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MEN . -Don't tie up with
' down- at- the heel
PUBLICITY in journals that
are on the up
ward jnmp.
fhe Assassin of Caraot Sentenced to Meet
Death Upon the Guillotine.
The Murderer Brought Into Court
Carefully Guarded Looked Pale and
Jaded His Bravado Evidently
nrrnH MnrhiH Snpctatora Pres-
rinnrhiHino' Sranp of the
ai exciting uispute oetween
Prisoner and a Soldier Who
estitied Against Hilm.
Lyons, France, Aug. 3.
(7i ASERIO SANTO, the murderer of
I u. President Ciiruot, heard his
I 11 ilooui pronouueed this morning.
vs tin whs sentenced to die upon
nit) guillotine.
Wliua the assize court opened this
morning, about the same class of audi
nee Whs present as yesterday. A regi
ment of soldiers surrounded tbe court
house, mid detachments of infantry
and cavalry guarded tbe approaches.
As upon tbe opening day, a number
of ii'uyly dressed woman occupied tbe
principal seats in the gallery. Fewer
of the general public were admitted
into tbe bedy of the room.
Caserio, who seemed to have passed
a sleepless nitfht, in spite of his forced
bravado, looked pale ana nervous as he
wus led into the court room between
two detective officers.
Tha van that brought him from St.
Paul prison was guarded by a squad of
dragoons n the same manner us yes
terday. Ev ry precaution whs taken
to preserve tbe peace and prevent anar
chistic outrage. Strangers in the city
wire scrutinized and all known sym
pathizers with tbe oause of the Beds
were placed under special polios espi
onage. While nobody In Lyons or France,
for that mutter, anticipated any other
verdist tnnn that of death, and that
swiftly, noue were prepared for so sud
den a termination of the trial. Son to
himsnlf bad not for a moment indulged
the hope that be would escape the
knife, and had nerved himself to as
sume a caimoeaa that his twitching fin
gers belied. Nevertheless, it Is acknowl
edged that the Hssassin has brought
himself to regard himself in the light
of a liberator and a martyr. H is so
prettily vuin aud earegiously egotistical.
Thus be poses before the court and
spectators, and derives Immense satis
faction out of the fact that a hundred
newspaper scribes are at this moment
sending accounts of his trial to the
four quarters of the earth.
The presiding judge, Breuillao, open
ed the session at about 0 a. m. and im
mediately orderod Caario to be pro
duced. Lsblnnc. the soldier who win
a follow prisoner with Caserio at Mar
seilles, tstiQd that Caserio told bim
that bo intended to kill President Car
not, probably at Lyons, when the pres
ident visited that city.
"That is a lie," interrupted Casorlo
excitedly. -'I never told you or any
one else anything about mv plans."
When Luciano's testimony wag fin
ished, the publio prosecutor reviewed
at length the details of tbe trial and
demunded that tbe Jury should not
hesitate to do its duty. Santo listened
to his speech with a smile of contempt
on his face.
M. Dubreail, couasel for the defense
follftwed with an appeal for the pris
oner. He has d his defense on three
point; (1) That there was lunacy in
prisoner's family; (2) his anarchist
surroundings; (3) the impossibility of
reeonciliug the assassin's religious
life with a premeditated attempt at
The jury was out about a quarter of
an hour. When tbe jury returned
Caserio was brought in and f iced the
con-t for the last time. Judge Breuillao
turned to the prisoner for a moment
and then, addressing the jnry, asked
the latter tbe formal question:
"Is Caserio Santo Geronimo guilty
or not guilty of the crime of assassinat
ing tbe president of the republic?"
Tuere was some eonfusion as the In.
terpeter translated to the prisoner
what he said; but audible over the
interpreter's voice was tbe reply of tbe
foreman of the jury: "Guilty with
out extenuating circumstances." There
was silense again aa the verdict was
translated to Caserio, who reoeived it
with oynloal smite."
The presiding judgs, as soon as the
prisoner was acquainted with tbe jury's
finding, arose and, speaking directly to
the assassin, said : "The coart con
demns Caserio Santo Geronimo to
death. You have three days In which
to appeal to tbe court of oassation."
When tbe sentence was ottered Ca
serio exclaimed, "Vive la Revolution
Notwithstanding the prisoner'! de
fiant attitude, bis habitual smile dis
appeared from bis faoe when the sent
ence was pronounced.
Throughout the city intense satis far
Hon is expressed over the speedy sent
ence of tbe miserable assassin, Those
Beds who might be inclined to com
miserate tbe wretch are following tbe
dlotates of prudence and remaining
out of eight.
$5,000,000 DAMAGES ASKED.
Br Railroad, from Chteaa-0 for Lossta
Iifloted by the Blots.
Chicago. Aug. 2. Samuel B. Foster,
attorney for the railroads, today flUd
additional olalms for damages growing
out of the strike to tbe amount of (300.
Mr. Foster sta tbat within tbe
next thirty days 'ms will be filed
iiralust tbeolty and county for $3,000,
000 damages.
A Beoond Ald.rmanlo Salt B.sran far
the Btoverr of a 'Wheel. f
Aldermen Fitziimmone yesterday
dlnohorgtd Norton Wagner, accused
by Walter, Thompson and company, of
tbe laresny of a blcyole. Thompson,
the prosecutor, swore out another war
rant, tola time oerore Aiaerman
Wright, and bad Wagner rearrested.
Wagner entered bail for his appear
ance at court after having waived a
hearing. Before this second arrest it
was Mr. Wagner's intention, so be him
self states, to present the wheel to
Walter, Thompson and company,
Serious Acoid.nt at tbe Allentown-Lan-caeter
Ball Qatne.
Lancaster, Aog. 8. During the
progress or the Alleotowo -Lancaster
game today, James Toman, the short
stop ot tne Lancaster club, was hit on
the bead with a pitched ball in the sec
ond inning by Kllroy and knocked in
sensible. An examination showed that his
skull was fractured, and bis condition
tonight is very critical and he is not
expected to live.
A San Pranolioo Train Attaoked and an Messenger Shot.
St. Louis, Aug. 8 Reports just re
ceived at police headquarters state that
the passenger train wbieb left here on
tbe 'Frisco road at 8 20 this evening for
Kansas City and points west was held
np at Eureka, a station thirty miles
from here, in St. Louis county.
It is reported the express messenger
was shot through tbe head.
The Situation as Revealed in Dunn &
Co's. Weekly Review Out
look More Hopeful.
New York, Aug. 8 R. G. Dun &
Co.'s weekly review of trade tomorrow
will say: So much business has been
deferred during the past year, and
merchandise stocks have been so re
duced, that tbe mure approach of a de
cision in the tariff question without
certainty what it is to be, has this
week encouraged large preparation for
increased business. In spite of outgo
ing gold and sinking treasury reserves,
small railroad earnings, some injury to
crops and increased trouble in the coke
regions, the tone and tbe outlook are
more hopeful.
Tbe injury to crops by hot winds and
drought, if as great as some report, will
affect all interests, hat at this season it
is never easy to distinguish between
local and general dum tge.
After tariff uncertainties have van
ished, It will be recognized that pur
chasers and orders for tbe coming year
win depend largely upon tbe crops.
But at present the DrosDect of a deci
sion in oongress, and the common Im
pression tbat tbe pending bill may fall
between the two houses. has stimulated
some activity In textiles.
Recovery in the iron market is hin
dered by tbe trouble in the ooke region,
where in any of the new eolorsn bunds
have quit and gone back to the south,
and the strikers have ducided to con
tinue tbe struggle.
Tbe volume of domsstlo business re
flected by exchanges through clearing
houses Is 22 6 par cent, less than last
y'ir, and 23 8. per cent, less than in
1893 improvemedt however, onnnot
presede but must follow recovery in
manufactures. The railroads earning
reported for July are 26 6 per cent, less
than last your, and partly because of
the sharp decline a year ago, the de
crease for the latest week was only 13 1
per oont. The tonnage east bound
from Chicago has nearly reeovered its
former magnitude.
Gold exports and other discourag
ing features depressed the average
prioe of stocks 40 cents per share,
while legislative rumors helped to lift
trust stocks 01 cents per share.
Commercial liabilities thns far re
ported in failures during July
amounted to $9 016,778, of whlob
$4,500,220 were ot maufuaoturing and
$4 231,470 of trading concerns.jand the
decrease of tbe month, though great in
comparison with lust year, is hardly as
muoh as has been expectea. The fail
ure! this week bsve been 219 in the
United States against 436 last year,
and 44 in Canada against 84 last year.
Hugh VoOuire, of Miser's Kills, Charged
with Isoeadiarleaa.
Special to the Scranton TWoane.
Wilkks-Barrb, Aug. 8 Detective
T. E. Reynolds, of Scranton, yssUrdsy
appeared before Alderman J. E Per
kins and charged flush McGuire, of
Miner's Mills, with having set fire to
tbe Moody tent near Parsons on the
night of July 8. 1,
Tbe evidenoe against MoGulre was
very convlnoing and the alderman held
him in $500 ball to answer at court
Olalms That Be la Being Unlawfully
Attornay John P. Qolnnan yester
day applied to Jndge Arch bald for a
writ of habeas corpus io tbe ease of
John Tobln who alleges that he is un
lawfully detained iu the oouity jail.
Tobln was oomtnitted on July 8,1894,
by Alderman Falter for the theft of
shoes. Jndge Arobbald granted the
writ ana made It returnable next
Tuesday afternoon in chambers.
'A strike of butchers has stopped all pack
ing houses of South Carolina.
Moody's conference for Christian work
ers opeued at Northfleld, Mass.
A company organized In New York will
put newalsnds on all oable cars.
Heavy raine put out tbe forest fires
around the devested city ot Phillips, Wis.
On a charge of counterfeiting bank
notes, Raisell O. Hoyt was held uuder bail
at New York.
Captain Prioe will be the next New
York police laino led to tbe slaughter. He
will be removed.
Running amuck in Rochester, Ind., a
mad dog bit live boys and nine dogs before
it was killed. ,
Four men were lest by tbe cutting In
two of tbe schooner Glad Tidings by a
whalebaok below Detroit.
Enraged by a business diffloulty,
Stephen Courtney, a drunken lunatic, of
Wapello, Wis., fatally subbed Lawyer A.
W. Jervls.
The Chinese Bismarck Divested of tbe Order
of the Yellow Jacket
Shorn of Their Pigtails the Faltering
Soldiers Are Put to Death Without
Ceremony The Japanese Storm
Shan Yong and Vanquish the Celes
tials Who Outnumber the Attacking
Party-LI's Enemies Plotting for
His Overthrow.
Shanghai, Aug. 8.
TEE action nf the emperor iu di
vesting Viceroy Ll Hung Chang,
of the order of tbe Yellow
Jacket has fallen like a thun
derbolt it la fnararf that tha in.
cident will leadtnhia nnmnlnta nvar-
throw. He is regarded bere as the
omy isaaer capaDie or coping with Ja
pan in tbe inevitable long war. A cri
sis is regarded as imminent.
The emperor has been influenced in
bis actlou by members of hie family
hostile to the viceroy's pro-European
policy. It is expiotsd that Sir Robert
Hurt, tbe British representative, will
assert bis authority and snpport Ll
Hung Cbang.
Tbe soldiers beheaded at Tien Tsio
for desertion, pleaded In extenuation of
their offenoe hunger and exhaustion.
Before they were executed they were
StriDned of nnlfnima unit thai
pig tails were cut off. Tbe example
11 as mrriutu ine army.
An edict has iron a fnrth that, tha
army will receive double psy henee-
lorio, auring tne war witn Japan, and
U larae bonni haa hy.n nfTxrad tn (iff!.
cers competent to navigate tbe Chi
nees navai vessels ana transports.
Japs storm sham yono,
Washington, Aug. 3. A cablegram
was reoeivud at tbe Japanese legation
this evening, saying that on July 29 a
portion of the Japanese troops sta
tioned at Seoul made aa ad vance upon
tbe Chinese position at Sban Yong,
Which contained a larvae nnmh.r nf
soldiers than in the Japanese body, and
auer a ngnt wnicn lasted several
hours, tbe Chinaaa roera rnntari anil
driven from thele irrnnshnM VTanv
prisoners and atnonitions of war were
. a m. a . .
capiureo, ana arter tne victory, on tbe
morning of July 80, the Japanese
troops proceeded to maroh to Gasan.
The legation has not yet received any
news of a fi;ht at the latter place, and
bjlieves. in view nf what haa ku.
I ' .. UW.UOTV UVV I, 1
oelvsd about tbe battle at Shan Yoing,
tbat the report of tbe Cbinese victory
at Aaonn or xasnan nave been con
fused with a battle which took place
at Gasan. Tbe legation officers bere
sny that tbe Chinese would have to go
me same aistance as tbe Japanese to
teleersDh the reanlt nf an,.h a n.m.
and tbey wish to again deny that a
victory oas neen aebleved by tbe
former, os news of it would have been
received here.
Tbe legation this aftoruooo received
a detailed dianatch from .Tanan nnn.
firming the accounts by the United
Press of the sinking of the British
transport Kow Snlng, and reiterating
tbe assertion that the fight was begun
by the firing of a torpedo from the
Chinese warshin Chin
JupaQetft craim Nnoiw Kan.
Gregory 811k Braid Maaufaoturlng Com
pany In Finaoolal Trouble.
On an execution issued yesterday.
Deputy Sheriff George Griswold levied
on the stock and fixtures of the Greg
ory Silk Braid Manufacturing com
psny, of Providence. The exeoutlon
amounts to $4,260 80. and was issued
at tbe instance of Attorney J. Alton
Davis, who is trustee for a number of
creditors. The total amount of the
judgments filed agiinst tbe company
amounts to $16,460.80. The date of the
sale has' not yet been decided upon.
Tbe Gregory compaay was organized
in Maroh, 1893, and the plant moved
nere irom raterson, H. j, For some
reason the venture was not a financial
snscess, and of late debts have been
asaamnlatlng rapidly, John A Msars
is presldsnt of the company, William
Chaffee, secretary, and H. E Parke,
Interesting Event In A. P. A. Oiroles at
Wilkes -Barre.
On Ana. 8. 9 and 10. the fnrtv.fnnt-th
animal aesaiun of the Riuht Worth w
Grand lodge of the American Protes
tant Association 01 me united States
will be In session in Wilkes-Barre,
A large parade, whlob will be held
nn Ana-. 9. will be a faatnra nf tba n.
easion. After the parade a pionto will
be held at Mountain park.
Among the lodces from Sorantnn anil
its vicinity that will participate it tbe
paraae are: aegis loage, no. IV I; Hyde
nark-! Lackawanna lodire NY 11!) Tn.
lor; Morning Star lodge, No. 79. Prov
idence; Evening Star lodge, No. 65,
jermru; ooramon longe, jno. Otf, Boran-
tnn Rnu nf Maadow Rrnnlr Imiira XTa
62, Scranton; Star of Hope lodge! No.
fT.. - r.. 1. . MI OF J I . , - t ....
iuv, i, viiiiuiu i"ige, iO. 03.
rnrent (JitV! Lilv of the Vulla InnV.,
No. 80, Carbondale.
A Soranton Dcotor Bobbed.
Tha raalilanra nf Wailartau- 1 1 Vlln. 1..
Univeriity place, Uouth Bsthlehein, was
l-1 I Dk.uJ.. rrk. I i
ruvuvu iuuiiui uiguu mp uurgiars es
caped with awallet containing a large sum
of money, the property of Dr. James .
Hayes of this city, a relative, who is
visiting there. A valuable collection of
silverware was also stolen.
Survivors of the One Hundred and Forty-
Third Will Meet There,
The surviving members of tbe One
Hundred and Forty-third regiment,, of
Pennsylvania voluteers will bold there
annus! reunion with tbe Susquehanna
County Veterans' association, at Mont
rose, September 4.
The society met m Tankhannoelc last
year and haa a. membership of 250,
nearly tbe totarjlumber ot survivors
of the famous fegiment, whioh num
bered 1,492 men when they marohed to
front. Captain P. DeLacy, of tbli
, ! (Jrvni'ioun Ul mo bui-ifijt, IJBYlug
1 that nnaitinn ainna ann...fl.
General Dana, who was it flr.t
Rv. P. 3. VcMaaas Made Beoond Vice
Preefdent of National C. T. A TJ.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
St. Paul, Minn., Aug. 8 Scranton
was houored bere today by the Na
tion Catbolio Total Abstlnenoe con
vention, whlob seleoted Rev. P. J. Mc
Msnus, of the Scranton diocese for the
offise of second vice-president.
Tbe Scranton dtocase is well repre
sented at tbe coa vent Ion, Among the
most prominent men are C. G. Boland,
who was made a member of tbe com
mittee oa credentials, and James F.
Judge, editor of the Index, a paper
publisoed in the interest of tbe nnlon
ut Soranton. A notioeabl v large repre
sentation of the Wilket-Barre Tourist
club is present, as Is also a large num
ber from tbe Cathedral Tourist elub of
House Paaae a Bill Recommending
appropriation of $10,000.
Washington, Aug. 8 The house
was In session five hours this afternoon
and the net result wae the pas
sage of a bill direoting tbe pay
ment of $10,000 to Representative
Heard, of Missouri, for legal ser
vices to tbe old settlers or western
Cherokee Indiana out of tbe funds la
the treusury and of a bill providing for
the payment of about $40,000 of three
per cent, district of Columbia green
back certificates.
Tbe conference report on the river
and harbor bill was agreed to and a
conferenr'e was ordered on tbe sundry
civil appropriation bill, also upon the
bill regulating the printing and pub
lication of public documents.
The Favorites Have a Very Hard
Day Five Thousand Spectators
Witness the Events.
Buffalo, N. Y., Aug. 8. Over 5,000
people saw some most excelleut racing
here this afternoon. Favorites had a
very bad day, and three out of four
were beaten. Red Bad and Expressive
were nearly equal ohoioes In the open
ing event for 8-year-olds, bat the colt
oarried tbe bulk of t us money. He won
tbe event in straight heats and iu the
third one oat bis mark from 2.17 to
B illoua was a red hot choice In tbe
2.20 trot, but she was unsteady and
uiaile loaiag breaks in every heat.
Ballano forced out Alur in the seoond
heat, but the clip was too warm for her
in tbe third and tie fell back beaten at
tbe upper turn.
Bullmont was made favorite in the
even t for paosrs. but Ed. Eutoa out
lasted bim.
The greatest Interest was centered in
the 2.10 trot, and the talent received a
bard knock wben both Lord Clinton
aud Ryland T, the original favorites,
were knooked ont by Pamllee. Tbe
track was a trifli heavy and a strong
wind added to tbe handicap. This just
suited Pamlico, and his staying quali
ties brought him through ia fine shape.
The summaries:
2.33c1hs, 8-year-olds, puree 11,000:
Red Bud, ch. c by Redfern (C.
Curry) 1 1 1
Limonero 2 8
Expressive S S 2
Ouoqua... , 8 8 4
Charming Chimes 4 4 S
Cbide dig.
bun up die.
Time. 2.10X; 2.19: 2.15.
2.20 class, trotting, purse 15,000.
Alar, br. in., by Alcantara (Gold
smith 1 1 1
Miss McGregor. 6 8 2
Ballona 9 2 8
Gretehen 2 4 8
Aunt Delilah , 17 8
Stroatla 10 6 4
Gabriel i S 5
KleieS 7 9 6
Beaside ,..,'. 8 17
Glycere 4 dis.
Time, 9.1, a,i3tf, 8.16H-
2.10 elaaa. trotttno- Puraa 12.000.
Pamlico, b. s., by MeAnder
(CurtU) 8 8 111
Byland , 1 4 7 7 8
Nightingale 16 0 8
Walter i 7 8 8 7
Lord Clinton 8 5 4 6
Mata Wilkee , , 7 6 8 8 5
Phoebe Wilkes , 6 8 8 6 4
Time-B.W& MIX. 3.1:, 8.12. 8.11 '
2.16 elaaa. tinnino-r nnraa S.U OHO
Ed Easton, b.c,, by Chimes
() 1 1 8 8 3 1
ft. O. g 9 4 117 8
Bullmont 8 8 4 8 1 8
H. J. Rockwell 8 8 8 4 4 re
A1"" 8 I I 8ro
Russell B t M Mro
Dolly Snankar ..8 !..
Joeko e 8 7 6 dis.
Kamon 7 7 0 dr.
Time. 2.14V. 2.1BV. 8.18W. 2.UU 9
Ueetlag for Ilea.
Tbe first of a series of meetings for men
only will be held in tbe ttallroad Depart
ment of Young Men's Christian association
at 848 o'clock Banday afternoon. A con
versational Bible class will be conduoted
by Secretary P. W. Pearsall and John Nice I,
of the Delaware, Lackawanna and West
ern machine shops, will conduct an after-
Beaohad the dark Vein.
Contractors Andrew Bmith aad Patar
Eelly have completed in a very satisfac
tory manner the sluicing and timberiug of
the Marvin shaft from the 14-foot vein to
tbe Clark vein, a distance of 158 feet. Tea
chambers and two headings will be opeued
up next Thursday,
A bill to exclude anarchists as immi
grants has been introduced by Senator
A dansarous counterfeit of the 810 les-al
tender aotee,seriee of 1880, is In circulation.
Tbe nresident bas ssnt to the senate tha
nomination of Commodore Henry Erben
to be rear admiral.
' Secretary Herbert has decided to build
the new machinery for the oruiser Chi
cago at the New York navy yard.
The house anti-option bill was reported
from tha committee on agriculture and
plaeed on the senate calendar. .
An Agreement Said to Have Been Reached
bj tbe Confcrrees.
Four Members of the Conference
Announce That the Tariff Deadlock
Has Been Broken It Is Predicted
That the President Will Sign the Bill
Within Ten Days The Adjustment
Necessary for Public Good Louis
iana Senators.
Washington, Aug. 8.
n FTER the meeting of the cabinet
Ml today four members announced
each to a different person that
Uu an agreement had been reached
by the senate and bouse conferees on
the tariff bill. Tbe basis of agreement
was not disclcstd. but one of the most
distinguished mumpers of the cabinet
said to a United Press reporter: "You
can announce tbat the president will
sign the tariff bill within ten days."
United Press bulletins announcing a
tariff adjustment spread rapiJly
through the eity and caused much ex
citement. No one of the cabinet offi
cers who spoke of the settlement would
divulge tbe terms, but the inference
was strongly conveyed that the senate
bill with not very material conces
sions Is the basis of the agree
ment. Tbe paramouut reasons
that seem to have brought abont
an adjustment was stated to be the ab
solute neceesity fur the cessation of the
period of uncertainty in order tbat gov
ernment finance might recuperate, gold
exports stop, and the oountry be given
an opportunity to resume business
which has ulmost come to a standstill
because of tbe long drawn out delay.
From other sources it is learned that
the sugar schedule that will be agreed
to and which has been oooeptod by the
house oonferrees is as follows:
Forty per cent ad valorem on all
raw sugar and tbe same amount on all
refined sugar, the doty to be collected,
however, on the basis of tbe saccharine
strength. In addition to this there is
to be a differential to the refiner of
one-fifth of a cent a pound and a dis
criminating duty against those coun
tries that pay an export bounty on re
Hned sugar equlvallnt to the bounty
paid. It Is understood tbat tbe govern
ment will also regulate in some way
the prioes of foreign sugars so as to
prevent any attempt to juggle with the
It is said tonight tbat the Louis
iana senators und Messrs. Allen
and Eyle, the latter representing the
beet sugar iudnstry, will not accept
tbe proposed schedule. It this be true,
it is not apparent how the Democrats
expect to pass the bill. There is no
provision la the schedule for the
bounty for 1894 and the Louisiana sen
ators have declared tbat unless this
bounty is put in tbe bill tbey cannot
snpport it. It Is probable tbat by to
morrow night tbe situation will have
crystalized into something tangible and
tbat tbe outcome will be known with
some degree of defiulteness,
Choirs That Are Behtarelng for the Big
Mueloal Event.
Two choirs from Hyde Park, one
from Taylor, one from Wilkes-Barre
and one from Providence are already
rehearsing for the coming festival at
the Laurel Hill park eisteddfod, which
takes plaoe oa September G and 7, and
tbe secretary has reoeived assuranoes
from Nantieeke, Plymouth and Pitts
ton tbat OBotrs will be organized at
once from these pi eofs.
The brass band competition will also
be very attraetive. The German
Catholic chairs are already rehearsing
and seas splendid work is expected
from this source. Tbe female parties
and male parties will be there in fall
(wee. Utloa, Pittsburg, Slatington,
Wilkes-Barrr, Plymouth, ;Nanticolie
aud Plttsten will be fully represented
with their best material. The pro
gramme will be found in another col
The Hen Who Sobbed the Erie and
Wyoming Station at Avooa.
Abont two weeks ago the Erie and
Wyoming railroad tool houss at Avoca
was broken into and all the tools, in
cluding a small stove, were stolen,
The eoal aad iron police have been
quietly working on the case and on
Mendsy seeared clues and Information
as to the culprits. A warrant was sc
oured at Aiaerman Davison's office iu
this eity and yesterday William Camp
bell, of Avoca, was arrested, brought
to town and given a hearing. Same of
the stolen tools were found on bis
premises and ho pleaded guilty to the
charge ef burglary. He was then re
manded to jail in deiauit or f i,uuu Dan
to answer tbe eharge at court.
This morning Detective Martin Crip
pen, of Olypbant, of the coal and iron
police, arrived in town with John
Houston, the other burglar, in custody.
Houston also lived in Avoca and after
bit arrest tbe ptemlies wete searched
and the stolen stove fonnd hidden un
der his bam. He was also sent to jail
to default of 11,000 ball for a furtusr
hearing Wilkes Barre News-Dealer,
An Application for a Charter Hade by
Colonel 7. L. Hitohoook.
Colonel F. L. Hltehoook applied to
the oosrt yesterday for a charter for
tbe Grand Army ot the Republic
Memorial ef Scranton. Tbe obieot of
the asseelation is to ereot and main
tain a building wblsb shall be a mem
orial to all union soldiers, sailors and
marines of the War of the Rebellion ;
to provide a plaoe wnere records may
be colleoted relating to the history ot
the war and for the preservation of
such historical relics or articles of in
terest and value as may be collected
within its walls.
The subscribers to the artieles of In
corporation are: Ezra H. Ripple, F. J.
Amsden, Wm. Blume, Thanlel C.
Snover, D. J. Newman, James F.
Green, H. W. Loftus. R. G Clark. E.
W. Pearee, T. D. Lewis. D. M. Jones.
G. W. Sklllhorn. E. L. Buck. C. R.
Smith, S. H. Stevens, L. M. Bunnell,
and F. L. Hitchcock, of the Griffin
post, and P. DeLacoy, John Horn, John
T. Howe. F. W. Martin, Wm. E.
Gaboon, W. L. Nash, A. E. Stonlng
ain and Wm. Snyder, ot tbe Monies
Tbe association will be managed by
twenty-five directors who are divided
into five olasses of five each, tbe terms
of whioh shall be oue, two, three, four
and five years. When tha local grand
army posts shall cease to exist the
property of this corporstion Is to be
come the property of the olty, man
aged by a board ot trustees consisting
of tbe mayor, oity treasurer, olty con
troller and city solicitor.
A Ranaway Trip in Hyde Park Shaft
Bkdly lojurlej a Mintr.
Thomas Surrey, a miner at the Hyde
Park shaft, was received at the Moses
Taylor hospital yesterday suffering
from a fracture of the left leg aud
three broken ribs.
He was endeavoring to stop a trip of
runaway oars and was knooked down,
sustaining tbe injuries noted above.
Shocking Death of Joseph Gilhool
Who Fell Between Cars on the
Ontario and Western.
Special io the Scranton Tribunx.
Carbondale, Aug. 8 This uf ternnon
a fatal uccidt-nt oconrred on the On
tario and Western railroad in this city,
in whioh Joseph Gilhool, a 15-year-old
son of Dermis Gilhool, of Brooklyn
street, met death instantly.
He had boarded a eoal train at the
Brooklyn street crossing with the In
tentlon of riding to Simpson to witness
a game ot Case nail, but as tne train
entered tbe cut on the West Side just
before crossing tbe city, tbe boy's bat
blew off and he jumped oft to get it,
When trying to again mount the
train he fell between tbe oars with his
head aoross tbe rails. The wheels of
the car caught his beud and cut it
completely in two, diagonally across
tbe face, one part lying on tbe opposite
side of the rail from bis body. O ie
band, which had fallen across tbe rail,
was also badly mangled.
Tbe body was taken to McHnle's un
dertaking rooms on Salem avenue,
where tbey were prepared for burial,
after which they were removed to his
late home on Brooklyn street.
Eisteddfod at Fersdale.
Arrangemeuts have almost benn com
pleted for tbe big einteddfod at Ferndale.
The principal participants will be as fol
lows: Conductor, Rev. T. C Edwards.
Kingston; adjudicator., Professor Edward
Browne. Brxckviile, Canada; Or. Stoekv
Hammond, Ejudlng; Professor Charles
David Carter, Pittsburg; artists. Miss
Aunle Wynne, fllahanoy City; u. Unrdon
Thomas, New York city; pianist, Professor
James Prescott, Msridea, Conn., presi
dents of the dny, General 1). U. Hastings,
Bellefonte; Hon, H. W. Allison, (mayor),
Ailentowu, Piu '
A Frohibitlon Sermon.
Rev. (i. L. Maice, pastor of the Greea
Ridge Evangelical church, will preach a
prohibition sermon on Sunday evening.
The Women' Christian Temperance nuion
and Probibition league of Green Ridge
will be in attendance.
New Pastor Ha Arrived.
The Rev. A. Bergen Browe, pastor elect
of the Waverly Baptist church, has ar
rived on the field and will preach bis first
sermon, as paitor, on Snnday moruing.
On Tuesday, Aug. 7, the Sunday school uf
this church w ill picuie at Lake Ariel.
Perry Steinmetz dropped dead in a cem
etery at Annville.
Lightning struck tbe Second Lutheran
churcb at Carlisle.
A fall of top coal in a Shamokin colliery
crushed lifeless Frank Adams.
There is a spirited demand all over Penn
sylvania for freight and box cars.
While watching a horse race at Shamo
kin, George Heasyl was rubbed of $153.
In a runaway near Sb.nandoab, Mrs.
Thomas Gray was thrown from a wagon
and killed.
Governor Fattison and bis party will re
turn to the state capital today from their
western jaunt.
About ISO slate quarrymen employed by
Simpson at Penn Argyl struck against a
reduction of wages.
Medical diplomas of the 800 successful
applicants are now being sigued by the
State Medical couucil.
A horse threw Colonel C. T. O'Neil, su
perintendent of the state arBenal at Harris
burg, breaking his leg.
In less than two hours nn Wednesday
night iuches of rain fell iu the lower
end of Lancaster oounty.
The town of Kane wiil dig a gas well
and furnish free gas to manufacturing
compauies located there.
The Bible conference of the Evangelical
association of central Pennsylvania is in
session at Pine Station, Clinton oounty.
Tbe voters of Warren at a speoial meet
ing decided to boud the town to bnild a
tree bridge from that borough to Pleasant,
Secretary Edee. of the state board of ag
riculture, has gone to Montgomery oounty
to slaughter cows amictea witn tuoeroui-
Berks county farmers have been advised
by a scientieat to ventilate their barns to
prevent them from being struck by light
Two elopers, Leonard Romanelle and
Miunie Beffert, were baited at Pittsburg,
the polioe thinking tbat the lover is a
olothes house thief.
Charters were eranted at the state de
partment yesterday to tbe Bucks Couuty
Railway company, oapltal $100,000, to build
a line in Doylestown, Centreville and
Newtown; and the Wyoming Oil com
pany, of Soranton, capital $75,000.
I I Washington. Aug. &.For4att
I 1 for eastern I'enntyhania, ihovs
ers in tit morning; fair during
Saturday; variabU winds 6t-omng north
west, for western Ftnnevivanitx. fair.
oeoler, northwindt.
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