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, 'One rounded vV
if teaspoonfulof j
l does more and better work J
V. than a heaping . iV 1
v teaspoonful of others. :Fjj
' Cleveland E.-iUnj Powder Co., New York of
uccetsor to ClevelndBrothe
20 Wyoming Avenuo
fflears A Hagen
' 415 LACKA. AYE.
Have your COLLARS starched in the old
tray, when you can have thorn done with sofU
pliable Buttonholes for TWO CENTS EACH.
If you want
Carpets, Draperies,
Wall Paper or . Window
Shades, come to us.
We have a full line ol
goods, and our prices are
very low.
127 Wyoming Ave.
Trjlmno reaitin lnnvliiK for thrlr
Mimner'i vacation can have thoir favor
ite paper unit to tliam nltliniii extra
cott, by notlfvlu? this (ifttco of the de
sired change In too paper's addrei-n.
' A diamond stud valued at $110 was
taken trom Alexander Dunn, jr., at Lake
Ariel on Wednesday,
Patrick J. Mahady, a young man who
resides at Archbald, U at the Lackawanna
hospital suffering from paralysis caused
ty jumping.
The classes of '04 and '95 of the Uigh
school will go to Mouutain lake on nn ex
cursion today. The party will leave
Liberty ball at 8. 30 a. m. sharp.
.Iu court room No. 2 yesterday after
noon Attorneys T. P. ilobau, B. A. Zira
merman, and W. J. Lewis,sat as a board of
arbitrators and gave a hoaring to the
rlnim of James J. Lawler acainot E. P.
Bates, a boiler manufacturer of Syracuse.
Lawler alleges that Bates owes him a bal
ance of $356.(10 for commission on the sale
of boiler. J Elliot Rota appeared for
Lawlor and W. A. Wilcox was the attor
ney for Mr. Bates. The arbitrator did
not render any decision yesterday.
Bireet Commissioner Kirst is sending
the following circular lettor to teamsters,
builders and contractors: "Yon are
hereby notified and required to desist from
the drawing or thecartiug of wuste.aahei,
KarbaKe, cobbles or other loose Hubstnnces
on or over the streets in any vehicle but
t . dose-bottomed carts or wagons, wirb end
boards. By ordinance approved April 10,
1885, such drawing or carting is made a
' nuisance of the first class, with a penalty
of not more than $'25 Tor each offense. The
said ordiuanco will be strictly enforced
and the penally collected, If you fail to
comply therewith.
. Open All Night
at Lehman's Spruce street.
Izadore Petrack, charged by Annie Pas
tas with assault and battery, gave bail In
court yesterday in the sum of $200, and
Vinceuzo Antenucct, on the same charge,
In wbicb L)omenioo Cerabassta is prosecu
tor, furnished bail in the same amount.
Marriage licenses were yesterday grant
ed by Clerk of the Courts John 1. Thomas
to (Jharles Matteru and Christina Moser;
llajk Bhamkuus and Franceska Lapuska:
George Dumbroski and Kale Yonrkanka,
and Waeka Kadick and Bridget Katafska,
11 of this city.
Court Usued an order yesterday to the
' custodian of the ballot box in the Third
ward of Olyphant borough directing him
to turn over the box, keys, papers and
ballots to D. J. Davis and J. F. Murphy,
the commissioners In the contest now
pending in the rase of James J. Flynn.
Zfuilo Boxes Kxoloslvely.
Seat made.' Play any deelred number of
tunes. Oautscbi 4s Sons., manufacturers,
1080 Chestnut street PhiladelDhia, Won-
rtrful orcheatrial organs, only $5 and $10.
aircim; um music Doxes cureiuu
pairea ana improved with new tune. "
Therefore Couslable Lowry Concluded
Must Be Murderer Medali
Sheriff Faiiey Refused to Accept
Lowry's Find Because There Was
No Committment and the Sup
posed Murderer Was Then Taken
to the City Police Station, Where
He Was Heid Until 7 O'clock.
Constable Charles Lowry has added
nnotnergeiu to his crown already bril
liant with glofy,
This time it was by milking the ar
rest of the murderer (?) of Emuuuel
He walked into police bondnunrtera
yesterday afternoon his face beaming
with smiles, its if cognizant of the fact
that he hud wrought u great work, and
announced that he had succeeded in
capturing tho long sought ANdula, the
cold-blooded Oid Foriru murderer.
lie toiled unceasingly, lie said, ever
since the reward had been .fife rod, to
bring tu j culprit to justic ) nud at last
bis ifforts hud beau crowned with suc
cess, He told a long 6tory of bow after
arduous search ho bad louated bis man,
who gave hi name as Stove Baker,
employed as a farm hand over near
Duud.iff and had goue thetM and ar
rested him.
Ciiptaiu Edwards, who was ut head
quarters at the time, heard his story
to the end and then smiled a cruel.
heartl"SH smile, that chased the sun
light from Charley's face with the
rnpldity of thought.
"I'm afraid," said the captain,' "that
you have got the wrong man."
Poor Lowry stood for a mom nt as
if benumbed at the thought that be
could have made u mistake.
Impossible," he said. "S.'e that
scar on the buck or bis head?" But
that was the only mark that in any
way answered the description of Ma
dnln. According to the description given
m The TiiiiiiNE on June ;iD. Medala
was a sum thick set man. with
heavy dark mustache, and about 3.")
years or age, while Lowry s prisoner.
was an innocent lookiug lad, not over
M years years old. a feet, 11 inches tall
and hud only a few hairs, tue prido of
lis youtti, ou ins upper lip.
The captain at first refused to hold
the man but so earnest was Lowry
mm tue captain consented to detain
him until Lowry could furnish unde
niable proof that ho had the right man.
He left the office quite indignant that
there should not be more spirit of co
operntiou p'uown on the prt of the
c.iptain. xi e went to see an alderman
to have proper pipers of detention
mado out, bnt at 7 o'clock, when the
man was released, he had no: returned.
Previous to taking his man to notice
headquarters, Lowry took him to the
county t ill, bnt on account of buviu
no ommitraeut papers Sheriff Fahey
would not receive mm.
Since the reward was offered for the
cup'.ure of tho murderer, no one bus
been more ardent in the search for
him than Constable Lowry. He
brought bis prisoner to the station
hons . heavily handcuffed and the
young man complained that be sufferod
great indignities at the hands of Con
stable Lowry.
Tba. Is What Members it Select Coun
cil Believe.
Previous to the meeting of select
council lust evening several members
discussed the reasons udvauced bv Citv
Solicitor Burns why the bridge bonds
cannot be legally issued.
Mr. Bums is quoted ns saying that
the Linden street bridge ordinance
is technically faulty in not stating
that tho bridge shall begin "ut tho
loot or Linden str.-et. and that no tiro.
vision has been made against damages
aocrning from property which has not
yet been condemned. Two ordinances
which were passed in 18113 and amoudol
last spring are said to cover theso
points, us follows:
File of Select Council, No. 75, 1893,
amended in select council March 8. 18114
"An ordinance appropriating private uro
perty for the purpose of securing and con
structing approaches and abutments for a
hnde proposed to be erected over the
Lackawanna river at tho foot of Linden
File of select council. No. 70, IS!);),
ameuneu in select council JUarph 8, IS'Jl
"An ordinance annronriatinir nrlvate nroi).
erty for the purpose of securing and con-
kwuuwuu npproaciiesann.auutmeuts to tno
proprosed bridge over Koarlug brook, from
tspruce street to f ront Btroet; providiri
for the ascertainment of damuite-t and mak
ing an appropriation for the same."
Several members eiDresied tluir
opinion that there are no fliws in
either the 'Roaring Brook or Linden
street bridge ordinances which will of
themselves permit a nullification of the
It Will Be Eoturoed to Edward Leonard
at Auburn, N. 7.
Jame Frouoh. of Auburn. N. Y.
reached this citv yesterday mornina
and immediately went to the ofiice of
Alderman Fitzsimmons. where he iden
tified the bicycle which was stolen ori
June o from Edward Leonard, of An
burn by a man natntd Hnirh Finriev.
The particulars of the theft w re
heretofore given at length iu The Tri
BCSE French, before eyeing the
wheel in the alderman's offiee, tol l "of
he several marks bv which he could
identify it. llo lln n tooU h wrench nud
separated ,the parts of the wheel ex
plaining the murks. Alderman Fiiz-
linuioug was couvinoed that French
was: the proper person nn'l ho delivered
tie wheel to him to bring it buck to
he owner.
The reporter called ut the store of
Fiorey & Holt and asked if the firm
had unv hope of cnnturitia tho thief or
of getting back the" bicycle which they
gave him in the t.urier. Mr. Fiorey
Ruid that they exp-'Ced to have Finney
aptnred today. Ulu.-er KjoIio is now
on bis track.
St. Luke's Summer Home and Out-
ins for Women and Children.
Since lust report the following con
ributions have been received:
j M. U
fi 00
5 OH
00 00
CO 00
Arthur 1). Dean
From a Fneud
In memory of L. U. D
$110 00
. 05
Previously acknowledged..
Total 82'JO 05
Further contributions may bo sent to
the rector of tlm parish or to his as
sistant, the Rev. A. L. Urban, or .to
William A. Avery, chairman of the
committee on general charities, or to
A. D. Holland.
Applications for admission to the
hniiii or for tickets for the free outing
ut Like Ari"l may bo sent to A. U
Holland. DUO Sprue street ; C. B. Del
imit, 'iol rranklin avenue, or Miss
Eliz iheth Sherer, Ti'3 M i lisou avenue.
Tickets caunot be supplied to any ex
cept to those known to be needy nud
Georg Jone', if Petersburg1, Called
Mrs. Frai cU a Vile Name.
George Jones, of Petersburg, an in
increet youth of 20 yenrs, uiied nn ex
pression, concerning Mrs. Catherine
Francis, his neighbor, a married wo
man with four children, that would not
he proper to use in polite company.
The husband of Mrs. Francis, through
Attorneys Jlulslander & Vosburg, be-
;an a trespass suit witu a damage
ilaitu of $2,000 iigniiist Joues yesterday
n the office of Prothonotary Pryor.
Thrt folliH on both Hidpe mnvn in tha
upper strata of Petersburg society.
iiie uuurueyi win uave iue case suu
mitted to a board of arbitrators. Mrs.
rrancis is not so much desirous of se-
inrinrr npMlnlarv rnnmanniififin fnr tha
attack upon her charactor, ns she is of
.1 T . .... I ... i.: .:
couiuuHg tioues nun uiauiug uim fe
rae l ms siauaerous words.
Supreme Court Decided That His
Claim Against the County Is
Legal and Proper.
In the case of Patrick Corr against
the county of Lackawanna the supreme
court yesterday reversed the court of
this county.
Corr was one of the auditors Of tbe
borough of Dickson City and charged
the commissioners of this county JO
for receiving the nomination papers of
the borough, filling out certific ates of
watchers, arranging b illots, correcting
proof and distributing ballots prior to
the municipal election of February,
1S93. This bill the commissioners re
fused t pay, contending that they had
nothing to do with the comnensation
of borough auditors.
A case stated was then ngreod upon
to determine whether tbe county was
liable for the payment of the bill.
Judge Archbald held that while Corr
might have recovered from the county
the expenses of getting the ballots into
the hanils of the proper election officers,
such us cartage, expressuge, etc., and
any necessary traveling expanses by
rail, carriage or otherwise, if any such
expenses were iucnrrnl, bo could not
recover from the county anything like
n per diem compensation, and entered
judgment for the defendant with costs
An nppeal from this judm-nt was
taken to l lie sum-erne court which bus
reversed Judge Archbald and decided
tiiat the county must! pay Mr. Corr's
bill. This will mean considerable ad
ditional expense to the county in the
matter of conducting elections.
In ti.e cas of Lmce against tho L
hign nud Wilkes-Barro Coal company.
an appeal trom the common pleas of
Philadelphia county, judgment was
affirmed, and in the case of Finnegaa
against tho township of Foster, from
the common pleas of Luz rne county,
judgment wus ulo alhrmei.
Each of the Companies Will Furnish
One Thousand.
The building committee of the board
of control met last evening in the
rooms of the board at the Municipal
building. Mr. Davis, of the firm of
Davis & Honpr, architects, was present
mid submitted plans for tbe new No.
1!) school building on Kebecca avenue
The plans of this firm, with slight
modifications, will be reported favoru
Uy to tho board of control at the next
The representatives of the school
furmluro companies were present ana
each had a sample desk with bun. Ten
luiutites was allowed to each ugeut In
which to unfold to the committee the
merits of his special article. After all
the desk ngents were given a hearing
the committee took up the lids and
after thoroughly deliberating divided
the contract between the lianey S :hool
Furniture company and the United
States Desk company, both of New
Each couipai y will supply 1,000 desks
or Ao. 1 quality.
The EoraatoO liunlneas Collns.
The new building is progressing rapidly
and will be a buudmuio htrui-lurc wlieu
completed. Buck, Whittuore JSi Co. have
their office, tompornrily.tu Uaruey, Browu
& ( o.'e store r. nit, corner Adams avenue
una LiliiUen street
640,000 School Hourb No. 27.
E. L. Walter, architect, bids to be opened
tins month, to Do mint on tolumolu avenue.
Lots for sale on this avenuo at low prices
lor n unel period.
AllIllUIl Fhotuinuhax.
Buy Ihe Wtbir
and get the best. At Guernsey Bros.
Meubeus of Sunlllor lodge-. No. 345. F.
nud A. M., are n -quested to meet at the
lodge room Mituniuy at l.'.sa to attend the
funeral or urotiier Julius wellner. .Mem
bers of lister lodges are cordially Invited,
J. C. Lanob, W. U.
That tirrd feklinq which is so common
and so overpowering is eutirely driven oil
bv lioous carsaparina, the best blood
purifier. Hood's Snrnaparilla overcomes
Hood's are tbe best nfter-dinner
pills, assist digestion, cure headache. 25c,
a box.
Gisand Wa'.cr Company Agrees Hot to Stut
tho Wato? Oil from the Mills,
But the Arguments on Doth Sides
Woro Heard Before tho Conclusion
Was Arrived At President Scran
ton Denied Firmly That Ho Made
Any Threats and Is Corroborated by
Mr. Reeves Who Was Present.
The important proceedings in the
petition of the Lackawanna Iron and
Sleel company to make the prelimin
ary injunction permanent restraining
the Scranton Gas niiiT Water coinpnny
from shutting off the water supply
rom the mills and property ol the
plaiutiff were given the attention of
Judges GutiBter and Eiwaria in court
vtsterduy. The attorneys for tho
Lackawanna Iron and Steel company
were M. E. 01 instead, of HarriBburs:;
Hamilton Wallace, of New York and
Joseph O'Brien, of this cily. For the
Gas and Water company Attorneys
Alfred Hand, nud I. II. Burns ap
peared. Mr. OlniBtead opened the case by be
inning bis argument to continue the
injunction. He reviewed the contracts
between tho plaintiff and defendant
companies and sn Emitted them iu ar
gument. In 1371 it was mutually
agreed betwcn the Scranton (ias and
Watet company nud tbe Lackawanna
Iron and Coal company that $1,800, the
price exacted by the Gas and Water
company for water service to the
plaintiff, would be promptly paid each
This contract remained in force until
1HN1, when h disruption occurred be
tween the officers of both companies,
which resulted in the water being
stopped from the mills and furuacos of
the steel company at n time when
heavy contracts for rails were being
Another bargain was tlun arrived at
and it was stipulated that from the
late of the contract the u is and Water
company agreed not to shut off the
water from tue plum till a properties in
case of dispute. The contract price
was the sum of $10,000 annually,
Three years iiuu the Lackawanna
Iron and Coal company and the Scran
ton Steel company merged into one
under the uew title, the Lackawanna
Iron and Steel company. All the rights
of contract with tho Gas and Water
company reverted to tbe new concern;
mil at the time or the purchase of the
South work, tho Uas and Water com
pany brought suit against the old com
puny for a little over :f(JO,000,und later a
it suit was instituted against the
Lackawanna Iron and Steel company
for $30,600. These suits were brought
for water bills for the consumption of
water by the steel company to which
it was not entitled, it is alleged, by any
provision iu the contract.
Tho Gas and Water oompany repeat
edly sent bills to the steel company for
these claims, and niter waiting a reas
onable time finally brought suit Chief
Euinneer Henry Wehrum, of the Lack
awanna Iron and Steel comnanv. as
serted to have had a conversation with
W. W. Scranton, president of the
Scranton Gas and Wuter company, in
which that gentleman threatened, un
less these bills were paid, that the sun
ply of water would be shut off from
the mills. Tbe threat alleged to have
been uttered by Mr. Scranton was re
sponsible for tbe bringing of this in
junction. Mr. Wehrum was called to
the stand to testify to tbe fact or Mr.
Scrauton's threat.
A legal battle nro?o at this point be
tween the attorneys relative to the ad
mission of oral testimony. The con
tention of tbe attorneys for the defend
ant was that all testimony should be
produced in aOidavit form. Mr. Wehrum
was allotted to testify and he stated
that he met Mr. Scranton on Lacka
wanna avenue on March 14 The lat
ter accosted tbe witness in this form:
"Well, Wehrum; how about the
water money?" Mr Wehrum said, "I
don't know anything about it." To
this Mr. Scranton replied, "Why don't
you tell your people to pay their bills.
I ilou t want to make any threats, but
you can tell Carl not to be surprised to
S.-e the water shut olt
Mr. Wehrum communicated the re
marks to General Manager C. W. Mc-
Kinney, who was put upou the witness
stand and testified tu the fact of being
so told by Mr. Wehrum, and he added
that about six weeks ago Mr. Scrautou
complained of the waste of water at
the blast furnace and threatened to cut
oft' the supply uulesa the wuste was
ElwitiF. Ilallieli?, president of the
Lackawanna Iron una tneel company.
was tho next witness. He gave a list
of the properties owned by the com
puny and also testified that in 1830 the
Gas and Water company bad put in
claims for nmoilnls that the Steel com
pany did uot consider it entitled to,
consequently the bills were uot paid
and the Gas and Wuter company re
tallatcil ny shutting or the water, caus
lug the mills to BUipeud and doing in
calculable damage to the Steel com-
paiiv. At this point the different con
iructs and papers were offered in evi
J. E. Higuinson, secrotary-treasurer
of the Lackawanna Iron and Steel com
pany, gave testimony of the monthly
payments made, lor water, aggregating
a total sum of $10,000 u year.
The aiguuiein of the defendant was
begun iu liiH afternoon. W. W, Scran
do we sell it so cheap?
Where do you get it? How
long will you sell it for 25c?
It's just as good as the tea
I paid 50c. for. Such ex
pression.3 are constantly
heard from those who have
been fortunate enough to
secure some of our "Yoko
hama" Tea. Some take 5
pounds for $1. Twenty
pounds is the limit.
j 429 Lacka. Ays.
ton was callei to the stand. He said
that the daily consumption of water
nae.1 at the mills nud properties of the
Lackawanna Iron and Steel company
averages 1.500.000 gallons, for which
the sum of 10,000 is annually paid to
ue water company, the price, Mr.
Scranton thought, was a rednood one.
The Sttel company was given the bens-
fit of special rates because of the enor
mous iiiuount of water used. Mr.
Scranton denied t'.iat he nndj any
threats to Air, Weiii'um.
What he s ild was that his compmy
considered it it right, which it hud the
privilege of reserving, that the water
unuld be shut of from customers who
lo not pay their bills, nud he aUo said
I hat the and Water company
claimed an a right the priviloge of
shutting oil water when it is uot used
according to contract. In the original
contract there was no provision, nor has
there been any luc uded since, of sup
plying water to the mule burns, or for
supply condensers, boshes and tuyers at
the mills.
Superintendent Robert Reeves wue
tho uext witness for tbe defense. He
said that be was present when the
conversation took place between Mr.
Scranton and Chief Lngineer Welirum.
there was no throat made by .Mr.
Scranton regarding the shutting off of
the water supply from. the mills of the
Lackawanna Iron und Steel company,
With the testimony of Mr, Rueves
the case ended and the attorneys on
both sides got togother and agreed to
dissolve the injuuetion, with the un
derstanding that the water supply will
not be Bhut off until the two suiis
brought by the Gus and Water com
pany are settled. These suits are ou
the list for the October term of com
mon pleas court, but it may be two
years before the cases nre called.
Thus euded one of the most impor
tant cases ever brought in the courts of
Lackawanna county.
Acoepted a Call from the Presbyterian
Chuioh of Jameitcwa, If. Y.
Rev. G. M. Colville, D. D who
eight years ago was pastor of the Simp
son Methodist Episcopal church of the
WeBt Side, bus left the Methodist fold
and become u Presbyterian, having ac
cepted a call from the First Presbv
teriun church of Jamestown, N. Y.
When Dr. Colville left this city he
went to Biughumton, N. Y., to accept
the pastorate of the Centenary Metho
dist Episcopal church, and has been
there ever since. Concerning his re
cent change the Binghamton Republi
can iavs:
It is stated that Dr. Colville .has had the
offer under consideration for some time,
Last Sunday ho preached in the Presby
terian church at Jamestown and was
siven the call, wbicb be decided to accept,
A few days ago he informed the presiding
elder or this district and the oiticinis or tue
Centenary church of his determination,
to leave tbe Methodist church and accept
this call. Who his successor will bo in the
Ceuteuary church is not yet known. The
auuouucemont to the officials was so sud
den and so unexpected that they have uo
one in view. Next Sunday the pulpit
will bo supplied by the kov. iiuaui Lai
gar, of Curuondafe.
It is understood that one of Dr. Col
ville's main reasons for leaving the Metho
dist church was the time limit, lie ob
jected to this because bethought it did not
give tbe miniHtor a tair chnnce. Dr. col
ville is a Scotchman by birth uud his early
life was speut in 'roughing it.' Some of
the time he was a sailor, lie came to this
couutry while still a boy and after a time
entered the Wyoming seiuinarv.Kint;stou,
Pa., from which he graduated, lie was
ordained and eutered the .Methodist minis
try in the Wyoming conference. Since bis
ordination he has followed the conference,
winning friends and fame, not only among
those ot his own denomination, lint with the
general public. As a public orator he has
few siiDei iors. He was particularly nop -
ular wherever he went. Ue is a man of
broad views ou all subjects, aud is well in
Committee Waitlne; for tha R.-tura of
Superintendent Phillip.
"The teachers' committee of tbe board
ot control has not yet taken any actiou
concerning tbe appointment of teach
ers for the next school year, said b.
L. Warmer, of the teachers' committee
of the hoard of?coutrol, last evening.
"Superintendent Phillips hag been
out of the citv attending the meeting
of the State Teachers' association and
we will take no action until he returns
as we will not know just what work
there is for us to do. Mr. Phillips will
return to the city next weeK and then
tho committee will come together and
be prepared to present its report to tbe
board when it meels one week from
Monday night."
Liwa Rnzsrs, Eefrlveratorr, Ice Cream
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10 Lawn Razors,
IU Relrigeratore,
15 Ice Cream Freezors.
Come aud pet one before they are all
gone. 1IIOS. f . LEONARD,
fii)5 Lackawauna ave.
The secret nrt of beauty lies not iu
cosmetic, but is ouly iu pm- blood, and a
benlthy perlormauce or the vital fuuc
lions, to bo obtained by using Burdock
uioou tuners. '
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We have Artistic
Designs in Wed
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the -Latest Novel
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ot teeth by an eutirely uew pro
cess, .. t
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189 "WYOailNU AVU.
Attorney Janus Malion Says it Will Be the
Slogan of Els Friends.
Mr. Malion Declares That as Soon as
the Proper Time Arrives Mr
Chase's Namo Will Be Brought For
ward and the Campaign in His Fa
vor Inaugurated He Is Willing to
Make Sixty-Two Mora Speeches.
"A. A. Chase will be a candinata for
judge this fall," said Attorney James
.Mahon to a Tribune reporter yester-
' In just what form his campaign
will be conducted I cannot "ay, but
there is a demand mi tbe part of bis
mends in all parts of the county that
he again allow his name to be used in
connection with tho juliciary.
"iho campaign bus not begun to
cryatnliz yet, but there are dozetis of
earnest men in this county ready to set
the ban in motion ns soon as the proper
time arrives to bring his name forward
ns tleir candidate for judge. They
recognize in him a man of the proper
impulses who is actuated by the spirit
of our institutions ns set forth in tbe
declaration of independence and the
constitution of the United States.
"Personally, I do not know what
part I will be assigned in the Chase
campaign this fall, but I am ready to
serve anywhere tho boys may see fit to
place me and use every honest effort to
elect Mr. Chase to the bench of this
county. Last fall I was the secretary
of the campaign committee aud made
sixty, two speeches throughout this
county. I am willing to do it again or
anything else that is fair and honorable
to assist my friend Chase to a position
I believe, be is richlv entitled to"
Mr. Chuso was seen by a reporter but
declined to talk politics. He Inti
mated that Mr. Jlalion was doing the
talking for him these sultry July days,
It Was Caused by the Exploding- of a
Lau p.
Yesterday morning while Soo Hoo
Doo the Chinaman was cleaning up the
debris in bis cellar, caused by the re
cent fire, the lamp which bad been
lurnlshiug htm light, vxploied.
There was great excitement for a
few minutes, but the flames were
quickly put out by a few pails of waUr.
No alarm was sent in, and there was
no damage done, save great fright on
tbe Chinaman s part.
It Will Ba Presented to Mr. Dtp:w by
Mayor Connell.
A resolution of last week's select
council meeting adopted in the com
mon council last evening confirming
the invitation of tbe Sheridan Monu
meat association to Cbaunony M. Do
pew to address a mnss meeting in the
city, has been engrossed on heavy
parchment by V. W. Costello, of the
city engineer s department.
The resolution contains the names of
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the councilmen who voted for its pas
sage and has been elgned by the presi
dent and clerk. It will be presented to
Mr. iJepew ry Mayor Uonael wno li
one of the committee appointed to con
rer the Invitation la behalf ol tbe
Monumeut association.
Single Fare Rate ta Toronto, Oat., Tla
Lehigh Valley Railroad.
Special Tickets to Toronto on account of
convention Baptist Young People's union
an rnto or single tare lor round trip will be
ou sale at tffice of tbe L. V. R. R., 309
Lackawunna avenue, Scranton, Pa., July
11 ana IP, good f'ir return to July 81.
Routn vlaLedish Vallev to Niaeara falls.
New York Central to Lewiston, thence by
Niagara Nav. Co.'s steamer.
The Bone of Lackawanna
will hold thAir lAAAnd annual t,1.n(A ak
Central park, South Washington avenue,
on luuruuay, tiuiy xu. All arrangements
are being made to have thj most success
ful picuio ot the season.
Oo td Poyntfllf, Excursloa Bates One
New York, Ontario and Western rail
road will run excursions Wednesday and
Saturday. Train leaves Scranton 8.30 a,
in., returning leaves Poyntelle 4.50 p. m.
(Jood fishing.
From 8 to 8 each evening, visitors will
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'fcli HATS
kill -
verlook the Fact