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"Pure" and "Suo."
Tlie strength comes from cream of tartar and soda
only, no ammonia, no alum., it tlocs the most work and
the best work, and, best of all, it is perfectly wholesome'
Cltvland Baking Powdir Co., tint yen'.; Sunnier it Cievilimt Biotktrt.
NorrmanA Moore
120 Wyoming Avenuo
Era your COLLARS itarohed la te eM
way. when you can have hm don. with soft,
pliable Buttonholes for TWO CENTB BACH.
New and
Very Choice
Line of
Mears & Hap
415 Lacka. Ave.
If you want
Carpets, Draperies,
Wall Paper or Window
Shades, come to us.
We have a full li'np r(
j j goods, and our prices are
very low.
127 Wyoming Ave.
' To my friends: I hereby announce
l ik.i I u - - . I : ,1 - . - r . I
mat 1 win uo a lanuiuMia ivr ine nomi1
nation of district attorney, before the
Republican County convention.
The police were paid yesterday.
The city officials received tholr oar yes
Peter Umbesarldge and Joseph Orenn,
charged with larceny, were released from
the connty jail yesterday on bail.
Mist Cora Leach leaves this morning for
a three weeks' sojourn in New York city,
Long Branch and other points of interest.
'be diagram for the sale of seats for
mil's .Novelty company opens at the
y 01 juusio Dox office at a a. m. to-
ace licences were wanted vaster.
rchbald B. Hazlett and Kittle
Scrnnton; Joseph Christina and
a luosalto.liow, Scranton; bylves-
sKi ana Aotoma..uaiaieiK, recit-
tmklna, of Hyde Park, who came
cuawanna nospitai to nave an
performed, diea there at 11
tint, tier menus wore com;
be a game of football today
on tha s? rounds on Onlncv
, ir ftetweeu Vine and Olive streets,
I , VavMn the Crescents and a picked team.
All desiring to play are requested to be on
the grounds. J
The exchanges at Scranton Clearing
i house dnring the week were: Monday,
1 1130,097.80; Tuesday, 1137,365.24; Wednes-
,tl29,2Q7; Thursday, tllO.480.83; Fri
7 , iae.5Stf.lfl. Total, 1594.755.05. Clear-
:t for the month, $3,188,017.71.
f treasurer R. Q. Brooks has acqul
esced In tht action of the city council ex
tending the time for the payment of city
' tuxes without penalty until January 1,
j l8y- As today is a legal holiday the city
treasurer's office will be elosed.
Samuel E. Bailey, of Baltimore, yester
day began suit against B. H. liemorest and
pr. William Haggerty to reoover ia,980,
With Interest thereon from Feb 10
m, which be claims is due him on note
fle holds against the defendants which
they allowed to go to protest. The plain.
I tiff is represented by Attorney 0. H.
Wells. '
1 The Central Prohibition league will pre.
sent a course of four lectures in the Froth
Ingham beginning Sept. 81, with Colonel
Bain, of Kentucky. Their other dates and
attractions are: Oct. 1, Kev. O. H. Mead
and the Silver Lake quartette, of New
'York; Oct 18, Professor Samuel Dickie, of
' Michigan; Nov. 1, Kev. Dr. Joseph Cook,
, of Boston.
1 The Demooratlo senatorial committees
I will meet this afternoon In the rooms of
; the Central Democratic club, to fix a date
for a convention. In explanation of the
various calls that have been issued, it is
stated that soma doubt existed as to the
proper person to oall a committee meeting,
and to avoid a mistake the have all been
asked to meet tomorrow.
The board of directors of the second
district of the Catbolio Total Abstinence
twlou, last evening decided to request the
AocletWs of this locality to call a special
(meeting on Sunday and to eleot three
(delegates to meet in St. John's hall, South
(Side, on Sunday evening Sept. a, at 6.30
(o'olock for the purpose of making ar
rangeraentf for a reception to be tendered
Kev. P, J. IlcManns on bis return from
Pabst's Milwatji Bun, eool and
sparkling, at Lehman's, Spruce street
tit tho neao!.w
Scuniifie Antrim,
Events at the Driving Park: Were Interesting
" and Well Contested.
Won the 2.50 Class Race with Ease.
Time for the Half Mile in the First
Heat, 1.15 1-2 Pee Dee and Maud
L Gave Good Accounts of Them
selvesFanny Blair Won 2.40 Class
The racing programme at the Driv
ing park yesterday was of exciting in
terest and was witnessed by a well
pleased audience. These .weekly cards
of the Gentlemen's Driving elub are
becoming more popular, as the good
sized number of the fair sex who occu
pied the grand stand yesterday indi
cated. One feature, however, that made the
audience impatient, was the repeated
scoring in each beat requireed to get
the horses off in a buueb. The first
beat of the first raee was the most
tiresome. Five horses Little Agnes,
owned by . J. Goodwin ; Poor Riohard,
by Dr. Houser; Billy, by C. M. Sander
son; Maud, by Walter Jenny n, and
Beauty, by Dr. J. L. Wentz, were en
tered in the first raee in the 3-minute
Mand was the cause of delaying the
start Dy her sulklness;atlast after over
half a dozen attempts the quintette
got under the wire pretty well together
and the word was given to go.j
Little Agnes bad the pole and held
It to the quarter where Poor Richard
and Beauty passed ber. Both of these
horses broke coming down the stretch
and Little Agnes surged forward win
ning the race in the fast time of 1.19.
Second plnce was given to -Beauty by
the judges. Dr. Houser. the owner of
Poor Richard, made a determined ob
jection to the deoislon but was over
ruled. All races were half mile heats, the
best two out of three. The second
heat of the 3-minute class was taken
by Little Agnes in 1.18, a second faster
than the time in the first race, This
heat was not an exciting one.
The second race, the 2.40 class, was
the one most interesting. Bat three
horses were entered, Compeer, a sorrel
gelding, by F. H. Jermyo, Maud L a
chestnut mare, bv C. S. Seainaos, and
Fanny Blair, by G. M. Shelly. Three
beats were necessary to decide this
race. Ia the first Maud L. won easily,
Fanny Blair second and Compeer third.
The second beat was a neek and neck
contest from start to fl.iish between
Fanny Blair and Maud L.. the former
winning by a length. Compeer was
distanced. The third beat was a hot
one and the sympathies of the audience
were with Maud L., who was by far
the speediest animal on the track yes
terday. She had an off day and disap
pointed the expectant ones every time
by getting oil ber feet and flying in
the air. Fanny Blair won the raee,
but If she had two lengths farther to
g o Mand L. would have captured it
The third race, in the 2. 35 class, was
conspicuous by the ease with which
Dr. Charles Hill's big bay gelding,
Jaok, won both heats. Four horses
were entered, Magnolia, Dr. J. L.
Wentz; Keeley, G. M. Shelly; John,
Dr. G. E. Hill; Jack, Dr. Charles Hill,
Magnolia was the favorite, bnt she was
a complete disappointment. There was
no interest taken in either beat because
Jack wss so far superior to the other
three that none of them eonld come
within ten lengths of him. In the sec
ond heat be went in the air for an in
stant and fell back a little, bat with
big, heavy strides broke to the front
again and came down the stretch like
a tornado.
The fourth raoe, in the 2.50olass,
was rather envious of the first, and
made a desperate effort to tire the pa
tience of the spectators. Matt Dale's
bay mare. Pee Dee, imitated the ex
ample of Mand in the first race and
prevented a start at least a half dozen
times by galloping from the pole to
the wire. Five horses were entered:
Duke, by L. T. Payne; Frank H., by
F. C. Hazaard; Pet Hand, by Frank
Spencer; Pee Dee, by Matt Dale, and
Valley Boy, by Levi Patterson.
Duke bad the pole and kept the lead
to the quarter. There the horses
bunched together, and until the stretoh
was reaohed there was no telling whieh
would win. Duke, however, went
under the wire first, followed closely
by Pet Hand and Frank H. .
The second heat was mneh similar
to the first, except that Valley Boy
showed up well and gave Duke a bard
battle for first place.;
The following is a summary of the
First race, 8.00 clasB
Little Agnes 1 1
Poor Richard 8 2
Billy 4 4
Maud 5 0
Beauty 2 8
Time, 1.19X, 1.18.
Second race, 2.40 class
Compeer, 8 0
AlaudL 12 9
Fanny Blair 3 11
Time,1.10Jf, 1.17, 1.17.
Third race, 2.35 class
Magnolia 4 8
Keeley 2 8
Jack 1 1
John 8 4
Time, 1.19, 1.18. .
Fourth race, 2.60 class
Duke....; - 1 1
Frank H. .. 8 4
Pet Hand 2 2
Pee Dee 6 5
Barbed Wire 3
Time, 1.1&X, U8tf.
J. L Crawford was starter, James
Hears and C. M. Sanderson, judges,
and J. Frank Seigel timekeeper.
Sr. Gibbons,
of New York city, will be in bis Scranton
office, 441 Wyoming avenue, every Mon
day from 8 in the morning until 0 in the
The (40,000 Bohool House
for Columbia avenue has been let and will
be commenced immediately. There are
still a few lota left at a low price.
Author Frothinoham,
Ofilce, Theater Lobby.
Spirited Addre.a.s Before the Keystone
Bopubllcan Club.
In noint of political enthusiasm no other
assemblage of Republicans held this cam
paign lias exceeded the meeting of the
Keystone Colored clnb of 250 members,
held last night at 415 Oakford court.
The meeting wus presided over by Secre
tary Samuel Porter in the abseuce of the
rottular chuirinau, George V. Brown. The
club decided not to send any delegates to
tlie State couveution of league clubs, but
took steps to bring out the uuited support
of the colored voters of Scranton for the
Kepublicuu htato and county tickot. The
club wisely decided to identify itself with
no political faction, hut promised to let
every man use his judgment ana abide by
vuo uecision or ine convention.
Another noint that anncial Rtrfin. wan
laid npon was the registering of the
colored voters. The executive committee
or the club will look after that and see
that not a single citizen will remain on
registered when the time expires.
Speeches were made by Jackson Merry
weather, Samuel Porter, Lewis Morton,
John Bell and Isanc Morton. The meet
ing ended with an eloquent exhortation by
Mr. Porter to the members, bidding them
to cast thi ir votes at the primaries today
to- r,-- tes who would nominate a ticket
for best interests of the Republican
He Was in Cell No. 3 at the Central
Station Home Yesterday.
"Too dirty to walk the streets" is the
charge written on the police docket after
the name of Abrubam Smith, a tramp of
the most pronounced type whom Lieuten
ant Williams picked up on Main avenue
early yesterday morning.
A peep into cell 8 where the vagrant was
incarcerated proved beyond doubt that
the lieutenant's charge was well grounded.
A dirtier, more degraded or disgusting
looking specimen of humanity would be
bard to picture.
He looked as if be had been sleeping
about a culm pile since the deluge and
hadn't had a bath since. It was decided
to clean him up with the aid of an axe and
a hose and set him to work on the chain
So David Bowen of Harrison Avenue
Said and He Was Afraid He Would
Commit Suicide.
"Officer, lock me up; I am going
crazy and I feel that if I am not taken
eare of I will commit suicide." These
words were addressed to Officer Feeney
on Lackawanna avenue yesterday after
noon by David Bowen, of Harrison
avenue, a very respectable looking and
apparently well educated man of mid
dle age. He was very nervous and bis
face was fiery red. as if be was afilloted
with a rush of blood to the head. He
talked rationally and aoted like a per
fectly sane person, and if be did not
make known bis ailment no one would
be led to suspect that there was any
thing peculiar in bis condition.
Tbe officer granted Bowen's odd re
quest and fixed him up as comfortable
as possible in cell No. 2 of the Central
station bouse. He was seen here shortly
afterwards by a Tribune reporter and
told tbe following story:
"I have been out of work for raany
months and I oannot get a job. I have
family troubles and financial troubles
and between them all I am on the verge
of insanity. This morning tbe devil
got the best of me and I started to
wards the railroad with the intention
of throwing myself in front of a train,
but something stopped me and I ran
away. When I cooled down I deter
mined to give myself up so as to pre-
vent myself from taking my life. I
have always lived a good life and 1 am
Cot afraid to meet God, but I am afraid
that I will do away with myself. Oh!
It is only a s hort step to insanity. "
His relation of this pitiful story was
In broken sentences and was given
with mental exertion, just as it be wss
having short lapses of insanity, He
held bis bands to his temples and fre
quently exclaimed. ''My head will
burst 1" "My hair is ou firel" and the
Tbe police will have a medioal ex
amination condueted to determine what
is the best method of dealing with his
singular case, i Bowen did not have tbe
sigu of liquor abont him, and It is said
that be is a very temperate man in
every respect
Shopping In Business Colleges.
Shopping in Business Colleges has been
unknown in Scranton.
On Monday all the youth with clerical
tendencies will be on the aui Vive.
Remember That Wood's College of
Business and Shorthand has been placed
among the nrst as to nnancial responsi
bility. You buy where you get tbe best value.
You invest you money where it is safe.
Don't be influenced ,by what they say,
but come and see.
Wood's College of Business and Short
hand. Long Distance Telephones.
Following is a list of subscribers who
have recently Deen equippea witn long dis
tance telephones on metallic circuits:
Dr. Ives, office.
M. O. Sanderson's drng store,
Academy of Music.
Beemer's dining rooms.
Lacy & Son, architects.
County commissioners.
William Hanley, Delaware, Lackawanna
aed Western dining room.
George W. Brown, drayman.
William Hanley, residonoa.
W. W. Ross, soreen works.
Collins & Haokett, clothiers and furnish
ers. American Safety Lamp Mine and Sap
ply Co.
Samter Bros., clothiers and furnishers.
L. B. Powell & Co., pianos, organs and
music. ,
E. O. Stevens, meat market and grocery,
J. S. Miller, wholesale dressed meats.
Megargee Bros, wholesale paper ware-
William Conrad, Washington street milk
Joseph Kline, undertaker.
McAskie & Bradbury, insurance.
Watson & Zimmerman, attorneys at law.
Green Ridge market.
J, B. Dimmick, residence.
Of Business and Shorthand. '
We are not stupid.
We have given Scranton the best busi
ness college in tbe past, we shall give her
tne best business college in ine ruture.
Bun your eye down tliii:
First week in 1889, 161 students.
First week in 18911, If 3 students.
First week in 1801, 154 students.
First week in 1892, 104 students.
First week in 1893, 100 students.
First week in 1894, SS students.
How success brightens and cheers.
Next week will be almost as good. 8tu
dents will come on the trains,persons from
a distance and a splendid company from
tne city.
Shorthand school, three teachers.
Business sshool, four teachers.
Academlo school, two teachers.
Office and boarding department, two
Hsmembtr there are onlv fifteen business
schools in the United States that have a
basis for credit Wood's college leads in
Pennsylvania. .
Don't buy a scholarship until you Visit
our scnooi.
F. E.W00D, Principal.
Corner Penn and Lackawanna avenues.
Dr. CL C Laubaoh, dentist, Gas and
mm WUJrUJ ,TJVIA.4f) "TV
nne. Latest improvements. Eight years in I
Scranton. I
Big Honey Represented In tne Building Per
mits Issued During August
Forty-one Buildings Contemplated
During the Thirty-one Days of Last
Month, All of Which Betoken a
Lively Building Trade During the
Fall The Mears Buildimr, Is the
Principal One for Which a Permit
Was Granted.
Building permits issued dnring the
month of August by Building Inspec
tor Nelson call for structures whose
aggregate value is f 'JOT. 640. There
were forty. one permits ia all lssned,
the principal one being tbe permit for
the 10-story Mears building.
following- is a list of the contem
plated buildings together with their lo
cation, dimensions and names of tbe
parties building:
John A. Mears. stores and offices, ten
stories wood, steel construction, main
57x80, wing 17x27. one ttory brick, exten
sion, 40x80, Washington avenue, Ninth
Alfred Band, private dwelling, two and
one-half stories stone, main 40x72, bay
12x20, bay 0x17; Jefferson avenue, Ninth
William Connell. siuulo dwelling, two
stoiies wood, main 29x44 Xt two bays 5x14:
Vine street, Seventeenth ward.
J. L. Connell. private dwelling, two
storied wood, maiu 41x41, wing 18x3U,
oayxi4; vine street, seventeenth ward.
I. H. Burns, single dwelling, two stories,
wood. 20x43, Mousey avenue, Thirteenth
Thomas Stout, single dwelling, two
stories, wood, main 10x30, wing 8x14, Penn
aveuue, Thirteenth ward.
F. E. Nettleton, private dwelling, two
and one-half stories, stone and wood, main
B'JxSlK, two wings 8xl2, one bay 6x12,
Washington avenue. Thirteenth ward.
Henry Schellhase, store, two stories,
wood, 20x80, Larch street, Thirteenth
Mrs. C. Morel, single dwelling, two
stories, wood, 20x24, Wyoming avenue,
Thirteenth ward.
Anna Malloneny, single dwelling, two
stories, wood, 20x28, Stone avenue, Nine
teenth ward.
Laokawanna Iron and Steel Co., wagon
shed, one story, brick, 20x04, Jefforson ave
nue, Seventeenth ward.
W. F. Erhart and G. W. Snydor, single
dwelling, two stories, wood main22x3J,
wing 4x27, da 7x14, Penn avenue, Thir
teenth ward.
G. W. Oakford, extension to dwelling,
12x24, two stones, wood, Jefforson ave
nuo, Seventeenth ward.
T.J. D agaii, single dwelling, two stories,
wood, main 25x40, wing 4x16, Olive street,
Seventeenth ward.
Josle Lees, double dwelling, two and
one-half stories, wood, 35x62, Madison
avenne. Ninth ward.
J. W. Hu fiord, single dwelling, two
stories, .wood, main 18x26, wing 0x14, Jad-
wtn place. lrst ward.
Wiufred Dillon, two stories, wood, main
14x40, wing 4x26, Grant avenue, Fifth
Edward E. Davis, extension to dwelling,
two stories, wood, 16x38, Everett avenue,
Fifth ward.
D. B. Thomas, double dwelling, two
stories, wood, main 82x40, wing 12x24,
Jackson street, Fifth ward.
J. S. Morgan, double dwelling, two
stories, wood, 82x43, Church avenue, Sec
ond wara.
JohnEeislin, singledwelling, two stories.
wood, main 20x30; wing 0x0, Short ave
nuo. Second ward.
William Block, single dwelling, two
stories, wood, 18x20, Cross street, Second
George D. Brown, stores and dwelling.
two stories, wood, 38x60, East Market
street, jnrst ward.
John L. Schroeder, single dwelling, two
stories, wood, 22x40, Union street, Tenth
E. C. Browning and M. D. Hine, double
oweiung, two auu one-nair stories, wood,
35x 54, Adams avenue, Ninth ward.
James D. Beavers, Bingle dwelling, two
stories, wood, main, 24x36, wing, 4x28,
wing. 4x16. Itebecca avenue. Fourth ward.
Richard Reese, double dwelling, two
stories, woou, zax-iu, juarayette street,
Fourth ward.
C. D. Rond, single dwelling, two and
one-nair stories wood, auzi-i, sunset ave
nue. Thirteenth ward.
Mrs. C. Morel, double dwelling, two
stories wooo, kuxju, Wyoming avenue,
Thirteenth ward.
Charles Morton, double dwelling, two
stories wood, 20x28, North Washington
avenue. Thirteenth ward.
Schneider Bros., extension to store, one
story woou, oxos, veuar avenue, niieventn
John P. Whyte, double dwelling, two
stories, wood, main iHX40, wing 25x28,
Prescott avenue, Seventeenth ward.
Thomas H. Dale, private dwelling,
stories, wood, 86x54, circle bay sixteen
feet diameter, Linden street, Seventeenth
C. A. Burr, block of three dwelliugs,
three stories, brick veneered, main
00x30, three bays 4x12, Mulberry street,
Seventeenth ward.
Lancing & Fuller, trustees, storage, one
story, wooo, twxw, uocKosn place, f our
teenth ward.
William Watkins single dwelling 14x
, n . , ir rn
io uue Biuiy woou, ivejser avenue, i wenty.
first ward.
Fred Berg, single dwelling, 18x26, one
story wood.llilrcb street Nineteenth ward.
John Wilczek, stores and hall main, 40
xaa; wing zxxa; two stories woou, I'HtS'
ton avenue. Nineteenth ward.
Morris Williams, double dwelling, 82x
at, two stories wooo, Aiuioerry street,
Seventeenth ward.
W. R Stafford, single dwelling, main
30x60, two-and-one-half stories wood, two
bays.BHxll one story wood, two wings
012, one story wooo.
W. R, Stafford, single dwelling. 19x30.
two story wood, Columbia avenue, First
Pastors' Union Usstinar.
The Pastors' onion will bold its Septem
ber meeting at Young Men's Christian as
sociation rooms on Monday at ,10.80 a. m.
It is expected that Evangelist D. L. Moody
will address the meeting.:
F. A. Dost, Secretary.
Bill books, memomndums, time books
and blank books, in stock or made to or
der. Pratt's Book Store.
Finest Peaches.
Fancy Yellow
and White.
Lowest Prices.
Wholesale and Retail.
429 Lacka. Ave. '
The sttraotion for Monday at the Froth.
ingham is "Shaft No. 8." whioh will be
seen for the first time in this city. Tbe
scene is laid in the mining regions which
will make it of special interest to local
theatregoers. The company that produces
it is a strong one and the display of
scenery and mechanical effects will sur
plus anything ever seen here. Appliances
to belouud only lu a ruining snutt. are to
be seen in realistic action during the pro
gress of a majority ot tue nve acts. air.
Bixby, tho uuihor, hus devoted much ot
tbe dialogue to briug out in a true mauner,
the everyday man aud everyday woman.
Bale of seats now progressing.
t t t
Gus Hill's Novelties will be the attraction
at the Academy of Music for one nigbt,
Tuesday, Sept. 4. Manager Hill has care
fully selected the artists composing bis
company this season, and probably has the
largest aggregation ot novelties aud variety
talent ever orgauized. It is one ot tbe
most expensive attractions cn the road.and
is pronounced one of the best of the season.
Gus Hill, the champion club swinger of the
world, is one of tlie principal cards, and
promises an act that fuirly teems with
new and novel features. Mr. Hill, is one of
the most remarkable athletes in tbe world,
liis feats in club swinging have amazed the
crowned beads in Europe. He swings clubs
of enormous weight with astonishing ease
aud admirable grace, and performs a num
ber ot tricks that arebigbly sensational, in
fact Mr. Hill is regarded as an all-round
athlete, and has made a world-wide repu
tation as a club swingor. lis cnauenges tne
world for $10,000.
Evangelist E. W. Bliss at the Y. M. 0. A.
Suodity Afternoon.
Tbe subject of the address by Evangelist
Bliss at the mass meeting in Young Men's
Christian Association ballto-morrow after
noon, will be "Midden Deptns." jnr. uuss
is peculiarly a young men's evangelist, and
in all his meetings tbe noticeable feature is
his power of interesting men in the Gospel
ne presents.
Preceding Mr. Bliss' address there will
be a half hour's service of song, conducted
by the Young Men' Christian Association
Glee club, assisted by Mr. Davis, of the
Moody quartet.
The meeting will begin at 3 o'clock sharp.
Sunday school workers and others detained
until later wiu be welcomed at any time
during the meeting.
A Few Words About the Man the Mayor
Has Sileotad.
Benjamin F. La Rue, the mechanical en
gineer whom tbe mayor has selected to
examine the bridge plans prepared by the
city engineer, is one of the faculty of the
Colliery Engineer - School of Mining aud
Engineering, holding the position of in
spector of tbe school of mechanics. Hois
a resident ot this city, coming here from
Philadelphia about one year ago.
It is tbe opinion of all who have given
the matter consideration that no more
competent or impartial man could have
been selected. .
The Fcranton Business Coll.g.
Day and evening sessions will positively
open Monday next. Professor Yodar
came yesterday. Those who intend to
take shorthand should meet him this even
ing. Our new furniture is much admired.
Slate blackboards will be put up today.
So many desire to inspect tbe interior of
our building that we have decided to open
tbe rooms from 7 to 9 o'clock this evening.
All are invited to call. We are kept very
Buck, Whitmork & Co.
August 81, 1S91.
The Cathollo Total Abstinence societies
of the Second district are hereby requested
to send three delegates to St. John's ball,
South Side, on Sunday evening, Sopt. 2nd,
at 0.80, to make necessary arrangements
for a reception to the Rev. P. J. IlcManns,
second vice president-elect of tbe National
C. T. A. Union ot America.
Attest: T. W. Eahlv, Dlst't Sotfy.
J. C. Gallaoher, Vice Pres.
Shopping In Business Colleges.
Shopping in Business Colleges has been
nnknown in Scranton.
On Monday, all the youth with clerical
tendencies will be on the qui vive.
Remember That Wood's College of
Business and Shorthand has been placed
among the first as to financial responsi
bility. You buy where you get the best value.
You invest your money whore it is safe.
Don't be influenced by what they say,
but come and soe.
Wood's College of Business and Short
hand. Eat Bread made from Pillsbury's Best
and be healthy.
The delegate eloctlon for tbe purposo of
electing delegates to the county conven
tion for the First district of the Ninth
ward will bo held at tbe voting booth on
Adorns avenue, in rear of Garney. Brown
& Co.'s store, Saturday, Sept 1, between
the hours of 4 and 7 o'clock p.m.
Myron Kasson,
Curtis Powell,
Copying books and presses.
Pratt's Book Store.
The Hotel Keepers' Protective associa
tion will meet Monday evening, Sept. 8, in
Stetler's ball for the transaction of busi
ness. Oxford, Bagstnr, International and
family Bibles, Pratt's Book Store.
A. D. Dean, attorney, bas removed to
329 Washington avenue, above Linden
Buy the W.b.r
and get the best At Guernsey Bros.
A large line of new books and novels at
half price. Pratt's Book Store.
Buy one of
Berry's Best
Alarm Clocks
417 Lacka. Avenue.
Best Seta of Teeth, $8.00
Including the painless extracting
of teeth by an entirely new pru
S. O. Snydery D.D.S.
Con war House, 132 sad 134 Pean Ave,,
is where you will always find good service
and courteous treatment, the table Is al
ways supplied with the best in tbe market
Transient and local trade solicited.
Roou and picture mouldings, wall and
ceiling decorations, in water colors and
linspar relief. Something nsw.
Pratt's Book Btorb.
ft sai
is nere c
They Come
The new line of Heating g
Stoves you Lave been S
waiting lor have arrived, E
gj and are exposed ' a
in the f
I Daylight
a Because they will bear E
S inspection. First-class in S
S every respect, and good j
S Burners. &
5 And the Price
I in Plain Figures E
B is marked on every one. C
S We propose to induce S
j and hold your trade. S
m Call and see what you 5
S can do on Ueaters.
We have just received ar large
stock of Toy Picture and Story
Books for the little people. Some
of them have paper covers and
some of them stiff board covers.
Nearly all them have beautiful
colored pictures. Prices range
from 5c. to 23c. The following
are some of the titles
Our Baby's ABC.
Thre Kittle Kittens.
Frogs and Mice.
Mother Goose Melo
dies. Tod Little Nigtrrs.
Beauty and the Beast
E. Elephant Esq.
IS othnr Uooee Chimes.
A B C of Nature.
Kip Van Winkle.
Old Mother Hubbard.
Little Foot Prints.
Mamma's Kisses.
Easy Words.
Palotte Painting
Old Dame Trot.
The Frog Who Wottlo
a Wooing Go.
Bom Primer.
. inderella.
Bow-wot Stories.
Monkey Tricks.
Domestic Animals.
Hector, the Dog.
Fairy Land.
Happy Hal days.
Rhymes and Chimes.
Hippies of Mirth.
Precious Pictnres from the Bible.
Grandma's Favorite,
Also, a new Paper Doll pit up In an
envelope, with 6 dresses and 6 hats for
1 0 cents.
Alphabet Cards.
C. S. Woolworth
319 Lacka. Ave.
Green and Gold Store Front
We are now
prepared to do
business at
aur new build
ing, 322
Washington Ave.
September Is Here
And pretty soon you will commence to
BANISTER wanta yon to watch for the many surpriso la
His BOYS' AND GIRLS' SHOES are the Uat that
can be made and will cost you no more than you are now paying for
Inferior shoe3. It will pay you to trade at
Poleca Szanownym Polakom swoj wielki galt&t
eryjny mezkich i damskich
gotowych damskich sukien raprow pelerynirozmaitego
gatunka ubran dla dziaci, takze przerabia 1 upieksxa
damskie kapelusze jak najmgdnlej po bardzo nlskich
cenach (rozmowic sie mozna po poleka). CENY STALE,
f. S. The above is Brown's Bee Hive advertisement
in another language, setting forth their Bargains in
They Cannot Be
Beat Our Pilces
On Coats and Gapes
We are selling a $5 Goat
for $1.98.
A$14Blacfc0iay Worst
ed Coat for $7.
$4.50 Oapea for 01.98.
Ladies' Tailor-made Suits
in Serge, latest out, for
$6.50, worth $12.
Mackintoshes for HALF
Come and see for your
self. This sale will only
last for a few days.
Daring the fiaatmet
188 Wyoming Ave.
128 Wyoming Ave.
On exhibition in oar wlndov SES
1 OFFERS tbe best
business edosaUon
nf anw ! M H t nMnn
U l"iH of its kind ia the
la AT1 I conntry, at mini
Vy afrit t mum cost. Tbe pro-
prieters are lsstrue
tors with jsars of ex
perience and know
tbeneoessltiesof tbe
bnsinees work. Ia
strnotion is tbor
onch and practical
College bulldlni is
a beautiful structure, well ventilated
and possessed of all modern conve
niences and is located on Court House
Day and Evening Sessions.
will open MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 8.
Onr Jonrnal tells all about us and ou
methods. Send us your name and yon
will get it by mail
Bud Jlitare (J).
tn Umt Ik id! llilsi Stmt
illS Y0U NttED 800N
L. We can please your taste ant)
wants. Oet an estimate.
Tbe Scranton Tribune Job Dept
r ft r bi
111 AT
Cor. Lackawanna and
Wyoming Aves.
(1 I
t ' . - I