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Norrman& Moore
120 Wyoming Avenuo
Mears & Hagen
Have your COLLARS itarohefl in the old
vay. when you cn have them done with sof t,
pliable Buttonholes tor TWO CE-NTS EACH.
If you want
Carpets, Draperies,
Wall Paper or Window
Shades, come to us.
We have a full line of
goods, and our prices are
very low.
127 Wyoming Ave.
The Providence Women's Christian
Temperance union will hold their meeting
this afternoon In the Christian church on
North Main avenue at 2.30.
The regular meeting of the Green Ridge
Women's Christian Temperance union
will be held at their room, 61. I Green Ridge
street, this afternoon at II o'clock.
Tickets to the Elks' excursion- to Lake
Ariel Wednesday morning are good on the
regular trains leaving the city at 0.43 a. in.
and 3 27 p m. Children's half price tickets
can be obtained ot members at the trains.
Rev. Dev. Dr. Hawxhurat will deliver a
lecture this evening at 8 o'clock in the
Turk Methodist Episcopal church on the
Passion Play at Ober-Ammenrau, Bavaria.
The lecture will be illustrated with stere
opticon Views.
Frank Grimes, son of Warden Griinos,
ot tiie county jail, who wns shot in the
eye with a Hubert rillo while playing on
Washington avenue Friday, is not seri
ously iujured. e bullet has not yet
teen located by ' G. E. Dean.
The members of the Central Women's
Cbristiau Temperance union will hold a
parlor meeting thi evening at the home
ot Mrs. rrauc T. Vail, 300 Jefferson ave
nue. A cordial luvitation U extended to
all members ot the Kcranton unions.
Many ot the smaller butcher shops are
without western or native beef aud some
of those who have the article have in
creased the price one and two cents
per pound. four carloads only of the
western article have arrived since July 2.
Mayor Connell yesterday approved the
following ordinances: One ptovidiug for
the purchase of land for opulug Farview
rtfurt to Robinson street, the other pro
viuiug for the improvement of the Pittston
avenue culvert over (Stafford Meadow
In response to requests from business
men up and down the valley who foel that
the first train on tho Elks excursion to
Lake Ariel Wednesday is too early, a sec
ond train ha9 been arranged for, to leave
Keranton at 1.30 o'clock Wednesday after
noon. This will give Its passengers shv
eral pleasaut hours at the lake aud enable
them to lose only a half a day from busi
ness. The trial of Charles Wells, alias Gird S.
Barton, for passing counterfeit money in
Providence will be heard in Erie next
Monday in the United States district
court. The witnesses Bubcceaned hv
Deputy United States Marshal Bcanlon
are: Chief of Police Simpson, Police Lieu
tenant Spellman, Police Officer haul, Mor
nsV. Morris, A. J. Colborn, esq., aod Miss
E, E. Leach. Detective Daniel McSweeney
will go also.
Notwithstanding the railroad strike In
the west the excursion of Christian En
deavors will leave via. the Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western road at 8.3J
o'clock this morning for the international
convention which will be held during the'
week at Cleveland. President Debs, of
the American Railway nnlon, Is said to
have issued-an order to the effect that
Christian Endeavor .excursionists are not
to be interfered with.
Opta AU Might
at Lohman's Spruce street
Liwn. Baaors, Bafrlgeratorr, Ios Cream
1 have now on band and will sell at cost
19 Lawn Razors,
13 Refrigerators,
IS Ice Cream Freezers.
Come aud get one before they are all
gone. Titos. F. Leonard,
5oA Lackawanna ave.
Excursion of First Presbyterian Sunday
Rcuool to Lake Ariel. Friday, July 13th.
Train leaves E. & W. V. depot at 8.80 a.
m. Tickets for sale at Sanderson's Drug
Store and on the train. Adults, 75c; chil
dren under twelve years, 40c.
Status ot the Ordinances Providing for Their
As Soon as tha Plans for the South
bide. Bridge Are Completed the Or
dinance Providing for Its Construc
tion Can Be Passed If Business
Is Expedited Contracts for Bridgos
Can Be Awarded by Sept. 30.
On Feb. SO. nearly five months ago,
the voters ot this city at the polls de
cided that two bridges should be built;
one was to counect the central city
with the South Side over Roaring
Brook and tbe other was to extend to
the West Side over tbe Lnckawaunu
river at Lindeu street, Work on these
bridges has not yet begun and those
who voted both for and against thetn
are today nek in? "Where are we at?" in
this bridge matter.
At the Inst meeting of solect council
the ordinance providing for the erec
tion of the Linden street bridgo passed
first and second readings, and the
Roaring brook or South Side brHge
ordinance cuuie up for third and final
reading, bat was laid over for the rea
son that no plans were attached. A
clause in tho first seotion of eacu ordiu
ance reads "in accordance with plans
prepared bv the citv engineer, hereto
attached, and made a part of this
ordinance." Mr. Mauley, of the
Twelfth ward, announced when this
particular passage was read in the
Rouriug brook ordinance that the
measure was of no effect if it passed
third reading without plans attached,
and ou his motion it was laid over.
Under these conditions the ordin
ances will ri'inain in the city clerk's
cilice nutil City Engineer PUillipi has
completed the plans and they are at
tached according to the provisions
made in each ordinance. Mr. Phillips
said yesterday that he could not com'
plete the work this week.
Assumiug that the pluns will be
completed July 19. the regular meeting
night of select council, it is possible
that by Au,'. 25 tbe ordinances will
have been approved by the mayor, and
that the work of erecting the bridges
will be commenced by September 30,
This conclusion is bused on the follow
ing possible process and dates of the
passage of the two measures:
Third and final readings in select
council July 19, to common council
and referred to committee July 2G,
first and second readings la special
meeting of common couucij Au.;. 2,
third and final reading in special meet
ing of common council Aug. 10. After
this date Mayor Connell will hive ten
days to consider the ordinances, and
presuming that hu signature is at
tscbed on Aug. 20, the contracts for
the work should have been advertised
and let bv Sept. 80
According to a recent resointion of
councils, before the ordinances are
finally approved by tbe mayor, thev
must be passed upon by an expert
bridge engineer. Unless this expert
examination is made between July 26
und Aug. 2, the matter may be still
further deluyed in case any changes
are made in the plaus.
After this general summary it may
appear that the city engineer lias been
unduly slow in doing his part of the
work. Such a comment is undeserved
from the fact that the small working
force at Mr. Phillips' command who
Have uudertuken so great a work in
connection with regular duties, has
made the time consumed inevitable.
However, it is true that a certain few
counciltnen who favored, tbe Mulberry
street site for the Wet Side bridge,
are in a great measure responsible for
the delay. After unsuccessfully trying
in every way possible to secure a legal
opinion that the bridge could have
Mulberry street for a terminus, tbe
qnestiou of tbe Swetland street grade
was raisaa.
For some time it was maintained
that the present grade of Swetland
street is impractical for heavily loaded
wagons, which obieotiou might neces
sit.ite changing the proposed Hyde
Park termiuus of the bridge to a point
further north. It developed later that
the present Swetland street grade is
not in accordance with tbe grade rega
larly established some time ago and
approved by councils, which would
raise the lower part of the hill some six
feet and reduce the bill to a grade
about 1 7 per cent, less than the West
Lackawanna avenue bill. It has sines
been iiccertalned that it necessary a
viaduct can be built from tbe Swetland
street bridge down toward tbe terminus
of the big bridge, but lor only a por
tion of the distance, which would still
farther increase the established grade.
During the period In which this
nuestion was beiug Agitated, which no
cupled six weeks more or less, the city
eugineer was uncertain in carrying out
his work and was so bothered with the
noints raised that a halo of indecisive
ness was necessarily bang over the
nlans and imneded the work.
Assuming that the contracts for
building the bridges are let by Sept
30, the work must be completed by
July 30, 1893, accjrditig to provisions
of the ordinances which require that
the excavation, masonry and grading
shall be completed within six mouth
after the execution of the contract,
and that the superstructure shall
be comuleted within four months
after the contractor shall receive no
tice that tbe piers and approaches are
finished. There is u time penalty of
$10 per day on the substructure and
tha same penalty on me snpersiruc
tore, so allowing six weeks' delay on
each bridge, Scranton should reap the
harvest of ber great enterprises ttept
15 of next year by the most liberal cal
Physioal Dlr.otor Weston Wrltts Enthn
aioilly Conoirning It.
Tha Yonns Men's Christian nssocia
tion cottage at Point of the Woods,
Great Sonth Beach, is now oceupied by
nartv of vonua men in charge of
Phvsical Director R. L. Weston aud a
onmnntont hnnsekeeDsr.
The fact that the oottage Is located
on the Grounds of the Long Island
Chatauqu Assembly, where opportu
nlties ot self improvement and all kelp
ful Influences abound, makes it pre
eminently a fitting place, as well as a
wonderfully interesting place to young
men. Pbvsioal Director Weston wrus
enthusiastically of tbe surf-bathing
and bins-fishing.
A Proposition to Lay It on West Laoka
Villi Avanue. '
Mayor Connell approved last week en
ordinance directing City Engineer
Phillips to prepare plans and specifics
Hons and to render an estimate of cost
for paving of West Laekawanua ave
not. irom Delaware, L.achawan:a ana
Western ruilrual crojsiujr, to Ninth
street with mountain sto:ie block.
The tilins were completed yesterday
ami tb approximate estimate vvai
fixed et$3,6;)l 50. This incluJes paving
curbing and the laying of crosswalk.
Eavs Been Cpioplet.d and
cipted by ths Contractor.
Contractors Maldooo and Dow, fin
ished on Saturday the grading of Mar
lon street, between Washington and
Wyoming avenues, and Sanderson and
Capons avenues, and it was yesterday
accepted by the city.
1 he grading also of New York street,
between Capouso aud Washington ave
nues, and the improvement ot the six-
eelsiur hose house at Providence were
oouipleted und accepted.
His Little Episode at Archbald Cost
Him Three Weeks' Imprison
ment in County Jail. ,
There was a bearinf' before Judge
Archbald yesterday in tho habeas cor
pus case of Actor Walter Bene, who
has been in the county vui uuring me
past three weeks ou u charge of dis
charging firearms.
The uctor during an engagement at
Archbald became intoxicated and fired
off a revolver, oue of tne bullets it con
Uineil injuring Miss Fuller, I lio lend
ing lady of the company, lie was
committed to the -comity jail bv Bur
gess Unrke, of ArchbalJ, ou a charge
of discharging firearms.
Attorney D. P. Keplocle appeared for
Mr. Bonn yesterday. Judge Archbald
discharged the prisoner following the
nplulon banded down a few weuks in
case growing out of n conviction in tho
borough of laylor.
It was maintnlned in tua,t opinion
that n prisoner could not comtnittsd to
the county jail for failure to pay a fine
for tbe violation of a borough ordi
nance. He might be imprisoned in the
borough jail for a period not to exceed
five day, or compelled to work out bis
fine on the street at the rate of $1 per
After his discharge on tbe writ of
habeas corpus the actor was tinned
over rv the Bheriil to Constable Jona
than Venison, of Archbald, who held
him on warrants issued by Justice of
the Peace Manley, of Archbald, churn
ing Benu with felononMy wounding
Miss f uller. I he accused man was
taken to Archbald aud given a hearing
before the Al lerman, but tbe evidence
not being suluoicnt, he was discharged
und relumed to this city lat-r in the
Mr. Benn was last season n member
of the Wonderland stock company.
M. J. Martin, of ilocow, having passed
a preliminary examination yesterday rez-
leteren as a siuuuut-at-iuw in me omce m
ex-Congress Lemuel
Next Thursday is the time fixed for
hearing arguments in the injunctiou case
of the Lackawanna Iron nuu btei-l com
pany against the Scranton Gas und Water
Judces Archbald. Guusterand Edwards
held a cousulUUoa yesterauy afternoon in
Judge Archbuld's chamber, at which the
cases heard in argument court were taken
np for consideration.
The bind of R. J. Tanfleld, of Coving.
ton. collector of tax for the township, was
yesterday approved by the court. It is in
tne sum ot to.aiw, ana nas . w. Jones
and D. W, Dale fur sureties.
Marriage licenses were granted yester
day by Clerk of tho Courts Thomas to
Elias S. dames, of Scranton, and Lizzie
Armstrong, of Taylor; John W. Scanlon
and Maggie T. V aUon, of Moscow.
Attorney John R. Jones yestereay ob
taiued a writ of replevin for John O'liO'
eheck, who alleges that William L. Smith
unlawfully holds possession of a grey horse
weighing l,4W pounds, which is the prop
erty ot tne planum.
Bnsy Scenes nt tho Itlg Vermont Kstab'
llshment Where Lacl sited Food Is Pre
pared lor All Tarts of the World.
Mothers are everywhere related bv
the mere fact or motherhood.
Their joys, their sorrows and their
needs are the same all over tbe world.
Think of the countless babies in
Canada, in Canada, and even in dl
taut Australia, wno are growing up
rosy-cheeked and bright-eyed on tbe
same diet of lactatej food that moth
ers in America know so well. '
Only tbcsj who have visitod the bia
established lu Lurliugton, Vt , in sum
mer nave any idea or the tremendous
amount of this world-famous baby
food which is weekly produced at the
central establishment. As the weather
grows warmer every effort is made to
met the enormous demand for Isolated
food, not only in I this country nud
Canada, but from the various branches
in foreign countries. It is from th
London uraucu noose that goods are
forwarded to the larg ciliva of Europ
and tbe east, among the largest ship
ments being those smt to India and to
the Anstruliau brauch, located atSyd
nsv, n. s. w.
A visit to this establishment in Bar
liugtoR never falls to make a laslin
impression on every ino:ber and on
any one who is at all interested in the
question of a reliable baby food that
snail be n genuine substitute for moth
er's milk. The absolute cleauliut-st in
every procesi, and the arrangement
for uieetiug the bii demands in July
and August without undue haste and
carelessness tint might interfere wit
tbe perfection of the fool, always de
light visitors.
Strikes are unknown among all these
busy persons, bcaiue, with the con
stunt demand for lactati d food at all
season?, wages are kept up, so that the
employed nave come to feel tlitir ow
interests bound op with those of th
establishment. By this friendly, co
operative spirit among an who are
concerned with the preparation of lac
tated food, It has been possible to pro
daceabsby food absolutely pure, all
tbe ingredients of which lire oarefully
elaborated ana conscientiously ojtn
Physicians, after inspecting these
bolldinr?, which ure made of neatness
aud convenience, unbtsitatiugly pre
scribe luctatea rood lor invalids, cspe
daily as the direct supervision of the
preparation of the food has been fro
first to last under one of the professors
Vermont s famous university. Liotated
food is todsy everywhere prescribtd a
the one one real substitute for healthy
mothers mux, combining exosllenc
never before secured ot marvellous
nourishing powen, aud yet beln
taken by all babies with decld-td relish
vhen every other food Is rejected,
All that is needed to keep baby per
fectly well inmuier and safe from
cholera Infantum and diarrhea, tha
carry off so many thousand bulies
daring the hot weather, is proper nour
ishment and cleanliness. These two
indisgensable qualities are found i
lactated food, ai d this is how it ha
earned that splondid reputation of the
infant food that "saves babies lives."
ranton Cen'.ral labor Union Ik:s Itself
on Record in the Matter.
The Action of Debs, Sovereign, the
Knights and American Railway.
Union Endorsed but the President's
Act Is Said to Bo Unwarranted and
Unprecedented Boycott Estab
lished on Non-Scranton Cigars.
At a meeting of the Central Labor
nniou last evening a resolution offered
by J. J. Morgan was adopted condoni
ng the Pullman Palace Car company
i ti it endorsing the Amerioan Railway
union aud i resident Tu reao-
ution also upheld Mr. (iouipers. of the
American r t-deration of Labor, and Mr.
Sovereign, of tho Knights, and censured
President Cleveluud lot sending federal
troops iuto Illinois.
Inu meeting was largely attended.
nd when the resolution was presented
to the meeting, it was adopted without
dissenting vote. While the exact
phraseology used at the meeting is not
nown, the expressions ot the members
were warm lu their confirmation of the
strikers' attitude, whilo the denuncia
tions uguinst President Cleveland and
the Pullman compuuy were equally as
seveiu. it was ulieg4d in strong Ian
guuge that the course of President
Dln in his management of tbe strike
is just und warranted by tbe circum
After the meeting bad been addressed
by James F. Woods, of Bingham
on, vice-president of the Cigar-
runners international union, a res
olntinn was adopted pluduing the
deb gates to boycott all cigars manu
factured outside this city. The resolu
tion provides thut the delegates sbull
use their influence umoug laboring
iiwi and local assemblies to smoke
only Scranton union made cigars.
The following officers were eltcted
President, Jaiues Kocbe; vice presi
dent, M. D. Flaherty: secretary, T. S.
ran; nnnnciui si-crnary, William
Yorckj treasurer, h. 12. Knapp; ser-geant-at-armia
Geuro Conner: tru
tees, J. S. Spencer. J. J. Morgan sud
J. Collins
Subroeia Asking Kim to Appear Before
Commlsf loners to Be Honortd.
William Ryan, of the South Side.
was brought before Judge Archbald
yesterday bv Sheriff Fahey on an at
tachmeut. Mr Ryan ignored a sub-
Voeaa directing him to appear before
the commissioners in tbe Twelfth ward
electiou contest aud show bv what
right he voted at the election held last
The attachment was Usued at the in
stance of H-turv Coyl, one of the con
testunts. When Mr. Ryan was brought
before Judge Archbald yesterday be
said that he did not obey the snbpnena
bi-cause he wss ill at the time. Tne
judgo asked him to produce a doctor's
certiucato to that effct and the attach
meut would be dissolved. Mr. Ryan
lirdnred that he bad not been attended
by a physician and therefore could not
produce the certificate.
Mr. Coyle was sent for and said that
Mr. Ryan had given them much
trouble, having refused to accopt ser
Vice of the subpoena or obey the com
mand it contained. Mr. Ryan did not
deny that he had thns lightly treated
the behest of tbe court and was di
rected to pay tbe costs of the attach
ment and appear before tbe commis
sioners when wanted.
He agreed to do eo and the attach
ment was dissolved.
The Republican county committee will
meet on Saturday.
A petition was circulated among the
Republican candidates yesterday askiug
them to aeaignate their prerereuce as to
the date lor homing the county conven
tion. The first one to whom the petition
was presented was Judge Archbald. who
said that whenever the conuty committee
iu its wisdom considered a satistactory
time for a convention would suit him,
Many other candidates expressed similar
'I am unable to say just when the
Democratic county convention will be
held," mid Sheriff Faboy, the chairman of
the Democratic county committee yester
day. "Alter tho candidates have come t
tho front and declared their intentions,
will call the committee together and see
what the wishes of the members are with
regard to a time for the convention. Am
1 a candidate? jno my yonnz mend. 1 am
not, neither for protbouotary, senator or
anything else, l tmnu It would be a good
lduu to iniuse some new blood into tbe
ticket this year, and therefore step out of
the Held."
Christian Endeavor Ualon, Cltveland
Ohio, July 10-15 h, 1831
Special excursion tickets, via the Dela
wine, Lackawanna and Western Railroad
will be 011 sale, good goiug on uuy regular
tram July uth, loth and 1 1 tu; good re'
turning on or before July 81st. Fare for
the round trip, $l(l.3u via rail, or 9 U:) via
steamer and lake from liulialo.
A sticcial through train via tho Dela
ware, Lackan-anun aud Western and Lake
fcl'ore nad Michigan southern railroads
will leave bcrantou al o.i'J a. m. Tuesday,
July 101b, aiming at Cleveland about
V.00 o'clock tatne vvenlug, nlloidiug all
who desire to avail themvelves or tho ex
treniely low rates, a splendid option unity
of et joying a daylight trip tho entire
jonrney with no chanue of cuts.
Bear lu miud the rate is only one wny
fare for the round trip, and tickets may be
purchased at any D. L. & W. station, or
at city ticket office. No. 1U8 Luckawuuna
avenue, fccrauttu. rn.
For all those who ea
A special line intro
duced for this week
50 per cent, unde
regular prices.
429 Lacka. Ays.
Qlvea bv Sauet'e Band la Front of Elks'
Bandmaster Bauer gave a verv de
lightful open air concert last evening,
berore a most appreciative audienae iu
front of the Elks' building on Franklin
avnue The street Was orowded, and
tbe Elk's rooms were filled with mem
bers and their friends.
The Drozrammo which Professor
Baner bad arraugd was ot the highest
order and was r nrtered very co arm
ing!)'. The concert rp'ned with a very
Que rendition of Linden's "March ot
the Uniformed Rank," which was fol
lowed by the selection, "Don Carlos,"
by Verdi. Another selection was a de
'criptive piece entitled "An Iudlau
War Dance, which semed to be very
opnlar with the assembled multitude,
for they shouted and applauded, and
would not be satisfied until it was re
peated. It is a weird piece and was rendered
in such a style that one would not need
very vivid imagination to imagine
himself out on the plains surrounded
by a band of red skins. Tho ever pop
ular and catchy "Cocoanut dance" was
ext rondered und wss received with
ne appreciation. There was much re
gret ou tbe part ot all those present
when tbe last number on tne pro
gramme, tho "Columbian National Pot
pourri, was played.
Through his superb concerts Profes
sor Bauer has won great pablio favor
nuu it is to be hoped that he may oe
beard often during the summer. Tbe
concert last night was a forerunner of
the excnrsion to be conducted by the
Elks to Lake Ariel tomorrow. Bauer's
band will be in attendance, and the
Elks have spared no pains to give their
friends a most eujoyable time,
A. F. Dond, of Greenwood, loft ye'
terday on a business trip for Blooms
bnrg." He will be awuy until Satur
Peter Lnwry. who visited here with
friends for a week, left yesterday for
New York. He will sail for Ireland
tomorrow morning.
The school directors of Lackawanna
township held a meeting last night at
No. 8 school. All members of the
board were present. Nothing in the
way ot opposing teachers was done.
Numerous plans of architectural de
signs were submitted to the board for
inspection by tbe different architects,
viz.: P. Rudranf, of Ashley; J. H.
Davis, of Moosic: F. L. Brown. A. F,
McCnna, of Scranton. Some time
was spent In viewing the different de
igns, A bill requesting the No.
school at Stnrks be nped for school
purposes by the citiztns of Stnrks.
Ninety-six niuivg were signed on tho
p-titiou requesting the retaining nf
No. 7 school. After a long end lively
discussion a motion was made by Mr.
Unrleign to retain the No. 7 school nud
bnild a new school in Moosic. After
soma quarreling a motion was made to
udopt the plans presented by Mr Le
vies, of Moosic, whose bid was $1,000
esa than the others. A motion wss
offered by Mr. Burleigh to instruct
Mr. Dsvies to have the Smead Wills
system of beating and ventilating the
school embodied in bis plan;, and was
The Greenwood Keg fnnd beld
meeting last night to select waitresses
for their coming picnic on July 23.
The Eurrtcks.
On Wednesday. July 1L tho Sarricks
who bhvo earned a widesuread renutation
throughout the United States, will make
tneir 11 rat appearance at Laurel Hill park,
and will give the ilrst grand photo-opticon
show ot their two weeks' engagement. This
snow embraces nil manner of views, in
cluding the principal places of iu teres t in
tho United States and Europe, men and
events worthy of mentiou, aud scores of
inn m provoking scenes.
'lheyiire shown on a cunvas measuring
twenty feet each way, are illustrated iu
various cdors and present tho most
graphic descriptions of travrls and events
tnat nas over been placed before the peo
ple of this city, and aw interspersed with
elocution and ruiHic. With their new
triple photo opticon. aidel by calcium
liguts, the Surricks are able to proiluce
tne U:uBt geometrical designs. aud
innumerable surprises in mechanical
movements; also scenes chnnging
irom day to night, rrom summer to win
tor, from sunshine to stoim, etc.
illustrating what is memorable iu history
wonderful iu art and sublime in nature,
For the Sunday evouiug enteitaiument
the views have been especially selected
ror tee occasion ana win be lounu very
appropriate tor that day. The Snrricks
have uiven their entertninment in the
Green Ridjfe Presbyterian church of this
city and uUo ut the uung Mmi's Christian
association and in both nlaces have ilf
lighted large audiences. The sum of 10
Cents will admit both to the park und the
graua pnoto opticon oulertuiunieut.
Muslo BoX9i Exclueivly.
Pest made. Play nny denired number of
tunes. Uautschl & bons,, manufacturers,
luisu unestuut street, rnuauoipma. won
derlul orchestrial organs, only i- and $10,
bpecialty: Old music boxes carefully re-
puircu ana unproved with new tunes.
The SF.cnET art of beauty lies not lu
cosmetic, but is only in pure blood, nud a
healthy pcriormnnce ot tho vital ruue
tious, to be cbtuiucd by using Burdock
Uloou uiticrB.
And Right Up
to Date. . .
We have Artistic
Designs in Wed
ding Gifts and all
the Latest Novel
ties. W. W. BERRY, Jeweler
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cf teeth by an entirely new ti"
S. O. Snyder, D.D.8.
, 180 WYOaiLNU AVbi
Is Alleged b7 Druggist Ryan That Bo
Swore Falsely In Court.
n His Information Mr. Ryan Says
Mr. Wiley on July 6, When the Case
of the Commonwealth Against D.
S. Ryan Was Being Hoard in Court,
Did Wilfully, Corruptly, Maliciously
and Falsely Swear.
Druggist David S. Ryan through his
attorney, J. Elliot Ross, swore out a
warrant yesterday afternoon in tbe of
fine of Alderman Fitzlmmons against
Chariot A. Wiley, assistunt secretary
of the Young Men's Christian associa
tion, 011 the charge of perjury.
ine information sworn to before tbe
alderman by Druggist Ryan Is as fol
lows: "Tbat Charles A. Wilev did In a csr-
tnin suit of tbe commonwealth v. D.
Ryan, on the sixth day of July. 1S!M.
before the court in bano of said com
monwealth iu said suit then and there
being beard, and in a mutter material
to the issue wilfully, corruptly malle
oli iy, and falsely swear that he, said
u. a. nvan sniu soda water to four cer
tain persons and received pay from
them for the same on a Sunday in vio-
atlon or the uct of assembly of April
liill. aud also in the same suit be
fore Alderman Post did so similarly
falsely swear against the Deace and
dignity of the commonwealth and
against the statutes in such cases made
and provided."
The warrant was served on Mr. Wl-
lsy, and at 5 o'clock he appeared before
tie oidorman and waived a hearing and
entered bail in the sum of $500. F. E.
I'latt, ol Kidge Row.qualihed as bonds
Druggist Ryan was seen last evening
and said be was determined to push
the ease to the bitter end. Mr. Ryan
Claims that when tbe fonr persons en
tered his store on Sunday, May 0, he
told tbe clerk at the soda foundain not
to sell them any soda, because he saw
Mr. Wiley standing on the sidewalk at
tne time.
The witnesses that Mr.. Rvan will
subpoena to testify that Mr. Wiley
swore falsely when he said tbat he saw
money received for the soda, were tbe
fonr persons that were at the soda
fountain when Mr. Wilev stood out
side, Mr. Ryan says.
Statement of City Controller Fihd with
Clark of the Courts.
City Controller Widmaver veBterdav
filed with Clerk of the Courts Thomas
the Dtatement that the law says shall
be tiled before a municipality cun iu
crease its bonded indebtedness. This
uotion was made necessary by tbe pro
poser! issue ot city Dunes to tbe amount
of $'250,000 for tbe purpose of building
1 he. statement shows thnt the total
ludebtednes of the city Is I7S7.055 01
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BANISTER'S, C lachegnoyjoniiog Avenues,
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Hats, Millinery, Ladies1
Suits and Shirt Waists.
and its rssonroes $339 .327.75. leaving a
net indebtedness of 3,2.S. Tbe
assessment of the rity is as follows 1
Ocnnation, $1,080,710; real estate.
117,801,855; total, $18,083,565.
The Otaeral Fbinnay Engine Company
Will Have Splendid Quarters.
Tbe nuarters of the General Phinnev
Hose company are rapidly nearing
completion. Under the supervision of
Building Inspeotor Nelson tbe work of
remodeling is progressing satisfactori
ly, and when finished ne more comfort
bl englue bouse will be found iu the
lbe engine room will be much larger
and tbe front will b replaced witb a
new one tbat will allow entrance and
exit more readily.
Cbief hniineer Ferbsr aud Council
man P. J. Hiskey, of tbe fire commit
tee, inspected tbe place yesterday.
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