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Jodio Chollet Says Thay Do Thing Better
In Franca.
X woman fashion writer has lately lift
ed up her voice ngulnst tho Institution of
show bathing gowns, used hull tho duy as
promenado costumes along tho beaoh
garments fitted over a I'ronch oorset and
jievcr worn within reach of the spray of
tho ocean. It Id very rarely that anything '
is said against this custom, whioh is odd,
ondldcring how exceedingly 111 bred, even j
vulgar, It Is.
For a woman to show so plainly her de
sire to minglo with tho puhlio in tho stage
attiro of a burlesque acirfss is not to ralso
her in tho esteem of well mannered per- I
sons. If she goes into tho water, short I
skirts or nmio aro a newssity; If shu niero-
ly lounges on the beaoh, they arc not, and i
sho haw no excuse for appearing in any j
except the accepted costume tf the ago.
The clothing should bo appropriate to j
tho occupation, and it is .s absurd to uso ;
n bathing suit for dry land wear as it
.would bo to go into tho water with n par
akol and bonnet.
It is only in America that this stato of
tilings obtains, for abroad sea battling Is
conducted as a business rather than n
social function and affords littlo scope fot
airs and graces. In France tho bathing
man who takes a woman Into the water is
her companion only during their immer
sion, and as ho is of tho servant class
there is no question of social amenities.
He attends to his business so thoroughly
thnt when the bather emorges she is drip
ping wet to tho crown of hor head and lu
no condition for conversation with her
friends. Tho liberty of American sea bath
ing is much pleasanter, but it ought not
to bo abused and made tho excuse for a
display of bad manners and mistaken van
lty. A great number of Frenchwomen wear
suits cut all in one piece, without a skirt, '
tho trousers being niado in so flaring a
shape that the inside, seam forms almost
a straight lino. This gives nearly as much
fullness as a 6kirt and is much less
clumsy. A sketch Is shown of a bathing
costume in two pieces. The blouso and
skirt are ono garment, reaching almost to
the kneo and belted In at the waist The
trousers nro gathered in by an elastic band
around tho bottom of tho log, and the
short sleeves are similarly socurod. A
plastron, embroidered with an anchor,
fills lu tho open front of tho bodice. This
costumo is more suitable for mere bathers
than swimmers, as tho latter requiro a
nuiou suit, with removablo skirt.
Sbe Now Attracts Little Attention If Be
comingly Garbed.
Tho woman bicylist is now so ordinary
a feature of both town and country road
ways that sho attracts littlo or no atten
tion unless sho is dressed in so striking
and unusual a garb as in itself renders
her conspicuous. Yet but a very few years
ago, whun tho woman's wheel was first
brought out, what a universal outcry
there was against it as unwomanly and
immodest! Now it has becomo nn insti
tution, und tho exercise is considered no
moro unfeminlno than horseback riding.
Tho general public Is utterly unublu to
argue from analogy or learn from expe
rience, however open to conviction tho in
dividuals composing that public may be.
Otherwiso wo might say that the present
agitation and alarm in regard to woman's
entrnnco Into politics aroquitont futile and
unnecessary as tho former crusade againt
her adoptlun of the bicycle. When tho
now order of things is established, none of
tho awful consequonccs so long prognosti
cated will bo seen to follow. A woman
will still bo a woman, will love her hus
band and children as much as ever and do
her duty by them quite as faithfully.
Political power is great, but nature is in
finitely greater.
Womon 60 years hence will look on us
as wo look . on the women of Miss Bar
ney's day, who were called and even called
themselves 'females" and swooned regu
larly several times a day. The most con
servative among women of the proxont
would bnvo been regarded then as a phe
nomenon of rank radicalism and a fit can
didate for a straltjocket, into whloh attire
she would no doubt have been speedily
placed in order to keep the country from
going to the dogs. It seems to be impos
sible for the human race to admit the fact
that It is still progressing.
A sketch Is given of a bicyole costume
of cloth, consisting of n coat, plaited skirt
and trousers fastening below'the knee.
A pique vest is worn under the coat, with
tie and collar.
Punishment fur Stealing In Tangier.
A New Yorker who has spent some years
at Tangier, the quaint old seaport of Mo
rocco, and who returned to And the news
papers more than ordinarily full of the
ndsdoinglr Of bank and trust company of
ficials, thinks It is fortunate for the offend
ers that they did not operate in that Afri
can town. "They don't mince matters over
there," he says, "for a man who loses sight
of .the distinction between his own proper
ty and some one else's. When a thief is
caught in the most trivial offense be is told
to hold up both hands. Then they ask
him which hand he would like to keep.
When he has made his choice they out off
the other. This naturally creates a preju
dice against kleptomania in its various
forms. 1 dont quite know wnat tney
would do with a bunk officer who got his
clutch on a million, but I guess they would
Bave the hand with its eonteuU and throw
the rest of him to the sharks." New
York Times.
A Story ef MeUsunlnr's Vanity.
To make himself look more manly and
robuMt, Meissonler frequently incased his
diminutive legs In huge cavalry boot. He
prinked dally before the mirror, and was
never weary of comparing himself with
other small men, to show that he was real
ly not so very little. To the end he cou
tided iu his friends the pangs he ever Btif
fered on account of his small size. Occa
sionally, but only occasionally, did Meis
souier find the desired consolation he
sought from his acquaintances. One after
noon, as the sculptor Dubois entered his
studio, Meissonier exclaimed joyfully:
"What do you think! The corn doctor was
Just here, aud what do you suppose he
says? A six foot grenadier cannot get any
bigis'er corns than mine." San 'Francisco
Here Is a Good Word For the 1'oor Mala
A woman Who is tin artist's model by
profession has lately written to tho news
papers complaining of the treatment sho
receives from urt studunU of her own sex
for whom she poses uud unstintedly prais
ing, on thu contrary, the couduot of tho
men artlsU by whom she Is employed.
ho asserts that during a number of years
f( experitmoo in the profi&sluu sho has
never encountered ono woman artist who
has treated her with commonly decent
courtesy, whllo men huve been uniformly
kind and uttentlve. Thse statements aro
Bo sweeping aud pluce so large a class of
young and old women In an unamlablu
light that It is only fair to let It be under
stood that if they aro true this nwdel's ex
perience has been an entirely unique ono.
Womeu art students, although exceeding
ly businesslike, are usually polito to their
women models und considerate of them,
In spito of the fact that many of the mod
els take far lees pains to pose well for girls
than for men, being paid at tho samo rato
generally 60 cuts un hour. Tho Injur
ed model, having announced that her fig
ure, is perfect nnd given the bust mensuro
as 34 and the waist ns it!) inches in proof
of It although tho erfect woman's fig
ure as shown In uutlque Greek sculpture
has a far larger waist in proportion Inti
mates that personal jealousy is the cause
of the rude treatment. She lias evidently
been peculiarly uufurtunute in her profes-
(tonal engagements, for girl students aro,
as a rule, lavish. If discriminating, in
their praise of a model's beauties and are
almost unanimous in preferring women
rather than men models, although tho lat
ter usually hold the pose better. All mod
els are expeetod to have personal advan
tages of somo sort; otherwise they would
not be eligible to the profession, und they
are far more liable to bn condemned for
too littlo than too much beauty. There
is one habit which men and women stu
dents uliko fall Into that of regarding tho
model us nn object of urt rather than us a
human being with ears, and so discussing,
praising and criticising without the least
personal fueling As far as social ostra
cism Is concerned all well behuvud mod
els uro kindly used by well bred women,
and drapery models, of which tho com
plalnant is tut; are In little danger of
equivocal treatment, slncu girl students
frequently themselves pose in costume for
tho benefit of a mixed class und uro not so
unreasonable as to condemn another girl
for merely doing the same thing.
Tho sketch shows a blue silk gingham
gown trimmed with ecru guipure. Tho
collar is of white silk.
A Few Timely Words lor Fathers and
Mothers to Keuivuiber,
It is odd to note what uppureut contra
dictions prevail among persons of the usu
al amount of culture uud intellectual un
derstanding. A tolerably sure test of tho
true mental standard of a family hi tho
way in which its children am reared.
When they uro grown up, those same chil
dren will learn to conceal their lack of
real delicuuy aud rellned tastes, but whllo
they nro biiiull they will bo o fuithful in
dication of the Influence. that uro molding
It is well known that during the first
flvo years of a child's life it is peculiarly
susceptible, to educationul influences, bad
or good, and thu foundations aro laid of
Its futuro habits of thought und conduct.
Yet an immense number of supposedly
sensible and cultivated parents llnd tho
greutest pleasure in teaching their chil-
dren, just loarnlng to talk, vulgarities of
language and manner that they would
condemn In a grown person. They find a
charm and plquanoy In hearing a little
girl 8 or 8 yt&rs old use the "tough"
phrases of the slums or ling a song cele
brating in the argot of thieves the feats of
celebrated burglar. Tho utter incon
gruity of the thing amuses her unthink
ing listeners.
Gentleness and courtesy are not so vig
orous a natural growth in the average
charaotar that they require extirpating
treatment while that ' character it still in
its in fanny. If a ohlld is taught the bold
hnpertinenoet of a street gamin, she Is
sot to blame for repeating them In and
out of season. The blame lies with the
oeraan who Instructed, fcet, ui who will
BotiDUess punish hor later for remember
ing the lessou too faithfully.
Tho illustration shows a little girl's
frock of iky bfuo liberty silk. It is trim
med with a scarf trimming held in placo
by rosettes. The wide while collar is
bordered with laoo, and the short puffed
ileoves ajn similarly finished.
Difficulty of Remodeling- a Hat For Seo
oud HraHon's Wear.
It Is far easier to remodel a gown satis
factorily than to mako over a hat for a sec
ond season's wear. Tho skirt of a costume
may be sponged, nowly faced und prassod
and fresh material used for tho sleeves and
vest of the bodloe, and the effect will tic
to make the gown almost as neat and new
looking us it was in tho llrst placo, pro
vided the stuff was good enough original
ly to be worth the trouble of making over,
liut a hat or bonnet must lie fresh in order
to be attractive. It is sometimes possible
to reti'lm a lino felt shupt, uud expensive
buckles or similar ornaments may bo worn
over and over, but struw, velvet, feathers,
flowers and ribbons must be crisp und
new unless shabbluess is an accepted con
dition of tho rwult.
Birds and ulgrets are much less worn
than they were. The strong feeling that
has beuu aroused agulnst the uso of such
ornaments sluco tho knowledge was gen
erally disseminated of the dreadful cruel
ties inflicted in obtaining them has had a
marked influence In decreasing their fash
lonableness and therefore diminishing
their sale. Ostrich feathers, which am
much employed this year, nro the most
beautiful trimming always. As for birds,
a clever woman very justly remarks that
there Is nothing truly artistic or decorative
In a corpse.
The bluet shades, all of which have a
moro or less strong tinge of purplu and aro
even more trying thun thit color to tho
majority of complexions, are'out in force
nnd are seen in ribbons, gauzes and chif
fons. Diaphanous stuffs uro greatly fa
vored for the trimming of summer huts,
and scarfs and choux of mousselino do
solo and crepo du chine nro a feature of
reigning mllllnory.
Chip hats are well represented ami uro
most frequently seen In tho form of low
crowned flats bent tutu sliupo. Whito chip
trimmed with white tulle und flowers of
ten form nn accompaniment to tho fash
ionable all white gown.
A sketch is given of a straw bonnet in
the natural shado beaded will jet. It has
black velvet strings mid is trimmed with
roses and a ribbon bow in front and a
small cluster of roses at tho back.
Jndio Seems Just a Hit Strong Minded and
How Interesting it would be If wo of tho
present day could see posterity that pos
terity which could never bo wltliout us,
but which will yut look buck on us with
wonder and pity not unmixed with con
tempt! If we could ouly huve nn Idea ap
proachlng accuracy of Its standards, say
600 years lience, perhaps we would bo
more patient with existing conditions,
seeing in them u step toward that higher
level. Tho most featherbrulnod woman
of today would, just as sho Is, have been
a miracle of learning nnd accomplishment
6u0 jeurs ago, when tho ability to load
Mm !; fekW
and write was something to bo proud of
and to render ono n person of consequence.
Tho present Is truly ' heir of oil tho agos
In tho foremost lllcs uf time," und tho
scientific knowledge of tho stupidlst
school child now would huvo astonished
tho sages of the ancient world, and when
the futuro shall have becunio thepresent
wo now living will bo soon to bnvo been
wallowing In grossest Ignorance in spito
of our self satisfied conviction of onllght
enment. This gives an immense amount
of room for thought in regard to what is
known ns "tho woman question," al
though why there should bo any moro
question of woman's progress than of
man's Is In Itself a question. The general
awakening and movement among women
now considered so unnaturally subversive
of all proper conditions will no doubt
prove to be but fnint Indications of the
complete ohnngo in woman's position and
outlook whloh will ooour, a ohango not
brought about by speechifying or arguing,
which are rather symptoms than oausos,
but by tho grout law of evolution, which
prevails In tho mental nnd spiritual as In
the physical world. Persons who object to
the word "evolution" may substitute for
It "the spirit of progress" or "tho tenden
cy of tho world to grow better," either of
which means the same tiling lu substanco
that Is, the natural law by whloh beings
"rise on stepping stones of their deud
selves to higher things." Hearing this
law in mind, women of the present may
feel confident thnt it 1h only a question of
time when their sex shall enjoy freedom,
equality and fruternity.
The sketch shows a gown of accordion
plaited white crepou and violet llborty
silk. A gold buckle and violet ribbons are
employed as trimming.
Ills Remain Ornament a liuor Hur.
In two of the beer suloons on the east
side of New York city there are two small
orystal bottles which contain not liquors
of any kind, but a dry, powdered sub
stance. When one of the saloon keepers
was asked, "What Is that in the bottler"
be replied, "The remains of a mun, tho
Mhos of a friend of mine who was cre-
mated." Once In awhile tho bottlo is tatt
en from the shelf on which It stands and
placed In tho center of a table at which
beer Is served to people onoe acquainted
with the doccused man, who talk of his
Virtues and give reminiscences of his lifo.
The Clef's Eccentric Doctor.
Professor Znkharlu, tho czar's physi
cian, is extremely eccentric. When ho is
called to attend a patient, spechd arraugo
mchtb must bn made in tho house. All
dogs must bo kept out of the way, all
clocks must bo stopped, und nil doors must
hn tlmnurn ...... .n Vl'li.oi lin naL'H
questions regarding a patient, he permits
but ono word in answer -'yea" or "nay."
Saying the Right Things at the Wrong
Wo have all no doubt experienced sev
eral of those dreadful moments whon our
social &ood ungel deserts us and leaves us
to suy whatever iuoppurtuno thing conies
Into our heads to our after surprlso und
shamo. This is a recognized condition of
things. Witness the popularity of those
painful jokes introduced under tho tltlo
of "Things Better Left Unsaid." Tho
spirit of perversity seems sometimes to
seize upon one's tongue, unif one listens
aghast while it proceeds quite independ
ently to commit ono in the most appalling
manner. A Spanish proverb runs to the
effect thut it is ill talking of ropes in tho
houso of a mun who was bunged, but how
is it possible to resist the intolerable fasci
nation of tho subject of ropes lu such a
residence? No wouder that tho people of
tho mlddlo ages believed thut his satanio
majesty personally utteuded the steps of
human beings and got them into truublo
through no fault of their own whenever
he could manago It, for certainly a demon
of contrariety often seems to guide our
actions mid influence them udverscly
against our particular wish nnd will. It
operates even when wo are quite uncon
scions of it. Yor exiimplo, how prono
evurybudv is to loudly condemn somo pur-
tlcular weakness or foiblo In the presence
of u person who uftetward turns out to bo
especially possessed by it! If wo are in
spired to express our disapprobation of
certain habits or tastes, it is sure to bo at
a time when our words will seem to have
a personal and critical application to at
least one of our auditors. No amount of
what is vulgarly known as "crawfishing"
after wo discover tho circumstances will
carry us back to our former vantage ground
of polite nuiicommittulistn, und we must
forever lifter bear the consequences of un
opinion probably half funned uud hustily
uttered on the spur of the moment. If
somebody would only sugegst u safeguard
Hjrainst theso lapses of tact, to which even
tho cleverest und most worldly wise per
sons ure subject, ho would win the undy
ing grutltude of muny umlahlo and well
meaning people who suffer more from
causing awkwardness than their victims
do in beiug placed in an unpleasant posi
A sketch Is given of a costumo of ecru
ghico silk, with gulden brown figures. It is
trimmed with gulden brown inoiro nnd
ecru guipure. Tho round corsage is gath
ered in at tli" waist aud nock and has bal
loon elbow sleeves.
Why the Rules of Hostess and Cook Are
iMnoo the cIki."!-'; V 'h nn-l alcohol rtovo
came into general use thedemand for ben
zine and other cleunsiug fluids must have
sensibly Increased, for every college girl
or other young woman possessing an inde
pendent upuruuent of her own in which
sho may do us she likes ami entertain her
friends as sho wishes has set up a minia
ture conoking establishment and mcs.scs
away to her heart's content among stull'ed
furnltiu-e and urt draperies. Theoretically
there is something very charming in tho
idea of u young lady in a silk and lace
tea gown making ehucolato fur her admir
ing f riends, but there Is so unpleasant a
practical side to the matter that fastidious
girls think twice before turning their re
ception nnd sitting room Into a kitchen.
A womnu who bus a distaste for grease in
the wrong plaeo hinted at this inconven
ience to her college hostess with whom
sho was on intimate terms without In tho
least desiring to belittle tho social gathet
lug thnt had tx-cn held lu her honor. But
the collegian replied that ns sho usually
woro half length sleeves sho has very
pretty arms uud washed dishes with n
mop sho oould oook unythlng and oleur up
after it with absolute neatness. The guest
could sny no more in common decency,
but age In st her will she was cunsoiohs
that many of the student's pretty silk
end challle gowns were spotted and disfig
ured and bore unmlstukahle evidence that
their wearer had combined tho antagonis
tic roles of hostess and cook.
It ought to be understood thut eating
and drinking are not a necessity of soolul
Intercourse,, although there is nothing
more pleasant than to be ablo to offer one's
friends the hospltulity of tho table prop
orly. The sketch shows nn afternoon bodloe
of light blue silk muslin trimmed with
Irish guipure. It is aooordlon plaited and
Is cut square at the nock. The fuipure
forms a sort of yoke and half hretellea.
The balloon elbow sleeves are gathered
Into a ribbon at the bottom, and the belt
Is of ribbon, Juinc Cholut.
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The Flour
"Chicago, Oot 81. Fh flxai offioUt
annonncamant of World'i Fait di
ploma! on floar bu been made A
medal has been awarded by the
World's Fair judgei to tbe flour manu
factured by tho Washburn, Crosby Co ,
in tho great Washburn Flour Mills,'
Minneapolis. Tho committee reports
the flour strong and pure, aud entitles,
It to rank as first-class patent flour toxi
family and bakers' use."
Taylor-Judfa ft Co., Gold Medal; Athertoe
fc Co., Superlative.
Durya Lawrue Itore Co.. Gold Medal
Mooaio JuUn MeOlndle, Gold Modal
l'ittaton U. W. O'Ruvl,, M,,l,l M,.1l
C ai k'a Gronn-Praga Si Parker. Superlative.
Uark'e fcuinmit-F. 11. Younir, Gold Medal.
lJaltou-S. E Finn ft Su, Gold Medal Brand.
Mi'hubun-J. . Harding.
WaT.rly-M. W. Bllaa ft Son, Gold MedaL
Factory vUU-CbarlM Gardner, Gold Medal.
Hopbottom-N. M. lTinn ft Son, Gold Medal.
lobylianna-Tobrhauna ft LeUiulj Lumbar
Co., Gold Medal Brand.
Oouldiboro-8 A. Adanw. Gold Mo HI Brand,
Moscow Gatite ft Clementa, Gold Medal.
Lake Artel Jumna A. Bortree. Gold Medal
Forest City J. L. Morgan ft Co., Gold Meds
& Connell
(Vial of th best quality fur domeetle ase,an4
f all slue, deliTered In any part of the oltj
at lowest price.
Orders left at mf offloei
Rear room, first floor, Third National Bank,
or ent by mall or telephone to the mint, will
reeclve prompt attention.
Hcoclal eonlraota will be made for the sal
ana delivery ot Buckwheat CoaL
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