The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, August 21, 1894, Page 7, Image 7

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Thi foht that la now on for the poa
Mild Jd( tha franchise and right of
way c the old abandoned South Moun
tain i ad, between tha PenniylranU
V Mia IA J 4 L . Til If ... I - --il
duiunau mu bun due auuuhttm imi-
road, of wbiob. Clinton Borer is the
president, promises to be an interesting
one, and already, aayi the Philadelphia
Record, criminations and re-orinilua-tlone
are flying thick and fait between
the rlral oorporationa. The Bine Moun
tain railroad if tha ootfirowth of an
organization effected by James Marib,
a Lebanon con tree tor, who bad a lien
against the old Sonth Monntain for
construction work done and who pur
chased the rirbU and franohisas of that
road at sheriff' sale some months ago.
To aomply with the laws of the com
monwealth and maintain the validity
of bis purobase, it was necessary to ef
fect an organization within thirty
days, and the Blue Mountain company
was the outgrowth. It was not very
long before the organizers of the
Blue Mountain railroad awoke
te the fact that though tbey
bad purchased the rights and fran
chises of the South Mountain road they
possessed nothing but tbe bear fran
chise, the rights of way having revert
d to the original owners of tbe land.
Upon discovering this fact tbey at once
set about to secure the necessary
rights of way, and V. C. Mayne, tha
counsel for the company, and one ot
tbe prime movers in the project is au
tnority for the statement that fully
two-thirds of these have been secured.
Mr. Mayne further states that thr
Pennsylvania Midland, whioh is capi
talized at $3,000,000, undolalms to have
secured by deed the entire right of way
ot the old South Mountain road, pos
sesses nothing but a franchise, wuioi.
represents a cash outlay so far of about
$4,000, made tip mainly of counsel fees,
and the purchase at sheriff's sale ot
Mr. Marsh's interest as an incorporator
in the Blue Mountalu railroad. Tbe
Blue Mountain company has for som
weeks been engaxed in a careful resar
vey of tbe old South Monntain route,
and the action of ; the Pennsylvania
Midland directors in approving the
hasty survey and ordering it to be file
at Harriaburg is taken as an intention
on their part to forestall their rivals lu
the mutter of location.
A belief, once prevailed,, says tin
Stockholder, that the Pennsylvania,
through its refusal to ob-operate with
other companies, would eventually l
the means of disrupting the combina
tion. This belief wns intensified when
the returns of 1603 were in, sbowinu
' that tbe company increased its tonnage
during that year 276,021 tons, or 3 per
cent, nver 1802, following tbe increase
in 1808 over 1S01 of 5 p)r cent. The
deureHse to be noted in its output thi
year, therefore, is surprising, and is
construed to indicate taut it has ni
most reached (at any rate, temporarily)
ine maximum producing capacity.
Tbe anthracite coal regions are nlso
becoming girdled with electric rail
roads, which connect town after town
with their neighbors on both sides. Iu
the main tbe securities of these com
panies are paying investments, and
their patronage increase from woek to
week. The closeness with which the
steam railway companies watch their
movements is the strongest evidence
' that could be found of the probable
future of the electrio lines. Vhntevet
may once have been thought of them,
it is now evident that tbey have come
to stay, and a general willingness tc
admit the fact has been readied by
their competing lines. But while thic
Is true, and while it is also a fact that
their completion does not swell the re
ceipts of tue steam roads, their exten
sion is t) be complacently regardoj by
the public. It gives the lutter the
choice of traveling by different lines ut
lower rate, and does not force the oil
companies into receivers' bands. It is
Uie knowlsge of these facts which iin
pels the people to urge on the work of
electrio extension. rnllaaelpina ln
Minor Industrial Notes.
A semi-official statement places the num.
ber of railway men out of employment by
reason of tbe v estern strike at 7,000.
In twelve months American railroad
companies lave paid $2.19,016.284 an inter
est on bonds ami t!)5, 1)37,081 as dividends
on stocks.
f During tbe year 1803 the steam Riirface
railroads or tins country carried 6?8.9U5.
073 passengers aud moved 757,464,480 tons
ol freight.
Rumor is still enrrent in traffic circles
. that Isaac L. Rice Is slated for president
of the Heading, but rumor on this subject
is very uurenauie.
General Jlnnagor Tucker, of the Maine
Central, announces that the company lias
decided to postpone indefinitely the award
,' ingofthe eoniract for buildiug 1,000 cars,
t owing to aim times.
General Manager Maun, of the Mobile
land Ohio, has answered a communication
from the mayor or &at bt. Liouie, declin
ingto re-employ the men who went out
. during tue recent scrlKe.
The state with the greatest railroad
mileage is Illinois 10, 4J8 mile". Next
cornea Pennsylvania, with U.435; Texan,
with (MM: Kaunas, with 8 031: Ohio, with
8,558; Iowa, with 8.513; and New York,
witu 8,iiu.
It is believed that the action of tbe Great
Northern in inaugurating a big reduction
in elevator rates will extend throughout
, the country, and this is a Hue of business
in which economists have heretofore been
i unknown.
W. O. Beckley, of the Wabash, has been
. elected president; W. B. I Chislett, of
tbe - Pennsylvania, vice-president, and U.
P. Feltrow, of the Memphis and Cherles-
ion, secretary ana treasurer or the Kail'
road Conductors' Life Insurance asnocia.
tion of the United States.
The earning" of American railroads last
ypar were lal 1,978,842 from passengers.
1808.494.008 from freiubt. and ihsum.4Rn
from miscellaneous sources. The receipts
oi mo (uhub were fi 3,1170,
making the total revenues 1 1.222.61 8 2IH)'
The companies expended (858,027,181 tor
operating expenses.
The railroad mileage of the United
States at the close oi the year 1893 was
177.768 miles, an increase for the vear i.r
2,649. Tbe companies owning 175.441 miles
of line have a capital - stock of t5,t80,03&
904, funded debt of t0.570,292,613,aud float
ing debts of nearly f800,0UO,00O. so that
their total liabilities are 111,443,888,892.
wuicu isfilui'l mail tue assets.
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V TOT first trial of Dr. Wood's Norwav
( Pine By tup will satisfy anyone that the
. .lUDg-bealing virtue of the pine tree ba
ll ' now oeeu rennea into an eirective ana
' convenient congb medicine. Bold by all
' Etooks and Bonds.
New York. Anir. 20. Offer! ntrs of long
stock checked tbe rising tendency in tbe
railway group this morning, uueoner
inus, however, were well taken and tbe
market properly speaking could not be
called weak. Railway earnings were ot
material aaaiatanca to tbe bulls, the re
ports to hand for tbe second week of Aug
UBt having shown an improvement
'iue market lltially closed nrra auu n w
U nnr rant, hlo-her for tho active railway
issues and Jf3 per cent, higher for tbe
Industrials, Sugar leading. There was n
better iuquiry for the usually inactive is
sues aud rubber common, Pullman. United
States leather preferred, Chicago and
Eastern Illinois, Colorado Fuel, Consoli
dated Gas and New England moved cp
anywhere from ltofi per cent, 'ine
transactions were heavy and aggregated
The following complete table snowing tbe
Ut's fluctuations in active stocks is suonlied
and revised dully by LaBar 4) Fuller, stock
brokers, lil wyomina avenue:
v upon- aita- low uos
inv. est est. in.
am. cot. oil si a-JK now 2U
Am 8uear. HIM 11 Hi, maZ 11 U.
A. T. AS. If 7 7 . lili W
Can. 8a 51 51M 51 61W
Cen. N. J 112 U2U 112 ll-'fi
Cble & N. W 1071; KITM 107 107t?
O.. B. A Q Tii 78 77W 77W
Ohls. Gas. 765), 7 TiUl "H
c, c. c. & Bt. L.... wifa wii 'm
Col., Hock.Val. A T. 1K4 111 19
u. u 1.11 i;ti lit) im
D., L. & W 1(!5U MiiM Iti.-.l4 J
D. A C. F Mil V'l llu 10
Erie V l.wi m V
(. K. Co 411!$ 44 42'ij 44
Lake Shore rfci'd UH ls-'fli Ui
l. St N 51 51 544i MM
Manhattan 117 11H lliiVa IIS
Miss. Pao HI MM HOU TO
Nat. Lead 441 44M Ui UH
N.Y.&N. E 1Hi 2IM WYi
N. Y. Central 101k IOH4 1U14 101H
N. Y O. A W 17 ilSn 17 mt
Y.. 8. A W ID VM 1 m
II. 8. C. Co 214 22 21K 22
North Pao 44 M 4k H
North Pao. of 1714 17U HiW nwi
Omaha 3i 88t4j 8IJa iH
Pao. Mail
HendlnK 20 20 2i 20
Hock Island VH W
II. T 17 IS 174i 17
St. Paul B4W M B44-4
T., C. & I lt4 h 111 IU'4
Texas & Pao 11 H"3 UH Wi
Union Paoltlc 7h 13S 1V
wniinsb pr l(ia mi nt
WcHtorn Union IKI ll . H mi
W.& U K V.H l'-'i 12H
VV. it h. E. l'fd. 424 42J4 il 4154
Chicagro Grain and Provisions.
SrRAifToii. Aue. 20 The followlni Quota
tions are suiipltua aud eorrenteil dally by L
imroc f uller, scoca oroaers,ui nroujiaic ave
WHEAT. Sent. Ioc. May.
OuenlDK.. Cil4i) VH Vlt
Illlfhest 54i f!:l ftt
Lowest I'M 5i'.9 !14
CloahiK 15V4 58H
C2'i ' 4!H 51
54:14 6 1 la 53
t'ii 4114 61
lllKhest ,
liOU'UMt ,
ClOSltlR ,
64 519s 52!
Opening 204
Hlnbest m
Lowest 2HU
Closing , , Uuij
Oncnini 11140
HiKhcst i:ai
Lowest l.lin
Closlnir 1H50
Otn-nini? 71")
Hiubest 757
Lowest 745
(.losing Jo7
Opi?nini , 720
Hluliost 7U2
Lowost 72)
Closing 7a2
fiorantoa haUaals Markst
Rcranton, Aug. 0. Fnnn and Produce
Uneu applos per pound, 0ja7c.: evap
orated opplea, Ilul4c. per pound; Turkish
prunes, 5a5)c: Kuglish currants, 2a2!c.;
layer ramns, si.T5al.8i; muscatels. Sl.Olu
1.40 per box: new Valcucias. 0a7c ner
beans marrow-rats, ij.4Una.60 cer
DUHnei; meuiums, F-uuai.uu.
1'KAS fcireen, fl.l5al.Z0 per bushelj split,
2.50a2.60: lentels, 5 to 8a per poand.
potatoes .New, per barrel, f3.40a2.50.
O.MON3 Bushel, 8UC.
Butte n 17c to 22c. per lb.
CnittSK 8al0c. per lb.
Eaes Fresh. 17al7Kc.
Meats Hams, lac: small hams. lSVic:
skinned baraa. 14c: California bains.
9Vc: shoulders, 9c; bellies, 9)c; smoked
LreuKtHHt Dacon, lzc.
fiMOKED BEEF-Outsides. 13ic: sots.
15c: insides und knuckles. lOUc. Acini)
sliced smoked beef, 1 pound cans, $2.23
uozon, .
Pork Mess at f 15; short cut, $10.
Lard Leaf in tierees at Us.: in tabs.
0a in 10-pound piiild, 9c: In 6-pound
pans, u;f,c; s-pouna pails. 10a, per
pouna; compound lard tierces 7c; tuba,
7c; 10-pound pails. 75ic. per pound:
5-pound paiis, ?Xc per pound; 8-pound
pans, oc. per pound.
Flour Minnesota eaten, ner barrel
t4.0iia4.20; Ohio and Indiana amber, at
t,i.,-a; uranam at i&0; rye Hour,
Feed Mixed, perewt.. at1.25.
Graiic Kye. (ifie.i corn. C4toG7o.t oats.
sa to oac. per Dusheu
Kyk straw Per ton, t ISalu.
Hay $l4.50alfl.
Nw York Froduoi Market
New York. Ans. 20. Flour Ouiot.
steadies; wintor whaat, low grades, $l,83a
2.50; low extras, fl.85n2.50; do fair to
tancy, f24li2.90; city mills, f3.65 .3 65; do
pHtents,; do patents, f4.25n4.5.
Wheat Dull, firmer with ontious No. 2
red, store aud elevator. 5S':iifloiit. 58'a
?;f. o. b., 5Sa594e.: ungraded red, 6la
u3c;io. 1 nonuern, ooar,; options lell
on realizing, with trading fairly active;
September and December most activo;
saies inciuuea jno. v rea, ciosmir: Aueust.
58'c; September,6Sc.j October, 5'Jo.j
ucceniDer, tc; May, t(&c.
CORK Dull, scarce, firm: No.2. 61 Ma
61c; elevator, b'i)n61c. afloat; options
closed steady, lc. over Saturday,
with trading dull; May most active;
AiiKust, ougc; noptemoer, onc: t;otober,
oo7c : uecemner. hwie.: juhv. oo!o.
Gats Dull, steady: options auiet.WsVfs.
up, firm; August, Uic. Soptember, 34c;
October, B5c: spot prices, No S, B3Kc;
Wo. 2 white, 37Ka; No. 2 Chicago, 84Kc;
No. 8, 33c.i No. 8 white, 86X0.; mixed
western, 84kc; white do.. 37a42Xc: white
beef steady, quiet; family, $10al2; ex
tra mess, fsa8.50.
CUT MEATS-Steodv.DUiotipirKled hnllioa
12 pounds, 8)ic.; picjtled shonhlers, dc.
pickled hams, 115(al2c; middles nominal.
Lard Quiet, steady: western atonm
f7.H5; city, 7a7Xc: September, closed
.mi; renneii, sreaay; continent, f8 25;
South America, f8.00; compound, 6!c,
X-UH& vuiif au'i aieauy;mess, !Sal5.i5
extra prune, n.ituo.ou.
mutter - fancy urm; quiet, state
dairy, hiip.: uo. crauinry, 1824ie.;
western tlHiry.liialHe., do. creamery, I6a
2n-; uo. laciory, i.ini.icj elglus, 24Wc.
imitntion creamery,16al8o.
Cheese Quit, llrm; state, large, 7Wa
vo.; taniv, wi'. ; uo. small, tsimjic.
part sk!m, hOc; full skims, 2a3c.
jioos L.urger receipts, state and
Pennsylvania, 17kal8:.; ice house. Ilia
10c'.: western fresh, lOkanXo.: do., per
Philadelphia Tallow Uarkat
PBiiAPELPniA. Aug. 20. Tallow was
nrm with small supplies. Prices were:
Prime city in hogsheads, 444c.; prime,
country, in barrels, 4a4c.; do. dark In
carreis, s;c.; cakon, c; grease, Bc.
are known by rail
road men and other
experts to be un
equalled for we at
and accuracy.
Tbe Dueber Watch Works, Canton, 0.
Piqoout Aeeessorles Which Conceal Do-
loou ana magnlly Ucauty,
A certain m.irmiisn u-hn la nnf. Wn
turning an honost penny, or rather sou,
Dy giving gooa counsel to ner country
women on various nubjects connected with
the tollot has decided opinions as to tho
veil, which may Interest American as
well as Parisian women. After descant
ing on its rlBO, dovclopmont and uses in
tho past sho goes on to speak of it in its
modorn capacity as piquant nccossorj
wnioii conceals lm)prrectloiis and uisnlnyj
beuuty." Her advlco Is clinmcterizod by
good tasto nnd is worth rcuiemberlng:
"Tho veil par excellence is tho wlilto
0110, with black dots. It gives a look of
freshness to tho complexion nnd mlds to
tho effect of the cyos. Tho nil white veil is
only sultnblo for a brunette with a clear
skin. A plain black veil is not becoming
to any ono, but a block ono, with block
dots, is becoming to everybody. Never
weur a red, violet or blue veil, as It gives
ft sickly and vmnaturul tint to tho most
beautiful complexion in tho world."
'I ho pretty alpino nnd crush crowned
straw huts with wldo curled brims nro
coming into groat popularity. They oro a
relief from tho ubiquitous rigidity of tho
sollor hut and thereby fill a long felt
wont. Tho sailor hat is really only sult
nblo for children nnd young girls, hut it
has boon tho only sort of outing headwear,
short of caps, provided for womuu for
years post. Thcso new shapes oro woro
illgnlllod ond more generally becoming,
oiul It Is to bo hoped that they havo como
to stay. Thoy may bo trimmed with tho
sovero band nnd dunlop bow or mny be
softened In effect by tho addition of a
cliou of ribbon, a bunch of violets or a
tuft of black or whlto cock's feathers.
An Illustration is given of a hut having
a berretta crown of green straw and a brim
of plaited black loco. It is trimmed with
blnek gauzo ribbon having nioiro stripes,
which surrounds tho crown nnd forms a
knot at tbo left sido of tho front, hold in
place by a jet ornament.
They Are All Made Full and Are Lavishly
Striped muslins, ginghams nnd nain
sooks havo nppcorcd in wonderful profu
sion tills season. Pink, bluo lavender and
black stripes of varying widths on a whlto
ground nro seen everywhere, ond a pecul
iar of sea green hus also lately been
brought out which, in combination with
white, looks refreshingly cool. Thin
gowns nro nil modo very full and aro lav
ishly trimmed, oven if it bo only with tho
samo goods. Ribbons nnd loco nro much
employed, however, und as on expensive
variety of luce is not required a very pretty
gown may bo produced ut slight cost, nt
least for tho materials. Of course tho
dressmnkor's bill is largo whether sho does
her work well or 111. It Is a good plun for
everylKKiy to hovo at least a littlo knowl
edgo of dressmaking, enough to allow of
tbo venturo of making thin summer
gowns at homo, even If moro expensivo
goods are put Into professionol bonds. To
pny flS fur tho making up of matorlnls
that cost less than $5 geems scarcely a
reasonoblo outlay when tho purso is only
moderately supplied.
Tho homo dressmaker will find that
skirt and sleeve patterns nro moro to bo
relied upon than corsage patterns unless
Bho lias tho latter cut specially to mcosuro,
If sho has not and doubts her ability to
adapt ono selected from tho general cata
logue, she may moko the skirt nnd have a
regular dressmaker cut and lit the bodice,
which sho herself can ofterwurd trim to
match tho skirt. If It is intended that
much dressmaking shall ho done at homo,
tho easiest way Is to go to a good tailor
nnd havo a pattern cut to nieusuro. This
Will givo n correct foundation upon which
to construct a variety of gowns both for
Street and evening wear.
It should lio borno in mind that, next to
a good pattern, a hot flutiron Is tho dress
maker's best uid to tho achievement of a
workmanlike result. Scams, hems, fac
ings and buttonholes should bo conscien
tiously pressed as soon as they nro finish
ed not allowed to wait until tho garment
Is all completed. This advice lias more
particular reference to heavy goods, al
though muslins will look tho better for
such treatment.
A picture 1b given of a greon muslin
gown trimmed with applications of but
ter colored guipure. It has a round ekirt
and full, round bodice gathered In at the
throat and waist. Tho puffed elbow
Bleeves, which aro finished with a frill
aro trimmed with two diagonal bands of
guipure, tho corsagos with $wo horizontal
Ilelght of the Aurora.
Interesting particulars concerning at
tempts to measure the height of the anrora
have been given the Royal Danish acad
emy by Mr. Adam Paulson. At Godtbabb,
with two theodolites four miles apart, the
height of difforcnt aurorss wns found to
range from one-third of a milo to nearly
forty miles in height. Near (Jape Farewell,
with a base line of about three-fourths ota
mile, the results showed them to range in
height from one to ten miles; and at Spits
bergen, with a base line of about one-third
of a mile, they were shown to be from 800
yards to eighteen miles high, according to
brilliancy. In earlier observations, Flogel
estimated tbe height ot several auroras at
from ninety to 810 miles. Kelmann found
abejghlof at least.60QinileiQrjoBe.ftttrQra
observed by him, while Nordenskjold
placed tho mean heieht of all aurorm at. ln
Lomstrnm rlntms tn hnva nlAimul
. - "wji 1 m uo
aurora when it was not above 1,000 feet
high, and Ililderbrundson has seen them
tmlmv t.hf rlflllrla Pmm flia ..h... . ni...
.. - - -- .uv afvav nctj
of facts and figures produced by tVifforont
uiraervurs, unu till wino uuiorence of opln
1 n iiicu exist.a amoug BcivDullo men as
their exact height, Mr. Punlsen infers
cue aurora only uppears at a consldor
height In tha t!mruriLta nm mi.ii. t
n 1 ' vUu, nuua iu
nnrnral mi) nmmF lhflnhiA,n....n 1.
. -- . n..,uvuuiucuuu ib
generally produced in the lower atmo
pbere. St. Louis llupublio.
roper Screens, Dressing For Beds and
Laundry Ttajrs,
Woven letters, red on whlto, for mork-
lng clothing and household linen aro now
shown set two abreast on doublo width
ribbon in all combinations of Initials.
Japanese paper screens aro to bo boueht
for a song now, but they aro scarcely
worth oven that prieo, not thut they oro
not frequently pretty and doeorativo, but
thoy aro very fragile. An unusually care
ful woman, llvlug all alone and never re
ceiving a guest, might possibly keep a pa
pur screen intact for a mouth, but under
ordinary circumstances tho paper Is
punched through iu a dozen places before
that length of time ellipse If tho man
Who delivers it ut tho houso hus not al
ready burst It with his lingers, it is suro
to be set within reach of tho heels of a
rocking chulr, so that tho first person who
elts down sends tho rockers through It,
nnd if there is a projecting corner ot a
furniture knob anywhere ubout tho serecn
fulls over oa it and sjiikes itself ut the first
gust of air. Black and gold cloth screens
oro lnoxpenslvo In these times, and It is
worth tho oxtra money to havo something
that will lust o littlo while
Tho fashion of dressing up beds In lace
spreads und pillow covers laid over color
ed muslin has given way too moro artistic
stylo of ornamentutlon. A silk or tinted
linen spread is embroidered by hand with
doeorativo Iloral or conventional designs
nnd bordered with wldo, heuvy loco, or
tho spread is mado of embroidered squares
separated by drawn work and hemstitch
ing. For persons who do not caro to givo up
spaco to a largo basket for holding soiled
linen a laundry bug is tho only resort.
This muy bo made of plain ticking or mny
bo elevated to tho rank of a decorutivo ob
ject, and it is a laundry bag of tho latter
description that is illustrated. It is niado
of strips of heavy canvas embroidered in a
cross stitch tupestry design scporatcd by
bonds of colored crocheted Insertion. Tho
bottom of tho bug is finished with a cro
cheted edgo to match. Tho embroidered
sides are divided by straight plain end
pieces to make tho bag capacious, nnd tho
wholo thing is lined. Tho top of each side
has small brass rings attached at inter
vals, through which aro run brass rods
which hold tho bag in shape.
Make a ISuuana Peel Itself.
A trick which works on a simnlo prin
ciple is to make a banana peel itself. To
do this all that is wanted is a bottle, a ripe
banana and a bit of paper wet with alco
hol.' Light tke paper und drop it into this
bottle. When the air in the bottle is well
heated set the banana on end on top and
let it do the rest itself; as the air on the in
Bide cools oil and contracts the outside
pressure pushes tho banana down into
the bottle until it has drawn itself out of
its skin. St. Louis Post Dispatch,
This is tho room to which she ramo that day-
Lame, when the dusk was fulling cold and
Came with soft step, in dellcato array.
And sat beside tne in tho flrcllEht thcro;
And, like a rose of perfume rich and rare.
Thrilled with her sweetness theonvironing air.
We hoard tho grind of trolllo In tho street
Tho clamorous calls the sound of passing
Tbe wall of bells that In tho twilight beat!
Then I knelt down, and dared to touch her
Those slender flncers, and tho shlnlnK band
Of happy gold wherewith her wrist was
Oh, thought, by which despair Is half consoledl
1 hat slender hand lay once wit am my hold,
And round my own 1 felt nor lingers fold.
Her radiant beauty made ray heart reioicc:
And then she apoko, nnd hor low, pitying voice
was into thosott, patbetlo, tender nolso
Of winds that come before a summer rain:
Once leaped the blood in every clamorous
Once leaped my heart, then dumb stood still
l'hillp Bonrko Murston In Independent,
Is an Improvement in Soap.
In the Trolley Soap old methods
and materials are superseded by new
ones. The Trolley Soap lenves the
clothes sweet and clean and lasts lonerer
than other soaps.
Ask Your Grocer for It.
If he does not keep It send us order for
or for a Box too cakes 75 pounds $4.50.
Joseph Thomas EDpalon,
227 Chestnut Street, Phila.
is prepared to receive summer boarders and
furnish rigs for tourists te surrounding towns
and summer resort. I
Miss Lottie Cahron, of Rai-.
nnc, Mich., writes: "I have
boou troublod with a torribla
h. ailarlio tor about two yi-ai s
and oouid not if t anything tr
h-lp nis. but at last a frion 1
advlnrd mo to takovonr Bin.
DO' K Biod BntBiis. wblcj
I did, and aftor toktng twj
bottles, I have not hud ths
tieauacho sinco."
Bank of Scranton.
CAPITAL, $200,000
SURPLUS, $200,000
Til I. tiAnlf aSTam tn iI.ii...II.m
fnutlltv hv I..!..... Un.i.
Dean anil rupiilblltty.
eouuU. Interest paid on time deposit.
TTJ.Li.IAM CONNKI.t, Pratldaat,
GLO. H. CATUS, Tirn-l'rfsl'lent
WILLIAM 11. rUCK, Cullies
William Council, Gnori-it 17. Catltn
Alfred Hand. Jaiaes Amhbald. Hnurv
lUJIn, Jr. Milium X -uith- Lothei-
National Bank of Scranton
CAPITAL $250,000,
SURPLUS $30,000.
V. W. WATtiOX, Vlco Proalilanfc
PAinriL Htnes, jAMKSM'ErEnnAnT,
InviNO A. Fi,NCn, Piekcp. R Finlbt,
CUAB, P. ilAlTUEWJ, John T. Pouxeii
W. "W. WAT80
This btinlt Invites tba patronage ot bualncsi
men anu urms generally.
Large Medium and
White Clover,
Choice Timothy and
lawn Grass Seeds
Guano, Bone Dust
and Phosphates for
Farms, Lawns and
Bcoms 1 and I Commonwealth Bld'g
JIade sit the MOOSIO and BUSS
Lafflin & Rand Powder Ca'l
Electrio Batteries, Pnsei for eiploJ
lng blasts, Safety Fuse and
ftepauBoChemical Co. 's High Explosive)
Hotel Waverly
Enropoan Plan. FlrsVelaas Bar attMihsfl.
Lopot tor Uurgner ugul'a Tanubmuaoi
IE tor, 15th tod Filbert Sti, Pliilaii
Host doslrabla for resldeata cf N.E. Pentf
yWaula. All oor.Tiilnofi for travxlaii'
to and from Broad Btraot atatlnn and tint
Twelfth and Market Htraut atation. D
slrable fur vlsltlntt Karantonlaua ao4 peo
Jt ui an juiuiraoice naviuik
At his nowly-renovated and licensed Hotel a j
CLARK'S HUM MIT, is now pruparad to fur
nlsli traveling man and soalal uartini wttli
the L AT KMT, NEW-BTYLBO B1U8. alngl.;
or double, to'take thorn to Lake Winola,
GraTel Pond and all suburban tiolnta auil
Bummer resorta at rnasonablo priopa. A largo
nvery nam oonneotou witu notol (or travel
Third tktiona
Ms and
lng puuuo. .
DB. Q. EDQAB DEAN lias removed to 618
bpruce strt-ot, bcrautou. Pa. (.Just op
posite court-house Square.)
DH. A. J. LON NELL, Olflne HI WashinKton
avonUOL rnrnni Kript.A t-an m..
Francko a druff stora. Kuaidenoe, KJ Vine St.
Unioa himiM. til (kt n 1.1 . i a a A
. iu .... Ill, nilU . w W mu
jol.dt) p. m.Sunday, i to 3 p. m.
K. W. li ALLEN, Ollloe cor. Lack
wanna aud Wusbinston avns. : over Loon-
owitri omco uoura, iu w) is a. m. au..
VaBlilugton aTo.
y. ui. , rjvouiugs at reaiuonce. uu a
DK. U L KHEY, Practice Uuiitod to Di,
easos of the Ey Ear, Noso and Throat
ofllca, IS! Wyouiiug ave. Kcsidonoe, 63 Vint
DU. L.M. GATES. 124 Washinntou Avouuj
OUlce hours, 8 to V a tu., IM ut e aud .
to 8 p.m. Koldonce 3n Madison avenua
i OUN L WENJZ, M. 1)., Oflfcw 5fi aud
l Commonwealth hllllrllnir. rnalilf-lina 71
Madiaonavej ollloe hours. 1J to U, 3 to i I tc
B; Hundays 2.30 to 4. evenlum at residunoe.
specialty made of dlfoasus of tbe eye, ear, nosi
and throat and gynecology.
H.KAY, a)6 PennAve. ; 1 to 3 p.m ; call 200L'!
fiM.ui women, oosieirics ami ait, ot cm..
JM. C. RANCK'b Law and Collection ol
llco.No. 817 Bpruce St., opposite Form
House. Bcranton, I'a,; collvctlous a speclalt
throuithout Peniisvlvaniu: reliable corresuoud
ents in every county.
JEHBUPti to HAiMU, Attorneys and Cuuimu
lors at Law, Commonwealth butldiu.
WaaulugtoD ave. W. II. Jkhhup,
IloiiAca E. HAND.
W. H. Jessvp, Jk.
neva nuu Conniieiors at Law. Uenublicai.
.ulklini;, Washluion ave.. Bcranton, Pa.
UAXTERMON & WILCOX., Attorneys an .
X Ciiunaellors at Law: ollluea U aud 8 Library
building, Bcranton, Pa
William A. Wilcox
(.1. tornnVH and rminHnllnrn. Cammonwualtil
builditiff. Rooms 10. 20 Bnd 2U
F. UuYLE. Atturuev nt-Liiw.Kof.ll) anil
20, Burr building, Washington avenm
ENRY M. 6EELY Law olflies iu fric.
building, 128 W asliington avenue.
7 RANK T. OKf.LL, Attorney at Law. Uouui
V 6, Coal Kxcliancn. Hvranton, Pa.
JULTON W. l.OWKY. I Att'v. 227 Washinir
C H. VON BTORCH. f ton av.. C. H. square
TAMEH W. OAKKOKt). Attoruer at Law
fJ rooms 03, 61 sad (15, Commonwealth Wg.
AMUEL W. EDliAll. Attorney at Law.
J OOlce, 817 Spruce at., Wcrnnton. Pa.
A. WATRKS, Attorney at Law, 12.
Lit Lackawanna auo., 8crsntin, Pa.
J P. bMITH, Counsellor at Law. Office
l . rooms St. r US Comnionwimlth bnlldinv
' It. PITCHER. Attorney at Law, Com
monwpaita uuiiamir. bcranton, ra.
U COMKUYH, :t2l Htirtice st.
B. REPLOliLE, Attornev Loiins neo
Bated on real estnta security. 4Qrt Spruce
V. KILLAU, Attornev Ht-Law. 12U Wy
ominvraveQuw. H.'ranton.
O ton. Pa., nrennres bovs and ffirla fnrcnllei?
or business: thoroughly traiua young children.
Catalogue at request.
Rur. TnoMAs M. CAN
iVl and School, 412 Adams avenuo. Pupil i
received at all times. Noxttorm will ouen
Soptomhor 3.
bi.N l Is I's.
( 1 C. LAUBACII, buigeou Dentist, No, llj
i yointne av.
It. M. h-THATTDN, offlf iv,l Kxhnne.
rpHE REPUBLIC buvinirs and Loan Asso.
JL ciatlon will loan ou money on easier ternw
ana pay you Dottur ou investment man any
iitner iKsoclntlon. Call oa la. ft. CALbLN
I Flt. llitne BanW hnilrlinir '
n li. CLARK & CO.. Seedsmen. Florist.
VJT , end Nurserymen; store 148 Washington
avonue; ttrcen house,iJjJ iNortu lUaiu avenuo;
utorn telephonn 7H2.
JOS. KUET1 iuu, 0i3 Lackawanna avennj,
Srrnnton. Pa., mnnnfr rt Wire Screen
217-2111 Wyom;n
X ave. Root J heated with steum
all mod
ern Imprm-enimite,
C. M. Thumaw, Prop.
'PUE ELK CAFE, 12". and 127 Franklin ave
i. auo. Rates reasonable.
P. Ziegi.f.r. Proprietor.
W'fcbXAlUNsTEil HOTEL. " '
W. O. bCHENCK, Manajor.
Kixteenth street, one block cast of Broadway,
at Union fquaro. Now York.
American plan, J.'l50 per day and upward.
pOYNE UOUbE, European plan: Iftool
w roouia. voeu uay anu uignb liar sup
pueu wun ins uosc
P. n. COYNE. Proprietor.
OCRANTON HOUSE, near D., L & W. pa
IT .,.w. .l.r.l I .....A Al t.
iuu((.t uujwim cumiuciiu uu tun ciurupea:
phn. ViCToit Korw. Proprttnr.
AVIS & 1IOUPT, Architects. Rooms 21.
28 and 28 Commonwealth b'ld'K. Hcrr -on
I Jt 806 Washington avenue.
L. BROWN. Arch B. Architect, Price
i nniiaing.iai ssninRton Ave.,oranton
balls, plorrios, parties, receptions, woi
dings and concert work furnishod. For ternw
address R. ,1. Bauer, conductor, 117 Wyoming
ave., over itumert s music srnro.
Ik lumber, rrlco bnilrtina Scranton, Pa.
iVX supplioa, envelopes, paper bans, ta'ine.
.Varehouao, 10 Washington ave.
at l.o.i Capons o avenue,
D. L.FOOTE, Agent.
J salo dcalnrs in Woodwaro, Cordage and
.'ii uioin, ivu v. xacxawanna avenue.
. Robinson's
Manufacturers of tbe Celebratal
100,000 Bbk Per Annum,
What Is More Attractive
Than a pretty face with a freah, bright
comploxiont For It, use Pononl's Powder.
l . ) XlUHli
M IV I h x I I
Anthracite coal used exclusively, insuring
cleanliness and comfort.
Trains leave Scranton for Tittaton, Wilkes.
Barro, etc. at 8.a K.15, 11.30 a. m., 12.6a 2 UU,
?;& ity I rX- ll ui P- Sundays, D.UU a. ul,
1.0U, 2.13, 7.10 p. m.
For Ailantlo City. 8.20 a. m.
For Now York, Newark and Ellznboth, 8 3J
(express) a. m., 2.M (expross with Bullet
pal lor car), B.30 (oxpross) p. ru, (Sunday, 2. 13
roii MAurn CnnNK, Am.entowr, Betiii a-!',K-M,'
J-AsT" aud Philadklpiiia, 8.a a. nu
li.iO, 3.A), 6.U0 (oxoept Philadelphia) p. in.
Sundav. 2.16 n. m "
o ,E0r "J40 AHCH, 0CEA! OllOVE, etc,, 4t
8.0 Cvvith through car) a. m., 12.f0 p. m.
ror neauinir, i,euanon ami liarnsburn, via
Allentowu. 8.20 a. m. .'Jl s 00 r. m u,,.l..
-.!" p. in. 1 " ' "
for Pottsville, 8.20 a. m., 12.50 p. m.
HlitUmillL'. lcaVO Nw Ynrlf nt T.lViArf
street, North river, at IWO feroress) a. m..
1.10, l.oO, 4.;w (oxpross with Bullet parlor ca.-J
p. m. Bun'liiy, 4.U) a. m.
Leave Pbilmlolnhia. Koadiuu Terminal a. 11
a. ni 2.00 and 4.;W p. m. Sunday, 8.27 a. in.
Through tickots to all points at lowest rate
may be had on application in advance to tot
'"-"li utfuub ue lua station.
f. IL CLn.ATJREN', '
lion. Bupt.
Commenciuir Mondsv.JuTv
.10, ail tiuina w.ll arriveand
depart irum the new Lav t
awauua avenue stutlou ae
Trains will Isavo Scrai-
ton station for CarboudU
and intermediate points it
2. SO. 6.45. 7 00. 8.25 And 10 Id
.m., 12.00, 2,20, 3.53, 5.15, til 5, 7.25, 0.10 and
For I'urviow. Wavmart and Honondale ill
'00 8.25 and 10.10, 12.00,2.20 aud 5.15 an,
Fcr Allmnv. BmatOfta, the A dlroudacks aud
loiitreal at 3.4 a m. and i.ui p.m.
For Wilkes-Barro aud intermediate point
it 7.45, 8.45, tf Ut! and 10.45 a m, 12.05, LV1, lib
i.ll. 5.10, 0.05, 0.15 and 11,!)8 p.m.
Trains will arrive at Scranton Station fren
arbondale and intermediate lunula ut 7 A3.
.t0, y.4 and 10.40 a.m.. 1210, 1.17, 2.81, aJJ,
4 54, 5.55. 7.4-3, 9 11 and 11.1(3 p.m.
l rom Honesdale. Wavmart aud Farvlew at
l.flu.m.., 12.00, 1 17, 8.40, 5 55 and 7.45 p.m,
rruui .in uueiii, caratoa, Aiuauy, eto. u
1.51 aud 11..1 p.m.
From tlkes-Iiarre and Intermediate tiolnt
tt 2.15. 8.01, iat and 11 55 a.m 1 lli, 2,14, 3..U,
i.10, b.OS, 7.2J, 9.0J aud 1L16 p.m.
Si AY l i. lMlti
Train leaves Scranton for Plillmlelnhla t.
New York via. 1). A- H. U H. at 7. 45 a.m.. 12.1 i
2.88 and 11.38 n. m. via D.. L & W. R. It., ttil
8.08,11.20 n. m., and p. tu.
ijeavo prranton lor i-ittston ana wnitej.
Barro vial).. L. & W. It it sun. BOA n .i
a. m , 1.80, 3.50. 0.07. p. m.
L.oavo Hcrunton for White Haven, Uazletoi,
Pottsvillo anil all points on tlio Beav nf
Jlendow and Pottsvillu luanchos, via E. & .
V.. 0 40 a.m.. Via I). 6t 1L It It. at 7.45a.m.. 12.1 S.
2.38. 4.10 p.m., via D., L. 4j W. R. R, 0.00, 8.1s,
n. a. a.m., i.ju, .i.eup.m.
Leuvo Scranton for Bethlehem, Eaito i,
ReaUiuK. Harrisburir and all intermedia ,
points via D.& H.14.H. 7.i5 a. in., 12.05. 2.38, lLil
ii.m.,via D h. it W. R. Ii.,U.00,8.08, 1L20 a. n .,
1. 30 p.m.
Leave Bcranton for Tunkhannock. Towand t,
Elmira, Ithaca, Geneva aud all intormeditt
points via L. & H. K.R.,s.ii a.m.,12.05 and 11.3
p. m.,via I). L. & W. It. It., 8.08 a.m.,1.30 p. i l
Luave Scranton for Hochester, Baffalo, Ni
agara Falls, Detroit. Chicano and all notn' i
west via U.& U. U. R., f.15 a.m.,12.0j,;,.U.H
p. m., via U. L. & W. R. R. and Pittst.m
Junction, 808 a.m., ISO. 8.50 p. m., via E. & V.
R.R., 3.11 p. m.
For Elmira and tha went via Salamanot. v:i
I). II. U. R. 8.4i'i a.m., 12.05,6.05 p. m.. via D
L. W. H.R., ,8.08 a.m., 1.30 and 8.U7 p. m.
Pullman parlor snd sleeping or L. V. chalf
cars on all trains between L. & B. Junctiou ot
Wilkos-Barro and Now York, Philadlphl t
Builalo and KBsponsion Bridnn.
CHAS. S, LICE. (Ion. Pass. Air't, Phila ,P..
A.W.NONNEMACHER.Ass't Qsn.PaM. Ag't,
South Bethlehein. piu
Trains leave Scranton aa follows: ExprM
for Now York aud ah points Eaab 1.40,
5.15, 8.0i) aud 9.5o a. u.; 12 55 and 8.50 p, m.
Express for Euston, Trenton. PhUadelph a
and tho South, 5.15, 8.00 and 0.5.1 a m.; Hit
and 3.50 p. m.
WanhinRton and way stations. 8.55 p. m,
Tobyhanna accommodation, 0.10 p. m. for Blnehamton, Osweio, Elmlri,
rorning, Bath, Dauaville, Mount Morris ana
Buffalo, 12.10, 215 a. m. aud 124 p. m., makii g
close connections at Huflulo to all points in ti
Wont, Northwest and bouthwesu
Bath accommodation, V a. m.
Btiighamtou and way stations, 12.37 p. m.
NicnoLon accommodallou, at 1 p. m. anij
0 10 p. m.
Blnghamton and Elmira Express, 8.05 p. m.
Express for Cortland, Syracuse, OswbkOj
t'tlca aud Richfield Springs, 2.15 a, m, aud VIA
p. m.
Ithaca, .15 aud Bath 9 a. m. and 124 p. m.
For Northumberland, Pit tston, W:Ukos-Barr,
Plymouth, Uloomaburg and Danville, maklufl
close counectlonM at Northumberland Ijr
Williamsport, HarriBbuig, Baltimore, Wata
lcBton and the South.
iortliuinberlaud nnd intermediate stations,
6M, .65 a. m. and 1.80 and b.07 p. m.
Nantieoxe ana luterraediato stations, 8.01
and 11.20 a. m. Plymouth aud intermediati
stations, 80 and 8.5Jp, m. .
Pullman parlor ana Bleeping coachoa on all
express trains. . ... . . . .
For detailed information, pocket tlnn tablet,
etc.. apply to M. L. Binith, city tic koto fflc
828 Lackawanna avouu or depot ticket oulcf.
Trains leave Scranton for New York and i i
termediate points on tho Erie railroad at (LB
a. m. and 8.24 p. iu. Also for lloaesdale,
hawley aud local points at A 35, 0.45 a. m., and
8.24 p.m.
All tho above aro through trains to and
from Ilonrsdalo.
An additional train leaves Scranton for
Lako Ariel at 6.10 p.m. aud arrives at Sera i
ton from tho L.iko at 8 20 a m and 7.4) p.m.
Trains loavo for Wilkes-Barro at 4.40 a. r.
and 3.41 p. in.
In l llrct Jane 2 1th. 1801.
Kortb Hound.
Mouth Bound,
80.3 203 201 1
202 201 2(1(1
ft. than
XTralns Dally, Ex.
Anlvo Leaviv
N. Y. Franklin St.,
West 42nd street;
N eehawken
Arrlvo lavei
1 l 'i .
1 .
I Ml .
UaucockJiiuciluui fi nil
St iu lit in,
Preston parte
7 5"
7 AS
ia-t .
in mi
Pliws'aiit Mt.
Forsct city
White KrldgO
7 83! 12 IN
7 12 08
in oil
9 8S
9 121
7 l9ill:.W
7 08 11 49
19 6 18
34l 5 14
661 II 81
0 4Jfiiao
7 27 (8 SSI 6 37
7 82H 485 12
f 8 4:)l
(9 0
6 41111 28! 9 011
7 81 a 41
6 Ml I 18. 8 57
B32;flll3j 8 51
7 401 8 61
6 21U 11
6 29 II t7
6 21 11 01
6 Hi ll (VI
6 I41!! (j
ffl Ul'fKMl
6 ldllO 55'
8 Mi Peckvllle
8 44 OlyphanC
8 41 Dickson
7 6 4 04
764 401
8 89 Throop
7 06, 4 10
8 38 Trovidenoe
8 38 Park Place
8 (XI1 4 14 6 It
8 nil 14 17 8 l
8 031 4 IM, 6
Uti Scranton
p U
ha m Leave Arrive,
All trains run dally except Sunday,
t siKUllies thut trulns slop ou Blgnol for pa .
pecure rates via Ontario a Western Defore
pnrchftMnir tickets and save moauy. Day ai d
Klhgt Express to the West.
J. C. Anderson, Gen, Pass, Agt
T. Klltcroft, Dlv. laas, Agt, Sciaaton, Pa.
... 71" .. ..
.... 7 00 ....
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