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When we have a good
thing we are anxious to
divide it among our
friends. We require more
space for our Fall Trade
and all Summer Goods
must make way. We can
not afford to carry them
over "until next season.
We give you Bargains.
Our Fall Goods are com
ing in daily; very choice
designs and colors. Kid
Gloves in all new shades
and popular lengths Cor
sets, all sizes and best
makes. Laces, Dress
Trimming, Umbrellas,
Hosiery, Etc. Every de
partment is a reservoir of
style and elegance. Val
ues beyond the wildest
dreams of the economi
cal. We never resort to
extravagant statements,
but will let the goods
speak for themselves.
The Fashions illustrated
in our Monthly are the
latest. We are the only
dry goods house that pub
lishes a Fashion Monthly
and hope you appreciate
our efforts. If you wish
to dress well and dress
economically, don't fail to
read it.
A Noted Physician
Now With Us.
DR. E. L REEVES, of Philadelphia, the
nliloauJ am; mst'til I'liysloiiui nnd burguon,
Is now loriimiuntly located at
412 Spruce street, Scranton,
wlioro lin his fit tod spacious and eommodlons
pnrliTB for tlio iliiily trout mnut of all ACUTE
mid tllKONlC DISEASES of men, wouion
and ilil ilroti.
Tho Doctor ia a SPECIALIST In the general
wiisi' c.f thutrin. Ho huxd 'voted a lifi'timu
in ndii'vitig stiir. rinir humanity, and having
up nt !i; j 0.1 I'M in iK-tivo practice, both ill pri
vate and iioijiital K'rvice, he is prepared to
act SPECI ALLY in any and all discus '8, hav
ina troutcd every cnnceivalilo disca-w known.
He, with iiiHuHiat!irits, trout all Diseuues of
the Nervous System, Discum-n ot the Eye,
l'.ur, Nose itud Throat, Dyspepsia, Hheuina.
tisra. Lust it iMly, Pro'iiaturo Wcaknoss or
iJeci.y, in loth sexs; Fiinalo WeulineHS'H
antl lrrcgnluritics, Nervous U.'bility.Ciiturrh,
Tnniors, (Oncers, .,ruptions,Blood Poisoning,, Epilepsy, Indiscretions and Eitoih of
Yon'b, Lost Manhood, Eczoma, Scroiula. St.
Vitus' Dance, Astliraa, Disonsos of tho Heart,
Lungs, Liver, Kidneys, liluddur, Stonuicb,
Consultation and examination free,
oiiico Hours: Daily, 9 a.m. to 9 u. m. Sun
day. 1U to 1-2 an 1 2 to 4
lieiuembur name and numbor.
412 Spruce St, Scranton.
A refined school home. Prepares for the
best ci leifi B.
'I horoutth conrses in Music and Art.
Teachers' Class sives but preparation for
(.vminnn-isl Course includes Typewriting
and shorthand.
Posi Ions secnrel for Graduates.
Pcnd for new illustrated circular.
P. M. L00M1S, A.M., Principal.
Mrs. R S. Mvers raord her house
hold jroods to West Pittston yesterray.
W. & Towoond And wife called on
Townend brother last evening,
John Sparks has tbe nicest flower
Parian in town.
W. S. Jacob, S. R. SshnemnkAr nnd
Jomeg Pchooley returnHd from Swurt
we d's Eldy with tbe finest catch of
the ftrajon Inst evening.
Kent R. Jnmes. Carles Shoemaker
and George Dsrly left yesterday for
Pike fount? fur a wvpfe'a noting.
Edward Stoeker It (pending ft few
days with his nncle at Orange.
The parties that are in the habit of
taking papers from people's doors,
nnles it is discontinue !, will be proso
tnted Mrs. Ylngat.who has been Tery ill for
the past we-k, was a little tetter last
Wyoming Monument lodge, 887, In
dependent Order of Old Fellows will
rnn an ezenraion to Bingbamton,
Sept. 6 Rate are low and amuse
ments will be plenty.
Fred Safford sojourning in Mew
Mr. John Sbarpi and Mrs. Estella
Campbell were at Wilkes Barre on
ohn Carer, U-. La France and John
I Dan MtCabe are eamping among
Jakes tma week.
Cure for Haadaohe.
laedy tor all forms of Headache
ters Has proved to be the very
Ms a permanent core ana the
habitual sick headaches
We nrge all who are
ls bottle and give this
. In cases of habitual
LBitters cores by giv-
i bowels, ana lew
this medicine.
lonly Fifty cents
, Highest of all in Leavening Powei. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
iOt! folder
Extensive Preparations for tbe Grand Reunion
at Montrose,
Over Three Hundred Veterans Ex
pectedThe Grand Army Posts and
Camps of Sons of Veterans Prepar
ing to Give the Visitors a Hearty
Welcome Galusha A. Grow, Justice
McCollum, T. V. Powd.rly, A. J.
Colborn, Jr., Colonel Laciar and
Others Will Speak.
flitcial to the scranton TWfmm.
AlONTROSU, Aug. 30.
UliING the lust law il..ys l oin lb.
ciiiZ'Usnnd Circuit Army vetcr
ii n a of Mi'Dtns nud Su-qn-hanna
county biive been ussi.m-
'itioiy planning and working in aniioi
inuou of tbe great Veterans' reuuiun
in t;,iH borough during Tueslay.
SVedntBilay, and Thursday of next
It is expected that the eneniupuient
will attract the largest crowd known
in the history ot the town, AccurJing
to Captain II. F. Beardsley, jr-neral
comrouniler of tiie veterans' org.iuiz
liou of buiquebaiina eounty, tue re
union will u kttHiiiled by over 3,000
veterans mi.l piwibiy three timea tti.n
number of visitors, sights iers mid ex
cHirsioiUHtn. Captain. 'De Laey, ol
fc'cruuton, reports that large delega
tion of luiiii s will auoompitDy the O ne
Hundred and F'irty third regiment
from tfcruuto'i, Wavcrly and puinis in
Lkz-tdh comity.
'I ho lccal tiuiis of Veteran's camp
baa decided to establish headquarters
tit Camp Repots aud has so notified the
member of tout order ia this and
adjoining comities.
The patriotio and hospitable citizen
of Montrose have needed no suggestions
as o tbe wckome tliey should give tbe
old soldier and visitor. Tbe town
will be generally decorated with fl igs
daring tbe day nnd lights Jand Inuternt
by uigbt, and during the period of en
cuinpmeut buiintbs generally will be
devoted to the need of th occasion.
On Wedut'tday evening Spt. 5, the
tin-wvdding camp tire at tbe Four
Brothers post, proinisus to develop one
of the most peculiar and enjoyable
features of the encampment, Tbons
4nds of tha veterans will be1 served
bean soup, coffee and hardtack, sing
tbe song of the battlefield and march,
liaton to brief speeches especially
adapted to tbe occasion and be treated
to a banjo, guitar and mandolin muai
oal programme.
Iu addition to the special trains on
the L ickawannaand Montroa railroad
leaving Alford at 10 30 on the morn
ings of S-pt. 4 and C, there will be a
special train on the .Montrose railway
leaving innKtiannock at u a. m., bept.
4, after the arrival of the morning
trains from the west and east on tbe
Lehigh Valley. Half-far excursion
tickets will be sold via the Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western from Soran
tou and liinghamton and intermediate
points, and from statious on tbe
Liluomsburg division.
The following well known speakers
are among those who will be present:
Oalnsha A. Grow, congressman-at-large
trom Pennsylvania; Justice J. B.
McCollum, of tbe supreme court of
Pt-unsylvauia; T. V. Powderly, and
United States Commissioner A. J. Col
born, jr., Scranton; Colonel J. D.
Lacier, Wilkea-Barre; Colonel C. K.
Campbell, Pitlston; M jor Browu,
Mr. nnd Mrs. E. F, Ely left yester
day for a few davs' vieit with tbe
former's parents at Foster, Pa.
Wiiliaui Watkins, who was bnrt on
a Deluware and Hudson train Wednes' reported to be improving slowly.
He was applying tne brake when the
brake arm broke, throwing him under
the wheels. Both bones in bis fore
arm are broken and the elbow joint
crashed, his collar bone broken and
badly bruised about tbe bead and
ahonldera. He was taken at once to
tbe hospital, wbere he still remains.
The doctor have hope of bis recovery.
Tbe "Camp Sunset," eamping party
retnrned last nigbt after a very enjoy
able ten day onting at Crvstal Lake.
Mr aud Mrs. Fred Penwarden, Mrs.
William Aunger, Mr. and Mrs. Coarl-
Smith, Mrs, Mary Penwarden, Mrs. A.
K. Penwarden and daughter, Mr. S. D,
VVoHe and Rev. Mrs. Arthur William,
ot Unadilla, N. Y., spent the day at
Jevse Wayner left yesterday morning
for Philadelphia.
Miss E ui m ii Althea Allison, who has
been visiting Mrs. J. J Reig-lutu, will
return to Cuming. N. Y., today
Tomorrow the G-rmnuia band of tble
city will picuio at Farview. Tbey have
made preparations for a lurge crowd
and all ebould go witn them that oan
aud enjoy Labor Day at tne popular
mountim reaort.
Last evening the GtrmanU band gave
Its second open air concert at Hotel
American. A fine programme whs
rendered, .
A lecture was given to the Knights
of Honor Wednesday evening at tbe
city ball by G-orge A. Dn Bree, of
Pbitadelpbia. His snbj ct was the ob
jects an I work of tbe order. Mr. Du
Bree is a One speaker and delighted bis
audience. Among other tilings he said
he was acquainted with Honesdal
through the Scranton papers. Short
addresses were also mad " by Captain
Lord and F. W. Steven, of Bethany.
Miss Hannah Bell, speoial teacher in
penmansuip and drawiag, and Miss
Lulu flerseb, teacher in the graded
school, came to Honesdale yesterday.
Both Kdies tanght a ere lust year.
Mrs. Louisa Dein, of Maple avenue,
entertained a number of ladiec at ber
borne on Maple avnne, last evening.
Tbe wheelmen ot Honesdale have a
lantern parade this evening. All
wheelmen are invited to partiuipate.
A nnw featnre has been added to the
raee meet of tbe Maple City wheelmen,
Oct. 4 A one-half mile boys' race lor
boys under 16 year of age h is been
placed in the programme. Prizds gold
and silver medxls n I cycle bell.
A fine stone walk is heing laid In
front of the Mitchell House on Main
The Hallstead base ball club went to
Suqnehanna yest-rday and played
iheclub at that place and the resnlt
was the score of 12 to 9 in favor of tbe
Annie Q tinan, of this plac,attendf d
the rpnuiou of tbe Ancient Order of
Hibernians in Eliuira yeaterlay.
A watering tr"liili has been er-cted
on Franklin street, near Firemtn'a
M'ss Maud Speucer, one of the t H2
era in the school at Piitu:on,
called nu Mrs. F. D. Limb the first of
the wpi'k.
A Democratic caucus for Halletoad
orough elHetion district will be held
t the borough lockup on Saturday,
"pt. 1, at 8 o'clock p. in.
Mr aU'l Mra. Gor Dennis are th
quests of friends and relativ 'S iu Sin
quelmnna. B. J. Hill visited Binghamton yester
lay. Martha Hill, of Now York oity, who
has been calling on friends in towi ,
iaa returned houiH.
Yesterday, while F. Cassldy, of
Cmiklin, whs driving from that place
to Great Bend bii horsi became fright
eued by the cars and ran away. Fortu
nately no one was hnrt.
Miss Bridget Noouan is visiting
friend iu Scranton.
Mr. and Mr. James Floyd, of El
mira, are stopping with friends in this
Ja mes McDevitt, of Oxford, is visit
lug his brother DauM in this place.
Frank All-n, ot EIniira, called on
friends in town yesterday. - .
Mis Edo:i Trowbridge, who has been
visiting friends in Biughamtou, has
returned horaa.
B. C. Read is visiting friends in Bain
Mies Maggie Gilchrist, of Binghara
ton, who has beeu visiting relatives in
this place, has returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Trowbridge are
sp nding a few days at Niagara Falls.
Frank Shallue," of Biogharaton, is
visiting at the residence ot John Pike.
Miss Myrtle Rought. of Soranton,
who bus buen visiting friends in town,
has returned home.
Mrs. E. Nichols, of Waverly, called
on friends in town last week.
V. E. Wilmot and family, of Cherry
street, attended a wedding anniversary
at Kirk wood, N. Y., yesterday. a B. Chase, of Pine street, is
in Easton.
Annie McCarty, of Front street, is
visiting ber sister, Mrs. M. Cotter, at
El mira.
Miss N' llie Watrous started yester
day for Mansfield, wbere she will at
tend the state normal school.
Tbe ladies of the Presbyterian church
held a very successful fair at the resi
dence of Judge Jessup on Wednesday
Next week will be lively here.
Soldiers will be here from all parts of
tbe connty, beside many visitors from
other conn ties.
Charlie Reed who has beeu spending
the past two weeks in New York and
the famous summer resorts, returned
borne last night
Chief Engineer E N. Barny, of the
Montrose Fire department, was the
guest of tbe ohlef of the Binghamton
Fir department yesterday,
Enoch Smith was in' Binghamton
yesterday as a member of tbe New
Milford Comet band.
A letter received from Professor
Hawk, who has been instructor for tbe
Montrose band last year, states tbut be
has been very ill with a fever and is
still unable to leave hia room
Quite number of people from
Clark's Snmmit came up here on an
excujsion on Wednesday. They were
favorably impressed with Montrose
and tbe people.
It is seldom, if ever, that the people
living here have seen co much smoke
for so long as has been tbe etse bere
for tbe pHst week; the sun bus been
entirely obscured most of the timi. As
a rule, there is no smoke or fog on this
bill, bnt in the Democratic time
strange things occur.
The marriage of Mis Lizzie Will
iams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. a
Williams, of Peckville. to Arthur
P'ck, was solemnized on Wednesday at
12 m. Tue bride was dressed in cream
eilK and carried a bonquet of crnam
roses. Miss Dlla Peck wa brides
maid while Miss Besi Drtniels aote i
as maid of honor. Willis Kiug and
John Williams were best men. Thog.
Daniels aud Edward R y were utiiers.
After the ot-ri-uiony wnioii was per
formed by Rev. F. B, Doty, the guests
rep-tired to tbe dinning room where
the wedding breakfast was served.
The brid" and groom lef i on the 2 p. m,
train for a ten day trip t ) Philadelphia,
New York and Atlmiio City. Tn
young couple rea ivud tnauy baudsom
The marriage or William Dougherty
and Miss Julia Hasten was solemnized
Wednesday afternoon iu St. Mary'
church. Rev. Father Crane officiated.
Tbe bride was handsome y Htiired in a
custom of cream brocaded satin with
lace trimmings and was attended by
Mies Kate Mullin, of Pittston, who
was also attired in cream sntln. Both
carried bonqnets Tne groim was at
tended by William Gillespie, of Avoca.
After tbe ceremony the bridal party
with a large number of frieuda par
look of a bounteous wedding suppar.
The evening was spent in duueiug.
singiug, etc Tbe young couple were
tbe recipients of nnuieroui handsome
and costly gifts, which shows tbe high
esteem in which they are held.
Mia. Ella Corran and ber Mend
Miss Kate Brennan, of Philadelphia,
called ou Scranton frieuds yesterday.
Pay your taxes before Saturday even
ing at 0 o'clock and cave tbe discount.
Mr. M. A. Flock left for Bradford,
Pa., yesterday, where she will attend
ber daughter, Mrs. G. C. Lwis, whj
is seriously ill.
Mr. B. Snellman. of H rvy' Lake,
called on Avoca friends yesterday.
MitaMame Charles of West Pittston,
spent yesterday in Avoea.
Forest City.
Miss Laura Davis, of Wyoming, is,
the guest of ber friend, Miss Flo Allen,
Main street
John McDonald will leave Monday to
represent Branch 35, Catholic Mutnal
BeneHt association, of this place, at the
convention which will be held in Phila
delphia during the entire week.
Dm G. Jones, of Taylor, is iu charge
of Davis' drng store during the ab
sent' of Alf Davis, who is enjoying
bis annual vaottion.
Mrs. A. L. Morgan and Mrs. W. G.
Taylor are visiting at tbe home of
their parent at Plymouth.
I'tie board of trade which has not
met for some time owing to the warm
weather, will meet next Monday even
ing at the office of Attorney Wedeman.
All memi'ers and others wishing to
becom-members are earnestly invited
to be present.
Tbe Twilights, of this place, will
cross bats with a dab from Simpson on
the grounds near tha Ontario and
Western station in this place today at
2 p. m.
A Detnoeratio eaucus for the voters
of the Second ward, will b held tomf r
row evening in Smith & Blakesbe's
store room at 7 30 p. m , for tbe pur
pose of transacting sneh bnsin a
may properly come before it. Vigil
ance committee, Peter Gillespie and
Patrick Ri.ich. C.mcin for tha Fiut
ward voters will be held in McDonald's
t all at the sam' time aa tha above
Muon. Vigil nice committee, A, Bu
tie t a i l E, C. Dunnbr.
Ml3. J U VYeatgitt is visiting rla
lives at Gloaou
A private sew-r is being built bv H
F. Aldrleh. W H L.-k and VV. J
D ,vn in frout of tneir reapeotiv-' prop
i ties. I will be a dfci i-d improve
ment uii'l is an enterprising movement
wnirh should be increased.
Miss Minnie Movlan, of Canaan, ia
vixiting Miss Lizzie Eicholz-r. David
Moyian. o' Canaan, wuo was the guest
of Ben Eicntl zr. returned borne
Dr. Reeves, 413 Sprucejstreet, Seran
ton, cures fits Hnd epileptic convul-
ions ; 9 a, m. to 9 p. m.
At a meeiing of the school board
Monday evening the directors assigned
ti'e teacher their respective rooms.
Professor W. G. Trim is the principal.
The other teacuers have been assigne 1
grades from the principal in the fol
lowing order: B. F. Maxev, Miss
Maud Reynolds, Miss Mary E Reyn
olds, Mia Cdia Lanning, Miss Anna
Doran, Miss Myrtle Alexander, second
primary, and Miss Ella Fuller, first
Cri'iolsiug a Young Lady.
"She would be a pretty girl for but one
"What's thatr asked Charley.
George Her face is always covered with
pnrple and red blotches.
Charley Oh, that's easily enough dis
posed of. Used to be the same way my
self, but I caught ou to the trouble one
day, and got rid of it in no time.
George What was itf
Charley Simply blood eruptions. Took
n short course of P. P. P. I tell yon, it's
the boss blood corrector. The governor
bad rheumatism so bad that you could
hear him boiler clear across the country
every time ha moved. IIo tried it, aud
yon know what an athletio old sent he is
now. If somebody would give Miss Daisy
a pointer, sho would tbauk them after
wards. All the drug stores sell iu
The new Building and Loan associa
tion held a meeting last evening, R -ports
from member having subscrip
tion lists were received and were of a
very enoou-aging nature,
Samuel Urquharr, father of Lon Ur
qnhart, who was drowned in Smeoa
lake on Sttnrday last has gone to the
scene of tbe accident. Mr. TJtqnhart
has employed a Philadelphia firm to
search torthejbody of his son. Concern
ing tbe possibility of recovering the
body the Gazette of last evening
says: "Scientific test show the tem
perature of the water where the body
lies to be 31) degrees, or 7 degrees
alove frerziiu', 200 feet below the sur
face. Below this point no tests have
brtin mtde. Tbe theory advanced by
physieian is that the Intensely cold
water at tbp bottom of the lake keeps
bodies in a perfect state of preservation,
aud that therefore they do not rise, as
bodies ordinarily do, when de
composition sets in. Large re
wards have been offered as an
inducements to resident near tbe lske
to search for tbe body, and in addition
dynamite is to be exploded in the
water, iu hopes ot bringing it to the
surface. Twenty-live ponnd cart
ridges will be used at first, and tbey
will be exploded at varying depths. If
these explosions be unsuccessful, heav
ier can ridges will be used.
Dr. Reeves, 412 Spruce street, Scran
Ion, cures heart troubles; 0 a, m. to 9
p. m.
The large water main of the People's
Water company sprung a leak on
North Main street yesterday afternoon
near the intersection of Mill street.
Workmen were put to work to repair
the break and exp-ct to have it' re
paired by this morning.
Tbe remains of Lewis H. Crawford
ar" expected to arrive at the Lehigh
Valley station at about 8 40 this morn
iug. .M. N. Donnelly failed to produce a
-Ingle witness in substantiation of the
charges made by him against
supervisor SuieL at the meeting held
Wednesday uight. The inference now
is that Mr. Donnelly wis made tbe vic
tim of some praotioal j iker.
The elec'riu cars yesterday morning
crmmenca running as far as tbe Mu
The Plain Facts
arei.n;.t tiavs tdt . o. tit v..... v.
eataTh.utva:d .ui m1, out Hood's Bar
ood s Sarsa-
Isolfiir-tf e,w0f .mil) k .W1
toparllla Is loiiig .v
fi? V.r!' Jr Peel-
-v. urI n. iirrEH.JJ. II nhhlA Pa
. Hood's Pills iu efficient and gentle, ss
I Dysentery I
131 West 63d Street, New York.
His kxpsriuncii-
" There is nothing to be com
pared to Bovinine for chronic
dysentery. During my two
years' illness I tried every
other invalid food, without
will subdue the worst attack
in one day, if taken simply
with water, and other foods
discarded. If I had known
of Bovinine sooner, my disease
would never have become
For sale at all druggists.
On aeeonnt of the National Naval
encampment of tbe Grand Army of the
Repnblio at Pittsbnrg, Si-pt. 8th to
15th, the Ontario and Western and
Central Railroad of New Jersey, will
make the extremely low rate of $10 Co
for the round trip from Jeriayn.
Tickets good on all train going from
Sept. 0th to 10th, good to retnrn until
Sept. 25tb.
Mie Addie Richard, of Ellenville.
N, Y., bas been visiting ber sister,
Mrs. Fred Davis, for tbe past week,
returned home yesUrday.
Tbe First Baptist church of Jermyn
ran an excursion to Lake Ariel yester
day, which was attended by many out
side the Baptist congregation. They
bad six conctirs well tilled.
Miss Ruse M. Rich is visiting her
sunt, Mrs. Henwood, at Luzerne bor
oagb. Dr. Reeves, 412 Spruce street, Scran
ton, cures all diseases ot the eye, ear,
nose and throat; 0 a. m, to 9 p. m.
H. A. Beebe witnessed the base ball
game at Scranton yesterday.
Miss Maggie Collins is quite seriously
ill at her borne on Main street.
W. H. Wood, Elmira, N. Y.; W. A.
Smith, Blngbamton, N. Y. ; J. B.
Toldas, South Gibson; Mr. and Mrs. G.
A. El wards, New Milford ;L D. Jack
son, Greenfield; A. W. Dicker, J, J.
Clark and F. J. Westgate, Carbondale,
registered at Hotel St, George Wednes
day. Brakeman Daniel Caldon was killed
at Sydney last nigbt. His conductor,
Mr. Mathews, was called to identify
him today as one of his orew missing.
He has a sister living at Springfwld,
Mass. It is rumored there was foul
play in tbe death of tbe unfortunate
Mr. and Mrj. G. H. Edwards, of New
Milford, Pa., are visiting their brother-in-law,
II. A. Beebe, proprietor of
Hotel St. George.
Don't forgot it is dolegate election.
Republioau caucus Saturday, this
The return game of alley ball will !.
played at Logan's alley Saturday be
tween James Callaghan, ot Mayfield,
aud Joseph Bowden, of Jessup, against
John Elgy, of Duryea, and William
Kennedy, of this town, Tbe game
now stands Kennedy and Elgy, 31;
Bowden and Callaghan, 18; aud they
will start from that score. Tbe four
players are experts at tbe game, and
much interest bas been taken by their
supporters. It will no doubt be tbe
best game of alley ball ever played in
L William Kennedy, hearing of Jo
seph Wbartou, of Olyphant, wishes to
play me a game of alley ball, would
state that be can be accommodated if
he will meet me at the bonse of Tbomas
Logan Satnrday evening.
The McKinlev club will meet this
evening at 7 30 o'clock in Henry
Whital's hall, Main street. Business of
importance will be transacted and all
members are reqasted to attend. By
order of President, G. Gleason.
Miss Jennie Tellford, of Blakely,
spent Tuesday at the home ot Miss
Hannah Indian.
Mrs. J. D. Williams, of Hyde Park,
spent Tuesday with friends here.
Mrs. Ornnr, of Scranton, spent
Wednesday with her daughter, Mrs.
William Lawyer.
Thomas Evans and Alfred Gill, of
this place, spent Tuesday and Wednes
day with friends in Kichmondale.
The new blocks in course of erection
by S mnel Huhz. is now completed,
and Mr. Huliz will oocupy tbe side
nearest Scranton.
Tbe Repnblioan club of Throop met
on Tuesday, but the members are as
yet nivided as to congressman. Some
ar for Fellows and some for Scrauton,
two delegdWs being iu the fl Id.
Miss Katie Cotgrove spent Wednes
day in bcranton.
Mr. A C. Edwards, of Williams
port, is visiting at R. J. Callery's this
Edward aged and respected
citiz n of this place, dl d yesterday
morning at bis borne on Lynch conrt
from the effects of old age. The de
ceased bas resided in this place for the
past thirty years. The funeral will
take place tomorrow afternoon.
James Harnett, of Miners' hill, who
had his face burned and bis eyes near
ly burned out on Tuesday nigbt by
smoking a pipe wblch had powder in
the bottom, inserted by two other boys
f'ra joke, is in a precarious condition.
Dr. E. E, Weston, tbe attending physi
eian, says be will lose tbe sight of one
of his eyes.
Buoklsn's Arnloa Setv.
The best salve in tbe world for Cat
Bruises, Bores, Uloers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Bore, Tetter. Chapped Hands, Chilblain,
Corns aud all bkin Eruptions, and poti
tlvely cures Piles, or so pay required. It
W mijirAtitjul bIm n..f, ,.,i.r..,lM
I or money refunded. Price US cents per
box. For sale by Matthews Bros.
! The Original Raw Food
; 400-402 Lackaw anna Ave.
Fine Holland Shades, with heavy
knot fringe, Hartshorn Rollers,
Plain Shades, 20, 25 and 30c. each.
Measurements taken and shades put up by experienced workmen.
I e Carry All Widths Store Shades in Stoci
Brass Extension Sash Rods
15 and 20c. each.
A few Vienna Porch Shades
left that we will close out at cost
406 and 408 Lacka. Avenue.
Those Green
Discount Tags
That you may have seen displayed
on several of the articles of Fur
niture for the last few days should
be of ffreat interest to you. They Tl
are on goods that
to date," but desirable neverthe-
less, and the discount off makes
them even more attractive than
II i. - J.i.H Ir.'.J Rft A A rtO, '
30 and 20 per cent., are the cuts SMJ
we have made. We won't enum
erate. . Suffice to say, it's a general
line. You can furnish your house
with discounts. '
are not just "up