The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, August 21, 1894, Page 8, Image 8

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e ICeep Up
To the miauta on all NEW
STYLES, and are the first to
introduce them to the Eetail
Every Detail
of Merchandising
1 so carefully watched that
there is slight chauco of dis
salislactlou. Quoting Prices Go33
for LITTLE Unless You
Sea the Goods.
Every department is a reser
voir of STYLE and ELE
GANCE, and we oiler no
sleepy imitation for patron
age. BUY HERE, and
You Will Get the Best
Do not drift away from our
Remember, We Take
To Show Goods and Quote
Prices. If we can suit you
iu a satisfactory purchase,
we are both benefited. We
purchasing what you don't
Our Entire Store,
Our clerks, our system of
buying, all are at your ser
vice. Early Fall Dress Goods
The examination of our Dress
Materials for Fall is early so
licited. The variety of de
signs to choose from is as ex
tensive as formerly. The
' qualities, the finish and the
prices are the best.
Mrs. Henry TiiuiK, who had been
visiting friend in lankoannook, tins
retnmcl uomo.
Rev. John Divis, pastor of tbe Bap
tist cunrcli t this plae, will bt or
dainml oil Thursday of thi we It.
Thf coUsun mwtinii on FriJuy ovhii
lug will b lii-lil nt the humi of G. W.
Cm:'Wh11 on Chnrch street.
Tne Wo moil's Curiatinn TVmper-ince
union will mart a' ttia om t Mr- E
D Burton Tbnrsd iy aft-rnooa at 3 !i0
Tup teichr'a metttinf? will be IihH at
tlu I'rpsbyteriiiu p.traouage on Frid.iy
Arrangement are being porfecte'1 to
bold a Sumluy Kaliool institute at Naw
jMiif'.rd Sept. 7.
Mrs. 15 C. Read is vtaltiug friends in
A number from tbis place attended
tbe excursion to Mitple Bay on Satur
day. C. M, Reed, of Montrrm-', who lias
been visitiuij bi brother B-nj iinin in
tbia place, bun returned bom.
iir. and Mrs. Earl Talinah'e attended
the camp me-tin-; at Hooper yet"rilay.
Jliss (iiorgia Cup well and Mua Flor
ence W ii termini spent Sunday witn
friend in II irfonl. Pa.
Air. and Mrs. Joseph Wenlnv, who
lmvtt been visiting t ri. n U in Wilkea
Biirre, have returned hmue.
Wiirren Simmrell visiting friends in
Worcester, Mann.
Ti.e s.iop m-n are now world nf on
eight hours time.
Tb Gospel met-tiug in th R ilro id
Young Mhu's Christiau Asociition
hull next Snnlay will be a Id'H-isad by
William Williams, of Grmtt B ti l.
Burdock Blood Bitters taiien after
eating will relieve any feeling of weight
or over lulness or the stomach, b IU every
where. '
L. R. Hernck, ol Rush, spout Sun
dny hre with bio parents.
Company G arrival honn from
Gettyebnrg at 2 a. in. Sunday, vnr
with th trip, but aft-r a regtover Sun
day tliey were all well yterday n I
were kept busy telling their frienda
about tbo camp life. Corporal Dr
Joucliirj received many congratulutiona
for ti e compliment be received from
G rural Uotnn.
Mrs. John Tyler, of Sonth Jluin
Ptteet, Is (iftiiuerunnly ill witn typhoid
f' Vi r, tbo lirat case in town for a ion
tune, '
Rev. A L. Benton, having returned
from bis vacation, ocenpin I hi pulpit
in tbe rrestiymrim chnrch ou Sunday,
preaching excellent sermons
James Morris and son, Frank.starte I
yesterday for Forest lake, to b gone
s-veral days. Walter J nekton is em
ployed at the Central during Frank's
Myron Kasson, of Scranton, was call
ing ou friends here on Saturday.
Tii Sbring murder exse is still on,
the witnesses lor tbe defense wre b-t
ing beard yesterday. Tbe opinions
differ as to bis guilt or innocence. The
jury alone will be able to decide.
Elsctrlo Bitters.
' Tlita Mrnulv la hanmnint an toaII Irnnwn
end so popular as to need no special men-
All whn li.tfa iiuflil TT. I... 1.11 ft plltf.ara
sine the same ong of praise. A purer
niecncine uoes novei nuu n is kuiu-
.wwl in nil iVtuf 4a flnilTlHlL Elarf.rin
Bitters will cure all diseases of tbo Liver
and Kidneys, will remove rimpies, cons,
Bait Kbenm and other affections caused by
impure blood. Will drive Malaria from
tbe system and prevent as well as cure all
falaflal fnvnra Vnv nnra nt Hend&C.he.
Contispation and Indigestion try Electrio
Bitters Entire satislaction guaranteed,
or money refunded. Price 60 ctfC and $1
per bottle at juauuews uioa., vrug nan
Patrick Keating, aged 23 years, and
employed as u coal inspector at tbe
titular Mine, was struck and killed by
a Delaware and Hudson passenger train
early Sunday morning. Tbe accident
neenrred near tbe Batier breaker, Tbe
funeral will take plaee this afternoon
from tbe house of bis parents in Cork
Lin, at 3 o'clock. The G-zeite in
commenting on tbe number of fatali
ties wbicb have occurred at tbe snart
indicated above, says: "Keating mikes
the ninth young man residing In Cork
Lane or vicinity who has been mangled
on the rails nn the D-taware n l Hud
son or cut off track, between Saturday
night and Monday morning, within
tbe past few yen, as follows: h Gil
martin. John Mtillmrin, Martin Kirbv,
Andrew Doouer, John Smith, Patrick
Knane, Lnke Nolan, Patrick Keufe, ao i
Patrick Keating. Besides thesx, no less
than ten Poland-rs have been killed on
the tracks at Cork Lane within tbe
same time."
Patrick Curley, of the Alplnt Bus
Ball club, while playing ball Sunday
was struck in the eye by a Utohsl ball
and painfully injured. John Duffy, of
the same club, sustained a blow on one
of bis fingers that crippled it.
The committee appointed in accord
ance with a resolution of the council to
prepare plans and specifications for
paving and sewering Main and Water
streets bsld a meeting at the town ball
yesterday afternoon and last evening.
The committee has been reinforced by
tbe appniutment of Benjamin Harding,
John B. Law and Jxm '8 Fitzpatrisk,
of tbe eitizmt advisory committee.
Tbe specifications of several of tbe
paving companies were read and
after some modifications were adopted,
John B. Law of ttie advisory commit
te , inform I the committee that the
sum of $43 653 would be required to do
the boroueus sbxre of the pving.
Borough solicitor Bobau informed the
committee tbat tbe borough oould
rsia. $33,000 on tbe recent loau author
iz.'d. Mr. D 'iinelly Btatsd that inas
much us it w s apparent, tbe council
could not p.iV ami sewer tbe town
with the amount of money in posies
sion of the horou-ib, the rommit'ee
recommend d to tint council at thn xt
meeting that the sewering b let to i
local company and tbat the borough
retain an option on tbe franchise given
uch cbtnpwny, whereby the borough,
when it felt able, could pure has the
franchise. A motion to that eff et
prevailed. The committee adjjurned
to mvet at the call of tbe chair.
Tbe council meeting which was to
have been held Inst eveniug, wis put
over until Wednesday evening owing
to the committee on paving and sewer
ing not baviug finished their work as
erly as expected, A large multitude
of people, who bad gat iereJ outsi ie the
town hall, were therefore much dis-
s itinfind.
Miss Meta Shnltz, of Wast Pittston,
on 'i'liurdy last was stricken with a
serious illnoas. Her condition lasi
evening was pronounced beyond help
by her and her death wa
uinmetitxrily expected.
M r Loughnev and M. J. 13ittl
have goue to Buuilo on an extended
Robert Wallace, sr., repreasnt-jtiv-i
r Falling .Spring lo la, and Jmns
Fleming, representative of My 0vn
lodge. Knighu of Pythias, left yester
day to attend the meeting of the Gi aud
Lodge of Pennsylvania, which will be
held at York Tuesday and Wednesday
of this we k.
Dr. Ed Walsh and f.imily, of Phila
delphia, are visiting bis brother, P, G.
Wnlsh, of Market street.
Miss Sara Goodman has returned
from Carbondale, wnere she visited
Miss Toda Barrett, of William,
is visiting friends in Honesdale.
Miss Alice Cosgrove has rsturnnl
home from Wilkes Birre, where she
spent some time among friends
Dr. D L. Ko3, wife and daughter
are visiting friend' in M issnchusetts.
Miss D.cker, of Honnsd'tle, aput
yestvrday visitiu her sister-in-law.
Mrs. Schoonov-;!', on the wa.t bi ie.
Miss Belle Ford ham is entertaining
the Misses Ilulru atid Mirgar-t Bnt
ley, of Scranton, and Miss MoAlpine,
of Waverly, P..
Mr Frank Flock, of the West Sid".
and Mrs. A. J, Williams and son, Rob,
of Wilkes-Barre, left yesterday for
Bridgeport, Coun,, to vinii relative.
Joiin and Ambrose Higgim, of New
York, are visiting their parents iu thih
Forest City.
The borougu t.ithera mat in s.ssioi
l.i at evening.
Electrician Arthur Korben snent
Suudny pleasautly with former Sorm
lon irienda
Tiie Liidiss' Guild of the Eniscnnul
chnrch will bold anripp"r in the base-
iri'nt o' toeir church tonight
George Maxey is SDendinz this work
w'uli Gibson rolativiM.
i. J. Urattan. of IU I stead, was a
vini'or in town yesterday.
Mua Lena R-vnolds an 1 Mint Purl
Garil visited Cirbondale frin Is yostur-
iMrs. AUx Lili 'Is entnrtiiini ltr n Ii -
giust Miss Margaret Sbiler, of Ho i
The Free Metno lists ciiiid me-n .
is held neHr Ararat. A larg' nam r
from thia place attend., l Sunday E A
Wbeelor and John Male? rode on their
wheels to thul pi .ce and return, ami
took a prominent p rt in the ex -rein s
Rev. William Jonmncs and f in i K
penl Sninlny at Prouipton with Mrs.
Jiidwaru rentecost (nee Ada Jennings)
who has be-n very ill. II-r m in)
friends will be pleased to le.irn thai
she is convalescing
Miss Grace Lim, of Carbondale. i
i ho guest of Mias May Walkina, of
Di.lnware street.
Joseph D avis and mother, of Taylor,
ep-nt n short timo in this place Mou
The fir company recently organize'
at V.indllng held u pienio in the Van 1
ling grovo Sa'orday.
Frank Mlddleton, a (rusty nnd car
fal engineer On one of the small Hill
side locomotives in this place, was s
vrely scalded by steam yesterday
During the noon hnr bn start- ' lo rv a defeciive fit ', that had heei
"plugged, and wmch had started lo
leak water in the fire box. Whil
driving this ping more securely in tb with a bar, the plug spdt or w
blown out, thus allowing the 110
poun Is pressure of RUaiu to nscn
which, with some of the fire in t'i
box. struck him with ureat fore
knocking nim down. He was badly
scalded on tbe left side of the face
arias and lim I s. He was removed to
his borne on North Main street, where
Dr. 13Iakelte was suuitnondvd an
dressed tbe injuries, wbioh are painful
tint it la tbougut not fatal. Harry
Dolph and Andrew Haley, who wn
standing nearby were sliithtlv bnrn.ul
John Meddleton, who wg the nearest
to bis brother at the tibte of tbe aoci
dent escaped nuiniured.
Abont 4 o'clock yesterday morning
the whistles tn this place sounded th
alarm of fire. The fire was located iu
the tenement house owned br Dr
Knapp, and fhluh is situated back ol
the doctrr's rtsldenc. The Hillside
Fire comnanv's hose room la near
1 opposite th; place of tbe fire, -and that
company quickly responded, but in
trying to attach their hose to tbe
hydrant a coupling was missing, and
they failed to get a stream of water on
the building. The Enterprise Hose
company responded, and iu short order
bad a stream on th fl tmes. The oan.'e
of the fire is unknown, as the bouse
was uuoeoupied. The names were pre
vented from spreading to tbe adjoining
residences. Tbe bouse is ruined. An
iusuranee was carried.
The Serenade Biud picnic at Sylvan
irrove was a great sncoess. The atten
dance was large and an enj tyable time
was bad. The principal feature of in
ternet was a tug-of war between a team
from Archbald lions company Mo. 1
and a team from Andrew Mitchell
Hose compauy, of Cirbondale. The
Archbald boys won after a hard tusaei.
The team was ouly recently organized,
but it contains soma strong and heavy
men. iney leel delighted witn tneir
viotory over such a worthy team as
tbat of tbe Aadrew Mitchell company.
Mus Mamie MeNuity, of Uydo Park,
is visiting Miss M'ggie Judge, of Pine
Mra. P. W. Fadden and Miss Laura
McHale, of Olyphant, called on friends
here yesterday.
Some of the Hungarian residents
here attempted to paint tbe towu red
on Sunday and all day the officers were
on duty qnelliug the disturbances
they caused and arresting tue (Hamm
ers. The quarreling began early in
the morning when four witn unpro
nounceable names were arrested after
a night's debauch. . They made a sorry
spectacle as tbey were taken to tbe
lockup Inst as people were coming to
church. One of tbe prisoners was too
drunk to walk, so be was wheeled in a
wheelbarrow. Another witti moou
streaming from a wound ou his bead
and with the upper part of his body
almost naked was taken along tbe main
streets mush to the disgust of ev-ryon-
who saw him. In the afternoon a riot
of small proportions took plaos on
South Main street which lei to tbe ar
rest of six of the rioters. In tnis mslee
a participant. Jcoti Oharoth. was very
bilv clubbed. He sustained two del p
cuts on bis bead which bled so pro
fusely and dazud biui so completely
that It is believed his sku.l is fractured.
To add to bis hard lot he was brutally
plased in the lock-up without having
his wounds dressed and slept on tue
fl ior all Sunday night. Yesterday ho
was taken to the home of his sister,
wbo at first would not rsceive him
A' this writing be is still uneoiiscloua.
Yesterday the ten prisoners were ar-
raigued before the burg-tai and Squires
Giidea and Munley. The ourtrea. fined
some of them for the violation of
ornugh ordiuauces and others were
charged with assault and tiattery. All
naid their tines or promised bontlg:u-u
except one, wuo was committed to the
county j til in default of bail.
The spectacle presented by the uair
clo'hed and drunken prisoner woo was
taken to the lockup yesterday morning
as people W'-- coming from churea
wis note CUl el to edify tU03 who
witnowl t. It would well for
polioe officers to use a little, jn Igment
in dealing wit i cuds such as that.
J. F. Reynolds win attending to
business in Scrautou yesterday.
Bert E Igett sp-nt Su iday in town as
tbe gust of G. P Rogers.
Mr. and Mrs. Uyron JN. Peck spent
Sunday with tho lattor's parents in
Way mart.
Mrs. Buyley, of Green Rid go, is tbe
gnesr of her son, A. W. Biyley, on
Salem avenu -.
Dr. H. C. Niles, of Suit Like City.
who has bsn spending some weeks
witn his parents iu this city, left this
morning for Baltimore, where he will
take a special course in John Hopkins
university under tbe celebrated Dr
Kellev of that institution. At. its oon-
lu'ion, which will ba in about a
month, he will b joined by his brothr,
Dr. J. s JNlles, ol tins city, in Phlla
lelphia, where they wll spend some
time in special stuWy at Presto i R'troai,
uml.r Dr. Joseph Prio-. During the
latter'a iihsencd his practice will tie
looked after by bis father and Dr. W.
J Low-ry.
Conductor Howard Knapp is sick ut
bis boms on Cauaan street.
W liter Franks, of Scranton, spent
Sunday in town.
A large uu lienca gaihared at the
Baptist ohuruu last night to listen to
the lecture given by Yonan II Shah
o.i z a, native of Persia. Tue lecture
was very interesting as was also the
f ursoiigs, which were each sung in a
different language.
B iyd Case spont yesterday with hia
parents in Waymart.
Frank Niles will return to his home
iu Tex s to lay, after speu ling ttia au
nual vicaiioii with his fatoer, Dr An
drew Niles,
D' K Ivtatrlck and family, of Wind
sor, N. Y.,ar' spending a few days
with F. E K 1 1 1 p 1 1 r i e It ou Dirte uv -uu
James G'r Ion, of Gordon avsnn-,
oi i witn an uccid-tii on Satnrdiv
. it which nearly reult-d in his e-
. l.isliinily killed. G n!on being in
i intoxicated condition was walkiu
on the trunk sonth of this t it v w-i -n
tne ear rauie Mown the hill witn great
speel. The motor in an s.w him on the
lack and did hla u mo to slop tlx
ear and also to Httr.c Gordon's atten
tion by vigorously iliiiing the hell
He was struck by the car and thrown
atioUl ti II He ii teet. lie was t noil,' lit at
ihe time to be seriously hurt, but Inter
reports are tbat he Is able to b arottn I
No td una is laid to the strtet o ir tn mi
E M. Cooper, of Wnyntirt, is in
barge of the Carfiondale steamlau i-
lry in tha niaeuce of Mr. Fanning
Mr Ciopr was formerly conn-ct-d
withtb- Lackawanna steam laundry
m Scranton.
Andrew B niii mid Divid Mnir
sailed last S.turday uioruinu. for Gms
iiovv, Scotland
Rev. John Race, of Ki igston semi
Gilmore's Aromatic Wins
A tonic for ladies. If you
are suffering from weakness,
and feel exhausted and ner
vous; are getting thin and all
run down, Gilmore's Aro
matic Wine will bring roses
to your cheeks and restore
you to flesh and plumpness.
Mothers, use it for your
daughters. It is the best
regulator and corrector for
ailments peculiar to woman
hood t promotes diges
tion, enriches the blood and
gives lasting strength. Sold
by Matthews Bros?, Scranton,
Most AnxiousTime for Mothers
and Nurses,
Greater Susceptibility to Sudden
Intestinal Disorders,
Worsa Than the First Few Months of Its
Life Lactated Food.
The dangers of the"''seoond summer"
have already been a familiar piece of
nnrsery wis lom.
Every year, with a regularity that
strikes terror Into thousands of homes,
there comes with tbe midsummer
weather tbe present fearfnl jump in
the death rate among children. As
physicians continually warn parents,
X'raordinary care in baby s food is
Uuw essential.
An intimate knowledge of just what
babtes require to keep well and free
from summer illness, produced lacta
ted food. Children fed on this thnug bt
fully considered nutriment grow rapid
ly and develop bone and muaale, as
wen as into tat, plump babies. It con
tains every neo.sslty for baby's rapid
A food as simple in its composition, as
ribh in uutritive parts, and as olosely
ressmbly beatby mother's milk has
never before been produced. Lactated
food is also tbe crooer thing for chil
dren when weaned, because they like
it, and are easily led to this important
change In diet
In thousands of oases, where nursing
protraoted into warm weather has re
duced tbe vitality and Holiness of tbe
breast milk, babies that showed signs
of fretfulness and often colic become
again fat and sturdy when put on a
diet of lactate 1 food. It is undoubtedly
i mo that babies that have the advan
tage of their mother's milk seem to
stand the heat of summer best, provid
ing the natural food agrees with them.
Hut wheu hot weather brings down
the strength of both mother and child
there is always danger of tne severe
bowell aflections wbicb come on so
suddenly and are so often fatal.
Physioiaus omcribe laclaUd fool lo
be kept always on band and used at
once upon the first indication of loose
ness or loss of strength, or if baby is
evidently not thriving on its present
Met, Lactated food is the diet physi
cians us in their own families.
nary, will preach tonight (Tuesday) In
tbe Methodist Episcopal chnrch.
I ho bailies Aid society in connec
tion with the Methodist Episcopal
church will hold an ice cream and wa
termelon social in the lecturo room of
tbe church Wednesday evening. A
cordial invitation is exton led to all to
come and pass a pleasant evening.
The members of St. Mary s church
will rnn an excursion to Farview
Wednesday. All who wish to have a
day of enjoyment should go with them
aud help them in thoir endeavor to
raise funds to pay for their addition to
the cuurch.
A box social will be held touight at
the Sibley Union church.
Susie Morris is sojourning at Heart's
iaka for a w.-ek.
M. M 'Willihtna left yesterday for
lorn state retorts.
Taylor, Pi., Aug. 39. 189-i. Wm. H.
Davenport off Ted to sell out his farm
ing utensils and right to good farm,
one hundred and fifty, acres. Tli--
reasou for selling on account of poor
health. "
The Christian En leavorers held ser
vices in the Methodist Lpisoopal
church Sunday night in absence of
their pastor.
Mrs Jenkin Harris, of Wilkes-Btrre,
whs in town yesterday.
Polities are hot. Every member of
the M' Kinley cluu is working for John
11 Fallows for congr ss aud J. W.
Ke 'se for rccor ler.
Tue Junior Order United American
Mechanics bull club defeated Ihe Loyal
Knights of Am-'iici on Saturday ly a
score of 11 lo 5 Each olub has now
won n team-, and it is likely another
will be arranged to rettle tbe champion-
The reception committee of the Price
library met last eveuing and discussed
the dale uf its annual season's opening.
S. G K-rr, of Scranton, will deliver
tne nrBt lecture of the season at tne
library, an I many others have been en
gaged, iucluling the famous Joaupb
With a feeling of r-retwo record
tbe ((er.tb of Mrs. 15ei j imin Bed loe,
i.oe F'dlz, whose demis- toi k place V 8
terday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Dceaed
was nn upright, conscinntioua young
woman, beloved by all who knew her,
but was cut down by th" ruthless bun l
of death in her twentieth year. Slit
lnvea mi infant one we-k old Funera
n dioe later.
John Wallace, of Grusy, was n caller
in town (Hiring the week.
Miss Clara Grier, of Dickson, has re
turned after sp'ii ling the past tw
we ks nt L.tkk Win d i.
The employ s of Richmond's mines
were p ltd v sierd i y
Mr and Mrs. Chris Leitner spent the
Saiiimtli wiiii frieii Is iu ntiHt'iu.
P. F. Galkightr, who for tho pasi
few years iota bveu it resident bnain -fa
man of Dickson, left yesterday for
!' x s, wnero he intends to sp nd th
Marion L. Smith intnd buying some
coil land xituted at Mois:o
There are a few ens ol' tdeknees i
town of n contagions kl ul
Mr. and Mr .Z '. Tiiikelpaugh spe
Snndav with iri -ii Is at Avoaa.
R-irniar ci m iimcatloii of Orien
Siiir lodge, N . 5b'8 Free and Accepted
Masons, will be it - i I this evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carreolt,
SiTinton. Annul, .Snodiv in town.
Mr. James Doin i is visiting wi
1 fn tida i.t L ik- C mo.
Aaon.ey p, A. M.xw-d', or Wilk
Burr ', wa in town on business yesl
dnv. Willl t H'eddeu and his ladv frln
from Carbon IhIo, callot on hit sieti
last Sunday, Mrs. G-nrge Cool.
fl.tirir.. M .iwla luff v -ut r tn rjti
r sent S iriM an loiUe,' ziu ivnignts
I'vtni.s, a York to 1 iv.
Tiiomus Warue and Mark Wliitie
! n led camp meeting at Nay Aug I
i at
Miss Mary Girvan, of Plainsville,
visiting nr sister, jura, wiiii
WTien Hitiy was sick, we gave her Cantoris.
Waca sho was a Child, she crltd for Castorlo. .
Wien she bee.ame Miss, sho clung to Castorls. ;
Alien she lisd Children, she gurelluvn Castorta,
L R. Fowler." of Mohawk. N. Y..
sneut Sunday with hia family at this
place. . ,
Among the Dunmoreans who spent
Sunday at Lake Wioola was Mrs. B P.
savage, Miss Maud Savage. Mrs. W. T.
Messenger, Henry Bjyca, Dr. Harry
Byea, of Philadelphia: James Me
Donough, L. L. Van Wormer and Mar
tin Mullen.
Dr. Cbarles II. Harvev. of Philadel.
phla, was a visitor In town on Satur
Muses Annie and Jennie Oliver are
guests at the Marry Makers' cottage,
Lake Winola.
M. K. Biahon has returned from a
visit with Carbondale relatives
Miss Jennie Oshorne. of Wllkes-
Barre, is a gu-st at John B. Smith's.
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Tutbill are
visiting relatives at Georgetown,
Dr. H. D. Buyea, of Philadelphia, is
visiting bis parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Buyea, on Smith street.
C. P. Savage returned from Wy aim
ing yesterday.
Mrs. Charles Pottar has been quite
ill for the past few days.
Miss Hannah Allison is spending a
few weeks at Lake Winola.
Wilraer Jones, of Weehawken, N, J.,
is visiting at bis father-in-law's, John
The Ed worth League excursion
which was to have been run to Gleu
Onoko Aug. 23. Inst., has been can
Mr. and Mrs. John Brink, Mrs. D-
pew and daughter, Gertie, enjoyed the
exhilreattng air of Wyoming counties'
mountain regions on Sunday.
Miss Dana Capwell, of Like Winola.
visited her sister, Mrs, Paokard, last
Riohard Wardell has returned from
a visit to New York city.
George Gilford has returned from
Red Bank, N. J.
Miss Gussie Pinckney is spending a
week at Lke Winola.
Rev. Ralph Gill in will lead Wed
nesday evening's prayer meeting at the
Presbyterian church aad will conduct
a Bible study on Friday. He will also
occupy the culoit Wxt Sunday at the
same place.
Chief Victor Bureohel resumed bis
duties at Dunmorc depot yesterday.
Miss Bessie Rice, of Scranton, spent
Sunday with Mrs G. W. B. Allen.
Mrs, J. S. Quick and children are
visiting in New York city.
Misses Seppa Thornton anil Margery
E len are visiting at Lackawanna.
Mrs. 11. E Spencer is visiting New
York state relatives.
Mrs. Helen Spencer and Mrs. James
Ellis returned borne from from a visit
toSusaudhanna couuty friends yester
An unknown mm was struck and
killed by the 5.43 train on tbe Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western ruilro id at
No. G last evening. He was a middle
aj;d man. Up to this writing he had
not been identified, Undertaker Letch-
worth, under instructions from tbe
coroner, took charge of the rsmains.
Mr. Burleigh aud party of frien s
who bnve been boarding at C. M.
Marks' are now stopping with Anson
bteplions. at the Stone House.
J. E. Harding is seriously ill.
Miss-s Till ie aud Nettie Williams of
Orange, N. J., are visiting C. H. Will
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs.
George Serfoss was buried last Satur
F. M. Wi'linro, Frank Q iick aud
Fred Rhu attended camp meeting at
Waverly Sunday.
The Nicholson Water company have
put a new nre plug near tbe depot.
Miss Agnes G.lmore, of Mansfield,
Pa., is visiting friends in town.
Mr. and Mrs. V. D. Htnita, of Mof
enw, in company with Editor and Mrs.
VV. C. Titlmy are camping ou the Sua
qnnhauna river.
Mrs. F. C. Drlggs and family have
returned from a two months sojourn
in the country.
, Claude Walker, of Scranton, is visit
ing friends iu town.
Peter Winme has gone to Hancock.
Dslaware county, N. Y , to attend the
Mineral of his sister, Mrs. Terviliegur.
Conductor A. C. Bond bas returned
from Windfall pond, where he bas
bJ-u envying Ins vacation.
Mrs. W. C. William. In comrtanv
wit i Miss Lizzie Matthews, of Scrm-
ton Is ut Preston f ark.
George Doud, Dave Loveriug nnd
Harry Uoul are spending their vaca
tion at Atlantic City nnd will visit
Newnort, Va., before they return.
The Miss-s Annie Fitzhnnry, Ellen
Ryan aud Delta Langan visited New
York Sunday.
Crowds flicked to the Greenwood
B ise B ill ground last evening to wit
nessth' 100-y.ird foot rao between
Alike Miugan and Joe McDonotigh for
$23 a kU. The race proved to be a
very oloao contest, McDonong'i being
eaten by two yards. Time, 1 8ee
The City Park hotel, kept by R. J,
Caiiery, was entered yesterday morn
ing at nn early hour by a gang of
tnti ves, who stole a quantity of whia
key and cig ir
osfun JlcoU.
Dr. Holmes ttikes occa-ion to remark
ooi corning the latest alb Red interview
wiin nun that it contaius words he has
never nsedeutences ue has uever ntiored.
opinions be hss uever expres-ed, criticul
judgments on the works of authors ho has
never rend, i xttiivagauees of language of
winon ue cou.d never bo EUilty. and per
annul comments in which he Is not want to
indulge. From which it will be seen tlin
the nutorrat in still in tbe full vigor of all
li H spifl'iUid facilities.
Nervous and Weak
All broken down, unableto sleep, distress and
burning In my stomach, .smothering and choking
spells this was my condition when I began to
tijte Hood's Siirsaparllla. I have taken 3 bot
tles and frel like another nun, can work
with ease, weigh over 200, and am cured. I
shall ever be ready to pralso Hood's Sursapii
rllla. J. L. GitiBBiMiER, New Grenada, Pa.
N. B. Bo sure to got Hood's and only Hood's.
Hood's Pills are endorsed by thousands.
Mr. J. L. Grtnatnyer
fin r'Annhifi
'j U U Mm
400-402 Lackawanna Aye, .
Fine Holland Shades, with heavy
knot fringe, Hartshorn Rollers,
Plain Shades, 20, 25 and 30c. each.
Measurements taken and shades put up by experienced workmen.
We Carry All Widths Store Shades in Stock
irass Extension Sash Rods
15 and 20c. each.
A few Vienna Porch Shades
left that we will close out at cost
406 and 408
They Say
m Solomon
1 180 W
Have One Thousand
in Scranton and vicinity tbat can attest to
i, r...., nn nimlitiivanf i.Via "Runnnrnv"
lf'r-..W tile llli I11.T lllii up M"" v ,u J jr-,v-v ?
kW especially the FUEXIIURE part of it but 1- A
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1M1.lnaf nUnn ttila Hnnsn.
neara witn aellgnt oy ikt