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"he Regimental Team Carries off the Honors
at ML Gretna.
A Quartette of Scranton Marksmen
Passes All Previous Records Pri
vate Youngs Makes a Remarkable
Score of 98 Out of a Possible 105.
Marksmen Stout, Cullen and Wat
kins Also Sustain Their Past Rec
ords. Sptclal to the Scranton Tribune.
Mt. Gretna. Pa. Awr. 30.
THE rid tuHin of the Thirteenth
regiment carried off tbe laurel
here today and woo the regi
mental cup of the new series,
giving n u rxnlhition of marksmausliin
unparalleled ia tbe history of state r i fl
Private W. W. Younirs, of Company
D, performd thertnarkable qmlifioa
tino in preliminary practice of making
08 out of a possible 105, which will,
do donbt, secure for hiiu the ohampion
hot badge of the state for the fourth
The First regiment Philadelphia
team got first place in the preliminary
trial of the morning. Tuesday and
Wednesday wre set apart for practice,
and tbe sharp-shooters buckled on
their armor and prepared for a royal
battle. Tbe incogs of the Phila iel
delphia team in tne preliminary
matches imbued them with a d errai
nation to win the regimental cnp Bat
in the contest tbe most formidable
rival the Thirteenth tam bad was tbe
crack riflemen of tbe Sixteenth.
The members wbo were designated
to uphold the colors of the Thirteenth
wi re Private W. W. Youngs, Quarter
master Sergeant Reese Watkini, Ser
geaut Henry Cullen and Private
Gcorne W. Stoat. As rnal after peal
rang from tbo steady rifl e of tbe Thir
teenth team and tbe target recorded
their unerring aim, it became appar
ent that nothing less than phenomenal
rifle work from their competitors eoald
overcome their record.
When tbe smoke cleared away tbe
totals showed thut tbe Thirteenth team
not only won tbe regimental eup, bat
alio had surpassed the bast record or
. all previous matches. Tho enthusiasm
that followed made the bill of Mt.
Gretna resound with echoes aud re
echoes of chers. Score :
W. W. Yonngs 04
: Reese Watkins 93
Henry Collins 01
JJeorge W. Btout 00
Total 307
The Sixteenth regiment was gecond
with a score nf 352 This team won
tbe eup in 1893 aud 1893 and if it had
beea successful today, the cap would
bave been their property.
A team must win three annual
matches to become poisesor of tbe cup,
but it is not obligatory that three con
secutive matches be taken. The
Thirteenth took tbe cup by winning in
1884-'84-'85, and again by winning in
1889- 90 '91.
Tomorrow tbe brigade teams will
proctitis and Saturday tbe match for
tbe bricade cup will be shot. Teams
of twelve from each brigade will com
pete end tbe four members of victori
ous Thirteenth rifle team will be in
cluded in the Third brigade team.
Colonel Herman Ostbau, general
insDeetor of rifle Dractice. will no
u in. lb iu nnruran rnw or tna Bn.MKna
tO be llint Il.Tt TnOl1u ITumln..
these aatohes bave been beld at Creed
moor. '
Teams will be entered from New
, York. Kew Jersey, Maine, Georgia and
WasbiuKton, D. C.
Regiment. yds.
First 115
Second 105
Third 107
Fourth 108
Fifth Ill
Nxth 114
Eighth 108
Ninth 120
Tenth I(i8
800 600 To-
yds. yds. tain.
126 108 349
119 7 321
101 81 289
111 91 810
116 101 828
113 96 822
124 103 835
118 110 343
104 120 812
115 120 !57
130 119 8(18
113 99 820
113 112 335
124 110 352
94 52 251
116 H WO
109 110 830
110 81 297
resulted at fol-
Twelfth HO
Thirteenth 11U
Fltteetith ,
" Eighteenth
- Cavalry
State Fencible.
Tbe brigade practiee
Colorado's Chief Hag-lslrate Defendant in
Conspiracy Caae.
Denver, Col.. Ang. 30. Tbe novel
spectacle of the governor of state on
trial for conspiracy brought a large
crowd to the federal building to-day.
The governor conducted his own oase
and bad several tilts with tbe district
At tbe afternoon session Jessie Parr.
tbe man wbo wrote the troublesome!
letter, was called and was asked: '
"Did you send a ohotograph in your
lertert" "No." "You say you weigh
189 pounds Would it cost any mor
to feed yon than if yon weighed 135
pounds?" "I do not know.'' "You
ay that yon bad bine eyee. Did you
expect that to be taken into considers
tion in making a contract with a house
keeper!" Tbe witness looked foolish
and was exoused amidst a burst of
Police Commissioner Barnes, Ajnx
Rogers and Dennis Mallins, of th
police board, were also witnesses. Their
testimony called np the old trouble be
tween tbe police board and tbe gover
nor and seemed to implidate the latter
tbe least of aay of tbe alleged con
spiracy. . At 6.15 tbe cases for tbe de-
strong were concluded. Tbe governor
will present bis case tomorrow morn
ing at 9 o'clock. '
They Fear Dleaatroue Eff.ote in Tuxae
from the R.duoeiooa in the Tariff.
San Antonio. Aug. 30. It is claimed
liv ti.e cattlemen of aontbweat Texas
that tbe new tariff will result in serious
injnry to tbe cattle interests of thin
The duty is reduced from $10 per
head to 20 per cent, ad valorem, and
now that grass is good on this sid it
is expeotfd that at least 100,000 cattle
will be brought into Tex ts Ironi Max
ico within the next sixty days, and,
fter beiug fattened, marketed in this
country, thus forcing down the prices.
Loses Hla Band While Experimenting
wi'h a Fire Extina-ulsher.
Philadelphia, Aug. 30. While cx
perlmentin with a new lire extinguish
ing ehemicsl which ho thought he bad
invented. Pierson AL Stackbonse, a
conveyancer, bad bis left hand blown
off at tbe wrist today. After building
a roaring Are in a lot opposite bis bom,
Stackhnuse attempted to extinguish it
with bis newly discovered preparation.
The mixture was in a bottle and ns
be neared the fire, the stuff exploded.
Tbe severed band was found twenty
five feet away.
Proceedings of Sessions of tne Su
preme Lodge Held a'
. Washington.
Washington, Aug. 80.-Tbe various
committees of tbe supreme lodge
Knights of Pythias, to which bave been
referred tbe great legislate questions of
general interest to the rank and file,
and vitally affecting tbe organization
today, settled down to business in earn
est. The committee having the subject
ander consideration today decided to
propose a report reoommending that
the supreme lodge rescind the permis
sion heretofore given to tbe several
state jurisdictions ullowing each to de
termine for itself whether, those en
gaged iu the liquor trufflo should be
admitted. It is understood that the
supreme lodge will adopt tbe report
when presented, thus having the efT et
of preventing the future admission to
membership of bartenders and saloon
The committee of five to wbich was
referred tbe question as to whether
certain lodges . will be allowed to as
the ritutl as translated into German,
this morning gave a protraoted hearing
to those who desired to make argn
mints in favor of either side before the
committee. Tbe committee took tbe
matter ander advisement and do not
expec; to arrive at u conclusion before
Saturday, The committee is divided on
tbe subject and it is difficult to
predict bow tbe question is going to he
settled. Several delegations, especially
those from Wisconsin and other states
having a strong preponderance of Ger
man population, are making every ef
fort to have a report adopted favorable
to tbe retention of tbe German ritual.
The committee having in charge the
preparation of a new and revised ritual
for the uniform rank have completed
tbeir work and compiled what is be
lieved to be a satisfactory manual for
lodge work.
The supreme lodge will bold a
special secret session tbis evening, at
which the new ritual will be explemi
tieil, thus affording the representatives
an opportunity of forming a better
opinion as to tbe advisability of its
Events of the Three Days' Good Roads
AsburyPark, N. J., Ang. 30 Tbe
great three days' Good roads bicycle
tournament was begun on the traek of
the Asbnry Park wheelmen today with
a fair attendance. The varions rseing
events were as follow:
One mile novice, won by J. 9. Fink, En
glewood, N. J.; A. Brown. Riverside, sec
ond; William Weller, Newark, third.
Time, 8.01.
Two-mile handicap, class B, won by A.
R. Barnett, Crescent wheelmen, Plein
field (150 yards); L. A. Cnllahau, Buffalo
(130 yards), second; E. F. Miller, Vine
land (120 yards), third. Time, 4 til 1-5.
Two-thirds mile, open, clas A Won by
W. F. Sims, Washington; H. B. llartin,
Aibury Park, second; George C. Smith,
New York Athletio club, third. Time,
Two mile handicap, Class A, for New
York and New Jersey riders Won by E.
A. Botinger, Riverside wheelmen, New
York (75 yards); W. U. Roome, New Jer
sey Athletic club (95 yards), second; A.J.
Hargan, Newark (230 yardB), third. Time,
One mile handicap, clnss A Won by E.
A. Bofinger, Riverside Wheelmen, New
York, (56 yards); Monte Siott, Crescent
Wheelmen, Plaintield, (30 yards) second;
J. H. Harrison, Anbury Park, (95 yards)
third. Time, 2.15 2-5-
One miie open, class B Won by Harry
C Tyler, Springfield; A. D. Kennedy. Chi
cago, second; W. H. Mullikin, Baltimore,
third. Time, 2.21 2-5.
The Big Pile of Stooka and Bsouritie
Found on Bubbell Smith.
Fort Worth, Tex., Aug, 30. A de
teotive has arrived here from Denver
for Hnbbell Smith, who is nnder arrest
for forgeries eommitted in Colorado,
aggregating $3,000.
Smith had $500,000 in bonds and
mining stocks on bis person when ar
rested. He will be taken to Denver as
soon as proper papers can be socurej
from Governor Hogg.
A train at Chickies struck end killed
aged Jobn Stricken.
There is a row iu West Chester over the
drawing of the color line in tbe public
schools. . i .
About 350 eases will be tried In Schuyl
kill's county's criminal court beginning
next week.
On suspension of being a bogos United
States pension detective, William M.
Thomas is In Towanda jail.
Governor McKinloy, of Ohio. Will le a
conspicuous figure at the UcKeesport cen
tennial celebration on Sept 13.
Interesting Statements from tbe Census Office
at Washington.
Large Percentage of Farming People
Own Their Homes, While in the
Cities the Families That Rent Dwel
lings Are in the Majority New York
Has the Highest Percentage of
Home Tenancy of Cities of Over
100,000 Inhabitants.
Washington, Aug. 3U.
THE census office today made pub
lic the principal results of the
investigatian of farm and home
proprietorship, which was male
iu all the states and territories. This
U the first Investigation of the kind
ever conducted for this or any other
country. Of the 12,090 153 families in
the whole oouutry, 47 80 own their
farms and homos, and 53 30 per
cent, hire; and of tbe families
owning their farms and homos
37 97 per cent, have incumbrances
thereon, and 73.03 tier cent, no incnm
brance. Amoug 100 families, on tbe
verige,53 hire tbeir farms and homes.
37 own free of incumbrance, and 13
own subject to incumbrance. The
number of resid"ti' ownars in the
United States is 0,000,417 plus such a
number nf land owners as may be liv
ing iu tenant families.
Tbe farm families humber 4,707,179,
of which C5 92 per cent, own tueir
farms, aud 84 8 percent hire, while of
the owning families 38 32 ' per cent,
have incumbrances on tlnir farms nl
71 78 per oent. have none. Iu 1880.
31.56 per. cent, of the farms were
The cities and towns of 8,000
to 10,000 population are aggre
gated for tbe 1,749,579 families
that live in them, and of those
families 85 0G per ceat. own tbeir own
homes and 04.04 hire, while of tbe own
lug families 34.11 per cent, own sui
ject to incumbrance, and 05 89 per
sent, without incumbrance.
In the cities that oontain over 100.
000 population there are 1.948.834 home
families, of wbich 33 83 par cent' own
tbeir homes, and 77.17 , per cent, hire,
while of tbe owning f ami lie 37 80 pr
cent, own subject to incumbrance, and
03 20 percent, free of inrnmhrasce,
Among the cities having 100. 000 popu
lation and over, New York has the
highest percentage of home teu
anoy, namely, 93 67; Boston
is next, with 8167; Brooklyn
third. with 8144; Jersey City
fourth with 81.20; and Cincinnati fifth
with 80 82 Toe percentage f r Balti
more is 73 94; for Buffalo, 60 03; for
Chicago, 71.27; for Cleveland, 60.90; for
Denver, 70 89; for Minneapolis, 08 86;
for New Orleans, 78.51; for Philadel
phia, 77.24; for St. Lonis. 79.53; for St.
Paul, 59 80; for S.n Freuoi-co. 7846;
for Washington. D C , 74.80. The
smnlleet percentage, CO 03, represents
Rochester, N. Y.
The value of the 1,798 890 farms and
homes enhjeet to incninbraboe ia $5,
087.378,069 and the incumbrance on
them is $2,133,949,563, or'37.50 per sent,
of the valur. Th value of vueb owned
and incumbered farm iu tbe United
States is $3 444; of each ineumbi-red
hom, $3,350, and tbe average incumb
rance on each of the farms is $1,324; on
each incumbered home, $1,293
It waa ascertained that 74 22 per
cent, of tbe inenmbrance on owned
farms was inourred for the purpose of
buying real estate and raaicing im
provements, and that 83 51 per cent,
of the inenmbrance was for the pur
pose of buying and improving xeal es
tate, investing in business and purchas
ing tbe more durable kinds of personal
property. In tbe case of borne 81.34
per cent, of incumbrance was inenrred
to secure purebase money and make
improvements, and 92 66 was inenrred
for purchase money, improvements,
business and tbe purchase of tbe more
durable kinds of personal property.
Mtxloana Surprised and Slaughtered by
the IodlaBS.
San Diegio, Cel., Aug. 30 Details of
another ambuscade of Yaqui Indians
oo Mexican troops have been received.
On July 28 forty-five men of tbe Four
teenth battalion left plaee called the
Pillares for Crnz de Pied re, and from
their started on Joly 30 for Yaqui, near
the outpost of Ls Guasimas.
They were ambuscaded in a thiokly
wooded part of the road by a party of
about 100 Indian?, wbo bad bid them
selves on either side of the road. At
tbe first fire delivered at pistol range,
nine Federals dropped. Captain Go
mez rallied his men on the defensive a
little ont of the ambuscade. When the
Indiana again attacked the troops re
sisted stubbornly, some badly need op.
The fight lasted more than an hour and
abalf, the Federals remaining in pos
session of the fiel l.
While some of the Indians were fight
ing the remainder stole the baggage,
nuimals, money and as much of the
ammunition of the troops as tbey could
carry off. It was noticed that two
Indian women and six or eight Indian
bays were among the ambushing party.
Twelve men were killed and six
wounded. The wife of a sergeant was
killed and a little girl of 8 and a boy of
9 were slightly wounded. Four Indians
were killed and twenty-seven slightly
wounded and taken prisoners. Captain
Gomez will be court martialedat Toriu.
Dead Animals Repose Near the Souroe of
the Water Supply.
Harribiuro, Pa., Aug. 80. Dr. T. S.
Bridge, the state veterinary snrgeon,
reports to Secretary Edge, of the state
board of agriculture, that he learned at
Tyrone that there W -re 169 cattle in the
"tharax" infected distriet. Sixty wert
well, but will be killed if they show
symptoms of tbe disease; thirty were
dead . and seventy-nine unaccounted
for, but will probably be found dead.
Some of tbe dead cattle were within
two feet of the stream that supplies
Tyrone with water.
The Sugar Provisions Are Not Well Re
ceived In Oeimanv.
London, Aug. 30 The Standard's
correspondent at Berlin says: "The
new American J tariff law gives um
brage in Germany, especially in the
proviso which increases tbe duties on
sugar from countries giviug boautis.
Tbis change is felt more keenly here, as
the amount of increase ie tbe same for
all bounty-giving countries, regnrdiess
of the amount of the bounties The ef
fect of tliie, accoring to German opin
ion, will not be to indue such coun
tries to abolish tbe bounties, as the
Anieriain senate wishes, but, on the
contrary, to rais them."
The correspondent udls: "I hear
that the minister of foreign uilairs is
"'out to enter into negotiations with
Uuited Slates Atntiasaador Runyon in
relttiou to certain points of tbe tariff
nffieting Germauy."
Two Bands of Alaska Chilcats Slash
Each Other in a Drunken
Port Townsend, Wash., Aug. 30.
The steamer City of Topeka, whioh haa
arrived from Juneau, Alaska, gives de
lulls of a drunken fight among the
Chilcat Indians, which resulted in six
men being killed and a large number
A dispute nrose over a trivial matter
which resulted in tbe lender of one fac
tion being stabbed to death. The
Indians then divided 'into two parties
aud the battle began. Tbe settlers liv
ing a fuli mile beard the yelling, but
dared not venture to the neighborhood
until late in the afternoon of
the next day, when they be
held tbe dead and wounded
Indians lying all around the vill
age. Soma were frightfully mutilated;
a small band of survivors, elated with
suocess and thirsting for more blood,
had gone down the beeeh threatening
to return, embark a crowd of savages
and annihilate tbe white settlers in tbe
vicinity. The whites then became
alarmed and sent to Juneau for assist
ance. Jnst before tbe City of Topeka sailed
Deputy Collector of Customs Slater
and a posse arrived on the steamer
Wrestler and started for Chileat to ar
rest the smuggler's who sold the In
dians the whisky and seize tbe liquor
and quiet the Indians.
An Adjournment After Fourteen Days
of Inquiry Probable Result
of Deliberations.
CniCACio, Aug. 30 After a fourteen
days' session tbe national labor com
mission adjourned at 3 o'clock this af
ternoon to reassemble in Washington,
Wednesday, Sept. 36, when it will, ac
cording to Chairman Wright's formal
announcement, receive any communica
tions bearing on the ;settlement of
tbe difficulties that come between
labor and capital and hear any wit
nesses who may desire to testify. One
hundred and seven witnesses have been
beard so far, and nearly $15,000 ex
pended by tbe board. Subpoena bave
been necessary in only a few esses to
get persons to testify, nine-tenths of
tbe testimony having been given volun
tarily. Nothing official has been given out
ae to the views whioh have been form
ed by tbe commission, bnt it in be
lieved that tbe chief recommendation
will be for the creation of a state board
of arbitration to judge between em
ployes and employer. The licensing of
engineers, conductors and firemen will
probably also be recommended, and
more than all, tbe cultivation
of a kindly feeling between
wage earners and those for
whom they labor will be advised. It
is said Mr. Pullman will not escapa
censnre for the methods in vogue in
bis town as well a for rejecting all
proposals for arbitration, and that tbe
General Managers' association and
Chairman St. John will be rebuked
for not giving tbe Ameriean Railway
union a bearing when it wished to end
tbe strike. Marshal Arnold and bis
strike deputies are not likely to be
spared severe criticism.
The American Riilway anion cannot
hope to escape unscathed. It will in
all liktlikood be severely taken to task
for not exercising sufficient control over
its members to prevent them at all
times from resorting to violence and
intimidation of fellow workmen.
By a sewer cave-in at Newark, O., five
men were buried, Jobn liirschlein beiug
The funeral of President Jobn Newell,
of tbe Lake Shore, was held at bis Chicago
home. ,
For bigamy and forgery, Frank P, Mars
field, of Boston, was arrested at Barring
ton, 111.
Jere Dunn, the New York sporting man,
was mustered into, tbe Oswego Grand
Army post.
Heavy rains have cut down Alabama's
cotton crop 20 to 25 per cent, and badly
hurt other products.
George Kolb, a drummer, at Columbus,
O., blew bis wife's brains out last evening,
because be was jealous of her.
Both being tired of life, Thomas Mans
field, of Lewiston, Me., shot his wife and
then himself ' but neither will dte.
Thrown from a carriage in a runaway at
Shelby ville, Ind., Mrs. E in in a Newton and
Mrs. James Giay received fatal hurts.
Failing to get Mrs. Henry Martin to
marry him, E. D. McNitt, a cripple, of
Bonham, Tex., cut her throat and tnen bis
A boom has started for Colonel A. P.
Burchfleld, of Allegheny county, for vice
commander in chief of the National Gran '
Army of tbe Republic.
A verdict of accidental death was ren
dered by the coroner's jury at Norristown
in the case of Willie Langon, the Phila
delphia lad who jumped into tbe river to
escape arrest.
The Democrats Wbo S ood by Him Are Now
Mr. Gibson, the Follower of the
Maryland Statesman, Receives a
Hint Wanted a Postoffice, but Was
Refused Twelve Gormanites Are
Dismissed from Government Ser
vice. Washington, Ang. 30.
"TirriR. CLEVELAND and his cabi
ilf net officer have made it evi
VII dent that it is the intention of
JuU tho administrutiou to make
wur on those Democrats who were re
sponsible for Mr. Ctovelaud'e defeat on
the tariff. Iheyure black-listed for
tho bulunce of the udmidistrution, A
system of rewards and punishments,
wbich will divide the party botweeu
tbe chosen once and those who ere
turned aside, is anticipated from what
bus hitppeued already.
It has been suid that Mr. Gorman
conld iiffnrd to bo independent because
bis term in th e senate does not expire
until '99, but itia already demonstrated
that there are many ways in which he
may be madtt to feel the disfavor of the
Hi friend und follower, Mr. Gibson,
who is seeking another term in tbe
senate, bus been turned down most
pointedly in the uppoiutment of tbe
postmaster of his native town, and in a
heated discussion with the p3stmaster
general yesterday be was given to un
derstand that there was no particular
reason why his wishes should be re
garded by tbis administration. Mr.
Gibson was seeking the appointment
of bis brother-in-law as postmaster of
Centreville, Ml., and be thought there
wns no doubt about the matter until
he was told yesterday that the appoint
bad gone to another.
Among tbe dismissals from tbe print
ing office yestenlry were twelve whom
Mr. Gormau had recommended, and it
is said that the appointments in that
office chargeable to Maryland, of which
there are many, will be held by anti
Gorman people, and that in no way
will Gorman influence seoure anything
from tbis administration. Not ouly
Mr- Gorman, but all who belong to his
little band iu tbe senate, are finding
themselves unable to get any consider
ation as Democrats from tbe depart
Kentucky Partisans Slash lhemeeiva in
a Q i rural on Breckinridge,
Cincinncti, O., Aug. 80 A spooinl
from Lexington says: "Adultothe
death with knives was fought in Clark
county, near Booneaboro, yesterday
over tbe scandal feature of tbe Ash
land congressional contest.
John King, a Breckinridge man liv
ing in Fayette county, met on the high
way bis old frieud, George Cook, who
lives in Clark couuly. Cook said that
any woman wbo weut to bear Breckin
ridge's speeches was no better than sbs
should be. King dismounted from bis
horse, saying tlmt his wife and daugh
ters bad heard Breckinridge. Cook in
sisted it was a shame. He also dis
mounted. Both drew knives, the blood flowed
freely until Cook dropped, having
three etabs iu tbe breast. King was
It Objsot I to Sicur the Rifarniahing
of the Y. M. O. A.
Tbe initial steps towards securing
the refurnishing of the Young Men's
Christian association building was
taken last night at n meeting of the
young men's committee that has de
cided to take the m ater in obarge.
It organized by tbe election of T. R.
Brooks, chairman; James B. Watson,
treasurer, and Ernest Dolph, secretary.
A committee was appointed to examine
tbe conditions of the furnishings of tbe
building and report on tbe amount it
will cost to properly equip it.
Much interest waa msnifested in tbs
project and the young men are deter
mined to bave tbe bnilding furnished
in as neat a manner ns any Young
Men's Christian association in the
William D. Boyer Becomes Its Owner
for $27,600.
William D. B.iyer yesterday pur
chased the McKeuny property at the
sontbwest corner of Admin avenue und
Spruce street for $27,500 The proo
erty has a frontage of fifty feet on
Adams avenue and a depth of ninety
feet along Sprnce street.
The Droperty has been greatly en
liunced in value daring th last year as
it is on the direct road to tbe entrance
to th proposed South Side bridge.
Private W. W. Youngs Breaks tbe Rio
ord at Jttt. Gretna.
The Lebanon News, in speaking of
tbe first day's target practice at Mt.
Gretna, aays that W W. Youngs, of
he Tribune, mude 93 out of a possible
105; Bums, of the Ninth, and Rohling,
of the Thirteenth, made 95 each, and
Huber, of the Twelfth, and Sergeant
Shillinger,'of the Fourth, 94 eneh out
a possible 105.
Youngs' shot is considered the best
ever mad at Mt. Gntn.
r. Merosr Clubbed to Insensibility by
Midnight Thugs.
Beaver Falls, Pa., Aug. 30.
Masked robbers broke into tbe resi
dence of Dr. A. Mereer, of this place,
this morning and after beating tbe
dootorand bis wife into insensibility
ransacked the bouse, Th robbers
enred but $19 and a few pieces of
It is "feared that the doctor will die.
His aged mother, who was kept quiet
by threats, is also in a serious condi
tion through fright
Uniform Rank, Knights of Pythiar,
Deliver Eulogies.
Washington, Aug. 30 Memorial
services were beld at brigade bead'
quarters today in memory of Past Su
preme Chaneellor Shaw, Brigadier
General Halsey, of Wisconsin, deliv
ered a brief address eulogizing Mr.
Slmw as a Pythian and tnetnher of con
gress. The Wisconsin division of
Knights attended iu a body.
Tbe Uniform rank of the Pythians
was inspsoted and reviewed in the
White lot this afternoon by Major
Gunoraf Scbofield, of the army. Not
withstanding tbe faet that tbe review
was a repetition of yesterday, a large
and enthusiuelio crowd witnessed it
The knights wore thnir full dress uni
forms and mad on excellent showing.
Will Hold Their County Convention on
Sept. 6 Ringers Are Not
At a meeting of tbe county commit
tee of the People's party held Wednes
day night, it was decided to bold tbe
county convention of tbe party on
Thursday, Sept. 6, at 10 a. m. It will
be a mass convention, which will do
away with the formality of electing
The convention will be held in the
ball at 419 Lackawanna avonu. That
place waa selectsd for th convention
in preference to tbe court house for
tbe reason tost there a restriction can
better be placed ou those who will be
privileged to bave a voice and vote in
the convention.
Tbe party managers learned that an
effort would be made to fill tbe con
vention room with "ringers" who
wonld do their almost to muke a bur
lesque of the convention. To thwart
these schemes the hall at 417 Lacka
wanna avenue has been selected.
It is tbe intention of the party man
agers to nominate a fall county ticket,
candidates for congress, legislator
and the senate at tbis convention. Tbe
managers refused to say wbo are likely
to receive nominations, but it is gen
erally understood that ex Judge W. II.
Stauton will be tendered the nomina
tion for additional law judge. Tbougb
be has as yet refnaed to commit himself
on is understood that Mr.
Stanton will accept the nomination.
They Nearly Club an Old Farmer to
' Daih and Steure Hie Bidden Hoard
PniLLiPSBUito, Ang. 30. Threo
masked men entered the house of
Philip Reese, an aged farmer, near
Carpntrsville, N. J , last night, and,
covering him with revolvers, demanded
his money. Reese, who was dozing on
a chair, showed filit, but Was over
powered aud oluubid almost to death.
The robbers secure! a gold watch, a
lot of eilberware and $500 in gold,
which waa bidden in an old trung
Reese's wife and daughter were so terri
fied that they wore unable to make an
outcry. There is no olue to the rob
Mataram, lie Capital, Taken by the
Rebels The Dutoh Bombarding It.
Amsterdam, Aug. 30. A dispatch
received here from Batavia says that
Mataram, capital of tbe Island of Lorn
bok, where the Dutch troops have re
cently met with serious revetees at the
bauds of the Baliuese is in the posses
sion of the rebels.
Tbe dispatch adds that Mataram is
being bombarded by the Dutch fleet.
A Michigan Wife Beater Possibly Fat
ally Fnnltb.9d.
Ishpeming, Aug. 30. Frank Nelson,
of Trout Creek, threw dishes at bis
wife and children and ended by trying
to empty a shotgun at them.
He was arrested, bat a gnng of about
twenty white caps took him from the
j til and gave him a hundred lashes on
the bare back, and tied him to the
trunk of a tree. He -was rescued by a
sheriff's posse and may not recover.
George Smith Discovered Helping Him
elf to L. I & S. Co. Property.
Tbe night watvhmaa at tbe Lacka
wanna Iron and Steel company's fouu
dry discovered a man walking away
with a piece of timber from tbe yard
near the mill and after a brisk chase
succeeded in capturing him
At the bearing yesterday morning he
gave his name ns George Smith. He
told a pitiful story of distress to Alder
man Fuller and was discharged.
Service on th Dunmire Suburban to Fe
Curtailed for the Prjs.nt
The Scranton Traction compaay will
reduce the number of or on the Dun
more Suburban line at the end of the
enrrent week.
It is understood that three of the
cars will be taken off and a branob ear
provided for that will make trips be
tween Marlon street and the termini a
of the line. .
Bavfd tbe Livea of Three People and
Then Blew Out tbe Ga.
New Castle, Pa., Aug. 30. Samuel
Livermore, aged 30) blew out the gas
at tbe Levi House last night and was
found dead in bed this morning.
Yesterday evening Livermore stopped
a runaway horse and saved the lives of
three ptople. He was unmarried.
Washinotoit, Aog. 80. For
tutern Pennsylvania and New
Jemu. fair: northerly windt
For viertern Pennsylvania, fair; northerly
winds becoming variable.
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