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lii9 Sympathy Strike in tho Scrantoo
Tjani Causes a Poslpontiot.
And Poor VViikscy Drops Down An
other Pen, Buffalo's Defeat of
Dinghamton Doing Responsible--Standing;
of tlio Clubs National
League Results--Basa Call and
General Sporting News.
JIE E.sknn loagne
Kazan scheduled to
be played between
ei p r i n gfitld ii uu
Sorauton y. sterdny
was postponed, all
the old Stitt a league
players, b one
or two exceptions,
bavinyr engaired iu
sympathy strike.
X('V-tl'.'!)fllflflK Altlll-
rver C'aiuil will have a full team in tho
ileld todiiV.
In the other Extern leaijua gaines
Jilnytd yesterday, Providence loBt to
ttyiucnse, Wilkvii-llarre ta Erie, aii'l
Tliii.tliiiiiitnn t. 'Piill'.il.-, Wil:.- .a.".nri'i.
by bur dofoat, n.iow.i DulLilo t 4 jro into
fourth place. The percentages tho
clubs, nuiubtr of gumes t.'oii and los'.
1 y each, Mid their f tpuiliiu iu the
league race Is as followa:
Won. l.o-t. IVrC't.
tt :.S .Oil
I'i ' .jaS
!7 -it .r.ii;
'".) us .fied
11 .o..o
jo 4:1 .-i;!j
Kmbir8 cf th? Scrnton Club Had a
Svrapjtlm io Strl':".
Thre was a climax yesterday ia tbo
tas' ball war. Tin; Sorautoti club re
fused to fnou tho Ii hi uui!oi' tiu ma
HKeuinnt of Mr. Cihill, Rud thero'or )
r.o gauie v,ih piny 'd with 8 n itiirfi dd.
Th pbiyers Bai l that pMt.'o:i:iUy tboy
hid uotbin-r. ajjaiiibt lit. Ohiii, but
that in their opinion Mr. Sivift hail uot
boeu fnirly trc-itel by thy nE'iici i' ion.
M4. Swift whs K""n by a Titin'.'N." re-!-rtrr
nt tli3 St. Cltarl"s liot-.-l at 2 p.
la., and spoke us follov.'.4"
"I have justbal a co'if-Tcnc4) with
J. V AiU. r., c! C irb :..l:i!o, Mid L..V
lecide.i to take fa'l fo-.trot ii a ciub
I hat in to bu l',er .i. Mr. Ai'.i u
lias dir. cfoil mo to una ti dub at ore '.
List Jtouday I r.diM 1 .-,11 of 1'.;;
players who nero with nis in
tlio Statu hugUH and I will
liijiu as many of tli-ia as care
o go with mo to Car!:ou laU U;
tbo end ol tlio w--;'u I will havo a dub
!':'ady to ;o 011 tho li"ld and will talw
t'-eiii away on a trip. When w. re
turn tl'.H rGU:id ut (Jirb i'idal.) ,V':1 ba
iu n'uditt ! ; fir in. I will 11 1 onea tolu
Ki'ap.'l L; 'erutary DiddloLoek for Ihn vacancy tiit oxiatj in tbo Stat.'
l:a'!i;, and 1 boliovo tlicM will bu 0:10
Wry poon."
''I linvo don? my beat," coiititiuml
Mr. fc-wift, "to .it tiio boyrt to fjo out
and pi.iy thia attenioon, liat tby ro
las 'd to take my adviea in this iu ut r.
The players certainly did r.fusi to
K on tLe lii;iaouil, with tlio exc-ption
of RoireM ir.d the playor obtained
fl'OUl thf Trn" nlnh. All MlV.irtj tit ivin
tiiu strikers over failed mid tno idea of
baviiirf a puiii) had to be abandoned.
M.'iia;:r Cihill at once wnt to work
to got a club in shape tor today. Horf
era and l'atehan agreed to eiju as
catcliera, and Cmapfijld, who arrived
in tho city irou Wilkes-Btrre yo-itir-day,
and Donovan tho liteli'Ta,
with Cahill at s.-cond. Smitii, short,
and Johnson canter field. A lirsc au 1
third base man, two iiei ders and at
leant another pitdier ar needed to fill
iiDtlmdub. Manner Dan Shannon,
of Wilkes Bw, telegraphed that hi
would let Keiautoa liav Outfielder
Lczatto, but bo bud uot arrived up to a
lato hour last night.
Manager Cahill hag teloitraphd to
Providence 1;. I., for auotilor otufldder
and ia alao after Whitehead, the third
baseman of tho Einghuiaton club. At
all events he promises to have a club
on the diamond this aftornooa to face
riprinjjiielu. Tomorrow two games
Will be played with tho same club.
Secretary Botts of th local ueiocla
tiou claims that Mr. Swift bad no
power to release players last Monday,
na he was uot then manager of tho club.
The officers of tho association decline
to say what action they will take
BRainst tho men who refused to play
It was currently reported on tho
I'roet yesterday that several members
of the local association had endeavored
to dispose of their stock.
Late last night it was roported that
Mr. Swift had abandoned the idea of
placing a club iu .Carbondsle nnd tiii.t
the Scranton players would si-ii wher
ever they saw fit.Masaey probably with
Manager Cahill.
Wilkiii-Ifarra Loans a Gum to
Blnckbiidi b7 Looaa Plnv.
WiLKES-BAititE, Aug. 0. Wilkes
Barre's erratic flsldini at critical tiiiif s,
coupled with Blackburn's wildutss, lest
Vithout the Sun the Earth Would
Be a Was to.
Its gcniul r'aya mean life. Some
times, though, tho heat disagrees
with 3'oti. A ay bo it will lie only
a trilling ailment maybe exhaus
tion: nnd most smioua. A iiide
care would avoid thid. Tho tak
ing of
Johaun HolTa Jlalt Extract
would "set yoa right" would
.keep you right." It ia a nutri
tive stimuUnl, but not an intoxi
cant. It exalts the rncrgies, aids
digestion. Beware of imitations.
Look for signature cf
"Johann lloU" ou neck label
tho inline to Erie today that should
huve bet-n wou by the home team.
Wilkes-Barre has wo 1 but seven rut of
the last twenty-nine champi oushiy
names played. At a meeting ot th
directors here this afternoon Cmipfidd
nnd (Jairles, both pitchers, were re
leased, and other important ch inxes
are to be mailo ia the team within tii-
nest few days. AVonthor line. At
tendance, 7l)D. Scerf:
II. II. (). A. F. II II. o. A. V..
r-vt!o,lf....'J L' 1 (I Uivh'la'ii.SI 11 II 11 (I f
(diV:!, :.b.:i ;i a 5 1 mith. s..S a 8 t'
I. iv. t'.lr.-J 111 e (' l-i 'I. Hi. ..I :t 7 1 1
iuiit, B.l 1 2 (I U l.iillv, i-t.,,1 A 0 11
II. Ks, n"....:J " 1 U 1 llinis,.:i, !!'.: 0 S 0
Hir.ii'i.ii,:!!.!! 1 II 2 ii'Kii.'Iiii.s ::l;5 1 II Z 1
I'el i .31m1:! 1 II H II V 11 l.i-Uo. il-J 1 2 e
1 ntls. ,(... 1) I :! 1 I llrwr, c.l 2 C 1 0
li'n, wl (' 11 a 1 il..;nv, 1...I '1-1
m iiij'ni, 1 1 1 i) a
'I't.,1 ij )j ;i
T,,tMl ...12 17 :i U 1
V,"iik. ,-li.ine 0 a ,'i :l 1 u 0 n )- ':
l.r..- 2 2 1 II 1 II 2 2 x III
KarAod rmun -Wilki'R ! o H. Krlo 3. I'i
l-a:ij nti (m r h-k- 'i k.'vl; u - " l-'i 2. I.'f:.
entMH vVilic- Itariv , l.:! " . first I'.'i-"
ou IciiU -or" l;i,.-kinirii ". ml' ll-a!y I ttri -k
( nt 1 '! -ji. L"Z.ittn lllM. I.'l.iirn. 'c!. I.'i.iim
liom .-i.l. . ; Lai n. )lilv. Tji-') Imsj htt-l.wli-
I.i-.-.. tt . l i.'lil, !.:i!!v. T-v. l.iM.hiN
A'.m t'ykf. 1..:mii.i 2, I vt!.', l'cttit, ''miili,
Kulniu. Stul. 'U lias. Vail U.vk... limiliiu
1 lny.-. -1 -ill.. 11 to 1.- . ilit l.y pitch r
lly Hlii.'l.'..uni I. I'ji.'.l 1 ;U Vi'ai'uer.
l'uijiiro Sv, T 111 1 j.
At yracir o -
Pyrncnsi' 1 0 0 H 0 1 0 1 B (
l'rovidoiici'. . . 1 0 2 0 0 2 0 1 0 I'.
liusi) hits Syraeii"i', 12; iVovidnnci'. II.
Knvni Syrarusi-, 2; rrio-id'uce. 2. fat
ton.'s lless nnd Hauswuin anil JMcCauii-y
and lj',vett. I'lnpiro-llooiaer.
At i;iii),'Imiuti!i
l!lir:liiir,toii..l 0 0 ( 0
iiuua-o 0 0 (I (I U
ia!i lli'.b BinjJ.atiiton,
Ci-rcr l:Mli;i.lsjMon, 0. i'
1 0 (I 1- 1
0 0 .! 1 -i
l; K.ilValo, '.1.
,'fl'il.). .1. I-
tii in? JJii'fi.r ;.nd I'l'laiiKy;
V ic kery. Linipie--iOtriek.
Uniuhai '.
At v'af hiiiii) i
"A ii-li;r. ;t..ti . .1) 0 12 0 (I (I 0 0
I'.'ow Vuil;....l 2 0 1 U 0 0 .'I x- 1
llits Vn-.lii'ij,'iii, 7; N'i".v York, 8.
KiTuM Wnsaiiivjton. 0; New York, -I.
ii.ittiTU's ijani and .Vd'uire; Mo.-Lia
and i' lirill. l.'mpire Il-jv'fe.
At Cl i',.-f"ii".i;-o...7...'i
0 2 0 0 ! J n-in
Cineiatiaii ....0 0 ', 0 0 2 S 0 0 (i
liils Cinrii.'!i, 1:7; Cin-imnti, 11. llr-rori-t'liicai-o,
Cin.-iaifiil. ''. Itntteri-i
r.i'illiih d'i'1 Shrir-r a :d j. 'arret t n-.,-3
'An: p;.y. Ui:!;iro Me mdo.
Ai Ui-uf.klyii
Hi'.M;i;i-n (i 0 2 :; ii 1 .1 2 s- ii
lia ti Lor; 'i 0 1 1 :: 1) n 0 (-. ;
liu' i''i, 1' ; I nl: in-.' iv. 'I. '
rors lini .l.'yn, -1; Il.i'ti'iioii', '.'. I'.iit.'ri"..
Sh'ia and iti,,-l.'v; ijawko and ituiiiiisou.
U.jiin Lynch.
A'- .'til..-
n K-i 2 1 n 0 fi 0 0 n ,-ii
i'io'.a l.'lr. hi 1 ..1 11 i 0 (j n 11 (I '.' - 2
li'-i-H. '..'a;-., i I: i )nl:..l.-t , .i,. :, . i ,
ii'.4.--l 'n i, : i i la.i i p:. ;. r
i- - II; ds-.u 1. it '.!'., .M; i.-.jic- b... i:
ley. i 'iipiiv -u.i.'i'n. y.
At i'il...ti;r; -
T'i!4 ' ei4.; n '10 10 0 12 0 1
L-'.'i v.l!-.' ') S 0 0 1 0 0 (i 1
Hit I lit bnri'. tJf t.iuii.vill'.', 12. I':-.
r a I'ittxliiifi.-, :.'; ijuniHviili', :l. l..uti.'i'--
-' 'b'f. a:;.; .' littauaiijg n il
Un::. Ui.ipir.; I i"i'a.,i:.ii-l.
ST.W 54 LCCGiiS.
-t i;.;ni b:r."-il 'ni '.jti '-?, 2; U:i:il.-ti-ii
At Laiuv-t'.'i'Latic.-.iroi'. 7: ohennu-
At Kendimr Reailintr, 7; Allentown, 3.
ui Xiuladolphia Pm.a. ielphia, Wj l'otis-
vil.L', :.2.
- .
wa;jt scsiaioN r l Ay e r.3.
3Innaor llanrlall U.u T.-licraplird to a
Nuiabni' . f Tlioia
I'lllLADKl.l'lii A tier. 0 Manifr
Uindall, ot 1 no Philadelphia tjlaU'
Li';i:;u.; club, has televtrapu 'it to I- iana-
fliaa, Miuaoy, Wrstl ik-.. il:).cr.) uud
Stc't4;. tho ball players uleivl by
M:ntiH,"r Swilt. of tho Kcranton E int
ern Li'B-,'u club on Monday, imd who
r. fusi'd to play with the Sera 1 ton
t, ::;a beeaiu.o Bivit'l bad bivn di po.-.i: I,
to report hero and play will) hie team
Hold tho riilladolpliUa Dawn to EbrM
Iloilsou made his dobni; for Boston
yeiili.rd.iy iu a N :tional L'-ague twirier
au.l held tlie Puiiadelpuias down lo
eight hits.
TliHai were well scattered and the
Quaker city boys only Kecuied two runs
u.i them. Thy support yivjil to if id
son was faultless and Boston wou by a
score of 11 to 2.
Tbo Loii'ivillo National T-j'infino dub is
to p ay at It.jaiiiti'j on Monday.
AlleiHown has nupplanted Shenandoah
as tho leader in tlio fit n'e lenguu r:tco.
lliiic'hainton has a now pitciiiT nnmed
Alliens and a ikort stop named JJnmuiit.
Slieai'on, ol' t!lo Eno leain, is reco,;nii:il
Mthobist ba.-.o cttaler in Uia Eastern
Scranton and Spriiigliidtl will nlay lit th i
oavk tliUnflornoou. Tomorrow two games
will bo played.
I.Io'nn, in the t iiifinnali-Chie.rgo game
on W'.'tlmday, mailo two run.;, had one
hit, three put outs a:il one error.
Hccilm;'' club Is to h.ivo sew nnifona.
Tli" f id. d blu".i arc to zo. yu:ij.4. r '-rr
is also crgauizing a Heading resirve team
of amateurs,
There is a probability that All. nfiwn
will (Icr.crt the State leagiiK for tho Enut
ern. King Kolly has bis eye ou tho Eing
hauitoii lraiithifO.
Tonv Mnllano has been rdeniod by tin
Cleveland club. Ho was given several
cbanci 9, but failed to nhov to the satis
faction ot the niaiia.;i.aieiit that he had
not lout his cunning ns n pitcher.
Wehiiig, of tho Philadelphia Nationiil
Eongnn team, pitehnd for the Stare league
club from the Quaker City on Wt'dimMlny
iiEnir.i't. I'ottiville and ctrnok out fourteen
men. It ia the record ot the aeaon.
Tim Y'ou:ig 'Pennies defeated tho JIul
bnrry S:rei Stars yentenlay by n r"oi-o .,f
2)tolH. Hiitierlen, U. baiih nrnl H. Cice
mnii lor Young Tennies, mui Ueon:e lo!m
!iin and Ankle ilohbia fur the .MinUnry
Street HiaiM.
A 1 ei nli 'r fat'ility nl tend" vrand itandM.
TIiokc on th" Bosloii, Cinc.i.:u and i I : I - -u.'li'biagi-'.utnlrt
wutu ili-hirie ,'il l,i )i.0 ilii
Beiibi.n, 1 1 every esse tho Paltimoi- e'eiii
was in tho citj when the nisc.sier in
curred. Are tho Oriolos hoodoo.if
Sevoral of the Buffalo players have pet
DP.ineH. For iiiKtauce, Clyiner is known to
uiiiny of the fans 113 the ''FWkli-.l-faeed
llov," U'lirieii an ''(.'hewing Oum Johnnie, "
Collina as "Cnekoo," Lewoe as "The Clomi
mini," llowne na "The Senipni r," lTrfii
bart ns "TUe Soueoi," Hollar na "Tea
Uernian," Vickery aa "The lioilud Lobs
ter." Cote, of Lancaster, made a verv timely
bit Tnosdav In Iho game with llnzletoii.
It was in tho tenth inuiug with the score
tie and the full. 1 lie plii'-ky rati her
picked up hm luvoritd bat and, takaig u
fumy to one of John Ely's ciirvei", lie
slammed it on tbenoHe and Kent tho bad
over tho fence for a home mu. Ro uli,
four mns and a victory.
Y'erterdnv's Philadelphia Record snyse
"Manager KanUall eaid yesterday that lie
had received a letter fr..m oho of the
Scranum playeie r-t.itiag Hint thuy wer
di Sati-.Hi.d with tho mana.romeiit. it 111
dull niy.i be ordcreil the follimiag
jdayera to report to the l liiladelpliis Bta:o
(n:;iie club mdny: Fla'imigliini, pitcher;
Eugers, catcher; estluka, thitd bi.30-
People who lose fi sh are in danger
of coiibUmptiou. Libt wei;;lit is to
of '011 a sig-i of t-uiua "wastiusr disease"
which gets its st irt from ludig'-stion
Cure liie indiite;tien and lioalth iB
rapi'llv regained
Paskol 1, the pn-dignsted food, pre
vents inditrestioii by its wondertul in
virgorating and nutritive pi op rt ies.
For K'S' ot vigor, dull feel in 3.4, head
aches, constipation, sour rising', and
r.ther symptoms of dyspepsia it is a
sov'-reten euro.
Pisl o'.n r -pidly increases tho weight.
Under its iiourishin.; power the noetic
ii soon loaves tlio censnmntiveV
i'iei.1:, tho skin psmuiea tno hii) of
t-enltii, the night sweats c?ai. the
cough iliai away, and tiio emaciation is
loai under a co uiug of sjlid.warm and
norm ii U.h,
PiitkoU is not a medicine but a food,
pleas int to tho taste and lyreeable to
l" Wfik-st stom-u'li. !3eiiig pre -tli-(.rested
it ii abporli-d ly th. 1 systi-m tbo
iiiit .nt i; i.i swallowed.
A p.i.a;i ilet iiiviag full purticular-1
r.l 0111 Pa-aMla will Ui a 'Ut uu upplie.i
tiou to t ie Pr -l)ig st 'd Food Co.. SO
I'k!" St., N.w York.
rem: Stall, left ii.d'l
JU is:4. 'V, lint
l'resi'lont. N. E. Young r 'ferreil all
tji" paper, i:i tla- hi-raaton ia o between
t'le Stele "till Knaurii l...'..,ai;i tithe tri
ll ma! lioaid, and it is lik ly that a decis
ion will ik tiii(!!ifil iu a lew days. Under
the untiou d lu'ieo.ii.-ni, sc-aaiua l stilt
Stale lea ,u ternury, as tno players
were hignid 10 Kii :u leaguu contracts
r.i. ,'aiy ;(!, three du4i b 'fore Serin ton left
he t:i'.n league, they will imdoulitodle
be a'.'.',';..!.;J iu tlio lutitr.-1 allt.uei:tii.i
'The i:.isl,,ii Jvioiv.s says: "V. It. Parks
i-. I'eii'.iui'M :h il:.rr;..burs cluti will be
1 1 bf."'ie I to J! . j,i a fe v ilam. The
V, 1-1.01 Tr;n i; 1 .'ii'pa.r.' lias 1 : . e I to fur-
ei ' 1 ;.d g. 1 1 : iri . ..v. ! I '.o Ir
v'n re !. ?:( ''" !.:i' i.r: I'me.
-.' Ill i;.. I.. '. ."I -. . i;. : i; K
Ve- e:'.-'. o.-;i -r el' lini llat'i'i-b'.l.-g el'ilt, has
be- 11 not died of tlio luiliuvn :..'!, s 1 lloied
end h:s llnai nusiVer is awailed with con
wdi'inbl" aux ety muriig local h'Veis of the
l.aiiuu.d gcaie."
V.'cd'n -aday was ti'o la-t aiipeariiuc.4! of
tl.e Cle- claaila in Piltsljnrg this aeason.
Tii" vl it in eciili.a'.i'd the event by an
esb'Dition i'f rowdyism never H en oa a
li.ll :i-!d b.ifore, at l-at not in Pittabarg.
'J'lio elimas came 1:1 the ninth, . .1.11 them
vi r two .i:f, hp, I .'mii'-i- ..11 third. 't'"
be..ii an, I ll.'.s'.;! ,i,d had ni! aHerealion.
and i'.''.! -y 1 iu:tei,.' 1 a
Ui:i)ii4i' Win,.'. In the
w-:s cair:t idl' third
'I'i.o i, in im throwr
. .-.I'.' 1 In; 11: ik "he
r.vHoinent '. ninn-r
en I . i .'l '1 L. ui",
to Ca lei i r S'lgdea,
bu: ' V. or, wiiu vi;
and threw it .ver l:.i'
tml, IMIlUlll 11
.e i:r,i':d :! TIiih
ti'il. 1. 10 lii'i ip. To
1." i.b'Oit belli. e; the
1 niie 1 1 lie uame, bat
b"an ill ; lOiiet
iimpi'e, u ho ::. i"--, .1 v v.'olinxu ".) to
".i.'t;i 1: at 11 i-T :n. ; r..!.-:
'l'!.. liiwi't t h- ;-.-i ',! i'l arouah the
. r I'-; I 1 'i t' ! 1 Dtnil
" : : "IT I n;i ,! II b . .i t, ';!.,,.,
1 .'; ,:e.t v. , a rv'o. .Ic-: "C". and ih"..
'. wl ' a 1 1 .iv 01 i I. huaglaiKi wi.
. ,: 1 ig 1 ; I,!. : 1. l:;r i. a '.' I'Hd
!.. 1 !e".l '1.1I.. 01 ia ti.e ..'. !- fol" a.i
o'h r blow' '. I" -tru;-k Eiuvt wt he
:; "ee l t '. m ai d ti'. 1 :';.. )hie- wa- tilled
ivim -, .'i.l :r.,i' i. T l'" i!i v.-alkej through
J e crowd ir d into the bus f unrounded by
a Lcwl'jjg mob.
- OF TiU v;HE
Tiie offices u t'.ie secretary of tbo
L":i:M" ol Ameriein v. heebna 1 has been
,.r:.:...f, i r 'd fi'o-ii Uost-m I
At Hi;, on. Vi.., V'o in.-'d.i;.', tho mile m ;'' i'M',l for tie wo. Id w:i cut four,
'il 'h- ot a 'ccoud at the coe of the day's
re-iu-i bv Fr-d -I. Tit,.:, of New York, mid
E. 1). Cnli-inae. of St. Louis. The new
mar:; is Tlio tuuti rode their lhvt
iiail iu ;J s cund 1.
Il,;:r.4 Y.'laieb-r, the American, won the
onu mile prole-.-ion.d handicap bicycle
race fit I'l.-iuimibam, l-ig. Wlioeler
ii ar ted from t no tidrty live-yard mark
and woe by tear yards i.i 2 nib. niea and
if: s'.-cuUi.s. Edward-, of ijinaloa, whs
..i', and Jain s, of CavdilV, third.
KdwaiiE an I aUo start, d I'rom the
:hirtv-l!ve-ynrd Mark. Knrry Liar.ktr,
ot Pittsbarg. was t ;ateil iu his boat.
Art iiiir A. '' inmerniiii!, iho champion,
did not caliph te.
Arraneeinoms for the G-.0.1 ftoads
torn nan,e.:D at Asbury Park Aug. HI, ol
n..u Sept. 1, ,110 being pu -hed v.'ith vigor
Iv,' the pri niolei-s. Ainonif the lirizcs for
ti e lliree ..ays v ill be cii; lit III st-ela .a In
cyeles, too majority of them b.-ing donated
by the ,ea -lifiii oicyele ininiul.nilureiM. The
cup lor the metropoiitaii disniet cham
pionsliip wili be the liuest of its kind ever
oiiem.! fur h cat competition, and will be
made from a f pecial b' sigu uud will oat
over ? .YD, outside of the" gold medal that
pees wi'.h it. Eil'i rls will be mad.) to get
(hanipioii James Cur be U to allow bis paces
ou the wheel ituiiniithe tiMitiiaaie'it, as ho
did t'liui! tram4,' with Champi m Ziinmer.
man 0,1 ine wlieo'. while piepai in4; tor his
great encouut ir v. lib Charlea ililclicll.
Tom nek, trainer of John S. Johnson,
S'tys tho la! tor and ho may leave for
Europe in xt wci k. Net; illations are pend
ing havinjr m view tne li.ini.'.iiai.) vint of
tbo P'ur i.. l-.'.gland, wldch if i fl.Tted will
lirohaiily culiniualo in a tour of the enmiu
eiit. if ho gnus abroad, ,loliii;on will not
turn proftr.-io.'id; iu fact, bo will compete
in few if1 any rar-.-s. The visit, will be for
the puraT.., i f brecl.-irii: record:-. After a
ii'tlo preparatory tnnningho will go for
nil the existing recorda up 10 ten mi :es,
stanilii.g i-tart and Hying star!, paced and
nup.iceil. If a tuiir ol the coi.iint 111, he
muUe, he will nl tempr, lo create new iie;
uros lor all 1 bo; I iieineces in each coun
try he vir-is. jlo in:.y al -o conipcte in 11
nil:)il...".' ol :-p"ci:illy urra'iged raci s, if per
mit, for i.uu'h l e urantt d by the la.'.iguo of
American Wheelmen rmri-g board,
G , 'i - r. 1
'.;rifl!3 H0TE3.
Horace r. d Owen Ziogler are to
'i.eet in a four n nr.d cante d at. Atluutie
City on .Von lay evening, Aug. 20.
Joohey "H'Kipp '!" (;i'ri:o:i does a great
d"al i f walbintr to get down to weight,
aoineliai' s ooirg eight miles a day.
('baric4. KitcheH, the Enulisli lienvy
wcight p.,.;il::.f. has ioiin iince 1 uu inten
tirn of reluruiug to the United li.ntos ia
Oct b.r.
Tii.'ie were twenty owners of rnce
hiiise" at the recent brighten Lleach meet
inn wbo-e winning 1 aegreipitu.l 01. ly $23
eaeh, aud e gliu vtiusu hcrses landed .50
A. T. Drvis. of ('unn-johario, champion
sl'.rinler if New York fate, id.iI John
J. jN-iol,-, of '.'hi l-.''a, ilie.-nii'pioii of M.eisa
clii'setts.aro matcliod for a lmi yard race at
I'.ilatkiu ;..n I-1, fear Albiuy, next iiond.iy,
lui a pur o 1 C t'.'i,1.
0. J. 7:fin iiy uii'l Ed'.'-acd Ai"- on, ell,
of VYiiM'ir'O ', I.'l, I live tio i!'; n ye,!
a ; : ; a Ii ' :.ii II - iu, 4i: r. ;. ev
el vi!-, at lll'i I no i'i, lor 111 ' c 1.1a j iin -slnpoi
lii'law are. Tae II ill is 10 01,1111 oil'
wilhiiifour weeks, iu Pennsi Ivunia ur
il rvland, aud will bo lor i'M aud ru
ceipts. There will bo decided, in private, on
Aiift. 15, the quod ion ns to who is tho bet
ter mini, Wayne Wine, of Pending, or Leon
Taylor, colored, lato of Mul, Icon's combi
nation, and iticblcntnllv a pu:se of 2(i',l
wiii bn disposed of. Both men are In ac
tive tralnlm.;, and the ko promise) to bo
more than intoiWini!;.
The now owner-) of theEoiiisvilla Jockey
club have leaned Chun bill Dowim for fit
tecu years. The Io by distances are to be
reduced to a mile uud a ipiarter and tho
Clark ittalre? to a mile or a mile and one
cIlIiiIi. From fJO.ui.'O to lo.OH) will be
apeiit for stakes and pnws at tho coming
spring meeting. A foreign book may bo
There win na extraordinary termination
to the match between the Lebai-.terhhirn
and Murrey eriekob teams In the county
series nt Leiier.tor 0:1 July 80, .Surrey cad
mud Jito tuna in the lirsl imiingp, nguinst
Ui acoi'i'd by thuir rivala. Leloestor fol
lowed on nnd added 171 ruua to win. The
Snirey men went to the bat. lor tho Bocond
time, brimful of cuuiideuce, but failed to
'T in n ra
u M 'J
a u w t-
1 1 !... 1
fTar.U of all kind cost that mucTi, m
ffoi -l-'fauiitiis WahUJ.ishi'.h era ias-rti-
l-or ftent.
Ii'lt M.N4 , -U.N'M-HAl.H'' STiJ-lli
I t'eioi avciiutv ? 11) pur uienlh.
li'i: !:KST--STt.:K t'U :3 iND :n
V --l'-iie. Mi.,.., li.ipe.r. FaMC .IIAV
H.T., i 'a a.ciap.i e.i.ll -i y.
j .' ni 1. xi, ici.v r
1 a'lil-lll' , ),( .,. ID,
V-l W.l'.'.U
ii. JOHN Jhlll-
V.YX. II!) W'v iiimi't .iv.'in:.
Cconi.3 Wr.nted.
UT A N" 1 T. I ) - s T U LADY A O E X TS O X
ltiio.I to sell iii' -00 s to houso
keo "'l4'. .1 niii le-s ir e. W'M. lill'.'l'.V, m Di
li 1 et r. r. ( inci' ii iti, 1 ! i .
1..c:ji f.r.ta'i'4;.
t'CU.V.Ni'UX' Hi' IIS. A 111 AM) IX-
0. 1'ers liaivieiis as i'i tuna:
In ft. front la- "i.i it. ilei'i), on Spruco
hii ei t. n-.iis r.,1- "-Te.i il'i.iiWi
4) tt. n an bvo) i'e'L i:e;p, onS'i-iie-
street. coni.V nU.-v I'i.TiO )
'i'lvse I..,'-hicr -livo Nl ft trout; mi Suriai-
rdreet Letwein l'enii i.ial Kra, lilin, with alley
on side. Spruce Htnvt -iruperty is advaaciiig
CITY IIirsllinXCK Pirtd'oRTY.
C lUN'I'.H JI.-NIM, A.I VIXR streets,
lot Wisxa, two iHvcllinc-, n 1. ifiring a nice
r, si.teii-je :.n inc., nc for small investment:
Al.hO A l'iiU'r Ol. :i l.(l'!S. K'. iii,' 12) It.
trout oix Xo .voe :ivi-mi;. ne. r Vine F:ti''-''t.
1 hew " a tlr-! .-! ss 1'i si.lenee plot in a
lle-ii able linMl-tv. It I. of sold ill ouo plot will
bell above sea ii-;' f 1v
W KST S1D17.
Lor, .) 'xl.-a. S "itli '.lain avenue, a'' loiidiiK
ri-.i.K-o,. of -Sim Ii il i,.tt. pri e, S2, 7.VI; ills. .
ION .)!, Il lk IT, et i'llll W' -l i'.ll.i ll.llM). Otlly
1'uiil lilt.
'"! TI.'Y I'd' 'Pl'tt'fY.
a ii:vi;t(1''CL ujik at i.:, 'o:c, i'..,
inieliji'ii h,.::s , i.prini; w.-ili-r pipul int it ,Vi
bill k, liai 11 I' jV til !-,' 1) Jlorsoi ...:,! two ceVs,
1. eimi i-y witii it ui oil t lloor, ,juii.: fruit,
rii" l.iwn, urim 1 (.-c.Mo ,k' om; inn1, a halt tv
three ;.';r. s, (I-, desir." I. i'l.lioe.
A nu I'iIm uf aPuitt soiie sUo on Westji'U
Hlepe, Oi..l. 11. (,' ii: or -..1 II ins
SJIITli 1'. MO 1 T, i',
Xo. I'll l.fiek. avi'. re ir Onsr-l li'ii'l''.
- rclii'.uc::-,'' rilotice.
A i:curr: cts' :!' iri;- compiiti'I'ivi'
,!in i: ami ;ieeilii .tioie a.'e 111 1 it I I .r e.
f,:t,' 1 , 1 1 a liie to p. nil .01 lire it pui'Lnii'iit
'joiis-i ; uu poi'. o pitlr,.: ,:a na. A a. spec 11
o. th ' Im:1 ii.ii .. iv lie ,e, a at the ..l'ico el the
1 .i . '":' 1', ,",f. u loch (.'la c the s.ii'l plans and
i i.'ji'ii ::, " i ... i 1 "., a 1 ; 1 i !e I ,e.i h. iei'c
U iln.'s isy. Autrii t .'2. l "l. l y in! ro" :itv
M. ','. I.AVI'.I.Li:, City Clerk.
Sera:, ton. I'.i.. .ia'.v '.1. l-:-l.
s p.;ci j:
: ti ;t:i.
a. s:
A.NXIMfi Mlih'I'lXU (;.' 'I HI'
i-.. i i.i 01 il., fv-i-uiiiai loi'irii.
( .lajen y.
e 1 iect.o:, of im .j' .; . '
f o' 1 I icat ... wid 1 1 h.'!'.
r'.ri.,-. 1 cc i the np::ry, in ti n citv ol
1 "!: oa. o'i . I'd.ioseay, A'.iKiist 4!, 1MI, n:
ii o elook p. 11
il. i. ClIAJiiil.iri.iN, Fecretiiry.
VUI' Vl AX'l' TllIS ItUaV-ltKfltlN'T
1 Frank Leslie1., Illustrated Weeklv War
llinstratiiM.H IS'il-1-4,".. i .vo Volumes Keliu,
ili'.ai; pajioiie moet ilv (: .. Jiel vi-rrd by
r.pi4, s i-uneiie:-!. prei:i,d. AielveVa P. U.
.11 alU 1, i.i.- i.iibaai hti eet, H'l'aUlill, I'll.
7.. nes, etc., b.,uu, or reuoini l at Tun
'iTiiui Nii ellieo. (.'nick work. Ku.nonablu
MKAL 1 K.'K 1 'i'H (.'AX HE HAD AT 144.
ei.i'uer Ld r..iO is: 1 , t uud Fra.tTliii ave
mie. H'eiity meal tickets lor voA). Oiki
tul-io lioard.
T,V-TA TIC KiV i:4!iA 1)E WITT.DKCEAoi:!).
... J Notice u hereby g v n 'hat 11 rule lao
1 n Kniiittd to !.i,nv ca.'sn why ,)ano T. lie
Witt, ex.'cutrix of the last will and ti-shuiv lit
of said ih uiileat, nil ill mil be discharged from
the duties ami liabilit ies ol her nppjiiitai.'Mt
Aiipln aiioii will be mi. 10 to have suiil rub
made nbs.iluio aud tho executrix discharged,
July 2, iMd. 8 II. l'UH'l,,
Attni iiey fur execiuriic
E:tuation3 Vi'antcd.
A BOY. la YEARS OLD. WANTS l.M--liloyineut:
will work for Huiall winycs.
Auilia-ss A. I. S.. lull llallsiead ciiurt.
U 'AN Till) 1IY A IIAIMirnt Y)rM,Aitlil'4
and v.ii'i -d exp 'liiaiee, 11 p, sition. Ad
lire's li., Hex 221. Ai-oea, Luzerne Co., I'r..
' aaoJ woman as hens -kii .per or roald
take euro uf invalid. K. 1). , '1 rilaino eilieo.
OlTC.VTHix' WANTGI-1!Y" "YrfXll
Lillys win;; by th 1 d:y as drit-siiiaker
anil uialerivnar. Address, il. T. X.
Successful Discretionary
Deposits of ! J and iip .vurd rsia ived. Onr
specialty is In. inning tnc ' n ies of per-inns not
ia a pof.ition to make a l.usiaoss of foUowiu:;
the lnarki'tH. Thia deparlmunt Is in cliarno
ot aeunipcteiit ex peri of hi year:-.' expe rie'iee.
Dlvi I -iiiis oui.l Ht'iai-iniinililv, lliiraest iriveii. Corj e.,ioudeii,'e snooKed.
I' T. I IVANS, .lit., & 1(1.
.'.eoiii 21(1 Itlaltu Hulbllli-, UICAflO.
make any stand before the bowling of
I'ougher and lliilyard,ai,d were all out for
115. I'ougher took three wickets at a cea'
of '.7 1111.:, and Uillyard bowled live fcr IS
nil. 3.
Di) Aug. (5. at the Seaside Athletic club
house. New Yuri:, a ten-rotiuu con test will
I like place between "Jack" McAulIlT",
chainiuou light-weight, nnd Yoang (Iriffo,
I'l'ampiuii feather-weight of Australia.
Although Hid aniuuat uf the puree is not
n ado public. Doth ini'ii thought it was a
1 air ,Uer and bej did not hesitate to aigu
the nrticli's. In the event of a draw the
purse will bo equally divided.
Forest City,
Pan (1. Jones, of Taylor, has dinrge
of Davis' drug store fern few days
duiing the ubsenco of Alfred Taylor at
Mr and Mrs. I). E. Evuos and A.
M. Uillett, of Gibson, were in town
Tti's.l 'V.
A forest fire has been raging in the
vicinity of Ilollenback's mill since
Monday, A number of men have been
lighting th flitips to prevent them
from spreading to tho mill.
Ilariy Jon s, of Scrantin, was a
business c ilier in town yesterday.
A larg. number of poopis attended
t e Coris iaii Euiiivor tic ursion to
F .rvi. v vi bIi nl v.
Th" ' o ; ' .',!' n.l M (l'.)I .O S.
1' i v 1 . 1 u i)i'!i.'i'.' 11 a 1 In 1 no nr
ii', it . 1 ugb' r.
W A. Price, ol Scr int .p, is roiiew
i ig lii -pi .iiitanc, s iu thin place for a
tew days.
rytpcptda nnd Indignation
In their worst forms nr cured by the
nno of P. P. P. If yon are debilii.ntel and
run down, or if you need a tonio to regain
flesh and lout appetite, strength aud Vigor,
take P. 1'. K, and you will be atroug na
Luilthy. J or ahattered eonstitutions aud
loKt niauluiiid I'. P. p. (Priclly Aah, Puke
boot and Potassium) U the kiug of all
inodleiiKH. P. P. P. Is the greatest blood
purifier iu tho World. For sale by al
1 1
Mothfnl ITotbrBl! Moth,rall
Jlre. Wiuslow's Soothiug Syrup has boon
used for over fifty years by millions of
mothiM-B for their children while teethbiff,
with perfect success. It soothes tha child!
iiefteus the gums, allays all pain; cure's
wind colic, aud is the best remedy for dl
itrrhcoa. Sold bydiuggists iu every part
of the world. He sure und auk for "Mrs.
Window's Soothing Syrup," aud take no
do other kind, Tweuty-Uye cunts a bot
tle. t
j 11 1 1 1
A Word.
wonnoiiy-fe Wallace
Our Hosiery Department is a busy
Eoys' and Girls' Cast I
Children's Iron CI id II
Eoys' and Gills'
Children's Iron
Above t.vo lines will outwear
100 dozen LAPIE1:.' FAST BLACK HOSIERY. 10o. o Pair. Vsry extra valm.
For GentS3rn,?n :
000 dozen aeamles i (irsy and Erown Mixed, Sc. a Rialr.
00 d izui Seamless Mixed Oou-half Hob", equal to Siiawkoit, 2 Palr for 2 So.
CO dozen Fast Blt;ck Mix id, ' Hermndoi: Dye," 2 Pair for SSc.
5 w s
Made and Sold
Tha Scranton Bedding Company, Lr
t -n , ). ii :
it i: ! 'i
To that l.o Miteo'n r.rd rima-.tle v
M o r d ay, Aug13
It will lie the 0rvat event one ii tie
Illicit r Ulurings on' tha sedof. Tak"
the f iuiiiy sioiig, Uifrsshuu -its sup
plied ou tb gr-nioils,
tl,"'Trains leave Ji;ii:;,7 Central J
i tit in fl, b,:ti), 0 aud it a., iiaud
CT'emembpr, tin'-;atg are cot good
on '"I he flyer," 1J o,) p.r.l,
Glen Onoko
Trains leave D. & IE. Depot nt
7.J3 a.m.
Tiekets for sale y al! the mem
lier.s. i " . T
Bee our J'il TEKIs' DOLLAI1 Solid
Oak tiodrDoTii ir'eU
Wo sell F.iruititro a-3 cheap as
tiny iiotise in the country that iu
tenus to jr'vo honest value for the
money. Try us.
m mb to?
m r in n m - rTv
F t'f Jl i-44444,4'WW a li.lllii-'4i'W i niilc.oiiifur. lli,m.ii.ill-
r-. M ;' i T.wi en--i'i, i".i')- a-', We"1' Menn:'. l,,i- ai: 'InOii Power, llcie'r cl.e, WT.V-'fuim'si.,
f jri - W V,' ' y !' : M ,n!ai,,U,N'i;luljr 1 nil id., in n e . 's.a! . I'r'On -.itiei Iosh in' pi-i-er
V ' 5. -t j .t ln('.IveOrii.i'itJ.ifeltlier.-e.v.'aiii.'.:ll.vovere.M'i' i., oulH'll
"I "li u"444- ' "i '..''"lieuHn ei I'l.iiiceo. i-titun i rtiOeailiitit. ivlitch l.e-a io liillrnilty, 0-:.-'IXT""44)4!
A 'Mii.i,rtoiiiii-?))f. aliv. ( oa I , e iirlii'.l-' 'st ;'Vl. t. t 1 per bov, (Hm
y ai It ., -t'l'alil. On !
u: r. .uuS ih.-Mioner.
"trunt.'irm itM tu Lili, ua. r.
For Salo in Per tntyp, ly
Hnrl Hiirtrc:) -stivol-j.
I ; ;'!,':' :; V ',;:i 'M!
'i ' -J L ' '1 j! : ! i 'i t
': ,".,t a r.-lr f. .. rr. www n - nriv
i- - s4. i '-:' L 44ri.m'4l It r rii'pular. ill. SiOTTM ClIlr.JIO.AIj CO., - Clovoiuud, Ohio.
ForKHln lyC. Sf. M.IK KM. Ururu'wt, 1T I'min Avwmip.
Cott()Uao3nr.od)iarclli.blii,monUily,ra(44iltln!I um.iicluc. Only liarmlsu Hid
tho parent drugs should be uhcJ. If ou waut tho hoBt, gut
;l 1 -l'V
For sale by J0HM I-!. PHEiFS,
Spvuce Street, Scranton, Pa.
V They lire nrerapt, nms arfl certain In result. 1 hr eurulne (Pr. IVal'B) iieio
LocoiaotiYss and Stationary Enginss, Eofe
Guueial OHioe, BQIANTOX, TA.
Cast Iron HOSIERY, 3 t;3lr for SO Cents.
CI id LtOSiEUY, i23 Cents a Ralr.
any other blocking mnde al any priuc
Hue Iliwiciy in Silk and Lislo, a!
ntlCES 1'IiliVAIL.
m&n lips
VJ Lillet
GP.,':.ITD CLA33 A
i.,r i'.iii
3craolon Driving Park
Aagnst 1 18945 at 2 O'clock
L. A. T7. Sanctioa and Race
AdaiiSiioa, SOc. Grand Etana, 15c
HEART LAKE, Sus-jtuhAitM Co,
U. E. Ci'.OF'JT rr ,.in lot or.
'I'lIlS li'OL! K iMitrlrtly t unyor.vii is now
I uid Midi furnish ..-,1 ami Ol'ES -.l4) Tu
'1IIK I'Uni.lC TilK YKAR KoCKD; Is
In 'iitod niMw.iy Ihitweon Mouirosoun I Scran
ton, on .)lo:itrosj nuil l.:ickuviuui:i i(,
;ix luik'.i irom 1)., 1., ,V. It. U. nt Alford
H:ntinii, -m 1 llv.i mil h fnun M ntr,H!i; o.-i-iiii-ity,
iiriity-llv.); throu raiuutos' walk t roni
It. K Htflti.'ll.
liti E T eiiisis.
Altitudo about K.i'im fui't. cnuilllnf In tlii.i
ii'-ii', t Ilia AdiroiiiU.'ij and Cutiliill Moun
tains lino er.iv,'. plenty ..f nhilj and beautiful
Fi'iui'.-y, innkinic a Suauuar ltosurt nues
i i'ilo 1 In li.';ui'y a::.l chu :;ui ' i.i
JJiuioim- onvllicn, M.viu,'s. uro'iui't (Tr ottnds,
S:r. t'uH ."mlii,? Wnt"r and pl.'ii'y or Milk
KltllM, -3,1 LU fellO JMIl UUOll. -bLTlO pir
Exrurslmi tlokotn sold at all stations onD.
1.. fi V. lini's
Tort r LieotK all truius.
im.n m.
i - v -rf. .i-n m? m r-nr r4 lOIti iFitlr44-
l'-. eriler l.'n LH'" i Wi'lileil jnuirii.lioc ill curv
: reui'i r tr-... s.,,t,i l.y all ilnii'ii'i4. A lerii, int"
- : - . '-I'Mei: m ,,.,,:,. f,,n..-,'e. i'uil-aco.ILI.
" ' ' r : i :rlri4',)tr44tf v' -t -"-,ViI.
, C. SAJERSON, DruKjisit, or. Wabhlngt-j-j
', The ocl? Bftfo, euro amS
rollomo em" io t'll.ti
n --
III t! t(ifeir'l c-.i to mur.'ii.a a.i
- rj".; -iir r. r;...f and tnlro no i
I'rl, tier kUXl OOXV tot $oAO
i dlrap-0.
Fliarmaclst, ccr. Wyoming Avenue and
place, because the
so Opera Length. LOWEST
0pp. Court Hous3.
V 2k Z 2
Lacka. .nd Adani3 Av23.
;j;.. 'C-? hr
-i- ": .. .','' " V''4. ''4 r .
Dr. EX Grewer
- rbiJali' Sp'Tlniist, and hiit.ini44ittte-)l
BtarTof Ensllsh nnd Oi-rmnn phvuldans
am iri.? p-rtnum r.tly loct.-a
811 til'it L'CK ST., SCIXMOX.
Thu ,1 -tor k. a .ri'.i.-linitf rf tit" Unlv'slfT of
P'iC! vlvai ln,f iri;.erlv n. ...-:, :. vrato-ii!.vs
i.loL.y anil si:r(.'.,rv at rlic J:i diro-rinr irnii'nl
oIIhkv of rhilndi-lphia. A Hj.i-i'inlty of
J l'.rni.ic. Xorvous, fc'kiu, Kurt, Won-.b i'.nd
IllOOIl (liS",'iHI!i).
Thn Hi-mntoins of which arn ilizrlnpsn, lr.f k of
ciitilli l.-iii ii, s,'tu,l wiinkni-sH in no-u tout wo
man, ball rlsini; in tlio throat, FpotR floating
bi'foro the eyes, lussof iui'iii,.ry, unnl'lo to con
rpiitrnt.i tho mint on mm sul.Jc-.r, enllv
Binrtlcil whi-n malili'iily ep. 'o'ii to. ami dull,
iliHri'sBid ininil. whii'li untltH thorn for per.
fnrniii:!.' thi'ai'tn.'d ilutips of lif,;, maklimbap
piiii'HH iinijoFKil'lu: (liitio.-iiiii; I'm action if
the heart, enusiiin (lush of heat, il"prilon of
Fpinta, evil furoli"iliiics, i-oivarilifu, f. ar,
j dreams mi-lanchuly, tiio rasy of r.unpar.y,
I f H'linf; as tired in tho iimrniiii: as when ri'tir
j lui', laek of oniTny, liervoaHn .k, tn'inlilinK,
Chui'ukIou "f thuuL'lit, l,.pressi"n.i:n:intl;.atiou.
i VeakneFs of the huiliH, eto. 'J41ioko so iiffi'i-ted
I rhould c -insult ns Immidlately aud be rostor
I ed to perfect health.
Weakness of Youui; lien Cured.
If you hive lioon piven up by your physician
cr.l! "upon tho di clor and lie examined. Ho
cuios tlie won't eaten of NervoHH letiility.Srro
lu'a.Oiil Sere-i.i 'atarrhPile.Teuuilo Woaknas,
.'-.'Tecti-.i... uf tlu h'ye. K.iv, N.-.-i' and Vhr.ut,
Hthuia, li. afn-'ss, Xiniioru Uincoio i.ud L'rii4
t.lrs ot everv oi-Ri rii-.tion.
Cot.sulNri ins irej ami utriet'y sr.c-id and
cnniiuiuii,.!. l'.le . liuurs UuUV from tla, m.
to 0 p. m. Bimuay v to 3.
"Hathushek" Pianos
New York Warerooms Xo. 80
Tilth Aveuuo.
Bole dsalors in this section.
OSTICB-121 Adams Ayo., Telophone B'l'd'f
l! dept
jTtvURY description of Job Printin-j
Lf "i the best style of the ait.
Promptness nnd Punctuality a
particular point.
Experienced, practical and com
petent men iu charge of each branch
of the work.
We do not make a sham show of
cheapness aud curtail the quantity
or quality of the work.
Dancing Orders, Hangers,
Cards and Poster a
mil Heads, Note Heads, etc., printed
at short notice.
Estimates on all kinds of printings
small as well as large,
cheerfully given.
The Scranton Tribune Job DcdL
I i i !..... .,