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    TKIltl'NE .SUHSCMBKKS gilng
out of tlm city fur Hie summer eao
have their fitvorlto paper lent to
them without extra charge.
IN XHIFlilSG CS to change
the sutiUess please give the paper's
old as well aa Its new destination.
Four Hen and Eight Dorses Killed
Others Wounded.
While Members of Battery B Are Out
for Exerciso tlie Ammunition Cais
son of a Hotclikiss Gun Explodes,
Sending Shot in Every Direction.
Mary of the Soldiers Aro Seriously
Wounded and Several Women and
Men Who Were Watching the Par
ade Are Injured by the Flying Pro
jectiles. Cir.c.vno, Julv 10
EXPLODING ehot and shell wrought
sickeniug carmine among soldiers,
civiliaua and horses this aftcr
noon on Graud boulevard, one of
Chicago's finest driveway. The bodies
cf three United Status' soldiers were
pierced ty projc.iles and torn apart
no that tbey died iusttnlly, being blown
fur from the scene of slaughter. Two
of the wonude 1 soldier are not expect
ed to live; eight more were turned
and struck with leaden and wooden
missiles, and half a dozen or more ci
vilinns were injiro 1.
Edward Doyle, cannoneer, Battery F;
blown from caisson or ammunition
chest which exploded.
Jjjkicmiah Donovan, cannoneer, same bnt-
Joni:i'ii tiAi.i,i:n, farrier, Seventh cavaly;
body riddled and torn by shot and
pieces of gun earring".
Filial Liitz, wheel horse driver, Battery E,
Second artillery; body pierced by shot
and wood, died at 8 p. ui.
Martin O'Donmei.l, cannoneer. Second ar
tillery; body pierced by fragments of
Skiwkant Lipot, same battery; Injured
similar to O'Dounell.
VV. I. Antii, bugler, Seventh cavalry, right
shoulder shattered; recnAory Uoubtlul.
J. V. Allen, eaniinuHer, ftjcoud artillery,
upier part of body burned.
E, George Huffman, sergeant, cliia ohot
Anthony Kane, cannoneer, half of ear
blown off.
Dnivud Enke, Battery F, blown from
torso to ground: head hurt.
Driver Pixowhki, same battery, blown
from borne; cut and bruised.
Caxnonler Ur.yiiiART, same battery, face
and l eek burned; right foot pierced by
Trooieii HuvtK, Seventh cavalry, blown
off horse and rendered deal, bruised aud
Eai.I'H M. Kvehs, boy of 877 Oaklan 1
boulevard, leg pierced and blown off bi
cycle. Mi.s. F. A. Howe, 3,031 Grand boulevard,
face aud head cut by flying glass while
hiuinu at window.
it us. !S. C. Ukiuhs, 3,950 Grand boulevard,
kuocited dowj by explosion, cut by
Unknown man and sister driving on
Oakwood boulevard, blown from buggy;
man's rose broke, woman's face cut.
An unknown woman was seen lying
on the stone sidewalk after the
disaster, but she left the scene without
waiting for medical aid.
Other citizens who followed ths
military column was thrown to the
ijrouud, more or less bruised by con
tact with the ground and their bearing
temporarily taken from them. At bust
$'25. 000 worth of damage was done to
11.0 property of the residents on botn
sidts ot Grand boulevard for half a
block north of Oakwood boulevard.
Houses in adjoining streets were also
damaged, principally by brokon win
dows and door ulass.
The ill-fated body of troops were
proceeding south front tha lake front
camp along Urund lioulavard at a trot.
Having li o rioters to quell or property
to protect, the soldiers were out tor
drill aud exercise.
Captain Dodd, of Troop F, Third
cavalry, wus in command of the
mounted column and was riding in ad
Vai.c-?, Lieutenant Lyon, of the same
troop, rode beside him. Captain Vttr
mini, of Troop U, .Seventh cavalry
probably owes his life to the fact that
be had left his command temporarily
and was riding abreast of Captain
Dodd when the, terrible cannonade
shook the around like au earthquake,
Kelt to the three officers came Lieu
tenant Tat in command of Troon F,
Third CiVnlry, from Fort Riloy, com
prising forty men. Tue Fort Riley
cnlvarymeu, followed by Troop 11, of
the Sixth culvary, Lieutenant Hyer
and forty mon. Tao third detachment
in the column wiig the ill-starred sec
tion ot iiattery F, Lieutenant Gayle
anu lourieeu mon. liesrintr two Hutch
kiss held piecos and four caissons tilled
with atntuiiultioa.
When Within 100 feet of Oikland
Boulevard thure crashed on the ears of
the soldiers and civilians a roar like
bur9t of thunder followed in an in
stant by a succession of sharp ex
, N-1. . .. , II .1 ...
plosions. uu nun uazju soldiers In
the rear of the first timber caieion saw
smoke and iljuie belch from the recent
acle for too death dealing missiles
Men, horses and wheels, caisson and
other parts of the battery rose befon
their horrified guze, high in the air,
The exploding powder nnd shot ii.
cliued to the rear, which accounts for
the escape of all the Cavalrymen irom
the Ibird and Nxt'i cavalry. The nr
tillerymen received the brunt of the
explosion. beinif directly in the rear of
the deadly missiles aud ignited powder
whloh burst from the caisson.
Donovan and Doyle were doomed to
a death which carried with it no sn
faring, not even an instant of time to
realize their fate. They wore sitting
on the caisson which exploded. Dom
van wag blown through tho air over
trees nifty feet high, a distance of 000
feet across a vacant lot, dropping on
the Union btock yards railway track.
Part of one limb was torn off. There
was hardly a shred of clothing left on
his body and tho mulilntinn was so hor
rible that he conld not be reoogniz -d.
It was known that he was blown iu
that direction.
His companion, Boy to, wis hnrled
SOU feet. The mangled lifeless body
came in contact with a hign fence.
The force of tlio explosion Carried a
wheel and other parts of the gun car
riage half a thousand feet away from
the bloody scone.
Gnller, the farrier, was riding in the
second column behind the artillery.
The shot an I shell, which hurled him
to the ground u bleeding corps'.', en
tered bis bend over the beads of the
troopers in the front ranks. Part of the
leaden shot which tore through GuIIt's
head took oil half of Kane's ear. L ad
and wood pierced the body of Fred
Lotz, the wheel horse driver nearest
the exploding ammunition, aud killed
the animal.
All the eight artillery horses tire
doad. The four which pulled the first
gun were hurled In front of the ex
ploding powder and shells to a grassy
pirtofthe boulevard, 100 foot away.
Three were killed outiigut, being shot
through aud through. The fourth soon
hud to be put out of his misery. The
four horses drawing the second gun
were hurled to one side of the boule
vard on tho cram and all instantly
killed. Gaiter's horse was shot from
under him and his life had to be taken
soon after. His master had been blown
into eternity.
The beautiful boulevard seemed to
have suddenly become the scene of a
bloody conflict between armed forcee.
Wood from men and leasts lying
wounded in the broad drivewav and
he gramy plots on e.ioh side ilowed
n rivulets nnd mingled with tho neap
of blood stained trapping and pieces ot
the carriages.
Receiver Appointed for "The Um
brclla Company," Which Em
braced Eight Large Firms.
New York, Jnlv 10 Juice Gilder
sleeve, of the superior court, appointed
Arthur U. Calmer and Miles M.
O'Hriea recti vera of "Tue Umbrella
companv," under which name the
$3,000,000 umbrella trust is known
Gilbert M. Speir. ir.. has been ap
pointed referee and tue eight compuni
forming tho trust arerenaired bv Judge
t-riidorsleovo s order to show c;use why
the company should not be dissolvod.
The order is m id" returnable before
the ri:ree on Oct. 19.
The dehts of the company are about
t-l,200.0U0 apart from contingent lia-
i ilili'Son 1ob. contracts, etc., but
not exceed f'2O3,0O0 ontiidu this
000. COO of "debenture stock. The as
sets are said to amount to $000,000 ou o
conservative valuation.
The commune forming the trust are
Folmer, Clogg & Co., of Nw York and
i'biladelphla; It jse Uro. & Ilartman.
of Lancaster, Pa. ; Excolsior Manufac
turing coninany. of New York nnd
Boston; Wright Bros. & Co.. of Now
York and Philudeliihin; William
H. Rich, of this citv; Elias Knapp &
Co., of this city; White, Howard &
Major, of this city; Alvan Hall & Co.,
of this city; Brown Matzenbacker &
Co., of this city, nnd Heitor, Glenn &
Co., also of this city.
In May last Messrs. Glen and Caw-
ley withdrew, but Mr. Ileiter remained
in the truit. Glenn and Cawlev im
mediately formed tho firm of Glonn,
Uawiey c2 Co.
No Match for iTu Crack A'.bUtes of Ox
London, Jnlv 10. The crack athletes
of Oxford triumphed over the cham
pions of Yale at the Queen s club, West
Kensington, today, winning five of the
nine events. Rain poured down al
most unceasingly from noon until the
programme was more than half decided
and the sodden coudition of the track
and infield played havoo with the form
of the Americans,
Oxford won the following events:
One hundreds yards run. Fry in 10 2 5
seconds; mile run, Groenhaw in 4 mhi
utes !T4 2-5 seconds; hurdle race, 120
yards; Oakley in 10 3 5 seconds; 410
yards rnu, Jordan iu 51 seconds: half
mile run, Greenbaw in 2 miuutus4-5
Yale won the following: Hammer
throwing, Ilickok. 110 feuc 5 inches:
long jump, Sheldon, 22 feet 1 1-5
inches; puttin'' the shot, Hickok,
41 feel 41 inches; high jump. Swan-
wick, Oxford, and Sheldon, Yale, tied
at 5 feet 8 inches.
Grass Blvar, Nw York, Promises
Become a Bur l3'nai z,
OaPENsnuita, N. Y., July 10.- The
village of Russell, situated upon the
Grass river, about thirty-two miles
southeasterly from this city, is
excited over the finding near thereof
valuable penrls in the common fresh
water clams.
A considerable Dumber of men aro at
work in tho river. One man has sold
four pearls at $800, nnd has another
that be has refund 1 200 for.
Admiral Snldaiiha Da Gama has signified
bis willingness to sin render,
Earthquakes still continue to throw
down houses and kill the people iu Tur
The czar of RueBia will pardon several
political prisoners in colobration of the
marriage of tho czarowitz.
A cable from St. John's, N. F states
that Dr. Cook's Arctio expoditiou touched
there yesturday. All on hoard wore well.
Cholera has developed in its worst form
in Bt Petersburg. Thore are noarly 1,00!)
cases a nay. lhe mortality is one to tnroo,
A bust of Keats, the work of Anno
Whitney, of Bostun, will bu unveiled in
tnornanccl or tho parish church at lianip
ttead toduy.
The infant child of the Duke of York
was christened yesterday and was given
run name or I'.mvnrd Alport Ueorgo An
drew Patrick David Christian.
As a cab drove away op to St. Btophen's
can yesterday wittt Mrs. Bands, the wire
of tho Cambridgo university pnblio orator,
a rough looking man sprang at her with
a knlle and attempted to Btab her. Hur
assailant was seized by some bv-standers
as the woman fainted. The motive of the
attempt u not kuown.
He Proposes to Conlinuo tho Strike with or
Without Followers.
Passenger and Freight Traffic Unin
terrupted Upon Nearly All Western
Railroads A Prophesy That the
Rock Island Will Bo Again in
Trouble Within Forty-eight Hours.
Pullman Strikers Have No Intention
of Going Back to Work Mission
ary Work' to Bo Continued by Or
ganizers. .
Chicago, July 10.
ican Railway union still claims
to brt certain of coming out.
ahead in his lUht with the rail
roads. Directors Goodwin nnd Hognn,
of tho American Railway uniou, left
today to begin the work of organizing
the uwn in tho northwest Htid
the country west of the Misiis
fjippi. There are now oight of these
organizes out. "Oar policy, said
Mr. Dobs, "is to keep these organ
izes with the men, so the strikers will
not weaken. We have everything
solid west or tho Mississippi. That is
our strong point. I claim that as loug
as we have tramc stopped at one point
wo have uot yet lost the fight. It is as
if you stop the llow of blood iu an
artery you stop the circulation of tho
whole system.
''But everything seems to be runuing
smoothly on the different roada, does it
no: t Mr. Debs was asked.
''Oh, well." ndmittod tho labor
leader, "the passengT business in and
out is being transacted fairly well, but
there are no freights moving at all to
day, and thnt's where we have the best
ot them. Inula where we expect to
cripple the enemy."
At the depots, Mr, Deba statement
that freight traffic is naralvzed is not
by any means borne out. Most of the
roads are moving freight without th'.i
slightest trouble.
When shown a United Press dispntel
saying that Mr. Heathcote, leader of
th Pullman strikers, had asked him to
call off the strike, Mr. Debs denied it
flatly, "The Pullman strikers are just
as firm as ever," he said. "They have
no intention of going b.ick to work. If
Pnllman is R-ttislind, they are. Mr,
Heathcote has not made me any propo
sition or that kind. On the contrary,
he bns nosureu me of his continued co
Mr. Debs received areport.from La
Salle, III., this morning declaring that
the Rock Iilaud road is again badly
congested at that point. Mr. Debs as
serted that within forlv-eight hours
be would have the Rock I-sland in as
bad shape as ever.
The. usual meeting of tho American
Railway union was held at Uhlich's
hall this morning. President Debs
addressed a large nndience. Yesterday
he spoke at eight different meetings.
Troops Callfd Oat to Disperse a Mob
a Railroad Yard.
Oakland. CaU July 10 Thore was
intense excitement at Wen Oakland
shortly after noon today. Tho Mendolu
freight train had left the yard aud par
of it bw crossed hovonth Btreot when
the engineer discovered that some oue
had cnt the air pipe. It was soon
after discovered that a Dumber of
coupling pins had been removed and
an alarm was sent to police headqtiar
An immense crowd gathered around
the engine, and soldiers from the Sec
ond regiment were called out. They
charged the crowd Bnd drove the pec
pie back, several being prodded by
bayonets. Twenty one persons were
LsrarrU Members of Amsrlean Railway
Union Remain iu th Strike.
Cheyenne, Wyo.July 16. The mem
hereof the Ameucan Railway tunc
here and at Laramie have voted almost
unanimously not to return to work
The following telegram was received
from Debs toduy:
CniCAOO, July 10. Rosdi in the hands of
receivers occupy tho Fame position as all
otiiers in wis HiriKo. i lie proposition-
made to the General Managers has been
refused; our position is doubly strong in
consequence, tsonow every eifort aud car
ry it out to a finish. There is nothiug to be
utraia or. we must and will win,
(Signed) E. V. Deus.
Two Bock Island Bridges Burusd In
Guthrie, O. T., July 10. Troubl
between Round Pond people aud the
Rock Island Railroad company broke
out anew today. Two bridges were
burned at Round Pond aud all trains
governor kowe win otr:r500 re
ward for the conviction ot par tie
burning bridge s, und hits ulso demand
cd of the railway company that they
do thfir part toward stopping lawless
ness and stop trains at Enid and Roun
Pond iu accordance with city ordi
Blockade la Raised and Formor
ployoa Are Rein? Re-instated.
Tolkdo. O.. July 10. When 'th
switohmun went out on the Wheclin
and Lake Erte road, General Manug
A. G. MMv discharged the 1.000 in.
on the line in every opacity and siiu
down the road. Today the compnr
issued orders resuming operations i
all branches. AU firemen who hav
applied for reinstatement and Who
were in good standing ut the time of
the suspension will bo restored to thoi
former positions. All former eroployos
who. in the judgment of the omcia!
are entitled to re-etnploymeut after
careful investigation, iu ly bo put to
work if neoded.
All bnt two of the strikins men have
gone back on the Ann Arbor road and
till the roads have plenty or mn, old
und new to operate In full. Everything
is running nnd tlm freight blockade is
completoly rais-'d.
Man of I.ak Superior Trantfar Company
Objt-ot to Northern Paoiflo Cars.
West Sui'k.uior, Wis.. July 10. The
mon of tho Lake Suporior Terminal
d Transfer company went ont today
tiuing tip all the switching at tho boad
of the lake.
Thev went ont because the coir, nan v
handled Northern Pacitio cars.
The Aiiirrlciiu Yachc Itiaksa Butter Show
ing; Than in Formal Rfioj.
Eaxgou (B-dfast Lough). July 10
The big event of this, the first dav'g
racing of tho regatta of the Royul Ul
ster Yacht club, was the contest for tho
County Down cup, opan to yacuts over
forty rating, aud In it th American
loop Vigilant and tho uniisii cutter
Britannia alone competed. Tho cutter
Cariuu wus entered, but was With-
rawn, ns she bad no possible chance
gainst Hie twocrncK racers.
The tnno at tho finish was: Britan
nia, 4158.13; Vigilant, 1 40 45.
The uncertainty i i regard to tho al
lowance that tue Vigilant gives the
Britannia made it impossible for tho
spectators to accurately determine
how much the Vigilant bad been ue-
eatod ou corrected time. They merely
know thnt the British yacht had van
qniahed the center hoarder by one min
ute and thirty-three seconds actual
English vachtsmon have reversed
their opinion of tho Vigilant. They
mit that she had moon the best of
the race and seemed to bo a sure win
ner uutii tlie Wind fell. They believe
that the groat sea room at the mouth
of tho Lough was in tin Vigilant's fa
vor, but that the frequent turua in the
course wero against her, pertictlarly
n tho liKtit breezos. Ihoro was not n
single fluke until tho yachts ran into
the calm at the beg in mug of the lust
A Large Body of Strikers Armed
with Winchesters Shoot Down
Their Victims in Cold Elood.
Birmingham, Ala,, July 10 About
o'clock this afternoon a large
body of men armea with Winchester?
were discovered near Slope No. 3,
of Trott mines of the Tennefseo Coal,
Iron and Railroad company, seven
miles from Birmingham. It the
hour when the men at work at tho
mines come out. The men at work
wero negroes who had taken tho places
of strikers and the attacking party
were strikers and their syinpit
tliiz "rs. As the negroes came out the
strikers, who were squatting aronud
bonind bushes and fences, opened fire.
Several hundred shots were fired before
tho strikers scattered.
Guards stationed around the mine
returned the fire, hut they were few in
number, The casualties are: U. V.
Tierce, white guard, killed; negro
miner, nome unknown, killed. Onn of
the strikers, a l'renchman named li ic
quet, was) badly wounded nnd will die,
Several on both sides were wounded,
One of the wounded striirers was
ilrngged off by his filonds. It was
delinerato attack by the strikers on the
miners put to work in their places and
they shot to kilt, lwo local military
companies were harried to the scene
i . ; .li l. A : i-
auu are iu iuo ueiguuuruuuu tuuijjui,.
Governor Flcw.r Commutes Eer Sent'
enca to Life Imprisonment.
Albany. Jnly 10 Uovernor r lower
todav commuted the sentence of death
passed upon Elizabeth llallld iy to im-
prisonmont lor nie, uuti men kiiu iui
lowing memorandum:
"The defense was insanity, ana tue
evidence to establish it was very
Btrong. Dr. Sulden II. Talcott.mcdicii
superintendent Of the Middletown
State hospital, and Dr. Uenry ii,. Ain
son. medical superinienuont or nr
Mattewan State hospital, both men o:
great expenonco, ttslihed that she im
at different times some years before the
homicide been under their onre as an
insane patient, as which tirai she was
nnnnostionablv insane, and that thev
bad no doubt that sho was insane at
the time of the homicide.
"Three commissioners, appointed
since the trial, have, after a careful ex
amination, filed their report, stating
that in their opinion she is insane.
Under these circumstances, I do not
think her s fit subjact for the death
penalty. It will be much safer
commute the sentence to life imprison
William Bartla Savos Expanse Attend
lay a Legal Separation.
Newcastle, Pa., July 11. William
Bartle of Big Heaver township, com
mitted suicide this afternoon by shoot
inc himself through the head. HI
wife from whom be had been separate
for some time, was iu an iidjoiniin
room at the time writing separation
papers. A moment before Bartle bud
tried to induce his wife to live with
him airain.
This she refused, and Bartle left the
room savinir: "I love you and will di
for love : vou will ueeJ no divorce.
He then went into another room and in
the presence of his brother and sister,
shot himself. He was' twenty-seven
year old aud leaves three children.
Charles Pierce, a miner, was killed by on
explosion in the Williamsport coiliorios.
A son of Hnion Leeds, at Highland, was
Purned Jo ucatu; ue was jnuyiug who
f!. Donnelly, of Altoona, has
lensnd tho Edou Iron works which have
been closed for sevnral years, and within
another week will put them in t operation
;il to Create Aaoiher S'.ate Receives Vice
President's Signature.
The President's Promptness in Pre
serving Law and Order During tho
Recent Strike Is Approved by c
Resolution Passed in tho House.
Representatives Bland and Pence
Object The Republicans Tako no
Part in tho Debate Various Meas
ures Awaiting Signature of the
Washington, July 10.
THE final touch to the act for the
admis.-iou of Utah as a state, so
far as the two bonnes of con
gress are concerned, was applied
y the vice presidnut today when he
nnouncod his signature to that act.
it was imnv diately afterwards sent to
he president for his approval. J. he
ouae Mil to regulate dealings in op
tions and futures was advanced one
tago iu being taken from the table,
where it hus b'en lying for two or
hree weeks, and retired to the com
mittee on agriculture.
The rapid progress which has distin
guished the senate for the rast two
weeks In connection with tho annual
npropriation bills wa still further il-
mtrated todav in the finishing up and
passing of the legislative.executive and
judicial appropriation bill, and in tin
nassuge. with very little consumption
of time of the District of Cohuubit bill
and in tho reporting of tho agricultural
nil to the sjtmto. This left the stains
of tho fifteou appropriation bills at the
1.4....'. ............ I'.illmnj,
in tho hands of the president, tho
post cilice bill. Being enrolled, pen
sions, military academy. Iu confer
ence, fot tiHcatioin.diplomatio end con
sular, army, navy. Passed both houses,
but not yet iu conference, river and
harbor, legislative, executive and ju-
licial. Before tho senate, agricultural,
District of CoIntnbi;i. Oa tne senate
calendar. Indian. Not yet reported to
the senut-i, sundry civil, gouoral defi
I'residf.nt's course approved.
With less than half an hour's discus
sion and with practically uo opposition
the hone to'lr'V adopted the following
resolution fred by Mr. McCroary,
(D-m..Kv.): .
Resolved. That the bouse of representa
tives endorses tho prompt nnd vigorous ef
forts of tho president und his administra
tion to suppress lawlessness, restore ord :r
and prevout interference with tho en
forcement of tho laws of the Lulled
L-itales, and with transportation or tn-
mails of the United States und with inter.
suite commerce, and pledges tho pro ideut
hearty support and deems tho success toai
has already attended hu efforts for
public and general congratulutiou.
The resolution was opposed by Ponce.
(Pop, Col.), and conditionally by
Hland, (U in,, nio ), wuo denounced
the action of the federal otuodals in bis
own state as wnoiiy uunecp'sary.
Pence criticised the attitude and Mo
tion of Attorney General Olney to
ward and upon the recent troubles,
charging that he had selected a rail
road nttorney of Chicago s special
assistant district attorney to prose
cute the strikers and their lead
ers in that city. He also re
ferred to the charges made in Demo
oriiic papers that Olncy wis the
representative of corporations nnd
trusts, us a reason why bo should not
be in the position he occupies, and why
bis action should not be approved.
The resolution was odvocated ny Mr.
McCreary and Mr. Cutohiugj (Dem.,
Miss,) nnd passsd hy an overwhelming
viva voc.s vote. Ellorts to secure a yea
mid nay voto were nnnvuiling. The
Republicans took no part iu the debate.
Semite amendments to the unval ap
propriiition were non-concurrod in and
the bill sent to conrerence, Messrs.
Cummitigs (Dom., N. Y.,) Geiden
hiuer(Uera., N. J.,) and Dollivor (Rep,,
Iowa), were appointed mnnugers ou
the p art of tho bouse,.
The rBt or the duys session vr.
spent in discussing tho bill lvported
tr in tho committee on judiciary, "to
establish a uniform system of bank
ruptcy." It wus purely voluntary
measure and intended, as explained by
the uuthor, Mr. Bailey, of Texas, to
harmonize proceedings in bankruptcy
in tho several states. Tlie bill as re
ported by tho committee was ordered
to be engrossed, but on its passage the
vote of a quorum conld uot be ob
Engineer Burtl liinpowored to Correot
Errors Iu a Suworaca Kap.
fticrial to the MTiiiiton Triiiuw.
PittstoN, Pa , July 10 At a moet
ing of council tonight representative
of yarions paving companies wore
given a bearing. Asphalt aud vitrified
brick agents presented their respective
cluiuis, hut nothiug definite was de
cided upon.
Engineer Burtl. of Scrauton, reported
th it the plans of a sewerage syetom
prepared by Fowler & Co., of N-iw
York, contaiued soiii-i Inaccuracies,
which he Wat empowered to have cor
Colored Bntlor Hold for un Assault on a
Yuung Girl.
Sunrury, Pa., July 10 Thomas
Pencil, a colored butler iu the employ
of Qt. W. Crefghton, superintendent of
the Sunbury division of the Pennsylva
nia railroad at this place, wus arrested
today and bound over for conrt.olmrgsd
with having committed an assault on
the p.TBou of Julia M. Hicks, a 10 year
old white girl, employed in the sumo
family as a domestic. The crime wns
committed about a week ago. Mr.
Crelghtou's family was away and only
tbe negro and the young' girl were in
the house.
Peach is a married man and has bf en
out of town several days to escape ar-
rat. Tho commission of tho crime
was kept strictly socret until the arresi,
was uiudo at Williamsport. The pris
oner was brought to this city on an
oveiilng train.
the Fresidunt Hae Not Yet Ap
proved the Admission of Utah.
Washington, D. C, July 10 Tho
act admitting Utah to statehood was
brought to the white house this after
noon and laid before tho president by
Delegate Josvph L Ruwlins who pur
chased a gold pen with which Mr
Cleveland will affix his signature.
Tue act was lei t with the president,
who did uot designate the time whet;
he would approvo ir.
Employee of Wes'.morel&nd Coal Com
pany Accopt Fifty Cent tiaeis.
PiT'isiiuno, July 10. Toduy tho
mtueiB employed by the Westmoreland
Coal company and the Petin Gas Coal
company, acting on the advice of the
District officials, return to work at the
50 cont rate, the price paid by tho firm
belore tho strike wus declursd.
The men at both these works have
been holding out for the terms of the
Columbus compromise.
Conference Spends tho Day in Fruit
less Discussion Mr. Wilson Is
Suffering from Illness.
Washington, July 10. The tariff
conferees spnut the day in a fruitless
discussion of ths ameudments bearing
upon the dill-rent schedules of tho
bill. An explicit denial is given to the
report that a compromise had been
made on sugar. No such compromise
has resulted nor is any likely to result
within the uext forty time hours. This
schedule is the real oone of contention
aud it will probably be settled
last beo.mse of the concessions ou
other articles which lnunt be u neoes
snry part of any solnMon on the sugar
problem. It was said this afternoon
and for a time somo credit was placed
iu the story thai the conferees had
agreed to reduce the difL'rentiiil or.e
uighth of a cent given to refiners one
tenth of a cent, but this statement h
denied on the authority of a number of
tbe conferees. The senate is contend
ing for the senate provisions and tae
house still insists that lhe oue-eighth
be striken oil before the talk of com
promise. Mr. Wilson is ill nud his dntioB wero
assumed to some extent today by Mr.
Br' ckinridgo, of Arkansas, wiio is also
one of the member. of tho ways uufl
means. Mr. Wilson is suffering from
au aggravated attack of neuralgia, but
his physical enndiciou Is alarming to
his friends who fear that if the confer
ence be protracted it will result ju
brcukimr him dowu again.
Tho bouso conferees are op in arms
over the senate selr-diile in woolen
goods and will listiin to no argnmetit
undo in its favor. They insist that it
must bu scalded down, and just how
to do this as a concussion on the part of
the senate, un 1 yet not alfoct the miu
who wove insufficiently powerful to get
the schedule tbrougii in the face of tho
most determined opposition iu the seu-
ate, is a matter to winch iMr. Jones is
applying himsolf with much zaal but
wttn little apparent snccos.t. As soon
as the conferees adj Hiroed this after
noon Mr. Jones locked himself up ii.
his room uud assisted by two treasury
experts went over a lot of samples ot
woolen goods nnd duta tbat had beer,
provided, in the hope of reaching
some sort of a solution to the problem.
Kentucky afaoous Nut Willinar to Tolor-
ate the Gay Colonl.
Louisville, Ky , July 10 A special
from Lexington, Ky., to the Post says:
"The local lojgd of Masons will meet
tonight and the question of expelling
Colonel Breckinridge will com; up.
"As a majority of tho members are
opposed to the colonel it is said that 1 e
will bo put ont."
No Attempts Hav Hem Made to Inter-,
fere with Tralni.
S.icramicnto, Cain., July 10 Trains
are running as usnal today. No at
tempt was mado to interfere with
It is reported that the railroad eom
paoy intends to re-opn its shops to
Tho rhipnient of tandard silver dollars
during the lnsf. week amounted to f 3(6,1-10,
n'ld of fractional eilvor coiu dnriuir tho
first hull of tho pioteut month was f ITS, -Mi.
The number of fuurtk-cl.ies postmasters
appointed today was twcnty-ttiivo. Of fifteen were to (ill vacancies caused
by retignatijns, six by removals and two
by deaihs.
The amount of the world's supply of tin
for tho calendar year ItV) wn- 67,1)2 tons.
The total value of tin and tin plates im
ported and entered for consumption in the
United Stated during the your was $Jd,-S0-.M6.
The investigation of the Carnegie armcr
plate frauds, which wa to have bioa
resumed tomorrow by the house committee
on naval affaiiv, wl'flie postponed till the
coiumitteu has settled its dHtVreucos with
tbe senate over the naval appropriation
Then is somo differeuco of opinion
among congressmen as to whether the
comnmaiou to bo appointed by tiie presi
dent to iuvoHtignte Clio cause ot the Chica
go striKe will iuterfore with tho investiga
tion prupo-ed by tho house committee on
tutor-state commerce.
Measures to prevent the entrance into
Mexico of the Vumu Indians, now ou the
reservation in Baa Dieuo county, Cali
fornia, nenr Fort Yuma aud the Mexican
froutier, are sought iu a communication
from the Mexicnn minister, forwarded by
the secretary of tho state to the secretary
ot tho interior.
Washington, July 10. Forecast
for I'tiesdo;: for axtern i'eni,
sufcania, fair; warmer tn east
ern portion; taut ici'ik.. tor H't.itern
Pennttylcania, pnrtiy cloudy; continued
high leinperalure; ou(ieui winds.
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