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PUBLICITY in jou rnals that
are ou tlio up
ward jump.
MEN Dou't tia up with
down-at- tho-lieel
It Looks as Though a Compromise Kid at
Last Been Effected.
But Iron Ore Will Be Admitted Free.
Sugar Cuts No Figure in the Case.
The Senate Provisions on Woolens
and Cotton Goods Are Cut Into but
Little The House Gives Way to the
Senate in Nearly Every Instance.
Washington, D C. Aug. 8.
THE ''tomorrow" upon which the
tariff conferees have been for
weeks promising mi agreement
at list gives promise of fulfill
ment. When the tariff co lferees ad
journed at a fow mtnut -s before. C
o'clock tonight it was with tne under
standing that, at the session tomorrow
morning nil the details should
be arrange I and the repub
licans were called in, iu the
afternoon, and informed of what
their Democratic colleague had done.
One of the most prominent managers
on the part of the senate made the em
phatic statement that tomorrow would
see the edd of the conference, aud that
by night there, would ha either an
agreement or a general break op of the
conference But one thing, ho said,
could postpone the result any longer.
Should the house conferees agree to
an agreement, aud the agreement of
the details consume such thu as to
run the work over into the nest day,
that would be permitted, but other
wise the close of tomorrow wonll wit
ness the end of the conferees on the
tnriff Mil. So little is ret to be accom
plished, however, that there is every
likliliood that the Republicans can he
called in at an eurly hour, and there
would be no surprise if tho senate
should have the report of the conferees
at a reasonably early hour iu the after
The bitch that still remains for set
tlement is iron ore aud coal. So far us
the principle is concerned, thesu items
seem to he disposed of finally, one of
them is to be free and the other made
dutiable. These matters were the
sulj.ct of three distinct changes to
day. At 3 p. m. it was decided that
iron ore should he made free abso
lutely and that coal should retain
the rate of 40 cents a ton fixed by
the senate for a period of five years, at
the end of which time it wus to be free.
Subsequently a proposition was made
to fix a sliding scale that should reiluce
the duty a specific percentage each
year. This was antagonized, but the
honse men, anxious to gHin as much in
the way of concession as possible, per
sist d and the result was that this
mutter was left until tomorrow morn
ing for final decisiou.
At the coneinsion of the confernee
one of the malingers on the part of
the senate said that if there was an
m:r"tment the sugar schedule would
Minin as it was published by the
United Press Friday of last week, to
wit, 40 per cent, on raw sugar, 40 per
cent, on the raw sugar in the refined
and one-fifth of a cent differential on
refined augur.
As far, thn, ns sugar is coucornod.
it has cut no fiunrrt in Die nnniurunna
mid is looked upon by the conferrees as
Lead ore, about which there has
been a great deal of quiet talk, is said
to be in the same w iy. An tffirtwas
made in some quarters to have the
house rate, whicii greatly reduced tin
duties, restored, hut thi man nnt
As indicati d in these dispatches some
uays agu, inn senate rale on tooacco
will nrobablv stand, and whUlrv whinh
was dif posed of by the conferrees some
nays ago, win oe put uacsic to the one
dollar a gallon provided for in the
bouse bill, with the proviso, however,
that tne bonded period may be extend
ed frnlll flVH tn elrrllt-. vaiir htr thu
n " j .w
ment, after the end of five years of an
additional tax of five eentn ner rrullnn
per year. It is also understood that the
senate provisions on woolens, cotton
goods and the metal schedule have
been cut into, hut little, compared witt
the cuts npon which the house insisted,
There urn innMf-.itinna Hint: tha rail.
son the conferees did not finally settle
coai nun iron tonight was that the sen
ate members might have an onnortun
ity or consulting with their colleague
to see how the proposition submitted
iu tmuerence was received.
The latest nrnnoaitinn la in rvnf. Irnn
ore on the free list and reduce the duty
un coai uve conts per annum nutil
gradually reaches the free list,
proposition that will tint he, nonriw
acceptable as the other, whlc'i leavi
it untouched for five years. A careful
canvass or tne senate showed the sen
ate conferees that they should nol
touch coal without imperilling tb
whole bill, while iron might bo tatn
pere ' with without having any disss
terons effect.
When asked tonight what the policy
u mo minority woniu De, .Mr. All
rioh. the Rennhliean lml,,r mm.i.
that thoy had no policy "and would
uuve uune nniu tney Knew what
Democrats intended to do. With
smile. Mr. Aldrieh nhaervsrl that t
Republicans would be about the capi
4..1 . J ,1 N ..
mi luuiurruw ami woniu Keep in
eyes open.
W. D Judklns Runs Amuck and Then
Des Moines, la., Aug. 8. The littl
Tuiage of uuaritoga. near here, this
morning was the scone of a horrible
At 10:?.0 o'nlnilr W n
night baggage man of the Burlingt
roau ui mat place, entored the hom
his betrothed, Miss Jnde Murnhv.
e of
after a bitter quarrel drew a revolner
and shot ber. He then turned on
sister, Mrs. Jotia Towns, and fired
tinuet into her. killinir her
mother of the girls, rushed into
the room only to meet with a bullet
rom the revolver held by ttie appare
ntly insane man. Her injury is Buch
bat the physicians have lutlu hops of
erlife. Jenkins then turned the
weapon on himself and lire 1 n bnllet
nto his own crain. He died ail hour
Jenkins lial been drinking heavily
.T several davs and it is believed thu
murder and suicide wus the outcome of
quarrel between himself and Miss
Murphy over bis intoxicated condition.
The women wore higbly respouted aud
d oou circumstances.
The Societies Are at Loffterheud Out in
PlTTanro Aur K The American
Federation of Labor is wugiiig war
against the Knights of Labor here.
The brewerv workman's union has
issued a circular denouncing the local
Ivuiuhts of Lnbor officials for accepting
a si-ale lower than that of the union,
and alleging that thoy are iu collusion
with tile brewerv proprietors to destroy
unions affiliated with the American
A Queer Society Formed for the Pur
pose of Making War Upcn Colo
rado's Erratic Governor..
Colorado Springs, Col., Aug. 8.
Dr. J. T. Reed, who was pointed out to
be detectives in Denver as one of the
principals in the Tarsney outrage by
ex Deputy Sheriff Wilson, after he
uiido his confession, is a prominent
mine owner and politician Ho was
brought to this city last night iu com
pany with Wilson by Sheriff Bowers,
and bonds were given for his appear
ance. Wilson was locked up with ex-
D.-puty Sheriff Psrker, who has also
uindo a confession. A document was
found on Dr. Reed when he was ar
rested in Denver, which read:
In tho presence of Almighty God and
these wituesnes, whom I have this day
chosen us my associates and companions,
I do most solemnly aud sincerely
promise aud swear that I will do my duty
at any and all times ns may be pluuued
and agreed upon bv these, my sworn com
pauious, in exercising just aud needed
punishment ou anarchists and such other
criminals and murderers, aud strikers in
Cripplo Creek, aud their sympathizers
either in high or low positions, the execu
tive of the state not excepted, as we shall
deem guilty of crimes ngalnst law abiding
citizens of the Luiti-U states, wnere nuumn
lives have Deeti wantonly sacrificed, real
and personal property destroyed or stolen,
und many hanpy homes broken up.
"I furthermore pledue myself to go wheu
duty summons, aud face whatever danger
may bo encountered iu the work assigned
me in tins order.
To which of all I pledge my sncrort
honor, and I will assist my brothers in this
compact to mete out just punishment to
any of my companions should they expose
nuy of ttie secrets whereby any or us may
be apprehended, legally or otherwise. T
all ut which I have hereunto pledged my
sacred honor and oath. So help me Uud."
TI.e grand jury bus returned thirty-
one indictments, most of which grew
out of tho Cripple Crek trouble. The
cases of the tnrrers of lieuerul lursuey
have not been passed npon yet.
General Ordnrs Issued from the Head
quarters at Harrieburgr.
Harrishuhg, Aug. 8. General Or-
d-rs No. 13 were issued from the head
quarters of the National Guard to
night, and contain the ratings of the
various companies as the result of the
spring inspections, Inspector General
McKibbin speaks of tho excellent con
dition of the guard and commends the
good work of the brigade inspectors.
The City Grays, of this city, stand at
the head of the division.
M"ior Frank Sweeney, inspector of
the first brigade makes some important
r"Comraend itions. He thinks sufficient
attention' is not given to primary drill
and Bnggests that every recruit be ns.
signed to sqnad drill tinder a competent
drill mas er and U'-pt there until
thoroughly instructed in all of the foot
moments as well as in the manual of
arms. Niuads or this Kind snonid De
required to drill, he says, at lea-it twice
a week. He adds: "After a careful
study of the crinciples laid down for
the company in the battle formation us
given in the drill regulations, it is my
opinion they aro not applicable to the
small companies of the National guard
of Penney Wania.
.TVtn Tiiann n T turnvnA mlnnK man
crushed to death under several tons of coal
in tne nail nimo.
Michael Rocro, who murdered Anthonv
Labera, nt Hnzleton, last March, has been
captureo at uutavia, jm. i.
Twentv-six-year-old Aunie Rntt. form
erlyof Hinking Springs, committed suicide
at Laucastor by taking laudanum.
Two young children of David Raybould
were drowned while playing on the baukB
of Lake Lamoud, near i'mllipsburg.
Encmeer W. Seachrint, of Coatesville.
was caught between the cab of his engine
and a post at Lukens' Mill and seriously
Leaning over the dasher of a Pittsburg
electric car, John Press, of Allegheny, was
struck and killed by a car passing on the
other track.
While attempting to cross the trolley
tracks in Muhanoy City, 4-year-old Joseph
Taraschutt was run over by a car aud
instantly killed.
Rev. J. C. Kranse, of Pottsville, who
left the Evaneelical association aud joined
the Lehigh Presbytorian, has received a
call from the West Urove Presbyterian
Bismarck Is said to be almost free from
facial neuralgia, and now sleeps soundly
The Marquis of Lome is said to have
written the libretto of an opera, which
liamisn juaccunn will Bet to uiubic.
The Hungarian government will try to
enforce the colonizing of gypties, of whom
there are said to btU7Q,Uuu iu tne country,
Brazilian bishops are .advised by the
pope to establish charitable associations
for laymen, aud use their influence in
Enrico Lucrhesi, the anarchist who was
arrested Id Corsica three weeks ago,
charged with the murder of Editor Giu
seppe Bandi, ot Leghorn, has confessed his
bo Pigtails Are Driven fran Scikioan will)
Tearful Loss of Life.
n the Further Battles the Chinese
Have Been Defeated by the Japs.
Celestials Lose Five Hundred Men
in tho Last Engagement Report
That the Mikado's Fleet Has Been
Worsted in a Naval Battle Chinese
May Live Peacefully in Japan.
Yokohama, Aug. 8.
FURTHER battles havo Wen fought
between the JapinesB nnd the
Chinese and the latter have boun
Seikioan has been taken bv the Ja
panese with trifling loss. Tlio Clii
nso in this eng igemunt lost 500 killed.
The enemy fled in the direction of
Tho Japanese are in possession of
An imperial ordinance jtist issued
permits Chinese to re.ido in Jupan on
condition that thoy engage in peaceful
ihu greatest excitement prevails
here, nt Tokio and other large towus as
u result of the victories of the Japanese
Knuiors. however, are current here
that the Japanese naval forces have
b.ien defeated in an engagement with
Chinese warships.
Shanghai, Aug. 8 It is oflioiallv re
ported from Tien Tsin t lint the efforts
of Great Britain an 1 Russia to bring
about a peaceful settlement of the dis
putes between China and Japan hav
failed, China is willing to pay an in
demnity, but she refuses to surrendor
her suz-raintv over Corea,
Thu Chinese government has cloeed
the Ampin g and Takao lighthouses ou
the island of Formosa.
A dispatch from Hon? Kong says
that the Viceroy of Kwang-Tnne h'H
enlisted 5,000 black flits with which
to strengthen tha garrisons of the
Canton river forts.
In addition, the Viceroyhas stationed
four gunboats at Tiger Island, in the
Caniou river, and bus laid mines at
Foo Chnw and Tamsni.
The Viceroy of Kwang-Tung hns
also closed the lightaouses ou the
southern coast.
Thi City Asitated by a Hitrh Grade
Scandal with the TJiiual Features.
Altoona, Ph., Aug. 8 Street rn
mors this afternoon pointed to a bank
,ud social scandal in this city of no
mean proportions, and investigation
later on fully corroborated this and
nukes the matter the one topic of
conversation here tonight.
Thrt man in the case is Hurry A
Gardner, cashier of the Second National
bank, but the woman is not so well
known, although she is said to be a
well-known and highly-connected resi
dent of H.'llefoiite, who has been living
nt a hotel here for some time as the
mistress of the defaulting cnahier.
II. A, Gardner, as is now known,
left the city nu Monday night aud it is
assorted that the woman accompanied
him. Bank Ex iminor Miller has been
in the city since Monday and bss been
working on the books of the bank since
Tuesday afternoon, discovering it is
said, that Gardner hns tikn witn huu
in his flight at least $20,000 These
tiguras are trebled, however, by some
people, and the defalcation may be
much greater than is given out.
The woman in the case went by the
name of Mrs. Gordon. She also, it is
sMd. has a Philadelphia address, No
2017 Mervine street. Garduer has left
an interesting family aud before going
wrote bis wifo a letter in whicii, among
other things, be told her to kiss the
baby for him.
Until today the missing cashier en
joyed the most implicit confidence of
the business community. II is a mom
tier of the house furnishing firm of
II irry VVaviio & Co., and his sudden
downfall lias created general regret
and consternation. The bunk officials
say that the bank is all right and the
general imiressiou hero is that it will
be able to stand any run that may be
made on it.
Michael Farlena Attempts to Run Away
with HU Frind3 Wlf.
Bristol, Ph.. Ang. 8 Chief of Po
lice Snxton todny rudely interrupted
a proposed elopement nnd escortud the
lovers to j dl. They are Michael Fari
ena. of New York, and Mary, the
wife or Siuiuel Norrlti, The Gotham
lovi r came here a week ago and ho soon
became enraptured by the charms of
his frioud s wife.
While the husbind absent this
morning Michael and Mary packed
their trunks, nnd went to th railroad
station intending to go to New York.
Then it was that Chief Saxton .uccnih-
panind by the womati's brother arrived
und ended tho love making.
A Convict Released Upon Parole Tries to
Murder HU Wife.
Erockpout, N. Y., Ang. 8 Last
night Mrs. Houry Lutz heard a rap at
her back door. She nskea who was
there. The reply wa9 that it was, her
husband and that he wished to speak
to her. As she opoued the door he
seized her by the throat and be
nan to drag ber toward the canal
in the rear of - the house, at tho same
time striking her on her head with a
knife, cutting a deep gash above the
eves. Then begau a terrible struggle,
he trying to cut her throat and she
trying to wrest the knife from him.
She received a eat nearly severing the
first finger. At this time ber mother
aoceured on the scene.
Lutz struck bis mother-in-law in the
faee, knocking her down and then fle l.
Lutz iB one of the partv of firebugs ar
rested two years ago and was just re
lewd from th Elmira reformatory on
parole. Mrs Lmz hud refused to live
with him Bince tho release and it is
supposed this was the of the at
tempted murder.
Results of Turribla Eartlqiake In
London, Aug 8 The Rome corres
pondent of the Central News telegraphs
tnig evening ss follows: The earth
quake entered in tho province of C.-
taniii, tho towns Fieri, Aei and l'isane
w re totally destroyed and great
diuuago was done in Zertoiti,
'tmnisi and Ziffsrana. Fiity
lersons were killed and scores were bos
erely injured. Hundred of villager
I'd from their homes into the open
ountry, abandoning everything.
Tho government officials are sending
upplieB and Burgeons to to the diu
ressed districts.
Coroner'i Jury Dcldes That Fersons
Killed In Shaft Wire Alone to Blame.
Fittston, Pa, Aug. 8. Tho coro
ner's jury which has been investigat
ing tlio fatal Accident ar. the West
I'i'.tston shaft on July SO, by which
Col. A. G. Mason, division superinten-
leut of the Lehigh Valley Coal Co.,
and William Wilson mine foreman,
wtiro killod, today returned a verdict
that the shaft was not in a proper con
dition to hoist or lower a oar.
As the men killed were responsible
for the condition of tho shaft there
was no one for the jury to censure.
The Wife of Evangelist Rice Again
Gets Into Trouble Down at
Atlantic City.
Atlantic City, Aug. 8. Mrs. J. R.
Rice, wifo of the Cowboy Evangelist,
was the central lljuro in another sun-
satiojnl uli.ur this evening ana
now lies in a precarious con
dition from the effjets of au
alleged brutal assault that wus
made. SitiC'3 their trouble with the
authorities some weeks ago Rice aud
bis wife have been living quietly at the
Castlo on New lork avenuo. Iheygot
behind in their board and on Monday
they were notified to leave. They
agreed to quit the hotel at the end of
the week and apparently tins was sat
isfactory to the management.
When Mrs. Kico came in this even
ing she went to bur room. lo her sur
prise she found bor possessions scat
tered about the hall and a uig padlock
on me uoor nt nor room. iurs. xuce
went to the office and demanded an ex-
idanation frcm Manager A. B. House,
One word led to another and
finally, it is said, House called
Mrs. Kice a vile name. Sue Hud
her prayer book iu her band, and when
the epithet was applied to her, she
hurled It at House. Ttiis act enraged
the man still more, and coming from
behiud the office be is alleged to have
struck Mrs. Kice aud knocked her
down. Then while she lay on thu fl mr
he is charged with brutally kicking
her in the stomach aud only desisting
when pulled away by a uialo guest.
As a result or the alleged assault
unun her Mm Ilioe was thrown into a
hiiih fever, aud as she is in a delicate
condition her injuries may prove ratal.
No arrests wore made tonight but it U
expected House will be arrested to
Her Best Cttizant Would Be PUastd
Welcomq Corbtt and Jack.on.
SiouxCity. la., Aug. 8. A meeting
of the business men of this city on
Monday night is just made public, in
which the matter of securing tne cor
bel t Jackson fkht ws discusied.
Ther is a law against fighting in
Iowa, but as two other states cgrntir
here it is believed the authorities can
be slipped. Forty thousand dollars
was assured and it is believod this is
all tho money that is needed.
Had a Collision u ith a EicycU and Was
IiJ ured.
Constable Charles Lowry hud a col
lision-with a bicycle on i'enn avenue
yesterday afternoon. El ward Robliug
was ustride the tireless steed and be
fore their assault Lowry went down,
IU was badly cut about the face aud
head but his nijaries are not or a sen
ous character.
Oregon's hop crop will brenk all records,
Bull worniB are doing grcat.damuge to
Texas cotton Holds,
People aro fleeing from drought-
Btriekeu regious of Kansas to escape star
vation (Iriof over the dentil of two children led
Mrs. Adelaido Stuck, of Now York, to
shoot herself.
.TiMilonsv drovo Mollis Farrish, a Jackson
(Miss.) in gress, to braiu her Bleeping hus
band witn nu ax.
The flrt convention in America of the
Priests' Ecclesiastical league is being held
at Notre Dame, luU,.
Pnimllsts of Topeka charge Governor
Lleweiling with protecting disreputable
resorts iu the large cities.
The Illness of Police Captain Devery, of
New York, postnonos hii trial ou charges
of bribery ana currupuou.
in n flnlli flirht to settle a quarrel. Jo
seph Wilsey, of Kolfe, I., fatally woundod
ilermau urowu, Bieuun luiuiui.
UnfTalo fisherman wore Bhot at by
rniniilmn iroverniuout cruiser off shore and
forced to submit to s search for forbiddon
Lightning that struck Mrs. Francis
Cowles' house at Liberal, Mo., uncovored
the counterfeiting den of her son, who was
On charges of trying to dynamite a train
Charles Flint, Robert titeele and Fred
Nichols, strikers, were arrested at Mis-
BOUllI, ilollt.
For snanklnii Louis F. Tobin, a youn
man. Mrs. Charlotte Bmith, president of
the Woman's Rescue league, of Boston,
was lined (10.
Midnight flames that destroyed her
house fatally burned Mrs. Knights, of
Mechanics Fulls, Me., aud a youug son of
Awaiting Action on Part of Tariff
Conference, Tiuy Arc Apathetic. .
The Suspense Over the Tariff Muddle
Makes the Transaction of Important
Business Impossible in Either
Branch of Congress A Bill to Pro
vide Chicago with a $4,000,000
Postoffice Inaugurates a Season of
Washington, Aug. 8.
1I1LE nwaiting definite action
. ou the part of the tariff con
ference committee, senators
today manifested an utter in-
diil'ereno to all othor matters of legisl
ation ami were unable to furnish
a voting quorum on the otily import
ant bill for which consideration
was asked. That w is the house bill
lo establish a ntiiforni system of
bankruptcy. Senator George (Dem.,
Miss.) mived to take it up nnd
got an ullirmative vote of twenty-seven
on two roll calls, but the aggregate
vote came only withiti four of a
quorum, and he was obliged to with-
iraw the motion, giving notice that no
would renew it tomorrow. There
were, however, soino dozen bills of
minor importance passed by unani
mous consent, lncluling one for the
exposition at Atlanta, Gi., and the
conference report ou the ludian appro
priation bill wus presented and agreed
The professional lobbyist lias pro
voked the linger of the Populist senator
from Nebraska (Mr Alleu) to the ex
tent that n bill wai introduced to-day
by him imposing u penalty of flue and
imprisonment in the common jail upon
anv person who "habitually attempts to
uiluence the legislative action of con
gruss by solicitiug momburs."
The house. Bitting in committee of
ibe whole today, took action npon sev
eral bills authorizing the erection of
public buildings, but they got no
further iu their progress to passngo.
They provided for buildings at the fol
lowiug places, to cost not excoeding
the sums named: Newport, Ky.,!j7o,
000; Bruktoti, Mam, 75,000; Pater-
on. N. J., 2U0.t)0J; South Otnana
Neb., $200,000; Pottsville, Pa.. $00,000;
Cumberland, Md., $T5.0U0. Upon Hie
bill to erect a post office in Chicago at
a cost of 1,000,000, a season of lllihus-
bnstering was inaugurated, which,
after two hours eventuated iu the ad
journinont of the bouse without ac
Iu the morning hour the reiolutions
agreed upon yesterday by the commit
lee on the itidiciury provming for an
investigation ot the charges made
against Judge Ricks, of the United
States court for tho northern district
of Oiiio, by the Central Labor uuiou of
Cleveland, of the sequestration of fees
as clerk of the court were reported by
Mr. Builey. (Dem., Tex,), und after
some criticism by Jur. urossvenor,
(Rep., Ohio), who said the committee
und acted in a hasty exparte manuer,
thoy were ngreed to.
The house voted to noti-coucur in the
action of the senato, which substituted
Mr. 1I11U' anti-anarchist immigration
bill for Mr. Stones bill providing for
consular inspection of immigrant, and
the matter was sent to conference.
Mr, U mns i )int resolution was pass
ed directing the commissioner of labor
to investigate into the effect of mn
chinery npon labor and appropriating
$10,000 tnerefor. Also a resolution
authorizing ttie citizens committee in
connection with the Kuights of Pyth
ins conclave to illuminate the doiuo of
the capital at night during its continu
Died by Ills Own Hund While Tempo
rarily Insane.
The coroner's jury in 'the case of
Thomas B. Tighe, who was found in a
dying condition In bis home on Dun
daff street, Carbondnle, Tuesday, by
bis wife, met yesterday in the city ball,
After n short consultation the follow
ing verdiet was agreed upon: "We
find that Thomas B. Tighe came to his
death on the afternoon of Auirust
from wounds intlieted by himself by a
bullet diicliarged from a revolver in his
own hands during a fit of temporary
The Grand Lodge In Seoiion at Wilkes
Wilkfs Barhk, Aug. 8 Tha Right
Worthy Grand Ludge of the American
Protestant association is in session here
to lay in Odd Fellows hall. It is large
ly attended andis composed of mem
bers who are only American citizens,
native and adopted. Among the pas
worthy grand masters who are in at
tendance are John Gilkil, Philadelphia
A. C. Smith, Beaton ; Jacob P. Diehl
Pittsburg; John O'Donnell, William S.
Stewart aud James (Jearns, I'uiUJei
The officer's of the grand lodge In ses
sion are: Grand Muster M. F. llolling.
of St. Louis; Vice Grand Master Wil
Hum Nicliol, of Philadelphia; Gran
Secretary William Spence, of Philadel
phia; Grand Treasurer A. C. Smith, of
Boston; u-rana uiuipuin iiiv. Alex.
Sloan, of Philadelphia; Grand Con
ductor William S. Stewart, of Phlla
delphia; Assistant Conductor William
M. Austdl, of Chester; Worthy Graud
Tvler William Meyers, or Trenton
Worthy Grand Guard Martin Froh
man, of Pittsburg.
Over 100 representatives wore pres
ent from Pennsylvania and Now Jer
ser. Ohio. Missouri and Kentucky also
have delegates here in the interest of
the order.
The eventns session was a short one
aud was devoted to organization, and
tho legality of Jehn Knox lodue. of
Philadelphia, was discussed, but not de-
cided. Tho election of crand
officers tomorrow promises to
be a lively one. For worthy
grand niis'er the fiVhc will be
between William McPherson. of Phil
adelphia, and William S. Howell, of
Scran ton. bor worthy grand secretary,
ttr.11.. XT:. l . 1 il . l .
v iinaui i iciiois ann tvuiiaui cpenoe,
both of Philadelphia, are candidates.
The parade tomorrow will be a large
one, and it is txpected that 4,000 men
will be in lint.
D nbblr, the Dynamiter, Sent to Prison
for Five Y-arn and Six Months.
Patf.rson. N. J., Aug. 8 The con
victed anarciiist8 who led the memor-
lil riots of the Hilkworkurs during
March nnd April last nnd who wore
onvicted for assaulting working-
men, throwing bombs and writing
hreatoning lottors. were sent-
need this morning by Judge Hopper
the court of quarter sessions
Charles Doobblor, convicted of placing
a dvnuraito bomb on the lawn of the
house of William Strange, a raanufao-
urer, in Ann, and writing threaten
ng letters to Mr. Strange and Jacob
Weidman, was sentenced to five years
n state prison for bomb throwing and
is months for writing the letters.
Rob -rt b 'ldel, his companion in the
etter writing business, was sent to
tate prison for one yenr, Charles
Starke, August liouto, Victor Glass,
IL-rman I ishbecker, and Hutro Schil-
iug were oah sentenced to one year
u state ptHon for assaulting workmen
nnd rioting. Audrow Hob lor was sen-
enced to time months m tho county
ail for rioting,
A Drizzling Rain Renders the Track
Unfit for Use and a Cessa
tion Is Necessary.
Buffalo, N. Y.,Aug. 8, A drizzling
rain which began early in the after
noon transformed the race track into
n sticky circle after two races bad been
deci led, ami a cessation was necessary.
Neither of the two events decided fur-
liahed anything sensatio'iul. Starplex,
by Duplex, won the 2 18 puce in
straight heats, a different one trying
to force tne stallion out in each heat.
Jc-lle Forest tried it in tho first mile
and fell short by a couple of lengths.
M ind P was the next one to go efter
Starplex, but she tired in the straight
aud died away In the distance after
having led until this point. Harry
Victor went at the favorite in the final
heat, but Gers could nof make him
show in front under the wire.
Cocoon, by Cyclone, was tne favorite
in the trot, but in Arena, bv Al
cantara, xiie more than fouud her
match. Directum, the stallion cham
pion, was driven a mile in 2.00J. Hie-
kok tool: tho blacs meteor t;,e hist
quarter in 02! seconds, aud occupied
only !!0 seconds in going the
third quarter. Coming home, the
stallion tired in ttie stretch and com
pleted the utile' in 2 00 H was ac
companied by a runner.
To morrow s card iiicludos the free-
for-all trot, thu Nightingale-Green-
lander special, witn two mile hent,
best two in three; the 2:18 trot, the 3
year pace and an exhibition mile by
Fantasy, 2:0t?:;-. Summaries:
2:13 class cliws, pacing.
Starplex, b. s., by Duplex, dam by
Ke l mot, (.Mclvay) Ill
Maud P.. gr. m 4 2 4
Harry Victor, bl(t. s 8 8 2
Jo-Ile-Forest 2 8
l-'orudale 0 4 5
Little Pitt 6 5 3
Carrie Onward fi 3 9
Dalgetty 7 (i
T. N. 11 in 7 fl
Merriuiark 0 dr.
Time-2;iai, 2:12U', 3:13tf.
2.24 cIiish, trotting, fitW.
Arena, b. ., by Alcantara, dam
by beneral Knox Itjoldsmith). 6 111
Nettie Wilkos. b. in 1 3 4 5
Cocoon, bile, m ..... 2 5 2 3
Seranton Hello 7 7 8 2
General Alger 3 4 0 6
Colonel Dickey 8 3 7 4
J'alatino 4 G Srtis
Vera 5 S dis
Time 3.17J, 2.15, 2.1SX, 2.20.
Pationts Affacted with tha Disease Ar
rive from St. Petersburg.
London, Aug. 8. Four patients from
the steamship Balmoral, which ar
rived nt Gravesend yesterday from St.
Petersburg, are declared to be suffer
ing from Asiatic cholera.
The Balmoral, upon arrival yester
day reported that oue of her seamen
died the day previous of cholera.
This congress has already beou in session
3J0 days.
Cnnirross will investigate the Ohio labor
unions' clmrgo against Judge Kicks.
The president has ton days yet in Which
to consider tho river aud harbor bill.
It is estimated that that tho revenue re
ceipts from whisky for August will reach
TlipKepublic of Hawaii has boon officially
recounized bv tins Government, llieom-
cial stntemont will probably bo made to
Senate amendments to tlio bill to sub
ject national bank notes nnd greenbams
to utato taxation nave Deeu acceptea Dy tne
Tho bill tormv $12,000 for injury to the
schooner Henry U. Tilton, struck bv a
shot fired from tho Randy Hook proviug
ground, has passea congress.
Major E, U. Kirk, quartermaster's de
partment or tne army, win oe retirea to
day, making a vacancy that must be filled
from tueurst ueutenauts or tne line.
ThOBolaromoter invented by Lieutonnnt
W. 11. lieehlor, United States navy, will
bo testeii on the North Merman Lloyd
steamer Weimar as a substitute for the
A medal of honor has been granted by
tlie war department to jiowou u. Treat,
sergeant of company I, Fifty-second Ohio
infantry, lor uixiiuguisueu gallantry in
risliiug uis mo to save a comrade at Buz
zurd's lioost, Ga., May II, 1:04.
I Washington, Ang. 8. Forecast
II 1 for eastern i'iirtsii;auin. threat'
S Atitiinr wciithai: but vrabaliltl with.
nut rain; southwest winds. For western
Pennsylvania, local ihowers and thunder
storms? cooler, southwest winds becoming
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