The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, July 24, 1894, Page 6, Image 6

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lll'vmOHTl004"BY,THC J.B UPPINCOTT Ca,""
Before 7 o'clock that same morning
Captain Choster had conio to the con
elusion that only one courso was loft
opon for hiui. After tho brief talk with
Sloat at tho office ho had increased tho
perplexity and distress of that easily
muddled soldier by requesting his com
pany in a brief visit to tho stables and
corrals, A "square" and reliable old
veteran was tho quartermaster sergeant
who had chargoof those establishments.
Chester had known him for years, 'and
his fidelity and honesty wero matters tho
officers of his former regiment could
not too highly commend. When Ser
geant Park3 made an official statement,
thore was no shaking its solidity. Ho
slept iu a little box of a liouso close by
the eutruueo to tho main stable, in
which wero kept tho privato horses of
several of tho officers, and among them
Mr. Jerrold's, and it was his boast that
day or night no horso left that stablo
without his knowledge. Tho old man
was superintending the morning labors
of the stable hauds and looked up in
surprise at so early a visit from tho of
ficer of tho day.
"Were you hero all last night, ser
geant?" was Chester's abrupt question.
"Certainly, sir, and up until 1 o'clock
or more. "
"Were any horses out during the
night any officers' horses, I mean?"
"No, sir, not one."
'"I . thought possibly some officers
might have driven or ridden to town."
"No, sir. Tho only horses that cross
ed this threshold going out last night
Were Mr. Sutton's team from town.
They were put ap hero until near 1
o'clock, and then tho doctor Bent for
them. I locked up right after that and
can swear nothing else went out. "
Chester entered tho stablo and looked
ouriously around. Presently his cyo
lighted on a tall, rangy bay horso that
was being groomed in a wide stall near
the doorway.
"That's Mr. Jerrold's Roderick, isn't
"Yes, sir. He's frwli as a daisy too.
Hasn't been out for three days, and Mr.
Jerrold's going to drive tho dogcart
this morning. "
Chester turned away.
"Sloat," said ho as they left tho
stable, "if Mr. Jerrold was away from
the post last night and you heard
me say he was out of his quarters
could ho have gone any way1 except
afoot after what you heard Park say?"
"Gouo in tho Suttous' outfit, I sup
pose," was Sloat's cautious answer.
"In which event ho would have been
seen by the sentry at tJbo bridge, would
he not?"
"Ought to have been certainly."
"Thenwo'll go back to tho guard
house." And wonderingly and uncom
fortably Sloat followed. Ho had long
since begun to wish he had held his
peace and said nothing about the con
founded roll call. Ho hated rows of any
kind. Ho didn't like Jen-old, but ho
would have crawled ventre a terre across
the wido parade sooner than see a scan
dal iu tho regiment ho loved, and it
was becoming apparent to his sluggish
faculties that it was no mere matter of
absence from quarters that was involv
ing Jerrold. Chester was all afiamo
over that picturo business, he remem
bered, and the whole drift of his present
Investigation was to prove that Jerrold
Was not absent from his post, but ab
sent only from his quarters. If so, whero
had ho spent his timo until nearly 4?
Sloat's heart was heavy with vaguo ap
prehension. Ho know that Jerrold had
borne Alice Renwick away from tho
party at an unusually early hour for
Buob things to break up. Ho knew that
he and others had protested against
such desertion, but she declared it could
not be helped. Ho remembered another
thing a matter that ho thought of at
the time, only from another point of
view. It now seemed to havo signifi
cance bearing on ' this very matter, for
Chester suddenly asked:
"Wasn't it rather odd that Miss
Beaubien was not hero at tho dance?
She has never missed one, scorns to me,
Bince Jerrold began spooning with her
last year. " -'Why,
she was hem"
VSho was? Are you sure? Rollins
never spoko of it, nnd we had been talk
ing of her. I inferred from what ho
said that'sho was not there at all. And
I saw her drive homeward with her
mother right after parade, so it didn't
occur to me that she could havo come
out again all that distance in timo for
the dance. Singular! Why shouldn't
ttollinj havo told mo?"
Sloat grinnod. A droary sort of smile
it was too. "You go into socioty so
seldom you don't see those things. I've
more than half suspected Rollins of be
ing quite roady to admire Miss Beau
bien himself, and sinco Jerrold dropped
her bo has had plenty of opportunity. "
"Great guns! I nover thought of it!
If I'd known she was to be there, I'd
have gone myself last night How did
she behave w Miss Renwick?"
"Why, sweet und smiling and chip
per as you please. If anything, I think
Miss Renwick was cold and distant to
her. I couldn't mako it out at all. "
.."And did Jerrold dance with her?"
,"Ouce, I think, and they had a talk
out on tho piazza just a minuto. I
happened to bo at the door and couldn't
help seeing it, and what got me was
this: Mr. Hall came out with Miss Ren
wick .on his arm. Thny wero chatting
and laughing ns they passed me, but
tho moment she caught sight of Jerrold
and Miss Beaubien she stopped and
sdid: 'I think I won't stay out hore.
It's too chilly, or something liko it,
arid went right in, and then Jerrold
dropped Miss Beaubien aud went after
her. He just handed tho yorjig lady
over to me, saying ho was engaged for
the next danoe, and skipped."
""How did she like that? Wasn't Bhe
"No. That's another thing that got
me. fihe smiled after him, all sweet
ness, and woll, she did say: 'I connt
upon you. You'll bo there, ' and ho nod
ded. Oh, sho was bright as a button
after that!"
"What did she moan? Bo 'where,' do
you suppose? Sloat, this all means inoro
to mo und to us all than I can explain. "
"I don't know. I can't imagine."
"Whs it to see h r again that night?"
"I don't know at all. If it was, he
fooled her, for ho never went near her
again. Rollins put her in tho carriage. "
"Whose? Did sho come with tho .Sut
tous?" "Why, certainly. I thought vou knew
"And neither oldMme. Beaubien nor
Mrs. Suttou with them? What was tlie
old squaw thinking of?"
By this timo they had neareil the
guardhouse, whero several of tho men
wero seated awaiting tho call for the
next relief. All arose at the ulumfc of
tho sentry on No. 1 turning out tin
guard for tho officer of tho day. Chester
made hurried and impatient acknowl
edgment of the salute aud callo.l to the
sergeant to send him t!io sentry who
was at tho bridge at 1 o'clock. It turned
out to bo a yon:ig soldier who had en
listed at tho post only six mouths before
and was already known as one of the
most intelligent and promising candi
dates for a corpoi'alship iu the garrison.
"Wero you on duty at tho bridge at
1 o'clock, Carey?" asked the captain.
"I was, sir. My relief went on at
11:45 and camo oif nt 1:45. "
"What persons passed your post dur
ing that time?"
"There was a squad or two of men
coming kick from town on pass. I halt
ed thorn, sir, and Corporal Murray came
down and passed them in."
"I don't menu coming from town.
WTho went the other way?"
"Only ono carriage, sir Mr. Sut
ton's." "Could you see who wcru in it?"
"Certainly, sir. It was right under
tho lamppost; this end of the bridge that
I stood when I challenged. Lieutenant
Rollins answered for them and pie-sed
them out. Ho was sitting bc.-ido Mr.
Sutton as they drove up, then jumped
out and gave me tho countersign and
bade them good night right there."
"Rollins again," thought Chester.
"Why did ho keep this from me?"
"Who wero iu tho carriage?'' ho ask
ed. "Mr. Sutton, sir, on tho front seat,
driving, and two young ladies on the
back seat."
"Nobody else?"
"Not a soul, sir. I could seo in it plain
a3 day. Ono lady was Mi:;s Sutton and
tho other Miss Beaubien. I know I was
surprised at seeing tho latter, because
she drove homo in her own carriage last
evening riht after parade. I was on
po.t there at that hour, too, sir. Tho sec
ond relief is on from 5:45 to 7:45. "
"That will do, Carey. I see your re
lief is forming now."
As tho officers walked away and Sloat
silently plodded along besido his dark
browed senior the latter turned to him:
"I should say that there was no way
in which Mr. Jerrold could have gone
townward last night. Should not you?"
"Ho might have crossed tho bridge
whilo tho third relief was on wl got a
horso at the other side."
"Ho didn't jlo that, Sloat. I had al
ready questioned tho sentry on that re
lief. It was tho third that I inspected
and visited this morning."
"Well, howdoyi.n know ho wanted
to go to town? Why couldn't ho havo
gono up tho river or out to tho range?
Perhaps there was a littlo game of
'draw' out at camp."
"Thcro was no light in camp, much
less a littlo game of draw, after 11
o'clock. You blow well enough that
there is nothing of that kind going on
with Gaines in command. That isn't
Jerrold's game, even if tuoso follows
were bent on ruining their eyesight and
norvo and spoiling the clianco of getting
tho men on the division and army team.-!.
I wish it wjio his gamo instead of what
it is."
"Still, Chester, ho may lnve been out
in tho country somewhere. You seem
bent on the conviction he was up to mis
chief hero around this post. I won't ask
you what you mean, but there's inoro
than ono way of getting to town if a
man wants to viry had. "
"How? Of courso ho can take a skiff
ond row down tho river, but he'd never
bo back in timo for reveille. There goes
0 o'clock, and I must get homo and
shave and think this over. Keep your
own counsel, no matter who asks you.
If yon hear any questions or talk about
shooting last night, you know nothing,
heard nothing ami saw nothing. "
"Shooting last night?" exclaimed
Sloat, all agog with eagerness anil ex
citement now. "Whero was it? Who
was it?"
But Chester turned a deaf ear upon
him and walkod away. Ho wanted to
see Rollins and wont straight homo.
"Why didn't you tell mo Miss Beau
bien was out hero last night?" was tho
question he asked as soon as ho had en
tered tho room whero, all aglow from
his cold bath, tho youngster was dress
ing for breakfast Ho colored vividly,
then laughed.
"Woll, you nover gavo mo much
chauce to say anything, did you? You
talkod nil tho time, as I remember, and
suddenly vanished aud slammed tho
door. I would havo told you had yon
asked mo. " But all the samo it was evi
dent for tho first timo that hero was a
subject Rollins was shy of mentioning.
"Did you go down and boo them across
sentry post?". v
"Certainly. Jerrold asked mo to. Ho
said he Jiad to take Miss Renwick homo
and was too tired to como bank was
going to turn in. I was glad to do any
thing to be civil to tho Suttons."
"Why, I'd liko to know? They have
nevor invitod you to the house or shown
you any attention whatever. You nre
not their style at all, Rollins, and I'm
glad of it It wasn't for their Bnko you
staid there until 1 o'clock instead of
being hero in bed. I wish" rani bo
looked wistfully, earnestly at his favor
ite now "I wish I could think it wasn't
for tho sake of Miss Beaubieii's black
eyes and aboriginal beauty. "
"Look here, captain," said Rollins,
with another rush of color to his face,
"you don't seem to fancy Miss Beau
bien, and she's a friend of mine, and
ono I don't like to hear slightingly Fpo
ken of. You said a good ileal last night
that well, wasn't p!ca:::mt to hear."
"I know it, Rollins. I beg your par
don. I didn't know then that you wero
more than slightly acquainted with her.
I'm au old bat and go out very littlo,
"Why Old n't ymi tell vie MIm T.aiuhW.a
van ant la ic lad vhjli!."'
but somo tlii::g:i are pretty clear to my
eyes, and don't yon ho falling inJovo
with Nina Beaabii n. That is no match
for yon."
"I'm sure you never had a word to
say against her father. Tho old colonel
was a p' rfeet type of tho French gentle
man, from all 1 hear."
"Yes, and her mother is as perfect a.
typo of a Chippewa squaw, if she is
only a half breed and claims to be only
a sixteenth. Rollins, there's Indian
blood enough in Nina Beaubieii's littlo
iingi r to uialce me afraid of her. Sho is
strong as death in love or hate, aud you
must have seen how sho hung on Jer
rold's every word all hist winter. You
must know sho is not tho girl to bo
lightly dropped now." ,
"Sho told mo only a day or two ago
they were the best of friends and had
never been anything else," said Rollins
"lias it gone that far, my boy? I had
not thought it so bad by' any means.
It's no use talking with a man who has
lost his heart. His reason goes with it"
And Chester turned away.
"You don't know anything about it,"
was ail i r Rollins could think of as a
suitable thing to shout after him, and
it made no more, impression than it de
served. As has been said, Captain Chester had
decided before 7 o'clock that but ono
courso lay open to him iu tho matter as
now developed. Had Arniitage been
there he would havo had au adviser, but
there was no other ni.m whoso counsel
ho cared to seek. Old Captain Gray was
as bitter against Jerrold as Chester him
self and with even be iter reason, for ho
knew well tho cause of his littlo daugh
ter's listless manner and tearful eyes.
Sho had been all radiance and joy at tho
idea of coming to Sibley and being near
tho great cities, but net ono happy look
had he seen in her sweet and wistful
faco since tho day of her arrival. Wil
ton, too, was another captain who dis
liked Jerrold, and Chester's rugged
sense of fair play told him that it was
i:ot among the enemies of tho young
officer that ho should now seek advice,
but that if he had a friend among tho
older and wiser heads in the regiment it
was due to him that that older and wis
er head be given a chance to think a lit
tlo for Jerrold's sake. And thero was
not one among the 'seniors whom ho
could call upon. As ho ran over their
names Chester for tho first timo realized
that his cx-snlu;re n had not a friend
among the cap! ;:ii:s and senior officers
now on duty at the fort. His indiffer
ence to duties, his airy foppishness, his
conceit and self t uliieiency, had all serv
ed to create a feeling against him, and
this had been intensified by his conduct
sinco coming to Sibley. Tho youngsters
still kept up jovial relations with aud
professed to liko him, but among the
eniors there wero many men who
had only a nod, for him o:i meeting.
"Wilton had epitomized the situation by
saying ho "had no use for a masher,"
and poor old Gray had one day scowl
iugly referred to him as "tho profes
sional beauty."
In view of all this feeling, Chester
would gladly havo found some man to
counsel further delay, but there was
none. He ft It that ho must inform tho
colonel at onee of tho fact that Mr. Jer
rold was absent from his quaiters i,t
tho time of (he firing, of his belief that
it was Jerroid who struck him and sped
past the sentry in tho dark, and of his
co;iv.ct20H that tho sooner ilio young
ofii.xr was called to account for his
b'rznzc o:iduct tho better. As to the
ppis-des r,f the ladder, fie lights and the
foiv.i at the dormer window, ho meant,
for the present nt least, to lock thorn i:
his heart.
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ACME OIL, the only' fuinily safety
burning oil in the market.
Office! Coal Exchantro, Wyoming Are.
Work at Fins Brout
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W$3k Mm 'V
Thn abovo Irandii of flour enn be had at any of tho following merohonts,
who will accept Thk Tmhune flour coupon of 25 on eooh ono hnndred pound
of flour or 60 on each barrel of flour
fccrnntr,n-P. P Prim, Washington avenao I
Dunmoro-R P. 1'i ico, GoM Moilal ISrarnl.
Jiuimioro F. 1). llimley. Hnporlativo Hrnnl.
llyilo fnrk-Cnrson & Davis, Wip-hburn Bt.
Gold MfJul Hrand; J xciili A. iluiirs, Main
avenue, Suporl.itivo llraiul.
Gr!Bii Hiili;ii-A.lj.Sii'iii:or.(i)M MoilalBrani
J. T. Mulli.lo, Kuii'rlnlivo.
l'lOTidomw l ennur & ClmppeU. N1 Main ave-
noo, Hupi'iUtivo MrandiC. J Uilloipio, W.
Markot atroot, Gold Mudil Drund.
Oljnhiiiit-.liiincs Jonlan. Superlative Brand.
Pifkville Khair-r Kls r BuperlatiVD.
Jermvn- C. L). Winters & Co. fcupci aitttlro
ArohbaM Junes, H lAps'jn Co . Gold Medal.
Carbondnlo-R H. Clark, Gold Medal Brand.
Konesilulc-I. N. Foster & Co. Gold Mudal.
Wiuookn M. H. Lnvelle
Dealer in Clioica Confections and ' Fruits-
1437 Capouse Avenue.
liolesalo and retail dealers' in
That wa will GIVE you b9autiful new pat
terns of Sterling SILVER SPOONS and
FORKS for an equal weight, ounca for ounce,
of your silver dollars. All elegantly en
graved free. A large variety of new pat
terns to select from at
nniercereaii &
"ITo star wa3 ever lost we once have seen,
We always may be what we might have been,"
rl H CM f H ri m rr n R n n k Ri F nk A
m mum mmw m.
Scranton, Pa.
22 and 23 Commonwealth Building.
ill 15
iniiiiMiiloiHii liiraiiliy.
; mdv mini pri'imlil. V Ith
a..1B. i.,.r,iu.l Ihn innnev.
'"EFORtANDAfTEH USING. uoltUer. A.ldru AbUVK SEtDlU., Moaonlo Temple, CUICA00.1U
For Salo in Scranton, Pa., by H. C. SANDERSON, Druggist, or- Washington
inrl Snruce streets.
f " Kenerntlvo
P'-mV xi I ! w n"u,n0,,0' impoteney. Nightly KinianoiiB, 1 outuiui ftirora,
llU'UUi! AM) ll'Utt UlUMd.
rr.Sul byC. M. HAUiU-,, imicln,i,
?. .New disrnverv. Will
fffUAKAN iKR to Cure
kit, wruien
1C1NE CO.,
Forsal by JOHN H. PHELPS,
Spvuee Strtet, Scranton, Pa.
m r a mi ilifi-fiEa ilWiT
The Flour
"CiiiCAdO, Oct 81. Fh first official
innonncsment of World's Fair di
plomas on floor has been mad. A
medal baa been awarded by the
World's Fair judges to the flour manu
factured by tho Washburn, Crosby Co ,
In the great Washburn Flour Mills,
Minneapolis. The committee reports
the flour strong and pure, and entities,
it to rank as first-class patent floor tai)
family and bakers' cm,"
Tarlor-JudRe ft Co., Gold Medal; Athorton
& Co., Superlative.
Duryoa Lawrenuo Htore Co., Gold MedaL
Moonic Julin McC'rindle, Gold Modal
Pittston-M. W. O'Boyle, Oold Medal.
Clark's Greon-Frace & Psrkor, Superlative.
Clark's Kuinmit-K. M. Vounr, Gold Medal.
Ualton-9. E. Finn & Sou, Gold Medal Bini
MieholHon-J. E. Hnnlin
Waverly-M. W. BUsb As Son, Gold Medal
Factoryville-Charles Gardner, Gold Medal
Hopbottoin-N. M. Finn & Son, Gold Medal.
Tobyliauna-Tobyhanna & Lehigh Lumbjf
Co.. Gold Medal Brand.
flonldsboro-S A. Adams. Gold Melal Brand
Moncow-Oaixe ft ClomoHts, Gold Medal.
Lake Ariel James A. Bortree, Gold Medal
Forest City-J. L. Morgan ft Co., Gold Med a.
WaKonmakers' and Blacksmtthi'
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ciihcii, alien as w e.ia memory, i,oj or Brain rower, lleuilacue, waKeiuimn.
l,iKtMnnlioHt,Nlit!itly KmlKsliinii, NervouaneiH.alidraliiannd loite( power
In (ieiieratlveOrans of either sexcaanedtiy overexertion, yoothftil error,
eiriwlvo use of tnhacco. onlumoratlniulnnta. which lernl lo InflrmltT.Con.
('anhoe:irrleillnTtDoeltpt. HI ner box, 6 f or .
a 5 onler wo lve a wrIOen a"iiarmle lo eur
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for nervous nrostmtlon nnd nllnervotiadlaeuark of
ormns of either (ex. auch n Nerrone PnwtratHn. 1eU.
Mental Worry.eiceialve use of Tolmcio or 0ilura, which lead to Con.
aumiiilon ana lnaanltv. With nmr. K.4nnier we lvo a written suae.
ntiteetticure orrutuml the money. Sold at Sl.OO perbox. O hoxot
juj ruu Avtiuuu.
LOST VIGOR vnn nnln a Week oH with WRITTrtI
Nervju. Delnlitv. I.oaa of Heiual Power in eith.i...
M S ml.
Involunt.rt Kmlaiioui from any ciniw. If ni'glMted, aucb trouble! lead I,
coiiaiiniptitin or Itr, ll.iHiper luii by mail, 6 bwafor e. with ev. r '
Cluvel.uii. Ohio.
uuaxatiiee lo cure vr rwiuuu vu money, aeut
Pharmacist, cor. Wyoming Avnu and