The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, July 25, 1894, Page 6, Image 6

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A lovely murning it was that boaniod
on Sibloy aud tlio broad and beautiful
Valley of tho Clcmdwater when once the
Bun gut fairly above tho moist horizon.
Wist and vapor and heavy cloud all
seemed swallowed up in tho gathering.
glowiiiK warmth, as though tlio kin,' of
day had risen athirst and drained tho
welcoming cup of nature. It 111u.1t havo
rained at least a littlo during tlio dark
Iioks of tho liiglit, for dew there could
havo been noiui with skies eo heavily
overcast, and yet tho short, smooth turf
on tho parade, the leaves upon tlio littlo
shade trees mound tho quadranglo and
nil tho beautiful vines hero on tho tvel
liswork of tho colonel's veranda shone
and sparkled in tho radiant lit,'lit. Tlio
roses in tho littlo garden and tho old
fashioned morning glory vims over at
tho east side were all aglitter in tho
flooding sunshine when the bugler camo
out from a glance at tho clock in tho
adjutant's otlico and sounded "sick
call" to the indifferent ear of tho garri
son. Onco each day at 7:80 a. 111. tho doc
tor trudged across to tlio hospital and
looked over tlio half dozen "hopelessly
healthy" but would be invalids who
wanted to get off guard duty or a morn
ing at tho range. Thanks to tho search
ing examination to which every soldier
must bo subjected beforo ho can enter
the service of Uncle Sam and to tho dis
ciplined order of tho lives of tho men at
Sibley, maladies of iny serious nature
were almost unknown. It was a glori
ously healthy post, as everybody admit
ted, and, to judge from tho specimen of
young womanhood that camo singing
"blitho and low" out among tho roses
this same joyous morning, exuberant
veil being was not restricted to the men.
A fairer picture never did dark beau
ty present than Alice Reuwiek as sho
bent among tho bushes or readied high
among tho vines in search of her favor
ite flowers tall, slender, willowy, yet
with exquisitely rounded form; slim,
dainty littlo hands and feet; graceful
arnia aud wrists, all revealed in tlio
flowing sleeves of her snowy, webliko
gown, fitting her aud displaying her
sinuous grace of form as gowns so sel
dom do today. And then her face a
glurions picture of rich, ripe, tropical
beauty, with its great soulful, sunlit
eyes, heavily shaded though they were
with those wondrous lashes; beautiful,
too, iu contour, as was the lithe body,
and beautiful in every feature, even to
the rare and dewy curve of her red lips,
half opened as she sang. Sho was smil
ing to herself as sho crooned her soft,
murmuring melody, and every littlo
while tho great dark eyes glanced over
toward tho shaded doors of bachelors'
row. There was no one up to watch and
tell. Why should ehe not look thither
and oven stand 0110 moment peering un
der tho veranda at a darkened window
half way down tho row, as though im
patient at tho nonappearance of souir.
familiar signal? How came tho laggard
late? How slept tho knight while hero
his lady stood impatient? She twined
tho leaves and rosea in a fragrant knot,
ran lightly within and laid them on
the snowy cloth beside tho colonel'3 seat
at table, camo forth and plucked some
tnoro and fastened them, blushing, bliss
ful, in tho laco fringed opening of her
gown, through which, soft and craamy,
6hone the perfect neck.
"I)iily, teil my fortune, pray:
Ho love ma not lie loves me,"
sho blithely sang, then, harrying to thn
gate, shaded her eyes with tho shapely
hand mid gazed intently. 'Twas Hear
ing 8 nearing breakfast timo. But
Bomo one was coming. Horrid 1 Captain
Chester, of all men! Coming, of course,
to see papa, and papa not down yet, and
mamma had a headache and had decid
ed Dot to como down at all she would
breakfast in her room. What girl on
earth, when looking and longing and
waiting for tho coming of a graceful
youth of would bo anything but dis
mayed at tlio substitution therefor of a
bulky, heavy hearted captain of 40, no
matter if ho wero still unmarried? And
yet her smilo was sweet and cordial.
"Why, good morning, Captain Ches
ter. I'm so glad to we yon this bright
flay. Do como in and let me give you a
rose. Papa will soon bo down." And
"Do come in and let me ylve you, a rose."
phe openod tho gato and held forth ono
long, slim hand. Ho took it slowly, as
though iu a dream, raising his forage
cap at tho sumo time, yet mailing 110 re
ply. Ho wus looking at her far moio
closely than ho imagined. How fresh,
'how radiant, how fair and gracious and
Winning! Every item of her attiro was
o puro aud whito and spotless; every
fold and ourvo of her gown seemed
cliargod with subtlo, delicate fragrance,
as faint and swoot as the shy and mod
est wood violet's. Sho noted his silonet
ftudhis haggard eyes. She noted the
Intent gazo, and tho color mounted
straightway to her forohead
. "Aud havo you no word of greeting
for me?" sho blithely langhcfl, Ftming
to break through tlio awkwardness of
his reserve, "or are you worn out with
your night watch as ofiiecr of the day?"
Ho fairly started. Had sho seen him
then? Did sho know it was he who
ttood beneath her window; ho who leap
ed in chase of that scoundrel; ho who
ftolo away with that heavy telltale lad
der? And knowing all this, could sho
stand smiling in his face, the in
carnation of maiden innocence and
beauty? Impossible! Yet what could she
"How did you know I had so long a
vigil';" ho Hskcd, and tho cold, strained
tone, tho half averted eyes, tho pallor
of his face, all struck her at onco. In
stantly her maimer changed.
"Oh, forgive me, captain. I see yon
are all worn out, and I'm keeping you
here at tho gate. Come to the piazza and
sit down. I'll tell papa you are here, for
I know yo;. want to seo him." And sho
tripped lightly away before ho could re
ply and rustled up the stairs. Ho could
hear her light tap at tho colonel's door
and her noft, clear, lluteliko voice,
"Papa, Captain Chester is hero to so3
Papa, indeed! Sho spoke to him and
of him as though ho were her own. Ho
treated her as though she wero his flesh
aud blood as though ho loved her de
votedly. Even beforo sho came had not
they been prepared for this? Did not
Mrs. Maynard tell him that Alice had
become enthusiastically devoted to her
stepfather aud considered him the most
knightly and chivalric hero sho had ever
seen? Ho could hear the colonel's hearty
and loving tone iu reply, and then she
came fluttering down again.
"Papa will be with you in five min
utes, captain. But won't you let mo givo
you some coffee? It's all ready, and you
look so tired, even ill."
"I have had a bad night, " he answer
ed, "but I'm growing old mid cannot
stand sleeplessness as you young people
seem to."
Was she faltering? Ho watched her
eagerly, narrowly, almost wonderingly.
Not a trace of confusion, not a sign of
fear, and yet had ho not seen her and
that other figure?
"I wish yon conld sleep as I do,"
was tho prompt reply. "I was in tho
land of div.;;u.i 10 minutes after my
head touched tho pillow, and mamma
mado 1110 come homo early last night
because of our journey today. You know
we are going down to visit Aunt Grace,
Colonel Milliard's sister, at Lako Sab
Ion, and mamma wanted mo to bo look
ing iny freshest and best," sho said,
"and I never heard a thing till reveille. "
His eyes, sad, penetrating, donbfing,
yet self doubting, too, searched her
very sonl. Unflinchingly tho dark orbs
looked into his, eve n pityingly, for sho
quickly spoke again:
"Captain, do como into the breakfast
room and have some coffee. You havo
not brcakf:iHted, I'm sure."
He raised his hand as though to repel
her offer, even to put her aside. IIo
must understand her. Ho could not be
hoodwinked iu this way.
"Pardon mo, Miss Reuwiek, but did
you hear nothing strange last night or
early this morning? Were you not dis
turbed at all?"
"I? No, indeed!" True, her face had
changed now, but there was no fear in
her eyes. It was a look of apprehension,
perhaps of concern and curiosity min
gled, for his tone betrayed that some
thing hail happened which caused him
"And yon heard no shots fired?"
"Shots! No! Oh, Captain Chester,
what does it mean? Who was shot? Tell
And now, with paling face and wild
apprehension iu lit r eyes, she turned and
gazed beyond him, past the vines and
the shady v;-randa, across the snnshiiio
of the parade and under the old piazza,
searching that ctill closed and darkened
"Who?" sho implored, her hands
clasping nervously, her eyes returning
eagerly to his face.
"it was not Mr. Jerrold, " hn answer
ed coldly. "Ho is unhurt, so far us shot
is concerned. "
"Then how is ho hurt? Is ho hurt at
all?" she persisted, and then as sho met
his gaze her eyes fell, and the burning
blush of maiden ihame surged up to her
forehead Sho sank upon a seat and cov
ered her f:;' with her bands.
"I thought of Mr. .Terrohl naturally.
Ho said he would bo over early this
morning, " was all she could find to say.
"I Ir.ivo Been him and presume ho will
come. To all appearances, ho is the last
man to suffer from last night's affair,"
ho went on relentlessly, almost brutally,
but sho never winend. "It is odd you
did not hoar 'tho shots. I thought yours
was thn northwest room this one," ho
indicated, pointing overhead.
"So it "is, and I slept there all last
night and heard nothing not a tiling.
Do (ell 1110 what tho trouble was."
Then what was there for him to say?
Tho colonel's footsteps wero upon tho
stair, and tho colonel, with extended
hand and beaming faco and cheery wel
come, camo forth from tho open door
way. "Wolcoino, Chester! I'm glud you'vo
come just in timo for breakfast. Mrs.
Mayuard won't bo down. Sho slept
badly last night and is sleeping now.
What was tho firing last night? I did
not hear it at tlio timo, but tho ordorly
and old Maria, tho cook, woro discuss
ing it as I was shaving. "
"It is that I came to sco you about,
oolouel. I am tlio man to hold respon
sible." "No prisoners got awny, I hope?"
"No, sir. Nothing, I fear, that would
seem to justify my action. I ordered
No. 15 to fire."
"Why, what on earth could have hap
pened around therealmost book of
us?" said the colonel in surprise.
"I do not know what had happened
orvhatwas going to happen." And
Cbsostcr paused a moment and glanced
toward tho door, through which Mis
Renwick had retired as soon as tho colo
nel arrived. Tho old soldier seemed
to understand tho glance. "Sho would
not listen," ho said proudly.
"I know," explained Chester. "I
think it best that no ono but you shoold
bxar anything of tho matter for tho
present until I havo investigated fur
ther. It was half past !1 this
morning as I got around hero on 5's
post, inspecting sentinels, and camo
suddenly in tho darkness upon a man
carrying a ladder on his shoulder. I or
dered him to halt. The reply was a vio
lent blow, and tho ladder and I were
dropped at tho samo instant, while tho
man sprang into space and darted off
in tho direction of No. 5. I fol
lowed quick as I could, heard the chal
lenge and the cries of halt and shouted
to Leary to fire. IIo did, but missed his
aim in tho haste and darkness, aud the
man got safely away. Of course there
is much talk and speculation about it
around tlio post this morning, for sev
eral people heard tho shots besides tho
guard, and, although I, told Leary and
others to say nothing, I know it is al
ready generally known."
"Oh, well, como in to breakfast,"
said tho colonel. "We'll talk it over
"Pardon me, sir, I cannot. I must
get back home beforo guard mount, and
Rollins is probably wailing to see 1110
now. I could not discuss it at tho
table, for there aro some .singular fea
tures about tho matter."
"Why, in (iod's name, what?" asked
tho colonel, with a sudden and deep
"Well, sir, an officer of the garrison
is placed in a compromising position by
this affair and cannot or will not ex
plain." "Who?"
"Mr. Jerrold, sir."
"Jerrold! Why, I got a note from him
not 10 minutes ago saying ho had an
engagement in town and asking per
mission to go beforo guard mounting, if
Mr. Hall was ready. Hall wanted to go
Willi him, Jerrold wrote, but Hall has
not implied for pe rmission to leave tlio
"It is Jerrold who is compromised,
colonel. I may bo all wrong in my sus
picious, all wrong in reporting tho mat
ter to you at all, but in my perplexity
and distress I seo no other way.' Frank
ly, the moment I caught sight of the man
ho looked like Jerrold, mid two minutes
after tho shots wero tired I inspected
Jurrold's quarters. IIo was not there,
though the lamps wero limning very
low 'in tho bedroom, and his bed had
not been occupied at all. When you
see Leary, sir, he will tell you that ho
also thought it must be Mr. Jerrold."
"The young scapegrace! Been off to
town, I suppose."
"Colonel," said Chester quickly,
"you not I -mil! t decide that. I went
to his quarters after reveille, and ho
was then there and resented my visit
aud questions, admitted that he had
been out during the night, but refused
to make any statement to me. " .
"Well, Chester, I will haul him up
after breakfast. Possibly ho had been
up to the rifle camp or had driven to
town after tlio dorter's party. Of course
that must bo stopped, but I'm glad you
missed him. It of course staggers a
man's judgment; to by knocked down,
but if you hud killed him it might havo
been as serious for you as this knock
down blow will be for him. That is tho
worst phase of tho mutter. What could
ho havo been thinking of? IIo must
have been either drunk or mad, and he
rarely drank. Oh, dear, dear, dear, but
that's very ld very bad striking tlio
officer of the day ! Why, Chester, that's
the woist ihing that's happened in the
regiment i-ince I took command of it.
It's about the thing that could
have happened to us. Of course he must
go iu arrest. I'll see the adjutant right
after breakfast. I'll bo over early,
Chestvr. " Aud with grave and wor
ried face tho colonel bade him adieu.
. As he turned awny Chester heard him
saying again to himself, "About tho
worst thing he conld have done tho
worst thin:.' ho could have done!" And
the captain's heart ne.nk within him.
What would the colonel Lay when ho
knew how far, far wor: o was the foul
wrong Mr. Jerrold had done to him and
his? .
Ke nought the Sermon.
The Rev. S:;itiiiois Smith was ninny
years ago vicar of St. Cm.., Nciieli.'iin. IIo
made no secret at all of liis habit nf buying
ready made sermon any more than liis
fondness fur old port and of wiiist playing
with lcudim; parishioners until initlniu'lit
of every Saturday. II a was a kindly
natured, easy King man, mid was popular
among his eipially easy Koing flock. Hue
Sunday iiiorninu on oing into tho vestry
after service, lie found hisolil clerk in tears.
"v liat 8 the matter, Joins!'" impured
the vicar. "Oh,
replied the fieri
"this is a' painful surprise' to us all." "Sur
prise, Jones!' Wlnil do you mean?" "Your
sermon this inorniiie;, sir. Wo arc very,
very sorry, and you gave us no warning."
"Sernion, Jo:u s rvnnnn? What do you
mean, man!''' "Why, sir, your farewell
sermon. We urn all dreadfully cut up."
And it is quite true that that morning the
Rev. Mr. Smith had actually read t:u old
farewell sermon without cither intending
or knowing it. ,S;u i.lator.
A Millionth 1111 A IniiiHplier.
It is announced Unit I he construction of
a perfect pemliilnni has lu'ti aecomilislied
at hist. It n- iloiie hy suspending a lead
bliot liyHmmdo lilirr of cocoon silk in a
vucuiim produced hy 11 SpiiMiclu pump
The shot, one sixteenth of nil In ilium
eter, weihinx one third of n train. Is sum
pended by a i foot lilier. and is placed in 11
tube three fourths of an Inch lit internal
diuinelcr It lias 11 viliriilinj; raime of 'mo
quarter of an Inch on each side of the mid
position, the vacuum being equivalent to
one tenth ol a millionth of an atmosphere.
St. IOII t-l l.'.M'lO'l'e
is liublo to great 1
functional cliaturb
onco through sym
pathy, liyspepsia,
or hiilijrcstion, often
causes it to palpl
tuto in a distressing
way. Nervous rros-
Aa'A tration, Debility and
) 31 Impoverished blood,
'!! Kk
Mllirnj VI! ir-fV7 no vuv
rapid pulsations.
Jinny times, Spinal
Affections, cause it
to labor unduly. Sufferers from such Nery
oug AtfoclioiiB often iinngino thonisolvwi tlx
victims ot organic heart diseuso.
ralysis, Locomotor Ataxia, Epilepsy, or
Fits, St. Vitus's Danco, Sleoplesnnesn, Nerv
ous Prostration, Nervous Debility, Neural
gia, Melancholia and Kindred Ailments, ar
treated as a specialty, with great success,
by thn Stair of the Invalids Hotel. For
Pamphlet, Koforenced, and Particulars, en
close 10 cents, in sttunps for postuge.
Address, Wom.n's Dispehbaet Itoiau.
Association, Buffalo, N. Y.
!.., 1
" I have given Bovinine in
quite a number of cases of
Cholera Infantum and the so
called v summer complaints of
children, and have been grate
ful beyond my expectations
with the results.
has in several cases, beyond
a question of doubt, averted
impending death from starva
tion. No other food has eivcu
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Tor nearly tlfty jvars thin wondorful rm
Mly Iiuh proved itwlf tie heat, quieliest, saf
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tiiu tuuh ki;i.ii-f.
iff ble and olTVettinl heeaiuo or tho utimulut'
inn aetien i f tin) hndy, willing t mo to the ono
mil inciting tu renewed unit increased vUor
the Hlumlirriiil vitality of the p .ysleul struc
ture, and thrnvsli this beultlitul titumilatinn
nd iiiere.isud action thu cause ot tho FAIN
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to-called pain rcineiil'-a of tile day.
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ivoiti Mich an intl ct iu.iery on tho system.
Opium, Jlorpiiiue. Killer C n aiiio and Lbloral
.top pu.n hy dostroyini; meKei'po of percep
tion, when tho patient Iomij the power of
ferdini:. 'J his i tho most deBtructiVJ prao
tice; it musks tie- Bym toiim. ahnti up, and,
hiKfad o! roinown.' trouhl". breaks down
tlio st' m ich. liver 11 nl hnweli, and, if enic
tinned tor a length 01 time, kills the nervea
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Thero is no necessity fur usinit theo tin
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Summer Complaints
Dysentery, Diarrhea,
Cholera Morbus.
A half to a teait-oinful of Ready Relief in
a halt tuiiililor of witter, repeated ns often
lis tho disch'irifes continue, aud n llannel sut
united with Heady Relief placed over the
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relief ami 10 n eflVct a cure.
A I ulf 1 011 t-iispo infill in half a tumh'er of
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pasni', Hour Ktoin ich. Heartburn, Nervous
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At. I l: OMU'Kltlih.
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terrible lO' to settlers in newly-settled dis
tricts, wh"re tho .Miliaria or Agno exist. huS
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011 irettinir out of bed. taltn tivulity or thirty
drops of thu Heady Relief in water, and pat,
wiy. n cracker, tlmy v ill esoapj attacki. This
must be done before eoinp out.
'I hern is not a reiuedi il avent in the world
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f or the eurnnr 11 1 disorders of tho Stomach.
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It men at ion ot i rir Howe h. 1 I'm aim n'1 other
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ilistMS'. iikn tlio lie. diciiiu nccordi"-. to I ob.'-orvo what wo say of ''False
si ml True," resp'-rtiiuf diet.
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mid True "
ivicioe a wen
Man of
ill lillKAT
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riifliiie Wux Candle
We nlno linndle tho Fnniotn CH0W1
ACV.E OIL, tho only fmnily wifoty
lui'iuug oil in the market.
Ctlire: Vvn'i lisdianca, WyouiiiU Ava
t Hike at fine bruuii.
Meat Market
The Finest In the City
The latest improved fur
nlshinRs and appnrntus for
keeping meat, butter ond eggs.
S23 Wyoming Ave.
Made a
Well Man
' dft'
of Me.
inc ijitLAT sou, Day.
proilm in (ho nliove reralt In III) iluvn. It mU
limvi'i'i ully oml iiuickly. fuiv when ollotlicrs fail
loiiux men will reaaln their lost manhood, ami old
men will recover their youttitul vmor by imiuii
KKVl O. It qulekly and miroly rektoren Ncrvmie
U0R8. 1,ont Vltnlity, lnipoteiiey. Nightly EmiKsions,
Lout Tower, Failiim Memory. WastiuK . and
all eiroctH ot Milf-ahiiM or exeessaud lmUticretiuti.
which unfltaoiie fiirauuIy.bimiueBsorniarriiige. It
not only cunw hy utartliiu at the neat of dlmme. hut
iaagreat nerve tonic and blood hulliler. brinK
lug bark the pink glow to palo rhreke vui ra
storing the (Ire ot youth. It wardu off Jiiwinlty
and Conaumiition. limiBt on Laving ItKVIVO, no
ithcr. It can be carried in n rockot. Dy
1.00 pnr package, or all for 03.OO, with u poel
tiro wrliten Kiinrunteo to cure or refund
tho money. Ctruulilrfree. Addreia
For inla by Mnttheni Droi., Druggists,
hcruntou, Ta, .
jtPlK. rii'ilofmi'hiil
""J. 1
A fAtJlsiw '
-3tlilAVir "r-f-S. .
an: . i mi-. tr&sai
t j..-r I'l.iiifit ;,?:
aV--. ?;.-..i.O-
The nbovo 1 rnndu or flour enn be had at any of the following merchants,
who will nccupt ThrTkibune Ft,ou coupon ot 25 on each one hundred pounds
of flour or 60 on each barrel of Hour.
tcrnnti.n-F. P. Price, Wunlilmjton avonin I
Gold .Mi il.ii Ilnnnl.
Ihinmore V. V. I'i k; Cold Medal P.rnnJ.
liuiiiiiuro-l'. I). Miiiiluy. btit.-i'liitivii lirun 1.
llyili! I'ni k CiirHjii is Duvia, Wa-hliurn Ht.
(iold .Mi.'d:il llrinid; J wpli A. Hears, Mam
avenue, Superlr.tive ilraiRi.
Gre'ii UiiliTM A.lAS,eiicHr.tlld Medal Brand,
J. T. .Mi ll: In, rui"riativo.
l'lovidi ni e 1'enner it Olmiiell. N' Main avo-
iiue, rjuti;rl:itivii l:i"iiuU; '. J. tiillo,pie, W.
Market utruot, oM Mini il lliao'l
Olyjihiint Jumts Junlun. Mupxrlativa Drnnd.
l'erkvillo slmif-r & K-lH'r BupHi-latltrj.
Jorrnyn C, U. V.'inters As Ct. uperiatie
Arehhald Jone.i, ! iiipwrn 4s Co . U'lhi .Mr!tl.
Carlniliilo-I). S. Klnrlc, Hold Medal Brand,
jlonemtalu I. N. l;'oHter Si Co. UolJ ilo UI.
llmookn M. Jl. L;i voile
Dealer in CMcs Confections and Fruits.
1437 Capouse Avenue.
Ji:sS01"S KNGlilSU
CAS I' ST I .Eli
Wliolcaalo and retnil dealers' in
Biftenbender &Co..S
That we will GIVE you beautiful new pat
terns of Sterling SILVER SPOONS and
FORKS for an equal werjht.ounoa for ounce,
cf your silver dollars. All elegantly en
graved free. A large varioty of new pat
terns to select from at
:?(1T I.At'KAWANX I HUM'!:
"No star was ever lost we once have seen,
Uo always may bo what we might have been,"
0 DL.
Scran ton, Pa.
and 23 Commonwealth Euilding.
Jyi pici'sxlvousn ill tiilmcco.
inCpiinnttlvollrminn nl
-o"isuiniiliti or ItiRttiiH v. rnn iH-mrnoain veBi pooKi'i. per dux, iui
KlfiO'- . uiiill im'pilil. V.'lth a m vntcr wo nlve n written mmrantee
JitS: Vnr rc liiuil Hie monev. Clmilnr free. Sold by nil ilrucillBH. Afk forlt,
i.EFIir.Fi,-Jl)ii'ffaU!fiG uootUoi. AUUri'ss .NERVi; sKKDCU., Jltsoulc Temple,
For Sale in Seranton, Pa., by II. C. SANDERSON, .Druggist, cor. Washington
and Swi.'co streets.
feVAsk for
t'nr rirciilnr.
iiiUI. MOTT'S CIIKMIC-SlLj CO., - Cloveloud, Ohio.
rurSalo byC. M. HAKKIS, llrugulst.
Sotnellmsenemlitrellnble, monthlr, raftnlaUni medicine. Onlr hirsileu an4
the purest itugt ahould be ueil. II you wnl the bmt, get
Dr. Psal's Pennroal Pills
Ther re prompt, itte aril certain In rotnlt The mnnlne (Dr. Peel'i) nerer dUap.
twint. jjeavwij where, f l.Ufc Addreu I'oaj. llitfltuijis Ce Clsreltud, 0.
For sale by 'JOHN H -PHElPS,
Spv'uc Street, Seranton, Pa.
The Flour
"Chicago, Oct 81. Fhe first offlciat
announcement of World' Fair di
plomas on flour has been mad. A
medal 1ms been awarded by the
World's Fair judges to the flour manu
factured by the Washburn, Crosby Co,
in tbe groat Washburn Flour Mills,
Minneapolis. The committee reports
the flour Btrong and pure, and entitles
it to rank as first-class patent flour toe
family and bakers' use." '
Taylor JndRe Co , Gold Medal; Athertoj
& Co., Huimrlative.
Hnryea Lawrence Htore Co.. flold ModaL
Moo.ii: John MuCrindle, Gold ModaL
l'ittatun-M. W. O'Boyle, Oold Medal.
Clark 'a Uruon Fraco & I'arkor, Huperlatlve,
I 'lark'e Minimit-F. II. Younir, Gold Medal,
lialton S. E. Finn & Sou, Oold Medal Branl
Nil hLjn-J. E. liui'ding.
Waverly-a. V.. Bliaa J Son, Gold ModaL
l'ai:toryville CharloaUardner, Oold Mndal.
Hnpbuttoin-N. M. l lnu & Hon, (iold Medal.
Tobyhauna-Tobyhanna Lebiira Lumbur
Co.. Oold Medal llrand.
Oouldnboro-B A. Adam. Gold Medal Brand,
Monrow Oaltte & Clements Oold Medal.
Luke Ariel Jauiua A. Uortree. Oold Medal.
Forest City J. L. Morgan ft Co., Gold Med
Wnfronmakers' and Blacksmith'
& .Connell
ThliKondrrDil rrmtif Hair
I nnttfillofliirmlllirnoni4ll.
II IV.knfi.l.....
lit"! IMH'll 111 I UK .Uliui'iJ. kihiii I uni'i. iirB.imup, nn.iriuiiiD.n
Iii'-i Miiiiliuoil. Nlyhtljr l'.mlB8liiii!. Ni'rTouiirtinB,iillUroliinnillO!aor power
uiiiht lux cniiHiuy over exeriion.youiiiiuci-i-w.
opium or stimulant, which lond to IntlrmltT, ion-
: The only Baft), erne an4
reliable Female FILL
ever offered to Ladles,
oapeoially recommend.
) ed to married Ladles.
EK. SIOTT'3 PEWHTBOTAIi FILtiS and take no other.
Vrlvi, Htl .llll iwrholi 6 boxes for S5.0U.
17 I'eiin Avenue.
Pharmacist, cor. Wyoming Avcnut and