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. (Sure
Norrmanfi Moore
120 Wyoming Avonuo
Bave your COL1.AKB starched in the 014
y, when you can have them dune with sort,
Hiable Buttonnulos for TWO CENTS BACH.
FORMERLY 75o. nnd $1, fop
ONLY 58c.
In every desirable shade.
Hears S Hagen
If you want
Carpets. Draperies,
Wall Paper or Window
Shades, come to us.
We have a full line of
goods, and our prices are
very low.
Minns k M
127 Wyoming Ave.
To my friends: I hereby announce
that I will be a candidate for the nomi
nation of district attorney, before the
Republican County convention.
Trlbnns reader leaving fur their
Hummer's vaeati on can have their favor
ite paper nnt to them without extra
cnut, hy notlTvlnff this office of the do
atred change In the paper' address.
An officer lias been detailed to patrol
ii-llevue belKQU.
A new long distance telephone U being
put tn the Central station house.
A veteran's license to pMlo was yester
day grauted to fcteoben C. Hall.
lu the absence of Dr. Fulton, who Is at
camp with the regiment, Dr. Barnes will
serve in the capacity of police surgeon.
The Central Railroad of New Jersey is
selling special excursion tiek.iti to Gettys
burg, good until next week Saturday, for
The Hyde Park Choral society will meet
for rehearsal in the basement of the Tab
ernacle church Sunday evening at 8 o'clock
The alarm of fire from box 04 at 8 o'clock
last evening was occasioned by a slight
blaz in a Clark street stable which was
extinguished before the companies ar
rived. Mayor Connell yesterday signed the
resolution for a fire hydrant on the corner
of Kichter and Ash streets nnd another
remitting the penalty on the taxes of
Mis. T. P. O'Alalley, of the Ninth ward.
The Cleveland I'rott Auction company
yesterday obtained a writ of attachment
to attach money in the hands or the Jt irst
Nutiotml bank to the crsdltof L. Plerpurd,
as well as any goods in his possession. This
was dons to satisfy a debt of f2ft8.V, with
Interest from May 1, 1893, which the Cen
tral company claims is due it.
Profetsor Haydn Evans and singers are
preparing for their European tour. The
following ladies and goutlemen comprise
the qnnrtette: Miss Sadie Keiser, Hiss Cor
delia Freeman, Joseph Burns, James An
wyl; Alien Julia Alton, violinist; director
and accompanist. Professor Havdn Evans.
They will give a farewell concert Monday
evening, Aug. 20, at the Jackson Street
Dnptist church.
The funoral services over the remains of
Miss Edith Croft will be held at the home
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ioaac Croft.
631 Kressler court, this afternoon Bt 3
n'clock, from whence the cortege will pro
ceed to Trinity Lutheran church at Adams
avenuo and Mulberry street, where publio
services will be conducted at 2.45 p. id. by
the Key. E. L. Miller. All friends are in
vited to attend the services.
Pabst's Milwaukee Beer, cool and
sparkling, at Lohman's, Bpruce street
Prompt Patmsnt.
The family of Charles Brutzman, late of
841 Franklin avenue, whose death occurred
July 27th, received yesterday payment
npon a life policy for $ 1,000 from the Peno
Mutual Lille insurance company, tarougn
Agent O. Ed. Carey. The policy was taken
out in I860. Premiums to the amount of
tBfiO.80 were naid on the policy aud divi
dends aud reductions amounting to WZ.Q2
had been allowed, leaving a net cost of
i'!7.8S for the Insuranoe.
Conway House, 132 and 134 Penn A vs.,
1 where you will always find good service
and courteous treatment, the table is al
ways supplied with the best In the market.
Transient and local trade solicited.
Buy lbs
and get the best. At Guernsey Bros.
Tiie Imprisoned lilucrs Were Found Early
Yesterday Afternoon.
Both Men Woll and Little the Worse
for Their Terrible Experience How
the Gallant Work of Rescue Was
Carried On Danger Was Never
Considered by the Brave Band
Which Saved the Imprisoned Men.
The two Polsnders, John Moroskl
and Frank Shelter, who were impris
oned by ttie Bellevue cave-in, were res
cued yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock,
after spending twenty-six Lours in
bodily sulleriug aud mental anguish.
Moroskl hsd to be assisted out but
Shelter was active enough to walk with
out help.
An liumsnse crowd, attracted by the
nowa of the finding of the men, as
sembled at the mouth of the slope aud
cheer after cheer rout the air when the
brave rescuing party with tho llboratod
millers appeared. Moroski'4 two little
sous who accompanied the rescuing;
party into the miue were the only rela
tives to greet the two Pulander when
they came from what would have been
their tomb had not the ofliulals of the
company made such tluioly and strenu
ous eiiorts to rolease tbeiu.
Mr. Storri aud his men are deserv
ing of great crodit for the successful
outcome of the work of resoue. There
was no tltna lost, but immediately
upon grasping the situation every
method available to find the impris
oned men was resorted to without any
question of labor, danger or expense.
lo enter a "working mine Into ma
very heart of the distnrbanoe where
good air aud safe ro.ifs are all a matter
of chance Is an undertaking which is
attended with no small risk, aud tho
noble men who braved these dangers
deserve rank with the foremost of
About 11 o'clock yesterday morning
tho imprisoned men were first spoken
to. About sixteon feet of fullen coal
was between them and the rescuers.
The work whs pushed as rapidly as
possible aud wheu but seven and one
half feet remained to be cleared a bole
was bored through the coul into the
chamber and as soon as the drill was
withdrawn Shelter informed the res
cuers that he and Moroskl were all
right. Tbey bad lights and plenty of
oil and as they had been sparing of
their provisions they were not sutler'
iug to any great extent from hunger.
'The space In which they were im
prisoned was about nine yards
long and the regular width of
a chamber. Tbey bad heard all
along the sounds of the picks and drills
of the rescuers, but as tbey could not
trust their judgement as to how far
away the working was going on, tbey
kept in the farthest part of their cell
for fear a blast would force in the wall
upon them. The Bhift which was at
work when the rescue was accom
plished was in charge of Evan J.
Evans, foreman of the Avondnle mine,
and was made up of William Richards,
William Jenkins, John Davies and
Keese Anthony. To reach the impris
oned men it was necessary to drive a
tunnel four feet square through nine
teen fet of solid ooal and; several feet
of loose rock.
They first knew of their danger when
Miner Richard Evans culled for them
to run as the roof was falling. They
attempted to do so, but, lacking spirit,
became afraid aud retraced their steps,
taking shelter in the chamber of Evaus.
When the men found no means of
escape they unloaded the coal from a
car. which was fortunately with them,
and turned it over on its side as a
shelter in case the roof should b9gin to
full again. Moroskl worked aguinst
the pillar with pick and shovel and for
a time was nearly frantic. The air in
the enclosure was very good, and was
probably supplied from the many
cracks and fissures eonnectlng with the
The men as soon as they reached the
surface wore given a warm welcome
and a large crowd escorted them to
their homes on the South Side. Mor
oskl lives at 1010 Prospect avenue and
Frank Shelter lives at 1127 Remington
Evan J. Eyans, mine foreman at
Avondnle, who superintended the seo
ond search party, was seen by a I'm
tUNK reporter yesterday af'.ernoon.
Mr. Evans is a man who has spsnt tho
greatest part of his life underground,
and when questioned regarding the
cause of the catastrophe, said the pil
lars might have been weakened by age
or decay. Changes in tbe weather
cause tbe pillars to crack and split by
depress and this cave-in, he said, might
have been caused by either or both of
the reasons stated.
The excitement nt the mine has sub
sided and the Simpson & Watkins'
steam-drill which was in readiness to
be worked from the surface has been
removed. The Delaware, Laokawaua
and Western oflloiils who assisted in
the rescue were, W.R. Storrs, Thomas
1), Davis, B-jcjsmin Hughes, Thomas
Phillips, Evan J. Evans and Divid
The Beasoa to Optn at tbe Frothlngham
With a Cupsrb Spectacular.
The opening attraction at the Froth
inghnm ou Wednesday, August 22,
promises to be one of the most impres
sive, glittering, unique ond artistically
brilliant productions of Shakespeare's
sublime tragedy, Richard III, that ever
Invited the attention of Scranton play
goers. No less than fifty people will
be in the cast and the buttle scene,
coronation and funeral procession will
be most thrillingly presented.
The company is beaded by the young
American tragedian, uwen u. J ones,
woo for the past fourteen ysari has
been a worthy dlsoiple of Ihespns and
who has achieved eminent success Id
Sbukesperean roles. He is gifted with
wonderful dramatic genius ana be will
unquestionably give an ideal presenta
tion or Richard, fcupporting him is
Joseph Ransome.late loading man wtlh
Frederick Warde, and other renownod
stars, an actor of rare skill and ability.
who will appear in the double role of
King Henry VI and Richard. Other
leading characters will be taken by
prominent professionals who will be
announced later on. The occasion will
be eventful as involving the first pro
fessional appearance of Miss Tillle
Lewis, tbe handsome and popular elo
cutionist in tbe powerful role of the
queen mother, the Duohess of York.
Miss Lewis' many Scranton friends
will be afforded the opportunity of
giving her an ovation on this signifi
cant bight. Miss Kittle, tbe
sweet soprano of the St, Mary's Romsn
Catholic choir or Wllkes-Bsrrr, a lady
ot acknowledged dramatic power, will
delight ber maoy frlen'ls In the role of
Lsdy Anus.
Tbe costumes throughout will reveal
something beyond the ordinary, mauy
ot them having, been specially made
for tbls production of Richard. They
were supplied by the fatuous house of
Van Horn & Co., of Philadelphia; tbe
magnificent armors ond bannerettes
being furnished by the celebrated Van
GliK-k, of New York city. The music
will be that used by the late John Mc
Cullougb aud procured for this presen
tation through a favored tusdlnm.
The scenic accessories throughout will
be superlatively brilliant aud attrac
tive. This superb opening event at tbe
Frothinghnm should, nud no doubt
will, invito the attention of nil lovers
of high class, legitimate drama.
Bis Tim U Fully Ocoupltd by Private
Business Affairs.
"No, sir, I am not a candidate for the
Deraosratlo nomination for eongress,"
said ex-Congressman Lemuel Amer-
mnu yesterday In response to n question
asked by a Tkiuunh re porter.
"If I was I would have no hesitation
In saying so, for it has always been my
opinion that when a mou wants any
thing tho best thing for tiiui to ao is to
sny that he doss.
"Jnst at present I have many Im
portant private business matters to en
gage my attention and have not the
time at my disposal to seek any ofllee."
A Pittsburg Defaulter Who Desorted
His Wife Runs Away with a
Hyde Park Girl.
Miss Mary E. Gallagher, who resides
on Scranton street, is anxious to know
the whereabouts of her sister, Mrs.
Elmer Davison. n Miss Birdie Gal
lagher, wbo left her homo Ave weeks
sgo iu company with Elmer Davison,
ber husband.
Tbe coudIs were married about n
year ago, und it has since been learned
that Davison hag another wire residing
In Pittsburg.
A Tribune reporter callel at MIbs
Gallagher's home last evening and
when she was questioned about the
matter stated that the story or Davi
son's bigamous crime was true. She
wants to hud ber sister, wbo, she says,
does not know that Davison is a big
amist Miss Gallagher said that a short time
before the marriage Elinor Davison, 'or
James Liudley, as he was known here,
put in an appearance and. after payiug
court to liirdie, wou ber enactions, iter
sister only saw bim onoe aud that was
when she was here on a visit from tin
cago. Her mother died twelve weeks
ago and ber brotLsr expired a week ago
yesterday from heart disease.
Davison was here when Mrs. Gal
lagher died and then left town with
bis wife for Pittston. Tbey resided at
that place for u few weeks, be in the
meanwhile obtniulng goods under sev
eral pretenses. Miss Gallagher re
ceived a letter from Mr. McCUsny, of
the Union Tda company, Pittsburg, on
July 7. which stated that Davison was
formerly in his employ nud while out
collecting in that city absconded, tak
ing funds amounting to $73 or $100.
On August 0. 1801. he married bis
first w.fe in Pittsburg. They lived
very unhappily, be abusing ber and ber
child frequently. The child is now
dosd. Miss Gallagher's sisier has u
baby now 5 mouths old.
Davison is a man of medium bnild
with a light mustache and comely
features. lie is wanted in various sec
tions of tho state for defrauding and
theft. Miss Gallagher is sure thut if
ber sister kuew the state of uli.iire she
would return home
That Branch of Domccrailo Oiganizition
Will Meet Next Week.
"While personally I am in favor of
holding the Democratic county conven
tion before our brethren of the opposi
tion have an opportunity to name u
ticket, said County Chairman Kaliey
yesterday, "I nm unable to any wbut
dato the county committee win decide
"Several members of the executive
branch of the county committee are
now absent from the city, but will re
turn so thut a meeting of the executive
committee can bu held early next week
In the Central Democratic Clnb rooms.
It will then be decided to cull the
county committee together to name a
date for a convention."
It Was a Long Tims Between Ties and
Eh Kcked.
Mrs. Thomas Coggins had ber hus
band, Barber Cogglns.of Penn avenue,
arrested yesterday for beating her und
non support.
She told Alderman Fitzsirnraons' be
fore whom the case whs heard, that she
had tasted nothing but bread and water
and one piece of huckleberry ii j dur
ing the past week and that when she
protested t- her husband that tbe diet
was unsufficient he Blspped ber. The
alderman is holding the esse tinder
Wood's Collegs of Business and Short
hand. To the Publio. Since the organization
of our school we have given to the citizens
of Hcranton nud Pennsylvania advant
ages In the commercial und stenographic
work equal to that of the host colleges In
tho largest cities.
More than 1,000 students have attended
In a single year.
A Ureal Multitude has been inspired to
higher living and bave won important
places In tlio business and professional
Willt the rrperic.ncn and success of tho
past we propose to give our patrons of tho
future higher, more practical, and thor
ough business and stenographic courses.
Conditions in the business world have
changed. Schools must change to meet
these conditions. KtudentB must be taught
to do as well as to think.
The faculty is an important factor in
an institution. ,
Heretofore we have educated our
teachers this year we huve engaged men
who bave made a record and acquired a
We have had good pupils in the past.
We shall bave better ones iu tho future.'
Ao business school in (As United State
can exhibit a more competent, cultured
and efficient class of aggressive teachers.
The college will roopeu August 27. Day
ana night sessions. Old students, Btudents
who have not completed the course, aud
prospentivs students, are Invited to call.
The ofllee i always open.
F. E, WOOD, President
Basmer's New Dining: Boomi.
Drop in aud see our lunch and dining
rooms, they are new and clean. Nothing
bnt tbe best of everything can be found
on our tables. Our regular dinner is 2d
cents and Is the best in tbe city. Beomer
iiBon, next to Elk building, Franklin
' Da C C LAuaxon, dentist, Gas and
Water company building, Wyoming ave
nue. Latest improvements. Eight years in
Bboe repairing promptly attended to at
the Globe Bboe store.
of Scranloa's Gallant Thirteenth
A Special Train of Eleven Cars Left
Amid tho Cheers of Thousands of
People nnd Roached Gettysburg at
4.30 This Morning Immense
Throng; About the Station Number
of Vetoran Guides with the Regi
ment. Scranton' own Thirteenth regiment,
100 per cent, strong, amid the cheers
of an immense throng left for the his
toric Gettysburg last night via tbe
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western
railroad. They departed on n train of
eleven cars Including a baggage, stock
and crow oar, and expected to roach
Gettysburg at 4.110 o'clock this morn
ing. If any proof were noccBsary to pro
claim tho confidence and admiration
by which the regiment is hold in the
eyes of thousands of friends loft behind,
one would only need to witness the Im
mense throng gathered iu the vicinity
of the c tat ion, cheering, waving hand
kerchiefs uud shouting expressions of
God-speed. The schedule of the train
was from Northumberland to Harris
burg by way of tho Pennsylvania rail
road, and from the state capital to
Gettysburg over the Reading system.
Company E, of Iloiieudale, reoched
here at 3. 15 in tho afternoon nnd were
quartered at the armory until the regi
ment's departure. Company G, of
Montrose, the baby company, which
has attained third positiou in the regi
ment for general excellency, arrived on
the 8.20 p. m. Delaware, Lacka
wanna nnd Western train aud remuined
at tho depot until tho hour for )aving.
To the civilian's eye all was bustle,
disorder and confusion at the armory
for two hours before the regiment loft,
but the urrungomcnts for moving tho
large body ot men were so complete
tiiat not a man or strap wa missing
at t!:e final order to move. When the
regiment swung into Lnckawana ave
nue the sidewalks were occupied by a
solid muss of people, whose cheers
added to the spirited mnsio of fifo and
drum, cortninly guve officers und men
the impression that nothing was luck
ing to tbe spirit and noise of the send
off. Many of the companies were accom
panied by veterans of the Civil war who
were iu the memorable Gettysburg
fight and will act as guides in properly
explaining tbe fight whUh saved tue
nation. Each company had some par
ticularly oiviliariidh mascot, but an
ugly looking bull-dog of brindle ex
traction, possessed by Company G, at
tracted the most attention.
The rostsr of the officers is as fol
lows: Colonel E. II. Ripple, Major C.
C. Mattes, Major G. II. Whitney. Ad
jutaut W. S. Millur, Battalion Adjut
ants L. T. Mattes nnd C. C. Conklln,
Quartermaster J. W. Oulcford, Inspec
tor of Rifh Practice W. II. Jessup, jr.,
Surgeon W. G. Fulton, Assistant Sur
geons D. H. Capwolt and C. R. Parke,
Chaplain S. C. Logon, Sergeant Major
J. 11. Hughes, Battalion Sergeant Ma
jors Fred Barnard and Albert Davis,
Quartermaster Ssrgeant Rooso Wat
k.ns, Commissary kSergunt VV. J.
Tricey, Musician W. J. McDon
ald. Hospital Steward M. Harris, Cap
tain F. W. Still well. Lieutenants
II. B. Cox and J. O. Dimmlck, Com
pany A; Captain William Kellow and
Second Lieutenant John Kambaok,
Company B; Captain H. B. Chase,
Lieutenants Frank Robling, jr., and
W. A. Rnub, Company C; Captain
Montrose Barnard, Lieutenants Strat
tnn and Stokes, Compauy D; Captain
O. L. Rollins, Lieutenants W. H.
Wood and Frank McMnllon, Company
E; Captain E. D. Fellows, Lieutenants
W. A Briggs and Frod W. Mason, jr.,
Compauy F; Captain W. D. B. Ainey.
Lieutenants R. J. McCansland and G.
S. Jessup, Compnny G; Csptain Wil
Urui Rockwell, Lieutenants E. D. Cor
win nnd S. VVolls Corwln, Company 11.
A special correspondent from The
TitmuNB is with the regiment and com
plete, and reliable dispatches will be re.
ceived from Gettysburg and printed in
these columns each day.
Labcr Qiestion Will Es Discussed by
Able Speakers.
At the Laurel Hill camp meeting
next Sunday the labor question will be
rliscnssed. Ruv. Dr. Hubert, of North
Carolina, financial secretary of Living
stone college, will speak on "Strikes
and Religion," and Rtv. J. R. Danger
field, pastor of the Wilkes-Barre Zion
church, on "Capitalists nud Religion."
The Tennessee jubilee singers will
assist nt the service and rondcr a num
ber of selections.
Street Railway War In Taylor Gtill in
Statu Qio.
Tho Taylor street railway war is no
nearer SRttlomont than whon It began,
but it is likely that the Inactivity in
the matter will not oontinue much
loniitr, owing to the neoeisity of hav
ing the work completed bofore tbe cold
weather sets in.
John M. Harris, attorny for the
borough, said to a Tuibune reporter
that us far as the borough was con
cerned, nothing if being done In the
case. The borough has submitted its
64-oz. Bottles, 98 cents
WOUTH 125.
18-oz. Bottles, 25 cents
Finest Imported, 15c.
$1.50 a Dozen.
Bloater Mackerel
1 Largest and finest fish
offered in years. 20c.
per pound
429 Lacka. Ays.
ultimatum and is not losing any sleep
over tbe matter.
Mr, Puge. when asked whit be in
tended to do in tbe matter, replied:
"On, we will sit down for a while and
think about it."
Democratic. Commlttss Will Meat To
night to Fix a Date.
M. J. Dnnabor, acting chairman of
the Democratic standing committee, of
tho Second legislative district, hns
called a meeting of the committee for
tlilo evening at 6 o'clock at the Pacific
hotel, Penn avenue, to fix a date for
the convention.
The members of the committee are:
Seventh ward, James J, Illcks; Eighth
ward. T. C. Melvini Ninth ward, T. P..
Ilobnnj Teuth ward, Fred Swartz;
Eleventh ward, Charles Conrudj
Twelfth ward, John Mawn; Tblrtoentb
ward, II B. Reynolds; Sixteenth ward,
J. F. Murphy; Bsveuteuutu ward, P.
W. Stokes; Ninotoenth ward, John II.
Phillips; Twentieth ward, M. J. Dona
Ex-Governor Beaver and Governor
McKinlcy Will Address the Veter
ans at That Place Wednesday.
Tho reunion of tho Seven-Couuty
Veterans' association at Falrview on
Wednesday will attract thousands of
old soldiers and their frlonds to
tuat pluca. Among the speakers
will be Ex-Governor Jams A. Beuvc-r
aud Governor William Mckinley.
A committee consisting of the fol
lowing has been appointed to come to
this citv nnd meet the dlstimruiahed
vihitors: Frank Hollenbeok, Hon. E.
E. Hendrick. J. C, Turner, J. Vander
mark, John Kelly, Fredorlck F, Forbes
and W. M. Lutbrop. They will wel
tome them in the name of the citizens
of Carbondale and see that they are
properly taken care of during their stay
in the Pioneer city
Tho parade through the streets of
Carbondale will be brief. Tbe line will
form at Seventh avenue upon tho ar
rival of tbe veterans and will march up
Mulu street to the railroad station ut
ttie bead of the street. Captain Alfred
Dane, of Kiugston, will be chief
marshal!, aud Jciah Vaodsmark, of
Curbondalo, will be his first assistant.
Tbe indications are that the parade
and general attendunua will be very
At Furviow Judgo Purdy, of Wayne
county, will deliver tbe nddreasof wel
come. Convonlent stands will be ar
ranged by the committee for tbe
speakers nud it baa beon decided thut
these shall bo fur enough away from tbe
nolso nnd excitemont of the central
grounds that those wbo wish to bear
the speeches will not bo annoyed by tbe
noise ot those who do not care for ora
tions. Mayor Hendrick, of Carbon
dale, has its ued tbe following procla
mation to tbe people of Curbondrile
concerning tbe reunion:
To the Patriotic People of the City of
Oa Wednesday next, vetoraus of tbe
Civil War and members of the Grand
Army of the republic, will meet in this
city on the occasion of the Fifteenth An
nual rouoiou ot the Sevnn-County Veteran
association. We owe it to these defonders
of our homes, thut the visiting veterans Ve
givon a cordial welcome to our city. The
occasion will bo the people's opportunity
to manifeit their appreciation ot the ser
vico reudored by the men who went to the
front during the yonrs of the nation's
Tiiereforn, I, E. E. Hendrick, mayor, by
virtue of the power vested in me, call upon
the residonts of this city to aid the gen
eral committee of arrangements in mak
ing this gatheiiug of the "boys iu blue"
the most successful in the history of the
Seven county reunions. Let there be a
liberal display of the trl-color; decorate
your homes und places of business ond
join heartily iu tho public demonstration
In honor of the men who braved danger at
their country's call.
E. Hkkdkick, Muyor.
Therefore Mrs. Anula O. Evans With
drew from Hor Husband's Horns.
Mre. Annie C. Evans nppliod to court
yesterday for a divorce from John J.
Jones, through Attorneys Taylor and
The couple were marriedjon Sept. 12,
1SSS, a:i i livel together until Sept. 14.
li-j'J, when Mrs. Evaus says ber bus
tiuiil offered such indignities to her as
to compel her to withdraw from his
homo and family.
They Will To-day Brsatha Air Nat Fil
tered Through Trison Bars.
Mr. and Mrs. James Carey, who were
sent to the county jail for twenty
mouths for soiling liquor without a
liceuse and other offenses, will be set
at liberty to-day.
Governor Pattison cut two months
eff their trm for good behavior.
TliR Electrical workers will hold their
diet annual picnic n Laurel Ilili Park nex:
Saturday, Aug. 11. Admission 10 cents.
Thero will bo ull kinds of refreshments on
the grounds, and games of all kinds will
be had.
I wil.L present one thousand dollars in
gold to any one whom I cannot cure of epi
leptic convulsions or fits. Dit. E.,
!)l 1 Spruce street, Scranton, 1'a.
We Paint and
Fire China
to Order.
Come in
See Our
New Goods.
W. W. BERRY, Jeweler
Best Set3 of Teeth, $8.00
Including the painless txtractlng
cf teeth by an entirely new pro
cess, S. O. Snyder, D.D.S.
Just 100 Children Diad Dnrlss- the Thlr-to-one
Day of Last Month.
The printed report of Secretary
Briggs. of the board of health for th
month cf Jnly was issned yesterday,
Snmmarlly, It was os follows:
Deaths by disease, 100; by drowning,
2; mine accidents, 8; beat prostration,
1; other accidents, 4; total deaths, 170.
Seven deaths were of children nnder 1
year of age, and ono-half the deaths
wers of children under 8. Tbo total
mortality for the year up to Aug 1 wss
009. The July death rate was the high
est of the year and February's rate,
107, was the lowest. There were 188
deaths In July of Inst year.
The number of births reported wss
1-5. There were twenty-three cases of
oontaglous diseases reported, from
which there were five death.
Summary cf ths Contacts of City Solic
itor Torre's Compilation.
The new law book, compilod by City
Solicitor Torrey, which is now ready
for distribution contains the act of
1880 in full, together with all laws
passed since that time for the regula
tion of third class cities. It also con
tains a digest of the ordinances now in
forco In this city.
Five hundred copies will bs sont ont,
Couuciluieu are to receive two apiece
and heads of departments one ouch.
Other cities in the stute will be naked
to exchange with ns.
Rich, pure, wholesome bread made from
Pillsb'iry's best.
Preserving Kettles
The time is near at
hand to use them, so
figure ahead.
S-quart, 4 quart, O qnart, 8-qnart, H
25c. 35c. 40c. 45c.
10-quart, 12-quart, 14-qnart, 18-qunrt,
55. 65c. 75c. 90c.
Also 1-ouart Tin Fruit
1 Cans at 45c. doz.
H. BAT Till & CO.
126 Penn Ave.
We are now
prepared to do
business at
our new build
ing, 322
Washington Ave.
The Scranton Business College
New aud handsome building. All modern improvements.
Location tho beat possible. Quiet aud healthful.
Two Sessions Day and Evening.
Three Thorough and Complete Courses:
Business Course. Shorthand Course. Combined Course.
Proprietors fully alive to the wants and requirements of busi
ness men.
Teachers who have spent mauy years of active work in counting
room and class-room. OPENING DAY, SEPT. 3.
Office temporarily in Garaev, Brown fc RfTPlr WBiTftTflRl? J& f fl
Co. 'sstore.eor. Adams Ave and Linden St. DUltt, UlllllIlUUU 01 tU.
Of SHOES Is Now On
And you'll not be treating yourself right if yon don't take advantage of it.
Every shoe in the house is reduced to cost, nnd many gools such os RUS
SETS and all SUMMER SHOES, a good deal less than cost.
WHITE CANVAS OXFORDS, beat quality, worth $1.50 a pair, will be sold
for 75 CENTS.
Some that nrj soihd an discolored will be sold for 25 CENTS a pair.
There is no half way business about it, bnt great housefull of GOOD
SHOES at tha cost of making them. LET US SEE YOU.
town Thinks lis
a Square
Don't You
- X
rc u
3- EC
Zj -
3 O
nothing but the best.
You will be satisfied
if you call on J. BOLZ and
get some of the bargains he
is offering.
A $5 Coat for $1.49.
A $7 Coat for $3.
A Fine BlackClay Worst-
ed Coat for $5, worth
Ladies' Capes,all shades,
for 93c.
Ladies' Tailor-made Suit3
for $4.75, worth $9.
During tbe Summer.
138 "Wyoming Ava.
128 Wyoming Ave.
Hip Pads, Stocking
Atlantic Refining Co.
Manufacturers and Dealers In',
niaminting anfl Lubricating
Linseed Oil, Nupthas and Gaso
lines of all grades, Axle Grease,
Pinion Grease and Colliery Com.
pound ; also, a large line of Par
rafflne Wax Candlea
We also handle tbe Famous CROW?)
ACME OIL, the only family safety
burning oil in the market
Office: Coal Exchange, Wyoming Ave.
Works at Fine Brook.
Cor. Lackawanna and
Wyoming Aves.
w Z
tn e
Greatly Reduced In Prioe.
Think So?
1 BI
'mm hats
WW? ddi's
S I s