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ALL I mi l s
to f$me
And always have
Good Bread.
Manufactured and for sale to
the trade kv
The Weston fill Co,
Punch Cigars
G.. e. & CO.,
tnn'-,"'-"i on Esnh Clour.
Sarney, Brown & Co. Mfs.
. tUUJif HOI i. hyUAfeE.
I TO ll.SC A. M.
lA'lv Wu S.!L
Jodie Chollet Says They Know More About
Sensible Clothimc Tlmn We Do.
Changeable fabrics arc quite the mndo
still, mid some of them seem to combine
all the onlors of n pcusse rafe. The two
lonod diagonal woolen nnh that came
out last year appears to have delayed
reaching; its real VOgUC until this season,
although it, is now too warm for n vital in
terest to 1)0 felt In any except the lightest
sort of worsted materials. However, one
must have something for damp weather
wear, and silks, ohaUies and sateens Iks-
come mere rngs under the Influence or
moisture. A pretty two toned thin serge
trimmed with ohangeahlo .silk to match, or
a neat shepherd's plaid In brown, blue and
white, with brown end blue shot lining,
will be found useful for general wear
Where lighter and more fanciful toilets
Would Ixi out of place and inconvenient.
In fact, as far as absolute convenience
is concerned in regard to clothing, civi
lization Is a retrograde movement Sav
ages are away ahead of ns and will prob
ably always remain so in this matter, as
they are, as a rule, In respect of health
and physical development Civilisation
under the equator amounts to very little
yen nt this late1 day, and the arctic re
gions are scarcely worth considering, sinco
they are so little known and SO ccmpara
tivcly sparsely populated. It, is in the
temperate zones that mankind reaches the
highest degree of scientific knowledge,
cultivated art and uncomfortable attire,
We an, very clever, very muoh OUltUred,
very progressive, bul WO need Individually
acoursoof desert Island treatment, We
require to Is- cast away in a solitary sxit
where the weather is equable, and where
tie- broad prows on the trees, where wo
must spend our days roaming about on
dishabille, bathing In a tropically warm
ocean and eating of the voluntary fruits
of the earth, and where an absence of can
dles would send us to bed at sunset Such
a return to nature might be a Ixire to the
majority of us who have nothing of tho
savage lurking within US, but it would bo
extremely wholesome.
As a contrast to the suggested fig leaf
ooatume, although it might lie pinned in
to shape with thorns very nicely, a sketch
is given of a Parisian design in rose ge
ranium erepon. The skirt is trimmed with
triangles of guipure. The round liodlco is
draped on the right side of the front and
trimmed on rho left, with guipure. A
garniture of ribbon adorns the left sldo of
the gown. The sleeves reach only to tho
J U D10 Uhollkt.
A Foe to Dyspepsia j
4 1
Three Men Severely Burned by Gis In the
Bellevuc Mine.
Edward Crandall Made a Bad Trade
of Edward Farr's Horse at Taylor.
Parly Given in Honor of Miss Anna
Kromer, of North Hyde Park Ave
nueOld Folks' Concert Repeated.
Other News Notes.
TIii Wost Side offloa of the Rr rant on
Tiiiiiink i- located ul 118 North Main kvo
mil', where. ItlDMIrlptiODS, advertisements
sud oommaulcatious will receive prompt
Edward Harris, of Avenue A, Bslle
viih; James WuIhIi, of Arclibalil street,
sud a laborer named Charles, who re
sales on North Bromley avenue, were
severely burned yesterday morning in
the BeltevTle mine ly un exploAion of
gu, shortly afttr the miners bad eu
I'.tihI the iuitu to lti n work 11 irris
was nt work taking out a lnre portion
of coal from bis clmmber 11" nud 10
summon aid and culled upon tilt" other
two men to oouie ami isaif t him. Hi
hftod his mining lamp too olose to the
roof, where a laru'e quantity of ga had
accumulated, and in an iusuni tno in
terior of the chRuib-r wan a mass of
H-jfore the men coul i get to a place
of safety they were badly humed. liar
rii irat painfnlly burned on the baudi
and tare, while Kelly received serious
1'iirne about the head, face and hand'
Hll condition is critical The nun
were conveyed to their respective
homes, where I)r J. J, Roberts at
tended them.
The Dlck-r Win Not Sa'.iofactor y to Ed
ward Farr.
Edward Firr, the proprietor of an
itistelliuent hen.. e on North Main ave
nue, was the unhappy victim of a most
decided sell yesterday by having one
of hid employes trade his handsome lit
tin horse lor an old skate. Mr Farr
lately took into his employ El ward
CrsndelL All went on very smoothly
until yesterday morning, when Farr
sent (Jraudell to Taylor with a mat
tress. While in Taylor Crandall bectrae in
toxicated and went around praising the
merits ot Fan's horse. Alter a while
be cane in contact with the Lowry
brothers, the jockey, who swapped
horses v. itli bun Soou uturwunl
Crandell was seen driving toward this
city witii an animal whose faults could
uot be t numerated.
When he reached the furniture store,
and Mr. Fan's eyes turned in the di
reetionof the pises of framework, be
whs overcomo with indiguatiou and
aUMZ-mtnt. After administering a
severe lecture to his drunken work
man who stood by apparently nncon-
I cerned, be turned the horses head in
the direction of Taylor, wilh a puroos
of demanding his own horse. Nothing
hue bevu heard from him since.
Given in Honor of Mius Anna Kromer, of
North Hyde Park Avenu't.
A most delightful party was held last
evening in honor of V.e Anna Kromer
at the home of her parents. Mr. and
Mrs. M. G. Kromer, on North Hyd
Park avenue. The rooms were taste
fully decorated with flowers, and a
nleasaul eveniug was gives to all.
(Jaines and other diversions served to
wile away the tune. Refreshments
were served at a late hour
The gnestB were: Mrs. Evans, Mrs
Harris, Missel ida Amt, Lizzie Law
rence, Sedie ATkins, May Kaub, Ida
Lewis, Msgi- Phillips, Hannah Har
ris, Murth Hunch, Lillian Sobele, Car
rio Jeffrey. Nellie Morgan, Unssie Mor
gan, Mamie Williams, Mary Morgan,
Anna Jones, Jennie Jones, Abbie Ln-
ning, Maggie Thomas, Mamie Eaton,
Kato Strainey, Ell v Cobb, Lizzie Eshel
man, Louise Corless, Edith Faust,
Ruth Frilz, Nellie BshIs. Stella Yohe,
Gertie Surdam, Jessie Hurlow, Mamie
Stephens, Lizzie Thorn i, Anna Step
ens, Anna Williams, Manna Kromer,
Lottie Gardener, Maud Smith,
Jennie Lawrence, Bertha Curtis.,
and E. Meridetb, W. Mnefarlane,
Joseph Wrigly, George Baker. II
Edwards, T. Price, T. Beels, S With
ers, T. Storm, R. Cooper, B Smith, B.
Sherman, A. Spencsr. F. Gardener, W.
Dovis. Mr. Hurrii, C. f'obb. H. Wag
nor, E Roderick, A, Shaffer, It. Brown,
H. Reinijsrt, B. Eynon. W. Powell,
M. Evans, T, Thomas, II. Giles, W.
Edward. H. Ponst, J. Rosenbanui, J.
Elliot, V. P. Long.
i Misi Eugenie Hahnlahn. of Hanltbaro.
' is the guest of Jliss lit-tttrice Long, of Price
I street.
A snocinl meeting of Father Whelan
branch, Irish Catholic Benevolent union,
, was held last evoaing.
A telegram was received here yesterday
that .Mrs. John R. Rogers, of Hampton
stieet, bka died atSayre.
John Thomas, of Lafayette street, is
erecting a line block nf bonnes on tho
ahovo street near Sunmer avenue.
Klmer L. Williams has returned from the
Bluomsbora state Normal school, where be
attended the commencement exercises.
The Sumner Avenne Stars and the team
of ball tosse s from No. !l school will cross
tmta at Oram s woods on .luly 4 at II o'clock
Miss Aliro Hills, of Wiishburn street, nml
Misses Ruth and Liasie Dale, of Nortti
Main avenue, spent yesterday at Niagara
J or.
Mis llonina Davies, the noted evange
list of Wales, is visiting friends on the
West Hide. She has just returned from
The young men's Republican league of
the Wesl Si lo had a business session last
ecning in Cooperative hall on North
Main avenue.
The excursion of tho First Wolsh Con?re
(rational church will go to Lake Ariel i-t
.lulv 1:2. Trains will have the K iV. W V
It. R. nt K::iOoclock.
The committee for the reception of Dr.
Joseph Parry, Who is expected to arrive
in New York to-lay from Wales, will meet
in the Welsh I'nilsophical society rooms.
Judge Edwards Is chairman.
Mrs. A. M. Morse and son, Arthur, of
South lhoiiiley avenue and alisa Cinder
ella Morse, daughter of Eugene M orse, of
North Hyde Park avenue, loft today' to
visit, trionds at QohOfS, N. Y".
The quarterly r.nnvutiou of the Catho
Picnic Parties,
Excursion Parties,
Athletic and Other
Socioties, Can have POSTERS of the
Most attractive kind, and
of the best workmanship,
printed at short notice at
lio Totai Abstinence union of this diocese
will be held in Maionic hall on North
Main avenue on Snndav. Juiv 8. It win
given under the direction of the Father
Mathew society and will begin at I o'clock.
The Marnnettes have olected the follow
ing officers for the ensuing threo months:
i'lesulent: John Wettlmg: vice president.
Alvin W. Deers; corresponding and record
ing secretary, Charles Manstield: financial
secretary and treasurer, Harry Reiuhart.
K ibert Morris lodge. Order of Ameri
can True Ivorltes, have elected the follow
ing officers; President. John Courier Mor
ris; vice-president, h. II. Jones; con
ductor, T. Ellsworth Davies; steward,
lohn K Edwards; inside guardian. Evan
W. Willi. ins; outside guardian. John J.
Jones, Insinuation will occur at the next
The Old Folk's concert, which was so
successfully given some time ago by the
talent of the Simpson Methodist Episcopal
church in the lecture room of tho edifice,
Was repeated list evening by sneiinl re-
finest In the Hampton Street Methodist
Epircopal church. The solos and duets
Were very finely sung, while rapturous
applause greet, d the many recitations and
dialogue which were su Iliielv given. A
large nutnboi Were present.
Drinking Water and Lead Poisoning,
The appearance of one or two cases of
supposed lead poisoning in this city, gen
erally endued with having the finest water
Supply in the kingdom, hits reopened the
Whole question Of the action of LOCh Ka
trine waler on lead. The popular idea,
firmly held for a long time, has been that,
though the Water might have sonic slight
action on new pipes, this ceases after a
short period of use by reason of the forma
tion of a protective coating.
No less an authority than Dr. E. J. Mills
now says thai, Ibis is a pure delusion, and
asserts thai lead pipes and cisterns never
cease toactou the Loch water, and fur
thermore, that the coating, in which the
citizens have hitherto placed their faith, is
not, Insoluble, but i-. taken up by the water
to an easily recognised extent Professor
Dm mar, ho has also devoted consider
able attention to the matter, appears to
have more faith in the coat ing.
He considers that the inner surface of a
lead pipe which lias conveyed soft water
(or a time undergoes a change, in virtue of
which it becomes, in a relative sense, proof
against the action of waler, but adds that
its liability to be dissolved by water con
taining air, as all natural waters do, never
cease, absolutely.
Generally speaking, his conclusions am
that water for drinking and culinary pur
poses should n it lie stored in lead cisterns,
but that there is no danger in usiie..' water
from lead pipes, unless it has been lying
stagnant, for a long period, the remedy for
which statu of things is obvious. London
Hamlin .Marched with "the Hoys."
Here is a story told by Frederick Doug
lass; In lstli), when Hannibal Hamlin was
the candidate ot his party for the vice
presidency, be made several political
speeches in Maine, One of them was de
livered at HOUltOn, and Douglass was to
occupy the platform with him on that oc
casion. It was recognised as a great event
to have two such eminent orators to ad
dress n mass meeting in Aroostook county.
A barouche, with four line horses, was sent
to convey the distinguished speakers to the
hall or grove where the convention was
held, and there wen a band and a large es
cort of "wideawakes," who inarched on
The distance was more than a mile and
the road.waa fearfully muddy. The com
mittee of arrangements were escorting
Hamlin and Douglass to the carriage, and
the laiurwas congratulating himself upon
escaping the long walk in the mud, when
be was horrified by hearing Hamlin refuse
to get, into the barouche. "Oh, no." said
lie, "1 will march with I lie boys!" Doug
lass felt that it would not. do lor him to
ride when the candidate for the vice presl
dency of the United Slates was marchim
"with the boys," and so he marched, much
against his will, and the carriage was sent
away empty. It is easy to imagine how
"tho boys" liked that sort of thing. Lew
islou Journal.
The division of microscopy of the United
States department of agriculture, in re
sponse to numerous demands from various
localities, has issued a pamphlet with pic
lures and descriptions of edible mush
rooms. In almost every section and cli
mate are found ipiaiititiesof Iheso articli
which are little used, owing tot he inability
of the majority of people to distinguish the
nut l it ions from the poisonous variet ies.
Rellrausch and Blegel, who have made
exhaustive investigation into the food
values of mushrooms, state that, many
species deserve to be placed next to meat
in nutriment. Every country in the world
produces these fungus growths. In France
they are widely cultivated in eaves, fre
oiient ly miles In extent. A cave at MeTS
Contains twenty-one miles of ls-ds ami pro
duces 8,000 pounds daily, They are also
cultivated in the catacombs ami quarries.
and, under the name of "iriillles," are sold
in large Quantities, They are grown in
Tahiti and Japan and exported to China at
the rate of 201) tons per aiiiium. ludi.iuap
olis Journal.
The New Version.
New York Editor See here! Don't you
know executions by electricity are the law
New Mall Certainly.
"Then, sir, what do you mean by using
this old lime, chest nutty, moldy ipiotat ion.
Give a rogue rope enough and he will
hang himself.' What do you mean, sir?
We are not living in the Middle Ages."
"What substitute would you suggest?"
".Say, 'Let a rogue go on shocking
society and he will get shocked himself.' "
Good News.
The Largest Frame Dam.
Gladwin county, Mich., boasts of having
the largest frame ham in the world. It is
loll fet long, fn feel, wide; I be structure is
three stories high and is TS feet from the
base to the apes of the roof, in its con
Rtruction noo.lHXi feet of lumber, 80,000 shin
gles, BOO braces and 680 beams and posts
Were used. St Louis Republic,
V. W. C. .. NOTES.
A snrinl, with music and gmies, will be
he'd lor young Women at the Young U an
an's rooms Tuesday evening. Ice cresm
Will ho sold for 5 cent's. A large social
committee insure a welcome to all youiig
Toe meeting for young women at, the
Young Woman's, Christian Association
looms tomorrow Will be addressed by Miss
Margaret Jamelson, who will speak of the
Association tommer school which she has
been attending nt Northtield the past
week. The ervic' will begin at. 8.48
o'clock and will ho held In the cool parlors
of the association. All young woineu are
O.-ni.d Vacation Excursion to Niagara
On Thursday, Juno 28th, the Erie linos
will run a personally conducted excursion
to Buffalo and the Great Cataract of Ni
agara, nil, i dun; one of the grandest vaca
tion sight-seeing trips for school teachers,
scholars and the general public ever or
ganized at extremely low rates. Tne
train composed of the best day coaches
will reach the Falls at 4 p. in., nnd return
following day, June 80th, leaving nt 4. p.
m. nnd Huffalo city station at 4,80 p. in.
Train will leave Oarbondale at 8.80 n. m.
Round trip ouly !i.0(J Children between
live nnd twelve years one-half of tho
above rate. Leave Scrantou via D. & 11.,
at 5.40 a. ra.
Buy the Wbr
and get the best At Guernsey Bros.
Creditable Commencement Exercise) of SL
John's School.
A Class of Thirteen Was Graduated
i'rom the Institution, Exercises Wit
nessed by Rt. Rev. Bishop O'Hara
and a Number of Priests Drama
Given in an Excellent Manner.
Other News of the Day.
Mo more creditable commenenraen'
exercises have occurred this year than
tno event or the graduating of a class
of thirteen pupils of St. John's parish
convent yesterday nfteruoou. The
iihiues of tho pupils whose school life
has JUSt end, d ule as follows ; Misies
Maiy 8. O'Mullev.Mury M. Burns.Mai-
garst C. Dougherty. Anna L. Covin',
Susan C. Tierney, Anna L. McDon
ough. M iry Kilcoyne, Mary U. I'urcell,
Mary A, liiley, Julia A. Donnelly,
Margate! M. MoCertiiy, Catherine I
Kesrdou and Catherine F. Riley.
The commencement exercises bcirsn
at 3. "0 o'clock. The Ohurob hall w .s
p oki d with people, and, besides the
sisters of 8t. John's convent and sisters
from St. Cecilia's and from the Curlxv.i-
'lale convent, ihere were present: lit.
ReV, Bishop U'llarn, Rev .Talma A
HcHngb, of the cathedral; R--v. N.J.
McManus, of Providence: R,-v. D H
Green, of Minookn; Itev J. J. (.'urran,
or Larbondale; Rev. J I Dunn, ol
Green Ridge: R v. M E Lvunti. of
Jrnnyn; Revs. E J. Melley, James
Moil itt hiiiI V. I'. Walsh, nf St. John's,
and Patrick Lsvelle and J. J. Mackln,
students at St. Marv's Tbeologicol
seminary, Baltimore,
Mis, a Catherine Rtardon, Julia
Donnelly, Anna Coyne and Anna Mo
llonougb, ou two pianos played an en -trance
march from Bousa and the pu
pils of the school bled orderly upon the
stage, After becoming ranged iu
order a greeting oborua wis well sung,
Miss Auna Coyne played tuo accom
paniment, All of the pupils exc. pt the graduat
ing class then marched off the stage to
the music of the march and the v mer
nble bishop bestowed medals of hOUOl
upon each ol the gradti ites. Nellie
Mcooey, the tiny daughter of William
Mooney, carried the tray boaring the
lei d in a
A silver medal for church history,
merited by Missos B, Purcsll, M
t inland, M. Moran, L. Haiiuon, N
RearJon, M. Doyle, B, Byron and
Richard Kennedy and Joseph Don
nelly was drawn hy lot and Miss B
Byron secure. 1 thepriz1.
A march, "Awakening of tho Flow
er," iroui Minims, was played by
Mi-sea Purceil, Walsb,McDonoogb and
MoGee. Miss Mamie Bdauil recited
"Our Nation's Emblem," nocomp tni id
on the piano by Misses Catherine Rear
don and Julia Donnelly, Tbs delivery
of Miss Boland could bar.lly be ex
celled. She lias a natural talent in
this line tbut was accentuate.!
by careful training and hard study.
While she recited, a class of
over fifty boys, who occupied the
stage and wore dressed iu patriotic
colors went through a pantomime drill
to correspond with the il xibibity of
Miss Boland'g delivery. The ''Charge
of the Ilui-sars" was played on two
pianos by the same quartette of pupils
and the stage whs next made roady for
i be presentation of the operetta, '-Tne
Rescue of Golden Hair." The plot ot
ibe operetta comports with the usual
style of juvenile performances. As an
interim in tb operetta, Miss Julia
Dennelly, Anna McDonongh, Cather
ine Reardon and Anna Coyne, played a
selection from Donizetti. For artistic
execution nothing could surpass the
work of this number.
In the operetta Miss Annie McAloon
as Uoldenhalr and Master Joseph
Walsh as Littlo Prince Charmer car
ried off the honors. Miss McAloon ia
possessed of talent that bids fair to de
velop her into prominence.
Next was the drama "Fabiola." taken
part In hv the following pupils:
Fabiola (a noble Roman lady),
Miss M. O'Malley
Agnes (Roman mniden,oonsln to Fabiola,
Miss j. Donnelly
Syrn, or Miriam (sister of Fluvius,
Christian slave of Fabialoi,
Miss M. Riley
Afrn Miss M. Kilooyne
iraja Miss A. McDonongh
1 1 lent lieu siaves of Fabiola.)
Cecilia ( blind girl) Miss A. f'oyuo
FlUVim (a Syrian spy) F. Knuc
tiebastian i nristian officer of the im
perial Guards) R. Kennedy
Panoratius (a Roman mat tyr). J, Dounelly
Lucina (Mother of Pancratia ,
Miss K. Riley
Chorus of Virgins.
Miss Marry O'Malley, ns Fabiola, the
Roman lady, did herself credit. The
work of Joseph Donnelly as Pancru
tins was also very good.
Following the drum the mi I in Is of
the school filed upon the stago again
and sang a valedictory chorus.
The exercises will be repealed this
evening and un admission fee of 10
cmts Will be charged.
All through the programme the tir
less work of the sisuts in training ti e
cl ildren was visible.
The curly headed little girls and the
white waisted young boy furnished a
scene that was refreshing. '1 he sisters
of St. John's convent "chool and the
pastor, Rev E J. Melley, are to be
congratulated upon the progress of the
pupils ns exemplified in their work of
THERE is but one
way in the world to be sure
of having the best paint, and that
is to use only a well-established
brand of strictly pure white lead,
pure linseed oil, and pure colors.
The followinp; brands are stand
ard, "Old Dutch" process, and are
always absolutely
Strictly Pure
White Lead
"Atlantic," "Buymor-Bauman,"
" Jewctt," "Davis-Chambers,'
"Fahnestock," " Armstrong & McKelvy. '
If you want colored paint, tint
any of the above strictly pure leads
with National Lead Co.'s Pure
White Lead Tinting Colors.
These colors are Bold in one-pound cans, each
can licing nulliclcnt to tint 3$ pounds o Strictly
Pure White Lead the desired shade ; they lire In
no sense ready-mixed paints, lint a combination
ot perfectly pine culois in the handiest for.n to
tint Strictly I'urc White Lead.
Send us a postal card and get our book on
paints and coloi -card, tree.
Miss Julia Flood is in Pittston visiting
Professor Bi limit has removed his music
studio to tho South Side.
Qua Kuorr, of Cedar avenue, loaves to
day ou a visit to New York city.
Lottie and Millie Staldbeyer are home
from Chester Springs for tbeir vacation.
Mrs. Charles Ho We, of Booch street, is
slowly recovering from a severe attack of
The Mountain Lake Sports challenge the
Bowery Boys to a game of bull at the Hol
low grounds.
Attorney John R. Jones, the popular
young aspirant for the district attorney
ship, circulated among the residents of
this side yesterday.
The Elm street bridge, which was elected
a abort tin.e ago, withstood the storm ot
Tuesday last, and proves a blessing to the
residents of that neighborhood.
Anthony Rogau, for being drunk on Ma
ple street, was lined 83.50. Patrick Cos
grove, ot River streut, lor disorderly con
duel, was sent to jail tor thirty days.
J. H. Faust, who has just returned from
u trip to the western states, had the pleas
ure, while iu Nebraska, oi meeting Pal
nek Bgau, ox-minister tucaiii. Mr. Faust
speaks iu the highest terms of him.
J m in.- Zimmerman fell from a scaffold
last Thuisday afternoon and broke his
cellar bone. Dr. Kolb attended him and
he is doing as well us can be expected un
der the circumstances. He bad charge of
Gathering's ice bouse.
While climbing a tree nt Cedar avenue
and Hirch street Thursday evening, Adam
Pently, a boy IU years of age, was In the
Set Of Waving his hand lo a friend when
he missed l is footing and fell to the
ground. He is dangerously injured, but It
is thought will recover.
The Haydn Glee and Social club will bold
their first annual picnic on July 28 at Cen
tral Park garden, The officers are; Jacob
Demntb, pros lout; Louis Sobeuor, vice
president; J. N, Loch, recording secretary;
P, Weber, treasurer: P, ii.iug, jr.. finan
cial secretary; M. Weber, corresponding
Make th' Wonk Strong-.
Lakin, Ph., April 24, 1694. Last summer
I tool: three bottles of Mood's Saisaparilln
and it made me stro iger. After my baby
wns born m February 1 wns unable to take
m step or three months, but after taking
Hood's Sarseparllla, I gained in strength.
I feel tho beat now I have for eight years.
HoodV. Pills cure all liver ills.
ill B II fl
We have REDUCED prices on
BABY CARRIAGES, as our stock
is too large. You can buy a
good Baby Carriage for the prire
of a cheap one
For Wedding Presents 01" Fi
nishing for Summer Cottages, we
have a full and complete line.
Lamps, Dinner and Toilet
Sets, Etc.
116 Wyoming Ave.
$1.50 Per Dozen
In 3 and 5 lb. Pails.
Eggs received Daily from llto
Home Poultry Farm.
437 Lackawanna Ave.
Vlctc , Gcndron, Krlipsp, LovolL Diamond
and Other Whopla.
To tlirno limnrlms I dovoto PHpodal attrn-
tion svsrr sftsraooa.
ofHoo nnd forn it the BLTJME OARBIAOB
Urnduato of tho Amorlcan Votorinnry Col
Muc3um of Anatomy
237 Renn Avenue
Occupying throo Urife halls. Opn dailv lr m
Ilia m. to 1(1 pin. for limn, 'rhursduya, from
I to 7 p.m. Mr ludiiM only. Luctures evory
hour frou. Adiniasion, lOn, only.
Mfe:i Vv
You Need Them
And a visit to Martin & Delany's will be
wilder you at their immense stock of thin
goods. Just the stuff to keep you cool.
Our novelty in summer goods is a
Nobby, Long-cut, Double-breast Blue and
Black Serge Coat. The proper thing lor
Martin & Ueiaiiy
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r- ; n rm
1 his week, as
g extra efiort to
s Values.
1 All our $3 and $4 Trimmed flats, cut to . . $1.98 I
:s All our $5 and $6 Trimmed Hats, cut to . . 2.98 s
I All our $8 and $10 Trimmed Hats.cut to . . 4.98 I
S 200 pieces Satin Striped Lawn, with col
ored figures, worth 15c, cut to . . . 10c. a
150 pieces Black Satin, with small colored
figures, worth 18c , cut to 12c.
1 I
We have 'em in both
stores; all sizes, cloth
and silk.
Christian, The Hatter
It's a Great Shock
... s
to the folks who nr clslmins thy ondersell
ill i.tticrs to find that without tho loset fuss
r r lilasr wo mr Riving customers tho bea,
ftlt ol suHi opt'ortuuitiaH in Uiesc.
Miictlv lllich Crrmlp i ii. lu-w.icn r
Wheal, i.-.' i puttnrn, f -no ush.
1899 palters, ftino Wkaal, for S)75.
1804 pattern. SlOO Whenl, for asn oo.n.
rhoso prlcoe make tho Imeinoee atoureto
Pants, Hose,
Gaiters, &c,
Belts at
io t rrewnt tli Mtl Ptpolar and l'rrfarml hy
Lnading aiims
Wsrarooms: OsposttsCslurnbusMonumanl,
.'OP Waahington Av. Scranton.Pa
i Me .
4t SkV3&
we have made an
give you Special
We have a 'mall lot of those Embroid- li
cries, bought at llunkmpt Stile, to B
cltxte st lass thsn HALF VALUE.
A Fine
Worsted Suit
for Men,
in colors black
and blue, for
Another Advocate of
nns. nENuooi) & waudkll
OENTLEMEN II aflarde me irreal
pleasure to state thut your new pror
nf extrajetlns teeth wa a grand faceeaa is
".. . - , i d I . .,r 1 1 i recommend It H
nil. I sincerely hope that other will
test ltr merits.
Yours respectfully,
CAl'T, S. E. HHVAN r, goranton. Fa
Henwood k Wardell,
816 Lackawanna Ave.
Will on and after May 21 make a Rreat redu
tlon In the prices of plates. All work guar
auteod flrst-class in every particular.
Seientiflc Eye Testing Free
By Dr. Shiinberg,
The Specialist on tlie Eye. Headaches (inO
ierrousnose rolinred. latest and Improved
Htylo ot Kye QIhsi4 and Spectacles at tho
ILowestPiiue best ArtlUolal Eyu inserWd
for (6.
aoa SPRUCE ST., op. Old Post Offlca-
OOF tinning and soldering all done away
with by the usoof HARTMAN'S I'AT-
ENT PAINT, which consists of Ingrodi ntn
well-known to ulL It can bo applied to tin,
galvanized tin. ahiet iron roots, also to brink
dwoUltiea, which will prevent absolutelv any
crumbling, cracking or breaking of US
brick. It will outlast tinning of any kind by
mauy ynars.and it's cost does not exceed one
fifth that of thncost of I liming. Is sold t v
tho job or pound. Contracts taken by
Mi f!M