The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, August 30, 1894, Page 8, Image 8

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Wh en we have a good
thing we are anxious to
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must make way. We can
not afford to carry them
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and hope you appreciate
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read it
A Noted Physician
Now With Us.
PR. E. L. REEVES, of Philadelphia, the
Ibis nod survey! ul i'hvhicia 11 and Surgeon,
U now purmancntly located at
412 Spruce Street, Scranton,
whore hn has fitted spnclous and commodious
parlura for the diiilv treatment of all ACUTE
sml CHhONiO DISEASES of men, women
and children.
The boetor ii a SPECIALIST in the eoneral
Bonseof thetrm. Un lias it voted a lifetime
In relieving sutf-rinit humanity, and having
spent ;17 years in active practice, both in pri
vate and hospital 8 'rvice, he is prepared to
let SPECIALLY in any and all diseaa s, hav
ing treated every conceivable disease known.
He. with hisaasistants, treat nil Diseases o(
the A'Tvous System, Diseases ol tile Eye,
Ear, Kosear.d Throat, Dyspepsia, Rheuma
tism, Lust Vitality, Prematura Weakness or
Decay, in loth scxn; Femat' Weaknesses
nd Ii retrularilies, Nervous I dn'litv, Catarrh,
Tumors, Cancers, Kruptions.Blriod Poisoning,
Fits Epilepsy, Indiscretions and Errors of
Youth. Lost Manhood, Eczema, Scrotula. St.
Vitus' Dance, Asthma, Diseses of the Heart,
Lungs, Liver, iwdnojs, Bladder, Stomach,
Consultation and examination freo
Office Hours: Dailv, V a.m. to 9 p. m. Sun
fluy, in to 12 and 2 to
Kemember nanio and number.
412 Spruce St., Scranton.
Ed Whpsdon, of Chicago, was a vis
itor at M. K. Lisbop'a yestnrdHy.
Among the yorjnK people of this
pkee who Attended Conrad's band ex
cursion to FnrTiew yesterday wer:
Rnlph Winters, Ida Dotv, Lizzie and
Wert, Lettie McCullongh aud A. W.
Mrs. A. C. Snyder spent yesterday
With relative! In Providonce.
Mrs. J. B. Bronson Bnd children r
tnmd from a visit with Thompson,
Ph., relatives Tuesday.
Miss Lottie Yetman, accompanied by
Miss Artie Bntler, retnmed to her
hauia at Brooklyn, N. Y., yesterday.
I A hapt y pHrty of young people gath
ered at the home of M inter B iy Wood
ou Blukely atrevt Tuesdsy afternoon,
the occasion heinit in honor of his
onsina, Misses Grace, Helms, and
Master Harry Bishop, of Ilonesdale.
Among the party was Master Harold
Cloie, Earl Moffatt, Uavid Barton,
Howard ChainbvrUiu, the Misses Fan
tiie and Olive Smith and Mary Decker.
One of the amusing features of the
eomlnjr union social of the Ladies'
Missionary society and the Young La
dies' Missionary circle, which is to be
hold on Sept. 18, will be the dollar of
ferings which each member will make,
Tbe money is to be earned by individ
ual labor and when presented to the so
ciety on the evening of tbe social each
one must be accompanied by a verse
telling how it was earned.
The election of Republican delegates
for the eomiog convention will be beld
at the retnlar polling plaee' on Satur
day between the hours of 4 and 7 p, m.
Thomas Palmer and Henry Summers
compote the Republican vigilant Cora
tnlttee for the Third' ward Third dis
trict, and will have charge of tbe pri
mary vote.
Mitt Matne Harper, of Cherry street,
it visiting her grandparents at Blake
ley. Mr. and Mrs. John Doyle, F. Reiley
and 'Andrew Racht, of Whllmore,
N. Y who have been viiiting M.
Dade at Bunker Hill, returned home
Mrs. E. Stone is vieiting Hawley
Mrt. William Seigle is among George
town friends.
George Fletcher attended the Glen
Onoko excursion on Tuesday.
Thomas Henwood is again on duty
after short illneis.
-Tbe committee consisting of Messrs.
Brennan, Abbott and Ilines, who were
appointed at the last meeting of the
school board to lnveetiget" the alleged
charges preferrtd by M. N. Donn-Hy,
agiinst a c- rtain principal of the bor
ough schools, met Inst evening in the
High School building to hear what evt
dnce, if a y, might be offered. It
having became known that Supervising
Shiel was the principal, Mr. Donnelly
was attacking that gentleman appeared
before tbe board with his counsel, As
sistant District Attorney, P. A,
O'Boyle. Nothing in particular wat
irauauted at the meeting except to
mold a mode of procedure. Having
accomplished this the board adjourned
to m 'ft at the eall of the chairman
The meeting was hold behind elosed
doors, only the committee, the accused
and Attorneys Donnelly and O'Boyle
beiug present.
The coroner's jury empaneled by
'Squire Etiret to inquire itito tbe death
of Joltu Cordis!), wtiu died at tne hos
pital from wounds supposed to bi due
to injuries received iu the mint's, met
at the hospital hat evening to hear
what evidetiee might be offered in evi
dence. Dr. Burlington, of Dnryea,wns
sworn, and stated that several coun
trymen of Cordish's told him conflict
ing stories as to how Cordiab received
bis injuries. Some said he received
them iu a light.others said in the mines,
while more said he was struck by
a car. Drs. McFadden, McKeowan
and Hileinan were sworn. Dr. Mc
Fadden detailed at length th result of
the treatment given 'the injured man
nop the autopsy. In his opinion he
thought the deceased had been struck
by a blunt i nst rumen t. Dr. McKeowan
and Hileman corroborated their col
league's story its given. The jury there
upon went into executive session and
after carefully reviewing the testimony
rendered a verdict that "John Cor liuli
came to bis death from wounds in
flicted by a blunt instrument in tbe
bauds of a party or parties to the jury
What came near resulting in a trag
edy oecnrred ou South Main street yes
terday afternoon at the intersection of
Swallow strent. At tbe point indioated
a two seated surrey, drawn by one
horse and containing fonr men, ubont
4 o'clock, was returning frem a funeral.
The occupants of the carriage were
driving at a lively rate and attempted
to turn into Main street. They had no
sooner done ao than an electric car,
in charge of Motorman William
Burke, running at a lively rate
iu a northerly direction struck the
wngoD. The crash was so sudden that
it shattered the rig to kindling wood,
bruised and cut the borso in several
places. The occupants by nothing
more than the intervention of Provi
dence escaped uninjured. It was ap
parent to all who witnessed the acci
dent that responsibility rested entirely
with the meu in the carriage. Many
passengers in the car became nearly
hysterieal when the crash occurred,
Tbe marriage of Richard Lahey to
Miss Ella Mi Queen took place in St.
John's church yesterday afternoon at 5
o'clock. The eereujony was performed
by Rev. Father Fiuneu in tbe presence
of a large concourse of relatives and
friends of the young conple. Several
friends from Scranton, Wilkes Barre
and other points close by were present.
After the ceremony a wedding supper
consisting of all the delicacies of the
season was served at the home of the
bride in Sebastipol.
Late Tuesday night a serious wreck
ocourred on the Lehigh Valley road
between Ransom and Fulling Springs.
Freight train No. 540 was coming
down the road ae a lively rate, when an
axle broke ou the third car from the
rear. The car was thrown from the
tr.Hck, as also were the two cars follow
Ing and the caboose, and all were badly
wrecked. The three curs were louded
with beer. A loca 1 freight train that
was following the wrecked train ran
into the wreok and the engine was
somewhat damugod. So far as could
be learned no one was hurt. The Cox
tou wrecking crew were called out to
clear the tracK, an 1 they were uotn
pelted to work all night.
Treasnrer W. L. Watson, of the Hos
pital Association, acknowledges the re
ceipt of the following contributions;
' Friends," through A. B. Brown, $9;
Lewis Gordon, $4; Luzurue Lodge, 721,
10 0, F., for bed and furnUuings,
Ellen Golden died at the home of her
brother, T utiias G ilden, ou Rock
street, Ilumtown, Tuesday evening
She was ngd fifty-nine years. The
fnneral will take place this afternoon.
Funeral services will be beld at St.
John's Church and the remains will be
interred iu Market street cemetery.
A dispatch was received here at 3
o'clock yesterday afternoon from
Coudersport, Ph., announcing tne
death of Levis W, Crawford, who will
he remembered as an old resident of
this place, having lived on River street
for a n n iu der of years before removing
to Coudersport. The remains will
reach here Friday morning and will be
interred in West Pittston cemetery.
Postmaster Mullin has received in
structions from t lie post office depart
ment to have the free delivery .system
extended to the outlying districts of
Sevastopol, Browntown and McCirty
villa. Tbe home of Mr. and Mrs. Cliambsr
lin, of Fulton street, was the scene of a
pleasant eotinl .event last evening, it
being occasioned by the marriage of
their daughter. Miss Nellie, to John
Evans, of Frothiughara street. The
ceremony was perfarined at 8 o'clock
by the Rev. JN. G. Clark according to
the ritual of tke Presbyterian church.
A large numb -r of relatives and friends
of tbe contracting parties were present.
Among those from out, of town who
attended tbe Laboy-MiQu-en nuptials
last evening, were Miss Hawks, of
Park Tlace, Scranton. and Correspon
dent John Niliind, of Scranton,
Miss Agnes Fleming, of South Main
street, left yesterday at noon for Jer
sey City, to be present at the weddiug
of a friend which occurred laat even
ing. Cure for Headaohe.
As a remedy tor nil forms of ITeadnclie
Electric Bitters has proved to be the vory
best. It effects a permanent cure and the
most dreaded habitual sick headaches
yield to its influence. Wn urge all who are
afllicted to procure a bottle and give this
remedy a fair trial. In cases of habitual
constipation Electric Hitters cures by giv
irfg the needed tone to the bowels, and few
rases long resist tbe use of this medicine.
Try It once. Largo bottles only Fifty cents
at Matthews Bros', drug store.
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Tiffany, who have
been spending a few days at New York
city and Albany, have returned home
Mr. and Mrs. E-ir! Taliuage attended
Ditnock camp meeting last week.
Dr.. Reeves, 4t3 Spruce street, Scran
ton, cures all di sen sirs of the nervous
system, 9 a. m. to 0 p, m.
W. D. Lnsk, of Montrose, lain towo.
Yesterday an nnknown man stole a
horse from Wrightsr's livery stable in
Snsqnehanns and drove it to Thomp
son, Jackson, New Milford and to the
Mitchell House barn in this plac, ar
riving at the Utter place at 12 o'clock
at night. He tied the borse there and
left town. Mr. Wrttr liter came and
took the horse home today.
Maeter Fred W. Cbnrcii, who has
been visiting friends iu Deposit, has re
turned borne.
William Smith, of New Milford,
called on frieuds and relatives in this
city todov.
Miss Nellie De La Vergne, or Hr
nellsville, who has been visiting her
utint, Mrs. Charles Capwell, has re
turned home.
- The Gospel meeting on Sunday will
be addressed by M. O Utley, president
of the Railroad Youug Meu'a Christian
association at Elmira.
Charles Capwell and Fred Van
Wormer left today on a fishing trip to
Mrs. John Pike is visiting her son
Will in Washington, D. C.
At the First Proshytwrian church
yesterday at 3 p. m.. Miss Smile S Col
lnm was nuited in marriage to U. G
Hidgeway. A largo congregation had
gathered in the church and at exotly
3 o'clock the bridal party entered the
church. The nthors, Fred. Crossley,
P. A. La Barr, Percy Cole. J. P. Som
mers, John Brow, r and Joe Craud
all were followed by the brides
maids, Mias Louise 11-ff and
Carrie Smith, tlreesed iu white dotted
swits, then came the maid of honor,
Miss Gussie Ciillom, cousin of the
bride, iu cream ulbatross.then the bride
in cream China silk trimmed in rib
bons and laee. The bride, mai l of
bouor and bridesmaids carried bridal
roses. At the altar the bride was met
by the groom who was accompauted by
his best mini, Paul W. Gardner. Rev.
William II. Swift united thum in mar
riage, using the ring;the wedding march
Mendalltohn's was played by Miss
Emma Ward. The church had been
i toilsomely deeorated witn fl wor. A
fl ral arch was over the aisle whero the
wedding party entered and nnother
over tbe aisle where the party passed
out. A reception was held at the
residence of tho bride's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Peter Collnin, where the
guetts were entertained. .Mr. and Mrs.
Ridgewsy left on the 5:I!0 Gravity for
Philadelphia nnd other points, and on
returning home will occupy Mr. Ridge
way's handsome new bouse, built by
himself on ripper East street.
Charles Bullock and wife left yester
day to attend the funeral of a relative
at Hartford, Conn.
Mrs. Lee Dimming, Wilkes-Barre,
Mrs. Shook, Plymouth, nnd Mr. and
Airs. G. W. Owens and child, Scranton,
are the guests of John Brown, on Bank
An iron bridge will soon span tip-Lacknwax-m
and canal at the Eric
George Valentine and wifp, of Brook
lyn, returned home yesterday after a
long stay in Ilonesdnle.
E. A. Giltnore, of Scranton, was a
caller in town yesterday.
Miss Julia Cowley, Nellie Martin
and Mary Carbine attended the Ctisey
O'Boyle wedding at Providence last
Miss Annie Lynch, of New York
city, who has been viiiting Mrs. Mary
Shieldp, will retnrn home today.
Willie Money, of Los Angles, Cala.,
is visiting relative in town.
Miss Lizzie Blewitt, of Pittston. and
her guest, Miss Reddington, of New
York, called on frieuds in this place
last evening.
Dr. A. F. Crans left last evening for
Ow"go to attend the fnneral of bis
Miss Mamie Burke, of Park Place, is
the guest of Miss Nellie Galagher, of
Dun more street.
The Brown Juniors will play the
Blue Stars, of Providence, on tbe
Brown's gruuuds this afternoon.
Miss May McN.col bus returned
home after a two weeks vacation at
Philadelphia and AtUntio City.
Mrt. Maggie II iwkins, of Providence
visited hore this week.
Tue Brown Juuiors defeated the
Sunsets, of Archbuld, yesterday after
noon. They won mainly by superior
stick work nnd by the errors of the
visitors. The home run bits of Cleary
were the features. The score:
Brown Juniors... 2 5 1 3 5 2 6 327
.Sunsets 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 4 ti
Hits Browu Juniors, 19; Sunsets. 7
Errors Brown Juniors, 2; S.tnsets, 19
Batteries Morgans uud Gillespie,
Flemiug and 1) iiiy.
Burglars effected an entrance to the
Ddawareand Hudson depot on Tues
day night and stole a quantity of
Dr. Reeves, 412 Spruce ttreet, Scran
ton, cur-a nil diseeses peculiar to f
males, 9 a. in. to 0 p. in,
Mrs. Isaac D ivis, of Hals'eal ave
nue, who has been seriously ill for the
past week is uow progressing favor
ably. The Republicans of this pTace are
donning their war paint and they will
make it hot for their opponents in No
vember. A m eting of the Central
clu'i will bo beld at the Central hotel
ou Friday evening. Let every Repub
lic n be present.
Martin J. Welsh, of Main etreet,who
has been indisposed during the week is
able to be arou id aguin,
Thomas Peach iind William Sears
are the nominees for delegates to the
county convention subject to the de
cision of the C-ntral Republican cinti
Dr. J. J. LiKeimer is nrotind again
after a sevj;- a' tack of neuralgia.
The many burglaries and otb-r dep
redations to " t nave b-en coinmitt d in
this town during the past year ought
toconviho the authorities bettor
police protection is necessary.
Misses Annie nnl Katie Hart, of
Carboudale, were the guests of friends
in town on Monday.
C, G Rogers, James Reid and
Simnel Pritchard, who were honore t
by an invitation to attend the Middle,
town aud Goshen Traction company's
road, are loud in their praises of th"
place nnd its inhabitants.
Gil mores Aromatic Wine
A tonic for ladies. If you
are suffering from weakness,
and feel exhausted and ner
vous; are getting thin and all
run down, Gilmore's Aro
matic Wine will bring roses
to your cheeks and restore
you to flesh and plumpness.
Mothers, use it for your
daughters. It is the best
regulator and corrector for
ailments peculiar to woman
hood It promotes diges
tion, enriches the blood and
gives lasting strength. Sold
by Matthews Bros., Scran
Miss Mary Handler, of Bowling
Gren, Ky., is visiting her mother,
Mrs. Charles Norton, of Main street.
Mr. and Mrs, John Cirdeo, jr., are
being congratulated over the arrival of
a young heir at their home on Wayne
James A. and M. J. Ktarney, James
P. Mack and P. A. Philbio, wuo have
heen in New York for several days,
have returned.
Mrs. Bonrke, of Girardviil", and
Mrs. Neil Pad len, of Scranton, called
on friends here ou Tuesd iy.
A McKinley club was organized here
on Monday night by a number of well
known Republicans of this plaee. It is
composed exclusively of German
Americans, aud its object is the pro
motion of the principles of its patron,
Governor McKiatey. ot O lio. Orgaui
Zttion was effected hy tlie eleetion of
John Beck as president, August Zim
merman, vice president; B. A. Batten
berg, secretary; H. W.l'abst, treasurer.
Cjplain C. C Butenberg introduced a
set of resolutions expressive of the
otj 'cts of the club, which are unani
mously adopted. The following execu
tive committee was appointed : Conrad
Cleinbauer, Philip Behee, Christopher
Linde, John Otto nod Michael Baltes.
After a general discission of political
topics the meeting adjourned to re
assemble ou Sspt. G The cluh begins
its mission with a membership of fifty
and it will undoubtedly do effective
work in the pending campaign.
In St. Thomas' chnruu at 4 o'clook
yesterday afternoon MUs Mary A.
Burke, a popular young lany of the
Esst Side was married to Michael
Uohan, cf Providenee. The ceremony
was performed by Rsv, T. J. Comer
ford. The bride was attended by her
cousin, Miss Ellzs Ltngau, of Dun
more, nnd the groom by his brother,
Thomas II. Hoban, of Providence.
The bride looked charming in lavender
silk, trimmed with cream lace, and
wearing a hat to match The
bridesmaid wore a beautiful dress
of blno cashmre, trimmed with
cream lace and her hat was of the same
color. The bridal party enjoyed a
short drivo, after which a reception
was held at tho hoin of the bride's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Burke, of
Salem hi reet. Here they received tho
congratulations many of their friend.
Several pleasant hours were spent iu
the tinjoymnnt of wedding pastimes.
The guests included many from out of
town, bpsides tbe intimate friends of
the young people. They began wedded
lite with the good will of everyone.
Yesterday afternoon, also. Miss Min
nie Sauer and Fred Ziirautier.
both of South Main street, were mar
ried. The ceremony was performed in
the Germ in Lutheran church by th-
pastor, Rev Mr. Sohabinger, in the
preseuce of many friends of the young
people. The bride was attended by her
cousin, Miss Minnie Hendershot, of
U.izloton, and George Saner, a brother
of the bride, was grooimman. The
bride and her m iid made a pretty an
nearance, having been neatly attirel
in white robes with hats to match. A
reception was held at the home of the
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Sauer, where a large numuer of in
vited guests had a most enjnyuble
time. Mr. and Mrs, Sehwartzurauber
are well known an 1 highly eetuemed by
many friends, who wiBh them success.
R-v. G. S. Allen, of Carlisle. N. Y ,
formerly pastor of the Presbyteriau
church, called on his many acquaint
ances here yesterday.
Miss Lizzie Monie, of Moosic, has re
turned home after a pleasant visit with
friends hero.
Rev. F. J. Morgan, of Clifford, who
bus been filling th pulpit of the Pres
byterim church during the vacation of
Rev. Mr. Shaw, has returned home.
Mrs. Dr. Van Doren is visiting her
parents at Clifford.
M. L. Bi.air, Alderman, 5th Ward,
Scranton, Fa., stated Nov. !), '83: lie had
used Dr. Thomas' O.lectric Oil for sprains,
bums, cuts, bruines auu ruentuatism.
Cured every time.
Rev. William A. Smith, pustorof the
Baptist church of Eist Stroudsburg, is
visiting J H. Khntwll.
Dr. Reeves, 412 Spruce streot, Scran
ton. cures all acute and chronio diseases
of men, women und children, 9 a. in to
fl p. m.
At the primaries held here Sitnrday
D S. Lee wis nominated for state sn
ntor, R, F. Schwarz for representative
uud R L. Burnett va returned to the
D D. Wyman, of Waverly, N. Y., it
at the Buruett liouse.
S. B. Palmer, the famous biilg"
builder of this place, is in Portland,
Me., on business.
Charles Kitler, of Allmtown, was
seen circulating nmong friends here.
Mins Mande Cobb, of Philadelphia, is
the guest Of C. D. Claim.
Mks Myrtle Stnnppdr recently re
turned from an extended visit at Oeun
Harry Miner, the well known tha
utrical man of N-w York, is at Mr
Oiienheiiu-r', For-et Park
Charles Drake and Alu-rt Eckert are
in Houesdale ou business.
The funeral services of Captain
G-orge Pearce, who w is murdered in
South Atneiica by the steward of a
V'-ssel cf wnich he was captain, wore
held in Craig's Meadows, this comity,
on Sunday.
The Monroe Comity Agricultural so
ciety's interesting annual Tair will be
held at Stroivlsbiirg Sept. 4 to 8. An
icelleiit programme has bieu pre
pared, Montrose
The address by Mrs. Twing, of Nw
York, at the Graug r's picnic on Tues
day was highly complinient-d. '
Mrs. Towusend Poor and Mrs G. F.
Bentley, of Scranton, are guests of Mr.
and Mrs N H. Sliafer.
It is reporte t that the postotDce will
be moved from its present location to
the new brick now being erected.
Judge Archbald, of Suranton, has
been here the pnet week hearing the
case of Kyte vs. ex-Sheriff Forou.
lucklen'a Arniei Palv.
The best salve In the world for Cuts
Bruises, Hores, Ulcers, Milt linenm, Fever
Bores, Tetter. Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns and all hkin Eruptions, and pol
tively curea Piles, or uo pay required. It
it guarantees! to give perlect satisfaction,
or money refunded. Price SKi cents per
box. For sale by Matthew liroe.
Mrs. John Chatham.of Edwardsvillc,
it visiting at the home of Isaac Davis
in Greenwood,
Miss Mary Evans, of Dnryea. who
resided at Butte City, Mont., for the
past two monthis, is visiting at Isatto
One of tho grandett weddings of the
ae son was solemaiztd yesterday morn
ing at 10 o'cloak with nuptial mats in
St Joseph's church, when John Conn
boy, or this place, wa united in mar
riage to Miss Julia O'Donnell, of Bir
ney avenne. The bride wat attired In
a beautiful garb of lansdowne trimmed
with point lace, while the bridesmaid,
Mitt Ellen Cannon, was dressed in Bilk
to match and carried bunches of tea
After the oremony the bridal party'
drove to tbe home of the bride's pa
rents where dinner was served Mr.
aud Mrs. Conaboy left on tbe 1.50 train
oa their wedding trip.
George Doud. Harry Doud and Dave
Lovering, of Greenwood, who have
been spending their month's vacation
at Atlantic City and West Virginia, re
turned home yesterday,
John Holleran and Mrs. William
Kearney. both of this place, were united
in marriage at St. Joseph's church
Tuesday evening by Rv. D. H Green.
Miss Bridget Fitzhenry was bridesmaid
and Patrick Mauran acted as best man.
The wedding reception was beld at the
home fif the brid-. Mr. and Mrs.
Holleran will reshle on Davie street,
Miss Ella E. Hubbard, of this city,
was married yesterday to George S.
Millau, of New York City, at Windsor,
N. Y. Miss Hunbard was beld in high
esteem and her many frieuds wish them
a naopy life.
Yesterlav. at 12:30 p. m , Miss Mag
gie Howard died at the residence of
her rather, John Howard, of Pike
s'reet. Miss Howard was about fout
teeu years old and was a great favorite
with her playmates.
Ou Friday evening of this week all
the furniture of the Young Men's
Christian Association will be sold.
Miss Allie Chase is home after spend
ing two weeks in Scranton.
Frank Berry, of Caiman street, left
yesterdty for Philadelphia for an ex
tended visit.
Last evening at the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. R. W. Budd, of Lincoln ave
nne, occurred the marriage of their
daughter, Eva May. to Corzou E Dix
The ceremony was performed at 8 j'O
The diagram for M. B Leavitt's
speotacnUr production, "The Spider
and Fly," will open this morning at
Reynold's drug store.
E. M. Maloney, a representative of
the Long Distance Telophoue com
pany, and J. S. O'Brien, of the Cen
tral Pennsylvania Telephone company,
of Scranton, are in towu looking i p
those interested in u line of this kinu
being placed in this city
Mr. Corbin, operator at Main street
station, is spending his vacation with
his parents iu Now York state. C. It.
Smith is filliug his place during his
James Mooney and sister. Lizzie, of
Pittston, are spending a few days with
their cousin, John aud Alica Brown, of
ibis citv.
MissEloise Edwards, of South Church
street, ia entertaining Miss Sophie
Evans, of Wilket-Barre.
Brakemun Watkins, of the Delaware
and Hudson, was quite seriously hurt
this afternoon at J. fferson Juustlon.
He bad his arm crushed aud a scalp
Many wells have gone dry and the
water company's supply is not plenti
ful. Anna Gordon is visiting friends in
The ladies of the Pries library are at
work In beantifyiug the ball.
Burgess Griffiths is home from an
outing at Atlautio City.
Allred Davie, of Forest City, has
been in town the past two days.
Daniel George Jones is home from
the wildi of Forest City.
Watkin Jonet has returned from
Richfield Springs.
J. VV. Homer and Thomas Francis
are delegatet in support of John V.
Reese for recorder.
W. S. Docker has been at Lake Un
derwood fishing tbe past few days.
John Griffiths, the barber, is so
journing at Lake Winola.
A party of Taylor young people, un
der the guide of Aiign-t Reinhardt.
vioitcd the Pyne mines Monday night.
A. L. Titus while tinuing a roof at
Kingsley folf a distunct of twenty feet
It is thought that his hip Is broken.
Mrs. C irr aud daughter H-iniiah. of
Green Ridgo, are visiting Mrs. Frank
Mist W-aton, tho elouutionist, will
gwe one of her pleasant entertain
ments at the opera house Tuesday
evoniug, S-pt. 4. for tho beuefit of tho
Presbyterian cnurch.
Mrs. N. S. Walker Is entertaining
several yonng people this week,
Charles Btkr. of Diltoa, is visiting
his mother, Mrs. Whitbeek.
Our school commences the first Moa
day in September
The Past
The Future ,
The fact that Mood's Sarsapn
rilla has cured thousands of
others is certainly sufficient
reason for belief that it will
cure you. It makes pure,
rich, healthy blood, tones and
strengthens the nerves, and
builds up the whole system.
r Sarsa-
Be Sure to set MOOD'S and
. Only MOOD'S. :
Hood's Pills are especially prepared to bt
taken with Hood's Surshparilla. Ii5c. per box.
Hotel Waverly
IE Cor, 15t!i and Fittert Sts., Ptiiladi
Mint desirahle for renMents of N.K.Tonn'
jyivtiila. All 1, travel-'
J" '"'"'"n Bro.l street ad thl
5 vol tU n.l Market Mtroet station ul
rtyZ??7,W"?7ioi B"d licensed Hotel at
LiAKiv 8 HUM MIT, is now prepared to fnr-
fu t j'niv?? !)?.n,""rt "l,1 lrlte
the LA I LbT, MKW-KTYLED kiutf, single
ri..i"Vbu ' 'V Uk? t,,em 10 ' ke Wtn.3a,
llrnvol Pond and all suburban polntw and
Knramer resorts lit reasonable prices. A lftro
livery b arucounooted with aotol lor tray el
lug public
0 La Laud lllrfllU iJ la
400402 Lackawanna Ave,
Fine Holland Shades, with heavy
knot fringe, Hartshorn Rollers,
SOc Eacli
Plain Shades, 20, 25 and 30c. each.
Measurements taken and shades put up by experienced workmen.
We Cany All lidtto Store Shades la Stock
irass Extension Sash Rods
15 and 20c. each.
A few Vienna Porch Shades
left that we will close out at cost.
406 and 408 Lacka. Avenue.
To sell the goods in our several depart
ments. It's to your own interest
to deal with us that is, if you care to
save on your purchases and we
think you do there are other reasons.
A stock of 3 Scranton Stores
is shown under one roof, and
we make it easy to settle.
We chop the amount off so fine you
hardly miss the paying of it. Besides
Carpets and Furniture we sell
Stoves and Crockery.
You know we furnish homes complete.
1 1