The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, July 11, 1894, Page 8, Image 8

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a"MIE dreaded pneumonia or
rear, and "Old Sol" with bis pen
etrating rays is a constant re
minder that ro are candidates for
Summer Attire.
Exceptional wines ia tbii depart
mnt. Gooili were bought at clear
ins muuufacturers' prices.
Lisle Thread Vests in white, ecru
nt:d colors. li.Ibrk't'an Vests,
Fnshionnblo Ribbed Vests, Finest
Egyptian Yorns. Gossamer Vests
mid in varieties Novelty end
Tiie printings on Ginghams are
ri;coi)iz-d by all connoissenrs as
t!:a highest art in toxtile Dress
Goods. Swivel Silk Ginghams, Tin
Head and Siiepberd's Checks. Solid
colors in iancy shades, stripes and
plaids, in woudertul varieties.
In these days of improvement and
perfection we should follow the
times. The "lat'st" costs no more
than the time worn. Russet colors
and tans, drop stitch, lisle thread,
blsrk staples. All the improve
ments iu soleing and heeling.
Corset Department
Contains n complete assortmtnt of
all the leading makes, including
all the grides of ventilated and
summer weight Corsets at selling
For trimmings, for draperies, and
for all uses this lovely fabrio can
be pnt to, we have ia abundance.
That are seldom written about, bnt
needed just the same. Wo pay
j'.mt as mnch attention to buying
them right as we do expensive
. goods. '
Silk Twist, Sewing Silk, Embroid
ered Silk. Battinir Cotton, Cotton,
Linen Tnread. Bone Casing, Belting,
Skirt Braid. Velveteen Binding, Prus
sian Binding, Taffeta Binding, Darn
ing Wool, Darning Cotton, Carpet
Thread, Macrame Cord, Corset Laces.
Silk Corset Laces. Shoe Laces. Covered
Dress Stays, Horn Bone, Corset Steels.
Garter Elastic, Silk Elastic, Hooks
and byes, India Tape, rolls of Tape,
Pins, Hat Pins, Black Pins, Kid Crimp
ers, Montague Curlers, Silk Tusseis,
Needle Cases, Shoe Buttons, Bone
lJ.,n-., iv. .......
If you wish to be well and fash
ionably dressed TRADE AT OUR
STORE. If you wish to save
money, come to us first.
JlifS Cora Whita hna rutnrnoil hnma
after spending the past week with Miss
iua nei emermnn.
Sauford (irant, of Scranton, is rusti
catinir at T.ilv T.iko
Geore Emerson is visiting friends at
jjruusiyn, nuequennnna county.
Air. and Mrs. J. K. George, who have
bien visiting A. J. Smith, have gone to
the Adirnndncks.
Miss Nellie GrifTin. nf Rcmnfnt, i,
visiting with Mr. and JJrs. Frank Jer-
IUJ u.
Airs. William TTpna anil ilanirhfn? nr
bcranton, have returned home after
i-oeuuiiig a jew aays wun Mrs. U. i.
J. D. Carpenter and family, of New
ton. Kan., aro visiting at A F. Car
penter and sisters.
Mrs. Nellie Doan and son George, of
North Dakota, are visiting Mrs. Dean's
parents. Mr. and Mr. William Rice.
Alfred Twining, of Scranton, cut his
leg while haying with a sickle.
Claude Relpli, after an absence of
ten months, has retorned home to stay.
Tne Waverly Base Ball club has re
organized after its last defeat, and will
N play the Benton Base Ball club next
Saturday. The following members
constitute the new clnb: J. M. Court
right, manager; Almon Fish, captain;
W. Hall. H. Miller, E. Johuson. J.
Davis, Harry Kennedy, Irving White,
Heorge Bailey, John Perry and Claude
Professor Joseph Rooney and wife,
of Scranton, are visiting at Miss Hattio
City Controller F. J. Widmnyer and
wife, Lonis Siebecker and wife, Mr.
and Mrs. Edward Siebecker and son
Karl, William Schiller, all of Scranton,
and Mrs. Robert Oestreicher, of New
York city, were visitors at tho Little
Di'lmonieo on Sundry.
Miss Msgsrie Weichel, of Scranton
visited Mrs. Martin Bold on Sunday.
LastSatnrday evening at their hall
Taylor Odd Fellowa listened to an en
joyable musical programmo under the
direction of Professor W. G. House.
Eighty members were present. There
were four institutions and several
speeches, one by District Deputy Wet
zl and one by the next deputy, George
W. Millett. Mr. Lwis, noble grand
of the Providence lodge, and suveral
membsrs of the Green Ridge lodge were
In attendance.
Thomas W. Jones left last evening
for Edwardsville, Pa., to spend a cou
ple of weeks on business combined
with pleasure.
Mis Lou Mace, class of '05, has been
visiting in town.
Principal and Mrs. Loomis are at
tending the National Tenders' associa
te at Asbury Park this week.
Rnel Capwell is on the road deliver
ing photographs.
Professor and Mrs Fassettand daugh
ter May have gone to his father's at
Scottsvltle to spend a part of the vaca
tion. It is said that Alfred H. Sinsabaugh
of the graduating class has obtained a
position as prinoidal ot the high school
nt Lttceyville.
Mothers! Mothtri!! Mothr!!l
Mrs.Wlnelow'g Soothing Syrnp has been
nsed for over fifty years by millions Of
mothprs for their children while tea thing,
with perfect success. It soothes the child,
softens the gums, allays all pain; cures
wind colic, and is the best remedy for di
arrhoea. Sold bydiuggists in every part
ft the world. Be sure und ask for "Mrs.
Window's Soothing Syrup," and take no
no other kind. Twenty-liye cents a bot
Highest of all in Leavening Pov.
The special excursion train over the
Lehigh Vi.l ley f-r Cleveland loft here
last evening at 9 13, and n large crowd
gat lu-red on tbo depot platform to
watch the departure and to bid the
delegatus god sped on their trip. Tho
train consisted of x Pullman e irs and
two day coaches. The list of delegates
Ironi this stctiou who accompanied tho
excursion, so far obtainable, were as
follows: Pittston, C. M. AIluii, Henry
S. Gregsr, Georga Weir, May Monie,
Margaret Monie, Ilatti) Ber
ber, May Shelly, J. C. Manninjr,
and wife, Mrs. Robert IloMulti;
Wilkes-Darre, Lonis Stark, Lnnra
B-hee, Sadie Wilson. Nathan Evuns,
W. J. T. Davin, Henry F. Mill-r,
llattie E. lvidler; Bloonisburit, Ida
Herring, Hattie Hos. Gertrude Brown,
Minnie Penman, Gertrude iiower;
liorwick, Horace Brenso, Clarence
Cuspin; Plynioth, Rov. C. W. Harvey;
linzleton, William J. Burns, Missus
M. S. Phillips and J. E. Phillips. Miss
E. R. Jack; Tunkhannoek, Eveline
Carline, Elizabeth Kitteredge; White
Uaven, Lucy Tattle.
The long contcmplntol purchase of
the Everbart property on -River street
by Joseph Glunnon has been consum
mated, ami the htvintifnl strnctus and
sts surroundings is now in the posses
siou of Mr. Glennon. The prica paid
was $12,000. The prica includes only
the surface rights. Tho property bin
been in tho mavkjt siucn tho family va
cated the mansion to take up their res
idence in tbo city, but owini: to t!i
several owners being unwilling to place
it in the control of any one person for
sale, it has been vory difficult to nego
tiate for its purchase.
At tho council meeting held Monday
evening the tax levy for the current
year was fix?d as follows: For borough
purposes, 7 millj; for light and water,
8 mills; for payment of pritn ipul and
interest of toads issued in 5 mills;
for payment of principal u 1 interest
ou other bonus, 10 mills. T:ie Huunco
committee was directed to immediately
prepare the proper duplicates, and tin
secretary of council to execute and at
tach a proper warraut tbernto, and do
liver the s ame to E. J, McDonnell, tax
collector of the borough.
Sheriff Knapp, of Tuukhnnnock, was
a visitor here yesterday.
Candidate for con.ireas Morgan Will
iams, of Wilke;-Barre, circulated
among the politicians in this place
Mrs. Paul- Bobnn and son Paul left
yesterday to spend a few weeks ou Ml.
Lookout for the benefit of tho lattor'.i
health. They will stay at Mr. Allen's
beautiful and picturesque farm house-.
John D. Green, of Superior. Wis.,
who ia visiting in this pluce, luft yes
terday for Philadelphia on a business
Joseph Cakes' family have gone to
Atlantic City to rusticate.
The Board of Health will meet this
Freight trnfllo on the Valley road is
slow as a result of the strike. Scarce
ly any western freigdt has been re
ceived for the past week.
The joint committee of council nnd
snbeinzens committee that engaged
Engineers Potter & Folwell to prepare
plans for u swcr system in the bor
ough met at the town Lull last evening
to examine the plans.
Alfred Davis, tkegjnial minager of
Davis' drug store, bus been in Taylor
for the past few days. His place in
thu store has been acceptably tilled by
Dm P. Jones, of Ttiylor.
Samuel J. Jennings visited frionds
in Carbondale yesterday.
Miss Adah Tucker, of Carbondale,
was the guest of Alius Lena Reynolds
last evening.
W. A May, of Scranton, superin
tendent of the Hillbi'lp Coal nnu Iron
company, made visit to For
est City yesterJay.
The Vandling United Bmki band
will hold a picnic in the Vandling
grovaJulySl. A quoit matcii, eight
een yards, will no uu interesting Ion
turn of the day's sporls. The prizi
is $3.
Z. C. Bell, of Carbondale, formerly
prupiietor of tho Forest Housu in this
plate, called on his many friends hure
ysterday. He wur accompanied by his
son John.
The board of examiners for the first
nntLracite district commenced their ex
auinutions for mine foremen and assist
ant foremen in tbo high school build
ing in Carbondale yeKtordr.y liiorulng.
The board of -xainiuors are Edward
Roderick, of Scranton; Andrew Pit
ton, of Oiyphaut; Vaughn Richards, of
Priceburg, and James Morrison, of
Carboudale. Twenty-one men nra de
sirous of securing a mine fort-man's
certificate, and lourteeu more would
be satisfied wiih un assistant foremuu's
Crltiolslnir Younic'Lady.
"Shn would be a pretty girl for but ono
'What's thatr anked Clmrloy.
Georgo Her face is always covered with
purple and red blotches,
Charley Oh, that's easily enough dis.
posod of. Used to be the amo way my
telf, but I caught on to the trouble one
day, and got rid of it In no time.
(ieorge What was it?
Charley Simply blood eruptions. Took
n short course of P. P. p. I tell you, It's
the boss blood corrector. The governor
had rheumatism so bad that you tould
bear bim holler clear across the country
every time he moved. He tried it, and
yon know what an athlotio old sent he is
now. If Bomebody would give Miss Daisy
a pointer, she would tnunk thorn utter
wardd. AH tha drug stores soil it.
James Calvery, formerly of Avoca,
bnt lately residing with his parents on
the boulevard, was brought before Jm
tioe Logan on the cburce of having
beaten his aged father. The nrisone r
confessed his guilt and said he was
proud of his job. Tho magistrate com.
mltted Iiiin to tho county jail, but not
btfore giving blm a scathing rebuke,
which such cowards deperve.
Our old townsman. Will M!Lnch.
lin, circulated among friends here on
James, the 10 year-Did son of P. J.
O'Connor, of Lincoln street, is ont of
danger. The little fellow' was sub
jected to a surgical operatiira on Fri
day last, which consisted lit the re
moval of two cherry stones from bis
intestines. This difficult onerat ton was
performed by Drs. Burnett, Kbnedy
et. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
n . o
and Bilheimer, the latter two of this
pi nee.
Mr. and Mrs. John E. MoCawley, of
Harriet street, lost a 5 moutliB-old
baby yesterday by death caused by
cholera infantum.
-Mrs. B. Cleary, whp has been on a
visit to hrr parents, returned to New
York, accompanied by Miss Kate Judge,
of the Boulevard.
Dr. W. i'. K-nnody's skill on a f ur
geon is well known throughout the val
ley, on account of the many difficult
vet successful operations ho Ins per
formed. Un Monday he removed a
largo growing tumor from the left
siile of John A, Murphy's face. The
patient felt no indisposition whatever,
and was at his usnal ocoumitioa on tho
following day. Well. John had too
much cheek anyhow, hence the re
moval of somo of it by the doctor.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Andrew Kendall's in
fant daughter, Catherine, of Fell town
ship, died on Mouday. luterment was
mad.) in St. Rose cemetery iu this
city this afternoon.
A team from the Mitchell Hose com
pany will contest iu a tng ot war with
n teniii from Archbaid Hose company
No 1 on the occasion of the latter'a ex
cursiou to Farview on July 23.
J11S3 Adellii xvilliams and ber
guests. Misses Jessie Williams and
Barnes, of Scranton, nro visiting
friends nnd relatives in Clifford.
On Thursday Messrs. Spanle and
Coogan will move iuto tholr new bar
ber shop in the basement of the Hotel
American, anil tbey will then have one
of the lirettiest shons in tho eonntv.
Miss Roiuaiue Dickson, of Scranton,
is tiie guest of her aunt, Mrs. J. B.
Van Bergan, of North Church street.
Ophio Morgan has resigned his nosi.
tiou with the Herald Publishing com
pany nnd has accepted one with Kerr
& Siebeckor, who nr opening a new
carpet store ia tho Watt building on
unuren Birnet.
Water pipes have been distributed
alonir Hi''h atront bv t!i Wntnr ..,,m.
p iny and soon the residents nlong that
aiieet win navo ine opportunity of con
necting with the mniu pipe.
iUrs., of Newark, N. J.. Is
tho guest of her sister, Mrs. Mary E.
wards, of Park street
John B, Smith, of Dunmore, was a
Carbondale visitor yesterday.
Frank VeriJay was admitted to tho
hospital yesterday. On Sunday he ex
perienced uu epileptic fall from
which he is still suiTtirinn-.
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Ilutchins, of
iiirrineton mil, mourn the death of
tlifir i son, Jamos, who died
Monday of measles. The remains will
be iuterred iu Maplowood cemetery.
James H- rbert, of Jersey City, is the
CUest nf relatives in this ritv
The Delaware and Hudson company
p:uu uieir gravity ranroau employes in
this citv veBtordav.
George" Joslin.of Wilkes-Barre.called
on menus nere yesterday.
MiS B-.'83ie Elli3. Of Pimrno Konrrir
& Co. 'a store, is enjoying her vacation
mis woeic.
Miss Stella liuntor lias returned to
her home in this city after enjoying a
visit in HiiKes-iiarro as the guest of
Miss Carol Hinrdevant.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Andrew Mitchell, of
Canaan street, left yi sterday morning
on a trip to Nova Scotia.
Mrs. Florence Owens, of Hyde Park,
is vinitiiig hpr brothers in this pluce
where she formerly resided.
Mrs. William Austin, who has been
veiling in Carbondale, has returned
Mrs. L. Booth, of Binghnniton, who
bus been visiting at tho residence of
John McA'ioon, lias returned homo.
Georgo Buck, of Waverly, is visiting
nt the residenco or Arthur Mead. Mr.
Buck was ono of tho early pion eers of
Great B-nd, and one of tho early mem
bers of tho Presbyterian church here.
His many frinnds will bo glad to wel
come him iiaiii.
Fred Swartz. of Belvidoro, N. J.,
who has been visiting .his uncle, Mi
chael Walters, hasrouirned home.
Jonnin Wallace, ot Scranton, is visit
ing friends in town.
O. W. Banker, our fruit dealer, vis
ited Binghamton yesterday.
Mrs. Mama Amy, of Norwich, is
spending a few days" in town.
The ladieg G. I. A. of tho B. of L. E.
will hold an ie cream festival on the
river bank, Saturday evening, July 21.
Charley Gordiner. who hns been
stopping with friends in this place, has
returned to Massachusetts.
Miss Ella Du Bois is visiting at Glon
Fred D. Lamb, The Trihuxb corre
spondent in this place, is clerking for
C. J. Lannley during the absence of his
clerk, C. O)toruout, who has been sick
with measles und is now sojourning
with frionds in Athons.
Mrs. J. B. McCreary, Is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. Georgo Stone, is El
mi Nt.
The little danifhtor or Frod Ross, on
Chas.t nvenue,was hit by a passing ball
yesterday and quit severely Injured.
The Keystono Riflj association of
Pittston, shot their second match of
the season yesterday nt Smithville.
The weather was line and tho score
fair ns the clnb has hud no practice
this season. The following is the cor
rect score: Captain J. W. BuniB, 02;
Henry Polan, 84; E. H. Williamson,
b'3; Lieutenant G. II. Musi, 73; Michael
Mo ban, 73; E Sick. 03. Tim match
was for thn-it gold medals whioh were
it warded us follows; Captain J. W.
Burns, first; Henry Poland, seoond;
Lieutenant G. II. Buss, third. The
next match will be shot Aug, 0th at
the Central hotel in Duryen.
Dr, W. B. Pior and wife are spending
a lew d iVB In the metropolis. .
Mrs. J. J. Snmpson and two sons,
Masters Luck nnd Frank, are eejourn
iug at Ooeau Grove.
Dr. W. Richards has recently pur
chased a handsome new carriage.
Our wide awake butchers have pro
vided for the strlk'i an 1 nearly all have
enough cattle purchased to last them
through the presout difficulty. Meaar.
Richards & Co. drove In a fine drove of
young cattle from Wyoming county
Frank'Major, the gonial bartender of
the Central, has resigned his position
there to ncennt it nimilur nmHi nn of ft
Babylon hotel at Lackawiiuna.
HDD men
ib Hill
Concluded from Page I.
attempt to pry into the secrets, but
that official matter will surely be of
fered in evidence airalnst the officers of
the-order. When Mr. Debs heard of
the raid on his correspondence at his
offlce he was wratby and denounoed
tho affair as a high banded outrage.
As a matter of faet, the only indict
ment returned by the United States
grand jurors ngaiust Mr. Debs and his
allies is a felonious conspiracy to in
terrupt and delay the United States
mails, while that agaiiiBt Mnrwin is
for throwing a switch or otherwise
interfering with the Lake Snore tracks.
None of the cases will come up until
tho October term of court, but
District Attorney Milchrist declares
that his grand jury is not through
grinding yt. Just bdforo 8 o'clock
the pnprs wore sinnel und th four
lenders were released in $10,000 bail
Railroad Manaunm Say They Couldn't
Gt Alonir Without Them.
Chicago. July 10. The statements
emanating from the General Managers'
association announcing the gradual re
sumption of throuirh passenger truin
sorvice have evoked numerous inquiries
from the eaat ns to whether these con
ditions were belug brought about by
the return ot the strikers, by the se
curing ot new employes, or by the aid
of the government. . categorical
query on this point was submitted to
Hie officials of the General Managers'
association and tho following olliclal
reply was returned :
"The gradual resumption of through
passenger traffic so far us Cnicngo is
concerned, is being effected witn new
employes and tho protection afforded
them by the troops. We have con
tended from tns outset that we have
enough men to run our trains if
they were allowed to work without
molestation, nnd that tho partial tie-up
has been due solely to the action of the
mobs und rioters. The truth of this con
tention is demonstrated in the scheduh
showing the gradual resumption of
passenger traffic. It is useless to deny,
uowever, that without the aid ot fed
eral and state military we could not
have done as much as we have iu this
direction, und that with the military
withdrawn the situation would be as
bad as ever. What we are doing is
being solely done by the aid ot the
Pittsburg- and Wes'em Trainmen So
Not Bolijh Bibs' Order.
Pittsburg, July 10. Organizer
uaries JNayior, or the American Kail
wuy union, ordered tho Pittsburg and
Western trainmen to strike tnis morn
ing. He was acting under instruction
from President E. V. Debs. The men
decided to stay at work. They Bay the
only grievance tbey have against the
company is because of their not hav
ing received their wages regularly. If
this disturbing cause were removed it
is said the men would not strike.
The freight blockade remains com
plete. Notniug except for local points
will be roceived by the Pennsylvania
company. Cleveland, Toledo, " Crest
liue. on the Northwestern system nnd
Columbus and Cincinnati on the Pan
Handle make the limits for freight
shipments to the west.
Tho railroad officials wore feeling in
a better mood today than at uny time
since the boycott was declared. They
are more confident than ever of having
the present blockade of the roads
raised very soon. The symputby strike
of the trades unions may be the cuuse
of further delay in settling the strike.
If tho last order is generally obeyed
they expeot further decidedly serious
Enelewood G.'and Army Post Offers to
Eolp the Governor.
Union Stock 'Yards, III., July 10
Coder the protoctiou of the Chicago
llussnrs, Companies C. aud D and Cav
alry Troop D, Illinois National Guards,
together with ;a company of federal
troops nnd a squad of mounted police,
Swift & Co. sent out a train of thirty
three cars of dressed beef shortly be
fore noon today. The beef will be
hurried through to Liverpool. Quite a
crowd of hangers-on gathered at 40th
und ILilsteud streets ns the big passen
ger enuine of tho Michigan Cuntral
coupled to the train, but no demon
stration was attempted on the part of
tho crowd. This afternoon Armour &
Co, started a train of beef over the
same road.
This morning the George G. Meade
post. No. 4o4, of the Grand Army of
the Republic, of Englowood. tendered
its services to tho government.
Travfl on thit Motion Rmi. Howsver, Is
Efft dually Interrupted.
Hammond, Iud., July 10 It is now
learned that tho Montn bridge was
only partly destroyed, a wrecking crew
succeeding iu quenching the 11 imes be
fore the structure was entirely burned.
The Monou trains which were stalled
by the firs were Hnnt over the Grand
Trunk tracks to Chicago. The Motion
tracks between this city and Chicago
cannot be used uutil tne bridge has
been repaired.
Low Wallace, jr., the deputy mar
sh il who was arrested last night, was
The Magic Touch
Hood's Sarsaparilla
You smile at the idea. But
if you are a sufferer from
And Indigestion, try a bottle, and be
fore you have taken half a dozen doses,
you will involuntarily think, und no
doubt exclaim,
"That soothing effect is a magic
touch 1" Hood's Sarsaparilla gently
tones and strengthens tho stomach
nnd digestive organs, Invigorates tho
liver, creates a natural, healthy desire
for food, gives refreshing sleep, and
in short, raises tho health tone of tho
entire system. Remember
HoOd'a Pllla nnrm llvnr Mia Anotln..ft..
.... w " " VU.IOWJ1UHVH,
Wiious ness, Jauudice, sick hoadacbo, Indlgtst)u
Hood's Pss
Five years' Suffering. Could not Sleep
or Work, from Itching
and Burning. She Doctors could do
Nothing. Relief in tho
First Application. Perfect Cure by
1 had on both my Iocs, for flvn vinr thi
very tia.l ulcers, two on one, aad S in S
4 .-ux.univauiottaKkMularcH
IIH R ft trn n
-- ...w wm, iNwe wuiuu
.i ,11 """on'ueh r.itfit and
lay, that I coul.l i.,t sin,.,,
lor the itchi!iKiiml buruiiii;.
I had to pet up tlTe0 or lH,7r
times a night. Did not know
what to do with myself as I
could not work. Called a
doctor to look at them, but
he did mo no Koocl, ami in
all, had six of tho bpst doc
tors 1 could pet, but thry
mnnv dollar, nn ,n.w " Z" ?lH!"
K Land I nave un all hopes of ever ei'ttinir
cured. Nolliinir did mo any gnod, until I tried
CuTieiTitA I!KMi!i)ii. Tim Jfri (!,(,, tMon my
low to feel better, the itching, smarting,
and burning stopped. 1 kept on with them,
anil alter using for tliree months, 1 was entirely
cured. I used seven lioxns of CUTirntA. ono
cake of Cuticuha Soap, aud three botiles of
(.UTicmtA Kksdi.vot, and thev are thu best
remedies for skin diseases I ever used, fin
Vir 1 sullered, and can prove It bv peoplo
where I now llvo. if nnyon doulils tliis. write
tome, and I will tell them with tho greatest of
pleasure what Ccticijba Kkuriufs huvo done.
I cannot speak too highly of the (Tticuka
KK.mkkiks, und shall recommend them to others
asasurociire. K. It. HEXDItlCKSON,
E22 llridgo tit,, Trenton, N. J.:
Jroiuoiio year old till three, shown one mass
ot sorus i and scabs all over lu-r laeo, hands, and
body. 1 ried several doctors without relief. At
last I heard of tho Ciinci-itAs, bought seven
wlcur,?, "k.,?1" ". and she
won JviN i 1? lH.n"w SPV,!" y" 01(1
healthy child, thanks to the Ct Tici iiA Kesol.
lw5 Ferry Ave, Ward 8, South Camden, N.J.
Sold ovcrywhrro. Price, CimrrnA, 60c.; Boat.
r'. KURS,"L.V)KNT- ' I'ottkr Dm:,! and'chicm
Coup., Bole Props., iloflton. "All nuout the Skin
ireo. '
P Bkln nnd Hcal'p purlued and bunutlHcd
O by CutlcuraMoap. Abnoluttly pure.
fined $10 and cost. After confiscating
his star, his commission and his re
volver, the local authorities put Wal
lace ou a train and sent him to Cnieagol
Thi Situation in Frisco Showa Symptoms
of Groat Gravity.
Sacramento, Cala., July 10 E,irly
toduy eluveu neavily armed strikers ar
rived here in nn eugiue which they
captured at Gait. The engine was run
to Front and R streets, where it was
''killed" bv lncnl strilrnra. Th ia unvo
feared thut bloodshed cannot be
The announcement that tha rnrrnlors
will arrive tonight or tomorrow morn-
log oas caused widespread alarm, lho
sinners are armoa wiiuywincliestets
and are determined to stubbornly re
sist any attempt to dislodge them.
Ex-President Belltves Thit Troops
Should Aid in Preserving Ordor.
Indianapolis, July 10. Ex-President
Harrison, having beeu quoted ns say
ing that "President Cleveland has
established a new precedent In sending
federal troops iuto a state without a
request from the government of that
state and over bis protest, said today:
"I have neither said what I am
quoted as saying us to the use of tho
Uuited Estates troops by the president,
nor do I think that the president has
transcended his power. Ou the other
band, I believe that there is no snot iu
the United States where troops may
not go uuder sucn orders without ask
iug anybody's conseut.and that tho en
forcement of the laws of the United
States is the sworn duty of the presi
dent aud the army an annronrlato
instrument to use iu the enforcement
of those laws where they are vio
lently resisted and the civil officers
are unable to deal with the situation
If the posso comitatua law limits the
president s constitutional cower at all
which is very only requires
tne proclamation to precede tne use of
the troops."
Grand Master of th Firemsn'j Brother
hood a Prisoner,
Chicago, July 10, Johu J. Unnna-
han, vice grnnd master of tho Fire
men's Brotherhood, was arrested inst
night for conspiring to interrnpt inter
state couimtrco and mail traflio by in
ducing a belt line engine crew to quit
Hannahan was a prisoner in Com
missioner Hoynes' office this morning.
Tne complaint on which the warrant
was issued charged that on July 7
Hannahan boarded an engine on the
Western Indian and induced the en
Rineer, George Brady, and the fireman,
J. C. Trail, to leave the engine, there I y
stopping the train.
Th council mot in regnlar session
laat evening. The members present
were President Lane and Messrs. Jones,
Cuffrey and Blake. On motion of 5Ir.
Cail'rey a committee of two be ap
pointed to ascertain from the borough
attorney what charces the boird of
health wore permitted to make for
burial and transit permits, etc. The
fdlllir finnnintfli ATAaara PafFrntr nnd
Jones. The same committee was ap
pointed to inquire from the attorney
what right, if any, the Traction com
pany ha to charge two fares within
the borough limits, Mr. Jones also
RllfffTflatpd that A ra?-nntai ha illrnnt-ad
to examine the bridge at Monroe street
wim n view io piacmg it in good
condition. Hia mntlnrf txraa mlnnta.l
Michael Gilgallon, of South Main
siraui, caueu attention to tne oiocKago
of the ditch iu front of his premises by
tho Traction company. He said it loft
that nnrt nt thn hnrniiirh inn vurv nn.
sanitary condition and asked that it be
remedied. Tho road committee de
cided to examine it today. The oonn
eil thou adjjurned until Saturday
eveninir aMCna
HEART LAKE, Susquehanna Co.
TJ. E. CROFUT Proprietor.
fllHIS HOCBE Is strictly tomporanco, la new
I and woll furnished and OPENED To
Iocatod midway botwoon Montroie an I Scran
ton, on Montrose and Lackawanna Railroad,
six miles from D., Ii, A VV. R. It. at Alford
Btatloa, and llvo miloj front Motitroio; ca
pacity, oiifhty-flve; throe mluutos' walk f rom
Ii. It. station.
Altitude about J.O00 foet, equalling in this
respect the Adirondack and Catiltlll Moun
tains. Mne groves, plonty nf shade nnd beautiful
sconory, making a Biuhmer Kosort unoz
colled in beauty and clieipnoss.
Uaucinu pavilion, swings, oroqnot irr onnds,
&c Cold Spring Water and plonty ot M Ilk.
Knt, 87 to S16 per weok. per
Excursion tickets sold at all stations on D.
L. & W. linos.
Porter moots all trains.
400 and 402 Lackawanna Avenue.
WE have just purchased for. cash
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