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Another Caucus on the Tariff Warfare
Brlugs Out Some Su&esilve Truths.
Unless the Protective Features of the
Senate Elll Are Retained He In-
forms His Colleagues That the
Measure Will Nev? r Become a Law.
The Louisiana Senators Repeat
Their Demand for a Favorable
Sugar Schedule.
Washington. Jniy 25
P the action of today s D-.-inocratle
caucus is obeyed tomorrow will
witness uu end of the debate on
the conference report of the tariff
lii II and that measure will go back to
the conference without instruction.
After u debute lasting over threo hours
yestorduy and upwards of that tiuio to
day Mr. Jan-is' resolution that the bill
b sent buck without instructions was
agreed to by nunuiuiona consent, al
though at no tiuio did Mr. Vilas give
the assurance to the caucus that he
would not press a measure to strike
out the differential duty on refined
Mr. Vilas said he was in favor of
working out this differential because
he believed by so ciomr much of the
opposition that was manifested ngainst
tue bill would be removed and the
way would be paved for 1 be adjust
ment of the difference between the
two houses. With this duty which he
said was the chief bona of cnuteuti m,
out of the way there could be nothing
to interfere with u speedy settlement
of all tho troubles and tne early pas
su: of the bill an 1 the approval cf the
president. For that reason Mr. Vilas
said it was his intention to press the
motion und cause it to prevail if
Mr. Caff-ry and Mr. Blar.cbard said
they would iuidst that tliov be given
the 40 per ceut. on raw sugar, the of
n ceut differential ou refined, which
benefited their people as much as it did
the refiners, and the bounty for
1891 should be paid the growers of
uur in this country and the treaty
with Hawaii abrogatad. TJaless this
Whs done they served notice on the
caucus that they would vota against
the till
Mr. Smith, of New Jersey, warned
Mr. Vilas that be was trifling with a
weighty subject when be. talked of
changing the bill which had been the
result of eo much hard work in the
senate and which bad only psst d by a
very siiui majority of one vote. Mr.
Smith add thai a number of senators
who had been opposed to tho incjtne
tax had been induced to vote
for the bill because, the. sohedulea
relating to , the industries of
the treat states they represented bad
b en arranged so their ebons would
not be compelled to shut np or their
worKuien thrown out of employment.
Any attempt to cbungo tbU sugar
schedule or any other schedule striking
at the salient points of the bill would,
Mr. Smith said, be hailed wito satis
faction by those who had bolted the
income tax, because they were verv
sick of their bargain and would jump
at anything that would release them
Irani it. Mr. Smith also said that it
was u very serious mutter whether the
bill could evT be got back to confer
ence , so narrow was the Democratic
majority. f
Young-alowr, 0., Street Cars Rnuma
Opfriti-n with Non-Union Men.
Ysusqstown, 0., July 25 After a
tie up lasting several weeks, owing to
a drike of its employes, the Youngs
town Street Csr company resumed ou
oration todny with non-union men.
Ties were piled on the track at the
western lerruiuns of the road earlv in
the day by the strikers, and cars stone 1
in the eastern part of the city, but no
one was lnjurod.
Whin Cut Opm It Was Found to Con
tnln a rhilcl'i Fineer.
New YoitK, July 25 A shark nine
feet long and captuted in the Sound off
Uyster iiay, U L, was towed nshore
When tho shnrk was cut open its
stonincli was found to contain a ohild s
finger, which bad been badly lacerated
iy me snnrK s ic.-tn.
Ifmplre Plate Republican Committee Ap
to'nte a Corps cf Tlarmonia're.
New Yokk, July 25. The Rapnlill
rim t late committee today itppoiuted a
committee of five to investigate and
seme tue local uisputos Between xival
local organizations in this city and
dj rituuea.
The makmp of the committee is de
cidedly in favor of the Piatt and Mul
holland factions.
Held at Butte, Mont., far Interfering
With the United Ftntes Mailt.
Butte. Mont., July 25. United States
Marshal McDerinott. yisterday bronht
to the city eleven of the leading strikers
at L mn. Mont, lney are nil charued
with conspiracy and obstructing the
Warrants will be served today on
sixteen Butte men. ,
Allowed to Enter Ball ta tho Sum of
67,000 Each.
Chicago. July 25 Messrs. Debs,
Howard, Keliher and Rogers, of the
American Railway nnion, are at lib
erty under, tail ponding the hearing of
tue various oases against mom. mey
wr this afternom required to cive
$7,000 bonds each, oovering five new
Indictments in addition to tue eonUinpt
oises brought by the government and
the Santa Fe railroid.
The bearinir of the contempt cases
was continued until S-pt. 5, and it is
the purpos-) of the defendants' attor
neys to force a hearing on the indict
ments before the contempt cases are
ngaiu called.
'ants to Amalgam.itn tin Entire Army
cf Workmen.
riiiLAPKi.t'iiiA. July 25. The report
at a new labor union lias been organ
ed in Chinna-iv which will takn the
ace of the Kniulits of Labor and
ventually gather under one bnnuor
le entire army or working men in
merica.wns ridiculed by labor lenders
i this citv.
At the Kniehts' headnuartors tho re
port was characterized as "all bosh.'
iennett Suff ri th l'ualty for Uack
lnflr Hie Wifa to Tleoss.
Ml mimito .TmIv 9. rT.nii v rtnnnetS.
colored, who cut h'.s wife to pieces with
i knife in May, lVJii.was hHiiirvu today
tithe Shelby county jail yard in tho
oresence of a f mall crowd of oflicials
and newspaper men.
The execution was without incident,
lie died happy, and said he was going
to heaveu.
Three Firemen and Moro Than One
Hundred Horses Perish in a
$500,000 Washington Elaze.
Washington, July 25 A fira which
started in Knox s staoles at Lt and Sec
ond streets, uortnwrst, at 2 o'clock this
moruitii;, destroyed a block of build
ings. Turee hivmen lost their lives,
Reveral others wore injured and over
10U heavy draught horses perished, A
number of men were buried uudvr fall
it) tr walls.
Besides the horses nearly all of tho
company's exprtss wagons and tho con
tents or a lare Btornge liuudiug were
burned. The Adams Express com
pany's stables adjoining tho Knox build
ing to the lint tl: were almost entirely
consumed. Eii;ht two-story houses on
the alley, north of the Knox building.
md two small fr.iiii) homes back cf
tb Adams stt.bles were destroyed. Six
or eiykt other residence hou-s wre
more or less damaged. Mitchell s
blacksmith shop, on Second street, was
crushed by falling walls. The total loss
will exceed 500,000.
The onuiu of the fire is still un
known. ThiTo were six stablemen
mid two watchmen iu the building at
the time, aud the watchmen made the
rounds of tho building vry hour.
The flames were fkit discovered in the
stable near some small dwellings at
the northwest corner of the building.
Montreal It Viaited 07 a Severe Fuini-
tuio fti' Fire.
Montreal, Juiy 25 Libbs & Co.'s
extensive furniture establishment was
burned today. Loss S125.0J0. Two
firemen were injured.
An Indiana Woman with a SulclJal
Mania Deetroye Herself.
Sullivan. Ind July 25 Mr3.
Raines, wire of Steele R lines, snperiu-
tendeuc of city schools, wi:s burned to
death while visiting relatives iu the
country, a few miles from town.
Mrs. Raines has been deranged for
some time. Sho had suicidal tondency,
A few weeks ago she attempted suicide
Dy Hanging, but was prevented.
P-irie Pdlo relieve That the Young
American Was Murdered.
Paris, July 25 The police are mak
ing inquiries tor a young American
named bbeldon, of Chicago, who ur
rived in this city on July 12 with a
friend named Bentou.
Sheldon has been missing since July
1-1, and is believed to have been mur
Tho Easton postofllce will remain open
on Sundays in spite of tiie petition of l.SIH
luuiviuuals for banu.iy ouservanca.
A mns nieetine of miners at Houtzdalo
decided to contiune thu s'riks until the
operators agree to pay the compromise
iwvcn-year-iin dames uihson ana a
4-year-old Polish boy followed a funeral
all tho way from Shenandoah across
liroad mountain to Poitsviile.
Itev. Dr. J. B. McColInngii, editor of the
Philadelphia Methodit and one of the
beet Itnown Methodist clergymen in the
fuiianeipinii conrerence, died at his sum
mur home at Chester Heights.
Tho president V' sterdav named the fol.
lowing Pennsylvania postmnxters: Emil
1 1 oil, Aiixlla: jobu L. Cinniiilnus, Mans
field: Alhrecht Kueule, Norristuwn: M. a
Longnker, Pottslown; Robert 11. Evans.
Iji :.. - "
The to tho twenty-fonrlh con
groasional convention cauciis-ed all
morning and then adjourned until Monday
next without taking a Imllot It looks
now as if Aobeson may bo tho lucky- can
didate at Monday's meeting.
Attorney General Hensel has decided
that a licence granted by the state medical
council Is prima facia evidonce of nronnr
qualification to practice and whnu this
snail nave ooen exuioiteu to n protlionolary
the production of a diploma ts unnecessary.
The controversy betweon the Norfolk
and Western Knllrond company and the
individual operators of the Pocahontas
coal noltls nas neon terminated ny tneaU'
rupt withdrawal of the railroad company's
arbitrator and a complete cessation ot ne
gotiations on his part.
Tho aspect of the (striking .Slav coke
woi liers at l onnoll viIIh looks threaten
ing. Hundreds of them nuirconl about
armed to tho teeth. Manv disnlnved re
volvers and knives in their Lelis while
otuors carried shotuunB. The strikers
kept up a continual canuonadins vvitb
bombs and dynamite. Their object was
to mgmeu nsgro wornera.
As the result of a heated ilinrhsslnn in
the French chamber of deputies, M. Uou
viers has challenged M. Jourdans, Socialist
The Wesleyan conferancn In T .mulnn re
jected the report of tho special committee
proponing io create a new oraer ol separ-
uie uuoiriuuu oi uisuops.
The Petrd and Concord Are Ordered to th3
Scene of Warfare.
Tho Japanese Minister Says That He
Does Not Anticipate Serious Con
sequences from the Firing by
Koreans Upon Japanese Forces.
Nevertheless Secretary Herbert
Will Have Two War Ships on Hand
in Caso They Are Needed.
Yokohama, Jap'in, July 25.
APANESE troops have begun a
a forward movement agaiust the
pcsitioii8 occupied by tho Chi
nese troops in the same country.
A bnttie is daily exp'ctel.
Two Warship- Aro O.dered to the Scene
of Hostilities.
Washington. July 25. Secretary
Herbert lias prepared orders for the
Petr-1 and Concord, now on duty with
thu Behring Sea patrol iljet, to proceed
immediately to the Clnnose station.
This rction has bean taken because of
tho threatening aspect of affairs iu
Korea mi l the lulniuiislration's desire
to see that American interests have full
lhe interests of tho United States m
that section of the globe are much
more important than is generally sup
posed. In ndditiou to the great tea
trauo with Chun, thero plys regularly
between the. United States and Japan
aud China otio of the very few lines of
steamers iu the foreign trade that sail
utider tu American &. It is felt
that our xiting trade relations may
be pnralyz -d by a war Starting iu Korea
mul involving Cnina and Japan. The
United States will not at present, hw
ever, if at all, unite with any foreign
power in making demand on China or
Japan or Korea. It is felt to bo incon
sistent with our established policy to
do so.
Tho Japanese niinistar this afternoon
had received no further advioes in r-
gard to the tiling by Korean forces (in
stigated as wns alleged by the Chinese
representative) on the Japanese forces
now encamped in S:onl, the capital of
Korea. He therefore was inclined to
tielieve that the incident would not
bring about serious results A ti offi
cial of the legation said: "Iu the event
of a war t.etweeu Japan and China,
the ports in China and in
Korea where the United States
and European powers have re
ceived certain concessions by treaties,
would unquestionably be respected,
and left outside of the limits of hostili
ties." He concluded by saying: "Japan
has made three distinct proposals to
China for the settlement by arbitra
tion of this matter. She has done
everything possible that a salf-repp.-ct-
Ing nation consistent with honor, could
do. Every proposition that has been
mads to China has been ignored, and it
is clearly apparent that China is urg
ing the Koreans on,"
Boy Shoots His Father and bister,
Kt'ltr.s Them Both.
Birmingham, Ala., July 25. John
Collins, a gardener, residing in the out
skirts of Cunningham, thought he
heard thieves iu his garden early this
morning, and with his daughter
Maggie, 2G years old, arose nnd went
out to investigate. The closing of the
door awoke Mrs. Collins, who aroused
her son Willie, telling him burglars
were tryiug to get in.
The boy got a Winchester and going
out mistook his father and sister lor
burglars iu tho darkuess and shot them
both. The father was killed instantly;
the girl will die.
Pecp'.a In a Maouchuiiotla Town Given
a O.-'-at Suiprl9e,
C'AMHiilPUE, Mass., July 25. It
rained Irons at Cambridgcport during
a lierci shower this afternoon. Tens
of thousands of them fell over a small
area perfectly formed little fellows,
dark brown, almost tilack in color, not
more than an inch long, and Willi un
commonly prominent eyes.
Where they came from and how they
got here scientists must answer If they
can, bnt here they lire, and none the
worse for their aerial journeying
They appeared in a twinkling, and
streets nnd sidewalks fairly swarmed
with the liveliest sort of a hopping
army, where not one wns to be seen a
minute boforo.
Deputies Fureuinir the Alabama Miners
Who Firfd on tho Ponee.
Birmingham, Ala., July 25. This
morning's advices from Coalburg,
where the Hudson, father and son,laet
night killed and wounded ' several
deputy sheriffs, state that the authors
are still at largo, with ofibors iu pur
suit ot them.
Third Day of Grand Circuit M-jetlng
Charaoterlz-d by Fast Trno'.t,
Cleveland O., July 25. A fast
track, perfect weather and a big crowd
characterized the third day of the
grand circuit meeting. The first event
was the 2.21 trot. There was a big
field, Mahogany being the favorite. lie
won the first two beats aud his stock
went out of sight, When May Best
won the third heat the talent thought
Muhogany was laying up, and still
olung to him. He whs doue, however,
and May B 'St won out handily. The
time was remarkably fast.
Iu the 2 15 pace there were twenty in
Hu ftuLI Itluv T-lMTltna u Innnninil
rank outsider, surprised 'everybody by
winning out after tiiiishlug eighteenth,
fifteenth and seventh in the first three
heatH. Mn ilinwnd n remarkable, burnt
of speed in the fourth heat, coming un-
uer me wire in a llf
KloUe, in the 2 20 trot, was a strong
favorite and won three straight heats
after the first.
Said to Huvu Been Effect -d la a Oathollo
Church In Gotham.
New York, July 25. -A nw deposi
tory for the relio of St. Anno has been
presented to the Roman Catholic
church of St. Jean Baptists, iu East
S-venty-sixth street, where the relio is
exhibited. It is st niowhat similar in
shape to the repository containing tho
host, nnd lhe piece of bone from tho
wrist of St, Anno is shown iu the cen
ter of tho leueptacl.
During the past woek there has been
a revival of interest in the relic, the
occaaion being a Novena preceding the of St. Anne, which is Thursday
next. Many miraculous cures an said
to have been performed among the
faithful who havu attended the ser
Georee Gould D:es Not Wish to Race in
Cork Harbor.
(Jueexstow.v, July 25, Sir John At
noit, of the city of Cork, has offered
100 for an ocean race betweeu the
Vigilant end Britannia, iu whicn the
Satnnitii may also tako part, provided
the race ho finished in Cork harbor.
This condition is not favorably re
garded by Mr. Gould, who thinks the
channel too narrow for a race.
Captain Half declining to race the
Vigilant to.lny for the roason that the
repairs to her uuff wo.-e not completed.
Captain Carter offered to waive the
rigiit of the Britannia to sail over the
course provided the Vigilwnt would
raco tomorrow, but this offer was re
Th) President Chnoine John D. Kern an
and Niche lae E. Worthirigtoa.
Washington, July 25. The presi
dent bus announced the commissioners
to investigate the controversies be
tween certain r.ii.rouils and their em
ployes connected with the recent strike
as follows:
Curroll D. Wright, who is de
signated by Btrttnitf, ns one of the
commissioners. John D. Kruan, of
New li'ork, and Nicholas E. Worth-
iuglon, of Peoria, 111.
Wife of a Ch.ciKO Millionaire Held
Upon a Grave thugs.
Ciiicaco, July 25 -Mis. Warren
Springer, wife of the Chicago million
aire, was hel 1 to the grand jury 'today
iu tho sum of $5,000 on a charge of jury
Mrs. Springer is accused of attempt
ing to bribe tvvo jurors, through their
tamilios. iu a condemnation suvt in
which her husbjud was interested.
Thiugvalla Line Cute Frici of Steerage
Passage to $12
New York, July 25 -The Thing.
valla lino reduced its steerage rates
from Slo to S13.
This company's ships carry the
greater part or the steerage pnssengors
between New York, Christiana, Goth
enburg and Copenhagen.
The Murderer of Giorgn Bickfoid Dies
Very Gaml.
Fort Smith, Ark., July 25 Lewis
Holder was hanged in the jail yard
here t ilia morning.
Holder innrdered Goorgo Bickford in
December, 1S91.
The New York Republican state conven
will meet at Saratoga Sept. lii.
Old-time telegraphers will have thoir an
nual reuulon in isaltitnore &ept. la.
Tho American Association for the Edu
cation of Colored Youths is in sesoiou at
T anty-eight cars, piled up iu a Havana
(N. i.) wreck, cover the body ot lirnKB'
man Daniel Wright.
Tho government's claim for $ 13,000,000
on the Leland ntnntord estate has beeu re
jected by Mrs. Stanford.
Jumping from tho third story of a
Wheeling hotel, W. H. Peoplos, of Pitts
burg, received fatal hurts.
By tho caving in of a cistern's walla at
Winona, Minn., three nricKlnyors aud
Hoary Uuobach, aged 0, were killed.
Robbers overpowored Dick Gales at
Frankfort, Ind., uud threw him into a
like, whence he escaped with difficulty.
By a train wreck nt au open switch at
Fredonia, N. Y Richard Franklin, aged
1(1, who was picking up coal, was fatally
Deserting the Church of England, Rov.
MeAttrs. Strickland and Johnson, of 1'red
ericton, N. B., have joined the Catholic
For $0i).00ri. the Standard Oil company
bought up the Held and franchise of the
Erie County (N. Y.) Natural Gas Fuel
A woman forcer, supposed to be tho
much-wanted Mrs. Kaie Bradford, of
Brooklyn, N. Y., has been arrested at At
lanta, On.
W. O. Kelley, cashier in the freight of-
flco of the Missouri Pac.illo railway at St.
JiOiiis, has been arrested for a f7J,0UU cm
bi z.lonient.
Ou accouut of a lobster war botween
French and Em:lih fishermen on the
Newfoundland coast, a British warship
has boon sent tnere.
Chnririnff executors with fraud. Mrs.
&riLh V ftlillur (Ulna Cor fcl (lill) or rnnrn
due from the estafe of h3r truthor-in-law,
d. vv. L,auu, or Portland, ure.
A wholesale slaughter Of whites by ne
groes in Kimpsou county, Miss., was pre-
veutod by the whites uareiug ol the
Bchome. lhe negroes were lasnoj.
In a desperate fight at Jofforsouvillo
Unit.) prison William mower, a wuite cini.
vict, fatnlly pounded Bob Bu'ikner. col
ored, and was bluiseli terribly slashed.
Mrs. Seoly has been arrested at Angola,
O.. for beatimr to insensibility NelLio Ray.
the 14-year-old daughter of a neighbor
who had ued water Trom her spring with
out authority.
The Society of the St. Vincent do Paul
of New York ty. has anaounced that
the council goueral in Paris had prohibited
the admission to -membership ofaioue
engaged In the Uquor business.
Thoso Who Expected More Verbal Fire
works Were Seriously Disappointed.
The Only Incident of the Day Was Oc
casioned by Senator Quay, Who
Slyly Moved to Put Sugar on the
Free List, Thus Throwing What
May Develop Into a Firebrand Into
the Enemy's Camp Quiet Day,
Also, in the House.
Washington, July 25.
TIIE crowd was disappointed at to
day's senatorial debate on the
question of agreeing to the re
ii nest of the house of representa
tives lor further conference oi tho
tariff bill. It was not ot bo exciting
or interesting character as wus tho d. -bute
on the iirnl three days, and there
was uot u ii allusion made except a
vary rtuioto one, to the president's
famous letter to Mr. Wilson. There
wre three speeches, tho longest by Sen
ator Ciiilery.of Louiaiaua.and t wo short
ones by Senators D iviiela and IIunton,of
Virginia. Mr. Caffery's speech was in
advocacy of his motion to have a modi-
had fuar bounty paid for lb'Jl aud in
favor of a fair revenue duty on sugar.
Failiug ia getting such protection from
thu bugur iuterest of Louisiana, Mr.
Ciiffery d"dared, "more in sorrow than
iu anger," that himself anJ his col
league would be forced to antagonize
the bill und to part tho ties which now
bound them to the Democratic p'irty.
The speeches of Seuators Daniel
and Uuuton were called out by a desire
to correct au error iu the report of Mr.
Gorman's speech of Monday hut.
which represeuted them, with senators
lrom lour or live other states, as being
so inimical to the house bill that they
would have voted agaiust it. Mr. Dan
iel declared that he had named no con
ditions to command his vote aud that,
whether tho bill ns it would
lie finally fix -d In conference suited
him or uot, it would have bis support.
Mr. Hunton expressed himself in
favor of the propj.-ed duty of 40 cents
a tou on coal uud iron ore and of 40
per cent, ad valorem on sugar as fair
revenue duties and hoped that there
was patriotism enough in the Demo
crats of both houses "to give und
A motion was mad by Mr. Q nv so
to amend the motions of bjuatur v il is
and Gray as to put sugar ou the free
list. The whole matter then went over
till tomorrow without action. The
seuate at 2 SO proceeded to the consid
eration ot executive business, aud. a
3 12, adjourned till tomorrow at noon.
Iu the house Chuirmau Martin suc
ceeded in huving passed three pension
bills of u general nature. Iheso were
house bills to amend the geueral net of
June 27. 1890, by providing pensions
for widows and orphaus of soldiers who
died or were killed in discharge
of duty and who did not, therefore, re
ceivo discharges from the service; an
tnorizing fourth class postmasters to
administer oaths to pensioners; and to
txtend during the term of their na
tural lives the pensions granted to in
sane, idiotic or other permanently
helpless orphan children of a deceased
soldier. The svnate bill to pension
Frances Corse, widow of th late Gen
eral John M, Corse, at the rate of $100
a month, was also passed.
Street and Bridges Committee Paeaed
Upon the Bids.
Masonry contracts for culvert nnd
stdewalk work wtll bo recommended
from last night's meeting of the streets
and bridges committee to select council
tonight as follows:
Culvert over L giett's creek nt North
Main nvenne, Julius Maier. $2,l!)0.;i;l
less $250 for old stone now ou ttio
ground; the two next lowest bidders
were John Stout nnd Corcoran &
Donohuo in the order name I.
Improvements on the Prospect avenue
culvert over Stnltorii meidow brook,
Corcoran & Donohue, s;0'J8.
Improvements on the Pittston avenue
culvert over Sfeltord meadow brook
V. II. OTlarn, $307 50,
Curbstones and sidewalks on Si utl;
Main avenue, V. II. O llara, C5 cents
per lineal foot for curbing and 17 cents
per snuare loot tor sidewalks.
Curbstoties, Bidev. alks and gutters on
Seventh street, Walter Greaves, 5S
ceuts per lineal toot for curbing, 10
cents per square lout (or sidewalks, 5
cents por tquaro yard for gutters.
The Boarding Mistress Easts thu Boardrr
Out of $1S4.50.
Special Officer John Tiernan is now
in Ireland looking up Mrs. Luos Y etidlo,
who is wanted b.-re to answer thu
charge of stealing $124 50 from Stephen
Sergair boarded with Mrs. Van lie at
Riley's Batch, and kept his savings iu a
box iu his room. Some weeks ago he
was badly injured nnd until lunsday
last be laid lu tho Lackawanna ilos
pital. When he was discharged In
went to bis boarding house ouly to II n
that Mr. Vendle had died and that Mrs,
Vendlu the uext day after the funeral
married uuother man uud moved to
Hazleton, taking the boarder's money
box along, lie interested Aldermau
Fllz-iimmons iu his case and is now
waiting lor the return of his boarding
It All Depends on What the Law Re
garde as Due Season.
Andrew Seeley. an old man, is in the
station house cbsrged with the larceny
of a watch from William Rourke, au
employe of Wills cz liiggins. Kourke
it seeius. entrusted the wutcb to Seeley
for safe keeping and the latter pawned
it with Green. When he heard that
the ollicers were after LIui, ha went to
deem the Wiitcli nnd although tho
police had secured tne watch, he reim
bursed the pawnbroker for the money
advance 1 on it.
Sedey is trying to show that he only
peculated with the watch and in
tended to return it in dus season.
Sad Picture Preexnted to Officers When
Tiny Go to Make an Arrest.
Bryan Collins, of Orchard streot was
fiud $25 by Alderman Fitz-timmons'yes-terday
for threatening and attempting
o kin ins family with an axo, on the
night previous. Collins was mvl with
drink and might hava curried out his
designs but for Dm tinidy interfereuco
of OIHcers Z '.nir and Dyer.
Wneu tho oilio-rs want to ths honie
they found the children, six in num
ber, sleeping on a straw tick in the
back yard and the wife watching over
them to alarm them should thoir
Iriiik-crr.zid father find them. Col
lins himself, ax) in hand, was hunting
through thu house for his wife and
Their qtiartors, or rathsr quarter.
for the house has but one room, is not
lit to live iu. The room is but twelve
fact sqr t and is used for cooking,
luep1 . and every other purpose to
wi' .uabouse is generally put. That
e.K'lit persons live there and keep in
beaitu is more than ono who has suen
their Equaiidiiess can understand.
Three New Haven Physicians, Includ
ing Prof. Russell of Yale,
Thus Diagnose the Case,
New Haven, Conn. July 25. Ex-
Road Commissioner Thomas H. Sulli
van is lying at the point of death with
what is believed to" be Asiatic cholera.
List evening shortly after 0 o'clock
be left his place of business on Cburen
street complaining of feeling ill. On
reaching his borne be grew rapidly
worse His family physician was called
md diagnosed the case as choiera
All the itsunl remolies were admin
istered without favorable result.
Another doctor was then called aud
the two remained with their patieut
until midnight when tho sytnntoms
of rapidly approaching death be
came apparent. Profossor RussjII, of
the Yale medical school, was then
summoned. When be arrived at 2
o'clock this morning Mr. Sullivan was
almost pulseless and hud been given up
by tue other physicians. Dr. Russell
performed the operation of iufueing a
saiiue solution and the patient rtvived
Moon. Both dootors say that the symp
toms are those of Asiatic cholera.
At nooa Mr. Russell was still alive.
but little hopes of bis recovery are en
The Insurance oo Building Will Not
Cover Lose.
Two houses situated at the corner of
Blakuly and Drin'ter stroets in Dun
mors owned by John Stautoa were de
stroyed by fire vesterday morning.
This is the second attempt made to
burn the same hnihlings Oa the
night of July 13 a fire broke out in tho
same place, but was extinguished be
fore anv damage was done.
At 2.30 yesterday morning the fire
wns noticed by Frank Gam, jr. He
gave the alarm and the Independent
and Neptuiu Hose companies re
sponded. The fire had gained head
way and got beyond control. Both
buildings were burned to ths ground.
The building on Biakely street was
known as tha Forest House, run by
Jaracs Judge and Authony Henley.
lhey carried .i.nurauce, but not
enough to imlemnify thsiu. Tiie.r
loss is estimated nt $700. The
upper floors of the hotel were routed
by Williuin A. Gaul, agent of the Met
ropolitan Life Insurance company. His
effects were not insured ami wore to
tally destroyed. Harvey I. Joaos oc
cupied the building ou Drinuor street
nnd conducted a milk depot and ice
cream parlor. His property was fully
The buildings were worth $1,50!),
aud were injured for $2,700. Tue sen
titnont of tho people of Dtinuioro is
that the firo was the work of incendi
Purohaecd by JamoB W Oakfoid from
Si. L. J-lnir f -r $24,000.
Tho unimproved 50 foot Irotit plot of
lind on Liu Ion ' street, opposite the
c iurt house, has been purchased by
Jatnes W. Oakford from M. L. Blair
for If M. 000
'J ho tnopcrtv was putchased in 188
from tite Hi rhett estate for $9,000 and
has ouly beeu u ed for tbostotuge of
wagons, contractors' material, etc.
Mr. O.ikforl lias not announced what
use or disposition he will make of thu
The Child of a Mil or Dies a Horrible
D-ath in a O ain Funnol.
At.toosa. July 25 Winl playing
in his father's flour mill at Tyrone t -day,
Ambrose Buyer, 7 year-old boy,
hid in a corn bin. Corn whs pouring
iuto the bin rapidly, and he could not
get ont in time.
The child was drawn into a narrow
funnol, uud died by smothering.
Senate Committee R-.'porte Favorably
on Now MbxIco aud Arizona.
Wasiiinuton, July 25 Tho full
senate committee on territories has or
dered favorable reports 011 the' bills ad
mitting New Mexico and Arizona to
These -bills have pissed the house.
Will Not Use Pullmane.
Boston, July 25. Tho New England
delegate to the national convention of
Catholic abstinence Hftcioties to bo held In
St. l'aul, Miu 11., next, mouth, at a meet
ing l.'iHt night unaiiimouKly Voted not to
Ubu rulliuan cars during the trip.
Wasiiinotok, Jnly 25. Forecast
for Thursday: for A'u.veni i'emi-suh-ania,
fuir: s'iaht cAanoc.- in
tcmjjeratui-e; ou(iwet tvmU,
r 1
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