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The Salt Diggers Take the First Gams From
The Leaders of the Eastern League
Suffer a Bad Defeat at the Hands of
the Springfield Nine Erie Takes a
Game from Buffalo Standing of
the Clubs National and State
League Summaries Notes of the
National Game and General Sport
ing News.
1 . V MIX I I 111 I H rs
.Jl Ltl', Bhnt lni than it
$&u&$&hJP was before Manager
3A Mty tbe Svraeneesns ?
tetany, joiurary iu
expectations, the
strong Proviiletica
team received a dis
astrous defeat at the
bands of Springfield,
while Erie mastered the Buffalo! and
are now within two points of being tie
with them for third place in the pen
nant race,
Tbe following table iiTes tbe per
centages of the clibi, the number of
gainrs won and lost by each, and their
standing in the league rase:
Won. Lost. PerC't.
Providence 06 S:t .07
Fyriicuse BO 48 .538
liufl'alo 69 63 .518
Erie 4'J 46 .010
Springfield 51 41) .510
Fcrnnton 48 60 .4H0
AVilkes-Barre... 40 fit) .479
AUeucown 27 71 .270
Ecranton Hitters Ar Bewildered by the
Star of Syraoaie.
The Scranton hopefuls were again
slaughtered yesterday afternoon at the
ball park. An effort had been made to
tnrn the lnolc of the club by plaoing
Hoover in right field and Hees in left.
The change, however, was not pro
ductive of enconraging results.
Deluny pitched a good game bnt bis
support wus not particularly brilliant.
'I lie fingers of tbe Scrauton players in
many instances appeared to have been
thoroughly greased before they entered
the field.
Bxrnett, the Syracuse twirler, be
wildered the msjoritr of the batsmen
of Cabill's nine, and proved through
out the game one of the meat effective
pitchers that the home players have
been forced to face. Johnson picked
balls out of the air with his usual ease,
allowing but one to slip through his
fingers. The score :
R. II. P.O. A. E.
Cab ill, 2b. 0 18 4 0
Hoover, rf 0 0 0 0 2
Johnson, cf.....' 1 1 7 0 1
Patchen, o 1 2 1 0 1
Hem, if 1 0 is 0 0
Phelan,3b 1110 0
Lehnne, lb 0 0 8 2 0
Smith, 89 0 0 1 3 0
Uelauey, p, 0 1 1 1 0
Totals 4 0 24 10 4
R. H. P.O. A..' E.
Welch, cf 1 3 1 0 0
Simons, If 1 2 2 0 0
MinnehuD, lib 0 10 6 1
Griffin, rf 0 0 4 0 0
Power, lb 1 1 11 0 0
Eagaa, 2b 114 8 1
Katter, c 0 0 10 0
Cross, ss 0 0 18 2
Barnett, p.... 2 1 "0 3 1
Hess, c 2 1 8 0 0
Totals 8 10 27 15 5
Scranton 0 00003001 4
Syracuse. 2 0000402 x 1)
Earned rune Syracuse, 8. First base on
errors Scranton, 4; Syracuse, 8. Left on
bases Scran toD, 6: Syracuse, 5. First base
on balls Off Delaney, 3: Burnett, 8.
Struck out By Delnney, 0; Unmet, 8.
Three base bits Patchen; Syracuse Hess.
Two base hits Phelan, Welch, Simons,
Eagan. Sacrifice hits Simons, Cross.
Stolen bnses Cahill, J. Hess, Pholan 2;
Welch. Double plays Lehane to Cahill to
Patchen; Mlnnehan to Eagan to Powers;
Cross to Eagau to Powers. Hit by pitcher
By Delaney, 1. Passed balls Patchen.
Umpire Conley. Time 1.45.
At Buffalo
Erie 0 1 2 2 2 1 6 1 8-17
buffalo 0 20100010-4
Hits Erie, 20; Buffalo, 10. Errors
Erie, 2; Buffalo, 5. Batteries Healy and
Uerger; Victory and Urquhart. Umpire
At Springfield
Springfield ...0 0 S 1 6 4 6 0 0-20
Providence... .0 3000181 08
Hits Springfield, 22; Providence, 13.
Errors Springfield, 4; Providence, 6.
Batteries Coughlih and Leahy; Sullivan
and Dixon. Umpire HwartwooU.
At New York
New York... .1 0000004 x 6
Boston 0 0 100000 01
Hits New York, 11; Boston, 8. Errors
New York, 2; Boston, 4. Batteries
Rnsie and Farrell, Nichols and UanzelL
Umpires McQuaid and Hurst.
At Baltimore
Baltimore 1 0 3 1 0 0 0 Ox 6
Cleveland 0 0000000 11
Hits Baltimore, 13; Cleveland, ,7. Er
rorsBaltimore, 1; Cleveland, 2. Bat.
teries Eiper and Robinson; Young and
O'Connor. Umpire Betts.
At Philadelphia
Philadelphia'.. 0 8 0 0 3 0 0 1 810
Washington.. 1 010118108
Hits-Philadelphia, 17; Washington, 8;
Errors Philadelphia 8: Washington, 4
Batteries Taylor and Grady; Maul and
McGuire, UmpireLynch,
Second game
Philadelphia 4 0 1 2 1 1 0 211
Washington 0 30101000
Hits Philadelphia, 10; Washington, 12.
Errors Philadelphia, 0; Washington, 6.
Batteries Weyhing and Clements; Winnie
and Dugdale. Umpires Reilley, Carsey
At Pottsville Pottsville.24 : Hazleton.ll
At Reading Exhibition game, Philadel'.
phla, 9; Easton, 2.
And yet every woman can leg
en the number and frequency of
her headaches by assisting nature
by natural means. The genuine
Carlsbad Sprndol Salt taken early
in the morning, before breakfast,
and if necessary at bedtime, will
supply these means, Best taken
when out-door exercise can be
Scranton will play two games with
Syracuse at tbe park today.
The locals will leave for Syracuse tomor
row where they will play two games on
Gilbert, recently released by Erooklyn,
has finned to play third base for the
Louisville team.
In Baltimore the other day Anson said
that he conxid'Ted Young and Ruie the
greatest pitchers in tbi business. In an
other city recently he was quoted as say
ing that be thought that Stivetts nud
Breitenstein were the greatest pitchers.
The North End Stars cballeuRe the
Orchard street Stars to a game of ball on
the Brick Y'ard grounds, near the Slope
breaker, Sept. 4 at 2 30 p. m. If accepted
answer through The Tribune, Uomer T.
Morgan, manager; J. Williams, captain.
John Morrill, the veteran ex-captain of
the Bostons, has turned literateur and is
writing entertaiuiug base ball articles for
the syndicates. Two of the most reliable
ball writers in the country, Tim Humane
and Sam Crane, graduated from the Date
ball ranks.
Dan Brouthers flatters himself that he
knows about as much a boat base ball bats
as tbe next man, and he is seriously consid
ering going into the busin-ss of manufac
turing them when be quits the diamond.
He has plenty of fine ash on his farm at
Wappinger Falls, N. Y.
Denny Lyons evidently does not want to
play with tha Browns any worse than the
local crankB want to see him rn the team.
Denny is a good player, but the St. Louis
club could get along forever without his
services, and not lose anything by it,
either. St. Louis Exchange.
The blegest crowd iu the history of base
ball in Kansas City, numbering by actual
count 10,101) persons, saw the Blues tako
the third successive gamo from the Sioux
City Uuskers Sunday. The victory is the
eleventh straight for the Blues, and puts
them virtually on an equality with Sioux
City in the pennant race.
Recently tho Detroit defeated the Grand
Rapids team by a score of 23 to 3 and
pounded Pitcher Rhiues, an ex-league
twirler, for twenty-five hits, with a total
of tltty-eight, which included eight doubles,
two three-baggers and seven home runs.
In the matter of total baBe bits it breaks
.he season's record among professional
Ballarat, who broke down in a steeple
chase at Saratoga recently, has been killed.
Fully 100 yachts are expected to tnke
part In the regatta of the New York Yacht
club ou Sept. 3.
Tommy Ryan has signed articles or
agreeuieut to light Billy Layton, the west
ern welterweight.
Theseventh annual swimming champion
ship of the Amateur Athletic union will bo
held on Travere Island, under the auspices
of the New York Athletic club, on Satur
day, Sept. 15.
Among the clever cricket players who
will represent America in the game with
Lord Hawke's team are M. R. Cobb, F. F.
Kelly, H. O. Wight and Tyers, of tho New
Jersey Athletic club; J. II. Lambkin, A. E.
Patterson and Wright, ef the Stateu Island
Athletic club, and A. Brown, of Brooklyn.
Joe Walcott, tbe colored pugilist, says
he will not go to England to light Dick
Barge. Walcott Bays that if the English
man wants to make a match with him he
will have to come to this country or there
will be no contest. Walcott snys he will
pay all of Bnrge's expenses if he will come
"Billy" Plimmer, the English bantam
weight champion pugilist, wno arrived
from En pland Friday, has been matched
to tight "Johnny" Murphy, of Boston, to a
finish, for astano of ,500 a side and n
purse. Tbe contest will take place iu
private, within six weeks. The boys will
weigh in at the ring side at 110 pounds.
The managers of Riyby park, Portland,
Me., offer $10,000 for a free-for-all pace,
$2,500 to be reterved for a consolation
parse; $10,000 for a free-for-all trot, of
which $2,500 is for a consolation purse, and
$1,000 purses for a 2.17 pace, 2.20 trot, 2.12
pace and 2.14 trot, to be decided at their
October meeting.
. Fifteen thousand people Saturday after
noon witnessed the championship lacrosse
match between the Shamrocks, of Mon
treal, and the Capitals, of Ottawa, at
Montreal. The play was decidedly rough,
and Quinn, of tbe Capitals, had his collar
bone broken. After three hours of excit
ing play the Shamrocks won by five goals
to three.
The American Association of Profes
sional Football clubs baa been organized.
Clement Beecroft, of Philadelphia is pres
ident, and William Guthrie, of Paterson,
N. J., secretary and treasurer. Philadel
phia, Trenton, Paterson, Newark, New
York and Brooklyn are represented.
Games will be played on Saturdays and
The seventh annual championship meet
ing of the Amateur Athletic union, nr.der
the auspices of tbe New York Athletic
club, will be held at Trevors Island on
Sept. 15, at 2.30 p. m. The following
events will be given: One hundred -yards
run, 220-yards run, 440-yards run, ISO
yards run, one-mile run, five-mile run,
one-mile walk, three-mile wlk, two-mile
safety bioycle, pole vault for height, run
ning high jump, running broad jump,
throwing 10-pound hammer, throwiug 50
pouud weight for distance, putting 10
pound shot, 120-yards hurd.e (10 flights, 3
feet, 0 inches high). 20-yards hurdle (10
flights, 2 feet, G inches high).
The Bingle scull race bstweon George H.
Hosmer and Fred Plalsted took place at
Point of Piues, Boston, Saturday after
noon, but was very poorly attended. The
start was not good, Plaisted losing two
strokes. He soon overcome this, however,
and turned tbe first mark ahead of Hos
mer. The race for the second turn was
nearly a dead heat, but Hosmor was
quicker in turning and be made a gain of
a boat's length.. On the stretch for tbe
final turn Plaisted ran his scull high and
dry on a lobster trap, and it was several
seconds before he could extricate himself
from his position. Hosmer thus bad an
easy chance to win, and pulling a slow
stroke bs finished abouttwo lengths in the
lead. Tho course was about two and a
half miles, with three turns. The time
was 14m. 28s. Tho prize was a purse of
$160 and a bet of f-JSO.
Class of Mia Who Went West In 'S3.
The wildest excitement and activity im
mediately prevailed throughout the United
States, and e5ry city and village throbbed
with a feverish impulse to rush to the dig
gings. The difficulty and expense of reach
ing this terra incognita restrained thou
sands from tho attempt, so that only those
who possessed natural courage or advent
urous proclivities or whose local attach
ments were weak actually made the great
plunge isto tbe unknown experience which,
awaited tho gold huutors of '49.
The workl has never witnessed so motley
and promiscuous a throng in pursuit of a
common object as sprung into life simul
taneously in tbe winter of 184-0 and turned
their course toward the gold fields of Cali
fornia. Men of all ages, clergymen, pro
fessors, doctors, lnywers, farmers, traders,
mechanics, laborers of every degree, ad
venturers, thieves, gamblers and murder
ers jostled one another in the struggle to
gain access to some cf the avennes which
were supposed to lead to the desired goal.
Au Kxclunlvo Family.
Mrs. Forundred Whatf Invite the
Downton girls to our partyl Why, my
dear, their father is in trade. Ho keeps a
Miss Forundred I know, ma, but he is
awfully exclusive. He never advertises,
and doesn't have to serve a customer once
a week, N"r Y'rl- Wocklv.
An Old Acquaintance.
She-VVhy, sir, yon have not known me
above an hour, and already begin, to talk
Of love and marriage I
He Ail, my dear young lady, I have
known you for some time through our
lodger. You see, I am a banker's clerk,
and your father has doposlted your dowry
In oar bank.--! Intransigent.
The Fretful, Piteous Cry Shows Some
thing Wrong With Food Babies
Relish Lactated Food They Grow
Fat on It.
If baby kept a diary it would bs full
of nothing tot eating, sleeping and
growing. These three things msto np
baby's existense:
PUnty of rich, nourishing food, taken
with a relish, brings sound sleep; and
babies grow most rapidly during sleep
When a child cries plteonsly, as if
some terrible pain were eonvulsing bis
whole tender little form; when the
mother fails to soothe it titber by lnl
laby or plaything, when perfectly dis
tracted she runs to the doctor she is
generally astonished by the simple
state which the dootor makes to her.
that the sole cause of this trouble lies
either in the bad food the baby had re
ceived or in the want of nourishment,
whioh is rapidly impairing his consti
tution. Then she feeds tbe infant with the
good lactated food, and fears disappear
in the happy smiles of tbe baby.
Thousands of mothers know by ex
perience that laotated food surely pre
vents cholera infantum and other sum -mer
dieordors of a like sburacter, and
in hundred of eases it has cured the
severest attacks of these diseases. It
Is not safe to be without lactated food
in the bonsc.
Babies that are not gaining in weight,
as their mothers wish, and who show
to little animation and interest in
things about them soon gaiti a liveli
ness and zest for living when fed with
this splendid nutriment. They gradu
ally cry less and less; their sleep be
comes sound by night, and by day they
are bright and noisy and happy.
Sueh is the great difference between
babies that are nourished by lactated
food and those that are poorly, because
improperly fed.
Tbsre is uo parent in the land bat
ean read the following letter with pro
fit. It is from L. D. Yager, well
known lawyer in Alton, III., and tells
how bis brother's child became tbe
stout, sturdy youngster whose portrait
is s n own a Dove.
"My baby nephew, Henry Hewitt
Yager, was born Jan. 17, 1892 Of
that event he might qnote Richard III
by saying, 'Sent before my time into
this breathing world, scarce half made
np.' At birth he weighed three pouuds,
and there were few who (thought be
conld live. Tho mother was unable to
nurse him, and this made the case ell
tbe more complicated. Sterilized milk
was used, likewise goat's milk, and
three or four kinds of baby food, but
all to no advantage.
"In July it seems a hopeless oase, but
luckily on the 13th of that month a
package of laotated food was procured
which acted like a charm and he pick
ed up right away.- Before using the
food the skin was wrinkled on his
bauds, and he was a frail, sickly little
body. The picture I send you was
taken in Oiitooer 180'2, when the baby
wus about 8i mouths old. He bad
ueodlHctated.lood for something like 10
weeks, and there is no need to comment
on his condition. The pic urn will
show for itself. He still usis the food,
and their is one thing eertain, laeta
tuted food saved his life,"
Too Much Kindness.
A canny Scotchman who keeps a little
shop for tho sale of his national products
not a thousand miles from Ann street tells
a good one ou himself.
His pluco is a sort of headquarters for the
officers of tho State and National line
steamships when they are in port, and they
often bring their follow countrymen here
for nn hour's chat ' iu the little basement
One day a raw specimen was one of the
guests. Ho had just come over, and he was
delighted to find that real Scotch groceries
could lie got in a foreign place. He was
not used to the American style of treating,
and when the proprietor passed a box of
cigars to him he thanked him politely and
"Go on," said the proprietor encourag
ingly, "help yoursel'. It won't cost you a
"Won't cost mo a penny," said the
stranger woudcringly.
"Not nt nil, mon. It's the custom of the
"Weil, weil, who'd a thoucht it? This is
too much kindness."
And tho big hand of the stranger closed
around half of thecig.irsin the box. As
the bunch went into his pocket a langh
went up from the steamship officers. The
proprietor acknowledged that the joke wus
on him, and the innocent stranger went
away with a very hif-h regard for a coun
try so filled with kindness. New York
finch Stuff as Dreams Are Made Of. -
Tho materials of dreams may be en
numerated as memories of waking sensa
tions, memories of wukiug thoughts, and
new sensations received iu sleep, whether
from without or within. Dr. Gregory
mentions of himself that having on one
occasion gone to bed with a bottle of hot
water nt his foot bo dreamed of walking
up the crater of Mount JEtna and feeling
the ground warm under him. He had at
an early pui'kxl of his life visited Mount
Vesuvius mid actually felt a strong sensa
tion of warmth in his feet when walking
up tho side of tho crater, and ho had more
receutly read Brydone's description of
Monnt Altnx
On another occasion, having thrown off
tho bedclothes in bis sleep, he dreamed of
spending a winter at Hudson's bay and of
suffering distress from tho intense frost.
He had been reading a few days before a
very particular account of the state of the
colonics during winter. Cassell's Maga
zine. , ,
Muslo Boxsi Exclusively. .,
Best made. Plav any deilred number of
times. Gantschi 4 Sons., manufacturers,
1080 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Won
derful orchestrial organs, only $9 and $10.
Specialty: Old musio boxes carefully re
paired and improved with new tunes.
M. 1. Blair, Alderman, 6th Ward,
Scranton, Pa., stated Nov. 9. '83: He had
used Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlo Oil for sprains,
burns, cuts, bruises and rheumatism.
Cured every time.
7v M.
A Word.
ITttnti ef all kindi cost that muc ea
f)t Situation YVanted,which art insert
for Rent.
v. .
with or without bourd. 132 Adams Ave.
!B S ve"". I-iO per month.
'L'OR KENT House one block from cars.
A tentrally located; beautiful view:rnt low.
11X13 Mon-evave.
auttablo for lodge rooms. JOHN JER
MYN, lis Wyomin svenne.
For Sale.
Clark's Ureen; location uniurpaimi;
plenty of iruit; will be sold very reasonable.
GEO. W. U1LNEH, 408 Bpruce etreet.
Special Notices.
The aniouut of the bond to b furnished
by the contractor to whom the contract for
the erection of the new hiirh school shall be
awarded, has been reduced 1mm $50,000 to
$.6,000. By order of the H-rnnton Board of
Control. KUOENE D. FELLOWS, be.y.
Aus. ffl, 1WH.
1 Frank Leslio'a Illustrated Weekly War
lllnatrutious Irtiil-ISM. Two Volumes Folio,
JIB.iio; payable monthly, $2.00. Delivered by
express complete, prepaid. Addross P. O.
MOODY, 018 Gibson street, Scranton, Pa,
zines, etc., bound or rebound at The
Thibuni office. Quick work. Reasonable
corner Spruce street and Franklin ave
nue. .Twenty inoal tickets for $&6Qi Quod
table board.
wuo.ajaLf lUUrVJDrtDO TV I UL4 DTi " IV IV
U ceivtd at the otfice of the City Clork.
Hfenlni. Du i..t1 t 'hi ,...lAnr ... mi
nif AT VT D rrnro a t a Tir t t t v- rn t n
day, Sept. 6. ISM, to pave West Lackawanna
avennn between D. L. A V. . R. R. crosiua
juu i mm Bireec, wiui sione owes, Known as wiwun .uvt-uitiiiv, n hi iu si'v ur reset
curbstone whoro necessary on either side rf
htciiub ueiween (lie aiorenametl points.
Pruposal bIir I cov.r the entire worn mid
shrill state separately the prlc for fornishlnif
old curb stone: also the price for paving per jam, wuii-ii u iu include me cost or
grading as shown on tho profllo attached to
HIM ,'itV firdlli.nna i.... n. .1.- I..
and is also to induce the re-construetlnn or
ujuniniKui, 01 wreei Damns, gutters, canines,
manholes and lampholcs to meet the reouire-
mnntu flfwl k., 1 I ..
......... ...... nitv-Luuu, ciuav-u H.'tiu IlliprUVe
meuts. Bidders shall e nclose with each pro-
punui iuv mini ui turee iiuiuireu uouars, cash
or certified check, as a guarantee to ex cut
a contract within twenty davs for the work if
awnrded the same. In case the bidder to
whom tbe contract shall have been awurded,
omits to oxecute a contract within twenty
days from date of award, the enclosure accom
panying bis proposnl shnll bo forfeited to the
city of Scranton. The city reserves the right
to reject any and all bid The work is to be
done iu accordance with tho plan and speciti-
nniirtna Ala1 In tha AAlnA tUZ U.. -1....1T i
under the direction ot the city engineer.
lay uiuer ui cny councils.
M. T. LAVELLK, City Clork.
Scranton, Pa., Aug. 28,
ceived at the office of the city clerk, Scran
ton, Pa., until 7.9) p.m., Thursday, September
6th, 181H. to pave Pine street between Wash
ington avenue and Clay avenue, the portions
of said Pine street from Washington avenue
to Jefferson and from Madison avenue to ( lay
avenu is to be raved with standard sheet as
phalt on a concrete base, and the portion of
Slid Btreet from Jefferson avenue to Madison
avenue is to be paved with West mountain
yellow stone block, known as Belvian block,
on a concrete base. Proposals will also be re
ceived at same time for furnishing and setting
new curbstone that may be necessary, also
for tho resetting of old curbstone on tho por
tion of said Pine street that is to be paved.
I'mp.a a shall cover the entire work and
shall state separately the price for furnishing
and setiing or reset ling curbstones, the price
of paving per 6quare yard, which is to Include
the cost of grading as shown on thi profile at
tached to the ordinance providing for the
work. Bidders shall onclose with each pro
posal the sum ot three hundred dollars, cash
or certified check, as a cumantco to execute, a
contract within twenty days for the work if
awarded the same. In case the bidder to
whom the contract shall have been award
ed omits to oxecute a contract within
twenty days from date of award, theoncl wure
accompanying his propositi shall be forfeited
to the city of Scranton. The work is to be
done in accordance with plans and specifica
tions filed In tho office of tlie city clerk and
under the direction of the city cngineor. Tho
city reserves the right to reject any and all
bids. By order ot city council.
City Clork.
Scranton. Pn.'. Aug. 28. 18114.
Real Estate.
offers bargains as follows: 1
40 ft. front by 60 ft. deep, on Spruce
street, rents for $700 $10,000
40 ft. front by 50 feet deep, ou Spruce
street, corner alley 10.500
These together give SU ft. front on Spruce
street between Penn and Franklin, with alley
on Hide, bpruce street property is advancing
lot 60x35, two dwellings, Sti.'OO, giving a nice
rfsldonce and an income for small investment;
ALSO A PLOT OF 3 LOT& giving 1UU ft.
front on Mo'iroe avenue, near Vine street.
Thene make a ilrst-chss residence plot in a
de-irable locality. If not sold in one plot will
sell above separately.
Lot 50x180. Smith Main avenue, art joining
residence of Smith B. Mntt, price, $3,?&U; also
lota on Rock street and West End place. Only
four left.
modern house, spring water piped Into it from
hill back, barn for three horses and two cows,
hennery with cemented floor, young fruit,
fine lawn, grand outlook; one and a half to
three acres as doslred, $5,000.
Also lots ot about stme size on Western
Slope, Dalton. Call or address
SMITH B. MOTT, Managor,
No. 421 Lack, ave. rear board trade.
Charter Applications.
antilicatton will be made to the Governor
of Pennsylvania on Monday, the second day
of July, 1HU4. by Watts C. Van Blarcom, W.
Howard Withers. Edmund A. Birtl, David
Spruksand Louis .1. Siebecker, under the Act
of A8embly, entitled "An act to provide for
the Incorporation and regulation of certain
corporations, " approved April 29, 1874, and
the supplements thereto, for tbe charter of
an intended onrporatlo'i to be called the
Crescent Coal Mining Company, the charac
ter and object of which is the mining, prepar
ing for market and selling anthracite coal,
and f er theso pnrposs to have, possess and
enjoy all the rights, benefits and privileges of
said Act of Assembly and supplements thereto.
... Solicitors.
ESTATE or Martha Taylor, lat of the
Borough of Olyphant, Pa., deceased.
Letters of admiulatratlou upon the above
named estate having been granted to the
undersigned au persons having claims or de
mands against said estate Will present them
for payment and those Indebted thereto will
please make Immediate payment to
Attorneys for Estate.
Olyohaut, Pa.
Situation Wanted.
m. snortaana writer; can rurnisn good
eferencos. Address A. W. Tribune office.
0 Boy 15 years of age. Call at or address
1 111 IJ . tT...l n 1. LI . T 1
.... i nim,.ivjn av., nyuo run, ncraiituu r.
CJ ITUATIoS WANTED. A vonnir man
iJ wants a position as a watchman, or some
kind of light work; good references Is sober
nu renao.e. Address. HONEST.
. , . l:llQ Jackson st.
IJ grocery store or as collector; had several
years', experience; can speak both Herman
ana r-ngiiHu; win rurnisn a no. i reierences.
Address X. . Y,, Z., Tribnue oUlae, , . ,
Connolly & Wallace
Da account of , extensive olterationg now in progress at our store, -we will conduct a
Our purpose is to reduce stock iu order to accommodate the large purchase3 we have made for the fall
trade. Prices will be such that you cannot afford to miss this opportunity.
Immense Attractions in Every Department
Oar limited Bpace forbids any further details in regard to prices. We only ask you to visit ta
and ascertain how cheap Dry Goods oan be sold under our new regime.
With the addition of 1,500 square feet of floor space, which with our present capacity will give
095,500 feet, wo will be well qualified to satisfy the demand of our large and increasing business.
When finished we will have the best lighted, most attractive and convenient store in Scranton, and our
LOW PEICE3 will continuo to bo our drawing card.
Do ITon Sleep
If not, get one of nature's BEST SEDATIVES,
JL OPine Iffattress
They Are Inexpensive.
Fu.k or f elect Council, No. kj. isiu,
levy and collection of liconso taxes upon
poles erected and maintained for the con.
veiilouo and support of electric wires with
in the city of Scranton.
bEO'TiON 1. Be it ordainod by the soleotind
Common councils of tho city of Scranton, and
It is hereby ordalne.l by the authority of tho
same, That all teloirraph, telephone, electric
liltht and street rail way poles and any other
poles now erected or hereafter to tie erected
for the conveyance or support of electric
wires for profit upon any street, lano, alley,
court or city property within the city of
Bcruuton, which are or shall be owned by any
corporation, partnership or individual other
than the municipality itself, shall be desig
nated by the numu or initial of such owner or
owners, and each of said poles shall have a
distinctive number nnd also bear the words
"Post no billB," which, together with tho
name or init ai, shall be legibly marked with
oil paint upon the poles so designated.
Sk . 2. It shall be the duty of tho owners to
mark the poles now erected within ninety (ilu)
days after the passage of this ordinance, and
any poles hereafter to be erected within thirty
130.) days after their erection.
Bsc. 8. It shall be tho duly of every such
owner or owners on or before Apr.l 1, lbi)5,
and annually thereafter to apply to tho city
treasurer for a license to maintain Iho polos
heretofore erected for the eusuing year, speci
fying the poles to be maiutuiued by their des
ignation as provided for in this ordinance,
and the city treasurer shall issue such licenne
to such applicant upon payment to him for the
use of the city of the sum of fifty cents for
each and every polo authorized to be main
tained thereby, which license shell authorize
the maiuteuanoe of the poles designated In
such application only for the period of one
year, to bs computed from the first day of
April of each and every year, and no longer.
SkC. 4. Withiu one year after the passage of
this ordinance, all poles now standing and all
cross aruiH attached thereto shall be painted
uniform dark green color, and all new poles
and urina hereafter erected shall be similarly
pniated withiu six mouthe attar their erec
tion. Sec. 5. It shall be the duty of the police de
partment to make a semi-annual inspection of
the poles herein specified and report any vio
lation In the marking thereof of such miles to
tbe street commissioner, who is hereby em
powered and directed to remove any such
pole or poles found without the proper marks
of identification required by this ordinance.
fcE' ti. Any person, co-partnership or cor
poration failing to take out tho license herein
before mentioned or refusing to pay the li
cense tax;required by this ordinance, or who
shall violate any other provision thereof ex
cept iu the marking of the polls shall be sub
ject to u penalty of ftvo dollars ($5.D0) for each
ond every llciise, to be sued for and recovered
in the manner now provided by law for the
recovery of like penalties, and the erection or
maintenance of any I Ingle polo in violation of
the provisions of this ordinance shall cousti
tutea uistiuct' and separate offense thereun
der. Sec. 7. The city cleric Is hereby directed to
publish this ordinance ouco a week for three
weeks in two daily nowspnpers of general cir
culation.. the city of Scranton.
Approved Aug. It), 11U.
V. lj. CONNELL, Mayor.
Agents Wanted.
T ing new articles to dealers; exclusive
territory, no competition, no capital required ;
910 to 300 per cent, profit. Columbia Cheiui
csl Co.. m nefirbnrn .. Chlcmro. III.
Help Wanted Male.
speaking miners; must be intelligent
and not above tho ago of U years. Inquire
Room 61, Commonwealth Building, corner
Sprues street and Washington avenue
the grocery trade. Steady employment,
experience unnecessary; $T,i nionthlv sulary
and expenses or com. If otfor satisfactory ad
dress at once with particulars concerning
yourself, U. B. Chemical Works, Chicago.
Held Wanted Females.
$15 weekly; no canvassing. Reply with
Bend, Ind.
Gendron, Eclipse, LovelL Diamond
and Other Wheel
Hotel Wayerly
European Flan. First-olasS Bar attseheA.
p pot for Bergner Engsl'e Tanuhwumr
IE Cor, 15th indfiktotii, Xh
Most desirable for residents of N.E. Penri;
tylvanla. All onvenlencM for traveler
to and from Broad Street station aad the
Twelfth and Uarket Btraat station. De
sirable for visiting Barautonlan and pea
tie in the Anthracite Region.
ESTABLISHED 1800. 86,000 IN USE;
Instrument la every sense ef the term as
applied to Pianos.
Exceptional iu holding their original fulness
of tonn.
E.C. Ricker&Co
115 Adams Avo. New Telephone Bdg
We Linn Allen & Co,
Bay and sell S'ocks,Bond and Grnir
on New York Exohaosei aod Chicago
Board of Trade, either for cash or oi
'" 412 Spruce'StrieC 7
GTLocal Stocks a Speolalty.
I k DIHiCK, Kaneger.
Maloney Oil aod
Oak Bedroom Set!
Wo sell Furniture as cheap as
any house in tho country that in
tends to give honest value for the
money. Tryns.
m ud in
- i .r. l. u
bEFORE ANU AFTER other. Address SiBfE MEED CO.. ilasonlo Tsaiple. CBICAOO.UJ.
For Sale in Scranton, Pa., by H. C. SANDERSON, Druggist, cop. Washington
Hnrl Snriicn stroots.
$S,Ask for ra. MOTT'S FIlJfJTTEOYAI. PILLS and take no other.
r3end for circular. Price 81.00 per box, 6 boxes for 4.0O.
FerNttlflbTU M. HARRIS, Dificalst,
BometltESi needs a reliable, monthly, mrnUtlnn medicine. Only hamlsHUt
thepurestdrugisheuldbensed. If you want the bast, get
Dr. Peal's Pennyroyal Pills
Tner era prompt, safe and entaln In result. The outline (Dr. real's) oeTer dlup.
oolnU fieatanywbeie, 11.00, Addroaa l'a, atoios Uelaa, O.
For sale by JOHN H. PHELPS,
Spvuce Street, Scranton, Pa.
Locomotives and Stationary Engines, Boilers,
General Oflka. BCENTOH, FX
ISTell ?
Dr. EX Grewer
The Philadelphia Specialist, and his associated
taff of English and German phvsicians,
are now permanently located nt
The doctor is a graduate of the University of
Pennsylvania.formerly demonstrator of physi
oloey and surgery at the Mcdico-Chlnirgical
College of Philadelphia. A specialty of
Chronic, Nervous, Skin, Heart, Womb and
Blood diseases.
The symptoms of which are dizziness, lack of
coti4Vja. jBexnal woakj..i mn.
dim. bi.ll rlsiug m to threat, spots Moating
before the eyes,. loss of memory, unable to con
centrate the mind on one snbjeot, esslly
etar tied when suddenly spoken to, and dull,
distressed mind, which unfits them for per
forming the actual duties of life, making hap
piness impossible; distressing tho action of
the heart, causing flush of beat, depression of
spirits, evil forobodings, cowardice, fear,
dreams, melancholy, tire easy of company,
feeling ss t ired in the morning as when retir
ing, lack of energy, nervousness, trembling,
confusion of thought, depression, constipation,
weakness of tho linibs, etc. Those so affected
should consult us immediately and be restor
ed to perfect health.
Weakness of Young Men Cured.
If you have been given up by your physician
call upon the doctor and bo examined. Ho
cures i he worst cases of Nervous Debility.Scro
fuln.old Sores,! 'atHrrhPiles, Female Weakness,
Affections of the Eve. Kar, Nose and Throat,
Asthma, Deafness. Tumors. Cancers and Crip
ples of every description.
Consultations free and strictly sacred and
confidential. Office hours daily from 9 a. iu. Sunday 9 to 2.
.. so live .it,, i stnirps for symptom
blanks and my book called "New Life."
1 will py one thousiiud dollars in gold to
anvotie whom 1 cannot cure of EPILKPTJO
DK. E. (3 HEWER,
311 Spruco Street, Scranton, Pa.
h Co.
mim m.
- 1 .m llrain I'nWAT. 1
TfcUwMderfal rvntdy gate
IKHIIIIMWH BIMW via- -. .r. -eases,
.uch Weak Memory, Iiis of Ursln Power. Hube, Wekef ulneia.
LostMannood. Sightly Kmlsslons, X"2&?i
In Oeneratlveorgan. of elltier x caused br
eiceiwlve uw of tobacco, opium orstlmulantsjwhlch le.d to I"nn1ty, Con
Humotlon or Inianltv. Can be oarrled in vent pocket Bl pet ox. for
TeITiSTl'l rBr'' The oiUy and
JL-rft" i V Jam --Hahla Ka- PTXT.
ever offered to Ladies,
especially recommend
ed to married Ladles.
Cleveland, Ohio.
17 Penn Avnnne
Pharmacist, cor. Wyoming Avenue and