edo,0.
For sale by Matthew llros. and John
II. Phelpa,
For Delicacy,
For purity, and for improvement of tho com
pleilon, nothing equals Pozzoni's Powder.
rroia Uiu
jTi,-1 hae. VL3
fm-mK Iv Made a
i.tb.V.ffWWell Man
THE GREAT 3Oth la.v.
prodnees the above results In 30 days. It sets
powerfully aud quickly, cures when allbthersfall
Voung men will regain their lout manhood, and old
meu will recover tlicir youthful vigor by using
KEVIVO. It quickly and surely restores Nervous
ness, Lost Vitality, Inipotency, Nightly Knilasions,
Lost Power, Faillug Memory, Wasting Diseases, and
all cflects ot self-abuse or esccseand Indiscretion,
which unAts one for study, business or marriage. It
not only cures by starting at the seat of dlsesse, but
Is s great nerv tonic snd blood builder, bring
ing bsck the pink glow to pale cheeks and re
storing the Are of youth. It wards off Tnnanity
and Consumption. Inslat on having RKV1
other. It can be carried in vest pocket. By mall
1.00 per package, or Six iorCS.OO, with a poal'
tlve written guarantee to cnre or refund
the money. Circular frea, Address
For sal by Matthews Bros., Druggists
Seranton, Pa. '
Washburn-Crosby Co. wish to assure their many
patrons that they will this year hold to their usual
custom of milling STRICTLY OLD WHEAT until the
new crop is fully cured. New wheat is now upon the
market, and owinsr to the excessively drv weather
many millers are of the opinion that it is already
cured, and in proper condition for milling. Washburn-Crosby
Co. will take NO RISKS, and will allow
the new wheat fully three . months to mature before
This careful attention to
placed Washburn-Crosby
other brands.
Wholesale Agents.
Dealer in Choice Confections and Frnits.
1437 Capouse Avenue.
That we will GIVE you beautiful new pat
terns of Sterling SILVER SPOONS and
FORKS for an equal weight.ounce for ounce,
of your silver dollars. All elegantly en
graved free. A large variety of new pat
terns to select from at
All Grades, Sizes and
Of every description on hand. Prompt shipments guar
anteed. Chains, Rivets, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Turn
buckles, BoltEnd3, Spikes and. a full line of
Carriage Hardware.
Scranton, Pa.
We have th9 following supplies of Lumber secured, ai.
prices tb at warrant U3 in expecting a large
share of the trade.
Pacific Coast Red Cedar Sbinglos.
"Victor" and other Michigan Brands of
Wliite Pine ana White Cedar Shingles,
Michigan White and Norway Tine Lum
ber and Bill Timber.
North Carolina Bbort and Long Leaf Yel
low Pine.
Miscellaneous stocks of Mine Rails, Mine Ties, Mine Props
and Mine Supplies in general.
Commonwealth Building, Scranton Pa.
HEART LAKE, Susquehanna Co.
U. E. OROFUT Proprietor.
mHIB HOUSE Is strictly temparanno, is new
I and woll furnlshml ami OPENe".!) To
located midway botwotm Montrose anil Scran
ton, on Montrose and Lackawanna Railroad,
ix Dillon from l., h, ft W. R. R. at Alford
Citation, and fivo miloi from Montrose; ca
pacity, elelity-flve; three minutes' walk f rom
K. R. station.
Altitude about 2,000 feet, cua!Unqf In this
respect the Adirondack and Catsklll Moun
tains. Una gTovea, plenty of shade and beautiful
scenery, making a Sumintr iteaort unex
celled lu beauty and cliespnuss.
Dancing pavilion, swings, croquet gronnds,
Aa Cold (Spring Water and plenty of M 11k.
Hates, 7 to 10 per week. K1.6U per
Excursion tlckots sold at all stations on D.
L. ft W. lines.
Porter meets all trains.
Hir Patrons
everv detail of milling haa
Co.'s flour far above all
oi uv-iau fliiijiiiiun uivcn 1IJ BUfW
& Connell
Kinds kept in Stock.
Juniata County, Pennsylvania, WMt Oak.
Sullivan County Hemlock Lumber and
Tioga Connty Dry Hemlock Stock Boards.
Elk County Dry Hemlock Joists and Stud
ding. DUPONT'S
Manufactured at the Wapwallopen Mill La
aene county Pa and at Wtt
mlngton, Delaware.
General Agent for the Wyoming DMrloi,
ti8 Wyoming Av.a Scranton Pa,
Tblrd Katfeoal Bank Bonding.
A own eras.
THOS. FORD, Mtta ton, Pa.
John B smith ft son Plymontb. Pa
B. W. MULUQAN, WOkm-Barrs, Fa
Agents for the Hop an Uhamloal Ooaa
taoy's Hlga Kxcloalves.