The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, August 16, 1894, Page 7, Image 7

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JourntlUt NlTsn, of Wllkei-Bsrre,
droYt down to Patterson grov the
other day to deliver an uuMreiij (all ot
olotjaenc tad fir to u assiinoly o!
war tetiraiii. InoidDtlly, with a
newipopcr man'f natural instinof, he
Htaiublad upoa big- scheme which is
now agitating certain capitalist of
Uhiclcsbinny, the details of which are
oatertalpinKly set forth in tbt Record
Tb enterprise Is nothing more nor less i has assured tbe shop men in the employ ot
than tha building of an lectrio road I the company that with the revival ol
from Shickshlnny to Benton, twenty j railroad business their waBes shall be re
adies away. Thoss interested have I stored. ,,..,, , not
jeen talkina- th. thine- over for a cood I All the wholesale fruit dealers of Boston
while and It would haV. been put into I
loroe before this, were not the state
nws regulating freight trufflo prohibl- ;
tire so far as electrlo roads are con- ;
earned. Bat a beam of sunshine begins
to brighten np the hopes of the plonoers
who long to fly over the bountiful hills I
ubontjHantington valley, and it comes .
in tbe assuranoe that the next legisla- ;
rnre will grant the same privileges to
the trolley lines as are now eujoyed by
'he steam systems in the state. It is
(anerally understood that so long .
us the big railway people were kept out
of the ownership of eleetrio roads,
that their influence with the law
makers at Uarrisbarg would be '
strong enough to embarrass tbe man- ;
:igers of eleetrio roads in their efforts i
co eeenre freighting privileges, but !
jow, since it is heralded that the big j
railway comoratlons have at last got
n on the ground floor and arc carrying
,i goodly amount of stock and bonds of
the long li )es reaching out from Phlla
delphia in several directions, virtually
gridironing the territory for buudred
of miles, with a certaiuty of further
enoroaebments, the hope of getting a
law passed permitting trolley lines to
carry freight inspires the Shiokshinny
und neighboring people to renewed ef
forts. It is proposed to build tbe new
road over the spleudld turnpike, whose
excellence la traditional aud whose
views alone arc worth g olng far to see.
It wouldn't take long to lay a road
down on such a snre foundation. The
territory needs such a road, too. The
freight busineis alone would be enor
mous. The fertile farms would find
in easy and economical outlet for their
rich harvests. Its duirles would be
greatly benefited and its orchards yield
nandsume profits, Such a road would
connect at Benton with the brtnch
nteam railway there and thus augmeut
the travel to and from Shickahiuuy.
"Of course," adds Mr .Niven, "much
has been said In the past about an ex
tension of the Wilkes-Bar re and East
em road from its terminus on the west
aide of the river at this point to
, Williamsport. Al Orr, the energetic
railway prospeotor, has suggested a
route that seems feasible. His Hues go
through tbe Ice Cave district to the
headquarters of Huntington creek,
thence along the creek to connect with
the road running to .Watsontown and
VVilliamsDort. The nroject is a feasible
nna. bnt the Wilkss-Burra aud Eastern
magnates do not seem anxious to rush
it. If it were bnilt It would make a
hot competitor for travel aud traffic
with any eleetrio system, but as things
look at present, the trolley cars will
oe rushing over tbe charming hills of
iiiuntington long before the whistle of
Jany locomotive is beard in that rich,
fertile and beautiful region ef oonutry.
It may be depended on that if the
j legislature gives the freighting privl
) ieges wanted the coming winter, that
before next summer ends the electric
oars will be flying between Shlck
nhiany and Benton, with both towns
in it for all they are worth."
A Wilkes-Barre dispatch quotes Su
perintendent Law.dl.of the Lsbigh and
vVilkes-Barre Coalieompany, as having
naid that if the senate accedes to the
house's free coal bill it wilt ruin the
;oal interests in this section to suoh an
extent that the anthracite coal oper
ators of the state would be unable to
recover their markets for ten years.
The Nova Ssotia coal, he said, would
control the New England markets and
down into New York, which would
destroy the anthracite markets for all
i.tsam producing coal along the sea
- board. It will be perceived that Air.
Lawull's position ou this matter is vir
tually the sara as was that of Presi
dent William Coonell, of tbe Anthra
cite Coal Operators' association in bd
interview presented several months
ago In The Tribune,
Traffic officials are building large ex
pectations of increased tonuuge on the
end of the tariff discussion. An im
mense amount of goods has for some
time been in bond awaiting the proba
ble reduction in duties, and it will be
released for shipment as soon as the
tariff bill becomes a law. Importers
more than any other class bav been
living a hand to mouth existoncs for
nearly a year, not daring to stock up iu
i.he face of reduced duties. They will
now make up for lost time and turn
over some extremely valuable tonnage
to railroads. A sample case was the
ongagement on Tuesday of transporta
tion for $100,000 worth of silk, which
will be taken out of bond as soon as the
tariff bill goes into effept. Every day
jhows an increase ofjtbe westbound
ousiness of both eastern and western
i'oads. One eastern road is already
short of cars and has been compelled
to refuse proffered shipments. Owing
to the increase of cut rates there is no
expectation of an increase in eaetbound
uhlpments from Chicago until the close
of navigation, but westbound earnings
cire muejh more than maktog the lore
,;ood. It is the universal opinion that
Hard times for this year are past for
This curious ease is reported in the
Philadelphia Reeord: "O. W. Ken
nedy, of No. 107 North Front street,
was arraigned before Magistrate Wil
here Tuesday morning, charged by L.
P. Pennell. a clerk in the Broad street
station, with defrauding him out of $00
by the promise to secure him a posi
tion as superintendent of the Cornwall
railroad at Lebanon. When Kennedy
failed to secure the position Pennell
requested tbe return of his money.
Kennedy paid baok $10, but as the re
mainder was not forthcoming Pennell
caused Kennedy's arrest. Kennedy
claims that be spent more than the
money paid him in endeavoring to se
cure the position, The case will go
into oourt."
Minor Indubtmal Notes!
'All the collerles In the lower anthracite
legion will work only three days this
The lnt threa weeks the Pennsylvania
liaa been handling an average of 10,050 car
loads of coal aud coke per wees.
The dlreotors of the Cleveland and Pitts
burg, a Pennsylvania Interest, bare de
clared IX per cent, dividend, payable
Mpt. L ;
William Q. Christian, lately resigned
freiB the position of supervisor of the Leb
anon Valley branoh of the Philadelphia
irnd Eaadin, raooired and accepted
the appointment of superintendent of the
South Jersey railroad, with headquarters
at Cape Hay.
The Reading's coal tonnage for the week
ended Aug. 11 decreased 8.1S6.15 tons,
making the decrease for the year 854, tons.
- Orders were given last week at tee Al
toona shops of tlio Pennsylvania lines tot
the buildiug ot eight Ula E locomotives
(or the Wei-taru hue.
W. H. Crnmpton, who has boa goneral
manager of tbe aud Lebigt
road tor soinrt years, ha' resigned, owing
to changes In oivneiAhip.
On the Pennsylvania lines west of Pitts
burg the voluntary rulief dopartmeut is
divided Into fifteen districts, each dibtnol
haviug an examining lurguon.
President De Conrtey. o( the Western
Now York and Pennsylvania railroad,
unuea m -
Central Kaliroad o( New Jersey to con
sign all peaohos for Boston iu future via
the Now York Ceutrul and the New York
and New Euglaud via Brewsters, N. Y.
Stocks and I'ondt.
rfitw YoitK, Aug. 15 Speculation at
the Sto- k exchange quieted duwn a cood
deal todtiy not unimturallv in view of tht
sharp rise of tho past (ew days aud th
dispo'ition to limit new operations until j
tariiY matters lire finally adjusted oituui i
Dy rresntunt (Jlevlauu allUmi; his signa
ture to the senate bill or the bill baconms
a law after ten days hivo elapsed without
such uctou by the president. Wall stret
regards a veto as out ot the qiwtiou.
The tri.nKactious today aei;regated
only lill.liiS agiiiiint aitv7l'j sliarot
yesterday, but the falling oil was larijoly
due to a decreased shUs of Sa,nr which
figured (or 05,001) . atfitiust 1VJ.IKI0 shures
yuaterday. Iu the lute tradiu? Distilliug
and Cattle Feeders was the main attrac
tiou, : decliniui: from 22) to ;j under
heavy sales. Tho gunural list closed at a
reaction of uto porcent. from the high
est of tho day. The net chuutfes show un
advance of 1 per cent, iu fc-utrar aud de
oliuos of Ka1 V pt,r cout' 'n raui-srs and
Louisville. Distillers lost i ou the day.
The market closed about iu tone.
Tu foll iwinu eoinpira tame auuvriust tUe
day's tluutuntioiu id autlve stocks is supplied
ami revised dally by Lallur A Fullor, slock
brokers. III Wyuinluv aromie:
cios- ;
in?, i
0 :
Tit '
l",rA,. i
'-Jll I
Am. Cot. Oil UU i
Am 8uKr. 10"t
A. T. & S. F U
Can. ho.
Ceu. N. J 113
Chin N. W. ICVm
y., b. y Tin
Chid. Ona 744H
C.,(J. (.'. 4; 8t. L..,
Col., Hoek.Val. iT
D. . H.
D., It. ft W
n.&c. f
. E. Co
Lake HUore
L. iN ,
Miss. Pho
Nut. Lead ,
N. Y. &N. E ,
N. . Central
N.y., o. ft w....
N. Y.,. ft W
U. S. C. C(
North l'ao
North Pac. pf ,
Pao. Mail
Hock Island
, Z4
, an
l.-.i,, i
lets .
liWll 1
ll I
Mi. j
it;! 4
, 4
. ;it
. l'"V
. Wi
. r.K
. i"lu
. w
. ffi
. n?a
. W,i
. -m
. ii
II w
I 9t. Paul.,
i T., C. ft I
Texas & Pac
Union Pad tic pf
Western Union...
W.&L. E
W. &L. E.pfd....
Chicago Grain aud Provisions.
6cnANiow, Aug. lo.-Tha following quota
tions are suppUed aui oorrootod duily by La
Bur & Fuller.stock brokers,Ul Wyooiiun ave
. ss
81 H
Opening M7
Lowest ,
Ln ust.
71 -i
, New Yorlt 1'roduce ITaiket.
New Yohk, Auj. 15. Flour Dull,
; steady.
; Wheat Fairly actiw; lower, clos
1 ing t".idv; No. 2 ted, store and elevator,
i 88''a58Xc. afloat, S8Ke : f. o. b., 5Ss
b)ie.: ui graded red, S4a39c; N. l uortn
' ei u, CU.VaWiH'e. ; options woie fairly an.
1 tive and irregular, with trading chli-tij
j locnl, closing weak at nc. under yes-
terday; December and 8epf,embar most
i active: No. x rcu, .'.jslnir, Autrust, 58,'-o. :
September, 58Tc. ; October, 5'Je.; Docim
! ber. (VJo.; Muy, 870.
cobs Dull, lower; closing firm; No. 2,
1 MX, elovator; eii'faOlc. allont; op
; tious openod strong at JiJala advance,
, but closed weak at unduryesierday;
trading fairly active; May and Suptem
i ber most active; Aujtusf, (l'7c; hop
: tembor, file; Ootolwr, COc,; November,
j 590.; December, 67c; May, tilje.
Oat:) yuiet, Dnu; options, fairly nc
j tive, nnuer: AuRn-it, 83Jc.; Spptembor,
I 34c: October, 8oc; spot prices, No
I aijialllc: No. 2 white, 3flJi37c. ; No. 2 Chi
i cao, 34all5e.; No. , S5t!. No. 8 white,
i 3(ii301fc: mixed western. 84a3jc.; white
do., iiita4-'ic.; white state. H0n45c.
Lekf Steady, qulot; family, $10at2; ex
tra mess SSaS.OO.
Beef tlAMs-Q.iiet, firmer;
jr-TiEttCKD LrEi'-0,.iiet, steady; city extra
Iudia '..iuss, 15al7.
Cit Meats Firm, light supply; picKled
bellies, 12 pound, HVc; pickled shoulders,
Cu(i5fc.;; pickled hums, li;al2&; mid
dles, notninai.
. La.rd Dull, firmer; western steam,
eloped at S.00; sales, 1,00a ti-rces: citv at
75a7)4c.; Septimber,S.00; reQnod.flrtnor,
qniet; continent, f H 35; booth America,
a (u; compound, bstl'e,
PonK Alure active, Uirm ; mess, $15al5.25;
extra prime. $1313.5i).
liUTTKH Firm, niiiet; state dairv. Ma
21o.; do. creamery, 1723e.; Pennsvlvania,
do., 17a28c; western dairy, lHalde.; do.
creamery, HaSHc.; do. factory, 12,al5Jc.;
elgius, 2-lo.j imitation creamery, 14al7c.
C'heesk Otilet, nrm; slate large. 7 Va
fl.c; do. fancy, u;c; ' western, small,
7a9o; part skim.s. full skims,
KooB-rFirm, light supply; state and
Pennsylvania, 17al730i western fresh,
15al7c. do., per case $1.20u3.60.
Philadelphia Tallow Market.
Philadelphia, Aug. 15. Tallow was
stoavy and nncbaut;ed. Prices were:
Prime city in hogsheads, . 4Jic: prime
country, in barrels, 4c; do. dark In
barrels, 4c; cakes, ic; grease, 8)o.
Syspepala and Indigestion
In their worst forms ar cured by the
use of P. P. P. If you are debilitated nud
run down, or If you need a tonio to regain
flesh and lost appetite, strength and vigor,
take P. P. PM aud you will be strong and
healthy, t or el- :rd constitutions and
lost manhood P. P. P, (Prickly Ash, Poke
Root aud Potassium) is tho king of all
medicines. P. p. p. U the greatest blood
purifier la the world. For sale by all
Fob Burns, Scalds, Bruises and all pains
auu BureuroB oi tne iiesu, the grand house
hold remedy is Dr. Thomas.' Eoleotrio Oil.
Be sure you get the genuine,
How the Gossip Started.
Postmaster (to ussistant) Jes' look up
John Trteriu thet commercial agency
book, an see how much he's worth.
Assistant (a young female) Thet's thei
feller thet Miss Biulcl, what's stayiu up the
street, writes ter, Isn't it?
Postmittter YeB; an this is ther third
letter tola week.
svx.w I""B -v. r-vuu- (
Trotter. I reckon It's getfclu pretty stri- .
ous, 'cause ne answers 'em right away.
he answers 'em rlsrhr. awav.
John Trotter. Mere be la one inillloul
Fostuiaster Whatl
Assistant Look fer ycrself, ef ycr don'l
believe me. Thot's what X says.
Postmaster No wonder she's allui.
AssLstaut (giggling) Yes; I'd write my
self. Shall I Burt this mail jest come inf
Post master Yes. Puue.
Asssstunt (suddenly) Say, say, look
tvherol Here's a box fer Miss Budd from v.
N'York jeweler, an it's addressed by the'
- .- ;
Mr. Trotter. ReiiUtereU, too, I reckot-
pretty good un.
Postniastvr (exatninlnu; bos) Yes, thot'i. I
wliut it is, inns' likely. Here, keep nn eyn
on it while I runout a minute. There goei;
Burkina across the stieut, un ho might like :
tin item for The tiamate. Kxlt. !
AssistHtit (Boliloquizinir. Wouldn't I jeii
like ter see it, though! I guess it's set all
eround with ffrent big dlamouds, 'n cast w
hundred dollars, rfljrhs.
Extract from the (uilow ing issue of the .
Toptou Gazette: j
"Whut will our beaux say when Mien
B , who Is spending tho summer in our
midst, announces Iter euKageiufiitf Alittln j
bird tells us that the ring has come, ami
the donor is worth several millious. Our
boys have no chance, but wo bear you no
ill feeling, Mr. T , and extend our good.
riht baud and best wishes." llarper'i:
A Conductor with a Ileadiiche.
"My childish awe aud roverenco for this
conductor of au express train has never
quite left tne," says a wouiuu, "and it, b.
with a feelinjr of halt surprlso that I dis
covered ouc was actually very human. A
long journey iuvuriably gives me a sick
hendoche and I go prepared. My home
ward trip was no exception, and two or
three hours after our start I was chained
to a big camphor bottlo. The conductor
eyed me sharply every time he paused, anrt
it floated through my aching heud that hn
was probably puttlug me down in lili.
thought ub one of those helpless woraeL
who give out ou the slightest provocation,
liut suddenly he stopped ut my seat:
" 'I beg your pardon, madam, but is thai,
camphor you are using?' he naked.
"Wonderingly, I rc-pliud, 'Yes,' with it
quick, vague feeling that I was transgress- ,
iug some rule of tho company in having it.
" 'M'ill you lend it to me for a moment?' I
be went ou. 'I have a bliutling sick head
acho and I have bocn wishing I could get t.
whiff from my camphor bottle.'
"lie grasped tho bottlo eagerly as
hauded it to him. He took lunx, strong
whilts of it, poured some in his hand anci
wet bis mustache, touched bis finger with
it aud pnt it in his mouth, and finally satu
rated bis handkerchief, with an apology
for his greediutss, as he termed it.
"The shock of tho incident, so contrary
to my lifeloug estimate of these grand oM
cials, really cured my headache, and tho
rest of the journey1 was accomplished with
a certain sense of elation ot having met u
great man on his own level." New York
A Story at Which No One Kvcr Laughed.
Dr. James Xevans Hyde is a great trav
eler, and if he hadn't taken up medicinn
he would have succeeded in the newspaper
business. He has seen all there is worth
seeing, and oujrht to be a good judge of I,
good story, !
"I saw a thlngonce in my own country,"
he said, "which I thought was clover, ant!
I have told it several times, but somehow
nobody ever laughs at it. I was down on
the Rhode Island coast strolling about thn ,
factories of one of those ancient towns. 1
saw this sign on a door, 'No sweuriug al
lowed inhere.' I thought that a singula;1
admonition, and went iu to see what tho
nature of the work was which required au
order to keep down profanity.
"The place was a sardine factory. Thero .
were several hundred roeu and boys cm-'
ployed sticking French sardine labels ot '
the little tin boxes into which were placed !
the minnows. The manufacturer knew j
what a fraud he was committing, and ho i
knew his employees were aware of the ex-'
tent of it, aud in order to bridlo their iu - i
dlguation he issued the order. I don't teh :
you tho story in the hope that you will
laugh at it, only that you cau see how
widely people cliffur about a good story."
Mistaken for Kamuel the D, 000th Time.
The Kev. Dr. Samuel E. Appleton, of thn
Church of the Mediator, Lombard street
and the Rev. Dr. Edward W. Appleton, o !
St. Paul's church, Cheltenham, nro broth
ers twin brothers and so much aliko li.
face and mannertliat their lutimate friendi.
can hardly diatiugulah them. Many amus
inp; stories of mi.sideutity have beeu tolt
of them.
The Rev. Samuel oue day sent a letter
of resignation to his vestry, which, by the
by, they declined to accept. While the
matter was umler consideration, however,
oue of Samuel's parishioners happened tc
meet the Rev. Edward on the street. "Sor
ry to hear you think of resigning," ho re
marked, mixing the brothers up us usual.
Since the Rev. Edward bad never thought
of resigning his charge, he was somewhat
confiL-ied and angered at what ho took tc
bo a broad hint.
But almost immediately the stranger
saw his mistake, aud, as parishioner and
priest parted smiling, the latter entered In
his notebook, ".Mistaken for Samuel the
8,000th time'-l'liiladelphla Record.
A Clergyman's Mistake.
Cricket is uow being played by main
well established olubs in tho vicinity ol
New York, nnd tlieso clubs count nmonp;
their members many clergymen of English
birth, who are among tho best aud most
enlhusiustic of players. It was one of
these who, on the Sunday following a Sat
urday when he had beeu one of the victors
iu a hard fought match, delighted his con
gregation by aunounclng from the sacred
desk, "And here endcth the first innings."
Christian Union.
Bard on the Judge.
Judge Have you anything to say before
sentence is passed?
Prisoner Nuthlu, only I wouldn't be
hero if it wasn't fer ignorance of tho law.
Judge Your Ignorance of the law Is no
Prisoner 'Taln't my Ignorance I'm
talkin about. It's yours, Good News.
Speolmsn Cases.
S. H. Clifford, New Cassol, Wis., was
troublod with neuralgia and rheumatism,
his stomach was disordered, his liver was
affected to an alarming degree, appetite
foil away, and ho was terribly reduced in
llesh and strength. Three bottles of Elee
trio Bitters cured him.
Edward Shepherd, Harrlsborg, 111., had
a running sore on his leg of eight years'
standing. Used three bottles of Electric
Bitters and seven boxes of Buck leu's
Arnica Halve and his leg is ouud and
well. John Bpeaker, Catawba, O., had
five larse fever sores on his leg, doctors
said he was Incurable. One bottlo Electric
Bitters and one box Bucklen'e Arnica
8lve - nred him entirely. Sold by Mat
thew Bros, drug store.
Thb Rev. Wm. Btout, Wiarton, Ont.,
states! After being Ineffectually treated
by seventeen different doctors for Scrofula
and blood disease, I was cured by Bur
dock Blood Bitters. Write blu for proof.
An EnzUth Better That Farnlthed the
House with an Elff a Day.
A lady living In cue of the suburbs of
New York has a flno large English setter
; who is constantly amusing her by some
: unexpected aud original trait of character.
About a month ago be came tnssing into
Lor room just before breakfast, and laid
... . ., ... , ..... . ,.,t. I..4.1
aown Kenny . uw iw "-"
wUK"mKiy " "
.i..rh,,r Viinu hn fniild have outolueu it I for
I she kept no chickens) aud also how lie
could have carried it in his mouth without
breaking it.
j Taking it to the kitchen (the dog follow
' lug and seemingly extremely interested as
i to whut slie proposed doing with his treas-
urc trove), she saia to uio goon, oiin uut.
brought me a present; plcoso poach it for
my breakfast." Tbe iutolligent brute
watched the process of its preparation with
eager interest, aud if ever dog showed
i I....- 1.1. I. .. AVK1Ul.nJ
t anu leifc couscioua pruic, it c.vuiuivcu
by ..jh bud llgllly watched hi be-
loved mistress eating his egg.
To tho lady's great surprise, the next
morning he again appeared with his dainty
gift, aud, although she feared It was stolec
property, his mistress bad not the heart to
disappoint him by not having it cooked
for her breakfast. She was touched by hh
evident joy iu being able to do something
for her; but when, day after clay, it became
a regular occurrence, she rosolvcd to search
the neighborhood to find who had been
despoiled ou her account. It was in
vain, however, that she inquired on uli
ifido"; no one had missed any egs.
Finally her mind was relieved by seeing
Jim appear several mornings with mi ex
tiemely dejected aud crestfallen mien and
no KKi "All, they have fouud you out!'
have lliey, old fellow?" she said, caressing
the uu'uappy looking animal. "Well, hoti
esty is tho best policy, and I am glad to
have found a way out of it without hurt
ing your feelings."
A few days afterward while walking in
the village with Jim she heard a little boy
exclaim: "Mamma, mamma, there is tht
dog that stole our eggs; Just look at him.
I guess be dldu't like the red pepper," for
Jim was regarding the smiling littlo mother
aud bur sou with Ineffable disgust, slinking
by them iu a way very different from lib;
usual gallaut bearing.
His owner, feeling very like a receiver of
stolen goods, proffered explanations anC
apologies, which were received with mucb
amusement, the boy declaring that suet,
a dog deserved the egg, aud that he shoulc,
have one every time he came for It, But
Jim bad bad enough of eggs forever aud I,
day, and now always draws up his lips and
growls whenever one is placed before him.
New York Tribuue.
At Sproat's Landing.
A mooulcss night soon closed around the
bout, and iu the morning we were ut.
Sproat's Landing, a placo two months old
Tho village consisted of a tiny cluster o.'
framo houses and tents perched on tho
eilgoof tho steep bunk of the Columbia
One building was the office und storehouse
of the projected railroad, two Others weru
general trading stores, one was the hotel,
aud tho other habitations were mainly
I firmly believe there never was a hotel
like the hostelry there. In a general way
its design was au adaptation of the plan o'
a hencoop. Possibly a box made of grid
irons suggests more ckarly the principle o.'
its construction. It was two stories high
and contained about a baker's dozen o.'
rooms, the main one being tho'barroom Oil
course. After the framework had beet-,
finished there was perhaps halt enough
"slab" lumber to sheathe the outside o
the house, and this hud been made to servo
for exterior and interior walls, and tho
floors and ceilings besides,
Tho consequence was that a flock oJ
gig.'Mitlc canaries might have been kept in
it with propriety, but as a place of abodn
for human beiugs It compared closely with
the Jlrooklyu bridge. The queer hotel wa;i
but little more peculiar than mauy of thu
peoplowho gathered ou the single streeo
on pay day to spend their hard earned
money upon a few rudo necessaries from
the limited stock on sale in the stores.
There never had been any grave disorder
there, yet the floating population was on
motley a collection of tho ritlrall of tho
border as one could well imagine. Juliar.
Ealph in Harper's.
The Ouestlim of a Majority,
According to a decision of the French
council of slate a unanimous vote may bo
cast in favor of u candidate ut au election,
and the candidate muy yet fuil of receiving
a "majority" aud of being elected.
Tn thrt mwn nf Alinlliiri.iin Vrnnnn In n
j ftw;A nr .1 Wni nf,.
voter presented himself to cust his ballot,
He voted for il. Baguenx for the office,
and M. Bagneux haviug received all the
votes cast was declared elected.
Bnt the matter was carried before the
council of state, which promptly aunullec
the election, declaring that a "majority ol I
voles cast ' was nocessnry to elect, am!
that, as "a majority" means "tho greater
number," there could only be a mnjorlt)
where there were more than oue.
It is presumable, from this decision, thai
if two votes hud been cast for M. Uag
lieux, theso two votes would have bceL
held to constitute a majority; just as two
sheep have been said to constitute a "flock
of sheep," and two calves a "herd of
cattle. " Yo u t li 's Companion,
lluvo Things Hot.
Yuan Mel lays groat stress ou having
dishes served direct from thu fire, w ithout
any interval, which, he says, "leaves the
same flavor with food that mildew leaves
behind iu clothes." He points out that
mnny cooks throw away, in ignorance,
sometimes the best portions; e. g., the
upper llesh of the terrapin, using ouly the
lower part mi rouutl, which he calls "the
skirt." Also, the back of the samlle, tiblng
only the belly. In liko manner, he observes
that, although the yolk Is thu best part of
an egg, no oue who understands tho art of
rutins ever thinks ef separating it from
tho white. Temple Bar.
Iluy Choirs lu New York and Vicinity.
In 1609 there were but three boy choirs
in Xuw York In Trinity church, Trinity
chapel and St. John's. After four or tive
years, th8 next boy choir was organ
ized t hrough the exertions of Mr. Hatch,
the banker, for Christ ohurch on Fifth
avenue, whioh Is now demolished. After
an interval of .seven or eight years, boy
choirs seemed to spring up In all direc
tions. The ritualistic movement in tile
Episcopal church, no doubt had muoh to
do with the introduction of this kind of
Jimmi, kiiwm,ii in nig iivi, iuuuu
in what are called the "low" and "ovan
gelical" branches of the church, and oven
in some nf tbe -;rr:irlnn churches.
sBeecham's pills arc foi
biliousness, bilious headache,
dyspepsia, heartburn, torpid
liver, dizziness, sick head
ache, bad taste in the mouth,
coated tongue, loss of appe
tite, sallow skin, when caused
by constipation ; and consti
pation is the most frequent
cause of all of them.
Book free; pills 25c. At
drugstores.or write B.F.Allen
Co.,365 Canal St., New York.
There are now In Brooklyn and Now
York between sixty and seventy boy
choirs, and, ooiintlui; Now Jersey aud tho
suburbs, there matt be 100 ot tbein. In
terview In Now York Epoch.
BolleU About Palming.
The earlier Christian writers believed,
according to Draper, that painting and
sculpture were interdicted iu the Scrip
tures, aud were consequently evil arts. It
may be questioned if this opinion did not
have K.i root In tbe Idea of primitive peo
ples that the art of drawing was an Instru
ment of sorcery, by means of which one ac
quired tbe power to act upon a persou.
Mussulmans still have a horror of Images,
aud the Koran forbids haviug one's por
trait made and possessing any Imago at all.
L. PopofI in PopularScieucc Monthly.
Direct rroot
Lfv wife baa boon tronblad
with Liver Complaint and Pal
pitation of the h'-uit for out a
) ar. Hur case balUud the aaill
jot our test yhyah-iaus. Aftf-r
imiiig tn rj e Dottles or your
Burdock lfluod Uitters ibe is al
most entirely wi ll. We truly
Tocommend your raedlcine.
Uontpeher, Wtlliaiui Co., O
ird National
Bank of Scranton.
CAPITAL, $200,
SURPLUS, $250,000
This uautt otrers to depositor! even
facility warruuted by their balances, busi
ness ana respimniDUHv.
Kpeclul attention ulv.n te business ae
cuuuts, uiiercac pata eu tune uopoaita.
WIL7.TAM CONTTKM, President,
CEO. H. 4'ATI.IN. VUe-l'rrsldent.
tVU.LlAU U. I'LCti, Laihlek
TTIlllam roiinoll, Geerua XI. Colli il
Alfred Hand James Arrlibnld, Henry
Uelln, Jr, T.UUitui X. umitti- Lutber
Stand at the Head.
Fur thirty years
Iiucbcr Watch Cases
lmvc beeu endorsed by
every prominent dea
leriuthcUnltedHtatos. Tho Duo ber trade-
t.. .Mo Munttrr
17 '-W R1,d tho Hall mark lu
RUBY JEWELED England aro a guaran-
1 tn fniiifrrri .jlil. ,t
l r,w"UJw o 1 tee oi puro muuti. if
ments tu Dueber cases
stand at the head.
Ifyourdealpr does not keep our watches mall
un your address nod we will fond you tlie
nnme f n deuler who d(,ia. TUB IiuiSDiia
Watch Woukk, Cuntou, O.
Hotel Wayerly
Enropoan Tlan. Firrt-claas Bar attietie.
Lepot for ilei'gaer ti Engel's Tanuliieueor
9. E Cot 15ft tr.d Filbert s., fiikii
Xost desirable for roirtrtents of N E. Penn
tylvauia. All conveniences lor traveler
to and from Proad Street station aid tho
Twelfth and Mr.rket Htroot ftatlon. U
llrable for visiting Serantoulaus aud
tie iu the Autbraulte it.glou.
At his newly renovated aud licensed TFoti-1 at
CLAKK'S sUlUMl t', is now prepared to far
nish ti'.tve inr uv.-u a:l mol-il n.irtios with
the LA TEST, NEW-STYLED KlUrt, Kliutle
or double, t ttte tlum to lake Wiuola.
Gravel pond ni l ull suburban points a:iU
Hummer resort-; it reitsuaablo prices. A lnrio
livery iiaru colinoclud with uotol lor travel
ini; public.
Is prepared to reueivo summer boarders nnd
furuixhrlKH for tmirists to surrounding towns
aud sunuuer r sorts.
EVERY description of Job Printing
in tbe best style of the art.
Promptness and Punctuality a
particular point
Experienced, practical and com
petent men iu charge of each branch
of the work.
We do not make a sham show of
cheapness and curtail the quantity
or quality of the work.
Dancing Orders, Hangers,
Cards and Posters a
Bill Heads, Note Heads, etc, printed
at short notice.
Estimates on all kinds of trinting,
small as well as large,
cheerfully given.
The Scranton Tribune Job Dept.
Dlt. Q. i.LOAK DKAN has removed to 61o
bpruee street, bernntou, la. (.Just oy
losito coun-houie Square.)
DK. A. J. CON NULL, Ortlce !ul Waehtugtoa
avenue, corner Hpruue streut, over
1 rauuke a druir store. Kesideneo. ftitt Vina sL
Oh. hours: lU.VitoUa. io. and to and p. m. Kiinday,J tojp.
1)K. w. E. ALLEN. Oflieo cor. Laoka-J-
wanna and Washington avos. : over Leon
ard shoe store; oUiue hours, lu to 13 a. m. and
o io t p. in. : eveuium at reuldenuo. uu n.
V RHlilngton ave.
li. (J. L. FREY, Practice limited to Ulv
eaKOS of the Evil Eur. Uniw and Throat:
cilice, Wyoming ave. Kesidoaee, tUV Viae
L.M. tlA'IKH. V.'S Wiiihiiirton AvuUUJ.
Otllee bonm KloBim.. l.iiu tn U aud
to 8 p.m. Hosidunoe 8) Mudlson avenue
"10HN L WENTi M. D" " Ollieus M aud "!
t Coininonwealth huUdinor: rosidenoe 711
Madison avo: ollloe hours, 10 to 12, it to 4, 7 to
8; btuidays 2.30 tu 4, eveuinge at resideuoe. A
PDccIhHv made of dlfeusea ut the eve. ear. noes
and throat and gynooology.
1 It. K A Y. m PenuAve. ; 1 to 3 p. m ; call 2Mi.
X) UiB.ot women, and din. of chil.
T M. C. KANCK'B Uv and Collection of
tJ . tlce. No. 817 Biiruce ut, opixaite Forest
House, tcruntou. l a,; colh-rtiuusa sceclalty
thniuthi'Ut Pennsylvania; reliable corrospouu
cntu in every coun t y.
f.SSbl a JS liA-'iD, Attorneys and Counsel.
lors at Law. Commonwealth tralldliiX
Vi'itshiuiiton ave. V. 11. Jessup,
W. 11. Jkssup, Ju.
neys iinu CouiiHelors at Law, Republican
lmlldin, Waslilniftoo avo.. Horatitoii, Va,
iATTtrttjW It WILCOX, AHoruoys and
llouuseUois at Law; otllocs li and b Liuraiy
bulJdltig, tjcrauton, J'a.
HoswBM, n. rArrnnsoB,
JV torneys and
OounKellors. Comiuonweidth
Itonms 19, a) and :il.
WF. BOYLE, Attorney ut-Law,Nos.l und
20, Burr building. NViinbliintoii avenue.
HEN It Y H. SKELY-Law olllee iu Price
building, I'M W'ushinclon avenue.
fHANK T. C)KiiLL7Attorniyat Ijw. Hooni
F f. Coal Kxebanee. rjcrantnn. Pa.
MILTON W. I.OWKY, I Att'ya, 1X7 Washini?
C. H. VON BTOKt.'H. I ton av., C. H. square.
JAMES W. OAKI'tlHD, Attornoy at Law,
rooms f3, 04 and (A Comnionweulth Wg.
OAMUEL W. EUUAH, Attorney at Law.
IJ (Jfliee, 317 Spruce st., Bcrnnton, Pa.
T A. WATHUS, Attornoy at Law, 423
J J. LnrltawaDiia aue., Hci-nnton, Pa.
P. BJ11TH, C'ouneIlor at Law. Office,
i rooms 51, 65, M CommonWHaltu buildin'!.
Ci H. 1'ITCHEK. Attorney at Law,
'i mouwealth builaing. B'-rant'in, l'a.
C. CtiMKGYa ffirSpnieosT"
DB. HEPLOUL.E, Attorney-Loans ne?o-
tlatod on real estate sernrlty.40S Bpruoe.
p F. KILLAM, Attornev-at-Law, 120 Wy
ouiincavi-nue. Bn-anton.
) tou. l'a.. m
roparcs boja and ijli ls foreolleifj
or business: thoroughly trains younif children.
Catalogue at request.
Rr.v. Tiiomai M.
and Keliool, 412 Adams avnuo. Pupils
received at all tiuios.
Hoptembor 3.
Kent term will open
IKN llS l'S.
Ci C. LAUBACIL burneou Ueutist, No, IU
J Wyomiun ave
i. M. r-ThAl'loN. nfflr. f V..1 Exrhan-ro.
rilIE KEl'UHLIO Saviuss and Loan Asso
X elation will loan you money ou easier terim
aud pay you better on Investment than any
oilier association. Call on S. N. CALLEN-
t'KK. l'iii Hanif hnild'nir
GK. CLARK & CO., Beedsmen. Florists
. and Nurserymen; store 148 Washington
avenue; frrocn Inniao, I3j-J loriuiiaiu avenuo;
tnr" teleplione 782.
C? K AN LI UNION TliA CO., dones Bros.
Willi! Sf HKKNS.
TOS. KUETTEL, 5il Lackawanna avenue,
Kcranton. Pa.. manul'T of Wir' Scrwni
Jt ave. Koems heated with steam: all mi
ern improvements. C. M Tkumak, Prop.
rnllE ELK CAFE, 125 and 127 Franklin avo
X nue. Rates reasonable.
P. ZiEW.Eft, Proprietor.
! W
W. U. KCHENCX. Manarme.
i Eixtoentta street, oue block east e! Uroudway,
at l niou winare, ew 1 era.
American plan, .1.50 per day and upward.
'OlMi ilOLSli. Luropejin plan; 'kooJ
rooms. Open day aud nik'ht. Bar sup.
plied with the 1
e U-sL
P. H. COYNE, Proprietor.
L. & W. pas.
k) senger aepoc
Conducted on the Eiirniiean
Victoh Kocii. Proprietor.
Altt'lMTKt I .S.
U ffi nrjd
& HOL'I'T, Arelnterts. Kooins 21,
2rt Commonwealth b'ld'R, Scranton.
I.i L. WAL'IEli, Arehito. t. Oflieo, rear of
X Jt COO Washington avenue.
,i L. HUOWN. Areh K Areliltoct, Price
I bnildlnu.lSil W nshlnirtou Ave., Scranton.
31IS i:i I.AM'Ol'S.
J) balls, plcnleu,
dink's and concert wurk furnished. For terms
address li. .1. P.aiwr, conriue.tor. 117 Wyoming
aw. over Hulhert's mindc tore.
lumber, Prico buildiiiK,
Scranton, Pa.
JL nu)))llos, envelopes, put
huddUos. envelopes,
pnpar bags, twine.
Varehouso, IM
avo., bcranton,
11 ut 1MJ LapoiiS3 nvciiim.
D. L. FOOTE. Aeont.
1 sala
dealers in Woodwaro, Cordaso and
Cloth, 7.0 W. Lackawanna avenue.
Robin's Sens
Vannfactarert ot tho Celebrated
100,000 Bbl& Per Annum,
What Is Mora Attractive
I Than a pretty face with a frenh, bright
comploxlont For It, use Pononi's Powder.
Anthracite coal used exclusively, lusurluj
cluauliuese and comfort.
Trains leave Beranton for Pittston, Wilke.
Bnrro, etc., at 8 ai, 9.15,11.30 a. m., 12.60, luj,
8.W, 6.01), 7 2), U.U& p. m. bundaya, 9.UU a. m..
1.00,2.15, 7.10 p. m. '
For Atlantic Citr. 8.20 a. m.
For New York, Newark and Elizabeth, 8. n
fexiircssj a. m., U'.oO (express with BuffeJ
parlor car), 8.UU Cexpreu) p, m, Buaday, 2.1
D. m.
ton aiAiicn cnnne, Alt.entown, BsTni.-s.
n,KrSi' Eastob aud Philadklphia, 8,'J) a. m..
Bumla ho"00 (ex01'' hUadelphia) p. in.
(w'th through ear) a. m., 12.60 p. m.
7r iLf, Lonanon aud Hnrnsuurir, yi-x
Aheutowu. a. m, 12.50, 6.00, p.m. Buuday,
ror i'ottsvitie, 8,'iOa. m., 2.C0p. m.
Keturnlng, leave New York, toot of Liberty
?,,n"it:i1,.r,th. Tivet nt lu (express) a. m..
1.10, 1.J0, 4..m (express with Buffet parlor carj
p. m. Sunday. 13il a. m.
Leave Phdadelphia, Headlntt Terminal, 9.01
a. ui., w auu i.w ii. m. rjuuaav. d.z a. in.
Through tiekota tii all nniutn nf.
may bo had on application iu advance to thj
ueaub BKeu( ut vuq siaiiou.
j. n. oLnArHEN,
Gen. 8npt.
ueu. rass. Agent.
Commencing Monday.Julr
U, all tnuUHWill arrive ami
depart (roin the new Lack
awanna avenuo statiou al
Trains will leave Scran,
ton statiou for Carbondalo
aud intermediate points ut
2.20. 6.45. 7.00. 8.25 and 10. 1J
n.m 12.00, 2.20, 8.55, 0.15, 0.1a, 7.25, 8.10 au l
11.20 p.iii.
For l arview, Waymart and Iloncsdalo a5
7.00. H.25 aud 10.10 a.m., 12.00,2.20 aud 5.15 p. in.
1'cr AlLuuv'. Saratoga, the Adironducksaud
Montreal at 5.4r a in. and 2,20 p.m.
For Wilkes-ISarro and lutormodiato polnt-i
at 7.45, 8.45. 0.38 and 10.45 a m, 12.05, 1,20, lit,
4.11), 6.10, Oft). 11.15 and II. : p.m.
Trains will arrive at Buranton Btation front
'"ai bnudale and iutermodiate points at 7 40,
8.40, V.H and 10.40 a.m., 121.0, 1.17,2.114,3.10,
4.51,"), IU1 and ll.:3 p.m.
From Houosdale. Wavmart and Farviow ut
.:(4 a.m.., 12.00, U7, 3.40, 6.55 and 7.45 p.m,
From Montreal, baratoga, Albany, etc., aj
154 and 11. .t) p.m.
From v llkes-Burro and intormodiato point
t ni- ia, r.vf, iao uuo ii e-i a.m., x iu, s,i, o.ov.
u.iu, u.oo, f.w, u.vo auu it, iu p.m.
MAY l;i, istfl.
Train loaves Scranton for Philadelphia ana
New York via. D. & Ii. R K. at 7. 4.5 a.m., 12.05,
2.3S and 11.38 p. m. via D., L 4S W. K, it., 0.00,
8.08,11.20 a. in., and 1.9.1 p. in.
Leavo Bcranton for Pittston and Wlllisi
Darro via 1).. L. & W. K. U 6.00, 8.08, 11.21
a. in., 1.30, aW. 8.07. 8.00 p. iu.
Leave Bcranton for VTlilto Ilaven, Ilazleton,
PottHvillo and all points ou tho lijave:'
Meaduw aud Pottsvlllo branches, via E. & W.
V.. 40 a.iu..vm D. & IL R.R. at 7.45a.m.. 12.0 i.
; 2..'K 4.1X1 p.m., via I)., L. & W. R. R, 4.00, 8.0J.
J 11.20 a.m., 1.30, 3.50 p.m.
Leavo Bcranton lor Bethlehem, Easton,
I Heading, Harrlfburif and all intermodiato
points via Tt.ii 7.4.1 a.m.,12.05, 2.3i
I p.m., via V., L. & W. R. R..0.O0,S.O8, 11.20 a. im.
l.:ni p.m.
Leave Bcranton for Tuukhannock, Towanda,
, Elniira, Ithaca, Ueneva and all intermediate
I points viu U. & H. It.R.,8.t.) a ui.,12.05 and 11.33
, p. m.,vla D. L. & V. K. It., 8 0S a.m.,l.;Wp. ra.
Loave Bcranton for ltochostor, Buffalo, Nl
1 apara Falls, Detroit. Chicago aud all nointi
j west viaD. & II. R. R s.45 a.m.,12.05,
p. m., via D. L. & W. R. R. und Pittnti.u
Junction, 6.0b a.m., 130, 8.5u p. m.. via E. & W.
U.K., 3.41 p. in.
For Elmlra and the west via Salamanoi, vi
D. & If. It. R., 12.05,6.05 p. m.. via D.
L. & W. R.H., ,8.08 a.m., 1.30 and 8.07 p. m.
Pullman parlor und slooplng or L. V. chair
cars on all trains between L & B. Junction or
Wilkos-Barre and Now York, Philadelphia,
Buffalo and BtippunNlon Bridee.
KOI jL I.N H. WILBUR, Gon. Bupt
CnAS. B, LKE, Geu. Pass. Au't, Phila.,P!.
A.W.NONNEMAOHLR.Ass't Gen.Pi Au't,
tiouth Bethlehem, Pa.
Trains leave Scranton as follows: Expnwu
for Soit York nd all points Kant, 1.40, 2.5
6.1. 8.0) and O.Od a. m.; It 66 und 3.o0 p, m.
Express for ICttston, Trenton, Philadelphia
and tuts South, o.l'i, 8.0U and U.U a. in.; UuJ
nd3.Hp. m.
Washington and way stutloun, 8.55 p. m.
Tobybunua accoumiodntion, 6 10 p. m.
Expr ba for BlnRhainton, Oswcia, Elmlrn,'
rornuie, Btb, Dansvllle, Mount Morris ani
Builalo, 12.10, 12 15 a. ra. and I U p. m., maKinf
dote ccm-ioctioi.e at lluftulo to all pointe In tU
Wodt, Northwest and Southwest.
Bntb aooflmniodation, 1 a. m.
Uinghamton aud way atatlous, 12.37 p. m,
iMciioliOu uccomuiudatioo, at 4 p m. anoi
0,10 p. m.
BlnRliainton and Elmlra Expreee, 0.05 p, ra.
Express for Cortlaud, Syrncuso, O.woe.
Ctica and Richaeld Bprinzs, 115 a. m. and L-i
p. m.
Itliaca, S.15 and Bath 9 a. m. and 151 p. m.
For Nortliumbcrlan(l,Plttstoa,Wilk08-Barris
Plymouth, Bloomnburg and Danvllle, makinc
rlnso couneoilons at Northumberland foi'
Willinmaport, Harrisburg, Baltimore, Wash,
lnnton and the South.
.Northumberland nd Intermodiato stationj,
CtK.1, 9.M a m. and 1.30 and 11-07 p. m.
NautiooKo ana intermediate station, 8.01
&Dd ll.) a ni. Plymouth and lntermeaiatu
stations, 8iand8.5Jp. m. . .
Pullman parlor ana sleeping coaches on all
'JrdetaedSinformatlon, pocket ttmo tables
etc.. apply to M. L. Smith, city tickot , offlo
rs Lackawanuaaveuufc or depot ticket oilic.
Trains leave Scranton for Now York and In
termediate points on tho Erio railroad at LU
a. m. aud H.U p. m. Also tor llonesdalff.
llawlcy and local points at 6.S5, 9.45 a.m., anil
8.!M p.m. , ,
All thb above aro through trains to and
from Iloncsdalo.
sin additional train leaves Scranton tor
Lakn Ariel at 5.10 p.m. nud arrive at Scran
ton from tho Luke at S Sii a m. and 7.45 p.m.
Trains leavo lor Wllkos-Barro at .W a. in
and 8.41 p. m.
In Fflpot June 24lh, 1804.
North Uound.
feoutk Bound,
803 8031201
1 !.
H08 9U4'20t
& a 9
fj Volt f r
(Trains Dally, Ex-!5
? 3
cept Bunauy.) n
I Arrive Iavoi
N. Y. rraimiln 8t
7 4
We.-t 4'Jnd street
7 55
r m
Arrive LejiveU
I' Ml
8 0 1 Jn; .
10 1 Oil ,
7 512 50 .
7 HI IS -ill .
lianenck Junction! 9iW
Preston park
Plenaaut Mt,
I'Oiwt City
Uhtte Krlngo
Park Place
8 31 ,
7 4.VK40A M
e 32 a 4i
7 puna isiio oi
6 45
7 lt Iter-"" U4H
7 0Sill W. 8rl
0M II 81 K 15
6 5.1 8 0 5 05
Uit 8 lit
5 OS
5 IS
7 10 8 19
7 Ml t8lj
7ITT8 88I
oisriibOi 9 1
fowl ...JI0 0I
4iiii va tm
8.VU W 8 57
esslrnisi gw!
I Sl it 4.1
f5 4J
7 81 8 45
740 161
7 4H 8 M
7 48 8 59
7 5S 4 91
7 14 '
7 06 4 10
SOfll 414
S2f4 17
5 45
6 51
8 01
8 an 11 11 850
6','"11 07 8 41
6 11 05 841
8 1911 0'1 8 89
e mi ii a ati
fO lH'flOf.71 8 33
6 10ll)55 8 30
P MA 111 II
805 4M
heave Arrive!
A 11 1' li e K
All trains run dolly except Sunday,
t. slRulues that trains stop on signal for pan.
(it'cure rates via Ontario Western oefow
piirchaHlng tlckete and save money. Do anal
NlUgt Express to the West
J.O. ArdorB, Gen, Pass. Agt
T.FUtorott,I)lv.i'aaii.Agt.S(irantoa)Pk, I
f fllfli ft ifiMi4 4 It A Tnfy
(3 Work you will need soon.
Tbe Scranton Tribune Job Dept.
if- w 3
'a r
7S'1 ....
7 10 ....
7 00 ....