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    It is the business
of a newspaper to
print THE NEWS
in that business six
' days each week.
The Suffering Public Still Writhes Under Or
ders from Labor's Despot.
The Situation Practically Unchanged.
Both Sides Are Confident of Vic
tory in the Near Future Meanwhile
.Large Numbers of Stranded Travel
ers and Other People Depending;
Upon Railroad Service Are in a Slat J
of Anxiety Vain Attempts to Ship
Chicaco, July 8.
rs7E PORTS were made ns usual tuie
UJ morning to the general mttn-
111 tigers iu st'ision 111 their head
U u miariers. Au extended rnort
livui t'io Santa Fa declare that th lis
passenger train on the Chicago dlvis
iou are running with the muni equip
ment. The pussenger trnin dim to leave
Oraml Junction is tied up otfiug to the
boycott against Pullman ears being re
newed there Deputy United Stale
marshals have been called in to uiove
the tiuiu. Reports troiu New Mexico
Bay that the strikers derailed one of
tin fdr-i at Dillon and the eighty-three
United deputies ou board were
obliged to walk to Ritou.
'1 he sheriff :it Ralon being iu sym
pathy with the strikers refus-jtl to boip
the i;.'iu!i;i to get fool from the ent-
32 In uses whico uovcotted- taetn. the
sheriff ui iv t e impeached. Troop were
culled tor uui two companies left Sauta
re and arrived at Raton this morning.
Some freight arrived by the SauU Fe
Tiie Ctiicago, Milwauk.'e and St Paul
ret oi ts nil trains running on time nnd
without, except at Minne
apolis Hud St. Punt, where fir-men re
fused to no to work. At LaGrosso nil
the switchmen went out au I at Sioux
City the switchmen Bud engine tnen of
switch engines are still out. All passen
ger trains on the Chicago aud Alton
between St. Lnnis and Chicago are
held af Blootuington for want of fire
man. New uii u have left Chicago to
take the pi ices of the strikers nint
truulle may ensue. No freight is
being inov 'l. This mornt isr as Bilti-
ire and Oh:o trun N v 16 whs pa.s-
cr ( switches in the Koclc In
junction, the engine was ditched
pnd th tracks blocked. The engineer
jatuped, sustaining brnUea.
Tua fifteenth regiment United
States troops started from Fort Sheri
dan, thirty miles west of Cmcago, at
o'clock th s afternoon for Bine Iiland
iniity miles east of here, the tcane of
trouble between deputy marshals and
deputy sneriff-i and strikers on the
Rock Inland road. It. i believed that
the preseno of the regulars will so l
all troable there.
Cincinnati. 0;.io, July 3 -Edward
t Phelan, leader of the railway strike
h-re was arrested in his bel at 0
r. clock this morning by a deputy
United Stntis marshal upon a warrant
, nsned hy the Ui.ited Stnfes conrt upon
thecomt-laiat of tbs Cinclniuti South
ern railwuy cmpnny's receiver, Samuel
Fellon. It charged him with interfer
ing with the mnnaKement of the rail-
way by ordering and inducing its em
ployes to lav itn s-rvic with intent to
injure the trflio Ha was taken to tbo
cflice pf ths United Stites manbnl and
heid until Judas Taft, of the United
States circuit court, came upon the
bencr, when the. heuring was set for 2
o'clock Thursday, and his bond was
, fii'd at 2 500.
MenniiciiH an injunction will be
served npon him resiralnio him indi-
viduallx, pending bis hearing, or in
couiMnition with others, from incit
ing, cucunraging, or in anv manner
CHiising the employes of the Clnainnati
f'outhprn road to l.ive iis imploym-rit
with the inieution of cornpliini tin
receiver to bruk his contracts with the
Pullman cr company PmUn said be.
would obey the ii;junction, bnt added
"The V.ovs know all about, how to treat
them They need no inatrnctions.
CHiCAOo.July 3. Two Northwestorn
trains nearly came into a head-on col
lision on the bridfl that crosses the
Chicago river t Wells street. A third
, train in-bonn I from tha Pacifio coast
was running behind and was with dif
Cculty kei t fnra striking one of the
others. F. A. Mills, snpsrintendentof
the passenger equipment, was on one
(f the triins as engineer and Koad
Agent Whitney acted as fireman. The
danger signal was hoisted by the
bridge tender in time to avert the dis
aster. All the engineers, firemen brakemen
and trackmen went out on th Nickel
Plato this morning. A train load of
; angers from the east was left
u ding at Stony Island avenne and
Nin ty-hrtit street in the mi 1st of a
swamp. They were obliged to get out
and wade through the mud to the near
est street car line, miles away.
Pittsburg. Jnly a Freight ship
v ments to all points west of Pittsburg
sre practically at a standstill. Thirty
two western roads have notified the
Pennsylvania company's general ofllje
lu Pittsburg that they will not receive
freight of any kind until the boyoott
has been settled. Freight trains are
tied up all along the route between
Pittsburg and Cbicsgo, and the loaios
from delays will be enourmoui. All
effort are concentrated In keeping
local freight and passenger trains mov
ing. Pullman trains on th Pennsyl
vania system arrived and departed on
time today.
Los Angles, Cat.. July 3. The situ
ation here U about the same ss yester
day. The firemen, bruko'uen and
switchmen will not yield an . ticb. Toe
coudnotors and engineers it is etatod.
liuve determined not to refuse to haul
Bail or passenger trains unless the
Pullman coaches ore included, and Will
refuse to work with green hands. No
train has moved ont on the Southern
Pacifio or Santa Fe and not one has
colne in.
Santa Fe railroad official have been
summoned to appear bofore United
States Judge Koss to show why they
refuse to sond ont mall train,
CmcAiio, July 8 At 2: p.m. nn
engine manned by ollltiials of the stock
yards railroad was attached to the
stalled train of twenty-eight Crn of
dressed beef sent out by Swift & Co.
The train did not proceed more tlinn
half a block when the moh rnshed to a
box car standing on the eid track and
ovi'tluruod it on the main liue obstruct
ing the passage of the freight tralu
Two hnndred police were at the sceue
of disturbance and dispnrsod the crowd
and hail little trouble in doing so,
Thirty-man cars of dressed beef be
longing to Swift and company hsve
been standing ou a siding now for twen
ty four hours mid are iu imminent dan
ger of being spoiled. At lloot streot
and the railroad tracks another freight
car was pushed over. This obstructed
the pathway of swi'ch engines both
north and south and the company has
little chunce to move its meat. Nothing
has been done at the stock yards today.
Armour and company have abandoned
all uttem; t to do biume-is and the out
look is b.ul.
CuiCAiio, July 3 "The strike and
boycott inaugnrated by the American
Railway union will be settled uot later
than Saturday." This was the official
statement giveu out by President Debs,
of the American Railway union, this
evening'. Vice President Iloward.Jauies
Hi gun and William Buens, of the j tint
couference committee selected to
mediator., uureed with Mr. l)dts.
Uther director were divided in their
opinion, but it is geuerally conoeded
that the effort of tue municipal
authorities preceded by the mediutiou
of P. E Stud.'baker will iu all proba
bility, re.nlt in a settlement of the
l)Vcott agalnat Pullmau and th strike
ou the rnilro.tda
Ht. Louis, Mo. The switchmen and
yanlmen employed by the Iron Mountaiu
iu C'arondulot und St. L.mis, returned to
work this mornin and that road at ouce
re-muied all trade between St. Louis aud
Little rock.
Bakeknkld, Cal. The train carrying
troop to Los An (teles oarly
tin afternoon. Th striker succeeded in
getting bn ii II -email and eugineer to leave
th." cab. t j p. m. the train baa not
been ab'.e lo proceed.
riTTsiiL-no. About 1 o'clock last night
the hiiih h .me ot the Baltimore and Ohio
milroad at BiiSt-ll'a station wtis blown up
aud nothing remained but a portion of the
euirine and boiler. It is believed that dyn
amite had been placed under the building.
Rkadixo. Forty-on railroaders left
Beading tonight for Chicago. Tbey were
all recruited alonj the Reading road. It
is also reported that a number of ensiueers
who lost xheir situations oa the Lehigh
Valley daring the late strike have been
Sacram exto, Cal. An attempt to start
a mail tram with Pullmans attached was
prevented here today by a mob of strikers
and the United States Marshall and sheriff
was defl.fd. A call upon (iovrnor Mark
ham for state troop) has been made by the
United States maialial.
Philadelphia Eighty men were sent
out to-pight from this city to take the
places of railroad strisen in the west. The
recruils who are all experienced railroad
men will go to the railway managers' asso
ciations headquarters iu Chicago from
wliich point they will bo distributed.
San Francisco. The authorities at San
Luis Obi-jo telraphod to the United
States marshal in this city this afternoon
for deputy inarshala, stating that the
striker are destroyiug tin property of the
railroad. Tracks are being torn up, water
connection cut off and depredations of
all kinds coipmiiteJ.
OiLUMni's, O Lite this afternoon the
scale cu aim' tee of the American Railway
union formally ri jvted the compromise
propr.siti n of tho President Waite, of the
Hocking Valley. The company will now
attempt to run trains with non-union
men and trouble is feared. A moat fum
ine is already Ml here.
Detroit, Mich. Today Colonel Snyder,
commanding the Twenty-third Keuiuieut,
United States Army, stationed at Fort
Wayno, rerelvtd a telegram from General
Miles at Fort Sheridan, instructing him to
bold two companies' i f fifty men each un
der marcliing orders aud in immediate
readiness to take the, Uuld.
The Jury Invitiuatinir th Cass Pro
noano.s Kim Sans., July 3 The jnry in the
Prendergnst case today found the pris
oner not insane, aud be will be hanged
on July 13.
Suortly after his return to his cell
where he was I-d by Jailer Price, a
United Pres reporter called to see
Prendergaat who in r nly to a question
said: -T thank th United Press for
its interest and will say'that the ver
dict of the jury fin ling m sane is en
tirely correct uud I .iin satisfied with
That I am sine I have always main
tained and the jurys" verdict, I say is
entirely satisfactory.
He Was Unable to Gee Out and so Ra-
mutntd 'lhr.
Yesterday morning n call came to
the Luckawsnna hospital for an ainbo
tunc to go to the Jersey Central sta
tion. Ou arriving there, it was fonnd
that Martin Boyle who came here only
a short time ago from Bath, N. Y.,hnd
fallen down the embankment, near the
Scran ton street bridge, aud bad tnm
blod Into the river.
lie had been in the water he said
since 10 30 the night before, being un
able to get out. Ho wa taken to the
hopltal whore an examination was
made, but he was found to be only
bruited and scratched. Ho is in a very
nervons condition, bnt nothing serious
is apprehended.
They and Ihtir Quest Eanqutt at Ho
tel Elmhurit.
The annual banqunt and meeting of
the Presbyterian oiorio ot Scrunton and
vicinity was held yesterday ut the Ho
tel Elicliurst.
At the bauqnet Rev. George E.Guild
acted as toastuinstes and discussed
"Cleric nnd Clericals." Rev. S C. Lo
gan, D I)., responded to the toast, "Our
Cleric; its Place in History." Ad
dressee and responses were made by
several others.
Among the guests were Rev. Mr.
Mutchmore, of Philadelphia, and Ry.
Dr. W. P. White, financial secretary of
Lincoln anivorsity, this (tat.
Glimpses ot Scenes or Interest lu tbo Old
Declines the Expression of Gratitudo
from the French Cabinet Casimir
Pericr Will Serve but One Term.
Money for Fetes to Be Given to the
Poor-Cholera Scare at Stockholm.
Another Townley Shark Arrested,
Paris, July 3
N the chninher of deputies today
Premier Dupny read President
Casiuiir-Perier's mtssage. Later
the same document was read by
ttie premier lu the senate. The mesia.'O
was as follows:
I have been summoned by the national
assembly to be first magistrate of France.
I nni no party man. I belong to Franco
und to the republic. An odious crime,
which the natidual conscience repels, has
robbed the country of the, upright, citizen
who lm l been the vigilant guardian of the
constitution. May the memory of such
devoted duty Inspire and guido me.
"Thoact of the National Assembly, which
in u few hours assured the regular trans
mission of power, is fr. sli con Urination of
the stability of republican institutions lu
the eyes ot the world. I am resolved to
foster the methods ui-cesary to uphold the
republican democracy, nnd it is my Urui
pin po.e to commit to other hands the des
tines of Franco at the expiration of my
seven years' term of office.
Trustful iu her own resources France,
which has received the government's and
ttie peoplo'a touching proofs of sympathy,
has, with uplifted head, affirmed her love
lor pence. She is worthy of her past nnd
will remain the great hetirt'n and intellec
tual liht of toleration aud progress.
The presidvat concluded with appeal!
ing for onily of efforts iu ensuring pub
lie order and social p-ace.
The cabinet has offered a pension to
Mme. Camot, the widow of the late
president, as au expression of grati
tude for the service which the latter
rendered to the state. Mm. Carnot,
however, has declined the offer.
Th government has decided to sup
press the credits voted for the open air
fetes aud the military review on July
14, the aaniverary of the Fall of the
Bastil. The money will be devoted to
the relief of the poor.
London, Jnly 3 A dispatch to the
Times from Siutiago, Chili, says that
President Moutt declares that the con
version of the enrrency, iu July, IBiXI
at the rat of 24 pence, is certain aud
absolutely necessary in order to pro
tect tne credit ot the republic. The
treasury, it is added, now hold a
reaerra of CI. 500.000 sterling, and the
nitrate fi-dd sales of Ostoh-r nxt nro
expected to realize nearly '2,000.000.
The Hamburg-American line steamer
Venetia, Captain Von Bas9ewitz, from
Christiunsand, Juno 3!J, for New York,
which went ashore at Strom i islan I,
was flialel last evening, So far as
can be seen, she sustained no damage,
She proceeded on her voyage.
Colonel Jacques, who represented
L-iwrence, the American claimant of
tne Townley estate, was arrested today
cliarged with fraudulent practices in
connection with tue claims.
Antwerp. Fire broke nut at the docks
this morning. Largo Mucks ot lumber
were destroyed, but no damage was done
to shipping.
. Stockholm A case of supposed cholera
has been reported here. The quarantine
authorities, however, say it is Bimply
Tanoier A ropy of the document an
nouncing tLo adhesion of the city of Pcz
to the new sultan, Abdul Aziz, was de
posited yesterday under t ho eaves of the
mosque. and gifts to the mosque
were made at the same time.
Officer Tom Ljwu Eadocl Jnok Tobln'e
Pllf-rliig for the Present
LustevenWig about 10.30 o'clock Of
ficer Thomas Lewis was standing at
the corner ot Penn and Lackawanna
avenues, when he spied what seemed
to him to be a suspicions character,
fie followed him up Center stroet and
when the fellow got ns far as I). M.
Davis' restaurant he went in aud tried
to dispose of six pairs of new shoes for
a dollar. He iaild, however, to sell
them and left them there until he
should call for them.
From there he went to Coyne Jlonse,
all the time nnder the close eurvell
ance of Offioer Lewis. After being
ejected from the Coyne House he
i nought it would be fun to pilfer a lit
tle fruit from the vender. At this
point Officer Lewis thought the game
had gone far euough aud placed hi in
under arrest.
On arriving at headquarter be
proved to be Jack Tobin, wnose record
in police circle has been very un
savory, us he figured conspicuously ou
several occasions in city conrt for this
same otToinC
Weatoheiier Isd Horribly Mangled by a
Vicious Deait.
West Chester, Pa.. Jnly 8 Martin,
tho 9-year-old son of Henry C. Way, of
Chndilsford, wa fatally bitten by a
pet donkey this morning.
The little fellow wa riding the ani
mal, when it threw him and then at
tacked him aa he lay on the ground,
It tore his face and body badly with
lte teeth, fatally injuring him before
he oould bo beaten olf,
Grand Jury Brine In True Sills Against
t-hrlvor and Edwnrdi.
Washington. D. G. July 8 This
afternoon the grand jury brought in
indictments against Messrs. Shriver
and Edwards the newspaper corres
pond en ti, for refusing to answer tho
questions propounded by the senate
committee, and both gave ball for their
appearance when wanted. Tue graud
jury was then excused until the Sep
tember term ot court.
No indictment were returned
against Messrs Ilavemeyor and Searles
of the sugar trust today, but it is un
derstood that indictments against
gentlemen will be banded down in
September when the grand jury again
Thirty-Ninth Annual Session at Media.
Colonel McClure Welcomes
the Visitor.
Media, Pn July 3 The thirty
ninth annual session of the Pennsyl
vania State Teachers' association wou
vuned here this morniug. It will not
adjourn for tomorrow, but will con
tinue throughout the day. Teachers
and educators from all parts of the
state are present. President Samuel
Hamilton, of Braddock, called the con
vention to order aud Introduced Col.
A. K. McClure, who made the address
of welcome. Col. McClure received a
warm welcome. Hi spoke ot the
advantago of the schools of today as
compared with his hoyiiood days aud
praised the free school svstem.
Uev. W. R. Patton, ' of the Media
Baptist church, followed Colonel Mc
Clure, nn 1 said he was glad to wel
come the teachers to a town that had
settled the question of prohibition.
Addresses in reply to the welcome of
Mr. McClure aud Rv. Patton were
made by Professor George Ullbert, of
Chester, and Superintendent Burliew,
of Lancaster.
A paper was read by Colonel John
A. M. Passmore, of Philadelphia, ex
plaining to the teachers the various
points of iuterest in Philadelphia. At
the afternoon session President Hamil
ton made his innngnral address.
This evening Ciiarles Emory Smith
delivered a lecture on "The Czir and
His Empire," after which a reception
wus given the vivitiug teachers at the
Media Academy building.
Councilman Kearney, of Pittston, De
sires to Have the Traction Pass
Business Thoroughly Probed.
Fvecial lo the Fcranton Tribune.
Fittston, Pa., July 3 Councilman
Kearney, who failed to get his resolu
tion before council last Mondty even
in it, because of a rule that only bills
should be acted upon at that ineetiug,
is determined to renew the subject at
the next meeting. Ilia original resolu
tion, banded in '.r. reading, bnt
denied that privilege, ts laid to oe in
the possession cither of Chairman Mor
gan or the secretary of council, but
this is a duplicate copy:
Wherens, grave charges directly Impli
cating adversely the president and otber
members of this body in relation to the
East Hide Traction company, of which
John C. liraham is the superintendent,
btive appeared iu the newspapers of this
region, and
Whereas, Tho reputation of this body
for hunohtv, honor and purity is virtually
assailed by the publications referred to,
be it
Resolved, That a committee ot this
council be appointed to investigate the
bulk of the lollowing statements pub
lished in the Scranton 'J Rini NK of June
ii. and reiterated in tho Issue of that
newspaper of JiineiO, 1MU, to wit. Tout
uohu J. Mangnn nskul aud was refused
by Mr. Uraham, three passe., one tor him
self, one lor Councilman M. N. Donnelly,
and one for C. Frank Bohau, borough
solicitor, etc.: therefore be it
Resolved, That iu view of the gravity of
these charges, never officially denied, it is
the op'nion of this body that a decent
seiiSMof respect for public opinion de
mands that the president vacate the chair
iu order that au impartial committee be
appointed lo make a thorough investiga
tion into the truth of the foregoing
charges and I npoi t promptly to this body
at a luture meeting to be sot here and
It is understood that this matter will
be pushed to a definite conclusion.
It Offers a tplandld Opportunity to
Spend ao E Joynbla Vacation.
The Young Men's Christian associa
tion of this city has established for its
member a cottage at Urent South
Bench, Long Island, which will be oc
cupied during the summer by a large
number of w rubers from Scranton.
The expem-e for a two weeks' vacation,
i ni-lii Hug railroad fare, will be only
$22 50.
Great South B'-nch 'lies on the pen
insula whicn juts out from and runs
parallel with ths Long Idnnd coast
outside of Fire Island and off Bay
shore. Islip Sayville and Patchogue. It
(dTcra splendid facilities for bathing
and fishing iu the great south bay or the
ocean. The Long Island Clutauqtia
assembly has established the summer
house and camp at Oreat South Beach
and has arrauged a popular programme
of at least two features each day.
An honor has been conferred upon
Physical Director R, L. Weston, ot the
Scranton Young Men's Cbristiau asso
ciation, in selecting him a the profes
sor of gymnastics and physical cul
ture tor the Chataiiqunus during tho
whole of the summer eenson.
HI Wife Throw Oups and 8auor at
Him and Tor Bis Shirt
James Sullivan wa yesterday grant
ed a divorce from Isabella J Sullivan
by the court. According to his state
ment of the relations that existed be
tween himself and wife after their mar
riage, there was little happiness in the
union for him.
Both had been married before. On
Dec. 24, 1801, they were wedded And
williiu six weeks thereafter Sullivan
says his wife beg in to throw cups and
saucers at him, tore his shirt iuto
shreads and said she would put rough
on rats on his food. S'je also reviled
in the harshest maimer the memory of
the previous Mrs. Sullivan,
Court considered all of these things
ample ground for n divorce.
Bat Shea Convicted.
Trot, N. Y., July 8. Bartholomew Bboa
was this morniug found guilty ot murder
in the first degree in shooting Robert Robs
during the election day riot last fall. .
On tho Evo of tho Ever Glorious It Sails Se
renely Though.
After a Long Soic tho Famous Tariff
Measure Is Passed the Senate Mr.
Hill the Only Opposing Democrat.
All of the Income Tax Features Go
in Spite of Opposition from New
York's Senator The President to
Be Tuxed.
Washington, July 3.
THo tariff bill has bei-n passed and
the senate has adjourned until
Friday. The entire Democratic
winir, with the exception of Sen
ator Hill, voted for the reconstructed
measure. They were joined by the
Tne senate reassembled at 10 a.m.
and continued its session of MouJuy,
under the order of recess made last
evening. After some executive com
munications and house bills were pre
sented by the vice president and appro
priately referred; Mr. Harris (Venn.),
the parliamentary director of the
tariff bill, remarked that the ques
tions still remaining open in that bill
were more numerous " than, though
perhaps not ho important ai, those
which had been disposed of yesterday.
He therefore hoped that seuators
wonld couseut and resolve to dispose
of the bill by adjournment today, so
that the tenute migbt have a holiday
The Republicans offered no opposi
tion to tho taking of a vote today, but
opposod sitting tomorrow if a vote
should not be arrived at today. The
bill was then taken up aud first came
tho motion made by Mr. Mills (Tex )
on Monday evening to place barley uud
grains bags made therefor on the free
list. It was carried by a vote 27 to 17.
Then the gnat wool schodnlo came
up for action. Mr. Sherm in (Ohio) of
fered an anieiidiuect to place wool on
the dutiable list at 30 per cent, ad
valorem. The longest discussion of the
day took place ou this proposition
appeals boing made by Republican
senators to Democratic senators
from the wool producing stito to
supply even two votes for the amend
ment, which would be enongii with
the Populist vote to carry n. But
these appeals fell on deaf ears. Th re
was not a single desertion from the
Democratic ranks on the qtus'ionof
wool. The two Populist senator
who usunlly act with the Democrats
Messrs. Allen ami Kyle lid not vote,
and the ainendmsnt was defeat jd
yeas 33, unya 37, The vota was as fol
lows: Yeas Messrs. AMrich, Allison, Carey,
Chandler, Cullom, Davis, Dixon, Dnlpli,
Dubois, Frye, tiallinger, Hale, liaiishroiiRh,
Uawley, Hisgius, Hoar, Jones, of Novadn,
Lodge, Mamteraon, Mitchell, of Oregon,
fatten, Peffer, Perkins, Piatt, Power,
Proctor, Quay, Sherman, Shoup, Stewart,
Teller. Wnsbburn-32.
Nays-Messrs. Bates, Blnckbiirn, Cnf
frey. Cull, Ccckiell, Coke, Faulkner,
Ueorge, Uibson, Gordon, (iormiu, Urny,
Harris, Bill, Iluutou, Irbv, Jonos, of Ar
kansas, Lindsay, McLauriti, McPrierso.n,
Martin, Mills, Mitchell, of Wisconsin.
Morgan, Murphy, Palmer, Pasco, Ptigh,
Ransom, Roach, Smith, Turple, Vobt,,
Vilas Voorhees, Walsh, While a.
And bo wool remains ou the free list.
When the parugruph putting a duly
of 4U cents a ton on coal was rMclied
Mr. Hill called for a separate vote ou
the item. He said he did not propose
to ueiaiti ti e senate ty a speed), as ins
views were nuown. lie wanted coal on
tiie free list.
The committee amendment was
agreed to yeas 57, nays 0, and bitumi
nous coal and shale coal are on the
dutiable list at 40 cents a ton, and such
coal Black us will piss through a half
inch screen at 15 lmus a tou. The six
senators who voted no were Messrs
Allen, Hill, Irby. Kyle, Mills and
'I he committee amendment which
had been originally offered bv Mr.
Hill, exempting the salaries of the
president ot tn United States and the
judges of the United Slntes from the
income tax was rejected after a brief
struggle tty a vote of yens, 31; iiayo, 3(1
Ten Democrats having voted for it and
six Republicans and three Populists
Hgaiust it.
The date for the bill to go into t-ff -ot
was hxed as the first of August 188-1.
subject to further postponement it
necessary. Barbed wire vasHsubjct
of some disputo. An amendment nad
been agreed to in committee of the
whole that barbed wire for fencing
should be admitted froo of duty. Tills
amendment whs rj cto l and one of
fered by Mr. Allen (Neb ) to place
"wire for fencing" on the free list was
also rejected. Yeas, 32; nays, 38. And
so wire remains on the dutiable list at
rates according to gauge.
Mica was taken off tne fr list and
put ou the dutiatde list at 20 pr cent,
ad valorem.
Mr. Morgan, Alabama, offered an
amendment to come in as live addition
al sections at the end of the bill, aimed
at trusts, combinations and conspira
cies In restraint of trado and commerce
or to tncr. use tho market prlo of im
ported articles Alter discussion the,
auieiidmeut was agroed to without di
vision. Mr, Allon then offered the amend
ment to the sugar schedule of which
Mr. Jones, of Arkansas, gave notice
yesterday. The amendment was laid
ou the table. Mr. Allen then moved
to strike paragraph 575 pnlntiugs in
oil or water colors, engravings, statu
ary, etc., from the free list and to
make such works of art dutiable ns
under existing law- 15 per cent. Re
jected. At 8.45 p. m a sugsroslion was made
by Mr. Doiph (Oregon) that the senate
should either dispose of the bill quickly
or let it go over till Thursday. He
should "bate to see the national day
desecrated by the pussage of iuoU a
"Nothing coul 1 bo ao Dninful to me."
Mr. Harris remarked satirically, "s to
rive the slighttst shadow of pain to the
senator from Oregon. Bnt I think that
tne LIU should be disposed of before th
senate udj urn. And I hops that every
senator will stay here until it is dis
posed.'' ihexo amondmouM won agreed to;
Increasing 11m duty on files from 30
cents por iIlzjii to 35 cuts; making
the duty ou type ruutal cent per
pound on the leal contained thorelti,
and 15 per cent, on now type; reducing
the doty on cleaned rice from 1 cent
per in und lo 8 10 cent. Mr. Pettigrew
(3. D. ) off-red uti iiiin-iidiuent providing
lor a tarili couiuusblon. ltej.-cteu
yeas, 30; nojv, 38.
At 10 p. in. the bill wa read tho
third time and then Mr. Smith (Lie in.,
N. J.), rose aud addressed the senate.
Tils calling of 'the roll Oll'fhe final
pussage of the tariff bill began at 10.25,
and the vote resulted: Yeas, 8'J; nsyr,
Following la the rote in detail:
Yeas Messrs. Allen, Bate, P.erry, Black
burn, Hlaiichitrd, Caffery, Call, Cockn ll,
Colin, Dauiul, Fullmer, O iorge, Gibson,
(iurmau, liray, Harris, Huuto-i, Irby, Jar
vis. Jone'i, of Arkansas; Kyle, Lindsay,
MuLauiiu, 1 artin. Mills, Mitchell, ot Win
Cousin; Morgan, Murphy, Puimer, Pascoe,
Ransom, Rjach, Smith, 'lurpie, Vest,
Vil is, Voorhees, Walsh, White W.
Nays Messrs. Aldricb, Allison, Oaroy,
Chaudiur, Cullom, havis, Dixon, Doloh,
Dubois, Frye, liaiiinger, Hale, Bans--brongb,
Bnwley, Biggins, Hill. Jones tf
Nevada, Lodge, Slcidillau, Mauderson,
Mitchell of Orei'ou, Patton, Peffer, Per
kins, Piatt, Powers, Proctor, Quay, Sher
man, Slioup, fcyuire, Stewart, Toiler,
Washburn hi.
At 10 40 the senate adjourned until
Friday at 12 o'clock.
An Investigation Made by Immigrant
Inspector Conkling The Foreign
Miners Again Show Their Teeth.
nAimisurito, Pa., July 3. John
Coukliug, the Uuitod States immigrant
inspector, detailed by Secretary Car
lisle to investigate th caus3 of the
ptrik iu the viciuity of Patixsutawoey,
has returned to this city aud is at work
ou his report, which will be forwarded
to the treasury department next week.
Mr, Coukiing refusu to discuss the
strike or its effects for publication. He
says, though that the Italians in the
region are u bad lot and that fifteen
crude cannon which they had con
structed of gas pipe have been found
the past two week by deputies and
soldier. He is of tne opinion that
some of those improvised implements
of destruelion w ;re made before the
strika. begau. aud that they are more
dangerous than nuny suppose, lid
sys that the foreigners will not attack
the troops, but they have no fear of the
deputies and now that the soldiers
havs beeu withdrawn the inspector ex
pects trouble.
A large number of colored men have
gone from Harrisl urg and Steeltoa to
take the places of tho strikers in the
Central Pennsylvania coal distrlot and
the coke furnaces iu the vicinity of
Pittsburg, Suveuty men, with their
families, left ou Sunday night, and
more txpect to leave before the close of
the week. They have been promised
steady work at good wages.
PuNXai'T.iWNKY, P.v The miners at
Wulston struck again this morning
claiming that persons were being dis
criminated against in violation of the
operators agreement and it looks ns
though there would be more trouble.
A lot of Italians and Slavs gathered
around the pit mouth at Walston this
moruing and thie itenod to kill those
at work if tl.ey did not quit immedi
ately which they did. Walston is there
fore idle today.
Thomas Thomas, employed ns fireman at
the .llmivillo breaker begau yesterday to
celebrate the "glorious Fourth" and
ftopped very suddenly with a un st pain
ful iisult. He, with two or throe other
employes of the breaker, were in the tho
house Inst evening about 6. 3d, and Tom
thought he would set off a cannon cracker
for tue amusement of the erotrt. There
was a ten in pawing just as be lighted it,
and ho ihoiiL'lii ho could bold it until it
got by. but when he did try to throw it
lrom mm, it went oil Itr his linud and
lacerated it terribly. Dr. Key was cal.ed
and bandn;:ed the bund, but he is afraid
that the member will have to be ampu
tated. Tuo thumb and first two fiugeis
weio blown almost ontirely oft.
Two enterprising young Hebrews nnmed
Foster nnd Hamuli bad n stock of lire
works to tho value ot tlb stocked on s dry
goods h. x 01 front of Joseph uueii's pawu-
Miop at in. i.acKawnnna avenue, which ;
they ware disposing of yesterday. At l .'.tO I
liiis moruing a prartical j.iknr came u!uu- i
nnd set a laiijo Bengal live crnck-T nlire j
with hi cittar. The entire colhcion ev- '
plotted nml set tiro to tho box, besides
sroicmiig too rroi.t ot Uroeu's store. Au
alarm was runi from b. x 15 anil the tiro
comp.inie responded. When Chief Fer
her reached the box he was very angry at
the owner of the Key, which was at the
Coyne honse: and ho took it from that,
place. There we-e several i nicer on the
strt of, whom he claims could have sent iu
the alarm if it was required.
Officer Harry Haag was vxinfully in
jured yesterday attoi noon by the explosit n
of n cam. ou crai k r. Ho b ut j 1 tei It ou
one of the win I w sills ot bis house aud
lighted It, when it dropped back in tho
room, lie had just picked it up to throw
it out the windiw when it. exploded in his
hand. ': he hand was not lacerated very
much, but was tor. inly burned, This in
the second accideui that was reported be
fore tuo fourth wus really horo.
- - -
On Crumb cf Oomfjit (or th Railway
Cincinnati. 0 July 3 Ex-Sonntor
Johu J. IiigalU was at the Oisiid Cen
tral depot this morniug ou his way
homo from the oaat. A reporter asked
him what he thought of the strike situ
ation. "Ii's becoming serious," was hie
reply. "Do you blame Pullman?"
"Yes, a little; his salary cuts ure too
big eutirely. The railroad managers
ought to confer with Pullman and
have him meet his employe ou a basis
of equality."
Washington. July Forecast
for H'cdnesdnw: .'or afern
i Vnnsiiran fa, pfiiernHy fair, wtst
Winds. I'vr Vvtern J-fenuiiiifivt.
nt'o, fair, west winds.
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