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the political world.
European Eackers are Very Anxious lo No
go:iate Large Loans.
A Syndicate of German Bankers Be
siege tho Viceroy Li Hung Chang
for Options on a Loan London
Bankers Also Fall Into Lino and En
able the Chinese to Make Favorable
Terms of Interest on Cash for War
Purposes-Japan After Recruits.
London. Aug. 17.
THE financier! of tnie city, li rlin,
aud oturr capitals of Europe re
eagerly discussing the proposal
I'Miiese lmui. Inquiries tnii
t the nffl es of J irdine, Mathcsoti &
Co., pr. iniu-nt London end Cbtti ..
tUdClls'l, and rtt the oflk'es of
the II dig Koug und Shanghai
Bank company, show that the
loan which the great bauking i '.stitu
tiois of Berlin are said m he fl . t i 11 vc
for China ntn nets to 10 (MO, 000 taels,
and not to 10 .000 00J, as prviouly
announced i elM u 1 in Berlin A tael
is utiui ted to be equtl to about on.'
ounce and ou-'-thirl of stiver, or,
tonghlv speakitig, eix shillings sterling
or $1.40, euppoaiug that thes amounts
represent me value of silver of tbe
weight of one tiiel.
It is lesme! tUnt about a month ago
China inquire!, through the Iloti x
Kong and tf!ut. glial bitik, for tli
si which such a lon, to be made In
stiver, could re effected The lank
tn- Hon. d iiuiudi ntslc tf rl to h-nd
1 0 :0,000 sterling or $ ODO 000
ti i ii. , .U.nlheisOi. & O:, who Uad uldo
been consulted iu l to the pro
j-.i'.sed Iohii, Lil.-ret to lend anothef
XI, 000, COO or h iniicti uiore as the
Ciiih--e (joveriiui'Mit wonl 1 requirH.
tui Viceroy Li llunc C mug declined
loin niTrs at that tim, eavinif ttmt
tbre w ts no imtu-di ite need for tha
money, as Cuiua bad plenty to go on
L'er, however, it baOHtn known
that in ri"W of tee paytnent of tne last
portions of tha prnseut 7 and 0 per
c'nt. gold bouit.i, due at tbe IIoiik
Kiwif and SliHtiijUKi bank iu January,
1305. and in vievy also of the war need,
Ci.ina desired o increaa tbe amount
of lier aviilatle c-sn. Tne moment
thia bacatue fkn'.wn a syndicate of tter
Ul ia bauiter was formed in Berlin.
and their s-nta at Tixntsln w re iu
strncted to be-iea the vicoi'oy for an
option on tiw Ion i.
Dz-nso London and other banker
nllowwd tbeeitmpleof tile German
bankers, and Li iiunir Chang and tlie
Cbiti' ministers ner wera besieged
withiff-rs fri.m respunainl and irrn
sponsibie pirties anxiom lo bava a of some description in the loin.
Asar-inU it u prohatde that tn r
thai; 100 000 000 whs offered to Ctiina,
and ion.'.. qa utiy China was not in
clined to py ovr 4 pr cnt. for the
lo II).
There is no doubt that a 1. SOO.OOO
gold loan will be inni-d here eai I y in
Si-p'eiutier. The loin will prob.bly
consist of 5 pi cent, thirty-year bonds,
and at leat two-thirds of this loan
will be p yable to China in silver. For
this loan there is no sp eiul S'ounty
like the custom receipts, bnt only gun
fr il faith In China.
The nei'Miiiitions fur tbe loan have
already : ftVcted the price of silver, and
some finnticiers tredict that silver will
go hs i ifrb s 321. per nnnce. Tne
bardnt-KS of tha snver market bas ijm
p-it'ieticitlly hir lined tne pria ol
cf'pp r.
limiUN. Ank. 17. The Pest sy
thai ibesyndicato of Berlin t inkers
which met al the Dis -onto O nellscbuft
y. pterday has r-ceived a cable message
fr in Slianirhai iirc p'inif the ayndi
catu'a terms for n 1,( 0) 000 loan.
PF.C'ld'lTi Full JAPAN.
Los Anuklks, Aiu. 17 An rffort is
mdnif nia.ln in this ciiy hy a in -in who
is said to represent tbe Japanaaa (T"V
ernroent to S"Ciir- t'ie servicaa of 1,000
men to gn 'o Jepau and help filit the
Chinese 23 pr month, transportation
to and iruin Japan, and necessary ru
tions are proinis-d thoe who will enlist.
B-caiisa of the penalty attached to
work of this kind, under the laws gov
erning the treaty with foreign coun
tries, the agent has made himself
known to I at few persons. Tbos
whom he secures are ostensibly em
ployed to engaue in railroad construe'
San Francisco. Ausr. 17. The
steamer City of 1'ekinir. which sailed
for Japan and China yasterday, took
away a large eartio of freight, among
which was consider hl fl inr For
China tbere were 10 91)8 harilaof flonr,
4,-107 pounds or Ki8n, 03 caa-s of
ra tied fruit, 178 cases ol canna I ra-tata,
11 250 ponn-ls of pearl bTley, 73 pack-
sg'S of provisions, and 09 packages n'
groceries. For Japn there wer- 1.412
barrels of flonr, 15 rolls of lealliar,
(55 175 pounds of eouipressed eotton,
500 tmrrwls of corn beef and 474 cases
ot canned ints.
Will Net Asraa to Fiopotals of Oreen
O ris Manufaotumrs.
Philadelphia, Aug. 17. The com
mil tee of green glass manufacturers
and tdowers from all over the oooutry.
wbo bave bean holding conferences
here, endsvjring to agree on a wag
scale, disperse 1 today, ti idlog It Im
possible to eome to an amicable oonclu
The manufacturers wanted the blow.
era to accept arrdnction of 23 per cent,
benanae the 'duty is decr-ased that
amount in tha the tariff hill just passed
but the blowers declined to accede to
this as tnanofnomreri had not in
creased their WaeaS when the tariff
dntv was increased.
Another conference will be held, and
rending an agreement, the men will go
to work Tliav will be paid tbe old
scale, bat a certain percentage of tbelr
earnings will be retainea uy me menu
tacturers, aud whi'ii ttmn-w scale is
adopted a settlement will lie uiade.
Havs Givsn Up ha Struca'a and Njw Tholr
CONNKLLSVII.I.K, Pa,, Aug 17. It 1'
evident to lay that the coin workars
wbo bave for so long a tiina eoutiutiad
th strike In the face of eei'talu (luteal
have given Dp tin struggle for blglwr
withes. They now deuounce their
Uadsrs wbo thy sy bsre knpt thtm
out by false rprtsutations and prom
Toe Slavs are now bustling for their
old positions sod many art stcuring
work. Tbe operatdrs will at ouce Are
up hII of tbe Id la plants iu the coke r--iou
and plaee them in operation us
fmt a uieu can be eeoured to work
Captain O'Natl Explains Wbv Some of
Them Ware Nut ProLc.d
Washington, Aug. 17. Reports
transmit te I to the state department
from Cat tain O'Neil. of the Murlde
bead, now at lilanlds, fully
confirm tbe press reports to t e
effaot that tbe captain refused
to protect suob Aru-rion resi
dents tkere as had tkn up arms in
"hulfof Cbief Clarence against the
Xicaraa-uen governuient.
Tbe eaptaiu gave thas men ample
w-irning that tby uiuat not violate the
laws of Nicer igui if they expected
protection, and In doing so he actad,
It is said, in strict accord with inter
national law.
The Senator from New York Takes
Occasion to Refer to Blunders
of the Democracy.
Washington. Aug. 17. Amotion or
resolution tor 'n appointment of
Senator White (D-m., Cal.) to fill the
vacancy on the finance committee occa
sioned by the death of the late Sen
ator Vance, of North Carolina, oc
cupied the attention of tbe senate dur
ing mt of the brief p-rio I ( m hour
and lorty-fire niiuutes) that it was in
onion today. Id the first place, ob
j 'ition was tuado to its prs
nt conaidertiou by Mr. Chandler
(U-p., N. H.) under the rnle which
requires resolutions to li over for on
iay, if there be a single obj.c'ion. 0:1
tbe other side it was contendud by Mr.
Harris (Dew., Tenn.), who made tbe
motion, that it was a q ieti n of
privilege, nfft)cting tbe orgauiz ition of
the senate und did not, therefore, come
nnder tbe mix. , Tbat claim uave to
Mr. Cbaudler the opportunity for
lunnchini; one of his shafts of ridicule
at bis politioal oppia-nts for the tardy
orgauis ition of the senate j ist as U
was anont to a j nrn.
Mr. Hill, of New York, complained
that there had been no consultation
among Dxni"oratio senators, and in
iiner lik- c- .s, in rgard to filling the
vacancy on such an important commit-
tee. He thought senators from the
threat state of New Yurie should have
been consulted, und he intimated tbat
it wasacaaaof "packing"tliH committee
for a certain pnrpoa-i He favored let
ting tbe resolution goovr until tomor
row and advued his I) moaratio asio
ciataa that in the meantime they Bhould
navo a caucun, or uonf-rence on tno
at j -ct.
lie also to k occasion to re stato his
opposition to the income tax and hi"
inerence to the principle of free m-
iiar, free anal and free iron ore. And
he reminded bis D-Muocrutie associates
of "tbe blunder after blunder" which
nad b-an made throughout the wlude
tariff discussion, llv thought th t
tbere should ha more consultation in
order that th' ie things miitht be avoid
a I. The resolution went over until to
The eonference report on th list of
tbe appropriation bills tbe deficiency
hill was prusetitel and ngred to.
This and the sundry civil appropriation
bill will now be suit to tbe president
wbo bin still under ton nideration th
river and hamor bill.
Tbe bouse bill for the repeal of the
clause in tbe new tariff law allowim.
a rebate in the tax on alcobol usad in
the arts went overfill tomorrow, as
did also resolution offred hy Mr. Mur.
phy (U.m , H Y.) declaring that therx
should be no further tariff legislation
at t Is session
Notice of amendments ware given
by Senators Cttandler, Manderson and
Gray to the free sugar bill.
Mr. Chau Uar's wus to repeal all the
provisions of tbe new tiriff bill;
Mr. Maoderson's was to couttnti the
sugar bounty nnttl February, 1895, nt
the rate of 8-10 of a cent per pound,
and Mr. Gray's was to strike out the
differential rate on refined sugar.
Then, on motion of Mr. Gorman, the
senate at 1.40 p in., adjourned until to
Tha Georgia Farmers' alliance has form
ally disbanded.
Emma Goldman, ths anarohist. was re
leased from Black well's Inland N. Y.
F. T. Lnvejoy. vlca presidont of tlm
Adams Express company, is critically ill
at Saratoga.
Confession to burning a railroad bridge
nt Antlers, Uolo., was made by Walter
Trlbble, a striker.
Boldly entering a store at Braggs, I, T.,
John Fields, tha notorious outlaw, was
sbot dead by J. Lnngsford.
Tbe absconding deputy secretary of
state of Michigan, A, W. Lindholm.bas been
captaraaat uuttenoarg, aweou.
School InsnertorB Walsh. Licbtetibere.
Davis and Llphardl bava baen arrested at
Detroit, Mich., charged with receiving
The banging of Phil Pettus, tbe Arkan
sas wife mnnlernr. is set for Tuesdav.
Governor Flsbback refusing to commute
uia aaaience.
After many weeks' absence, ex-Trees
urer Bimsrott, of the Switchm-Vs MU'
tnal Beuetlt association, ba returned lo
lDlcago to face charges of mnlfoasance. .
In a Qnarral over n nnnrlv.inada imi
Convict J. J. Fnnjoy, of 8ing 8ing prisou,
i..-.n,r,, ,u,i,utu niacrncior cuanas sails
bury five times with a tailors' sbears.
uy tne onritlng of boiler tubes in the
yaeoi V'lni.n, which was i acini? offSheUe.-
iHland, . Y., Rev. J. A. A-plnwall, her
uwurr. nuu mB eugiaeer were Lauly
UUl UVlly
Tbt SCt Kills it tixbr, Lambjrt S C
Totally Ceslroyid.
Fire Breaks Out in the Third Story
of the Main Edifice at 10 O'clock
and Spreads Rapidly Three Hun
dred Men, Boys and Girls Thrown
Out of Employment AthouRh
There Is No Fire Department the
Progress of tho Flames Is Stayed
by a Bucket Brigade.
Sp'Cia't to tie .Vriaoa Tribune.
IlAWI.t Y, I'll , AlU. 18.
XTER. LAMliKlll' & CO 'S
-ilk mills at this li- V" been
ileatroynd by fire, and the fl itnes
.ue spreiding rapilly, ending )ring
other property in the town.
The fi;e was discovered about 10
o'clock lst ev-ning on the second uu
third il 'or of the center building. As
there is no fire department iu the town
it was impoesiblo to control the con
nitration, which soon eonsiuii":! the
nuin buildings of the plant of the Silk
comp.iuy. Unhampered, the Unites
ra tde most rapid progress end at mid
night tbe walls of tho buildings fell
iuto the river.
Large crowds gathered about the
sceneof contl igration and gnZ)d help
lassly np in the crackling flimes whose
progress they were nnnble toiinpnle,
and regarded with apprehension th
rapi Hty with which they leaps I from
building to bnilding with relentless
J. S. O'Connor & Son's glass-cntting
works, Taft & Pierson's giist mill nnd
other frame bull lings in the vicinity
owned by tbe Silk company are in
great danger.
A special train left for Honrs lale at
12 DO to secum aid from the fire depart
inent of that city to arrest the lire.
which menaces the whole town.
The total loss to the Silk company in
the d struction of its property will
probably exceed fJOO.OOO, and ovr 300
mn, boys and gins will be thrown out
of employment. The amount of in
"tiranca is not known.
As the silk mills were among the
chief induitries of the town, the logs
will be serioudy felt by merchants and
business men generally.
Latpu, 2 a. m Through the efforts
of the bucket brigade tho fl'ines Imv
been confined to the throe stuunwalle
of tfco Bilk mills, tho renr wall only
having fallen iuto the river. V.'or 1
was sent to ilonesdalo that the sorvics
of firemen from that city would not be
Ti e wills of tli a glass works nr- of
stone and the windows nr- prot cled
by iron shutters, and although th
mills are still burning, it is thought
that the glass plant will not suffer from
tho confltgration.
Faun Exan inor thuots iiiraielf While at
Vork nt Alfi-na.
Ai.toona, Aug 17 Bank Examiner
Miller, who has heen i m.niiig the
books of the Second Nitionnl biinif.
shot himself through the head nt 10")
this Hfernoon and kilhil himself iu
stiiiitly. Whin the fatal shot was fired by
Miller he was sitting in an arm chair
at a disk back of the miling in the
bank. The center drawer of this was
open, and after he firod the shot the rr
volver fell into the drawer. Several
1 rge splashoH of blood f II upon the
lek and papers in the drawer and Mil
lar fell nt full length on Hi" fl ir, where
his head was foou snrroun led by a
large pool of blood and brains, which
flnved from the two ehastly holes on
either sida of bis head. Tno weipm
with whioh tho deed was done is a
Colts army r-volver,41 calibre, and the
ball which piiBsud Inrouiih bis head
was afterwnrds found on the outside
stairs. Piesid nt L'vau was the only
other person in the bank, and was com
pleUly prostrated ty the and event,
having to be taken home, Th coroner
was notified and the bank placed -oharge
of the police.
It h ts been statad that Dank Exam-,
iner Miller had completed his work of
Koing over the bank's books, and had
forwarded bis r port to the comptroller
of tbe treasury at Washington; also
that the bank was in better condition
than at first supposed and that it
would reopen shortly.
The truth is that none of these Btate-rVi'-nta
is known to be correct, but it is
a fact tbat depositors have lieen Ilea))
leg cauaure upon the examiner for not
having out a report, and it is now be
lieved that he was also censored by the
authorities atWasblngtnn.and tbat this
will be fonnd to have been the cause of
tbe suicide.
Persons who saw him in the bank
last night Bay that he seem I to be go
lug over the books and papers in a bap
hazard sort of way, and it is generally
believed tbat beoanse of worry and
probable o-nsnre from his superiors bis
mind bad become unbalance I.
Mr. Millar's borne was at Mer
cer, and 11. J. Haywood of tbat place,
cashier pf the state treasnry, left H r
riibura for hern this af teruoon to take
cnargeof tbe body. -
A Etatvmont Abt u: 'ih.ilr Mijaion
Thalr Fii:nra Cnuraa.
Chicago, Aug. 17. Samuel Parker.
11. A Widemnn and J. Cuiniuings, tho
iiuwniiaii royai commissioners, ar
rived in Chlsigo last iiU'ht cn their
way back to Honolulu. "Our mission
was not wholly unsaUsfaciorv," said
on" or tne coiumitsiouerf. "Wa Rite-
evedi-d ill presautitig tila subject of tho
pi ('Aunt situal ion in its prnpar litcht.
We 1ml expected, bowavar. to have
beim able to kwep the republic, as it is
called, from receiving recognition.
We failed in that. President Cleveland
hs &hu fit to rucorfuiz-t It. T ir.j is
uothfiig for us to do but live under the
government in the hope of sme day
flt'ciuitiK a chanire.
they joiNjniE rors.
The WilJ-Eyd Fiariy Eoojpi tha Ohio
Lib r Vota.
Cdlumiius. Aug. 17. The joint con
vention of the Populists and Labor par
ties here today nominated a lull state
In a closing spoh John MoBride,
president of tha Mine Workers' union,
announced that th- labor delegates
present pledged 120,000 anion labor
men to support the ticket, and ho bud
letters from many unions statin ir
tbi.t for various reasons they could
not sund delegates, but would support
the ticket nominated. .
Rosy View of the Situation from
the Standpoint of R. G.
Dun & Co.
Nkw York, Aug. 17. U. G. Dun &
Co's Weakly Keview of Trade tomor
row will suit: "TI.e new tariff bill, if
signed by the president, as exp-cted,
provides a definite basis for business
No supplemen'.i l legislation is thought
possible, until next year at least. L irg
iiujrov lli-uts bad been expected
from uny 8attlcui-'nt, the more be-
cntise of n vast amount of
iiusiuess deferred from week to
W'ek in the l.on of more d finite
conditions. TlJo rush of such bushies-',
or even a part of it, might easily
doU 'le transovtions for a time, It is
not to be overioolcel tnat tbu ff-K't of
new duties upon many br inches
of in-iujtry and trad is prob
lematical and may he determined
only after eome months' of ex
perience, and meanwhile the se
rious Injury to corn and some
ot"er conditions exeivi8' a restraining
influence. While it is uot wise to look
for a great "boom," there ie warrant
for a prudent h. "fulness. It is ton
-arly lo look f r ifl-ictscr the new "iti.
niiin in th great industries, bnt th
uradual rec ivery which has appeared
for eome tnno is seen in a better at
mand for pr ducts.
ll'sn nipt ion of iron and steel works
which were stopped by tho strik-'S con
tinues to depress prices of some fin
ished pruritic s, but with m re furn
aces operating prie s of pig iron are
not lower. Coinpirisons given tod v
show a full in c s ranging from 2 )
io 4 I p r cent in 'rou and iis fro lu-is
sine.-O toner, vj)i which sutUiMatly
lucounts for the idleness of more than
a third of tha works. Th demand for
sirin'tnriil forms so -ms sin dler, though
trofliij iiiinrov.'s, but for soma otlur
pro lucts is belter.
The striking feature this w?ek is th
strong incraase in demand for commr
eiul Iohiip. Silver is also stronger be
cause of the eastiirii demand, which
the war in China U expected to pro
Liabilities of firms failing in the
weuk ending An'.' 0 'r a little larger
thnii. f lute, J3 291 089, of which $1
041 101 were i f m iiiufiictuiing no
1,01)8,108 of tr.idiiw concerns. Fnll
r.-tor s tor Jnlv show an iiugregate of
$11,291,003. The failures this week
tittvu D""n ,'0 in me u nii u btnti s
agaitiBt 'I ') lusi year, and 45 iu Caua iu
agaiusl 27 lust year."
Kr. WiUon Ltnbl.i to Occup; Mr. Car
U.l' Flues tn th Cabinet.
W ashington, Aug. l( ihe rumor
was fr- ely paused around at the Capitol
today that Secretary Carlisle woul I re
lir-j from the cabinet and tbat in his
i iace would be Mr. Wilson, of WeBt
Oi course no verification or contri
diction of this remark oould be bad
from tho personnel's ohieil interested,
imt in disensaiug the probability of the
rumor proving well founded, one cmi
uont southern congressman slated that
Mr. Carlisle hud expressed bis opinion
that the senate tariff bill was one of the
bi'st nionsiircs ever framed, and that
holding these views Mr. Carlisle must
naturally find himself at variance with
the expressed opIniouB of the president
Tbe Closing; Events at tha Mett at
Rociikster, N. Y.; Aug. 17 The
Grand Circuit meeting closed here to
day with three good races, all of which
were won in straight heats. The per
formance of Hal Braden in the free for
all was tbe feature. This young son of
Brown Hal fiiiinbad an easy winner in
each of bis brats and Mascot had not
broken and bsd pressed him to his
finish. Summaries:
2-17 trnttinB! DUrse l'J.000,
Ralph WilkeB, ch. g., by Red Wilkes
dnm Maiy Mays, by Mambrlno.
Patclien (Golden) 1
Judge Austin, g. g 5
Hretchen, h. Ul 3
Sixtv-six, b. g t 1
Edith R, c. in 8
Jamas L , b, g 0
t'omniodnre Porter 4
Latighrin W., br a s
Claymore, t. g
Minnie U., r. m
Aunt D liah, b m
U 10
9 9
11 11
Time, 2:I'J,
Free for all, pacing; purse, 3 500.
Hal Braden, by Brown.Hal (Qei8)..l 1
Ony 8 S
Mh si'o t 2 1
Will Kerr dis.
1 line, 3.07, 8.08, 2.09.
2.25c1hbs, trotters; purse, t2,000.
Hnttiw Mont..,'. 1 1
I auny Lady 8 I
n-;paa..... 3 '
W'illiHsnioiit 4 .
, Time, 2.UVX, 2.19. U-lJO.
LAST Gl 01
Kemli:rs of Ik Ci;:.rd Preparing for
Eoni.Wiid Juuniey.
As Usual Members of the Thirteenth
Carry Off the Honors They Fire as
One Man in Contrast with the Pop-pcr-box
Volleys of Olher Troops.
Adjutant Conklin Resigns Cov
crnor Pattison's Reception.
tl c.Vif from ii Ntntr rnyresmmh nt.
Camp t uawiohd. )
Cirri YsiiuiiG, l'a., Aug. 17. f
I'j'Kli going liUIIIU tOlllOI-
row," is i he refrain that
ia being repeated and re
echoed tonight through
thesir-eta peopled by the members ol
the Thirteenth regiment. The lat day
in cuinp was si) "tit by the members ot
tho National guard in brigade, reni
meutal and company drills. Tne. sil i
shone with great lierc-ness and tuurie
the work of tbe guard-imi-'ii very ex-
In the morning members of the Tliir
teentll participated in brigade drill,
during which thi.To w is volley mi 1
skirmish firing. The voli.-y lirmg of
Ihe Thirteenth was the feature of tbe
drill. They fired as ouo man. their
work being in strong contrast with the
pepperbox shooting of other regi
ments of the brigade. This evetiing
tne Thirteenth had dress parade, und
then the guardsmen beg in to get. their
effects in shape to break ciunp at 4
o'clock tomorrow morning.
The Second brigade broke camp this
afternoon and in embers of Bittery B
and the Fourteenth regiment returned
to 1'ittBburg to attend the funeral ot
D. Perchiuont.lnte colonel of the Four
teenth, tomorrow.
Mhj ir G. II. Whitnev. of the Tbir-
te.'tilu, was hrig iU oiliuer today and
Captain F. W. Stillwell reziiii'utsl
officer in place of Captain Fellows.
wno is indisposed; Lieutenant Frank
.McMuller, of Company E, was reul-
ui;iital commander of tbe guard.
A sensation was created in cmr to-
lay by tho resignation of Clnu Ie C.
Conklin, who was made niijiitant of
the b'cnnd battalion two mouths ago.
Mr. Cinklin has been in tbe regiment
lor eleven years. Coming so close on th
iippointin-nt of A'torney W. F. Tracey
to the position of quartermaster, th
resignation has cin-eu no little com
ment. Adjutant Millar advised Mi',
Conklin to recousi lr his resignation,
t.Ut refused. Il Wus accented by Col
onel Ripnle, to take effect tomorrow
Corporal E iwar 1 B Joachim, ot Com-
ny O, Montrose, was npnniuted com-
mis-iiry sergeant iu place ot Mr.
Captnlu William K llow. of Com
pany u, was lest i-veutilg presented
with u numb 'r of Valuable Hoiiyeuirs
of the haul.) of Gittysburg 'by mem
bers of bis company.
General II .slings, the Republican
nomuien for governor, wno was nt
he .ilqu irters yeater I iy, left this ai'ler
noou for liellefonte, und tlie olher
prominent viaitnrs have about nil il i
parte.1. G ..vernor F.ittison give a neeptio.i
at ihe Springs hotel last uight, nud ti
morrow morning will leav. tor H.irri-
tnirg with bis eliiiT. Liter in Ihe day
G Suowd n iml bis stall will de
sert In a Inu irtors for their ruMiective
In m s,
SVe itiesday evening Capt iin Kenny
inspocti'd the guard ul the ilnrtueut.i
while ihey wero on duty nnd lhursdiy
morning M jar L.agx, jJriga le sur
geon, inip cul tun quarters of the
iii .n iiinl I oi ml them ail clean aud iu a
neat condition.
Tiiuii-day afternoon occurred the
crowning event of the I'neuiiiniiii'iit,
the governor's and division com
m ind' rs review. Fi'vr wiather coiili
uot have tieen desired and tha lb m-
ands of spectators witnessed one of the
liuent reviews of tiio guar I tintt b in
ever reun ln-1 I. iin- men forni"a on
the open space in front of division
headquarters nnd m irie ii stirring and
luapiring picture lis they an' tur
aiout tier in conip inv frn's on the
gently sloping plane, the sun Hashing
on 111 ir burnished arms und the guns
of the artillery. Tno infantry w.ih
massed iu front witu the artillery nud
cavalry in the rear and they gave tbe
uIruo a very war-like appearance.
At the head of tlie second regiment
that pii-sed liin reviewing stand was
the cor.itna iding Cure of Colonel Rip
ple and behind him with firm nnd soldier-like
stops came the trained guards
men of the Thirtenuth. There was no
bowing of lines, tlie boys presenting
perfect coinpuny Ironts as they passed
the reviewing stand, where Governor
Pattison. General Snowdxn and a boat
of notables i x mined them with a criti
cal eye. For fiity iniutit"S the regi
ments of soldiers, marching company
fronts, followed by the regular aud
state csvslry aud artillery, continued
to pass the review stall I. Toon the
tired soldiers retired to their quarters
only to come mi hour later uu dress
Preceding the review the regular ar
tillery and cavalry gave an exnihitiou
drill for the bom fit of Assistant S ore
tary of War Doe.
By th time these lines reach tho
readers of Tint Triuunb the Thirteenth
teglmsnt will be ready for the horn -ward
trip, beariug with them the new
honors won at this encampment whion
will long linger in the memory of the
guardsmen, Tbere was little sleep iu
oamp tonight. After supper the
soldier boys begau to get their
effect! iu shape to return home.
Most of the in had tlie work
completed when tups souudod to
night, but there they slept little, nev
ertheless. Many determined to make
the last night in camp a merry one and
tbe efforts of the officer of the day were
not altogether effeeiive in suppressing
ibos wno had nn nching desire to pull
.heir companions from their comfort
able t-uaksout iuto the comyuuy birc'tj.
bengh tho encampment as a whole
h is been a pku' in', one, t! e boys will
he glad wnen they roach bcranton to
morrow ni;;lit.
Many irams of footba'l serve to while
liwny hours between drills.
V. F. of r-cr.'inion. spent Thurs
day iu camp ns the ijiiet of his son,
l'i ivnte I.owK i f Coiniiaey F. was one
of the brigade urdoidios cbunou during tno
Companies C and li played a gnuie of
ball Tim lullur won by a score
7 t.o l i
The pnv rolls were Bigned by the nmm
b"iH of tho vuri'.us coinpiuii .'B Thursday
Sergeant Major Aibrt Divio?. rcm
piiiurd (ieneral tioOiu and party to Hound
Top on Friday.
John D. Williiiti's, ft Hcranton, was a
vi-itof at heiidipini'tor.-i of the Tbii teeuth
regiment yesterday.
M.-tiiy of the beys l ave banjos nnd man
d'lins wi:h tb mand give concerts in tbe
company streets nightly.
Private JoH -ph F ihringer, of Company
F, has b'cn tluhbud "tho orator" by tbe
members f that company.
Attorney J W. Browning, wbo is a
member of Company A, has blocked out a
set of Di-onnrclt whi-kers for future use.
Adjutant Edward IJ. Ei:l:ni:it), of tb
Fourth regiment, eonihi'ted the guard
mount of tho Third brigade on Thursday.
Mr-. W. (. Fnlton, of ircranton. visited
her buslmud, Surgeon Jiajor Fulton, it
'lie Thiiteonth, iu camp Tbuiiday and
Second Sergeant Coarsen is filling tho
posuiiin of lirst sergeant of Company C
very satisfactorily eiiice Mr. Culleii re
turned home.
Lewis Surdam, of Company I), was
Colonel Hippie's orderly, and W. II.
Freiz , of Company E, Adjutant Millar's
orderly on l nursday.
Captain Kellow, of Company fi. is a thor
ough soldier and tactician nnd always
carries his men successfully through tbe
most difficult maneuvers.
Captain E. I). Fellows, of Company F,
was regimental ollieer of the day Friday,
and I.h'utxnsiut Frank McMtillen, of Com
pany E, commander of tho guard.
Private Bump, of Company I), was hon
ored bva visit from bis nnele and cou-iu
who reside iu Scranton, Thursday. Pri
vate Johnson entertained bis sisters.
Ted Richards, the bugler of the Thir
teenth, was -ummon-'d to trigade head
quarters on Wednesday by (ieuernl iiobin
to sound the skirmish calls during brigade
Private Siirilatn, if Company I), was so.
lecteci this morning as the b st Ore sort
ai d best appearing man on the guard de
tail, mid was accordingly made colonel's
At all hours of the day the roar of in
fantry from various parts of tbe battle
ll";dorili3 hemming of cannon niiiinutics
that Kliam buttles or skirinish drills ure
in progress.
('amain A. E. Melnlyre, of the Twonty-
fonrtb senarato New York company, of
i.i Mletowu, N. V., nnd L. S. Stivers
lieutenant of tho mine, are the guests cf
. iiptnin K'icic.eii ot i.enmpanv t .
Lieutenant Colnuel Ceiirseu acquitted
liinise.f with gieat credit Thursday iu the
re.sponsihlx pn-ition of division i fil er of
i be day. Tho fact that it was review day
niano tne ninco u most important aim ex
acting one.
Among those who culled on Colonel E.
II liiapienu Thursday were Secretary of
Internal Affairs T. onias J. Stewart, Wil
liam K:n-lie. lUtiartinent rommaiiilee i f
tin- (f and Army of Pennsylvania, and his
adjntaiit. James Morrison.
(.iiptnin II. Ii. chase, of Coirpnnv C,
Cave mi "at home" at his tent Thursday
evening. An i-ntertaiuiugpr- gramnie was
rendered by the memoi rs of tne captain's
versatile c.inipany for the edification of
his numerous guests. It win an enjoyable
Musician Charles Van Vnlen, who parti
cipated iu ilio battle of ifetty-duirg as n
i nber of tlie Sevorit-y-i-ixth New York
infantry, on Thui-diy visited the spot
near the Chnmber.-bnrg pike where his
regiment took part in tbe opening of the
bat tie on the first day.
The Company C quartette sorenndeil
their captain nt bis quarters Wedne dtiv
lrght nnd later a i-qtiad fr. ni Cnuipany b
if the Twelfth regini nit, ntiired in tati
tii'.tie. cnstlinies, cnll. il on Captain Chase
and rave a bnrlcMpi'-drill that milled forth
hearty applause liom tlie spectators.
Private Yest, of (' A, while on
geiird at No. ! po-t Tbnrsiiay, was struck
in tbe stonui 'li by a base hud driven from
the bnt i f Company C'.s team, lie was
taken to the hoMiital. where ho is now
resting (oinfoi'tiiblv. Lienteunut Corwin,
rommunder of the guard, ordered tbe
players to another part i f the ground.
Thursday licvernur Partisan issued nn
oribr nnnouuciiii; tne death of Colonel
P. rcbiiiunt, of the Fourt ' regiment,
S'Cond brigade, at bis home iu Piitsbtirg.
Colonel was ill when bis regi
ment left home and he ilid not accompany
ll lo camp. Lieutenant l'ol h"l William J.
(ilium has been in command of the Four
teenth in camp.
Company G, of Montrose, and a Four
teenth regiment company from Milfi.rd
weie tbe companies from the Third brig
ade assigned to patnd duty at Gettysburg
by (ietier.d (lobm on TbuiMlny. The unit
and s.ililimly npp. araiioo of tho members
of Company (t made a strong contrast
wh"ii they were coino ire I with other coni
liimies that had preceded the Company ('
iiovs on patrol dntv The latter always
gave the correct military salute ami al
lowed no privnto to pass them without
showing a permit.
Company I) bad a most, excit ing skirmish
drid and sham b it tie iu the woo rs luck of
camp Thursday evening, :o company
il ployed in Kkirmishers, and ll series of
ladies, rushes and retreats were indulged
in, in which the boys bundled each olher
prelty roughly. Corporal Foote hud bis
hands skinned and Corporal Ingiis had his
ears well scratched, while Corporal Sickler
wan brui'i'd in several places. These in
juries, were taken good naturedly, bow
ever, and all agreed thai they would
undergo ninny mure b uises for the privi
lege of enjoying another such drill. J. F. M.
Of receipts or S01,Sfi5.72 nt the Lancaster
Internal revenue i tlice, $S8,O0u wero for
whisky tax.
After a dispute with a relative, Mrs.
Wistar Hlionds. of Dougbissvllle. hs dis
appeared, leaving four .small children.
Ginseng roots are being gathered nlKiitt
the sources of the west branch of the
Pcikiomou, aud sold at H aud $." per
Tho convention of tbe State association
of county commissioners will be held in
the l'oitsvillo court hoiiBe next Wednes
II Wakhinoton, Aug, 17. Forecast
' far Hahinlati: For eastern 1'enn
sylrania, ami Sew Jersey, south
winterly tuinds. For M'eifeni JViinstii'fiiH'n,
iniTdisiiif cloudiness and probably showers
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