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"From the Ranks."
"From the Ranks."
"From the Ranks."
The Strike Leaders Refuse to
Give Bail oi Charge of
Will Remain Bshiud the Bars Until Hearing
Evidence Produced Before Judge
Seaman to Sustain the Charges
Against the Prisoners Attorney
Gregory's Presentation of the Case.
Mr. Walker on Part of the Govern
ment Delivers Hot Shot in the Di
rection of the Parties Who Inter
fered With the United States Mails.
The Strike Generals are Escorted
to Prison by Marshal Arnold and
are Assigned Roomy Cells.
UiM'.wio, Jnly 17.
TilERE was ii huh annual climax
lute this afternoon to the truti
Ides that have disturbed railroad
circles west of the Allegheny
mountains during the pit three week
when President. Eugene V. Debs, of the
American Railway union, anil his cab
inet, Vice Presi lent George W. How
ard, General Secretary Sylvester Keli
ber and L. W. R ogers, chairman of
tl) ex-cutive committee, were taken
to Hid ciuaty jiil and incarcerated hs
prisoners of the United States for vio
1. Mini of the injunction issued on July
2 "V Judges Woods mid Gro3cup, re
straining them from combining and
conspiring f i liiadar interstits com
merce tralli1. or the movement of
United States UHila.
The iuinriaonment of the chiefs of th"
NV-w Railway union whs no: in any
sense nn arbitrary proceeding. Although
predicated upon what the courts re
garded ns an open and defiant violation
.f orders previously issued from ira
jurisdiction, an opportunity .vasjafford-d
to the defendant of Dresoutiug bond
for their appearance in court a week
nenee. 1 Ins proposition, however, whs
re j-eted on the (round, a emphasized
by President Debs after the court had
rvml'Tel iu ultimatum, and tlm
princip 1 involved was one entirely
too serion in its nature to admit
of the defendants availing themselves
of any technicalities that might he re
garded iih loop holes in the laws.
Rondsmen almost without limit offered
their aid and support to the union
landers, but tiieir ovtrtures were de
clined iu a firm, although courteous
niatiner, and the prisoners stiff-red
tii-niseives to he taken to j til and
locked up. TIi'tp, unless in the mean
time th-y should tire of incarceration,
th. y will remain until Monday morn
ing of next week.
Tiie initiiiti v. jroc iedings that re
suited in this (dim ix were inaugurated
in the United States cirenit court this
morning when special counsel for the
United Stales Elwlc Walker and
United States District Attorney Mil
Christ before Judge S"am m, who had
been socially summoned from Mil
waukee for the purpose, to present
their information against I'resi
dctit Dabs ati.l his associates,
charging them with willful.
opn, daily and hourly viol itioa
of the spirit and letter of tho injnno
tion issued bv Judges Woods im 1 Grots
cup on July 2, and wlncii, ho it wag ex
peeled ntthe time, would so surround
the officers of tiio union with the
meslit of the law as to tiring tiio strike
to a premature end. So far from this
bwing the eaae, however, it was con
tended on behalf of the government
that ti e suhsi qivnt proceedings of the
defendants wme simply initio nature of
an aggravation of tuu alleged offense
originally stated.
. Instead of relaxing tiieir efforts aad
intentions, so the information charged,
1h- doiendanls, by overy means in
their power, h id endeavored to still
farther increase llio obstacles in the
w:y of f sufficient movement of rail
road tr Trie an construed under the
provision of the interstate commerce
act, iiR wi ll ns the tranuportaliou of the
United Si. .tea malls.
rni.Koiurinc evidhscr.
In support of the contention of the
government several score of telegrams
which had neon secured from a tele
graph company under a ruling of the
court were cited. These are specimens
or the wnnie:
To Court Head, South Rutte, Mont. :
The general managers are weakening,
If bU ike is not Bettled in forty-eight hon'ri
complete parnlysis will follow. Potatoes
and i are out of sight. Novo your money
and liuy a gun. (Mgiioii) v. Dkrs.
, To W. V. Smith. Gruud Junction. Col.:
It. will take more than injunctions to
move trains. Uet everybody out. We are
Coining ground everywhere.
(Signed) E. V. Dehs.
The following telegram was sent to
employes on tho dilurent railroads:
Must win now or never. Our victory
will ho positive and complete.
(Signed) E. V. Derm.
To Charles Fink. Oakland. Col.:
To call out tho troops is an old method
or intimidation, ('omnia no, violence.
Have everv man Ktnnd pat Troops ran
not move trains. No scabs In world to
fill places and moro occurring hourly.
To S. W. R.diis. Mount Vernon, Ills.:
Call out Air line and let it bo understand
this struggle is one of capital against
labor, ibis is no contest In which chil
dren or childhh men have a purl. Ktroeg
men and broad minds only can resist the
plutr.ornry and arroeant monopoly. Do
Dot he frightened at troops, injunctions or
a siinsiuizeu press, unit and remain nrm.
Commit no violence. American Railway
unicn will protect all. whether meuibors
or not, wuen strike n on.
ISigned.l E. V. Duns.
To M. K'onigs, Olen Falls. Ida.:
The unusual cannot injure you. lie ts
simply assisting capital to enslave his
brothers, tlo does not uuilerstanu his
iSiuued. E, V. Debs.
Jl'lMiE seaman's opinion.
Only a few of these dispatches had
been read when Judge Seamans inter
rupted to remark that sufficient had
been shown to indicate a willul and
deliberate violatiou of the injunctions.
in intoi matton, somewhat similar
in its term", was then filed by lioonro
U. Peck, general counsel for tho Atchi
son, iopeka and Santa 1'e road, and
which is in the hand of rec.'iv.ers ap
pointed by tint court. This informa
tion alleg.xl sp-cilic interruption to the
traffic of the road after the issuauce of
the injunction and made a separate and
distinct prayer for condign punishment
upon Debs and his associates.
Attorney Gregory on the other hido
took the ground that the informations
failed to chi'.rgo eny ono of the four de
fendants with personal participation in
violence or destruction of propirty,
and contended Unit no case had been
stated that called for the cognizance of
the court of iiuiuiry. lie laid great
stress upon thu argument that tho gov
ernment was moving for the protection
of railroads and its power aud author
ity was Icing frxreisod to vindicate
the properly rights of railroads.
In behalf of th government Special
Counsel Walker declared that the gov
ernment represented all tho people,
the defendant included, and that it
did not propose to protect railroud
properly except no far as interstate
commerce and transportation of the
United States mtils whs concerned.
Further discussion w.n cut short by
tho court, th-'jivlgo ordering writs of
attachments to i;sn against Dbs and
bis associates returnable ni'i o'clock
Within fifteen minutes after tae re
assembling of court in -the afternoon,
Dabs, Howard, Keliher and Rogers
wero ou hand. Atrorney Erwin led off
the proceedings with a tierysp'ooh in
which ho declared that the defendants
bad been guilty of no contempt of court
and stated point plank, that in the
event of court ruling otherwise, they
would refuse to give bail and accept
the alternative af going to j lil. He in
sisted that the injunction previously
issued wonl.l not hold water.
"The American Railway union," he
said, 'as an organizition fornw l
to resist the unchecked actions of cipi
talistic tyranny. Its members are the
children of the republic who have no
power to petition ti:e law to correct the
wrongs which they believe have been
done againat thcm.Tliey have laid down
their tools, as their only wiy to cor
rect their grievances. When these
men did this, as the only recourse they
bad, lawless men broke out and did
overt acts that have worked against
them. The is?uo will be raised at the
proper time whether capitalistic tyr
anny can introduce, the methods of a
Dritisli monarchy. The conscience of
tho court is being whipped to resort to
extreme and unjustifiable methods.
Counsel went on to sav that Presi
dent I.) 'bj and his iisoni ifps were al
ready under bail in $10 000 each to an
6Wer lmlictmeuU preferred bv th"
grand jtirjyind that they could not and
would not give additional ball on the
charce of contempt.
, counskl w'Ai.Kuii's
Special Coii'isel Walker replied in
behalf of fio iroverument by asking
the court to pay no attention to the
speech to the pnhlio that hud just
been delivered. Hay by day, he said.
these men had wilfully violated the
injunction directed against them.
luey cannot raise the question of
jurisdiction ivjtil t!my luve purged
itiouiselves of tneir contempt.
liaising his arm and pointing Ihh
forefinger dramatically towards the
defendant, the veiierabln counsel con-
tinuoa: it is no i x.:uo tor lmds or
ilowurd to sav tliey are unable to give
adJitional bail, ami tiiat if it is im
posed that 1 1 - y must u-'Cisa irily go to
jail. 1 Hoy filionlil Have thonglit of
Unit on the third nil I rotirtli of July
and on very subsequent day. They
have ignored tho injunction and they
must answer for it. Tho sovernmeut
urges a speedy hearing and it asks that
ihao defendants be held to hall inn
sum wtiich the court may deem suffi
cient, not only to insure their attend
ance, bnt to prevent any further ag
gravated violations of the courts' or
As Mr. Walker resumed his
Lawyer Irwin sprang to hii
Ike remarks of counsel, he
aimplv accentuate onr position.
are in comtempt of an order which wo
clulm ia a void order. A hearing
should have been had on the temporary
injunction today, but no notion was is
sued. Njl paid any attention to it
or would have known of it .only by no
cidont; it was found in the'minntes of
the court
Judge ' Soamsns liore interposed:
"This may be truo," he said, "that
docs not affect tno violation of the or
dor in itself because vou propose to
move a modification of the injunction,
that is no reason why the defendant
should not be in contempt for viola
tion during its temporary continuance.
Tho matter now at issue is whether or
not these defendants - have been
guilty of contempt of the order of this
Counsel for tho defendants asked
that thu case should be set for Monday.
To this Mr. Walker, who wanted to
leave town on Saturday, objected, on
tho ground that ho did not propose to
be kept here all summer. Judge sea
man, however, said that reasonable
lime should be allowed, and thereupon
fixed tho hearing of tho case for 10
o'clock on Monday morning. Ho fixed
the hall of each of the four defendants
at IfS.OOO. '
Dbds, Howard, Kellher and Rogers
retired and hold a long consultation
with their attorneys. When they con
cluded, Lawyer Erwin announced that
the prisoners would refuse to give bail.
At half paBt four Marshal Arnold
nnd two deputies escorted them to jail.
oi meir arrival at the ill the pris
oners wars courteously received by
janor uarris and .lull Clerlf WUltmnn,
No feature of j iil methods was, how
ever, relaxed in their behalf, They
wero deprived ot nil valuables and then
ted to spacious and roomy cells in the
debtors department
Men Are Blown to
Pieces by an
Two Hundred Sticks of Dynamite Ex
nt No. 8, Stockton Mine, with
Miners in
Almost to
Results Unfortunate
tho Tunnels Are Blown
Atoms and Rocks and
Timbers Are Dislodged The Shock
Felt at tho Surface Three Hundred
Feet Away.
II A'.t.t.TON. Tn.. July 17.
THE np'st horrible accident which
has ever occurred about tiie
mines in this region took plaep
at No. 8 htocktou mine this
morning. Two hundred Hticks of dyna
mite exploded among n crowd of men
who were preparing to go to their day's
work. All of the unfortunates were
shattered and torn to fragments.
Tho names of ths victims ns fur
nished by the mine foreman are:
CiiAin.r.s O'Ddxnki I,, aired 25. married.
AmiUkw f-Aiioi., nged W. married.
.I(Hi t'ldM iiiiNK. aged 2'J, single.
.Ions K lami.Ki), ntied Kinule.
AvrmiNv Jinlii'.uTi'Z, aged married.
John KhiNurK. i,p,.-d 'Js married.
.li'itN iMai-.toimu. aged -14, married.
John Hiuzo.n, aged -25. uinglo.
Tho true came of the explosion will
never be known, ns none of the men
are living. It occurred at about 7
o'clock. The men were descending
the slopa at the time and distributing
tliPduelves in their various chambers
and gangways where they ure em
ployed at the bottom of the slope.
Charles O'Djinell, who looked after
the explosives and supplies for tho
loaders an 1 other company workmen,
was busy dealing out dynamite and
caps to the loaders and tho starters.
The latter came to him in groups
nsually, and between eight aud ten of
these workmen were standing about
at the time. The driver hoys, who had
come down earlier, had already passed
in the tnnloway and were donning and
harnessing their teams in the stable,
which is built in the Wharton gang
way, ubont 100 yards from the bottom
of the slope.
These boys were the only persons in
the neighborhood at the timi, and the
first intimation of an accident they re
ceive 1 was tho terrific report of the
explosion, The concussion it caused
was so severe as to knock the mules
and drivers about in the stable. Tho
place was filled with dust and flying
debris. All lights were extinguished.
The men were deinnraliz )d for the
tiiii' and did not know which way to
turn. Although the explosion took
place ,100 yards below the surface, the
shock was felt over an area of surface
extending to the lumber yard, three
miles south, and in the adjoining
mines, No. 2. Stockton.
From tho latter mine a rescuing
party rushed through subterranean
passageways to No 8 As those men
approached the bottom of the ill-fate 1
slope they came up with the drivers
and other laborers groping about in tho
dirknoss. Pushing forward toward
the bott. m, they came upon a scene
which biilll-ij description. Huge tim
bers were twisted and torn aud scat
tered about promiscuously. Rocks and
debris were everywhere.
Over all wero strewn lmmsn flesh
legs and arms of the unfortunate vic
tim, nnd from thu jagged aides hung
two shattered bodies. Not, one of the
several bodies was ltt sufficiently in
tact to permit identity. l!y this time
the news became current on the sur
face, the nature ot the accident was
evident, and tiie wildest excitement
took pos-'Sido'i of tiie villagers. Men
and women flicked about the dark
(dope's mouth in hundreds, Wives and
sweethearts of the unfortunate mn
ran aimlessly about crying for aid and
for their loved ones.
Rescuing parties were formed im
mediately. A number of miners wero
lowered into the pit, and on the re
turn cage ascended the men and boys
who h id oso ipi d the terrible catas
tropbe. These wore covered with iirt
and dust. Thuy were eagerly besieged
by anxious friends, but lo the friends
of tho men still below thoy could offer
no consolation. Telegrams wero sent
to Hazleton and surrounding towns.
Many of the men emplovod at No. 8
lived at Hazleton, and the repor-t cre
ated great excitement in that city
Crowds of people hastened to the slope
nnd added to tho excitement, which
was already agonizing.
It was 10 o'clock before the workmen
got the remains of the victims nil Hi
ciently together to arrange for hoisting
them to the surface, i. lit lit tough
boxes were taken dowu the sfopo.
From tho month of tho opening a high
trestle work extends to the tower of the
As the remains were too mutilated
for the friends of the unfortunate men
to recognize them, it was decided to
hoist the boxes to the top of the tower
ami carry thorn from there to the rail
road, thus keeping them away from
the crowd. It was 11 o'clock before
the first black box was hoisted slowly
up the slope, and as it emerged from
the darkness a loud wail from tho lov-
lug relatives arose. Iho scene was
heartrending In tho extrsme. It was
repeated until the last of tho victims
was taken out at noon. The under
takers took charge of the body.
Sevon box's contained tho fragments
of the victims, so fur as the portions of
a body could bq recognized, while tho
oigth box was lined with nieces or hu
man fleah for which no attachment
could bo found.
CunrlcB U'Donnel was the only one
who could be recognized.
Trnfflo on th North.m Pnolfio Opsnad
Aftor Eiffhtenn Days.
St. Taul, Minn., Jnly 17. The first
Northern Pacific train from the coast
for eighteen davs arrived today. It
left I'ortlaud on Juno 25 lidsi les 3D;)
passunxers it brought Die tlio two
couipaiii;a of re.;uli.r-i from Fort Suell
ing who wont out with the that west
bound train ton (lavs ago.
Tlio Northern Pacific lino was de
clared iu operation today throughout
its entire length for pass nignr trtifii.:
Tho,freiglit milliners of tho road bus to
a greater cxt-nt beon rrsututd.
The GouUa Th'if ferii N-i I.inicr Claim
Ri-sirtenos ia N w Yuik.
NewYohk, July 17. All tho chil
dren of the late Jay Gould, in their in
dividual capacity and also ua exocutors
and trustees under the will of their
father, havo taken proceedings Hi
the supremo court for the pur
pose of being leiieved of taxa
tion in this county and city npon
their personal estates. This is in ac
cordance with their intention, ex
pressed last your, when the commis
sioners of tuxes und iissestiiprn'.s, made
::b they claimed, an exorbitant assess
m -nt upon tho estate of their f.itiur,
whic.i they strenuously oij-cteil to
mid which is iitlll the subject of litiga
tion. Tiie childron then annonncel that
they woiild no longer uiako this city
tin ir residence, and that they would
take from hero nil their personal prop
erty winch might become Bul.jeci to
taxation und'.r thj laws of tlm city.
They claim that this expressed in
tention on th'ir part has been carried
out, and that none of them are
now, nor have they been this year, res
idents of this city, nor have they hud
any office in tins city or peiuonul
of business here, and therefore they in
sist that tney cannot no legally taxed
upon their personal properly,
Full Meeting of the Committeo Yes
terdayRepublicans and Demo
crats Play Hide nnd Seek.
Waiiinhton, Jnly 17 When the
fall conference committee on tho
tariff, bill met this afternoon nt
o'clock, the room of the committee
ou interstate commerce, ou the gallery
lloor, which bad been occupied
by the Democratic members of
the conference for the past week, was
lesorted and the conteroes took
up their noode in tno room ot the
committee on finanee. Tho session of
tiio conference, which was tho first
held since the conferees were appuiiit nl,
lasted just 1 honr and 15 minutes, mid
then adjourned until tomorrow after
noon at 2 o'clock. Tlm entiro time was
spent, in general discussion with no
specific couelusion. When the Ropae-
licana left the room tlley were as much
in tlio dark as when they entered as to
what their Democratic colleagues had
been dosng all the time they have tho
bill in secret ss-don.
Immediately upon entering the room
there was sumo good naturid chaffing
tietwoen the Democrats and Republi
cans, aud during tiie discussion a prod
was occasionally shoved into the Dem
ocratic side bv the Republicans, who
were loath to let puss an opportunity
to have borne fun over the dilemma in
to which the Democrats found them
The Democrats of the house wanted
to li n d out what tne Kepurjlicans
thought of the situation and what their
Democratic colleagues wa3 willing to
do, aud the Republicans endeavored to
draw out what bad been done In secret
session. Iu neither ease wero there
any apparent success. The Republi
cans coiiteuled themselves Willi the
simple announcement that they wero
for the senate bill.
There was groat disappointment
among tliw Uomocrnts ot the house
when the Republican conferees re
turned aud reported their Democratic
associates as saying that no agreement
had been reached upon t ie anijiiduie.its
in the bill.'
Many of the lending taiilf reformer,)
of tho house raisd Hie question
whether it would not be hotter to hnvo
no tariff, legislation at this session than
to adopt the senate bill, which ia ut
terly repugnant to their idea of tariff
reform. Some of these gentlemen went
so far us to say that it would be bet
tor to kiii me mil nt once, iro
before the country In the coming cam
paign and show that the Democratic
house, which correctly rithetod. tho
swntiment of the people, had pissed
nHialaclury tank bill, and that this
hml been einnsi ulated aud thoroughly
changed, buth in spirit and principle
by u lew members of the sumitorml
new bicycle records.
Sanger's Astonishing Feat at Waltham
Waltham, Mass., July 17. Six new
worlds records wore established to
day on tiie Walthaiii bicycle park
Walter Sanger, riding for tho Spring-
Hold. Mass., bicycle oluh tri d for
a lnllo without paco inai;er.i, and
with living start. The existing
record was 2.10 for such u trial,
and was held iu bVance The trial was
delayed till late in t lib al'.enioon in
hone that tho wind would Biibside, btii
there was no sign of itH easing any nt
o clock, so out linally iu
the face of a stiff wind. Even thtu h
broke, tint only tho milo mark, but
also that for every fraction of tho milo
without paco makers.
Tim new records are: Quarter mile,
20 4-5 seconds: one-third, 4d seconds
null'. 1.012 5; two-thirds, 1 21; three
fourths. l.M 4 5; mile, 2.11 2 5. A
claim for theoe records was entered im
mediately after tho riding was iiutahed
Pennsylvania railroad detectives hiRt
utght captured Clarence Peters at Harris-
burn. Several weeks ago Walls station
wns badly wrecked by a dynamite bomb,
and 1'eter is supposed lo oo tne culprit.
Alfrod Folton. need 77 years, a marks
man of national reputation, dropped dead
lit Norriston yesterday, lie was a mom
her ot the Montgomery game club and has
won more prizes than any of the crack
shots of thin state.
The weather bnreatl furnishes tho fol
lowing synopBis of the crop conditions for
the week ended yesterday: PenuBylvouia,
wheat good and hay fair, oats ripeued rai
ldly and some harvested, drought injuring
growing crops.
Conferrecs Unable to igrce Upon tho Essen
tial Feature of Tariff' Bill.
From Present Prospects the Repub
licans and Democrats Alike Will
Stumblo Over Important Points in
the Wilson Measure One Million
Appropriated for the Extermination
of Russian Cactus.
THE senate
gnlar i x-j
of rat-id
. which it
Washington, D. C, Jnly 17.
te today presented a ain-
ption to the example
I ilisc'wnrgo of business
Lad given for tho last
two weeks. It had, beforo Monday's
adjournment, reached a point on tiie ag
ricultural bill where it only remained
for the vice pr-nideiit to put the qu-g-tion
ou its passu g-. but at that point
Mr. Jlaiiahrougn, orrsorth Dakota, ln-
rposed an amendment appropriating
million dollars to be used in tho ex
termination of t ho Rtissi in enctus or
thistle, and tho discussion upon it oc
cupied tho whole dav's session.
A preliminary point of order was
made against it, but the senate, by a
voto of '.'(i to 22, decided it to be In or
der. The amendment was defended
and urged by Mr. II ausbrougb, and it
even found an advocate in so strict a
constructionist of the constitution as
Mr. George, of Mississippi. It was
fVeiitually carried by a vote of 27 to 24,
aud then the ugricultiiral bill was
passed. As reported to the senate from
the committee on appiopriatione, it
appropriated for the agricultural de-
p trillion t for tlio fiscal year $3,2US, 183,
being -i. 10!) Iosh thin the amount in
the house bill and stnS.miO le,s than the
amount appropriated for lsfll.
J ho Indian appropriation bill was
iken up and is now tlis unfinished
The upshot of tho meeting of all the
conferees, Republican as well as Dem
ocratic, on the tariff bill this afternoon
was awaited with interest. The con
ference, was adjourned, however,
2 o'clock tomorrow without doing any
thing beyond discussing the general
situation. There is lit tlo liklihood of
an agreement.
The general impression of those who
were iu the committee, room is that
the report when made will be a dis
agreement ou all the esseutul points in
the bill.
The day was accorded to the com
mittee on tho judiciary, under nn
order adopted by the house yesterday
to present bills for consideration, but
an hour and a half of the session was
spent on other nutters before tho com
mittee found its way clear to the 11 mr.
In that period tho Itailer bill, to estab
lish a uniform system of bankruptcy,
which came over from yesterday, was
passed yeas 127, nays 81. Senate
amendments to the bill extending for
one yew the time in which final pay.
ineut may be made upon land entries
under the pre-emption law, was
;reed to.
Somite hill was passed authorizing
the construction of a bridge over the
Monongahela river at the foot of Main
street, borough of Bellovernot:, Pa.
lbe conference report on the bill fix
ing a termination of time in which land
entries under what, is known as the
donation act of 1S1I1 mtiv bo cloaod u;,
was presented by Mr. McRae, of Ar
kansas, and agreed to.
The. committee ou the judiciary suc
ceeded in passing two bills, one auth
orizing the appointment of a third
circuit judge in the eighth judicial
circuit, and the oth -r making Unite 1
States railroad officials, for the purpose
of juris lietioii, citizens of any sht'.o
into which t'.ioir traclis or leased lines
may run or in which they do any busi
ness aud in which the causa ot notion
mav ocenr.
Fx-Chnirman of Inter-Slats CommlR.lou
Snno ioiiK l'i t hidont'n Actlou.
Washington, D. C. July 17, Hon.
Thomas M. Cooler, ex-chuirinaii of the
Ititer-Stato Commerce comniiafdon,
whose eminent standing as an author
ity on constitutional law gives great
valtlo to his opinion, has written to the
president us follows;
Ann Allium, Mich., July 13, ISt't.
President Hmver Cleveland:
HiiNoiiKl) Sin Now that the great strike
in which your oflieinl intervention became
necessary has clearly been ohown to bo a
failure, I beg to bo ellowed to express my
unqualified satisfaction with every Blop
you have taken in vindication of tho na
tional authority and with the restora
tion of law and order which has
followed or is now in progress,
Tho caution and deliberation with
which you have proceeded are, I think,
worthy, like tlio accompany ing firmness,
of highest praise, and 1 am specially grat
illtd that a greut and valuable lcsum iu
constitutional const ruction has been net
tled for ail limn with, remarkably little
bloodshed. You aud the attorney general
ul-o have won the gratitude of the coun
try, not only for this ufnoration only, but
for nil time, and that God may bless you,
for it is the sincere prayer of your obedi
ent servant, Thomas M.
Authorities and Tim pn Ar Unable to
Sub.ltH the Outlaws.
GuTimiE, O. T.. July 17 Rioting
nnd obstruction went on today worse
than ever on the Rock Island rail
road. One briilgo was blown up with
dynamite, ono burned, and a dyna
mite bomb thrown under a train carry
ing soldiers, Telograph wires were
cut, traiu gnards fired upon, and sec
lion men driven from thtir work, nre
snmo of the occurrences or the day at
Euid and Round Pond. County Aitoi
ny Asher at Round Pond was in the
hands of a vigilance committee and
roughly treated and only escapul hang
ing by the interposition of several citi
zens. A reign of terror prevails and tho
local officials are afraid to act. The
I handful of soldiers are scarcely able '
tako care of theiusi Ivvh, let alone pre
venting any outlawry, and the secret
band goes right along pillaging and
Governor Lmvs tonight Issued a pro
clamation calling upon all good cili
z -lis to aid in putting a stop to law
breaking and offering $500 reward for
tho arrest of any of tlm parties guilty
of arson.
Dtsohamad Strikers Entertain New Man
at Fort Wayns.
FoitT Wayne, Ind., July 17 The
now men employed on the Fort Wayne
railroads in the yards and ns trainmen
lire hourly submittal to most brutal as
saults from discharged men. Last
night Arthur Baldwin, a Nickel Plate
switchman, was found in the yards in
sensible. Threo other switchman and
a call boy were violently stoned. This
morning Condnotor Mulcahy, of the
Pennsylvania, was knocked down by a
large rock and kicked in tiie face. The
switchmen in the Pennsylvania yards
were clubbed and relieved of lanterns.
Until Nickel Plate and Wabash pissen-g-r
trains were stoned.
Christian lUss, tho only rioti r ar
rested, tired two shots at Captain
Bergman, of the city police, bsfore he
The Polygamous Territory Is at Last
Admitted to the Union as
a State.
WAfiiiiNrrroN, D. C, July 17. The
signing of tne Utah bill for statehood
by President Cleveland today closes
one of the most remarkable contests iu
the history of Alin iicau politics. The
territory has been un applicant for
statehood, and really eligibio in popu
lation and wealth, for m my years. It
has formed tho only break in the string
of states that stretches from the At
lantic to the Pacific ocuans. The strng
gle over pniygaiuy and tiie Mormon
church has deterred its admission until
tho present time.
President H irrison in 1802 issued a
proclamation giving amnesty to all
Mormons convicted of polyg.iintv and
President Cleveland today completed
the final step in the preliminary pro
gress toward statehood. According to
the operations of thw enabling net it
will devolve npon the president in
Novemo r or December of 18115 to issue
a proclamation formally admitting
Utah into the Union. Oae mil irkable
I nature of the istter stages of the con
test has been tho unanimity with which
tiie two great political parties huvu
MCted in favor of ndiuissiou. Neither
party now knows which will gain it
when a state.
Several Strikers Wounded in an Encoun
ter with Deputies
CoNNKi.i.sviU.E, Pa., July 17. A riot
occurred at the C, Morrel works of tho
Cumbria Coke company late lust night
in which an unknown Italian was seri
ously wounded. Imported men nro
working at Morrell and the strikers
have been trying to induce them to
quit. Last night a crowd of strikers
overtook a number of the new mon on
their way to work and attempted to
talk to tiiem. A number of deputy
sheiilfs ordered the strikers away.
One of the strikers fired a shot from
his revolver which was answered by a
volloy from the deputies. One of the
strikers, an Italian, was shot through
the legs. Another report says that
three of tho striker were killed, Lu.
there is uo evidence to that effect.
IiIt-ereaniB Fl K cii nt the Windows
rf Railway Onoli.
riTTMSUltrt. Pa., July 17. Passengers
stid train crew on tiie waat bound Pitts
burg, Fort Wayne ami Chicag) rail
way, limited, which arrived in Pius
burg on time this morning, repart an
nis'iult on that train last night jtist ns
it pulled out of the Fort Wayne yards.
A volley of Rtones the cars.
Several windows were broken and the
sides of tho coAches were badly
scratched and (lnui.iged by tho missiles
thrown. No one on the train was hurt.
Tun nttuck caivkil considerable ex-
citeni'iit among the few passenger! o i
board. One sleeoer that had four
windows broken and was otherwise
damaged was sidetracked for repairs.
Overturning a lamp while sewing, Mrs.
John llon.-drul was burned to death at
Wallace, Nob.
Oklahoma Sam bus left Washington and
tlio Cnxevites feel that the last of their
stars has deserted.
Having killed n fellow-soldier, Reginald
Williams,!! colored regular at Fort Tot ten,
N. 1)., hanged himself.
New York city is getting Into the swim.
It pronoses to i reinato gin hage, just like
Philadelphia and oilier IjIlC citien.
New York's attorney general will try to
annul the charter of the Central Stamping
compauy, ns this is a tinware trust.
Poison in church social i?e cream killeil
Mrs. Robert Dunham, at West Union, III,,
and nnide tifiy-llve o.hers very sick.
llosn Coghlnn's husband, Jehu T. Sulli
van, is rear to death, as a result of un op
eration lor appendicitis, in JNew VorK.
Newsboys have boycotted at Cleveland
and Pittslmrft 2 ami 1) cent, newspapers
whioh they were not permitted to sell for
o cents. a
Loenl option nnd hhrh license are favored
by ex-dovci nor Koine, lor aianni, as
more honest than ihe preseut prohibitory
Tho pouti'tlleo in the city of Mexico hns
been robbed of -siiin.tHd, piecemeal, nnd
Pusttiinsier Manuel Nava has taken JoO,
000 of tho plunder.
Mexico refuses to extradite Algarco
Frci-qticz, who is wanted iu New Mexico
for murder. This may beconio a cele
brated international case.
False entries for f-lil.OOO in tho hooks of
the Chlropee, (Mass.), National bank,
caused Cashier Umilti C Knapp to be
sentenced to five years in jail.
Washington. July IS. Forecast
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