The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, July 24, 1894, Page 8, Image 8

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Duck Suits
: Elegant Material, Stylish
Cut, Broad Revers, Proper
Set, Wide Hems, full sweep of
Skirt. Nothing mean or
skimped. Generous value in
every stitch.
. Ladies' Duck Suits
White Ground, with Bine Stripes
: Now $1,79 WeM3.
My Blue Ground, with White
: Dot, Now $2.69 w
ere SJ.75.
Plain Tan, Now $2,98
Were $ 1.
White Ground, either Blue or
Black Figure, Now $3,15
Were ft
Light Blue Ground, with White
Polka Dot, Now $3,25
Were $i.
This value shrinkage is
simply awful, and summer
only half over.
Clark's Green.
Mr. A. D. Copelaud, of Nebraska, a
former resident here, is now visiting ai
ner cousins. Mrs. A. 1. Aclterly, and
other relatives, having been absent for
tome twenty-fire years.
Mr. Williams, of Scranton. bat pur
chased four acres of land adjoining
F. H. Greene's of N. S. D.ivis, ex
oountv superintendent, and will erect
a residence theron at once.
George Wells and family, of Wilkes
Barre, ure spending their vacation with
bin parent', Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Welle.
Howard E. Northup. of StrouJsburg,
arrived here ou Suudiy morning and
will ipend a short time with bis pa
rents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Nortbnp, and
will make a run to tb Falls and Tank
bannock on bis wheel, visiting friends
by the wny.
Mr. Mellon and family, of Dunmore,
who bus been spending a snort time at
J. B. Austin's, roturned home on Fri
day evening last.
Mrs. Freeman Leach and son, of
Chinchilla, called on friends here on
Sunday last.
' E, J. Hinckley has had a very flick
borte, bnt is now much improved.
Mrs. Marcy and daughter, of Dar
yen, are visiting Mr. and Mrs, Albert
.Rev. A. E, DoogUnsand wife, pas
tor of the Baptist church, will take a
four weeks' vaoation, spending their
time with his parents and friend in
Hamilton, N. Y.
. Mrs. O. Chapman gave a birthday
Earty in honor of her daughter, Miss
eah Chapman. Anions those present
Were the Misses Elleu White, of Ben
ton; Christine Parker, of Waverly;
Grace Is by, Marian and Evelin Mat
thews, Annie and Lillie Kibble, Ivu
Cntierson, Vida Bostido, Mary Marcy,
of Dnryea; Carrie and Mary Wells,
Mary Stanton, Jetale Mead and Hattie
Mead. Presents were in order and
several very fine ones received. It was
a very enjoyable affair.
Rev. F. H. Parsons gave a very able
and exhaustive discourse hereon Sun
day evening last on the life and char
acter of the founder of Mothodi6in,Rev.
John Wesley, to a full audience.
An exciting and Interesting game of
bill was bad on last Siturday after
noon between the Waverly club and
the Clark's Summit Hustlers, resulting
in sixth inning to 87 to 7 in favor of
the Hustlers
. Tomorrow Arcubald Hose company
will bold its excursion to Farview.
Great preparations have been made for
it and judging from the advanoe sale
of tickets it will be very lamely at
tended. Many very interesting features
have been arranged. A team from
Arobbald Hose company will contest in
a tug of war with a team from Andrew
Mitchell Hose company; tbere will be
a base null game and many other
feature that eannot fail to be amus
ing. This evening a grand parade will
be held in which all the hose oompanlei
in the neighborhood will participate.
Every one who can should attend the
excursion tomorrow.
P. P. Jordan, of Scranton, was in
town Sunday.
. MIibis Mary and Tillie Nealon, of
Carbondale, have returned after a
pleasant two week's visit with their
cousin, Miss Sadie Sweeney,
Misses Mamie Brown and Katie
Cawlejr, of Hyde Park, who have been
visiting Miss Maggie Judge, of Pine
street, have returned home.
My phvsicun aid I could not live, my
liver out of order, frequently vomited
greenish mucous, akin yeilow, email dry
umore on face, stomach would not ratal a
food. Burdock Blood Bitters enred me.
Mrs. Adelaide O'Brien, 378 Exchange
street Buffalo, N. Y.
Alderman D. M, Williams, or Providence,
Honored at the Carnarvon Eisteddfod.
The Royal National "Song Festival of
the Bards of Wales Attracts Thou
sands of Auditors, Who Feast on
Melody and Are Made Glad by Im
posing Ceremonials Details of One
of the Epochal Commemorations of
the Land of Cambria.
Special Cvrrcsjionihuc?.
London, July M
WNEmore royal national eistedd
II II fod is o'er and royalty has c ist
Mil its benignant suiilo on the old
zs land of Cambria and everything
still goes on the same. The ancient and
historic town of Carnarvon, the birth
place of the first Prince or Wales gave
n lnngmhcent reception to its present
figure bead, and in the old historic Cas
tle eqnare udimtted the iiriuue and his
family into the mystic circle of the
famous Welsh bards.
The spectacle was one nevor to be
loratotten. Ihe Arch Drnid-Clwyd-fardd.
a spruae youug man of 91 years.
appeared iti tall headgear resuiblini a
uishop s mitre and a flowing whito robe
or casumere una with massive
sword in band performed the eer
emouy. Sir John Puleaton, formerly a
next door neighbor to Scranton, in the
years when be editod the Pittston Ga
zette, introduced the prince, who was
initiated as "lorwerth Dywysog" (liJ
warl, the prince). The priuueis, in
trod lined by the bishops of Bangor an 1
St. Asaph as "Hoffder Prydain (Bri
tain's delight), the Princess Victoria,
introduced by Lord Peurbyn as ''Bud
dui"(the queen of the Iceni) The
prince was more than delighted with
the magnificent welcome and expressed
pis regret tuat he was not able to reply
iu their own language.
iue eisie.idioii w.ig iielii in the pa
vilion erected at a cojt or $l:j,0UU and
often was well filled. A few featiirm
worth noting were the "literary Welsh
policemen. "cirriej the literary blue rib
bon of the eisteddfod for the third time.
Charles Ashton, the Dinas Mawddy
polica officer is a wonderful man hav
ing succeeded in vanquishing highly ed
ucated opponents in the es.iay on "The
poems of lulo Gocn wicb historical and
critic 1 notes thereon." The priz
was '.j0.
The cnief choral contest took place
in the presence of I) 000 spectators. I'll)
best piect s being Mendelssohn's chorm,
"All Men A',1 Thiuga," and J. II.
Purry's 'Yd Ynys Wen." The adjuli
cators comprised the flower ot the
British profession, viz: Caldicoff Emlyn
Evans, PeiiewddUwniin.J. II. Roberts.
and C. F. Lloyd LEion). The first
prize of J7o0 was taken bv the Rhvmnev
United choir and the secoud of $123 by
the Cardiff Choral union. The sui'j -ct
for the "coronet competition" was 1.000
Hues on Lord Tennyson and was won
by Rev. Ben Davies. Congregational
minister, Ystalyf era. who was crowned
with the silver coronet with great pomp.
The second choral competition wan
the rendition of the glee "Djisyliad y
Wawr a Welsh -American piece the
author of the words being D. M.
Williams of your city. The priz of
$250 being carried off by the Holy
head Harmonic society. Out of the
multitnde of poems the fallowing are
certuinly worthy of reproduction. Dy-
ted .Lewis sang to his highness the
Welsh version of "God Bless the Prince
of Wales."
Ar Dwys-o-g gwlad y bryniau
0 boed ir nefuedd weu
Koi iddo, gyda ciioron,
Ei bendiih ar el ben.
Pan syrthjo'r aur-wialen,
Pan elo uii ir nef,
Y net a ddalio i fyny,
Ei law frenhinol ef.
The world famed Lewis Morris then
expressed his sentiments to his high
But who come here?
A long expected guest.
After those silent centuries long,
A Prince of Wales occe more.
As in those uuforgntten days of yore
Ana witn mm smiling comes, gracious,
The fairest mother Cymric eyes have soen.
And young lives, too, iu whom wo joy to
Their mother's royal grace.
The great annual event of the eis
teddfod is the "chair competition."
the subject of the odo this year being
fteir oacritice. .Anita intense excite
ment the adjudicators declared that
Aristides" was the successful bard.
and the fortunate owner of the nom de
plume was requested to stand if pres
ent. A moment afterward, a form
Was aeon upstanding, and amidst deaf
ening cheers the well known features
of Elvet Lewis, Congregational minis
ter of Llanelly, were recognized. "El
vet" wus then conducted by the bards,
the eisteddfod band playing, "See the
Conquering Hero' Comes,' handker
cbieti wildly waving, cheers upon cheer
rent tbe air, and for a lew moments the
immense pavilio.i was a pandemonium
of noise. Arrived ut the groat oak
chair, the venerable arch-drnid for
mally chaired the bard by declaring
"peaoe with the uplifted sword and
handing over the chair us a trophy.
Miss Mnry Thomas sang the chairing
song. "Cymrn Ffydd," and thus closed
tbe chairing scent of 1891: one more
added to the hundreds which have
been so impressively enacted amid tbe
wild mountains of Wales. Owen.
Would you ride on a railroad that uses
no danger Bignalsf That cough is a signal
of dancer. The safest cure is Dr. Wood's
Norway Pine Hyrnp. Sold by all dealers
on a guarantee ot satisfaction.
Rev. F. A. MutUsou. castor of the
Baptist church, was unable to fill the
pulpit Sunday on account of sickness
Martin Devaney, of Buffalo, N. Y ,
hat ben spending a few days with his
parents here.
Charles Page, who is engaged at
Brooklyn. Pa., scent Sundav with
family here.
J. M. Rhodes, president of the Elm
hurst board ot trade, is seriously ill ut
bit home.
F. W. Harlow, editor of the Signal,
'1th his familv. are nnennvinir tlmir
new home on the West Side.
Charles Curtis.' a'contmctor nf Nw
York city, is visiting bis parents in
this place.
J. M. Warren is confined to his homo
with a severe attack of sickness.
The Elmhurst board of trade will
meet at the scboolhouse tonight. V.v.
ery member is requested to be pres
ent, ana nil others Interested.
juiss Maud Atberhold, of Wyoming,
who baa bpen visiting Miss Aldie Sny-
nor, returned iiom Monday.
u'isa J.nnie Wet.rum entertained
ends from Scmnton over Similar.
The following are the late arrivals at
Hotel Elmhurst: William F. Decker,
of. Siroudsburg; Miss Caroline Board
man, of Culais, Me. ; Master W. Sun
ford Mulford, of Montrose; Miss Rma
Keen, of Honeedale; Welcome Suovsr,
II. Graco Jenkins, J. Harry Chapman,
Mr. and Mrs. Horace E, Hind and
child. Mrs W. J Mnliord, Miss Nellie
F. Cooke, Miles T. Hand, Misi Anna
M. Hand, W. J. Ford and wife, Mrs.
Urlght, George L Breck and wife, G.
William Breck, Fred .. AtusJen and
wire, Prolessur E. E. Sonthworth,
Samul Haintor and wife, F. C. Mc-Ke-
It. Earnest Oomegyn, of Scrantou;
J. E. Reynolds, of Berwick, Hermon
Bergboltz, of Ithaca, N. Y.
M. E. Miller won the medal at the
Gun club snoot at their.South Strouds
burg grounds Friday afternoon. Eight
entered the contest which r -suited as
follows; M. E Miller, hit 13, misW
8; C. M. Brownell. nil 8, ruis-ed 7; W.
C Coollmugh, hit8 nilased 7; Milton
L mh. bit 7. missed 8; II. V. Kistler.bit
7, missed 8; George W. Born, hit 7.
missed 8; J. W. Purrington. hit 0.
missed 9; John llngerty, hit 0, mimed 9
A telegram received late Friday af
ternoon from Wells, Minn., stated
that Nortou Decker's brother, Frank,
has taken a favorable turn now and
has a slight chance for recovery. A
specialist has been sunt for and bis de
cision will be- made today. Harvey A.
Decker arrived nt Wells Friday.
Francis E. Holler, formerly with
John T. Stoiz, of Brolheadsville, but
now a member of the faculty ot the
Pierce College of Business in Philadel
phia, was in town Thursday.
Mrs. Jacob Hunger mid two daugh
ters, of Newark, N. J., are the guests
of Mayor II. S. Puterbaugh, They
had an enjoyable trip to Like Popon
oining. '
Mrs. S A B'eman, of Philadelphia,
is visiting friendd in this borough.
Miss N. Aluro Walton left for a
visit to her native place, Tom's River,
N. J.
Milton Yetter und family returned
from a trip to Niagara Fails and the
Thousand Islands.
Lawrence Grant loft recently for
Honolulu via New York. lie will be
j lined by ii. B. Bell and wife and Mr.
John Ilenneki, an employe of C. J.
Schwirz, of Est Stroudsbnrg. met
with a painful accident early Satur
day morning, when his uoso was broken
and bis right eye severely injured by a
kick from a horse.
A very pleasant surprise party wns
given Sirs. Bowdon and Mrs. Valen
tine, two well known old ladies of this
borongli. Some of the ladies present
were the oldest in town. During tbe
"veiling prayers were offered by the
R-v. L. B Hoffman and C. D. Brod
hoad. Among the guests were Mrs.
E Ina Van BnslurK, Mrs. Silly Kint
nor. Mm. E, leu Keller, Mrs, Pitts,
Mrs. Emily Crook, Miss Mary Burnett,
Mrs. John Nixon. Mrs. II. Albert, Miss
Albert, Mrs. Steigerwald and Mrs.
Van Dunkirk.
1 lie lawn festival given under the
ntupices of the Ladies' Aid society of
tlio .hast htroudaburg Presbyterian
church Friday nigiit was a most suc
cessful affair and quite a sum was
realized from the sale of refreshments.
The lawn whs brilliantly lighted and
presented a pretty appearance, A largo
number attended.
Tub blackberry crop will be much
lessoned this season in consequence of
tn sevore drought or the past mouth
which dried up the vines and berries to
a great extent. To this same caus is
attributed the short season of raspherry
linn me curtailment or the supply or
former years.
Arthur Shotwell, of Andover, N. J .
is in town the guest of J. A. and J. H.
Shot well. II; came byway of Port
Jervis, having muds the run, forty-Vjvo
nine.', in mree iiours nun eleven trlin-ut-!B.
Roe Shotwell returns with biui
for a week's outing iu Jersey.
James tl. Goodalo. ot Mlddletown.
Orange county, N. Y . is in town. He
has been visiting Mr. Frutchey, of
Miss Mary Slienurd, president of the
Pennsylvania Women's Cnristian asso
ciation, who lectured in the Presby
terian church Thursday nighi.returned
last night and delivered a public lec
ture upon the sublet of "Practical
Temperance, the Drink Evil and How
to Overcome Its Havages. She ap
peared at Grand Army of the Republic
Miss Bert Mirev, of Stroudsbnrg. is
spouding a few weeks at Mount B duel.
the guest of Iter cousin, Miss Marie
I el leer.
Clarence Klaer. of Stroudsburg. is in
Milford on a two week' visit.
Miss Belle Hill left for a visit" to
friends in Burlington, N. J.
John lngrahnm and wife, of West-
field, N. J., are the guests of George
E. Siauffer.'
A social dance was given at the resi
dence of Fred Hollecker iu East
Irauk II. Miller is spending bis va
cation at Pittston Wiikos-Burre and
E'ie Railroad comuanv naid thtir
f n.plnyi s yesterday.
:uiss liatlo iJaco is visiting Scranton
friends this week.
Miss GrilRH Huirlnv nf Pinnnn atraat
loft Saturday fur a visit with frinmlJ
in Elkdhle.
Alias Sirali MnHrimh nf ftnrftaM
avenue, is visiting her brother, F. E.
mcuoiiid. nt bcranton.
II. C LUltlur left vesterdnv fnr nn pt.
trndod visit through the easu-rn states
Miss Mav Ulinnr und Urnthor Ar.
thur, of Wyoming street, are visiting
friends iu Green Kidge.
Mothenl Mothral! Mothsrtlll
llrs. Winslow's Soothiug Svrun has been
used lor over fll'ty years by millions of
mothers for their children while teething,
with perfect success. It soothes the child,
softens tbe gums, nllays all pain; cures
wind colic, and is the best remedy for dl
errhooa. Kold by di uggists in every part
of tho world. He sure and ask for "Mrs.
Wlnslow's hoothing Syrup," and take no
no other kind. Twenty-live cents a bot
tle. Honesdalc.
Mrs. Frauk Harms hus returned to
her home In Rending after a long visit
with her parents, Mr. and Mr. Cog
gins. 'Ihe stock of jewelry of Charles P.
Eldred hat been purchased by Charles
Spencer, who will op;n up the store
until lately ocaupied by Mr. Eldred,
near the postoflica. Mr. Sponoer is
well known, having tormerly bven
with Charles Petersen.
Miss Muy Conrtright, nf Hawlev. h
visiting at the home of Goorge Wood
ward. Miss Mary E. Box, of Buffalo, and
Miss Kate Conklin, of Binghamton.
who have ben tbe gut-eta of Miss
Holmes, left here yesterday.
Miss Nell Charlesworth, of Scranton,
is visiting her brother, Edward Charles
worth, Mr. Hunt, of Scranton, passed Sun
day in town.
After elndirtif nm ufliiviM for anveral
days, the Oliver brothers. C.iarlti and
Tamer, who ussaulUd the man Toolie
at Duryea a few evening a:o. were ar
rested and takeu before 'Squire Gilboy
oi mat place yenterday tor a bearing.
After hearing testimony, bis honor da
cided to hold the prisoutrt in $3,000
uau eacu. John Dills qualified for the
amount in both instances.
The official result of the receipts of
iue picnic held in Oregon grove, July
4'h, bv tbe congregation of St.
John's (R. C) church, shows the
amount to tie $1,114 47,
John G. B-nd-r. of Frothingham
street, died at 5 o'clock Sunday even
ing. He was 00 years old. The funeral
will take place this afternoon at 3
o clock, and will be iu charge of W. A.
Nugent post. Grand Army of the Re
public. No. 215. Denartmant of Pann
sylvanla, of which the deceased was a
member. The services will be con
ducted at the house and the remains
will be interred iu Pittston cemetery.
The statement of the Miliars' Savin
bank, of this place, published under
uumoiduiy 13. shows the Institution
to be in a healthy and flinrisbing con
dition. It shows a Riirnlu and nrnfit
account of $100 1!H ,V3, and deposits ag
gregating If'J j.) 790. 87.
Yesterday and last eveniug were un
usually nvoiy about town in conse
quence of the circus. The show gave
two performances, one in the afternoon
and the other in the evening, both of
which wore well n.itroni)J. Tun ner-
formance was good, clean and wnole-
somo throughout und apparently gave
good satisfaction. One of the most in
teresting as well as uleuainu features
of the performances was the trick
manoeuverlngs of about a dozen dogt
Their antics pleased both old and
youug unite, and caused frequent out
bursts of laughter.
The town council met in sneclal ses
sion in the Town hall last evening for
ine purpose or considering the paving
and sewering of tbe town and to bear
the report of the committee having the
opeuiug ot tne proposed street at the
rear of the prop rties abutting on the
east side of Mum street. All members
were present except Tlgue and Kear
ney. The comtuittue reported favora
bly concerning the opening of the
street. Communications received from
the Sicilian Asphalt company of New
York city. Muck Manufacturing com
pany of Pittsburg, aud Canton Brick
Exchange company of Canton, O., in
viting eight members of council to
visit the principal cities of the
east and west at their expense,
were read and immediately accepted.
A motion prevailed instructing the
secretary to notify the several compa
nies that the council was willing and
would be in readiness as soon lis the
tickets arrived. Borough Solicitor
lioli an stated for the information of
the council that from what he could
learn it wonld cost ih borough in the
neighborhood of $13,030 for its share of
tbe paving to be done on Main street.
Such being the caso it was evident
that the borough could not at the pres
ent time sewer the town.sinc it would
coat something like $100,000, Mr.
Donnelly seeing the dilemma tbe bor
ough was placed iu for the lack of
funds, stated for the instruction of
those present that there were several
o ipitalislsof the town ready toorganiz.t
a couip my for the purpose and that the
company would be willing to put in
the sewer at a rate of 0 per cent, inter
est ou the money invested, subject to
such conditions as the council might
see tit to impose. Mr. Donnelly took
occasion to say that he was not talking
as au attorney for any compuny,
neituer was no interested any more tbau
he was speaking for the public good.
He further stated bo was not in favor
of any outside company getting the
contract while there were large prop
erty owners who ttood ready to organ
ize a company on the above conditions,
the borough to take the full
control of the same at -each
time as it felt tbe funds would warrant
it. Mr. Heunigan intimated that
the motive back of the scheme was
a mercenary one aud calculated to en
rich the few interested and not tbe en
lire borough, as Mr. Donnelly endeav
ored to make his auditors believe. Mr.
Clifford in order to bring tbe discus
sion to a close made a motion requesting
the capitalists of the town to oj pres
ent at the next moetiug und to decide
npon some definite ulati. After ar
ranging to meet tomorrow evening the
meeting adjourned.
A lamp that exploded in the house
of Jos.'pu Bryden on Railroad street
last evening about 10 o'clock caused au
ilarm of fire to be sounded from box
03 Tbe bli-z t was extinguished with
out the aid of the fire companies.
Spfclmin Crsi.
P. H. Clifford, Now Cassel, Wis., was
troubled with neuralgia and rheumatism,
bis stomach was disorderod, bis liver was
all'octed to au alarming degree, appotite
fell away, and bo was terribly reduced in
Hi eh and strength. Three bottles of Elec
tric Bitters cured him.
Edward bhepbord, Ilarrisburg, 111., had
a running mroon his leg of eight years'
standing. Used three bottle i of Electric
bitters and seven boxes of Buck ten's
Arnica Halve and bis leg is ound aud
well. John Speaker, Catawba, O., had
hv lnrzo fevor sores on his leg, doctors
said he was iucurahle. One bottle Electric
Bitters aud one box Bucklou's Arnica
On Wednesday evening, AuguU 1.
a drama entitled "Ruinol by Dritik"
will be presented in tbe Odd Fellows'
hall, Dunmore, by members of the
Loyal Lgion. The proceeds are to be
expended for the erection of a drinking
fountain at the comers. The fountain
will be for the accommodation of man
and beast. Tickets can be obtained at
J. G. Bone's drug store or any meniler
of the legion, tho admission having
been placed ut tbe low price of Si)
! Priecburg.
John Toole, the young man who was
brutally assaulted by lha Oliver broth
ers at Dnryea last week, was a former
resident of this place. His parents are
residing here at present. ,
Harry Norris and family, who have
beon residsnls of this town for several
years, left last Friday for New York
where they will embirk on the first
available steamer for England on tin
Bcccham's pills are for
biliousness, bilious headache,
dyspepsia, heartburn, torpid
liver, dizziness, sick head
ache, bad taste in the mouth,
coated tongue, loss of appe
tite, sallow skin, when Caused
hy constipation: and consti
pation is the most v frequent
cause of all of them.
Book free: oills' 2e:c. At
drurrstorcs.or write li.F. Allen
Co.,365 Canal St., New York.
extended visit to friondsin their native
Martin Neary, formerly of this town
bnt now of Wilkes-B.rre. spent tbe
Sabbath with friends m town.
The Delaware und Hudson depot was
burglarized again on Friday night and
a case of men's shoes atolen.
Miss Annie Owens, of Honesdale,
who has been on a visit to relatives
here, returned home on Monday.
A large delegation of our fire laddies
attended the picnic at Tbroon, for the
benefit of tbe firs company which bat
been organized in that new and thriv
ing borough.
Reese M. Thomas.of Plymouth, spent
the past few days as the guest ot his
coubIu, Mrs. Isaac Davis, of Hallstead
u venue.
Mrs. Joseph Archer, of Scranton,
called ou friends in town yesterday.
Miss Annie Biseicker loav-'s tomor
row morning for Massachusetts to p r
manently reside. At the meeting of
the Christian Endeavor society of the
Methodist Episcopal church on Sunday
night resolutions were adopted wish
ing her abundant success.
The Ladies' Aid society of the Welsh
Congregational church IsJ preparing
to hold a fair at an early ditt;.
Isaac Benjamin and Elias Evans, of
Forest City, were iu town on Saturday
Taylorville lodge, No. 403, Kaighta
of Pythias, will picnic today at Web
er's park.
The Electrics, of Taylor, wfll play
the Unions, of Hyde Park, on the
grounds back of the gradid school
house on Wednesday afternoon. It is
hoped tbe homo team will put up the
article of ball they are capable of do
ing, and not play tbe listless game thev
did last Frid iv.
Edward D. Davis, of Middle street,
was surprised on Friday Light, the oc
casion being bis twenty-third birthday
anniversary. Refreshment wore served
at 11 o'clock, games were played, aud
all parted for their homes ut an early
hour hig'ily elated at the excellent
time provided.
Thomas Evans, a young man of this
town, preached at the Calvary Baptist
churoh on Sunday night.
Ray Morgans entertained a number
of her friends last night.
Mrs. John A. Jones and daughter
Ella are homo irom Ocenn Grove.
The clerks of this borough weut to
Jermvn lust Friday uud were left to
the tune of 23 to 10
El MeLiugblin and Patrick Joyce
will run a foot race this after
noon ou the Scranton Drivim? nrk for
$100 a side, distance 100 yards.
Mrs. Nora PieUering has retnrued
from visiting friends at Susquehanna.
Mr. and Mrs. Sinnh An Tfitnhlu nf
Carboudale, spent Sunday with friends
iu town.
John Jlivne. Of Nantieolcp. anrl Mian
the guests of Miss Lizzie and William
owaies iasi isunuiiy.
Mr. and Mrs. William Sykss. of
Green Ridge, visited with the lattcr's
iiunr, aire. r. snedicor, lust Sunday.
Mrs. Edward Davis nml M
nn Af ra A h.
. T-v . , .
uer uavi.s nere yesterday.
Mrs. Primer and Mrs. Jeffers, of
hcrauton. visited with Mr lTnrv
Oborts last Sunday.
Manager Swift, of the Scranton Base
uau ciud, was a visitor iu town vaster
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. T?i y 1 a tit nf XTi
airura. and C. K. Riirlnw nf swuntnn
spem oiinaay as tile guests ot Mr. and
iurn. n. uarner, ot Main street,
Mrs. Brown, of North atrunt: In dan.
gerously ill with neuralgia of the
Charles Oraiir and wiPi li ava nnm
me Doe (I hnnHuL-pptiinfv ut Poll nl fl,-a In
uimui vmiaui lien s nouses.
Mrs. Russell and daughter Minnie,
epein ouuiay at it. j. wrens, ou
iNortu Juain street.
Ml'S. John Stnvnim nml ili,nr-ht..v
Clara, of North stroet, who have heen
visiting the former's friends in Eng
land aud Wales, arrived hnma l-i.t
Saturday evening and report that it
minou mosi 01 in lime they were
tbere. They spent two months be
tween the abovit nlarsa
William O. Berts has had electric
bells put in his bouse
All That's Claimed
" I had a poor appetite, that tired feeling ana
was run down, but Hood's Sarsaparilla has
done nie a great deal 0)
good. I have a better
appetlto and do not
feel tired, I can rec
ommend Hood's Sarsa
parilla as an excellent
spring or fall medicine
to keep tho blood in
order. Myself and
three daughters have
taken over six bottles,
and It has done us
nmeh good. Wo do
not now have to call
upon a doctor, as for
' nierly, In the spring
time, and I can say that
Hood's Sarsaparilla is
all that is claimed for it I most heartily rec
ommend it, and shall always keep It in my
house.1' Aliikiit K inset, Auburn, 1'a.
Hood's Sarsa
parilla Be sure to get fclfeS
Hood's Pilla are tmrelv ver'ct.nhln. .imi iln
lot purge, pain or gripe. Sold by all druggists.
Manufactured at thn Wapwnllopen Mills, Lu
serna county Pa., nndatWU
niinutoii, Uduwvu.
General Agent for th Wyoming District,
118 Wyoming Ave., Scranton Pa
Third National Bank Buildlug.
TITOS. FORD. Pittston, Pa.
iJ8rNJP,,PJ,JTH HON: Plymonth. Pa,
K. W. MULLIGAN, Wilies-ftarra, Pa.
Agents for the Kepnun Cliouiical Com-l-nny'B
High Exi.loulvi
At his newly-renovated aud lirtnsed Hotel a t
CLAKK'S HUMMIT, is now prepared to fur
nish traveling men and soelal parties with
tho LATEST, NEW-HTYLED K1GS, sintrio
or double, to take them to I ake Winola,
Grnvel Pond and all Biilmrban points and
Summer resorts at reasonable prices. A larj e
livery baru oouuoctod Willi notol for travel
ing public
Albert Killiacy
Auburn, Pa.
n ! m
andkerchief Purchase
400 and 402 Lackawanna Avenue.
E have just
at 50c. on the
Ladies' Handkerchiefs, the entire
stock of an importing house retir
ing from business.
Sale Commences Saturday, July 7 -
5c. Handerchiefs, sale at
10c. Handkerchiefs, sale at .
15c. Handkerchiefs, sab at .
25c. Handkerchiefs, sab at .
39c. Handkerchiefs, sab at .
50c. Handkerchiefs, sab at .
T: asssJ s ; wg
We can serve you well. All the
desirable kinds are here and at
right prices. Then we have
other kinds of
Linoleums, Mattings, Art Squares,
Linen Crumb Cloths, k
Byzantine, Smyrna and Orient
Rugs all sizes,
1 .
406 and 408
No tales or history goes with the goods
we sell at our
Odd and End SaSe
You will find money by attending our
Odd and End Sale
It is cheap goodness not cheap cheap
ness that distinguishes our
Odd and End Sale
Figures are eloquent when used to indi
cate the value we are giving at our
Odd and End Sale
From a critical inspector you will turn an
eager buyer at our
Odd and End Sale
Goods marked in plain, large, low figure3.
Odd and
purchased for cash
dollar 32,220 doz.
. 7c.
. uy2c
. 19c.
from a single door
i j. .
Lacka. Avenue.
Building, Carbondale.
End Sale