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134 Wyoming Ave.
We will show you what
you want.
6000 BREAD
And always have
Good Bread.
The Weston MID Co,
Punch Cigars
G.. B. St Co.,
(mnr'nfoil en. Enoll C'flflf.
Garney, Brown & Co. lift's,
DR. H. B. WARS will be
in his office on and after
the first week in Septem-
To tUj utepubllcan party of Luckiwunua
I llnrebvl niiiiniinf.A Hint T will be ft enn.
dlilate for Oho office of recorder of deeils
of I.Bckiuvauma coiviy before the next
Republican con.,ntlon.
To tlio Republicans of Lackawanna
At the earnest solicitation of many
frlumN I hereby announce mysolf us a
raudiilate for the office of register of
wills, subject to the decision of the Re
pnbllcnn county convention. I take thii
menus of informing my many friends
that I am In the field, as I may not be
able to soo all whom I should like to see
before thu convention meet. Roinem
berlng the klndnesi heretolnre shown
nip, and assuring the Republican voters
of my grntltudo for pitst favors, I remain
Very sincerely yours,
Dr. John Burnett is seriously ill.
Miss B. E. Gilmartin, of Carbondale, is
In mis city.
Miss Carrie Bishop, of Green Ridge, is
visiting lu JNow York.
Colonel H. II. Boies and family returned
last evening trom Shelter island.
Mrs. M. Scott and family are -visiting
relatives at taut, Wyoming county,
Mips Mamie Johnson, of Wilkes-Barre, is
visaing menus at bcranton And tiunmore.
William McCarty. of Pulaski Citv. Va..
is the guest of his cousin, P. F. Duffy, of
JrTlce street.
Miss llame Charlesworth. of Green
Ridge, Is tbe gneat of Miss Emaliue Kil-
lam, in fanpucK.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Bontou, of Madion
avenue, leave today for Wayne county for
a ten days' vacation,
Albert L. Connolly returned to his home
at Honeadale today, after a week's visit
witn mends in tnis vicinity,
Miss Lulu Meek, daughter of Dr. Pierce
Meek, of Narticoke, and Miss Annie
Uurran, daughter of Peter Curran, of
JNSnticuke, are visiting Sanitary unicer
Building Material for Gale.
Inquire at Conrad Sohroeder's office,
vommonweami uuumng.
Ecranton's Business InUrssts.
Thb TmbcnewIII soon publish a care
iuiiy cuiuuueu ana ciassmea list or tue
leading wholesale, bankiucr. manufactur
ing and professional interests of Bcranton
and vicinity. The edition will be bound
in book form,- beautifully illustrated with
rhotoeravure views of our nnblio build-
lugs, business blocks, streets, etc., together
witu portraits or leading citizens, Mo
similar work has ever given an enual rnn-
resentatlon of Bcranton's many indus
tries. It will be an invaluable exposition
of our business resources, bent to
persons outside the city, copies of
this handsome work will attract
new comers ' and be an unequalled
advertisement of the city. The circu
lation is on a plan that cannot fail of good
results to those concerned as well afrthn city
at large, yes oi i he thibunb
will call upon thobb whosh kahks
are desired in this edition and explain
its nature more fully.
Those desiring views of their residence
in tnis edition will please hare notice at
the office.
S. B. Dbrfey, mate of the steamer Ari
zona, had his foot badly jammed.
Thomas' Eclectrio Oil cured it. Nothing
eqnal to it for a quick pain reliever.
' Erjcklen's Amioa Belr.
The best tnlve in the world for Outs
Bruises. Sores. Ulcers. . tlt Iiheum, Fever
Kn... Tot tor tihunnnd Hands. Chilblains.
Corns and all bkm Eruptions, aod posi
. , , . - . '
tively eures Piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction
or money refunded. Price So cents per
w. n i,' B.i. v... t -nr- Rpaa ee
UVA. rut Mig y ittstnuon. v-vs.
A Foe to Dyspepsia
lie; Propose to Mo Merry for a Period of
Three Days.
Hundreds of Delegates Will Ee the
Guests of Scranton Turners, Who
Have Prepared a Varied and Jolly
Programme Parades, Games, Ath
letic Feats and Picnics Have Been
Planned for the Occasion.
lWinnine- next SaturJav the mem
bers of the Seranton Turn Verela will
hiuk of no business cares for the space
of three davs. The sixteenth mooting,
or Beziiks-Turnfest, of the Philadel
phia Turn-Bezirks will be held in this
city. This inaus that the fifteen Tur
ner societies of the Pbiladelphlt dis
trict, will be the guests of the Scrau
ton Turners, and the occasion will be
most noteworthy one, ,
Next Saturday evonintr the visiting
Tamers will arrive in this city. 'The
societies will be met at Ibe trains in
the evening by the local Turners and
escorted with a parade to Turner hall
on the West side. The parade will
form at the Delaware, Lackawanna
nd Western depot at as close to 8
'clock as practicable and march np
Lackawanna to Adams, countermarch-
n g and thence to the ball.
When the visitors will have been
ented in the ball, a short programme
f festivity will ensue, alter which an
ddreii of welcome will be delivered
by Mayor Cornell. The greetiug over,
the delegates will be taken in euro of
the reception sommittee ana lurnisneu
with accomodations during their stay
u the citv.- It i estimated that there
will be over 200 delegates. During
Sunday the visitors will be making
ready for their athletic and gymaaatiie
feats and contests, whiou win ue tne
feature of Monday's programme.
Oa Monday morning at G o'clouk
there will be a swimming contest at
Mountain lake. At 0 o'clock there will
e a parade from Turner hall to Cen
tral nark. All the visiting soeitttiet
and all the German sooieties of the city
will form in parade with several bands
wbioh have been secured.
Central nark will be devoted ezolag-
velv to Dicnio purposes snd the con
certs of singing sosiotiss, and Schweuk's
park arfjoinlBg will be used for gym
na'tie exhibitions, for whioh prizes will
be tffered. Not since the great Ger
man saengerftst beld live or six years
atro has there been suoh nn oecurrence.
The picnic will be conducted on an
elaborate scale.
In Sohwenk'i park there will be an
ntbletia aud gymnastic oontest between
the different sooietlos, an cxulbitlon in
gymnastics by the senior class of the
Gambrinus Turn Verein, of Philudel-
phia, wand zeroise and feats on the
1 .1 v... .... 1.. .!!.. -...,.,
Uarwiltfl UHl uj u luuiee wins ui ,wduit
young women from Camdeu, N. J ,
and club swinging by the girls' and
bovs classes of the bcranton .turners ;
also calisthenio lexeraisss by all the tie
live members of the Philadelphia dis
trict. In the evening at VI o'clock the
distribution of prizss will be beld. On
Tuesday there will be a mammoth ex
cursion to Farview.
The Turner aoeleties are organized
principally for physical improvement,
to develop tne muscle and Deeome pro
ficient in games and feats of strength
The meeting of these, sooieties will
bring into competition the athletic
Turners of the Philadelphia district.
This district ooui prises all Turner socie
ties of eastern Pennsylvania and they
meet every two years. Ibe Philadel
phia district is the most flourishing ag
urogation or uerman societies una
their bi-annual games are always
looked for with anticipation.
Appended is a list of the committee
of arrangements and the offlc;ra of the
Philadelphia district:
Committee of arrangements Louis
Qaeheidle, chairman; Fred Huraniler,
secretary: Hy Vockroth. sr.. Carl Siaiber,
Hy Ferber, Ed liartl, Alb Heune, Louis
Physical director Carl Staiber.
Board of physical directors of the dis
trict R. Pertuou, M. Ku Iters, John Bez
tier, all from Philadelphia.
Juclees Aug. Arnold, William Harr.Dr.
J. J. fcraiti , Joseph Funk, D, M. Krozb.
H. JUanu, Albert JNniBclie, li, tiernueiin,
F. A. Finkeldey, Philadelphia: Ueorge
feikel, Newark; (i. Bojus, A. Seibert,New
York; t Liuecke, Trenton.
District officers A. L. Wise, Otto Ror
der, John Benzer, Louis Urotz, Philadel
Recording omeers tr. u. a. L. lianr.
Fred Beck, Hy. D. Aner, Herman Fuchs,
fniladeipnia; K. rrenn, new xork; li.
Keller, bcrauton; crank uummler, burau
Ladies of honor Misses V. Fabrenholt.
II, Wirtn, L. Kobiuson, J. JNotfi, u llet
fulfincer, M. Hauck, M. Neuffer, A. Mo
Artnnr. ju. rorcuer.
Love, mystery aud crime all commlngl
In '-The Lone Iun."
A Fire Alarm Causes Much Ado About
Considerable excitement was causfd
yesterday afternoon In Providence by
the tire alarm from box cl, corner of
Brick avenu and 0k street, where a
smull chicken coop was alleged to be
The Excelsior, Liberty and Ciitnlur
land companies dashed through the
streets of the North Eud, attracting
hundreds to the scene of the coutl igra
tion, and everywhere Were cries of
"Where's the firs?'' end eyes strained
in all directions to had a trace of
smoke, and even noses sniffed for the
odor of conflagration.
Eventually the Excelsiors were cod
ducted down an alley and shown a
cbioksn coop where a little straw was
certalnlyl smouldering. The jut was
loon set to work ana the lire extin
guished without any fatal accidents.
The Puritan -asd Uethodlst Episcopal
Churches' Ualted Entertainment.
The joint concert on Monday evening
at the Methodist Episcopal churoh was
a great snccsss and much credit is due
to Gwilyrn Mortals for the excellence
of the muBlo rendered oy tne runtan
ebureh choir, of which he Is the popu
lar eohduotor. '
The solo "The Old OtUn Bubket,"
by Master Edgar Richards who is but
10 years of ag. was highly applauded
Several other pieces were given whioh
well sustained the reputation of Pro
feasor William M. Davies, who is also
conductor of the North End Choral
nnion. The proceeds were divided be
twesu Miss Mulley's , class and the
ruritan onureh oholr.
known in the North End, sails on the Paris
tuuay iur ooatnamton. Mr. jons will
study at the London Royal college of
music and the Paris conservatory and will
be absent probably over two years
The home of Mr. and Mrs. C. Silkman
as been gladdened by the arrival of a baby
A. Blandin, of Monsey avenue, who has
boeu ill for the past week, is now recovering
slowly. v
Miss Carrie Bishop, of Green Rirtire.
1ms left for a montu's vacation in New
Miss Katie Powell, of Summit avenue.
will enjoy u well deaervod vacation at
We are cleariutr out the. wholn of our
stock of fine etchings. Chicago Art Co.,
i i enu avenue.
The Groen Rideo whne.1 men's Rrtnrts nt
the Drivlug park on Aur. '.'3 will be well
supported from the North Eud.
A letter has been received unon thelocul
iniuiug controversy but cannot be puh-
ltBUi'd s uo namo is signed theroto.
Miss Mnrcuet Vincmd and Miss V.Wm
McDouuld returned yesterday fvoin Lako
iuoia, where they huvo enjoyed a pleas
ant two weeks' vacatluu.
Thomas J. Gwynuo. of flreen Ridce
street, lm annonuceil his caudidaturu for
ury coimuissi-juor. SiJL-ond ward, su'.iieot
to the Republican convention, und is stop
ping around in a lively fashion umoug his
Ellen, the infant danorhtor of David A.
Evans, of SHU Margaret avenue, died
estorday morninc nt 10 o'clock. The littlo
nils was but 15 months uf ae, aud wilt bo
uiied on Friday next, interment beiucr at
Washburn street cemetery. .Service will
a held at tlio resulouco at " o clock.
Tlio miners employed at the Von Storch
lope have not been at workidnce Monday
owing to various repairs beinir uecossarv.
tin fan engine lias been repaired aud it is
expected tlmt the breaker will be com
pleted by Friday evoninu to cuablo tlio
men to couimenca work on Saturday
Graco, the little dauehter of Thomas
Jones, of North Main avenue, died yester
day after a liiiReriug illiuiss. The little
girl was only about two years of ane aud
nod siiilered HI tiealtu aince her birth. The
parents have every sympathy in their long
and anxious care for their daughter as
well as in their last bereavement. The
funeral takes place at Nanticoke.
C. J. Davis, formerly of the North End.
but now of Chicago, is visitinfc his narents
on Warren Btreet. Mr, Duvh is at present
studcut at Moody's institute, and is a
member of the famous Moody male quar
tette. This organization has gaiued con-
iderabla reputation ull throutrh the
United Stales, and has just completed a
tour which bas included several states be-
ween South Dakota and 1! ussachusetts.
Mr. Davis is its musical director.
"The Lone Inn."
Marriage of Miis Rose Hand and Solph
Olennou Yesterday.
The marriage of Miss Rose Hand, of
Codar nvenne, to Dolph Gleiinon, of
Pittston, at be. Johns churcu yester
day was witnessed by a large number
of guests. The ceremony with its
simple details was one of tlio prettiest
stion on the South Side for a long
Tho church was packed with people
when, nt 4 30, the bridal partv entered.
They were met at tbe sanctuary rail by
liov. E. J. Moliey, pastor of the churcu,
und the sacrament of marriage was
solemnized. After the ceremony Fathor
Melley guve the young couple his
At 5 o clock, the immediate friends
ouly tieing invited, a weduiug supper
was partaken of at the palatial Hand
residence. Mr. aud Mrs Glenuon de
parted for Pittston last nigtit and left
the Lehigh Valley station at midnight
for Niugiir.i Falls.
The Scranton Aibletlo Club Will Attend
the Turner-Fost
The invitation of the Turn-Verein
association to the Scranton Athletic
club to join the parade . from Turner
ball to Central park garden next Mon
day has been acted upon by the club
and accepted.
The members decided to assemble at
their rooms at 8 o'clock Monday morn
ing dressed in uniform, white stove
pipe bats: linen dusters and canes, and
parade to Turner ball on Seventh
street, whero the line of march will
form. Philip Schener, president of tbe
club, will act as marshal,
Miss Mary Snow, of Stone fivenuo, left
yesterday for a fortnight's visit to Susque
Mrs. J. J. Walsh will return tomorrow
from Atlantic City, after having spent
month's visit.
Edward Kloss and Ileury Eiden will
leave Saturday for Allentowu to attend
Catholic convention.
Misses Snrnh Murray and Jennie Lough'
ney, of JUiuooka, arrived home yestor
day from Atlantic city.
Mrs. L. D. Powers aud daughters. Eva
and Maud, win leave today lor lietu-
lenem for a two weeks Vuualion.
Emilo J. Rennrd. of Pittston nvonue.
and Miss Sarah Jiooro were mnrriod yes'
terday morning at St. John's ciiarca.
The new steamer of the Neptnue En-
Kino company was put together yeBterday
and will be tested as soon as Chinf Ferber
returns from his vacation. .
James Judge, of tho Excelsior Athletic
club, left yentorday for Atlantic city to
enter a tournament in which lie will coir
test with liadore Htrauns for the middle
weight championship of amateur athletics,
Mr. Judge's lriends expect to see him re
turn with chumpiousuip honors.
MayfUld Mlnsr Candid Oiaut Fowd:
Id His Booth's-.
Arthur Kilcur, a Marfield miner,
who works In thu En mines, had a
bar of .giant powder deposited in his
bootleg while ut work Tuesday. It be'
cuine lguited aud while trylug to
smother tho nimeshis clotblug toos
His orbs attracted some fellow work
men who succeeded in extinguishing
the fl imus only after one side of Kil
cur a body hud boeu literally rousted.
He wus taken in a precarious condition
to the Cttruoudule hospital.
Miss Kargare'. EulUvan Appointed By
Postmoster Vandllnc.
Postmaster Viindling yesterdiy es
tabliBhod a sUtup agency for the ac
comodation of (he people of Green
It will be located at the confection
ary store of Mirs Margaret Sullivan n,
8o2 Capouse avenue.
Warded Off Ditease.
"I have nsed several bottles of Hood
Hnrsarparilla and found it to be all that
is recommended. It lias warded off dis
cases from several members of the family
Alary a. leaner, iMuinursr, i a.
Hood's Pills cures sick headache.
$40,000 School House No. 27,
E, L. Walter, architect, bids to be opened
tins month, to bo built on Columbia avenue.
Lots for sale on this avenue at low prices
tor a Drier period.
I , Buy the Wbr
And get the best. At Guernsey Bros.'
Ricrt, pure, wholesome bread made from
Pillsbury's best.
riding Attended I a Urge Number of
Ceremony Performed at Home of
Bride's Paronls by Rev. D. C.
Hua;hes Tribune Carrier Eoy Seri
ously Wounded by the Bite of a Dog.
Numerous Notes of Events and
People. '
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Phillips
on Academy street was the sesne of a
very pretty wedding last evening. Tne
ontrcting parties were their daugli-
r, Miss Amelia i'uilllps. and Louis
F. Smith, of North Rebecc avenue.
The house was very tastefully decor-
t.d witli potted plants aud flower
.'he ceremony was performed at S.ilO
clock. Ktv. D. C.Hughes, pastor of the
iickson Street Biptist church pro
cunced the marringe rites in the
resence of a largo number of friends
mid relatives. The maid of honor was
Miss Carrie Smith, sister of the groom,
Hid tne bust man was LUvid J, i'Utl
lips. brother of the bride.
1 he bride was attired in a gown of
ilk heliotrope trimmed with cream
luce aud curried white roses, Thu
bridesmaid wore a pretty dress of dr ib
cashmere with oream luce. After the
erutuony the newly married oonnle
and their immediate friends and rela
tives enjoyed an excellent wedding re
past. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are well
nown. He is a pattern maker for the
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western
Railroad company. His wife, a pretty
uu accomplished young lady, is well
nown and muoh esteemed. They will
reside on Academy street. Amotie the
out of town guests were Mrs. Elizabeth
Montgomery, of Wilkes-Bwre; Samuel
Phillips and wife, of Luzsrne; William
i'tiillipj and wife, of i orty iorc, and
Mr. aud Mrs. James Phillips, of the
South Side.
A Bsrious Injuiy Inflicted oa the Wrist
of John Burke.
As John Burke, the lG-ysar-ald son
of Mr. und Mrs, James Burke, of
North Garfiuld avenue, a Tribune car
rier, was delivering papers along his
route on Railroad avenu at 5:30 o'clock
yesterday morning, he was bitten by a
argo and savage dog. The animal
prang at the youth, and before he
could defond himself it had buried its
teeth in his arm. The gash made was
a deep one.
burke went to Dr. Carroll and had
tho. wound dressed, while Officer
Walker went iu search of the dog.
Mrs'. Nolan said the doz was not out of
tbe house until 6:20. Burke will pro
cure a warrant.
Mrs. Jones, of Pnlnnrl' nrenrm. vlsitad
lrienus iu isauticoke yesterday.
Atlmititna Wvnnrri nf Woof. fMinatai. n,--
Ciliated niiiouu friends on this sidn vostnr-
Mill Pttii Mnnta r,f Mai.II, TT.,n rn.l.
avenue, is spending hor vacation at Forest
UTra. VraA V Pavrr iml lniir.1tlnH r,f
Frink street, visited friends iu Carbondale
TjOII .Tnnfll nf ?Jirth Palr .nnnim
will return today from a visit with friends
Mrs. J. D. Jones and Mrs. Anna S. Reese.
of Bromley aveuue, are visiting friends iu
iiui-nmuu, wis.
Mrs. Louis Stevens, of. North Sumner
avonue, visited her brother, Dr, Houser, of
loviui, yesterday.
Elegantly frnmed pictures are beinir sold
ror uait price or rruine. unicago Art Co.,
in reun avenue. "
Miss Amy Howell, of Washburn street.
lett yosterdsy roi a week's visit with
friends in Kingston,
Mits Sadie L. Burns, of New York citv.
is visiting Miss Mame Crosby, of West
LBCKawauna avenue.
Harvoy Christie, of Elmhurst haq ac
cepted a position as book-keeper for As
well & Co., of Rock street.
Miss Mary DeLon?. the musio teacher.
left yesterday for a two weeks' vacation in
ftew Jersey and Long Island.
Louis Stevens and daughter. Edna, of
North Sumner avenue, have returned from
a trip to JN uignra r ails and Toronto.
The Crescents of this side challenge tho
Toyior chid to a game or ball on Saturday
next, to Dts played on West bide grounds
Henry P. Davies, of Eynon street, left
yesterday afternoon fop a month's tour
through Utah, Denver, Salt Lake City, and
other western states. ,
The members of the Cbeetnut Streot
German Presbyterian church beld a most
successful picnic at VV abler s grove yester
day aiternoon ana evening.
Arthur E. Morse, of North Bromlev ave
nue, and Fred Davis, of Scranton street.
have returned from a week's camp along
tne DanKS oi tue ousquenanna.
The funeral of Mattie, tbe 10-months
old daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth
Davis, occurred yesterday from the family
home on noun nyuo rark avenue.
Clarence Davis and Alton Chase, of
JNortu sumuer avenue, aud Uutberford
Closer, oi JNortn hvorott aveuue, are spend'
ing a week on iittany 's lurin in ileetvillo,
Love, mystery and crime all commingle
iu ine Lione inn."
Richard Crokor Dolg-na to Stop Here fo
Riehnrd Oritur, thn fumnnt Tnm.
uianyiu, pasaed througa tins city yes
tprd.iV morn In 17 nnrnnta from Nut
xork to tticnueid springs, wtiere
trill an, ,1111 a nurt rr l h iiiinmav
He lunched nt Hanley's, but created
nn stir nn-sihlv nn nrnnnnt nf tho ih
se nee of any bead gear that would be'
token tne identity or tne great sucue
Bay Laokawaune Avenue Is not Prop
erly Repaved.
Owing to tbe reoent street railroad
work aud steam pipe laying on Laoka
wanna avenue, a movement is afoot
Hinong merchants ou that thorough
fare to have an inspsoter appointed
who shall see that tbe street is leit iu
proper repair.
It is claimed that the Scranton Trac
tion company has done its paving in
workmanlike manner, butconsiderabl
criticism has heeu occasioned by tl
813 Lacka. Ave.
Xgya TO GET ON 13.
jpfex ' $3.75
i09k Ladies' Watch.
R'iJXn hLWl BtomWind
V llrW a'rrnnto'd.
' Company
relaying of the pave by the steam beat
ing company.
Out Hall,
The bi-annual meeting and tournament
of the Turner societies of the Philadelphia
district will be hold iu this city Aug. 20
and ill under the auspices of .the local Turn
verein. Katiirday Evening, jinp. IS Reception
of the delegates from Philadelphia, Will
ianiBport, Alleutowu, Wilkes-Barre, Tren
ton, N. J., Camden, N. J.
Monday, Any. 20 Graud parade of the
visiting societies. Ail local singing and
other German societies will participate to
Central Park garden; Bports and games
between visiting aud local Turner socie
ties. Admission to park 23 cents. Picnic
all day and evening.
Tnenday, Aug, zl Mammoth excursion
to Farview. Traim leave Delaware and
Hudson depot at 8.30 a. m. Tickets for
adults, 75 cents; for children. 40 ceuts. For
sale at C. D. Neuffor, Fred Durr, John T.
Fiihronholt, city; Schneider Bros,, Charles
Schonch, Charles Kirst, SoutU Sid;
George Wuench, Joseph Zimmerli, Hydo
Committeei Louis Gscni:iM,it,
Fitr.D tiuMMLEH,socretary.
Hnriiago Licenses.
Marrincelicenses wore ye-iterdny eranted
bv Clerk f tho Courts John li. Thomas to
Louis Schmidt and Amelia Phillips, of
Seranton; Charles Bartoech aud Muttie
Gardner, of Ransom; Patrick Gavin and
Miss Charlotte Franks, of Olyphant; Fr-d-erick
C. Forhnch, jr. and Kalie SchaiTor,
r scranton: Henry i. Lonroy and undece
Toolin, of Cm boudalc.
Water Piltfte.
rure water Recnres good hoalth. T. F.
Leonard, at 51)5 Luckawanua aveuti", hps
for sale four styles of stone water hltrs
tLat aro sold at prici't within reuch of all,
and are its easily cleauod and taken caro of
ns a water pail, tad will lust for years.
Tho filter is all stone, nothing to ru.t, cor
rode or become foul and will lifter from
fourtotwelvo gallons per day. Drop iu
and see them.
Musio Boxes Exclusively,
Best made. Play any tleMred number of
tutios. Gnutaeln fc Sons,, manufacturers,
(.U0 Chestnut street. Philadelphia. Won.
derful on hesti ial orijaua, only io and $10.
Specialty: Old nnisia boxes carefully re
paired aud improved with now tunes.
repairing promptly attended to at
ibo Shoo xtoro.
Import Samples mean 20
per cent, less than import
No two pieces alike.
Flower Va3es, Jarden-
ieres, Plates, Chocolate and
Tea Pots, &c.
To secure REAL BAPw-
GAINS, come at once.
Ii6 Wyoming Ave.
If a Tornado
Strike Scranton
It would cause little more
surprise to our citizens than
never have been sold before at
such prices; but, remember there
is no CREDIT at Freeman's.
Our line of Groceries is
complete and you can
rely on them being the
If you want a delicious,
high-flavored TEA, try
our New Crop JAPAN
for 50c; worth 75c
Meat Market-
Tiie Finest in the Citj,
The latest Improved f ur
nlshinRS and amiHrntug for
keeping meat, batter and egjs.
t29 Wyoming Ave.
You Heed Them
And a visit to Martin & Delany's will be
wilder you at their immense stock of thin
goods. Just the stuff to keep you cool
Our novelty in summer goods is a
Nobby, Long-cut, Double-breast Blue and
Black Serge Coat. The proper thing for
axtin & Belany
Custom Tailors and Clothiers,
S We Have
- AT
308 Laoka Ave.
g 45 dozen Ladies' White Embroidered 4f I
Handkerchiefs, value 25c, for . . 1U S
50 dozen Children's School Handker- I
s chiefs, in plain and colored borders, Q Onro
value 5 and 10 cents, for .... " Clll& I
ii 35 dozan Ladies Hemstitched Handker- R f nrifn H
& chiefs, value 10 cents, for - - - - " wilia s
tr IW
A new line of Chemisettes just, received.
Scientific Eye
For Fall Wear
305 Lackawanna Ave.
It's a Great Shock
tote folks who aro clilmin! they unJersell
ill others to And that without the loast fuss
Dr bluster we aro uivinR custom-rs tho ben
flt of such opportuuitis an tlioso.
A trletlv Hla-li Orndo I.lcht-welgbf
IMu'.-l, pattern, f.irUO rash.
181)3 rtnttiirn, 10 Wheel, for 87..
1894 pattern, IslOO Wheel, for 85 essl'
these pricos make tho business atourstorcw'
Maioney Oil aod
faufacter'g Co,
ill. TO 15i MERIDIAN ST.
i.n st I'nuiBt tho Mn.t Pwnlnr and rrafenod by
Lnnsnis Artinic
Warerooms l Opposite Columfcas Monument,
03 Washington Av. Soranton.Pa.
sb i ,l. a
Received I
Testing Free
Tho Specialist on the Eye. Headaches and Ner
vousness relieved., Latest and Improved Style ot
EyeglRssea nud Hpoctacloi at the Lowest Prlcej.
Lest Artificial Eyes inserted for $5.
303 SL'ltLCIO ST., Opp. Old Post Office.
City Musio Store,
Use a krse stock, ot flrstIass
AUbio, ktu, urn
Another Advocate of
GENTLEMEN It affords tne greai
Vleasnro to state that your nenr prooeM
of extracting- teeth was a grand sneoees ii
any ease, and I heartily racommond ItM
11. I sincerely hope thai other wlU
test Its nierlta.
Tours rcHpeotfolly,
CAPT. 8. . 11UVAXT, SoTaaton, Pa)
Henwood k Wardell,
S16 Lackawanna Ave.
WlU on and nftor Mnv 21 make a redan
tion in the prices of plates. All work goaV
anteeJ flrst-cluas in evorr particuLir,
- - U
Victor, Qendron, Kclipse, LovelL Diamond
anaOthor v'hoole
ROOF tinning and lolderlntr all done away
with by tbenseot HAKTMAN'8 LAT
ENT PAINT, whkli consista of iugrodlintf
well-known to nil It ran bo applied to tin,
(telTHimod tin, nannt Iron roofs, also to brick
dwollinirs, which will prevent absolutely any
crumbling, crocking or breaking of the
brick. It will outlast tinning ot any kind by
many yesm.and it's cost does not exceed one
fll'th thatof the cost of tinning. Is sold by
the job or pound. Contracts tnken by
MXUMO UAlll'ALANN, 627 IilrohBl