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A foe to Dyspepsia
, -i
And always have
Good Bread.
The Weston ill Co,
Punch Cigars
G.. B. & Co.,
twnrintpii en Eafth Blear.
Garney, Brown & Co. Mfr's.
llltlKI UUUMt rUUAllK.
DR. H. B. WARiS will be
in his office on and after
the first week in Septem
Architect Percy J. Morris is at Atlantic
Franklin Howell is at the White moun
tains, Fred Emricb has been spending the
Week At Mt. Pocono.
Captain H. B. Chase is upending a few
days in New York city.
Hon. John P. Quitman is spending a few
days at Rockaway Beach.
The Misses Marie and Jennie Eiesel are
sojourning at Ocean (irove.
Miss Margaret Lutholt will leave on Mon
day for Tole o, O., to visit relatives.
Mrs. Ray Miller, of Wilmington, is the
guest of her sister, Mrs. H. H. Archer.
Mils Varion Mills has returned from a
trip to Chattanooga and Niagara Falls.
Miss Annie Atnsden, of Hallstead place,
is visiting friends at Sonth Orange, N. J.
Mr. and Mm. W. J. Hand, have re
turned from a sojourn at the White moun
tains. .
E. Moses, of Wyoming avenue, left for
New York yesterday, where bis father is
dangerously ill.
Robert T. Gould returned from Ocean
Grove yesterday, where he had been spend
ing the summer.
Miss Bessie Whitmore left yesterday for
Lincoln, Neb., where she wiil eugage in
kindergarten work.
P. A. Barrett, of the Elmira Telegram,
who spent two weeks at the seaside, is
back again at his desk.
Miss Katie Fleming, of Lafayette street,
lett yesterday afternoon for a two weeks'
sojourn at Lake Ariel
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Connell are receiv
ing congratulations over the arrival of a
baby girl at their home.
Dr. Coolidce's family has returned from
Dalton, where they have spent the sum.
mer at the Clark cottage.
E. M. Veruoy and family have returned
from Lake St. John, where they occupied
a cottage during the summer.
Miss Keogb, of Pen a avenne, is enter
taining Miss Lenahan, of Wilkes-Barre,
and Mist McNeil, of Harrisburg,
S. B. Coston has returned from his tent
ing vacation and can be found dally at his
school rooms in the Republican building.
Miss Kittle Roberts, saleslady at the
Factory Slice store, has resigned to accept
a more lucrative positiou in the same line
of business.
Mrs. Orace and Annie Rose, of Franklin
avenue, have returned from an extended
visit with their grand mother, Mrs. Rose,
of Homer, N. J.
Miss Grace Kef for, of Syracuse, N. Y.,
and MUs Clara Tiffany, of Nicholson, are
the guests of Mr. aud Mrs. H. T. Wilkins,
of Oreen Ridge street.
Rev, J. A. O'Reilly, rector of St Peter's
cathedral, is enjoying a much needed va
cation. At present he is at his home in
hus'iehnuna county, bnt will go from
there to Binghamton.
Mrs. Thomas Foulkes, Misses Lizzie
Evhds, Lydia Richards, Hattie Thomas.
Elija Price, Anna Evans and Edward
Lewis hive returned home after ten days'
visit at Lake Winola.
Mrs. Sarah La Tonrhe, of Hackettstown,
who baa forseyeral days past been visiting
at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
(J Q. Carmen, of Franklin, avenue, re
turned home yesterday.
Ecranton's Business In Ursa t.
Tbi Tribune will soon publish a care
fully compiled and classified list of the
leading wholesale, banking, manufactur
ing and professional interests of Bcranton
and vicinity. The edition will be bound
in book form, beautifully Illustrated with
photogravure views of onr pnblic build
ings, business blocks, streets, etc., together
with portraits of leading citizens. No
similar work has evor given an equal rep
resentation of Scran ton's many Indus.
. tries. It will be an invaluable exposition
of our business resources. Sent to
persons outside the city, copies of
this handsome work will attract
new comers and be an unequalled
advertisement of the city. The circu
lation is on a plan that cannot fail of good
results to tho e concerned as well as the city
at large. Representatives of Thb Tkibuxs
will call upon those whose names
are desired in this .edition and explain
lia nature zuure luuy.
Those desiring views of their residence!
in tnis edition will please Uave notice at
the office. '
This week the races of the Gentlemen's
Driving club will be held on Friday after
noon instead of Saturday afternoon, as has
been announced.
MiHEOORAPrm and neostyles tor dupli
cating and copying.
Pratt's Book Stoke.
City and Sohool Taxes, 1894. '
The city an' school tax duplicates for
the year 180 e now in my hands for
collection, 1 e-sons wishing to pay can do
so now, or any person requiring state
ments of taxes by giving ward aud loca
tion of property will be promptly
R. G. Brooks, City Treasurer.
Munlclnal building, Washington avenue.
Office hours from U a, m. to 5 p. m., ex.
cept Satnurday, this office '
i will De (
at noon.
Tbi fact that Hood's Harsaparills, once
fairly tried, becomes the family medicine,
speaks volumes for its excellence and me
dicinal merit. Hood's Sarsaparilla is na
ture's co-worker.
Hood's Pills become the flrwsjfle ca
thartic wHh everyone who tries tlsem. 25c.
Attorney John R, Jones' Candidacy for District Attorney Gain-
ing Strength Daily.
. r
Brief Sketch of the Career of Mr. Jones He Is a Native of This County His
Distinguished Services for the Republican Party in Various Capacities.
What He Has Done for the Public The Splendid Fight He Made Against
Toll Roads Tributes That Members of the Lackawannna Bar Pay to His
Ability as a Lawyer and His Character as a Man.
Attorney John It. Jones who seeks the Republican nomination for district
attorney, haw made a Kftlltint fight since the moment lie entered the lists.
Dashing and niairnetif. with a pleasintr personality he has won friends aud
gained strength from the moment he
ularity Willi ine lllllSft's m ueiuiMimriueu uy tue iiue uuuiuer ui cuius uiiuugu
out the county that have unqualifiedly endorsed his candidacy.
Mr Jones isia native'of Lackawanna
to the other He was born at Archbald
common school (duration at that place pursued his studies at Keystone Acad
emy and Wyoming Seminary. Mr. Jones began his law studies at Harvard,
Seiit. 2S. ISTii. and graduated with the degree of LL. B. three years later. In
the meanwhile, aud after he had been but two years a student of the famous
university at Cambridge, on March 28, 1878, Mr. Jones was admitted to prac
tice his chosen profession at Middlesex, Mass. After his graduation e bWan
practicing his profession near the scenes of his boyhood. He entered the oflice
of Attorney Alexander Farnham at Wilkes-Barre in September, 1879, ha ving
during Juue been admitted to practice m an ine Luzerne county courts. How
ever, Sir. Jones' legal talents became best known In Lackawanna county after
he had entered the law oince ot judge u. v. Arcnnaid in Bcranton, uct. 8,issu
He was admitted to the Lackawanna bar the same day. He remained with
Judge Archbald until that geutleman was elected to the bench In 1H84.
Mr. Jones is uow a member of the supreme court of Pennsylvania, the
United States circuitcourt.the Pennsylvania Western district court.and the sup
reme court of the United States. The announcement of John R. Jones' candi
dacy for the district attorney nomination is in a measure typical of the man; it
was" done openly but without any blazonry or trumpeting.fearlessly but without
effrontery, confidently but withoutegotism. The candidacy of Mr. Jones being
the effect of a successful career, it may not be out of place to mention one parti
cular case conducted by him which attracted particular attention throughout
the states and which may be mentioned as one ot the causes of Mr. Jones' pro
minence in the lejml world. We refer to the famous trial of Aucustina Nolli.
who was indicted for murder and tried
October id, lsiw. in conducting tne aetense jur. j ones demonstrated nis asiut
ness as a tactician, magnetism as an orator and his ability as a lawyer. The de
fense took desperate chances, but through the skill and ability of Mr. Jones the
jury was convinced to bring in a verdict
was the popular opinion oi lawyers present ai me iriai mat a veruict oi inuruer
in the flrwt degree was warranted uy tne crime.
Mr. Jones also made a splendid record in the case of the commonwealth
against Paul Hydo, who was in 188!)
been identined wmi tne nepuwican
aud has been a delegate to many conventions and nearly always made nomi
nation speeches. He nominated It. W. Archbnld for judge in 1884, Joseph A,
Scran ton for congress in 1885, and Hon. J. B. Van Berger for county treasurer
on the same day. lie was secretary of the 1884 convention and did assiduous
and excellent service ns a member of the Republican county committee tlie
same year. Michael Oitroy at the Fourth district convention, held in Carbon
dale several years ago. was also nominated by Mr. Jones. As a member of the
Republican state convention of 1885 Mr. Jones did splendid service. In the
state convention of June 20, 1880, lie was honored by an election to the position
of vice president and made a speech seconding the nomination of E. S. Os
borne for congressman-at-large. He also had a conspicuous part in the state
conventions of August, 1S87, and in 1889. As director and oflicer of the Blake
ly poor district, Mr. Jones did such commendable work and took such an active
Interest in an mat peruitnea to poor laws, mat two years ago ne was elected
vice president of the Poor association of Pennsylvania.
What by many is looked upon as
the public was the live years' tight he
against tne ton gates on me unruonuuio
was a desperate one, but Mr. Jones was
ished. Such is a very brief sketch of the
caudidate for tne .Republican nomination
What Some of the Leaders of
John R.
Among the members of his profession
in high esteem for undoubted and unquestioned legal ability and acumen rie
low are appended the opinions of memliers of the Lackawanna bar who, with
out reference to tneir political beiieis,
ability as a lawyer:
Horace E. Hand, Eq. : "I have been
ten years; nnve always louna mm very accommoaatiug, ana consider mm a lawyer ot
excellent ability."
1 H. Burns, E;q., ex City Solicitor:
jonn n. done, ua is a clear advocate, a wise counselor ana a gooa orator."
Milo J. Wilson, Esq. : "John ii. Jones is kind, courteous and a lawyer ot good
John M. Harris, Esq1: "I know of no member of the Lackawanna Bar, whose
stanaarn ot wnat constitutes a llrst-class lawyer is nigner tuan trint ot Junn K. Jonen,
Edq., and I have known him an a practic ing lawyer intimately for ten ycarB, and I
never saw him engaged in any legal nutter, whether trivial or of great consequence,
where ho for a moment lost sight of this Rtundurd."
L. M. Bunnell, Esq.: "John R. Jonei t. a member of the Lackawanna Bar too well
known to ueed auy introduction or cominoudation from me. lie hat won for hiimelf
during bis short, practice a standing among hi follows of the legal fraternity au envia
ble position at tne oar, being well equipped by educatiou and intollfsjence, by bis qual
ities of heart and mind, be adorns tho profession he has chosen. As a lawyer
he is rarnest, honeft and painstaking,
effort whether be can pav alurg or small fee' Tbi por or oppremed will not look in
vain for a friend in Mr. .lonei. f lis love for justice will prompt him to do right. In
fact, he fills tbe bill for District Attorney, and hence will confer an bonor upon the
party that will place lum there."
Charles Dn Pont Breck, Eq.: "I have known John R. Jone for a number of years
aud believe him to he a man of unhleuiiKhe I integrity and a good lawyor."
"Hon. Thomas J. Dusgan: "I consider John b. Jonei one of the ablest of the
young members of the bar. Ho is well qualified to till any office to which be may
Hon. M. F. Saudi: "1 have known John R Jones, E-(J , fur twelve years. I know
him to be a hard-working and pains-taking lawyer."
C. B. Gardner, Esq.: "I have known Johu R. Jones, Esq., since his admlsolon to
tlie bur. He is a man of undoubted ability, aud ns a lawyer Is courteous, able and
always has Ills cases well prepared."
P. W. Ktokes, Kj.: "John R. Jones is an able attorney and a staunch R-publican.'
E. C. Newcomb, Esq. : ''Have known John R, Jones a good manv years aud con
sider him o good lawyer and a gentleman of the bUhext integrity. His relatious with
hiB fellow lawyers are uniformly agreeable and pleasant."
T. P. Hoban, Efq. : "Tliere is no question obout John R. Jones' ability as a lawyer.
He isan assiduous student and well known to tlie people of the county."
Anthony Baunmnn, E q.: "John R. Junes, Esq , if elected District Attorney,
would undoubtedly make polite, obliging nod nbl officer."
M. A. McOinlev, Eq. i "I consider Junn R. Jones, Esq., a good lawyer in every
respect." . ' ' ' i
Frank T.' Okell. Eq.': "I have known John R. Jones well for a number of years,
and consider bim one of the ablest and most brilliant members of the Bar ot Lacka
wanna conntv. Ho is well fitted to di-charge tbe duties of auy public office."
John P. Murphy, Esq. : "I have known John R. Jone "for about six years, and
from my acquaintance with him I have f jund that he it well versed in the law and a
careful and studious lawyer. To the younger lawyers he is courteous and always ready
to advise them when they have a case that puzzles them."
Chas. E. Oliver, Eq. : "I consider it a fortunate circumtanca which associated
me intimately with John R. Jones as a student at law in bis office during tbs first two
years of my professional life. As an eloquent and aggressive advocate, the name of
Jobn R Jones Istamiliar far beyond the limits of Lackawanna couuty, hut it is bebipd
tbe scenes in the privacy of the office that tbe truest estimate of a lawyer may be
made. There Mr. Jones was always busy and beset by the almost innumerable an
noyances incident to a large geueral practice, yet always pleasant and never too busy
to do a favor. His sympathetic professional bubits added to bis well known natural
ability as a criminal lawyer, qualifies bim, in my opinion, as the ideal officer to uphold
tbe dignity of the Commonneultb. Doubtless there are many members of the bar who
could fill tbe office with credit to themselves and tbeir constituent', but in Jun R.
Jones any opposing candidate will find an antagonist worthy of bis host steel."
first announced his candidacy. Nis pop
county and is known from one end of it
on Mav 27, 18o0. and after receiving a
for his lifeduring the week commencing
of murder in the second degree. It
indicted for murder. Mr. Jones has
party since nis residence in tins county,
Mr. Joues' most distinguished service to
made in the county aud supreme courts
aim rroviaeuce lumpiKe. The nglit
successful and the toll rtes were abol
gentleman who presents himself as a
lor district attorney.
the Lackawanna Bar Say About
Jones, Esq. i
Mr. Jones is very popular and is jd
unnesitnuugiy pay tribjte to Mr. Jones1
acquainted with J ihu R. Jones for the past
"I have a great deal of personal regard for
and when engaged hn client gets bis bent
Dterestlog Woman's Meeting Held In the
Simpson M. E. Church.
Gospel Tent Was Crowded Impres
sive Services by E. W. Bliss Death
of Miss Norma Mathias, a Popular
Young Lady Meeting of the Hyde
Park Choral Society This Evening.
Personal Mention and NeWs Notes.
Awomin'i meeting of tbe Moody
campaign was beld at 3 o'olock yester
day afternoon iu tbe Simpson Meth
odist Episcopal ehnrcli. A short time
previous to this a Un: number ot the
Indies congregated at the home of Mr.
Roberts ou North Sumner avenue,
where an hour of prayer anil thiinks
giving was hold. Tbe auditorium of
tne church was crowded. :Tbe meeting
opened with a song service, after wbitli
Revs. L. C. Floyd and T. J. Collins
prayed. Mr. Bliss took for his text
Murk, xiv, 8. His discourse was very
titerestiiiL.-. At its close Kit. D. C
Hughes cave a touching account of bis
conversion through the influence of bis
The evening service was opened with
sons after which Rev. D. C. Hughes
gave nn earnest prayer, making a plea
to the people to aocept God, Mrs.
Dora Metzear. the sweet contralto,
sang an excellent solo entitled, '"That
Beautiful Land on High." This was
followed by a prayer. Mr. Bliss an
nounced that another afternoon service
would be held at 3 o'clock today in the
Simpson Methodist Episcopal church.
IMS will lie the last auernnnn service
to be held this week. A 9 o'olock ser
vice will be held on Sunday morning
n the Elm Park church. At 7 30 In
tbe evening be will prenoh to men only
at tbe tent. Tickets wore distributed
thronghont the audience for the meet
ing for men on Sunday evening. Mr.
Bliss was surprised at the number ot
people who congregated in tbe tent
last evening. Not a seat coma ne
found meant Rev. L. G Floyd read
a portion of the Scripture from Isaiah,
DO Mr. Bliss tooK as text tue eign-
teenth verse of Psalm 08 His remarks
were elnqnent and convincing, and cre
ated a deep impression ou bis audience,
Flashed It on HI Prosecutors When Ar
raigned Bifore Alderman Mortran.
Jacob Milliok has charge ot tbe grass
plot in front of Mr. Heissr'a property
on South Main avenue and takes great
interest in keeping it in una
condition. He has of late boen
mnch annoyed by cows that
have tsken a great fancy to the quality
of the grass. To rid himself ot the
cnisance be established a pound and in
it placed the cows that wers commit
ting depredations and demanded $1 for
tbeir release.
The owners of tbs animals objected
to Mr. Mellick impounding them,
claiming bs had no authority to do so.
He was arraigned by before Alderman
Morgan yesterday and produced a per
mit from Mayor Connell authorizing
bim to keep a pound.
Thomas Beels, of North Hyde avenne, is
seriously 111 with typhoid malaria.
Daniel J. Evans and daughter, Miss
Delia, left yesterday for Philadelphia.
Thomas D. Davis, of South Main avenue,
is improving slowly from a severe illness.
Mrs.' Duebles and family, ot Shiokshin-
ney, are visiting friends on Lafayette
Hon. and Mrs. D. M. Jones, of South
Main avenue, have returned from New
York city.
Mrs. Henrv Jamns. of Jackson street.
has returned from a visit with Wilkes-
Barre friends.
Tbe Ledies Glee club rehearsed on the
lawn of Mrs. Randolph Jones, of Jackson
street, last evening.
S. D. Adkius, of Lafayette street, is suf
feriug from a severe eye trouble, which
greatly affects his sight. It was caused by
spinal trouble and nervous dob'.llty.
Tbe Hyde Park Choral society will meet
this evoning on the lawn of Hon. John K.
Farrat the corner of Lafayette and Chest
nut streets, If it shnuld-be ruining at that
time, tbe singers will repair to the Tabern
acle Congregational church tor rehearsal.
Tho manv friends of Miss Norma Ma'
thias, daughter of Duniel Mathias, were
shocked yesterday to hear ot her death,
which occurred at tho family home on
Price street. For some months Miss Ma
thias suffered from hi eg trouble, which
lately became ot very alarming nature.
8be was Vi years of age aud much
esteemed. Shu was prominent in society,
The luneral announcement will appear
Suspicion That John Beffron Was Mur
dered at Woomocktt.
The body of John Htflron was shir
ped to this city and arrived at 12 50
yesterday. A J rhione reporter inter
viewed the dead man's brother-in-law,
Pntriek Campbell, who stated luwUive
ly that Htffron was the victim of foul
This theory he based npou the roan
ner that the body was mutilated aud
the fact that Heffron lnul always been
a sober, industrious young man. The
chief nf police of Woonsncket promts. 8
to investigate the case and send on any
particulars be may learn.
The funeral will be held this morn
iug from the family home 1101 Stone
avenue. The body bns reucboi that
S No better spoons are made I"V
5 than those of Win, Rogers'
jg Manufacturing Co. They
B were never sold at this price
S3 before. Buy uow
S TABLtSP00NS$l.00F0R6.
1 RexfordJewelryCa, ucuve.
We are prepared to furnish all
kinds of School Hooks and School
Supplies at short uotica.
We always have in stock a com
plete line of Blank Books, Sta
tionery and Office Supplies.
Wall Paper, Window Shade3
Pictures and Frame 3.
stage of decomposition that it cannot
be brought to tbe chureh. Prsyer
will be said at the house and Interment
will be made in Hyde Park cemetery.
A special meeting of the Centurv Hose
company will be held tonight.
The Mozart Gleo club will hold an im
portant meeting Monday night.
The tireutii Verein society will meet
Sunday afternoon In Oermania hall.
UUs Annie Null, of Willow street, will
leave on Monday for a trip to the far west.
Tbe police patrol boxes on this side are
being equipped with long distance tele
phones. Charles Wirth. nermanent man at the
Neptune Endue house, is attending to
duty after his vacation.
An explosion in one of the converting
vebsels at the South works early yester
day morning did slight damage to tbe
The choir of St. John's church, accom
panied by Rev. E. J. Melley, and Rev. F.
P. Walsh, enjoyed a ploasanS outing at
Maplewood yesterday.
The funeral of Mra. Patrick Corcoran.
of Codar aveuuo, will ba held tomorrow
morning. A solemn high ninn ot requiem
will be solemnized at St. John's cuuiuh at
9.30. Interment will be made in St. Jos
eph's Catholic cemetery, Miuooka.
In tbe funeral notice of the late Jobn
Charles Miller, of Birch atreet, the burial
services were said to have been performed
at the Hickory street Presbvterian church
by Rev. August Lituge. It was at the
froappct Avenue (ierman Methodist Epis
copal church and by Rev. J. J. buter.
Orocehs and bntcbors' pnss books.
PnArr's Book SToais.
PiLLsnuny's Best makes best bread.
Wood, bamboo and oasoli.
Import Samples mean 20
per cent, less than import
No two pieces alike.
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Tea Pots, &c.
To secure REAL BAR
GAINS, come at once.
Ii6 Wyoming Ave.
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New Goods,
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New Prices.
Your New
Fall Dunlap
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September let.
We Already Have
A beautiful line of olhor makes of
Fall Hats at dilleroiit prices.
FALL NECK WE Alt will bo in
full bloom in a few days.
Christian, The Hatter
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203 liAC'li A. AVENUti.
in at Promt tho Mint Popnlar and I'm f erred by
LcaillliR Aril.:.
Warerooms : Opposite Columbus Monument,
aoo Washington Av. Scran ton, Pa.
ROOF tlnnlnir nd noldcrlnu nil rtone waj
with by the uneot HAUTMAN'H I AT
EN11 PAIN T, which oonststi of inorodl nta
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wellinus, which will prevent nbmlutely any
crumbling, craolcinn or hreakinu of tho
brick. It will outUst tinuliiK ot any kind by
many yenm.and it'e oont doen not exceed ono
flftb that of ihecont of tinning. U sold by
the job or pound. Contracta t:knn by
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stock of Imported
Suitings and Trouserings.
Martin & Delany
Custom Tailors and Clothiers,
We Have
308 Lacka. Ave.
S 45 dozen Ladies' White Embroidered Ponk.
5 Handkerchiefs, value 25c, for . . AU UOUID
I 50 dozen Children's School Handker- s
s chiefs, in plain and colored borders, 0 Ponfc S
value 5 and 10 cents, for .... u 1,01110
s 35 dozen Ladies' Hemstitched Handker- R fanfc 3
s chiefs, value 10 cents, for - - - - " 011lD S
s A new line of Chemisettes just received.
Scientific Eye
S for the future i the past. During- tbe more then forty years of iti
exlstenoe over 03,000 people have parobared and pitted and praised S
The Emerson Piano.
2 There are some pianos that will cost you more than the Emerjon
H will- If you enjoy paying high prices just for the sake of paying S
them, probably yon will buy one of these. But no matter what you
5 pay you'll not tret a better piano, uor a handsomer, nor one more
3 durable. It is impossible to improve ou tbe best. 3
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For Fall Wear
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complete and you can
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our New Crop JAPAN
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Testing Free
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Eyeglasses and Spectacles at the Lowest Prices.
Rest Artificial Eyes inserted for $5.
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All Things"
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a WATCH, call on ns. We'll
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price, and give you a gooi
guarantee for quality, backed
by a record of orer 20 years'
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Another Advocate of
tRS. nr.Nwooi) & wardell:
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pleasure to state that yonr new prooen
of extracting teeth was a grnnd "orcein II
my caae, and I heartily reeommend It t
all. I slnverely hope that others will
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816 Lackawanna Ave.
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