The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, June 30, 1894, Page 8, Image 8

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''HAT inmmtr ii in onr midst and itt
luipt-rntiva damands confront ns,
lines not in tu leant mbnran us. It
onr business to b prepared for suoh
HmerKuoitts and to provide the oom
forts for our patrons who make us
wtiHt we nre Public Henef aotors.
Dress Goods
The; e are low suggestions which the
shopper will appreciate and aid mate
rially in selecting hummer gowns.
Buy the Stylish Goods
list those patterns which are most
raited to your figure and station.
Ami by all uieaus boy what will
make you comfortable during the hot
summer days. Come with whatever
tlze pane you cau command and your
most refined tasted will bo satinfiod.
Covert Cloth Serge,
Cheviot Serge,
Colored Suitings
French Novelty Dress floods in two
toue effects check and stripes. All
wool Twills in Tans, drays. Browns,
Miles, Heliotropes and Changeable
Challies and Organdies
We are showing the tiuost assortment
of Imported Challies nud Organdies
that cau bu fouud to coutnin all that
can be asked for in tins most popular
Summer Silks
Eoonomioal ladies of good taste will
Bad it a most advantageous occasion.
An iuspectiou of the various styles is
certain to prove of more than ordi
nary interest. Lyons Checked Taffeta,
l'outillu and Zephyr Crepes, Printed
Japanese Silks, l'nucy Hair-line and
Figured Silks. Every yard of these
goods ure desirable qualities and were
ordered for tho season's trade. Cool,
Fashionable and Beautiful.
Shirt Waists
i'ercale and Lawn, Printed China Silk
Waists, Chambry Waists, Full Luuu
dried Waists, Laundried Waists in
Linen 1 ffrcts. All the Novelties of
the season. Protty Designs, Exclusive
Designs and tho richest for tho money
that cau be had.
French Sateens
Como with the regularity of the seas
ons. Lovely us ever. Always new in
desgns and soft effects. Brocaded,
figured, plain and fancy colors, suita
ble for the old, enchanting for the
voung, at prices where competition
has forced them.
A Little Misunderstanding.
Alfred Oellier, tho composer of "Dor
othy," was once engaged by n Manchester
nianuu'er to compose tho music for n new
pantomime. The librettist, whom Cellier
had never met, was an eccentric person
whose business was superintendent of a
ccrjfcry and who wrote pantomimes in
bis leisure boan, In Manchester there are
two cemeteries close together, and tho cab
man took Cellier to the wrong one. "Ahl"
aid Alfred, with a light comedy manner,
as he entered the office; "ahl how do you
do sir? Very pleased to meet you." The
gtleman glanced lit him over his glasses
and contented himself by saying curtly:
"Good evening. Hum! You're very late,
sir" (this rather reproachfully).
"Yes," said Alfred apologetically; "1
am, rather; but the foot is, I only just got
in from London." "Then," said the other,
"1 suppose I must niako an exception in
your case: but it's not usual to enter any
thing in the book after 4 o'clock." "It
was about the book I came to speak," said
Cellier. The gentleman, with a sigh of
resignation, seated himself at his desk.
"Name?" said he. "Alfred Cellier," re
I I I the possessor of that name, getting
mystified. "Male or female?" said the
questioner. Alfred uneasily shifted his
chair nenrer the door, aud said: "I beg
pardon?" "You beard what I said,
sir," sternly replied tho other; "male
Or female?" "Male," said Cellier, (Liven
to desperation. "On what date?" Cellier
took dp his walking stick, determined to
be ready for any emergency, and said: "I
don't know for certain, sir, but I suppose
it will loii Boxing Day; that is the day
on which pantomimes nre generally pro
dncad." The gentleman rose from his
d;sk, seized the ruler, and, with his eyes
steadily fixed on Cellier', got behind an
armchair, then, backing to the door of an
inner room, locked tho door .sharply aftet, and Collier heard him call -out of n
book window, presumably "Mary, get a
policeman. He's mad." San Francisco
Thn I, of MaUHollll.
The word mausoleum is from Mausolus,
the name of a king of Caria, in Asia
Minor. On his death, B. 0. 353, his widow,
Artemisia, who was also his sister, erected
so magnificent a tomb that it was ac
counted one ol t he wonders of the ancient
world. It was in Halicarnassus, on the
site of the present Turkish city of Loud
mum, and for l.-'iOO years was to the aucient
snd nwdUBVal world what the Taj Mahal is
to the. modern. It was destroyed in the
Twelfth century by an earthquake, and its
site ,v is forgotten until 1404, when the city
Was occupied by tho Knights of .St. John,
end accidental discoveries led to excava
tions. During the present century thesar
Cophagoa of MausolUI and that of Arte
misia have been discovered, alsothestatucs
of both and nimy lias reliefsand fragments
of marble ornamentation.
The ground plan has been distinctly
traced, the area bring 100 by lL'O feet. Tho
monument consisted of abasement sixty
five feet in height, on which was an Ionic
colonnade twenty live feet high, above
Watch rose a pyramid with the statues of
Mausolusand Artemisia at the summit.
Tho total haight Is MOfect. The invest i
t' tli Dl and excavations wore carried on
about the middle of this century under the
auspices of the British government, aud
the sculptures discovered are now in the
British museum St. Louis
Four Big Successes.
Having the needed merit to more than
ii like good h11 tho advertising claimod for
hem, the following four remedies have
niched a phenomenal sale. Dr. Kino's
lew Discovery for Consumption, Coughs
nd Colds, each buttle guaranteed Elee-
110 Bitters, the great remedy for Uver,
tomach and Kidneys. Bucklea'a Arnica
alve, the best in the world, and Dr.
ling's New Life Pills, which nre a perfect
111 All these remedies are guaranteed to
o just what is claimed for tbem and the
enter whose name is attached herewith
till be glad to tell you more of tbem. Sold
y Malt he ws Bros', drug store.
H. A. (Iretter has returned to Hones
dale after a short visit st Lock Haven
E A. Call, of This Tribune, was in
town in the Interest of the paper yes
terday. After an extended visit with relatives
here Fred Hurl burl has returned to bis
home In Philadelphia,
Mrs. A I Trod Hand and son, of Mans
field, are visiting at the home of H. Q
W. H. Alexander loft yesierday for a
visit st Boranton and other plaoes.
S. Wiufield Dush left for Port Jervis
The glass cutting factory of Clark &
Co. if closed for a short time.
There will be running rases at the
Fair ground July 4 aud 5 A number
of the fast running hones from tho
ralley will be brought here. Among
the trotting horses entered for the
raeesare: Kitty D., owned by Dr. J.
0, Denstein, of boranton; Nellie B and
Farmer, owned by L. A. Patterson, of
Carbondale; Baugor. owned by II. C
Bell, of Carbondale; Pippo C.owued by
Fred Cook, of Scrauton; and Mvrtle
Shy, owned by W. A. St. John, of
Fred Emerick, of Scranton, was In
town yesterday.
Fred Uenuug, of New York, is vis
iting at the home of Dr. K. O. Derclay.
The folowing Hcrnntonians paid a
visit to HonesdaU Friday: Mrs. Will
iam Mnrple, Miss Marple, Mrs. Moore,
T. J. Clalnes, Mr. and Mrs. B. L
Wright and Mrs. Creppiu.
The heavy showers of yesterday
washed the roads thoroughly and made
the air sweet and clear. The streets
were very muddy and caused tho local
cyclists to wear a very disgusted look.
J. H Feeley and M. J. Mollab, of
Archbald, were in town yesterday.
Two tramp 1 who failed to hoed tho
warning given by Justice Smith to
leave the tnwu in thirty minutes, wore
taken in custody Thursday afternoon
and locked up in tbe jail. Dr. L Web
lau, of Scranton, paid a professional
visit to Honeadale yesterday. He was
accompanied bv Airs. Wehlau
The union excursion of the Red Men
of Honesdnle to liawley will be tho
groat event of July 17.
''The Old Folks" conoort is an on
tertaintneut that will be given by the
Methodists July Further particu
lars will appear later.
Mrs William Kelly who lias been
visiting relatives in Pittston for the
past few days, retnrnod home last
The Children of the late Christopher
Lindo are erecting a beautiful luouu
ment over his grave m tbe Protestant
cemetery. It will cost nsaryly $1,1)01)
The pi distal of tbe monument will be
of granite and will be twelve feet
high. It will be surmounted by a fig
ure six feet high In au attitnde expres
sive of sorrow. The monument will
be one of tho most beautiful in this
M. P, O'Horo, who has been in busi
ness on North Mam street for the past
few weks, will shortly ranv into the
building st Wayne street bridge, now
occupied by Patrick Loftns.
Communion exercises will be held in
the Presbyterian church tomorrow.
Miss Ilattie Myers witnessed the
"Fall of Babylon ' at Scrauton last
Contrary to expectation, the street
railway will not be in operation as far
as Peckville tomorrow. Nothing has
been done on the line during the past
few days, and it is even doubtful if the
line will be in operation before tho
Fourth of Jnly. It certaiuly will not
be unless the company gets "a move"
on itself. A force of men is still work
ing on the Scrauton line and are push
ing it forward us rapidly as ponsible.
At some points along the line, near
Decker's bridge particularly, the drive
way is being widened, it having been
necessary to cut away sums of the batik
at the west side of the road ami to move
the street railway out toward the river
hank. It is now believed that this pari
of the line will not be in readiness for
the running of cars inside of a week.
Edward Wulenian, a former resident
of this place, bnt now residing at Bin
ton, was a caller in town Thursday.
C. S. Don I announces himself as a
candidate for representative to the Re
publican convention.
The lawn social held bv the Junior
leKUe this wsek cleared $10.
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Doyle, Mrs.
W. S. Bloc., Mrs. Myra Oakley, Mrs.
A. W. Brundage, George Doyle and
Howard Brundage were among those
who attended the excursion to Niagara
Fulls last Thursday.
Mrs. John Pettltt and daughter,
Kachel, spent Tburtlay aud Friday
visiting her brother, James Cowan.
Mrs. Stephen Parry died at tho
of her daughter, Mra James Nute.last
Thursday afternoon, aged 01 years
Th funeral will be held at tbe home
in Bill place this ufternoon at 2 o'clock
and will be conducted by her pastor,
KeT. W. J. Guest. Interment will bi
made in Prospect cemetery.
Q. L. Keller is home from the
Strondshurg State Normal school.
Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Matthews, of
Scranton, spend Sunday with friends
in this place.
Tbe fourth hop reunion was hold at
the residence of Mr. Ella Pops, of
Upper Main street, on Thursday even
ing. A fine gathering was had at the lawn
quilting Inst Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wren and children, of
Park PIhcj, spent Thursday la town as
the guests of Mies Lsnu Barnes.
BujiDoiK Mr.oon Bitters taken after
eating will relievo any feeling of weight
or over fullness of the stomach. S dd
The funeral of the child of John
Monntford took place yesterday after
noon. Rev Mr. Qanford, of the First Bap
tist church, has reconsidered his recent
letter of resignation and will remain
Mrs. W. L. Houghton and children
will leave this morning for a visit with
friends in Bearer Meadow.
The clerks are in Taylor today play
ing a game of ball with their brother
clerks of that enterprising borough.
A. A. Vosbnrg, of Scranton; Henry
Kroft, of Archbald; Andrew Vail, of
Tompklnsville. and Michael Michael E.
Devlne, of Clean, N. Y., were Jenny n
visitors yesterday.
The hardware store of Erk Bros and
tbe general store of C. D. Winter &
Co. will close at 7 p.m. ou and after
Jnly 6.
All members of Mayflower lodge,
Son of St. Otorge, are requested to be
present at the Monday night meeting.
Business of Importance will be brought
before the lodge. ,
The Primitive Methodist Sunday
sehool picnia will take plaoe Jnly 4 in
Maple grove.
The Jerinyn Water comnany is low
ering a pipe that is obstructing the
flow of water under the culvert on
North Main stre-t no ir the
On Sunday the sixty-fifth annivers
ary of the First Presbyterian church
of this city will be celebrated. The
actual date was Wednesday last,
but Snnday was thought to be
a more Titling time to which
to commemorate the event and
a programme of Mpselal interest has
been prepared for the occasion. In the
loruing Re, Charles Lee, pastor of
the church, will preach a historical
sermon, and there will be special music
At the eveniug services it is expected
that letters from sdveral former pastors
will be read. Addresses will be made
by several members, who will deal
principally with tho influence of the
church in its field.
Yesterday morning John C. Bono re
ceived injuries, while at work in the
mines, that will disable him fur some
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Reynold! and n
little daughter will leave tod iy for
Ocean Grove.
Mr. and Mrs. Slillmnn Hancock have
returned from their wedding tour.
Anthony O'Hara, of Scott street, re
ceivod serious injuries yesterday morn
ing while at his work in the Powderly
mines. A mass of roof fell and crushed
his head against a rock, cutting a
terrible gash on his head that laid hare
the frontal bone, which wss btdly frac
tured. The uusal bones were also frac
tured and the vicinity of the noao terri
bly cut and tin u
K P, Dodge, of Binghnmton, N. Y ,
who will have charge of the new Hotel
American, arrived lu this city yester
day. The hotel will be opened formerly
ou July 15
Billot U'Koefo. a son of Lawrence
O'Keefe, of Simpson, was taken to Hie
hospital, suffering from concussion of
the brain, the result of an accident in
the Northwest mine on Monday last.
The Alhsmbra Social eluii have
rented J, F. M ixwell's hall on Salem
avenue and will furnish it in first class
stylo for their meeting room and par
lors. S. G. Kerr, of Scranton, made n
business trid to this city yesterday.
Mils Mau l G minor, of Clifford, is
visiting Carbondale friends.
A. P. Trantwein is on a business trip
to New York city.
John Drown of Providence has re
sumed work at the Bellman & com
pany's store uftor an absence of five
Miss A. Case Dellmsn ot Patttrson,
N. J . is visiting lur parents at this
Miss Florence llilemnn is visiting
friends here.
J. H. Law of this place made one of
a Hshiug purty to Reiser's pond on
Wednesday last.
The members of tho Fnrland Banjo
club and the members of tho Tbroop
Ulee club, accompanied by their lady
friends, will spend the Fourth ot L ike
Winds, visiting Mill City in the even
Henry Stanchorn is visiting friends
Miss Netlirt Bnrtlay returned home
from BlooUsbnrg, where she hns been
attendiug the Normal school.
E. Blackmore is adding to the beauty
of his new bom i with afresh coat of
The new building being erected by
Frank Bruno is Hearing completion,
Reiiarkkd by R. 0. Joiner, of Alien P.
0., Hillsdale, Mich : "Nothing gave my
rheumatism inch quick relief as fir.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil believe it infallible
for rheumatics."
The Ladles' Aid society cleared I0
at their festival Wednesday evening
Lnnio Ellis held the lucky ticket
that drew the bicycle that was r I'll id
for the beuslit or "Ls. Thomas Weir.
The Ladies' Foreign Missionary
seciety will hold a picnic in Fiutohing
park the Fourth ol .Inly.
Miss Maggie Bixter is visiting
friends in Bingbnmlon, N. Y.
The picture presented by M"Sr .
Warner and Snvdr, tor the benefit o;
the Metboditt Episcopal obaicb, and
Was contested for by Mrs. .Most lu r
and Mrs Hmres, was won by the latter
Hood's Never Fails
A Business Minn's Experience
Cured of Rheumatism.
Mr. T. Jl. 7 us
weii known business tain In Pittsburgh, ra.,
writes the lette r gtvon bolow. Mr. Hans is gen-
iral agent for the Maine granite quarries anil
Dontrector for cemetery and building work, hav
ing an OfftCS at No. 70S I'enn Avenue.
"C. I. Hood ft CO., Lowell, Mass.:
"flentlotnen We have a very high opinion of
both Hood's Barsaparilln and Hood's Pills al
our house and with good reason. I have taken al
most every remedy known for rheumatism, mid
feel Justified 111 saying that Hood's Sarsajiai illa
is the only one that docs me any good. 1 must
admit I have not taken II steadily, but only
When tie pains of rheumatism on.
Hood's Barsaparilla has
Always Clvon Mo Relief,
sad like many others, as soon as i am well i
never think of medicine agalu until the next at-
taeK. Wn are never Without Hood's Sarsapa
rilla and Hood's nils in our house, ami h.m
recommended both to dozens of friends. When
any of my faintly are taken sick, no matter with
what disease, the first thing we do Is to give
A Dose of Hood's Pills
and follow It up with Hand's Saisapaiilla. I
night write several panes In praise of this ex
cellent medicine, imt think i have said enough
to convince." T. W. Haus, Pittsburgh, I'a.
Hood's Pills are prompt and efficient, yet
easy In action. Hold by all druggists, li&c.
IS Ss w I
my 1
R'V. Jtrnvih I Dunn, of Gretn
Kidg.-, visited Puttier Joan Longhran
Father John Luighran was able to
sit up yesterday after the operation
that was performed ou him. The peo
ple of tbe psriah will be glad to know
that l is health will soon be fully re
covered. There will be a meeting this evening
of the auditors of Lackawanna town
ship at !).00 o'clock ut the usual pluee.
Tho supervisors are doing good work
on the roads and some places that were
dangerons to drive ou have been made
Frank Kane, jr., sou of Postmister
F. A. Kane, took part in the com
mencement exercises at St. John's
church yesterday and rectivsd much
praise for tho good showing he gave.
Miss Sarah Brown has so far recov
ered as to be aide to sit up. Dr. J. A.
Manly'l assiduous attention to the esse
is responsible for theencc-si which has
attended it. At one time it was not
thought possible that her recovery
could bo exn-'Cted.
The teachers received their certifi
cates from County Superintendent
Taylor yesterday, aud nre conseiiueutly
Tnere is to be a gamo of base lull on
the Fourth of July morning at -1 o'clock
on the Cory Hollow grounds between
the Blues and tho SiZTS for li purse
of M
i ne Institute Bate Ball clubs of No's.
ITU ant) IS-i. will cross lints on the Cory
11 .How grounds on th Fourth of Jnly
at 10 o'ch ck.
The members of the Greenwood Keg
fund have decided to hold their picnia
ut the Greenwood grove on tho 211 1 of
.Inly Instead of at Minooka.
The members of tbe Ancient Order
of Hibernians tendered the waitresses
of their picnic a Very pleasant ice
cream social Inst night at ih Temuer
ance hall. A lare number Were in
attendance, Tim alTiir proved to be a
must enjoyable event for all. Two
large cakes were presented to the young
la lies who contested at the picnic. The
presentation speech was delivered by
William J. Bnrlt".
Mr. Brnndage, of Peckville. will
preach in the Mission roonn, Smith's
new block, on Sunday afternoon. Ser
vices v. ill commence at 2 30. All nre
cordially invited to ntt'-nd.
We were wrong iu onr figures con
cerning tho Hag pole. It is now sixty
eight feet long, a new splice having
been made. It was ritistd yesterday.
David Farmer left on Wednesday for
Manager Mcl'herson and a force of
clerks wore busily engaged taking Ml
inventory of tbe ftook in the Eik ilill
C'osl company's store yestorday.
George MuLdighlin has returned to
his home iu thin place after a few
mouths' absence.
Will Sears ami Thorn -is Peach are
tbe delegates to the coining county
Frank Hannon, whorecived frightful
injuries at the Pancoaat mine one year
ago, is able to lie aroll id.
The Electrics will cress bats this
afternoon with the Y. M, C. A. team
of Scranton ou the Riverside grounds
at 4 o'clock.
'lbe Pnco library association will
hold a festival on July Bi.
Willie Stone is home Iroin the school
of the deaf, at. f btladvlpuia, to spend
his summer vacation,
Taylor clerks were no match yester
day for the clerks from Jerinyn. The
up the valley boys hit tho ball hard
and whenever they pleased, pounding
it for two-baggers six times and base
hits twenty ignt times. The visitors
were n gentlemanly set of yonngmen,
and were applauded for every play
Miey made. The result was, Jermyn,
ISO, lay lor, 0 AHer the game th
Visitors were
bloot's hotel.
banqueted at Young -
shell Money.
A transparency in one of the windows of
theCatlin Indian gallery, at Hie National
museum, shows nn Indian drilling a hole
through apiece of shell, lie is making
money. Not that the photographer bad to
pay him a great deal to sit for this por
trait, hut he is manufacturing those Hat
beads, w hich most of I he Pacific coast In
dians latest one cent apiece.
Indeed, shell seems to have been the ear
liest, as it is now the favorite money among
the lower tribes of men. Every one has
beard about the wampum of our eastern
Indians. It was made of clam and other
shells, dot and worked to the shape of
"bugle" bends, and w as used for currency,
recording events, making treaties and iu
religious ceremonies. The finest old wain
piiin bells are still in the possession of Hie
Iroquois of New York, and the ohl treaty
belt of Penn is in the Historical Society of
Pennsylvania, at Philadelphia
Sometimes w hole shells are used, as the
cowries of Asia ami Africa and the tusk or
dentalium shells of the Indians of Wash
ington, (JregoiiSiinl California. The latter
shell is a hollow curved tube resembling a
tooth. They pass, according to size, from
twenty live cents to two dollars. Broken
bits pass as our small ohange, and small
shells are made into pretty necklaces for
the squaws. Philadelphia Press.
Street Car Lodgers,
"I'm picking up lodgers early tonight."
remarked the conductor of a Third avenue
open surface car, as w e bowled up the Bow
ery at. ((o'clock the other evening, and ho
pointed to a man seated opposite and fast
asleep, with his hat drawn over his eyes.
"He'll ride all t he w ay to Harlem," con
tinued the conductor, "there he'll be
shaken up and take another car ami come
back, and you can bet he'll sleep all the
way. Two or three such trips use up the
night, aud it's as cheap as going to n lodg
ing house. On very warm nights I often
have as many its a half dozen such pas
sengers." New York Herald.
A Foot Measuring Machine.
A Baltimore man has recently taken out
patents for a machine that takes the meas
ure of a foot just as tbe familiar apparatus
used by the hatters measures and draws a
diagram of a man's head. The principle
of the tniichiuu is tbe same, a scries of
movable pins conforming to the outline of
the foot and registering the shape thus In
dicated. It. Is ral her a coincidence, to note
in this connection that the diagram made
by a hat measuring machine invariably ro-
samblsa an old shoe. New York Journal
Tho British debt Is so large that If It
were divided into one pound notes they
would completely cover the state of Ohio
three times over. If paid in penny pieces
and each penny piled one nbove tho other,
It would make seven columns of copper
reaching to the moon.
When Ttnhy was ulet, we gnre her Castorls.
When she was a Qblld, she cried for C'astorta.
When she beeams Miss, she clung to i 'ash, rift.
When she had Children, she gave thriu C'ustorla
Her Mistress' ("lo:i-.ii: Tv" I.oncrr flood
Bnoeiftll Tor Hi r New Light Vrfl.
It is n curious but well known fact that
what Is gmxl enough for the mistress to
wear Is often not good enough forthomnld.
The pretty bonnet worn but yestorday
by "the liuly of the house" on her market
ing excursion, when offered today to her
000k, is looked upon BSksnee, possibly re
fused with more or less Indirect criticism,
the grownup daughter of tho establish-
ment remarks that she Is going to give
one of her black dress skirts to the servant,
whereupon the latter inquires, "Isitanloe
one, mlssf" although she knows that it
Will como to her just as the young lady
has herself worn it. It is beginning to lio
a serious question as to what we shall do
With our laid aside garments, since, bow
ever well made and well conditioned they
may !', whenever they i-ense to lie desira
ble to the comfortably situated woman
they have no attractiveness for her maid,
uur coos or even nor laundress. It BOomi
wloked to burn thorn up when so man;
hiniian beings are going In rags
speaking of sncing garments, why dot
not somorjouy invent n preservative fo
woolen clothing and furs that shall an
vent moth and rust from corrupting and
shall yet not Infect every thing It approacV
es with on ineradicable odor of ill smell
ing chomicalaf No extinct or sachet pay.
dor yet. manufactured can overcome tie
e.-il savor, and oven tin' sunshine and op-n
air do not wholly dispel it.
But by this tlmo winter things nroul
rendy packed away with tar balls, cmn
phprtablctsand similar abominations, ind
light wraps are In the ascendant Pari; is
still sending forth new varieties t)f Cfpos
BJld has added to the black and rnodobol
ors shown earlier in t In- season nn asiort-
men) of brighter colors and still ut reeab-
orute make. A sketch i given of DUO Undo
of malachite green velvet, having a nund
yoke very long over the shoulders, ABmnd
this is placed a full flounce df vlver.
The cape is trimmed with vanuykci and
bands of cream guipure and has. on other
side of the front a rosette of black hutin
ribbon with long ends,
Judio CjHomr.
If in doubt as Co what maternal o buy
for your best gown, get cropojn, t anil
grenadine will be favorite nmtei'ialsof the
season, at all events with those) wb can
not, alloni sill; mm. I c!iltroii.
The most Effective Skin
Purifying and Benutifyinsr
Soap in the World.
The Purest, Sweetest, and
Most Refreshirtt for Toilet
Bath and Nursery.
For Pimples, Blackheads
Red, Roush, Oily Skin
and Baby Blemishes,
For Red, Rough Hands, with
Shapeless Ndls and
Painful Finsjcr Gnds,
For Irritations of the Scalp
with Dry.TIin, and Falling
Hair it is wonderful.
Sale greater tran the
Combined Sales of
all other Skin Soaps.
Pnlil throughout ih world. Plioe,2fo. Pnrrr.R
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HEL.Kg, Sutquahanna Co.
U. K. OBQggaL. Proprietor.
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colled in beady ami cheapness
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Rim NIDK CO.. larfp. Capital, $1,000,000.
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Send your tttt;
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lopie Deter Shoe Co.,
- -" Jisjn i m, UHPM
iSrxicifi termt to VtaUrt
1,200 DOZEN
Ladies' Ribbed Vests
Value 25c.
Remember, The Fair
For a Few
50 Smyrna Mats, best quality,
IbO Moqiistle Mats,best quality,
5U Moquette Mats, 'n.
25 Ingrain Rugs, fringed
75 India Rugs, fringed,
48 Kasmer Rugs, c
'UHuriiassed for
2x3 yards, all-wool filling, cotton chain,
3x3 yards, all-wool filling, cotton chain,
3x3 yards, all-wool filling, cotton chain,
2x3 yards, all-wool, -3x3
yards, -3x3
yards, -3x4
yards, -
406 and 408 Lacka. Avenue.
wJL RMkW jut -v j . if. W BTk "UP1 11
We Have Placed
an elegant Quartered Oak Sideboard
(with very large French, Bevel-plate
Mirror in the top, elegantly carved
and best workmanship) in our Show
Window. Its value is $80.
We have decided to reduce the
price $5 per day until
it is sold. Don't consider too
long, as the next day it may be gone.
Price Today, $45
Baby Carriages
An Onyx Finislisrt Cock with -10 pur
chases or ovar.
A 100-pioce Dinner fat with f.75 pnrohsses
or over.
Days Only
,$4.00 $2.00
.75 .50
, 1.25 .90
, .70
, 1.25 .90
, 1.50 L10
5.00 3.00
$6.00 $4.25
7.20 5.00
8,40 6.00
6.75 4.75
8.10 6.00
9.45 7.00
10.80 8.00
16x34 inche
18x36 inches.
18x36 inches
36x72 inches,
27x60 inches,
30x60 inches,
CQC per week or
j $2 Per month.