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Woes better work
kthun a
Norrman& Moore
120 Wyoming Avenuo
Bare your COLI.A1IS starohod In the old
y, when you cm have tumn done with soft,
Minble Buttonholes tor TWO CENTS EACH.
If you want
Carpets, Draperies,
Wall Paper or Window
Shades, come to us.
We have a full line of
goods, and our prices are
very low.
iUiams & McAnuity
127 Wyoming Ave.
At 8 o'clock this afternoon the directors
of the St. Joseph's society will bold a
The annual picuic of the Hook and Lad
der compnuy will be held at Waaler's
grove ou July 23.
The will of George Schautz, late of this
city, was admitted to probate yesterday by
Kecister of Wills Koebler and lettor tes
tamentary granted to Catharine Schauta.
The young son of Warden Grimes, of the
county jail, who was shot in the eye on
Monday on North Washington avenue, is
not seriously injured and the attending
physician thinks he will be around in a
few day.
Marriage licenses were granted yester
day by the clerk of the courts to Thomas
Kelly and Bridget Regan, of Scranton;
Clarence Hull and Marcella B. Ferry, of
Luntnore, and John 8. McCaffrey and
Jane Carbrey, of Scranton.
Yhe Dtlaware, Lackawanna and
tu excursion to Pleasant Bnch and
Maple Bay on Saturday, July 14. will be
the only one run to well known summer
resorts of York state this year. The ex
cursion' will be uuder the direct super
vision of George M. llalstead.
Opto All Night
at Lehman's Spruce street.
An Officer Must Guard the Ecranton and
Ptttaton Express.
Albert Slyer, proprietor of the
Scranton and Pittston express, and
driver of the team wbicb makes the
d'dly round ttip between this city and
FittstoD, will today nave for a Dassen-
ger a deputy marshal, or some other
legal ruuotionary empowered to aot if
necessary, in the county of Luzerne,
Eold, bad highwaymen have been
plotting to deprive the pilot of the
Scranton and Pittston express of his
teni, or rather one of thospirited pair.
The knights of tbe road are not of the
Dick Turpin stamp; they are of the av.
erage calibre of Ameriean citizens, and
tbe necessity of a gnard about tbe
lonely express Is occasioned by tueb an
nnrouiBntlo fact as a "hoss" trade.
Several weeks ago Mr. Myers traded
horses with a party from Pittston, wbo
was the authored agent of another
person. Mr. Myers gave $10 difference
between the two animals, but after
ward learned that the third party had
only received $3. Now the Pittston
iao has sonred on the bargain and has
evinced tbe desire to waylay the Scran,
ton expressman and secure tbe traded
Last evening Mr, Myers was hunt
ing for Dxputy Marshal Scanlon to
guard him along tbe dustv highway
and put the bad robbers to flight.
Meanwhile tbe "hoss" world is hold
ing iti breath and wondering if today's
trip will end in disaster or glory.
Lwn Baaor, Refrigerator, Ice Cream
1 uavo now on hand and will sell at oost
19 Lawa Razors,
18 Refrigerators,
15 Ice Cream Freezers.
Come aud get one bnfore they are all
gone. Thob. F. Leonard,
' &JS Lackawanna ave.
Excursion of First Presbyterian Sunday
Bcuool to Lake Ariel. Friday, July lain.
Train leaves E. & W. V. depot at 8.80 a.
m. Tickets for sale at Sanderson's Drug
Store and on tbe train. Adults, 76c.; chif
dren under twelve years, 40c.
Of Bfcur
heaping fe- J
His Premising Trotter, Ciraz), Buraed to
D;atQ at M.dford, Mass.
It Had Made It in a Minute and It Was
Expected to Make a Mile in Two
Minutes Mr. Jermyn Says the
Death of the Animal Means a Loss
to Him of $100,000 The Trainer
Is Almost Crazed with Grief.
Frank Jertuyu, of this city, sustaiued
a seveie lose Monday nig lit through
tbe burning of a stable ut Medfotd, a
suburb of Boston, wbicb contained his
promising trotter, Ctnizo, which he
hud on Monday refused fS.i.OUO for.
Tbe dispatches received by Mr- Jer
rayn yesterday do not give the details
8 to tbe cause or the tire simply con
talning tbe announcement that tbe nu
imal was burned to death and that the
trainer, a young man namod Wilson.
was almost craz-d with grief over tne
unfortunate nftair.
The manager of the stables besought
Mr. Jermyn to telograpli Wilson thut
tie neia mm blameless rur tbe burning,
for it was feared that the young uiau's
reason would become dethroned
through brooding over the matter. He
bad been Caruzo's constant attendant
for two yearn and was mucb attached
to the animal.
The hore was purchased by .Mr.
,iermvn two year' ago as a yearling in
Kentucky for ." 000. Carazo's dam
was Happy Sluliuui, whose mother
produced JUasey Loo, bince ne De
cline owner cf the horse, Mr. Jermyn
baa given it the m st earful truiuing.
It developed wonderful speed and eh
durance, but nothing was noised
abroad of its wonderful performances.
Tbe intention was to astonish the
world when it made its debut on tbe
mce track. In private the horse had
made a half utile in a minute, and it
was confidently expected that it would
make a mile ou the track in two min
utes. Carazo was being prepared for ship
ment to Grand Kapids, Mich., to take
part in its nist race when the nre oo
curred that ended tbe career of the
noble animal. There was a small in
turunce on Ctirnzo, but not anything
liko enough to compensate Mr. Jermyn
for the treat loss he has sustained.
"The death ot Carazo is not only a
loss to me hut l brruly believe it is a
tfreat loss to the turf sitid frank Jer
myn last evening when questioned
about the horse by a Ikibukk reporter.
"It was a really wonderful animal and
I am satisfied tbat its work would have
created the greatest furore in trotting
circles of any horse for years. 1 don't
believe its equal lives today. That
was the opinion of everyone wbo saw
119 performance on tbe track.
'I inn sure that within a week it
would have held all troting records
aud Scrautou would have had the dis
tinction of being tbe home of tbe king
of the tnrf. Its death means a loss of
$100,000 to me. I have telegraphed to
Wilson, the trainer, not to let this at
fair weigh heavily on bis mind for I
will have another horse like Carazo if
money can obtain him "
Interesting Faptr Bead by Dr. Connor
on the Human Emotions.
Although it was the Lackawanna
County Medical society that met there,
which organization is generally sup
posed to bo exceedingly grave, digni
fied and serious, the gloomy walls ot
the coroner s olhce last night resounded
with the merry deliberations of that
society. President Williams called
the meeting to order and after tbe
adoption of last meeting's minutes, tbe
preliminary order of business was
taken nu and passed.
Drs. Miller and Mutchler, ofStrouds-
burg, sent in their applications for ad
uiUaion to the society. There is an ar
ticle in the by-laws whiah says that
only those physicians who are reiidents
of Lackawanna county are eligible to
membership. This section wss amended
at last night's meeting si tbat physi
cians from outside counties can be ad
Dr. Connor, the secretary, read a
paper on ''The Human Emotions,"
whicu received mucb praise from those
present. It treated of the effect of f x
ternal tens ition on the nervous sys
tem and tbe effect that it produces
upon a patient. A discussion followed
which whs engaged in by Drs. Weblau,
Rea and Heath. Two bills were read
and ordered paid. Dr. 3. II. Kierstead
was balloted for aud unanimously ad
mitted to membership.
Dr. Parke read a communication
from Librarian Carr, of the Albright
library. At the last meeting of the
Medical society, Drs Gardner, Burnett,
Parke and Gates were appointed a com
mittee to tender to tbe trustees of the
Albright library the use of tbe collec
tion of books in possession of the medi
cal society, known as tbe "Throop Li
Tbe communication read last night
from Librarian Cifr accepted the gift
of the meilicul society. The commu'ii
cation BtAted that tbe society could
place among the books in the Albright
Memorial building the "Throop LI
brary" and any subsequent additions
to it which may be wade. Tbe gift
was acceptod for a period of three
years with the privilege of renewal for
the next two years. The said books
are for ref -renoe only and can be re
moved from tbe building only npon an
order from tbe Medical society. The
question of deciding who shall be en
titled to tbe privilege of removing
such books from tbe library and also
other matters pertaining to tbe sub
ject, were laid over until the next
Dr. Rea introduced the matter of
the annual summer onting of the so
ciety. Several places were suggested
and finally all agreed upon holding it
at Farview. . Through courtesy to
ward four members wbo belong to tbe
Thirteenth regiment, wbicb orgauiza
tion will be at camp dnring the week
in which occurs the date of tbe next
regular meeting of tbe society, tbe
second Tnesday in August, tbe date of
tbe next meeting waa changed to the
date of tbe first Tuesday, August 7, so
tbat those four members can have an
opportunity of attending the outing,
wbicb has been arranged for tbat date.
The following committee was ap
pointed to perfect the minor details of
the outing, such as arranging a place
for meeting, and if possible an excur
sion to Honesdale afterward: Drs.
Gunster, Parke, Connor and Bnrnett.
It is the intentention to leave this
city as near noon as practicable, go to
Darvlew and after holding a meeting
there, tnksa trip to Honesdale. return
ing to C.rbondale to dine at tbe new
Hotel Autbracite. '
An invitation will bs extended to the
medical societies of Luzerne and
Wayne counties to accompany the
Lackawanna Medical society ou the oc
The North, End Company Granted, a
Charter by the State Department. '
A charter wss yesterday granted at
the state department in Harrisburg to
tbe Scrantou North End Street Hail
way company. The route over which
the tracks of the company will be laid
begins at North Main avenue and runs
westward on Market street to Dlcuson
Tlie other branch begins on Penn
avenue ut Delaware street and runs to
Electric avenue, along Electric avenue
to Washington avenue, to tbe Oly
pliant road, to Tiiroop borough, ro
turning over the Olyphant road to the
Boulevard and along the Boulevard to
the starting point.
Tin company has a, capital stock of
fv'i.000. The directors are Lemuel
Ammrrman, H. H. Archer, P. S. P'K"
L. A. Watres and Robert C. Adam,
all of this city. At the last meeting of
tbe select council un ordinance grant
ing a franchise to this coinnauy was
introduced in select onuucil and re
ferred to committ-e. If the franchise
is grunted those who are Interested in
the company say the work will shortly
begin toward building the trucks aud
putting up wires.
Wholesale Meat Dealers Believe They
Will Have no Further Trouble in
Supplying the Demand.
The outlook among the local whole,
sale und retail meat dealers was some
what brighter yesterday.
A visit to the'offl -es of the Scranton
aud Stowers Packing companies found
that each concern bus a supply on band
iquivalent to the demand. They nre
not receiving any shipments from Chi
cago; their orders, however, nre being
filled by firms in Kansas City and
Omaha. It takes two days louger for
the shipments to reach here, and it
also enthils more expense iu freight.
This makes the price of their products
deurer by from li to 3 cents per pound.
These bouses expect no trouble in sup
plying the dwnian !s from their trade.
Ti e wholesale fresh meat dealers are
not receiving any meat from Chicago.
Their orders are filled at Kansas City,
St. Louis, Hammond and Omaha, and
they are not worrying over tneir abil
ity to supply the demand from retail
butchers, Tbe wholesale men nre more
or less governed by the prices in the
New York and Philadelphia markets.
At the latter places the price of meat
per pound has advaucsd 2 to4cenls
per pound. The wholesaler bave
raised tbe prices an average of 3 cents
per pound while tbe retail butchers are
still keeping the old prioes.
Some of tbe smaller retail dealers
are not buying much meat, because
there is no profit iu it for them. This
is noticed more in tbe suburbs where
tbe butcher wagons make two or three
road trips a week. Tbe retail butchers
are scouring the surrounding country
for native beef; but tbe owners are
holding out for high prices.
The sentiment of tbe wholesalers is
to the effect that tbe worst trouble
for tbem is over and unless the strike
lasts some time and tbe tie-up be
comes general, there will be no further
trouble in meeting the demand.
The E)ki Offer Many Attractions at Lake
Ariel Today.
There was a stir and activity among
Elkdom last night which betokened a
right royal time for all who participate
in their excursion to Lake Ariel today.
In view of the large crowds anticipated
arrangements have been made for ex
tra cars and trains so tbat all may go
in safety and comfort.
To mention all the attractions which
the Elks will oifar after tbe lake is
reached is almost impossible; it is per
haps sufficient to say tbat there will be
all manner of races and contests,
planned and impromptu, a clam bake,
dancing under the management of J.
Frank Siegel and a boat ot other
Trains will leave the Washington
avenue station of the Erie nnd Wyom
ing Valley railroad at 8.15, 9.15, 1 30
and 3.27. The fare for the round trip
is $1 for adults and half fare for chil
Thej Will Apply to the Governor for
On Aug. 8 Attorney Thomas F. Wells
will upply to tbe governor for a char
ter for the Scranton Electric Construc
tion company, tbe obj-ct of wbich is to
manufacture and furnish eleotrie
plants of all kinds to those wbo desire
them. Among those wbo are interested
in the company are E. P. Sturges, F.
E Piatt, O S. Johnson, W. T. Smith.
F. J. Piatt and Joseph C. Piatt.
Attorney H. M. Streoter will apply
to the governor for a charter for the
Scranton Chimney Cap company wbicb
proposes to conduct a manufacturing
business. Charles McMulleu. G, R
Clark, W. C. Carey, M. W. Finn and
W. J. Rennim tn are the incorporators.
What It Will Cost the Steam Heat Corn
Company to do It.
Yesterday tbe Economy Light, Heat
and Power comp iny made application
to the city authorities for permission
to tear up the pavement on Washing
ton nnd Lackawanna avenues.
The estimate of the cost ia as follows:
Washington avenue, from Larkawanua
avenue to Mulberry street, 650 square
yards at f2.65-$l 74!J 70: Lackawanna
avenue, between Wyoiulnu aud Frank
lin avenues, 874 squure yards at $3,65
The Fpworth Lue of Coranton
Aud vicinity will join in an excursion to
Honesdale Thunduy morning, July 13,
thus affording nu opportunity for those
who wish to join thorn in oue of the Quest
rides' in the country, over the Gravity
road with the delightful scenery at this
season of tbe year.
Trains leave the Vine street station, D.
& li. railroad, at 8 o'clock.
Tickets, one dollar; children, fifty cents:
good to return on any regular train, al
lowing a stop off at Farview. Persons
finrchasing tickets, wishing to go nu a
ater train, can do so by exchanging their
tickets at tbe depot.
, Tickets on sale at Third National bank
and Powell's music store,
$40,000 School House No. S7,
E, L. Walter, architect, bids to be opened
this month, to be built on Columbia aveuue.
Lots for sale on tbis avenue at low prices
for a brief period.
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Hnnrt'l Rurminiirllln. and If 4a manlFoataH
every day in the remarkable cures that
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Hood's Pills are the best family cathsr-
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Directors of Delaware and Hudson
Hire to Inspect IL
They Expressed Themselves as Much
Gratified with the Appearance of
the Station and the Substantial
Character of the Work Building
Will Be Completed in a Week Con
tractor Schroeder Says.
At 0 30 last evening the first pas
senger train atesmed into tbe hand
some new station of the Delaware aud
Hudson Canal company on lower Lack
awanna avenue. The train was a
special and contained tbe following
directors of the company: R. M. O.y
phant, James Roosevelt, Commodore
Vm Sautvoorth, II. G. Young and
Kenaett Olyphant. Superintendent C.
H. Mauville, of Carbondale, and Archi
tect Harney accomuanied the party.
The directors lett Albany yesterday
morning on their special traiu on tboir
annual tour of inspection and their
visit to tbis city was primarily for tbe
purpose of inspecting the new station
of the company.
When the train arrived at the station
the members of the party were met by
Contractor Soiroedr and shown
through the building. The directors
expressed thems-lves as mucb gratified
with the appearance of tbe building
and tbe handsome and substantial
character of the work. After spending
a half hour in inspecting the structure
tbe party left for Wilkes-Barrre.
The station is now practically com
pleted, only a few details remaining to
receive tbe last touches. Mr. Schroe
der said yesterday that in another week
the building will be entirely com
pleted. In the rear of the station a long, cov
ered platform has been constructed by
which the trains will be reached.
There are tracks on each side of it to
accommodate tbe various passenger
Nine tracks hve been laid in tbe
vard space in the rear ot tbe station.
Those on the west of tbe platform are
already in use for freight, and bave
been for soma time. To avoid crossing
the tracks an entrance to the freight
yard has teen obtained by tearing
down tbe building tbree doors west of
the pisseuger station. The building
throughout is complete ia all its ap
pointments and an ornament to
architecture. The greater part of the
first floor is taken up with tbe general
waiting room, the floor of which is
handsomely tiled.
The entrance to the building is most
They Want to Secure Certificates
Showing They Are Competent to
Act as Mine Foremen.
Twenty-three applicants for mine
foreman's certificates were examined
yesterday in tbe council chambers at
tbe municipal bnilding by Mine In
spector Patrick Blewitt, of tbe Second
Anthracite Coal district, assisted by
James Young, of Dunmore, superin
tendent of the Pennsylvania Coal com
pany; Benjamin Griffiths, of the Dela
ware, Lackawanna and Western Hyde
Park mines, and Philip Mnlderig, of
tbe Minooka mines of William Con
Hell & Co.
Those examined were: Robert E
Owens, John Connolly, Henry S. Davis,
Reese Thomas, Cburles Hainswortb,
Edward E Davis, David H Price,
Isaac Watkins, Evan Walter, Thomas
F. Jones, H. G. Reese, John Dever
eaux, Frank J, Campbell, Henry Davis,
Samuel C. Jones, Francis E. Cosgrove,
Alfred Powell, Daniel Mathias, Ed
mund Davis, Lswis P. Davis, John T.
Davis, David A. Jones, Michael Mc
Nulty, All the applloants are from
the Second district, which extends
from Drinker street on tbe north to
Dnrysa on tbe south of Scranton. Tbe
examination will be continned until
5. 80 tbis afternoon.
It cannot be ascertained what ques
tions are included in the examination
until after it is finished today, the rule
beiug to gather tbe papers as each
question is answered and then submit
ting another question. The men nre
examined on topics which include tim
bering, gas, ventilation, etc,
Entertainment Given at the Y. W, a A.
Room. List Night
Those who attended the sooial held
at the Young Women's Christian asso
ciation rooms last evening received a
rare musical treat, These socials are
held weekly, but last evening the pro
gramme was of a mucb higher order
tlinii usual.
It was given under tbe direction of
Miss Florence Richmond, who succeed
ed in procuring soiuj of the finest ama
teur talent in the city. Tnose wbo
contributed to the evening's entertain
ment were th Havilen string quar
tette, composed of Fred Wldmayer, R
R. Weisenflue, Harvey Blackwood and
Herb-rt Waters; Mrs, W. J. Hand and
T. Curbing Jones,
Mr. Jones has a rich baritone voice
and his solos were received with
rounds of applause. The programme
opened with Hayden's minuet by the
quartette, rendered in masterly style.
It was followed by the solo of Mrs. W.
do we sell it so cheap?
Where do you get it? How
long will you sell it for 25c?
It's just as good as the tea
I paid 50c. for. Such ex
pressions are constantly
heard from those who have
been fortunate enough to
secure some of our "Yoko
hama", Tea. Some take 5
pounds for $1. Twenty
pounds is the limit.
429 Lacka. Ave.
J. Hand, who sang Faure's "Sancta
Maria" 1 T. Cnsbing Jones ssng a solo
entitled the "Muleteed of Farrngona"
remarkaby well, and was obliged to re
spond to an encore, when he sang De
Koven's "Past and Future."
The entertainment was a most de
lightful oni and was thoroughly en
joyed by all present. At the close of
tbe programme refreshments consist
ing of ice cream and cake were served
in tbe parlors.
Those Who Made Thorn Arrested on a
Charge of Slander.
Mrs Mary Sauderovienz, of Lacka
wanna township, yesterday begun ac
tions in trespass against Anthony
Nr-zciewski and John Moritzkl of the
same place.
She alleges that on June 20, 1894, near
bar home in the presence of a number
of persons tbe defendants did publicly
proolaim that Mrs. Sanderovienz bad
been unfaithful to her husband and al
lowed other men to usurp his place at
her si te.
The plaintiff therefore claims dama
ges in tbe sum of $1,000 from each of
her defauiers. She is represented by
Attorney M. A. McGinley.
Will "'. Held on the Camp Ground
Fru July 30 to August 10.
Those Who Participate.
On July 81 tbe Wyoming Camp
Ground assembly at Wyoming camp
ground will open and continue until
the evening of August 10. Rv. O H.
MoAnulty, R-v. J. B. bummer, Rev.
H. C. McDermott, Rv. M. D. Fuller,
aud Rev. J. G, Eckman have prepared
the following programme of exercises
for the occnslon :
On Thursday, July 81, at 7.30, Eov. E. L.
Rautee will conduct tbe opening Bervice,
Revs. UcAnulty, Fuller und Place will
Wednesday, Aug. 1, devotions. Rev. G.
C. Lyman; organization for Bible study,
Rev. H. O. McDermott; 2 p. m., class iu
music, Rov. J. 13. Humner; 3 p. m., ad
dress, '"Relation of Superintendent to
Teacher," Proreesor F. E. Wood; ".Methods
of Teaching," George Forsythe: 7.80, opou
ing service. Rev. W. B.Westlake; address,
"Pou Pictures of Romo," Rsv. Dr. O' Boyle.
Thursday, Aug. i Bible study; music;
Eoworth league addressee, bv Rev. L. 0.
Alurdoch, Mrs. Q. T. Price, Mrs. F. B,
Swau; 7.80, lecture by Rev. George P.
Eckman on "Tbe Mission of the Humor
ist." Friday Educational. Addreises by Rev.
Dr. Goucber, of Baltimore; Rev. Dr.
Sprague, W. A. May, A. F. Chaffee.
Saturday Temperunce. Mrs. B. Down
lug, Mrs. W. N. Jennines, Mrs. H. W.
Palmer, Mrs. Dr. Hard, Mrs. Frank, Mrs,
O. H. Cool. Mrs. Henrietta Moore, of Ohio.
Sunday observance, Rev. F. A. Dony,
Mrs. A. M. Holvey on the "Christian Rela
tion to the Government."
Sunday Peruions by Ravs. A. W. Coop
er and A. Wrigley.
Monday Addresses on Sundny school
work by Rev. Q. T. Price, W. H. Peck.
W. H. Hiller; "The South," Floyd E. Ful
ler. Tuesday Bible talk, R. B. Doherty, of
New York; "Polity of the MethodiBt Epis
copal churce, A. A. Faulkner; "Our Coun
try," Dr. Doherty.
Wednesday Address by ,Dr. Doherty;
musical meeting; address by P. M. Car
hart; concert by the conference trio.
Thursday Bible study, H. C. McDer
mott; missions, S. L. Baldwin; missionary
address, Dr. Baldwin, of New York.
Friday "How to Control Unruly Schol
ars," W. H. Hiller; "Fruits of Sunday
School Teachinc," Rev. Dr. Webb; "The
Passiou Play at Ober-Ammergau," by P.
R. liawxhurst.
Camp meeting begins Aug. 14 and will
last to Aug. '21. Rev. Dr. Buttz, of Drew,
will be present.
Improvements for V hlch Councils Have
Ordered Flans aud Sp.oificUlone.
Ordinances bave been introduded,
und are now pending in the councils,
providing for the Nineteenth aud Twen
tieth ward sewers, also for the running
offence line, curb line and grading
tbe Providence road, and North Main
avenue. Tbe city engineer is now pre
paring an estimate ot assersment, aud
plans and specifications for tbe paving
of Franklin avenue from Spruce to
Vine street. They will be submitted
to the councils at their next meeting.
Oo to Poyntdle, Excursion Rates One
New York, Ontario and Western rail
road will run excursions Wednesday and
Saturday. Train leaven Scranton 8.30 a.
in., reluming leaves Poyntdle 4.50 p.m.
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paired aud improved with new tuuus.
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healthy performance of the vital func
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ding Gifts and all
the Latest Novel
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Best SetsofTeeth,$3t00
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of teeth by an entirely new pro-
S. C. Snyder, D.D.S.
185 WXOJdlNU AV1&
Ba Appropriated a Machine In Auburn, N. Y.,
and Brought It to This City.
Represented to Florey & Holt That
He Was the Owner of tho Bicycle
and Traded It for a Wheel of An
other Make Bicycle Taken from
Auburn Was Then Leased to Harry
Stock The Owner Coming.
Constable Joseph Woelkers last even
ing seized a Columbia bioyole in tbe
possesion of Harry Stock, an employo
of tbe Scranton Illuminating Heat aud
Power company, which it is alloged
was stolen from Edward Lonard, oi
Anhnrn, N. Y., on June 5. Tbe wheel
came innocently into tbe possession of
Mr. Stock, who was one of tbe most
surprised men iu the city when the
search warrant was served on him.
After tbe wheel was stolen from Mr.
Leonard at Auburn, be notified the
Pope Manufacturing company, who
make the Columbia bicycles Tbe com
pany in turn notified lts'agents through
out the country of the theft and told
them to keep a lookout for a model 34.
No. 7,023 bicycle.
Fred C. Hand, agent for the Pope
company in tbis city, located the
wheel aad informed the officers of the
company at whose instance tbe seurcb
warrant was issued.
Tbe wheel was leasd by Mr. Stock
from Florey & Holt. About two weeks
ago a young man entered their store
on Wyoming avenue and said he
wanted to exchange a Columbia bi
cycle he claimed to be the owner of.
He said his home was at Factoryville,
aud after some negotiating a deal was
arranged by which tbe wheel was ex
changed for one of auotber make.
Aftor tbe Columbia bad been over
hauled and put in good shape it was
leased to Mr. Stock by Florey & Holt,
who bad no knowledge tbat it had been
On Thursday morning the wheel will
be produced ia Alderman Fitztimmon '
court, when Mr. Leonard will be pres
ent to identify bis property. A reward
of $50 will be paid by the Pope com
pany for the conviction of the tblef.
Florey & Holt say thev have a alne
by which they thiuk they can trace tbe
man wbo imposed upon them. They
will be tbe losers by tbe operation
when tbe wheel is returned to Mr.
No Demand Mad on D. L. & W. to
Have Them Withdrawn.
General Manager Halistead of the
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western
railroad bad not returned from Buffalo
at a late hour last night. It was in
timated by officials of tbe road that I e
wonld return today in tbe event of co
new developments in tbe western
strikes by noon.
A rumor which bad prevailed dur-
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relative to tbe use of Pullmans. It
could not be learned tbat any trouble
xits or ia anticipated along tbe Lack
awanna road.
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