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V. JI. LOOM IS, A.M., Principal.
The Oozette of Saturday contained
en excellent double column cut of
John Lelsenring, candidate for the
nomination of congressman on tbe Re
publican ticket this fall. If goo
looks, combined with intelligence count
for anything, Mr. Leisenring should
bare no trouble in reaching tbe goal of
his ambition.
' One of the most contented and pleas
ant appearing individuals to be seen on
these miserable hot July days is George
S. lerrls, candidate forjudge of the
orphan's .court on tho Republican
ticket. Mr. Ferris, while apparently
taking things eool manages, neverthe
lets, to keep posted on the political
moves being made in all parts of tbe
county. Tbe nomination of Mr. Fer
ris means his election beyond a doubt,
und knowing bis fitness, Tim Thiiiune
takes especial pride in predicting for
bim a brilliant victory,
i The. trolley line on Main street was
. completed as far as tbe National House
Saturday night This morning tin
work of paving along the nils has been
awmrdr.d to John Tait, of this, at
14 cents per yard, ine trolley wirn will
not be extended from the West End for
trie present.
Washburn's circas will exhibit this
afternoon and evening on Broad street.
John A. Gillespie, Pittston manager
of tbe Scranton Truth, accompanied by
his brother, William, and Hoston Pow
ers, left Saturday Dight for New York
and the sea shore on a two weeks' trip.
' Patrick Rowan, an employe of the
ftehlgh Valley road, while passing Cog.
gins' confectionery store on South
Maiu street, Saturday mpming about 2
o'clock, was surprised to discover the
store brightly lighted, and the form o
S youth actively at work ransacking
the money drawer. Rowan informed
Chief Loftus, who hurried to tbe scene.
The thief attempted to escape, but was
surprised a suddenly that he fell an
easy prey to tbe officer. The robber
proved to be yoong Cswley, of Port
Griffith, who was captured by Detec
tive George Brown sometime ago while
fleeing from the Lehigh Valley depot
with the contents of tbe money drawer.
Speolmeo Cases.
8. H. Clifford, Kew Cassel, Wis., was
troubled with neuralgia and rheumatism.
his stomach was disordered, his liver was
affected to an alarming degree, appetite
fell away, and he was terribly reduced in
flesh and strength. Three bottles ot Elec
tric Bitters enred him.
Edward Shepherd, Harrisburg, 111., had
runnlug sore on bis leg of eight years'
standing. Used three bottle of Electric
Bitters and seven boxes ot Bucklen's
Arnica Halve and his leg is ound and
well. John Speaker. Catawba, O.. had
Hve larire ' fever sores on bis leg, doctors
said he was incurable. One bottle Electrio
Bitters and one box Bucklen's Arnica
Kotherel Mothers!! Mothers!!!
Mri.Winilow's Boothlug Syrup has been
used for over fifty years by millions or
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no other kind. Twenty-tire cents a bot
Highest of all in Leavening Power.
It Is Now Belioved That the Four Lib-
eratod Prisoners Had Assist
ance from the Outside.
Siiecial to the Scranton Tribnnt.
Honksdale, P.i.,Jnly 22. Four pris
oners, Dennis UJJnntiell, Jolin IMlz
Patrick, Thomas Con tie II una Albeit
iMetohor, broke out or tne county j ui
Friday night and uvula their escape.
Over the rear door in tho corridor of
tbe j ill is u heavy iron grating.
of tlie bars forming this grating und
measuring 3Jt by 1 inch, was sawed
Into Ht one end ami partly at the othor
and then broken; tbe Jincli cross roil
was sawed into ut botu ends. When
this piece wax taken out it left a place
It iucbos f quire, through which tbe
prisoners escaped.
rrisouers are aiiowea rree me or ine
corridor, end to this fact is due their
escape. There must have been outside
help, as the bars are neatly snwed into
and indicate more than one day's work.
Tallow was U6ed on the saw. A pro-
j-ction of the Atone wall served as a
place to stand on and brought the per
son, sawing within five foet of tho aper
To crawi dowu this small hole and
down the outside was a difficult piece
of work. A fence fourteen or fifteen
feot I'.igh surrounds the jail, but this
is ens'ly mounted. When the scene of
escape was visited by Tub Tribune re
porter, a hat belonging to Albert
Fletcher was found on tbe inside of
the fence, probably dropped oil wliiie
climbing over it. The footprints made
in jumping over the outside were plain
ly visible.
Thomas (Jonnoll is about 0 feat 4
inches tall, slight mustache, dark
hair, 40 years old. He is suspected of
being connected with the mur.ler of
Gioceiynmu Henderson at Newbury.
Alrert Fletcher, 5 feet 7 inches tall,
smooth face, dark complexion and dark
hair, was arrested for vagrancy. Lou
nell and Fletcher were seen near See
ley viile shortly after midnight. They
had neither coats nor hats oa and were
Dennis O'Donnell, 5 feet 5 inches
tall, stout, smooth face, lifht hair, SO
years old, was arrested for stealing a
horse at Ketiihall. John Fi'.zpatrick,
neavly 0 feet ti.ll, slim, hair partly
gruy, light complexion, 43 years old,
was arrested tor stealing a watcli at
Starrutci. O'Djnnell and Fitzpatrick
uro suspected of uoiug towards Nar-
Miss Harriet Russell entertained a
number of her friends at a fern tea
Friday evening. A delightful time
was eniovtd by those present. The
nearest approach to tb9 pr sencs of
irenl emen lirtnir the evening were
some "bachelor's buttons" in a vase on
the table. Those present were: Misss
Edna Davis, Lebanon; Muriel lt-ury.
Seeleyville; Carrif Heft. Mbel ILift,
Bertha and Etta Fu-rth, Josie Diatl
rich, Minnie Smith; Cirrie S'eplins.
Baroan Weaver. Annie Rogers. Julia
Mevor. Annie Wolfe, Uen.i Swinton,
Suie Keen, Iabel Pi nwardeu, Minnie
Goesser, lluttie Pinckney, Lela Sliay,
Carrie Kim lie and Flora Smith.
James Aruol'1, u carpenter at Bath
any, about BO years old, committed
suicide Thursday by taking paris green.
Mrs. Flo James, of visit
ing nt tbe home of John James
Guerdon Pellett, of New York, is nt
the home of "his untie, Hon. E. B
Edward Keefer. of Scrnnton, was in
town Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Henwood, of
Scranton, are visiting Mrs. Henwood's
George Birds.ill, of visit
ing relatives at Seeleyville.
The Amity Social club base ball team
played a gamo at Hawley Saturday af
ternoon. P. A. LBrr left for New York
Saturday afternoon.
Charles Spencer left for New York
- Thomas Fuller and Fred Whitney
passed Sunday at Elk Ink".
Would you iiilo on a railroad that nses
no dancer signals? That cniiuh is h signal
of dniiKer. The Hufeat cnr in Dr. Wood's
Norway Pine Syrup. Soid by all dealers
on a guarantee of louisf.vtiou.
O. S. Mftines, proprietor of Hotel St.
George, is slowly recovering after tin
illness of several days.
Miss Ada Lutey left on the Ontario
and Western morning train for a visit
to New York city.
J. D. St cker and family are at
Preston Park summer resort.
Fi. A. Willman, wife and daughter,
left on the noon Ontario and Western
train on Saturday for Poyntelle. They
remained over Sunday with their son
Ralph, who is acting station agent at
Poyntelle during the alseuca or Agent
F. II. Pag,'.
A Hungarian was killed by a fall of
rock in the Delaware and Hudson
Canal company's mines Saturday about
10 a. m.
The game of base ball between Tay
lor and Jerrayn clerks on Friday re
sulted in a score of 22 to 10 in favor of
Jormyn. The players afterward bad s
bouutifol repast at lintel Avery.
The borough counoil met in adjourn
ed sesfion on Saturday evening. The
members present were Lane, Blake,
Jones, Swift and Padden. A letter
was read from Borough Attornev Jones
relative to the salaries of the officers of
the board of hesltb. It is opinion that
the salarios must be fixed by the mem
ber' of the board, Concerning the
charging of two fares within the bor
ough limits by the trastion company,
he says:
"I have examinod tbe law in regard
to tbe double fare wbioh tbe Carbon
dale Traction company ohargej for pas
sengers riding throngh the borough
limits, and fail to find any not of as
sembly by which they oould be pre
vented from so doing by injunction or
other legal remedy so long as they keep
their fares within reasonable limits,
they cannot bs prevented by injunc
tion from fixing the same on such basis.
Had. it been provided in the original
ordinanse that bat 6 cents should be
-Latest U. S. Gov't Report
charged within borough limits it would
hold; for it been decided by our courts
tbat liny reasonable conditions upon
which the right of way was granted to
a street passenger railway company
will be upheld and enforced by proper
Mrs. Richardson was the guest of
Scranton fri;nds last week.
II. D Johnson, who has been a resi
dent here for the past three months,
will retnrn tomorrow to his former
home at Scranton.
Misses Stone and Craig, of Taylor,
called on friends her recently.
Mies Winnie Durkin, of Mill Crtek.
is tho curst of Mrs, Moran.
Will Owens is learning ths drug
business with O'Donnell & Co.
William J. brown, who recently re
turned from the west. Iihb accented a
position as outside foreman for Will
iam A. Connell.
Thomas llislop, of Plains, was vlsit
inir his brother. Dr. llislop. last week.
Robert McClutchion. of Miner's
Mills, has accepted a position as inside
foreman t (Jonnell s new mine.
E l lie O'Mnlley, of Providence, was
in town on Thursday,
There was ijui to an interesting cass be
fore 'Siiuire Gilboy tlie other evening.
It appears that the Einvorth league
organized a band some time ago and
engaged a young m m named Staples to
teauh them, and hu illy the band dis
banded, and now Mr. Staples brought
suit against the members, claiming $00
for his servictB. Alter too evidence of
both sides was beard, 'Squire Gilboy
rendered his daemon in favor of Mr.
Staple, but tbe defendants will appeal
the c ise.
Harvey LeRoy has gone to Scranton
to reside.
Dr. D. C. Mehane and wife culled on
friends here Friday.
Mrs E. M. War ell spent last Mon
day with friends in U.irb ndale.
Miss Ethel Bowen, of Croton, N. Y.,
U upending a few weeks with her par
ents in this place.
Mrs. A. Davis is spending a few
mo'itlis in New York and Brooklyn.
ll'm Nehia llaveiistrite, of Ctirbou'
d ile, wlio has been visiting her grand
mother aud friends in this place, re
turned homo Friday.
Mr. und Mrs. Suttierlind, of Atlanta,
Ga.. called on friends herd on Thurs
Wei land Peck, of Elmhuist, called
on friends hero Friday.
Tnere is it great deal of sicknesa
among the sui 11 children.
Mrs. B-mnett and children, of Vine
'and, N. J., is ,ienling the summer
with Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Bsnnett.
Harry DjWitt, of Port Jervis, is vis
lting his father.
Mrs. William Havenstrite nnd grand
daughter, Edna Milone, visited Mr
Walkir t G-mldsb iro last week.
Mrs, O. E Vaughn is improving
Miss Bessie Bortree, of Scranton, is
visltiug relatives here,
For, croup, nsthma, bronchitis
and sore throat use Dr. Thomas' Ecleelric
Oil, and get the genuine.
Eleanor O'Brien is on the fick list,
Mrs. Michael Hays aud son, John,
ar visiting hlaterville Spring'.
Cofjcriff'a .'-tore In Sn ik"creek, located
about four miles from this place, wa
broken into last night nnd twi gold
watches, two pairs of shoes and other
small articles taken. Tbe men were
traced to this place, where all trace of
them was lost
Muster Joe II ays is visiting friends
and relatives in Scranton.
Tbe ran s on the fair ground which
closed Siturd iy afternoon wera of the
best and ureat en lit li-longs to Giles
Carpenter, the or. 'si. lent of the associa
tion, for tne i III d nt manner in which
tho races were conducted and the good
order maintained. M iny from out of
town were iu attendance both davs.
Mrs. Alfred All-n, of Uinghamton,
is visiting friends in this plac
The bi'iycle race Saturday was won
hy William Siniiu us, of Great Bend.
Mrs. Iimothy Connor nltendii t riie
funeral of her ni-ce in Biiigbnmtou
Dr. Gon nnd wife, of Chicago, the
former an elderly gentleman who has
not been in this plac- for a unml'or of
vear:", is the gnt of his nephew, John
(ion, of Wyoming avenue.
Mrs. Ymgst fell from a hammock on
Friday evening nnd came near break
ing hor back. . She was resting quite
easy on ts.ilur lay.
Mrs. E iz i Casterlin was the pu'st of
Mrs. b. (i Ailing Sitnrday.
Mrs. William Swiiz-r was visiting
friends nt Wilkes-Barre Satnrdsy.
Mr?. Bowman is entertaining ber
niotuor, Mrs. John Irwin, of Shenan
Mrs. Sarah' Breeso died at her home
on the corner of Wyoming and Sixth
streets Saturday, of general debility
Tbe funeral will be Imld at tbe bonse
Monday morning nt 10 o'clock. Mrs.
Breesn was born in New Jersey, Jan
9, 1810. She bus been living here for
tbe past sixty years. Her htisbund,
Samael Breese, had been dead for the
past twenty years. Mrs Breese
leaves two eons and two daughtes
Martin V. Breese, Ferdinand Urease,
Mrs. Frauds Smith and Mrs. Jb. Burn
ham, of Boston, Mass. Mrs. Breese
had been blind for tbe past three
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trT'Ou account of counterfeits we have
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Critic Pays a Deserved Tribute to tbe Worth
ot Lieutenant Madison. '
It Reviews the Officer's Military
Career Company B and the Off!
cers of the Thirteenth Regiment
Will Take Part In the Funeral
Progress That Has Been Made in
Qualifying Marksmen Other Notes
In the death of Herman (hotter
known as Harry) R Madisom the
Thirteenth regiment has lost one of its
brightett gems. He had beeu identi
fied with the reeiuient sino4 its organi-
ition, Aog. U. 1877. His character
and life was so pure that he was trnly
beloved by every member of the regi
ment. He we.s the B'ime true gentle
man and genial friend in uniform or
citizen's dreBs. His sunny, happv dis
position so characteristic of the man,
and which made him so popular with
the regiment, remained with him till
the last.
As a non-commissioned and commis
sioned officer he ueVer shirked a duty,
cheerfully obeying all orders of his su
periors The regiment has never been
forlned for drill, parade, inspection,
camp or active service bat what he was
present. Tne ambition of his military
lite was to never miss a duty, and even
twenty-four honrs befo.e his riettb he
feebly grxsned the adjutant's hand aud
said, "Adjutant, I will surely be with
my company in camp at Gettysburg
next mouth," He was a true soldier
that every meinuer in the regiment was
proud or.
He was tho ranking first lieutenant
in the Nation il Guard of Peunsylva
oia and an -fflser of excellent ability.
ino state win never possess a more
faithful sergeant, nor the regiment
more affable, courteous, ceutlemmlv
lnoer. The regimental ordtr or C1-
onel Ripple mid tne company order of
Captain Kellow, imhliitbed below, and
which speaks so fully of tne man and
soldier, is but nn echo of the lieuten
ant's worth. We will indeed mls him
but his memory can never beef! toed
from our thoughts. He died as he
lived, a Christian soldier. He
asleep at tap. He will awaken at
veille at tbe throne of God.
Headquarters 13m Regiment.
Tiiiui) liniOADE, N. H. P.,
Scranton. Pa.. July 21. 1SD4.
Regimental orders No. 20.
L With deep, sorrow the colonel
n ounces to the regiment tbe deuennfour
beloved comrade, f irst Lieutenant Her
man R. Madison, Company ti, at Moses'
Taylor hospital, this city, at 11.45 d. m..
Friday, July 20. Lieutenant Madison was
one of the original members of tbe Sorau
ton City guard, having enlisted Aug. 14,
1877: was appointed sergeant Ann. 15. 1877
first sergeant, Nov. 18. 1878: elected Becond
lieutenant, Oct. 20, 18i9; first lieutenant,
JNov. 3D, iMi; re-elected nrst llenteuant,
Nov. 27. I b6, and again re-elected Doc. 0.
ISOl, and was at the time of bis death the
rnnlcing first lieutenant in the Natioanl
guard of tho state. In his seventeen years
o( service in the National guard be bus
never been found wanting iu any of the
requirements tba' mark the perfect sol
dirr, upright and manly nt nil timei, affa
ble and courteous to bis inferiors, willing
ana prompt uimseir to ooy, ins wus
character for alltrne soldiers to emulate,
II. The o Ulcers of the rezimont will as
sembleat tbe Sariiutqn City guard ar
mory Tuesday, July 4, at p. m.. to
take part in the funeral services. The
u-ual bndge of niourmug will be worn by
the olucem on tbn sword hilt for tbe space
oi tun ty data ana tne national colors dis
played at half mast on the armory on the
day ot tne r nneral.
liy order of
colonel Ezra h. ripple.
5. Millar, Adjutant.
order of captain kellow.
Quarters ok Company B,
Thirteenth Heuimext. N. O. P,
fcCRANTON, Pa, July 21, 1804.
Company order No. .
it becomes my sorrowful duty to an
nounce to the company the death of our
belovi d first lieutenant, Herman 11. JIa'li
son, woo died m tlm city July 20 Lieu
tenant Madisju has beeu couui cted with
this rompauy since its organization, i
part of the fccrauton City guards, Auju
14, 1877, at which time he wa appointed
rniru rergoant nnu promoted nrst sergeau
November 18, 187-1. He filled these two
positions Imtlilully aud ou November 18.
lbb'J, was elected (as a roward for bi cl iso
attention to bis duties of sergeant). To see
ond lieutenant on November (0. 1381.
wus elected in hc lieutenant and wat re
elected Nov. 27, 1880, and again re-electod
Dec. v, ly.n. a or uearlv tnirteeu years be
haH belli tho rank of til's I lieutenant and
for tbe past three years hu has been the
senior an I ranking fir. tiinatenaiit in the
National buard of Pennsylvania, a dis
tinction only at'aine.t by few. Ia the
death of Lieutenant Madison wo lose a
faithtul friend and comrade, the regiment
and Mate nn Inmost, upright, truthiuland
efficient officer. We may all strive to em
ulate his example. He wa faithful to
every friend and duty; in his nearly seven
teen y-tu 8 of service up to tne time bis
health became impaired, he never misted
a Mtigle roll call or shirked n siuglu
duty. He has answered his last
toll cull. llie long roil lias been
called. lie has goue to his reward and
sleeps the sleep of tbe just aud brave com
rades. We will miss mm. No morn shall
we hear his voice in oni councils. We will
miss lil ni in our duties ns soldiers; miss
him in our lioines nnd around our camp
Hies. We mourn our loss mid bid liim a
soldier's farewell.
All members of Couiimny B will assem
ble at. the armory on Tuesday afternoou.
July 24, 181)4, at 1 o'clock, in full uuiidrm,
wuite glove.', to accompany tlio remains
to its last resting place. Any murcber of
the regiment desiring to attend the funeral
with Ci'inpany 11, they are hereby cordially
invited to do so. By order of
Caitain William Kellow,
Commanding the Company,
Considerable progress lias bjen madi
in tbe p ist week in qualifying the regi
munt. iwo morn weeas ot good wort
will result in every man being qaali
fid and the regini'iit will go iuto
camp for the first time with such a
record. The whole nnuiber qmlifhd
up to days. is 217, twenty-nine uf whom
are sharpshooters. Company B is still
in the lead among the city companies.
while Company E has qualified Jits en
tire membership.
The following table gives the nam
ber qualified la each company:
. Rharp- juarks-
... 8
... 8
... a .
... 0
... 2
21 '
8!l . .
183 -
Field and Staff
Company A;..,
Company D...,
company U...,
Company D...,
Company E..
Company F.' 0
Company G 2
Company H 8
The board of 'officers of ths Thir
teenth regiment will meet ia quarterly
session at the Sorantoa City guard's
armory next Monday evening Joly 30.
This will be tbe last meeting of trie
t oard before camp, therefore necfSBar
lly an important one.
' Adjutant Millar conducted an Inter
esting sehool in "guard duty" at Hones
dale and Montrose tbe past week. Tbe
interest and intelligence Of tbe non-
comi displayed at this aouool was yry
manifest, which if it is demonstrated
t camp uext month mutt ratj E and G
vny auneriiir.
Cciouel Ripple dvaires the Dresenco
of his mtire suff at lieadnnarters to
night and as many Una oUiuera aa oan
conveniently be presout
company U Has been ohliu-ad to close
its range for the pist two weeks owing
to the danger to tbe haymakers, who
have been harvesting hay ia tbe eloss
vicinity of the range. The company
will resnme qnalifvinir todav and will
qualify every nun within tbe next twa
To Comptny iu bjlouirs the honor of
the first company in tbe recirnent null
ifying its wntiio m 'moerslnp for this
year. This company nas had the record
for several years of going to camp with
every man qnalifi d.
Major Whitney and Militant Millar
exercised the mounts tney expect to
ride in camp this year, in tbe earlv
morn' of last Thursday, over the hill of
Wayne. M.jir Wnitney rode his
handsome ciiestnut named Byron, while
Adjutant Millar rod M)t Wnituay a
bay pacer named Dindy. Ihe uljutant
is much pleased with his mount, which
Is a counterpart of tlie d ceased and
always popular Billy. He is satisfied
Uandy will be much admired in camp.
Ibe regimental nnd brigade ma ten. s
will be shot this vear at the state
range, Mount Gretna, from Aug. 27 to
Aug.. SI. This ia following rather
closely tbe annual encampment and
Iocs not give the teams much time to
recover from the fatigue of camp life.
The Thirteenth's team has not been
preci icing together very much the pist
summer, and if it is pioposed to win
the cup uext month some bard work
will have to be done in the interval.
The non-commissioned stall: have not
yet received tbe new knapsacks nor
the new buttons. There s-ems to be a
disposition upon the pu't of the state
to avoid t quipping the non commis
sioned stall
Pointers for inspection and tho com'
iuir encampment:
JNo eiiliBtments will bo valid tbat are
dated alter July 18, 18U4.
lie sure to have a copy of every enlist
ment paper since last eucampinout present
ac iietrysuurg.
t;opics) or missing general, special or
regimental orders will be supplied by tho
adjutant on application.
Inspection rolls, muster aud pay rolls.
Quaucial reports, etc., should be Completed
as fur as possible before tbe departure of
the regiment for camp, as it is possible the
leuneut will De Inspected the urst day in
lie sure to nave the new buttons sewed
on the coat. Lvery enlisted mun must
wear tho state shoe.
Lvery company should be provided with
new white gloves, to bo issued to tho tnea
nt assembly for inspection. Tho elo'ves
should not be put on uutil after tho Uimp-
sacK nus Deoasiuug.
Lvery officer and man must ba present
at' inspection 100 por ceut. present ii
necessary in order to give the regiuiout
nrst place.
Inn being a division encampment the
seutinels on guard will be inspected every
aay. and ns "guurd duty" is one ot tn
prominent feuturea in the ratings every
non-com aud private suou d understand
ana intelligently explain his duties as a
member of the guard.
At inspection of quarters Fee that no
sergeant, boot black, or other person
lounging or loanug around the mess tent
or kitchen.
Have your hair cut nnd beard neatly
trimmed beiore going to camp.
Scour tbe tin cup both insile and out
the morning of inspection aud have
the belt piute bright and gun clean.
Ifmneapo U Tone.
Tuoupands or men have thrown tip good
situations mid regular snlnrifs at tho cull
of Dobs, and tho probabilities are that a
large portion of them will b) looking in
vain lor worn alter ttie striko is over, tio
matter what dispoRiiion i niacin of tlie
original cause ot the trouble in Pullnmn.
But Mr. Debs is drawing his little f5G 03 a
week with commendable rogulanty just
tho same, whilo his vicn president is
standing off sturvntioa with J:iS.40 11 week
aud Ins seven aids togat her4 draw $-U1.8l
at tho end ofovery seven days.
The Magic Touch
Hood's Sarsaparilla
You smile at the idea. But
if you are a sufferer from
And Indigestion, try a bottle, and be
fore you have taken half a dozen doses,
you will involuntarily think, and no
uoiioi exeluim,
That Just Hits It!"
1 hat sootlnii!; effect Is a maple
union:' nooil s Sarsaparilla gently
tones and strengthens the stomach
nnd digestive organs, invigorates the
liver, creates a natural, healthy desire
for food, gives refreshing sleep, and
in short, raises the health tone of the
entire system. Ke.memlicr
MOOCl'9 Pills eme liver Ills, coiisiipntlnn.
bilious uess, Jaundice, sick headache, Imlmr.sum
Ocsnp!Gxion Prssonrcd
Removes Freckles. Plmclt
Liver Molss, Blacl.Scado,
ounnum uuu ion, uuu n
stores tho skin to its origi
nal freshness, producing a,
nlne.r and ficiillhv cora-i
TOttnn. RllDeTkir U p 1 1:, -a
preparations a:id perfectly bnrmlesg. At all
urogslsls, or mailed lor SOcta. Bend for Circular,
VIOLA SKIN SOAP rlraplr InnmimnMo u
Ala imrllvtog tiotp, uuoquR'cKl far tiie toll!, nnd vlthrtit ti
rlvAl lor me Dumrr. Ai.mfir jturo noa accwaij yjuui
rated. At dnwliti. Prlrn 25 .
G. C. BITTNF.R & CO., Toledo, 0,
Fur Kale by Maltliow l'.rnn. unit John
H. Pliolim.
Manufactured at the Wapwallonen Mills, La.
erne county ra.. ana at wu
muigWn, Delaware.
Gaeral Agent for th Wyoming Distrlotv
118 Wyoming Ave., Scranton Pa.
third National Bank Buildin
THOS. FORD. Ptttnton. if..
E. W. MULLIGAN. Wllkes-I
Wllkes-Barre, Pa.
Agents for the Hepaune (Jheiuioai
(any 'a High Scploelvea, .
1 Parilla
Handkerchief Purchase
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E have just purchased for cash
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