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PUBLICITY in journals that
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WwliPSi S jiypJiiJ
Likens the Senatorial Conspiracy to Ibat
Wliicli Slew Julius Caesar.
Senator Jones, of Arkansas, in This
Modern Tragedy, Plays the Part of
Noble Brutus, Senator Vest Plays
Envious Casca, Senator Voorhees,
Trebonius, and the Distinguished
Gentleman from Tennessee, Mr.
Harris, Is Cast for the Role of
. Cinna And tho End Is Not Yet.
Washington. July 24
THE most entertaining ami remark
able nature in thesr'at national
performance on the flior of th
senate whs the part pluyed in it
today by Senator Hill as the defender
Df President Cleveland urfainst the us
Biiult of Democratic senators in connec
tion with the president's now famous
letter to Mr. WilBon, the ehairmau 01
the lions conferrals on the taritl bill.
Mr. Hill took the around that the lot
ter being oik lHeiul wus no violation of
the constitution, thut it wan no attuck
npou the senate, or upon any senator,
but that it was isn honest effort to carry
out the policy and theories of the
Democratic party, and to ndvanco tho
lutei-asts of the people. As to its Mnir
an unwarranted uttempt to
with pending legislation, Mr, Hill us
K rted that the blame lay with thoss
senators who, instead of acting on their
owu judgment and responsibility,
"badgered" the president to give them
his views upon tiie compromise biil
which they had prepared. "Do as I
do,' lie fail to '.hem, "keep away from
the white house."
lie wouurt up a two hours' speech
(bristling all over with tho spikes and
spears of his wit and sarcasm) by com
I arinu the senatorial conspiracy against
President Cleveland to that which
compassed the Hssassinati'.n of Julius
Caesar. Iu this historical parallel,
Senator Gorman, of Maryland, stood
for the "lcau and hungry Cassias,"
of whom Caesar said: "He ttiiuks
too much. Such men art) dun
Herons." Senator Jons, of Arkansas,
for "honest Brutus;" Senator Vest, of
Missouri, lor the 'envious Case;"
Senator Voorhees, of Indiana, for Tre
bonius, and "tha ditii)guihed senator
from Tennessee. Mr. Harris, for
Cinna." He c.irris 1 out the parallel
by declaring that these senators made
tho same ple which the conspirators
of old made, "not that tiny loved
CaPBar less, hut that they loved Home
more;" not that they loved Cleveland
less, but that they loved their party
and the country
Mr. Hill was followed by S.nator
Cattery, of Louisiana, who submitto 1 a
motion looking to the restoration in
the FUirar schedule of a bounty for 1S91
Li a short specu (which was, however,
not concluded) he accused tue Demo
cratic managers of had faith in strik
ing out the sugar bounty and declared
explicitly lor hims If and his colleague
(Mr. Blanciiard) that they would vote
for the tar i tT tali if it put sugar on the
fren list. Without any action, and in
order to have time for n Democratic
caucus, the s-uate at 3 05 p. ui. ad
jourmd. I'llOCliF.DINaS IN THE HOUSE.
The c tiimilUe on rules gave today's
sission to the committee on public
land, and in two and a -half hours Mr.
MeKae (Di in. Ark), the chairman, ue-ce-il'din
l aving passed fourteen bills
n piTl-d from his committee. 'Iwoof
the of particular importance,
one providing tor a settlement of the
claims by and against the stale of Ar
kansas and tiie United States, and tue
other providing for t!i separation of
the lands in the Northern Pa
cific Kraut to Idaho aud Montana, and
granting paNnts to Hie settlers thereon.
Tte bill which ,caiiu ovr from Sit
tirday and yesUMuy as unfinished
business was passed, directing the n
smployment as fast as vacancies occur
nfihe railway postal clerks who wer-i
discharged between March lo and May
1, INS!). An hour of the session wan
sja-i t in an unavailing effort to con
tddtr Hie bill directing the payment to
West Virginia of the amount of direct
tax collected from it irrespective of
claims by the tederal government
against the state. The house at 4.05
adjourned until tomorrow.
Ih ftorecf Ihbbo A. Wtil, In Plymouth,
Is Furo.bly Entured.
Sveriai to the Meruit ton Tribune,
Plymouth, July 21 -Durgbirs last
evening made another good haul. They
entered Isaac A Weil's dry goods store
Mid took about $201) worth of dry i:oo is.
An entrsnce lo lua store was effected
Ihronith tho rear door and the goods
taken were the finest in the store. l'it
teen rolls of elegant eloth and what
money they could find was all that was
missed. Ihe money only amounted to
ft few dollars.
Ib Loner Fiuht la Twenty-fourth Dis
trict Kay Be Compromise).
PiTTSiiUtia, July 21 The Twenty
fourtli district Republican congression
al conferreis met in Pittsburg this
morning. Two ballots were taken,
making 203 ballots in all thus far with
out result.
The conferrees then took a recess.
There are rumors of a "dark horse" to
be sprung at the next session.
Track Was In Bad Condition and Taltnt
Dot Diimp-d.
Cleveland, 0 , July 24. The Glen
rille track was slow. The first event
ws the iehed 3 35 trot RdJ Bud
won two beats yesterday and was a
itrong favorite in the pools. Expres
liva fooled the talent by taking three
Itralght heats. Rose Bud was ordered
to the stable for fouling after the third
heat. Sally Simmons won the third
heat of the unfinished 2 25 trot in u
walk. She was the favorite.
.Tunics L was a strong favorite in the
2 17 trot, but could not finish better
than third. Miss Nelson .aftor acting
badly iu the first heat, settled down
and won tha ip xt three nandily. There
were about 8,CU'J people at tha track.
The Amerlein Yacht in th Lead Ovor
tha Entire Course.
Roche's' Point, July 21 Vigilant
and Britannia started this moruing on
their twelfth coutect with prospects of
good racing weather, in -the first dav's
racing of the regrettn of the Royal
Cork Yacht club. Tho course was tho
si'ine as that sailed over yesterday.'
Vigilant won by 4 minutes and 33
seconds, withont counting timo allow
ance, and by 3 minutes nnd 22 seconds
if the estimat-d time allowance whicn
she gives Britannia, 1 minute and 10
seconds, is deducted. The scoro now
stands 9 to 3 iu favor of Britannia.
There was an unexampled scone of
enthusiasm, nnl o.'e aud nil it, as the
American yacht passed the line a win
ner. Eveu BritauuiH never received
ueh an ovation on th Clyde. The
crews of almost every yacht in the har
bor gave her ringing cheers, while tho
people ashore were almost frantic with
British Capitalists Mako Grave
Charges Against Americans Who
Salted a Gold Mine.
San Francisco, July 21 A. C. Ren
8 haw, a British capitalist, has com
menced suit in the Uuittd St.ttfs dis
trict court to recover 2-15,000. II
charges that the sale of th B.vir's Nest
group of mines in Alaska was ufcom
pHsaed by uigaiuic frauds. He accuses
Jamos Treadwell, John Tread well.
Captain Jamos Carroll, M. V. Murray,
N. A. Fuller aud George J. Smith with
conspiracy to make tin sale hy placing
k'uld he uiug rock from the rich Tread
woll mine adjoining, and treating tho
core irotn a uiamond drill with chloride
of gold to mako a showing of rich ore.
Hi asserts he has a confession to the
"ntire fraud. Ho declares that three
British expert vvtro deceived in the
salted niino. Eich one reported it
would yb Id u profit of $1,000,000 a
year. The enormous amount of money
iuvolved,t!io prominence of the parties
to the suit and tho charges of iraud,
make this disclosure the sensation of
the day in mining circles. The mine
was pold to British investor' for $2,
500.000 in stock and $1,500,000 in bonus
drawing 7 pr cent, interest. This was
in liST.uud no goiJ has over boeu taken
from it. The projectors of the b1u
have, so far, received about $1100,000 in
Says the House Coufernas Kay Make a
Few Cempromisas.
Washington, July 24 Mr. Wilson,
of vv'i-st Virginia, cn.iruian of the
ways and meaus committee, returned
to Washington today. Ho remarked
in ii general way thut the house would
endeavor to secure a report as nearly
as possible on the lines of the original
He intimated that the house con
ferees might be williug to make a few
proper compromises, but added that
their lino of action could only be
properly determined after they hail
again met tho lenresentativm of tlm
senate in the conference commitiso.
Engineer, Expresa lUaumnstar and a Faa
aenirnr If .11 id in It.
Loncview, Tex , July 24 A head
end collision occurred betwean trains
runninic at full speed round u sharp
curve, 200 yards west of Forest Tue
ngineer, A. D. Qninin, of Texarkana;
Express Messenger Fred Marshall, of
Fort Worth, unl an uuknown pasten
;;er were killed. Several others were
seriously hurt.
The wreck is reported n very badly
pileil np and will delay trains many
The Industrial fcituatton in Si.
Couuiy, Iilmole, Uiightsns.
ftT. Louis, July 21 The coal miners
in ht. Clair county. III., who have been
ou strike for some time, resumed work
All the mines in that district are run
ning on full time.
Tho midnight closing of all saloons is to
be strictly enforced at York, siuce a man
was shot iu a barroom
The alleged mismanagement of the Bucks
county Jad is to bj investigated by the
state board of charities.
Pittsburg tin workers say a great deal of
Welsh tin is iu waiting to fluud this coun
try under the new tariff bill.
Ml1, T.HVillllL ITllU-L-Mlltiiin'a 1..1.. ... ..
- - ' - - . .bi.k.i ... in a uwj l II 3
found iu a mill race at Now Tripoli, lin ks
county, where ube had drowned horsolf.
Euoeh Cam hart, ago J about 3 years, of
Cu t nun tin mi wnu inn fivi.rltir t. lMin.nli.l
piiia ami Heading train at Huuimeistowu
and killed.
An iivlu lii-.ili nnil nrrnc l.'til lli.f.w..
empty bojrcars on tho Lehigh Valley rail
road at Welliugtou. Three buys stealiug u
rule weio hurt.
Presideut Cleveland and cabinet m-n nr.
neetod lo review tlw lJinii:i-lviiiiiii N:..
lioiial guard during next mouth's eucaiup-
luuuii u uuiayuoiu g.
Oil Olieratnr T. W. Phillitis linn aimnlr r.
240-hariel well near t'oyieVillo, Jlutler
couuty, nud other good wells have yielded
fill tlltllV t lam...
.... ..ku. ...a v.
.elillvll.ill rnnntv nnnv .1ini.fn... .. 1
-J -..- ui.uoiililll ,1UUU
double the $2,0U0 allowed them for the re-
noi oi me poor aim helpless, uuiuly wo
men aud children.
Dr. E. W. M. T.nvr r.f lln.mUl,
. ... -1 - j-- iiivR, ijua
been appointed a trustee of the state in-
Rane hospital at Danville by Uofernor
Puttison, vice M. W. Jackson, deceased.
In a fight over a stolon keg of beer at
Rending on Sunday, two amateur baso
ball cluhs almost wrecked tho residence 6f
Prank Ji. btoigerwidd and injured several
The Democrats of Franklin couuty nomi
nated William Aleiauder, of Chaiubers
hurcr. foi in.ieri Hmi iiii....... i
Chauibersburg, uud I). M. Omwak, of
Washington, for tbslegnlaiure.
CHffi 111 HUE
The Thrilling Adventure of a Mifflin County
Farmer Boy.
Had Been Out Hunting Rabbits, When
His Fool Tripped and Ho Was Pre
cipitated Down a Ravine Just in
Time to Avoid by a Foot tho Whiz
zing Fast Express on the Pennsyl
vania Railroad.
Li'WM'own. Pa., July 21
yoar old eon of a farnur liviug
some few miles from town, had a
startling adventuri yesterday
morning, from the effects of which he
is mill confi.ied to bis bed, and which
lias actually turned the hoy's hair gray
in plac-v. Young Williamson had
taken his gun to do u little shooting on
ihe mountain just back of his father's
farm and finally got u shot at a rabbit,
which rau down the incline, which is
unusually steep just at that spot.
Tho boy staried iu piiNiiii, running
as fast as ho could. But just ut the
steepest side of the mountain aud
Where the thin soil had for the most
lart been wnhed nway, exposing the
smooth rock, his foot caught in some
Irailing vino tind he fell, beginning to
roil toward the bottom or tho ravine
where ran the track of the Peuusvl-
vania railroad. The boy was consider
ably bruised, but by dint of catching
at tho shrubs and vines that grow near
lie managed to brenk his fall its he
went, llis ear was suddenly t,tartlod
by the sound of a coming train. He
grasped at every plant near him, but
the soil beiu pxtretueiy thin, uoue had
struck root buliicieutly duop to ufford
him u hold.
A3 the train ciine rushing ou, teem
ing to jar the earth and to precipitate
him stiil faster, the now terror-stricken
boy dug his bands and roughly booted
tc-etinto tho mountain's side. If he
had been able to guo-H at the tnoiu'iit
when tha train would pass beneath him
he might have acc derated his move
ments so us to laud below before the
irou monster reached the spot nnd
either tiud some fin;ill- nook iu which
to crouch as the train passod or scram
ble np some less st 'i p incline of the
mountain, but h f.und it impossible
to gauge the distance nt which he
heard th.. rumbling wheels nnd feared
to drop lost at that very moment the
train eome whizzing around tbo curve
just ahead.
Nearer and nearer he rolled to the
foot of the mountain, gathering im
petus as no wont and thou the hot nir
from the engine smotu his faco. tho
cinders blinding him, ho made a frantic
dig into tho earth aud bounced off the
mountain into the track below just as
the last car whizzed by him.nnd which
missud him by scarcely a foot. Young
Williamson says that he fainted just
as he felt the wiud from the yuuishing
car touch his face.
When at lust he was able to got up
he was obliged to almost crawl to hut
100 yards or so from where he bud fal
len, and on reaching it literally crept
iu on his hands and knees to tlie great
Hiirprlsi of the occupants of the hut.
Hero ho fainted again and had finally
to be carried home in a wagon. U.s
was not able to tell bis story for some
time, aud by the following day his
hair was gray about bis t- mple.
The Investliratthir Committee Said to
Hava Got Strong- Evldanoa.
Washington, July 24 It is under
stood that tho sugar investigating
committee have at last struck oil. The
much talked of photograph of uti order
for sugar given by a senator is in their
possession, ami it is asserted that testi
mony taken yesterday and to lay is di
rect as to speculation in suar by two
senator, wno swore that they never
had any dealings in sugar.
Tins is liable to lead to impeach
Accident In a Gotham Erowery Has
Vrv Seiious Eesnlti.
New Youk, July 21 Throe men
wera insiantly killed end two more
fatally injured by the tall of an eleva
tor in the Classen & Price brewery
building at Fifty-tmrd street aud
Eleventh avenue this afternoon,
Ths killed were: Louis P.aner, lab
orer, 40 years ; Tony Farr'dl, laborer,
4o years old; Berjiurd Siu.tii, 40 ye.irs
..Id. The injured were: William Em
bert, 30 years old, injured internally,
will die; Henry llornuaer, 30 ysursold,
Injured internally and may die.
Creeks Ehoot Saminola Oailaw for $500
Bounty on His Haud.
Elfai.a, I. T., July 24 Last night
Samuel Checota anil Billy Nnrcome,
two Cre-ks, shot and instantly killed
Frank Hawkins, a Seminole outlaw,
who killed D.puty United Statos Mar
shal Luzerne two years ago.
A reward of $500 wus offered for his
bo ly aud Checota and Nareome yeBtet
day waylaid und killod him for the rb
On Hundral and Fifty Get Notice of
Thair Di. missal.
31 WA8IHNC1TON, July 21. The biff dis
charge of 150 clerks from the record
and pension office of the war depart
ment will finally take place tomorrow.
The unfortunate employes received
their notices this morning.
All TfUutaphio Coirmacicitlons with
Jaoftnhi Town I . Cut Off.
New Yoiik, July 24. The Ccntrnl
Cable office of the Western Union is in
receipt of edvices from Nugaskl lay
ing that telegraphic i ''inuiunicn tittn
wiih S imonosekl and beyond is in
terrupted. Shimonoseki is the most important
strategic point in Japan.
no solace" f5rquseh lil
Ctaveland Sends a Mesasirs to Congress
That Doesn't Cheer Her.
Washington, July 21. The president
sent a messnge to congress today stat
ing that Q'leen Lil'Hikalnni had earn
estly n quested the United States uot to
recognize the republic.
Minister Willis; the message said, had
informed Mr. Parker, the queen's last
minister of foreign aff-iiirs, that he
thought the fenale resolution hot to
interfere was tho final action of that
They Had Been at a Picnic and Wcro
Upset While Rowing Across
the Susquehanna.
Fl'tciul to Ihe Scranton Tribuna.
Plymouth, July 24 At 11 30 o'clock
InBt evening Shadrock Lewis, William
Thomas aud Jack Richards, John
Salonis, Mike TVlaiidis and Char in im
Sargazish and tbr-ie Lithuainns, whose
names could not lie learned, started to
row across tho Susquehauna river at
this place. All bud been to it picnic
aud were intoxicated. During tue trip
across the boat Was upset aud the tuuii
dumped into the water. Lewis, Rich
ards uud Thomas uud the three mon
whom names could not bo learned man
aged to swim asnore, but Telandis,
Salonis anil S.-.rgazish could not swim
and were drowned.
As early us 3 o'clock this morning
divers and men with grappling irons
began seurchiug the bod of the river for
the men. At 2 30 o'clock Salonis' body
was recovered and about teu minutes
later, Telandis was found. At 5 o'clock
the laif body was recovered. The cor
oner will hold an inquest tomorrow.
The Walter Wellman Arctic Expedition
Reported to Have Been Crushed
in the Glacial Floes.
London, Juiy 24 Carl Siewwers
v.iiits to tbi! Standard tliat he is in ra
ceipt of udvkes from Norway that
leave little doubt that the Wellman
arctic expedition is lost. Experienced
kiupt.ra just jvtumei from the Spitz
Urgm seas . eipivss Uia sain opinion
auu Colonel I'Y.ddia,;, who accompany
ied Captaiu Nures' exp's.litioi in ld75,
shares this bilu-. Toe Pall Ma LI (ia
zelte Is in mcsipt of similar advices
rom Fronuol.
Arctia skijipera report that the flow
of pack Ice uud its density this summer
would prove irresistible to any vtsael,
however strong. They Udieve thut tho
Raguvald Jurl bus beau vrusbed iu the
ice aud express the belief that there is
a remote cLauce that the mean bars of
the Wellman expedition have bbeu
saved by maosging to git upon an ie
Hoe, iu which cose they believe that
the explorers are in a uiott dangereus
position., as it is most probable that
the Ragnvaid Jurl was crushed with
out warning.
Drowning Accident in Which Fiv Llvws
Wars Generously Saonflo.d.
Colfax, Wash., July 24. Three
young men were drowned while bath
ing in the Sualce river, three miles be
low Penewawa. One called for help
ind tho others swuia to his assistance.
The throe grappled in the water, sink
ing simultaneously.
Fiva Women Go Eoyond Their Depth
nnd Thraa Drown.
Fresno. Cal July 24 Fivo women
went bathing last evmiug iu the San
Joaquin river, near Portland. One got
beyond her depth and iu attempting to
rescue bur three of the others were
carried iuto uu eddv and drowned.
His Appointment Mad Eolly on
Ground of Fltiio.s.
Washington, July 24. -There lins
been h good deal of comment in naval
circles on the selection of Captain Rob
ley D. Evans, who stands almost at tho
loot of the line of captains, to com
mand the armored cruiser New York,
the finest sen command in the navy,
and a prizn which was tongh't by many
other officers.
Secr'-t i ry Herbert today said thnt he
had hinis-lf selected Captain Evans
for this command on the ground of ab
solute fitness, without consultation or
suggestions from any one.
Koy Ilukowiskl's commonweal nr'hy was
driven trom Clyde, O., at the point of the
lealoAsy caused Tlmniaa i.rown, a Coal
( ity, 111., minor to kill his wife nud com
mit suicide.
Tho governor general prorogued tho
fourth sesMnh of the seventh Canadian
Thirteen escaping convicts at the De
troit, Mich., jail wcro tired ou by the
guards, and all hut two recaptured. ,
The Republican convoutioa of the first
Congressional district of Maine ro-uomi-uato.l
ihoinau II. Hoed for Congress,
Ten-year-old Uertha WAmiug, of In
dianapolis, lad., aVan b-Ve'ir' Of a Viejghs
dog six weMts ago bud d-uttl ouBuuiiay ut
Fifteen meu aud a Inrenwabr of (Jioop'l
uiiu viiibio wo4o i-iu wuetf'-ni .n -oiiuunrst
in the uiouutalus i the PUitm cfiaUWt,
Fred Pfcagler, of A-'liicnga, who has boon
separated from BisAifo.''rtit(ftf(;t(fato
duct his law d until her nt-Juuv. ttni MJo
shot twice by WiUjuin FUtt!ler,
While Mrs. Matilda Schwrtzhuber was
tending bar in her tmsbaAd's Uliiciwo sa
loon the was shot threo tiineg by William
llahn. who then blew bis own bruius out.
J. H. Ilnsa, nu IodJanapqli't, bid., shoe
maker, seiit mohevto briarf trlslweHtiiertrt
from Geruiany, bttt rece'lvou htsi a;iwer
from herhn-lband, Bans hung himself,
Thomas Cletry. nephew of Archhiihon
Cleury, of Kiugstuu, was fo.u.ud.vtaggeriug
about the streets of Cklukgo, aid aied
shortly after beilig taken to a hospital,
lie had beeu draggvd.
Causcus of the Conspirators Shows That tho
Eattlc Is Yet Ou.
All the Others Vow with New Vehe
mence that if tho Tariff El, I Passes it
All It Will Be Substantially in the
Form That It Left tho Senate-Vill
Postpone Indefinitely Before They
Will Yield.
Washington. July 21
7 FEW minutes after 3 o'clock this
A afternoon, after the senrte ad
n j')Ur"e,, 1,10 Democrat sonators
Uu went into caucus for the puruoso
of formulating a programme in regard
to the disposal of tiie tariff biil. For
three hours the discussion continued,
and at the titno without having reached
any conclusion an adjournment was
taken until tomorrow ut the same hour.
Three members of the Democratic
party were conspicuous by their
shsonco from this conference. Thesj
uion wero Senators Hill, Murphy und
Irby, two or whom hns beu said to le
ready to votsagiiinst tiie bill in certain
emergencies, and one, Mr. Hill, who
has time Hiid again declared his oppo
sition to tbo bill bo long as the income
U-x remains a )mrt of it. Every other
senator now iu tho city was present
except Mr. Voorhcjs and Mr. Daniels,
excused by illness.
Mr. Hill was not notified f Cudally ot
the caucus until jii"t a few minutes
before tiie adjourutueut of the senate.
He was then notified iu the cloak room
by tyr. G irman und ri-qiiost?d to be
prpsent. Mr. Hill friuuly told the.
chairman of the caucus that inasmuch
as bo was opposed to the bill and
would do all he could to defeat it so
long as the party saw fit to keep the
incom tax iu it he did not believe he
ought to participate in a conference
t) ut bad for its ol j ct the passage of
the measure and the settlement of party
quarrels. Neither Mr. Murphy nor
My. Irby went ta the caucus and their
absence caused some remark.
Soon after tho caucus convened Mr.
Jarvis, ot North Carolina, offered a
resolution tuut the bill b. sent back to
conference without instructions of any
sort to tho conferees. Tiie conserva
tives, so called, the men who formu
lu.ed the present bill, did none ol tho
talking, but those who did talk weie as
ierious in their advouicy of tho s-u tta
bill us any member of the conservative s
could be und insisted us strenuously
tnat the senate bill should prevail.
Almost all of the debate uud cross Cre
between 8'uators was directeil at Mr.
Vilus in an effort to induce him to
withdraw llis motion to strike out ttio
differential ou tvfined sugar. Mr. Vilas
did not iudicate just what he would do
in this connection, but made a plea for
the administration. Souutors C.ff )iy
and Binuchard said thut they woul I 1.
content if tho senate placed a'llr."
duty of 45 pur cout. ou all sugars raw
aud refined and give the planters half
the bounty for lifOl. This increase in
the duty they Biil would compen
sate them to some t xtent for the less i f
the bounty which the commltteo
promised them should bo given and
which was d. elded upon by the torm.r
Democratio caucus.
If tho senate would not agroo to this
change wnich Mr. Cafl.ay, especially,
said wus of advantage to the growers
of sugar, the Louisiana senators must
insist not only on tha one-eighth of a
cent differential but the bounty tiut
wub promised He went further mid
warned the cauciu that unloia tuis was
done he and his colleague would vote
Hgainst the bill. This sugar talk had
gone this fur when Mr. Smith, of
New Jersey, look tiie flour an 1 nmdo a
short but very effective speech, in
which he the caucus tnat if
the differential rate was disturbed a
rate Which he said had be-u promised
and agreed upon in cations tueu thuro
would bo forthcoming tim necessary
Democratic votes to indefinitely pojt
pone the conference report,
Coal uud iron ore proved to be as in
teresting a subject for others of IIih
southern men us was sugar, Not much
was said ou the su j ;ct. hut what was
said was cmpiiiilio and ctrt lin. Mr.
Pugh, of Alabama, iu a short speech
told his Colleagues that neither of these
articles must lo touched. The pre
vious caucus had agr.-ed to leave tlntn
Oil Ibe dutiable li Jt and hatl fixed tilt
rate, und thut ngn'i'tnenr, he said, must
not bo violated. If it was and the se -ate
conferees receded from the senate
ameudtaents ou those items, he warned
senators that neither he nor his
colleague would support the bill,
sud bo lik wise usnuied lle-in thai
there were other senators who hoji!
ready to vote tno saiuo way, iuannueh
ns tin so three hems coal, iron ore and
sugar wero tho three items of dis
agreement. Nothing elso was iliB
CUssod in detail. The sentiment was
almost Boliilly in favor of the Bnitto
hill. The general feeling among Dem
ocrats of the caucus was that the end
was in si , 'lit and that tbo senate biil
would yet pass safely through the last
legislative stug". and receivo the sig
nature of the presiiieut.
Sepresentativs Tulbort of South Caro
lina Introducsa a Resolution,
Washington, July 24 Mr. Talbort,
of South Carolina, introduce! in the
bouse today the following resolution:
"Resolved That the committee on
coinage, weights and measures be re
quested to bring in at once a bill for
the free coinugo of silver at a ratio of
10 to 1.
Two of th Thran Commissioners Said to
EsVa Dean Chosen.
Washinoton, July 24 It is Btatod
that the president has, iu addition to
Carroll D. Wright, commissioner nt
labor, chosen Judge Lymuu Trumbull,
of Chicago, to servo as members of tho
commission to investigate the Chicago
ll is assorted that as soon as Judge
Trumbull indicates his acceptance, the
comniigsion will be announced.
Wants a Wholenli Tariff Roduotion of
Twnty Ter Centum.
Washington. July 24 Tho tariff
complication led Mr. Hurter, of Ohio,
to draft a com prom is i tariff bill which
he introduced iu the housa today. This
bill provideu that "on and after Sept. 1,
1304, all exh ting tariff taxes or duties
nt herein or otherwise provided for
shall be reduced one-half, provided
such reduction do s not bring them
below 20 per cent., it b-ing tlm inten
tion of thin act to allow a tariff tax tax
or duty of not less than 20 per cent, ad
valorem to r. iiiain upon nil articles
now paying n hi ;h,-r rate.
"On und after S-pt. 1. VW. all fnriff
taxes aud duties in excess ot 12 per cent
ad valorem shall be reduced "to and
collected nt tho uniform rato of 13
per cent. 'l valorem, to which
shall be added international tax-s
and on and after S-'pt. 1, 1.40-1,
a unirorm duty or tax of 1 percent,
per pouud saall bo levied nnd paid
upon all sugars and molasses having
100 degrees of saccharine strength, and
a reduction of one-huudr.'diha of a
c-nt per pound shall bo made for each
degree of Fncchanrie strength below
100 dogrees."
Now in Progress Along Mulbarry
Street Manner in Which the
Pipes Are Laid.
Mulberry street is a scene of activity
with the om ration of the finploye.i of
Contractor Peter Mullen, who is ex
cavating for tiie main pipe of the Econ
omy Steam Heat company. From
Madison avenue to the municipal
building ther is u busy hive of toilers,
some swingiug picks and wielding
jhovels nnd others hauling and ar
ranging the big iron pipes with their
out. r wooden casiugs that will cover
the pipes through which the steam will
Tho main bns already been laid from
the plant on j' ilersou avenue near tho
Johnson breaker, along Jefferson nvo
nue and dowu Mulberry street as far as
Adams avenue.
Tiie ditch in which the pip?s ar laid
h. throe feet wide and six feet deep.
The diggers yesterday near the munici
pal buildiug oncouutertd bu,;a stumps
and roots of trees lual wore reminder
of tha days when that territory was a
swamp. Many pe stopped to
watch the work of tha men in remov
ing thJ slumps, and several were
the comments made of the pro
gress of tbo Electric City. The
steam fitters Hre progressing as
rapidly as the diggers. Tue iron pipe
for the stream is of 8-inch calibw, of
different 1-ngtlis, some being IS, 2J, 22
and 21 feet long, and weighing mi an
average 500 pounds. This pipe fits in
side of u wooden tubing, tin lined,
with a ten-inch bore the circumference
of the tubing is n it quite three foot.
The steam pip3 is first "covered with a
thin layer of asbestos, around ' which
copnr wire is coiled to keep itiu place.
Around the outside of the tubing there
is another layer of asbestos, ou which
is spread u tar coating. Aa soon as the
connections are made the pipes ur'
covered up, and the dirt is tamped
lightly on each aide to allow no play
that might strain any of the joints or
connections and possitly cause an ex
plosion. At every alloy and court there is n
brunch pipe b illing from the main so
that It may bo ix'.en.h d ut nuy tim us
residents desire it. Tiler.) is also a con
nection made i:i the m ,in pipe every
titty feet to which will bo attauhed tho
pipes running to the hnnses. At vari
ous places along tda line stop valves
are put to shut off t'ao steam on the
same principle as in tha water mains
iu esse of mi emergency.
City E.igiuet-r Phillips inspicted the
work yesterday nud was sutisliud with
the progress ot laying tho pipe. Tho
Economy Steam Heat ompauy was re
quired to Inriii .ti h ,oud to the citv
mat tho streets shall ha left in ns good
a condition as before tim work of ex
cavating wus begun.
Phillp.bursr Soft Operators D tn
mine to H d tht Ctiikj.
riiiLirsiuuu. Pa.. July 21 If the
long sink., in this rsgiou is not eff.-c-tnnlly
brol; m by tin end of the week,
it will no: be the fault of tlu opera
tors. Today fifty guards were placed
at the Atlantic shaft, forerunners of u
larga body of new men expooud to ar
rive tomorrow
Captain Clark has been tr.msf rred
from Pnnxsiiia vvney to this section
uud will bo iu command of affairs.
Korean Troors S oka an Uocalltd-f jr
Attack on th- Jipanoe,
Washington, July 24 Mr. Tatono,
the Japanese uidli.iler lute, ti diy re
ceiv d it cablegram from his govern
ment Buying that Korean tiv. p had
made uu nncalled-for attacu upon tbu
Japaues-) soldiers stationed ut Seoul,
the capital, and that their tiro had
been returned by he Japmese troop?.
Willi what result on eithe: Bid re
disiaitch dots not s ly, nor is the d; to
of tiio skirmish gireu
French Canadian Woman of Thirty
Glv. a I ir.h to Tiip'.eti.
MoNTiutAL, July 21 A remurkable
case of tecuudity is reported from Ste.
Genevieve. The wife of Palmer The
oret, a farmer of that place, ha. just
given birth to triplets for the second
lime ia five years, besides baviug twins
on three other occasions
Mrs. Theorct, who is 110 years of ago,
s the mother of seventeen children.
WAsntNOToN, July 24. Forscast
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