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the Old Story of Trouble lulls Relation to
6rx How tlto Mosquito Lives Biul Illes.
nowtlioI.lttlolYstMHj- He KjUrmliiatod.
K inrily l or tliu Dili's.
Siiciiil Corn-siiontlcnrc.
Bayonnk, N. J., July 5. Human in
pcimily 1ms liei'U oxeivisiil ill n hull
ijivd ways to rival o or invent either a
cure fur mosquito bites or wnuo prevent
ive for the incursions of this imwlcomo
dimmer visitor. Otio scientist hustle-
iscd u pl.ui to riil himself of uiosrrui
t.xs, but it is of such it nature tlmt its
use entilcl not be of practical bcnelit in
largo mosquito infected areas. Neveltho
less it is worthy of recording and may
make inoro pleasant the suinnuT resi
(u nci's of thoe who can afford to lease
a ''country home."
Hi i discovered that it was from thn
ponds on his estate that the mosquito
came. lie examined the -water ami
f'.mnd upon its surface under thn micro
scepy that myriads or incipient mosqui
t'V wero there. They existed in a kind
of larval (wiulitiuu and floated upon thu
surface. After one year's or season's ex
perience of tho scourge this scientist de
vised a plan that would undoubtedly
rid such residences of mosquitoes. lie
bad the ponds ilr;:i?icil until they wero
quite dry, and then ho applied in tho
f-priiijiHine a wash of diluted creosoto
to tlie bottom and sides. Tho next sea
son !a.-t year there was not a piiigln
mosquito avouml his house, thus prov
ing that it is only necessary to arrest
the insect in its embryonic stago to iu-F-uro
immunity from it.
lint, useful as this idea may bo to
thosn who possess, similar homes, it
could bo but of little value in the f;on
eral destruction of tho mosquito, which,
so far as New York is concerned, is de
veloped fur the most part in tho marshes
of Jersey.
It is a well known fact to entomolo
gists that it is only the l'einalo mosquito
Which "biles," or, in other words, only
A Mostji-iTo p.kahv fop. nrsiwm
the females "draw blood. " Tho malo
mosquito subsists generally upon tho
ju'cvs of (lowers and decaying vegetable !
veiticr. So does tiio fcinalo "if blood I
; .tils them. " But the female mosquito
has an abnormal thirst for mammalian i
bleed. She seeks it with an avidity only j
understood by thtKso who have saffercd j
from her search, and sho is provided i
with a most admirable organ for its ex-
t ruction. j
There is not in all naturo such an in
htasico of wasted energy comparablo
with that of the femalo mosquito's thirst
for blood. It can procreate without satis
fying its ravenous appetito for blood,
but it seems to boa delight to tho insect
to fill its gray, threadlike abdomen at
tho price of suifering humanity. For
every ono mosquito that gets the cbanco
to tastu blood thero nro nearly a million
that never taste it, and yet it would
seem that warm mammalian blood is a
necessity for their existence. It is not.
They can live upon decaying vegetable
matter and flower juices, but thu ab
normal blood thirst of tho female needs
a very salutary check beforo anything
liko a satisfactory revolution can occur.
L!ov this revolution is to ho brought
about remains for scientists to explain, !
and I do think that tho scientists and j
entomologists of Jersey should inquire
into the matter. !
But a more direct method appeals to j
us than the (hwiation of tho mosquito's
natural propensity. Naturo itself lias
i'hown to us this remedy, for in every
l.inrsh where ari bred mosquitoes wo
lind numberless dragon flies. Thodrag
ou lly feeds entirely upon other winged
insects, and hi favorito delicacy is a fe
male niosqnito; henco nr.turo causes
both the dragon fly and the mosquito to
como into existence upon the same farm
and in tho same place. Unfortunately
tho mosquito is found in immeasurably
large nutnbew in the.-o jihices, and the
dragon tlks nro comparatively few in
r.umbor. Theqnestion is, Ilowafoweto J
propagato thn dragon fly in such mini- j
hers as to afteot thn production of mos-1
quitoes? That is a question for entomolo-1
gists to answer, but it. is certain that in
marshes where mosquitoes did abound
and afterward the dragon fly made
his appearance the former pest is seen
or felt no longer.
There are some marshes m Jersey
which are jn-rfectly free from mosqui
toes, as are there also in Long Island
and elsewhere, but if a visitor to these
places will take the tronblo to observe
he wil! tind that in theso marshes thero
urn innumerable dragon flies. It is an
easy lesson, and it should bo remem
All kinds of remedies nro suggested I
for mosquito bites and against their
bites. Ammonia and washing blue arc
perhaps tho best of tho former remedies,
while rubbing tho exposed parts of tho
body with pennyroyal or lemon juieo
nro the liest of tho latter. But the evil
itself should be overcome. Tho creosot
cd pond will certainly fill the necessity
in private parks or farms. Tho propaga
tion of tho dragon fly would surely eradi
cate tho pest, but all that I have said of
how those thills can hcdonowill not, I
fear, prevent. JHr. or rather Mrs. Mosquito
from wirryitig poor humanity this sea
son. Tint, is it not well to know by whom
pud hew we live liitten and worried and
how if. U possiblo to prevent tho worry?
R. W. Francis.
Kcw Notions About Cotton 1'nlirlm Tlia
11. -.t CottiiKii Draperies.
The one peculiar characteristic of wim
jucr hangings is lightness o( weight.
Whether one. bus hundreds of dollars to
rxpeiid or tens makes only tho difference
between choosing silk or cotton stuffs.
The colors, the variety, tho beauty of pat
tern nro tho same in all. Material at 25
cents a yard, if Well selected, will glvo as
good color effect as that, at ?3.fi0; accord
ing to Tho Decorator and Furnisher, la
which occur tho following notes: Cotton
and jtttu Km most In use for low priced
goods; silk nml sill: and cotton for thoi'o
of pruitor value. Wool Is not found nt all,
even as n tilling or woof. Tho old notion
that cotton could not bo permanently dyed
has been proved false turuiii and a;;ain.
Manufacturers now claim that It makes n
better illliun for flno class rcmmIs than
either wool or linen, and that quito aluno
It is capable of fluinj? excellent service.
Certainly it is cooler by far than liny
fabric which contains even a minimum of
wool and Is eminently desirable lor sum
mer use.
Chester cotton and cretonne take and
deserve tho highest place among cottage
null bedroom drapi'iics and cull bo found
ill all colors and all ili'sijjns. The former
deserves u much inmv jreneml ivi;j.nitlill
than it has obtained. It costs only 15 or
0 cents a yard, yet is thoroughly piud in
culor and iiitilie in desb.'u and will laun
der without a vestige of change. lAir pil
lows mid cushions il ispcrleeti and for Uil
rooni curtains can be made as charming
as can Ik) by liiiin;: cither with itself or
with line silesla of a Hat tone.
Thin silks or Japaiue ami Chinesi)
silk;) can be found in all grades and nil
prices. They are delightful, as all such
soi't, climdiiK taints must always be, and
they make ideal pillow covers, but an)
hardly suitable fur haii'nipi unless they
servo as lining for smuu more stable stulf.
SInuy lirms In lilliiif orders, whciit econ
omy is no object, use uivlomicornthcrcot
ton stuffs for the curtain jir.iper and one
of these silks for the lining. The effect is,
of course, charmiui;, and the lmnniii';
takes folds such as nothing less pliable
Would yield.
In t'liiinintj Tiir
It may bo news to some young house
Wife that fruit may hep-xuvd into
a jar with itil the slightest danger to thn
plass If only it be set on a folded doth
which has been wet wbli cold water, says
The old custom of I'sln;; a silver spoon
as a conductor for the heat prevails in
many households still, but the wet cloth
is simpler. The lillint; of jars may lie
greatly expedited by the use of a grocer's
funnel, and a small milk ili:iier is the
test thimj for ladling out the hot fruit or
sirup. The. use of such little conveniences
renders canning much less fatiguing, and
Indeed it is a process not without interest
where success usually results.
Tho best and easiest way to cover jellies
is to pour melted parallin overthem when
they are quite cold. This hardens at once,
when a piece of brown paper may be tied
over the glass to kein out the dust.
The cake of paraliiu may be easily lifted
Otf when the jelly is used, and if washed
and put away can be melted ever n'Vin to
serve the same purpose another year.
1'aralbu is a clear white wax which is
absolutely taste hs. Its use was lirst sug
gested by a chemist, who once saw his
wife laboriously eaiting little rounds of
while paper and dipping them in l.iiniy
for the tops of her jellies. One trial was
Bullicicnt to prove it s value as a time saver.
Convenient la Jelly .'M.ikiio;.
Those who make jolly and use the ordi
nary jelly hags are familiar with thu in
convenience, the staining of hands and
the spilling of juice that result, from such
use. To make the clearest j -lly the crushed
fruit must not bo pressed at. ail in the bag,
but allowed to drip throiiga it, and this
calls for the su.-;ie!inion of the b:j from
some point where it will nut hit ayaiast
the wall or r.j.y object. Again, tho fruit
Juice should pass through the cloth a sec-
ond time to gain added clearness, and this
calls for a second bag and added inconve
nience. American Hardening figures an
arrangement wjiich Is an easy way out of
the dilliculty. Alight frame is mad.) in
tho manner iudicat 'd, and over the cross
Rapports arc loosely suiq tended two squares
of cheesecloth or similar material. Small
brads nt the sides hold lhe.-o in place. '1 he
crushed fruit. Is into the upper
cloth and allowed to :lrip through both
cloths into a dish below.
Itimsl; Chlchen.
Select, two plump ynung fowls and draw
them without, unjoialing. Wash the in
side of tho fowls, rah dry with a cloth
which will not deposit lint and rub them
With salt. Tie thin slices of salt pork
over tho legs and breasts and put. them in
to a roast i r with a little water. Baste
them from time to time with nice sweet
butter melted in a little water. Servo on
a pla-tcr, y.ith a border of nice mashed
pi italics.
Clmiry I'll. loins.
One pint milk, a pint, flour, half cup
sugar, 2 eggs, 'J teaspoonl'uls baking pow
der, a pint of iloiied cherries. Bub to
gether butter nud sugar; add the beaten
yolks of the eggs, the milk, the whipped
whites, tho Hour and baking powder,
('over the bottom of a pudding dish Willi
tho chc'.TiiKffSpriukln with sugar, pour in
the baiter and bake quickly, Bat, with a
liquid sauce.
The Thermometer.
It Is told that Hero of Alexander, who
lived about bill years before Christ, is said
to Imvo boon the real Inventor of tho rude
'weather lestcr" used for measuring tho
beat of the atmosphere, which was con
tinued in use until about the time of thn
openlngot the seventeenth century. About
the date last mentioned It was reduced to
an instrument more convenient and ac
curate by one Sauct.imio, an Italian, and
was afterward much Improved by various
scientists, especially by Fahrenheit, who,
in ITl'O, added Iho scale and other impor
tant detail'
generally accompanies a torpid liver and
indignation. An in-door llfn otton brings on
this condition; thero follows auaauia, or lack
of blood, frequently another worse cll'rct
that of Dyspepsia. 'Dr. I'irrcc's Golden Med
ical Discovery is tho restorative tonic and
liver invigorntor which will positively cure
just such ca&s.
Mrs. F. A. Onn. or Cnr
licit, lliiltimiire Cn., AM.,
writes: "Physicians pro
nounced my oiim) aeuto
Iiuliucntloii. 11' It hn.l
;,f Vl'S, not tieen tor Dr. P ereo i
rO '' (iohlen M editnl Discov
fjfl V K crynud I'lra-uut IHI-ts
I 1 , I firmly bellevo I would
l -l -'liy i i -
v-;imvo u-rii in iny H""1',
.!?dfr nothing did mo any
4fiKWKl until I brcrnn tidt-
'iff. 'Cx .IK. lni? them. Tho Dif cov.
r f-iZSS& wy" ulso curat my child
'',iYi'W -'- 01 niKhwiwents and a
i'-iH'fy-y' vrnk Btomuch, which
followed tin nttnek of
. Pneumonia. Wo cannot
Mrs. . A. uun. prniso your medlciaes
too highly." Sold by all mcdicliio dealers.
Low Neckod tlai'iiit 'its Will Ito In Vone
Attain This Year. , J
It is said that low necked pannenta nro
to lx worn again Ibis year. They nro not
cut to cn evening low ness, of coui-, but
lire in the rollarlc-s style of live years ago
and of till yeers irevlousto thai. Thin will
bo a sudden and decided contrast to tho
high collars and various tall tlulllnesscs
Dow prevalent, but the style has, asu mat
ter of fact, uppcnicd in 1'arls, although it
is liitlu teen hero yet. It has Us udvuu-
"i .'V 1
tngon. It gives entire freedom of move
ment to iho noek, niton's relief from the
Mdi'oc.'.liug fueling that the well named
''chokers" c;m.-.o and is a particularly be
coming mode to lobu ;t women who hav.i
a short neck. A ny change in dress which
liberates men and women from artificial
and unnecessary tramnnls without de
tracting Irmn a pleasing appearance is a
good one, mid It is unfortunate that the
rational intervals of fashion am as tran
sient as her absurd caprices.
Summer gowns, nt. any rate, are very
pretty and comfortable made without a
collar, ami it is to bo hoped that this st.lo
will prevail (e'er that of the standing col
lar, Which lusiqipoared this season even on
muslin blouses. For the street the corsage
may be cut down about an inch all around
and the edge trimmed wit h a rucking of
two inch ribbon thickly plaited or n very
full frill of lace. This prevents tho neck
from seeming too much uncovered and
adds very little to its warmth.
Numerous adjustable articles of neck
wear niv shown which may be worn wit.ii
collarless gowns when occasion requires
that the co.iutae shall be high at the
throat. Black and white are a favored com
binal ion for these t rides, and pretty ones
are shown niad 'of black crepe do china
edged with narrow ei th lace. Asa usual
tiling, they have long ends in front, and
ribbon enters largely into their composi
tion. An illustration is given of a short sum
mer mantle made of black satin. It has
short capelike sleeves composed of f,ve ruf
fles of lace and is trimmed with jet passo
incnteiie and tulle embroidered with jet,
which forms ivcrs in front and epaulets.
The neck is cut down and has no collar,
and a rosette of black satin ribbon is placed
at the back. Bn tcllesnf ribbon, beginning
Under bows at tho shoulders, extend to tho
Waist behind. .1 flMO C'HOLLET.
An Immense Hiishieas ('ondiicted ly tho
Elato In tilt Interests of tho l'oor.
Of lato the I reticii system of pawnbrok
lag has been receiving attention from phil
mithopio and charitable workers in this
Country, who have even begun in n, lim
ited way to put into practice somu"f its
In Paris there are no private pawnbrok
ers. A central corporation, with many
branches both in Paris and the provinces,
has a slate monopoly of lendiagnionoy oil
Movable prope:-ly. The head oliiccrs of
this corporation are appointed by the gov
crniuciit ,and t he civil service system reigns
over Iho appoint meiit of its clerks. The
profits of tho corporal ion go to tho public
chart lies.
Theimmcnse capital needed fir the busi
ness is not moMiy of the state, but is bor
rowed. A fil'ih of the sum is supplied by
tho (.'omedio Fnineniso or statu theater,
which is also a corporation of theatrical
artists. Altogether there are Ij.lMid lenders
of money who prefer the mont do piete's
certain interest, of from to i) per cent to
any heavier speculation. Tho money thus
borrowi .1 by the corporation is burned out
by it at a higher rate of interest to all un
fortunates who are fortunate enough to
ha'.o sonu- properly to put in pawn.
The ticket which Iho clerk will hand you
for yoiirwatih In airs in large type at the
top: "Tho French I'epiblic. Liberty,
Equality, Fratetnily." Tho words be
neath In larger letters still nro even more
consoling, ".Mountain of Piety." This Is
ft poetic phrase coined by that pope who
first hail the Idea of freeing people from
the grip of usurers. There arc people now
living in Paris who lm e had their father's
Watch or other bcii -loom soaking on this
mountain It) years. They keep thu inter
est up and hope for hci.trr days.
Had it been waitresses, l.cdclotho, un
derclothing, tools or any such article of
priin i necessity, they would have had ill
tl i .. it. :') re r. ll.ieo opportamit ios of
g. t . 1 . ' i-uvr property out live. From thu
lir..t, i'..r.; of the !;;,,!. republic to the pres
ent (into it, has been customary new and
then to make a kind of jail delivery oi
useful objects held in pawn, thn' money
for the purpose comin ; i illier 'Voiu a par
Uamcntary ilei no or l.eia ; raised by p a;
Ular subsi ripiion. 'I he last thr o chai ilie
lit this kind w re In l:s."0, JsVl and IS"..
In lsi'l tho money c.-iioe from the Knglkiii
association which, under Sir Klchnrd Wal
lace, worked to alleviate thu miseries of
thu siege.
Kvciy siaiulil Know how to pre
pare poulDe.-. A linseed meal poultice
should be hot, light and uniform. 'I ho
iH'st mc.d is 'crushed linseed" previous to
the oil being ex l raclcd. Pour boiling wa
ter into a heated bowl; then sprinkle in
the meal Willi one lianil, si irring with a
spoon with the other. Never aiiil the wa
ter to the meal. When your poultice Is
like dough, turn it out and spread una
piccoof muslin, covering it with another
T.ToUiMhl Mothers!! KTotlirI!l "
Mrs.Winslow's Soothing Syrup has beou
used tor over fifty years by millions ot
mothers for their childrnn while loi'thliqf,
with perfect success. Jt soothes the child,
softens tho Riium, nllays all pnlit; cures
wind colic, mid is tho l est remody for di
nrrlKea. Sold by (linguists in evnry (iart
of tho world. Do stiro und ask fur "Jirs.
Winslow's Hoothiiitf tiyriqi," and take no
no other kind. Twenty-live couts a bot
tle Du. Wood's Norway Pino Syrup was
U8cd for years us a proscription by a suc
cessful physician. It is in ull reqiects tho
best cmigh mcdicldo mado tiibiy. Sola by
all dmilurs on a guiiraiitefl ot satisfaction.
When Tlahy was sick, we gavo her Castorli,
Wh alio vtaa a Child, sho cried fur Castorla,
flTion sho becnina 5Ilns, she clung to Caatoria.
Wbon sho had Children, uhe gavotUcu Custorliv
1 1
WEAK MEN Y0UR attention
Az iwuie i'.v,
Groat Eiifflitih Hemedy.
Cray's Specific Medicine
Wtmum. uru uaiim
b lit v. W eaknnwi of Builv nnd Maul. Kj)crm:i-
titrrtieii, nntl linnotoiicy, and nil din'mses. that
arise train nvoiMiiilulgotK'o slid Bnlf -uljosc. ax
Loss of Memory and 1'owor, limnssof Via
inn, l'mniituru Oul Ak Hud muiiy oUmrdls
i's8 that lend to liisnnlty or teusuniptloa
and ancariy khivd, vriti)for a pamphlet.
Address GRAY MKDICINK CO., HnCalo,
N. V. The Kpeolllo llfdieiuo In wild by all
dnik'tfints ut $ per packawi, nr six packauivi
lor &r),(ir8unt hymail u receipt of uinney.and
ith ovory Sii.mi nrder Wc OUARATEE
a rurn or nionuy rcllliidi'cl, ' mm
I (" On aeeoant if nmulvrleits wo havo
adopted thn Vi-llow Wrapper, Iho only auu
ine. Sakl In Kmintou hv Alatthuwii I ros.
Dr. E). Grewer
The Dhllniiolphiii f-'pocbllst.niul his nwirlatou
Klntl ef Pn .lkl, .....I ii....'
- ' i.i'i i,-i iiiiii, .innii.iuuni
aro now pcrinanontly hw:.ti'il nt
311 sim;rK sr., kcuxnton.
Tho doctor is (isfrniliiuteorthn Unlvorsltv of
rniinnvlvaniti,fiirii'orlvileinoni!ul'irof phvsi
oloiry and Hurgerv at 'the Jledico Chlriiruiciil
(o.leifo of phihuleliiliia. A Bpoi-inUy of
C iroiiio, Nervous, Skin, Heart, Womb and
li.ood ibicasoH.
Tho svmntonin of which nro dlzahions, lack of
criiiliilen.'i', iii'suiil weakness in men nnd wo
num. 1ml! rising hi tin) throat, spots floutinff
Li'tnru tho cycN, ions of nii'iiiory, una Liu to con
cenirato tiio mind on ono snlijoct, oaslly
Btartkid when Kmlili.nly Hiokeu to, and dull,
distressed mind, which unlitH tliem for per
Ii.rmhiK tho in tind duties of lire, nniking hap
piness iiiipofsihln; diNtrus-'diig tho action of
tho heart, causing Hush of hunt, depression of
spirits, evil forhoilines, cowiinlico, fear,
dreams, nu lniu huly, tiro essy of,
feoliut! lis tired In tho morning as when retir
ing, lack of enerey, nervoiiBiu'Ks, trembling,
confusion of thought, depression. constipation,
weakness ot (he linilis, uto. Tlioso so affected
fclnaild ennsuit us immediately and bo restor
ed to perfect health.
Weakness of Young Men Cured.
It you havo lipon (drnn tip by your physicinn
cull upon Iho doctor and bo examined. Ho
cures I lie worst cases of Nervous lltdnlity.Bcro-ful.-i,iild
S. res.('utarrhPiles,l''einiilii Wosltness,
Amii'tlonsof tho Eye, Kur, Noso nnd Throat,
Asthma, Deafness, Tumors. Caucors and Crip-
jiicm ui mory ueserilioon.
ConsultKtions free and strictly snored and
cnnlhlentinl. ohi hours daily from 11 a. in.
to u p. m. bunuuy v to A.
Of kin t Itt-V,fo5. I lVti
I mr.- c""- Merit.
,- p.j. rt.-... 1.
IK :' !l
I - WyOS.S.K TriOS. 'PI Klr.,v.-,M - ''.'.'.i
fr -a ...r. -", ''l!l
Is an Improvement in Soap.
In the Trolley Soap old methods
and materials are superseded by new
ones. The Trolley Soap leaves the
clothes sweet and clean and lasts louder
than other soaps.
Ask Your Grocer for It.
If he does not keep it send us order for
or for a I5ox ico cakes 75 pounds $4.30.
Joseph . Thomng Elinfcon,
227 Chestnut Street, Phila. '
fY1 of thn tiest qn.allty f.r rtomintlc n,ana
ef idl fir.m. di hvorod ia nay part of the clti
1 at lowest price.
I Oidr loft at my nfflco.
Rear room, tint floor, Thir l National Bank,
or mat by mail or tel. 'phono to thu uiina, will
receive prompt attention.
special contractu will b made for the aali
and ilullvury ol' huekwln at CoaL
mi. T. SMITH.
Maloney Oil and Manufac
turing Company
Have removed their office to their
141, 143,145,147,149, 15)
leL'.VTOt TdiOK CO., tiir'n.('
UA dollar tim'rd it n ttollur tarncil." H
This leu' Solid French IniigolKldl1iit.
ton tiwt ilcllvored frronnvwhrro In tho U.S., on
rwiolptofl'nsh, Money Older,
or Puatid Nolo for $1.M).
Kqunl.i every w:iy Iho boot
seld In nil retail torra for
t:.60. Wo nmko Hub boot
ciiiwlve, therefore wo guaf
nntn tho(, Ktul and trrar,
and If any ono ! not saihtlod
ve itiii ruiiina uio mmiey
omvudanoiuurpuir. (incra
Too or Uomirion enc,
wWUw I', Ii It, K H.K,
Blse. 1 to S ana halt
.lie. Stndtj-urthr;
Dexter Shoe CsStt
$.ntrlnl. termt In Dealer:
jTVrj t n'prwtvA tilth Ira Hloi.'oriPwIiiffintcriiM
rf h,' n,,,lT Imiiilinl. nkkvl Uil,iirlNp!ftiie lleM
t ana whji work; irnrntccd for 10 lini wiib
T ft) :1 inltininllTl,,kl,lK to t,.il.r Hlf.TliMBll..
JFHyi4dl,r HlltlllIo,ti(ir.Htllg Nrflltll(lRC0II1tllt
I7-- wl M Mf' 4itathmUihlprfd nf htrt oa
UOlHy'iTrUI. NoinoneTTru1rfil In idvitnct.
TT.OOOnow foutt, Worl.l'i 1 MiUl twirdctl mchtn and atuch
Hinli. H'iy from fictnrjr nii deaUr'sand iftnt't prolitt,
r nrP i'nt Tdlafiut and pwnrt Irvdnv for maihlna or larca tre
f nftb calilctit,ltiltinonlalntnt) (nltn!wiof tht WorM'a Fair,
Ei Robinson's Sons'
ITannfacturars of tho Celebrated
100.000 Bbla. Por Annum,
Manufactured nt the Wapwallnnnn MQU, La,
aeruo county Pn and at Wll
mingtuu, Delaware.
General Acent for tho Wyoming District,
n8 Wyoming Ave., Scran ton Pa,
ahird Kaltoiial Bank liuildinj.
TTioa. Fonn, i'ittst-ei, r.
.JcllNIl KM ITU & SON; Plymouth. Pa,
K. W. MULLIGAN, WiUt.w-Harro, Pa.
Agentfi for tho Uouaun Chemlonl Com
pacy'u Uijti Exploslvua,
Atlantic Refining Go.
Hnmif acturon and Dealora In'.
Illuminating and Mricating
Linseed Oil, Nnpthas and Giiw
lines of nil grade3. Asia Qreaao,
Pinion Grease and Colliery Corrf
ponnd j also, a largo lino of Par
raCine Wax Candlea
Wn nlsr. handle the Famous CROWS
ACME OIL, the only family safety
turning oil in the market.
OtTico: CoiJ Ex;hnnj?o, Wyomln At
orks at Pino lirooi
Large Medium and
White Clover,
Choice Timothy and
lawn Grass Seeds
Guano, Bone Dust
and Phosphates for
Farms, Lawns and
Booms 1 and 2 Commonwealth Bid's
BcnANTov, rx
Made at the M005IO and KOSII
Lafllin & Rand Powdor Ca'i
Electric Batteries, Fusoi for esplol
log blasts, riafoty l'une and
RepaunoChcmical Co. 's High Explosives
PfimnttVI PrnLff at PSmnlis
livrr Mollis, blackheads, V
Seeds and
Complexion Pres3s3
DR. HEBRA'S i 0Vli"M
i T .1
ttoren tho sltln to ils oriel- tv'iA
tial fKshncaD. prodoolug Mv
clear oua houlUiy com- y W
ploilon. Biipcrlortoallfiico''
rrciiamtloiiB and porfontly harmless. At an
migiils, or mulled lor SOcta. Bend for Clroulur.
VIOLA SKIN SO.'.P "inrir m
rtlo iniririlnit K"iP uniiW l lln toll. iml UKa
ilrol lur tho numry. Hbsolut'lT faro sul tdtotun mm
auwl. A drumi",, Price 2ii Cents.
G. C. DITTNEB& CO., Toledo, O.
For Knla by Maltliow llros. and John
H. riielps. s
vutiuui n nuu mn, uuu ii i
' nVW-Cl'liiicVT-'X
v in . - ----- j-.
liny pviazx
The abovo brnnd of flour can be had nt any of the following merohants,
who will accept Tub Tiiibune flour coupon of 25 on each one hundred pounds
of flour or CO on each barrel ot flour.
Ecranton-F. P. Price, Wiwliliiuton svonue I
(Julil Mu'litl Brand.
Ihinnioro I'. P. Price, Gold Modal Bran.l.
iJUliuiuro-iT. L. Manlcy. Muperlativn bran.l
llyiln Park Carson It Unvia, Wai-hburn 8U
tlolit .Mi'd.d llrainl; J nupii A. Huara.Muiu
arenno, buporlative Hrand.
Oreon Hiilifo A b.iK iicor Uulil Medal Brand.
J. T.Mi:llnlo, Siip'rrlitivi).
l'rovidt'n':o Konuur ii Chaiipetl.N' Main avo-
nuo. riutirlativ llranil;0. J. liilli'suio, V,
Murkot Htroot, Oolil Jl' dil Urand.
Olyiihaiit-Jaiiicn Jordan, fciniwrlritivo Brand.
Puckvillo Sliatf-r 41, K. Ib.t (Superlative.
Jcrmvn--C, t). Winters & Co. Kupi'i al-itlvo
ArchbaldJoiii'!), Himpion & Co . Hold Modal.
CarboD'lale D. S. Ciailt, Gold Modal Brand.
liriiiidiil:.-I. N. ti Co. Gold Medal.
M.uovhu il. II. Luvolle
if - '4.-:
Dealer in CMce Confections and Frnlts.
1437 Capouse Avenue.
BLACK diamond
rouse nails
Bntonbender &Co.,Scrantoii,
YThoIeaalo and retail dealers' In Wagonmakera' and Blacksmiths'
That we will GIVE you beautiful new pat
terns cf Sterling SILVER SPOONS and
FORKS for an equal weight, ounce for ounce,
of your silver dollars. All elegantly en
graved froe. A large variety of new pat
terns to select from at
ilercereay Gonneu
"No star wa3 ever lost we onco have seen,
Wo always may be what we might have been,"
Scranton, Pa.
2 and 23 Commonwealth Building.
rVf t!.iioiiilii m- Imnnlty.
- A - flu rm 1
uEFOREriiOafTERUSlliG.iiooiiici-. auiu-oss rkkvu kf.eico., Masouio I'ouipie, tuico-"
For Sale in Scranton, Pa., by n.C. SANDERSON, Druggist, cor. WashingtoO
and Snruco Streets.
U.v v.. ti.t.. WftpH j5T:wirv-!ovr. wit.t.h nnd take no othon
; Sand for clroular.
tor Nti lo UyC M. 1IAUK1S, UiUKlfUU
BomBtlmoanoeils a reliable, monthly, locnlatlrig medicine. Only tiarmUt 0&4
tho purest drugs should be asoJ. 11 jrou want the bust, got
Dr. Pazsl's Pcnnrosl Pi.Ss
Thor arc prompt, ntJe anil certain In result. Tho .enalne (Dr. Twl's) neTer dlsap.
'twlut. BxntauywUere, 11.00. Miswa fail iUuloma U UoTSl.nd, O,
Foraalc by JOHN H. PHELPS,
Spvuce Streat, Scranten, Pa.
frcm th K I. Trttunt, Kop.l,lt0i.
The Flour
"Chicago, Oct 81. Fha first official,
announcement of World's Fair di
plomas on flour has been made. A
medal has been awarded by th9
World's Fair judges to the flour manu
factured by the Washburn, Crosby Co ,
in the grout Washburn Flour Mills,
Minneapolis. The committee reports
the Hour strong and pure, and entitle!
it to rank as first-claw patent flow Io
family and bakers' use."
Taylor Judge Co., Gold Medal; Athorto?
& Co., iiuporlativ
Pnryca Lawrimce Htnre Co.. Gold Medal
Moosic John McCrindle, Oold M'-dal.
Pittmon-M. W. O'liovlu. liold Mclul.
Clark's Oruon-Prncn it Parker. Buporlatl ra.
Clark's hunitnlt-P. 11. Younif, Gold Medal.
j'auon-!j. a. inn Hon, Uold Modal Brand.
Mi'liolsou-J. E. HardinK.
Wuvcrly-M. W. Bliss A; Hon, Gold Modal.
I'actoryvlllo rrharloo Gardner, Gold Modal.
Hotilioltoin- N. M. Finn St Sun, Gold Mudat
loliylianna Tjbvlianna LeHiitU Lamlwr
Co.. Gold Modal Brand.
GouIdsboro-8 A. Adams. Gold Mvlal Brand,
Mosaow Ga!((e ft Clements, Gold Medal.
Lake Ariel James A. Bortree, Gold Medal
Forust City J. L. Morgan ft Co., Gold Meds
Thb wnnil.rial rrin.ilj for
mImhI Incur all Sll
sos surli on Wonk Mpraorjr, I.iiof llrnln I'oircr.llpiiiluclio, Wnkofulno.s,
Xost MiiiiIhhhI. Nliihtly KnilMlons, NprTimsiipn,ftllilriilii8nniJloiiot powor
nKlTO iis ol I'lhncco. onlitra omtlmuliints, which lend to lndrii'lty.
Canliocnrrlmtln vot poi kot. 1 wrDo,tj ior-
Clrnlilnr froe. Sold liy all dlWVlst. Afk torlt, MM
Price 1.)0 icr box, boxea lor $5.00.
Cleveland, OUio
1'41 1'enii Avenue.
Pharmacist, cor. Wyoming Avenu and
' '