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Scranfon ttitmt
PonnsHco daily in Scnton. P., y Thc
fORKOpnoKl Tribunc Building. Fhahk
Cn.r. Maniqir
For flfoemior;
I.kiitt lui.'t (Inwrnori
Jur Auditor 6( iieraJ:
Secrtiut'it oflltrnat Affair!
OV I'l i . i. A l i ; i.l'i; IA.
Jbr ( bnpffMmtfi -t-ai
Of WlTM!M!i:i,AXI).
Election Tim -, Nov. B
At 'i ll': ... .1 tji ivnusr. vuiiia's De
mocracy, Editor Siiiijerly res-mMee,
to ii certain extent, "Yu Anoieut
Mariner," drifting lu a dead ouitu mi. -rounded
by a Liuostly crew of political
Let Harmony Prevail.
It is Fortunate that opon mora care
ful coi ilderatloD ttioaa r. ).';:sii't for
tlic c;i!.i'.:: of ii meeting of tlie Repub
lican c ii iitv.committee for tomorrow
liny receded from Unit call. Tnere Is
nothing in u difference of a fortnight's
time tbat would juatify the f riotlou
nod possible division which might re
sail from the holding of two meetings,
ouly oue of which hud been regularly
cullid. Fair play is dear to all, and
i! nld hi exuetid with scrupuloas
fid lity, Uns fair play to the regular
" flie rs of the Republican organisation
in just us essential ns it is to anybody
Tite county oommittee, at its meet
ing two weeks front tomorrow, will, it
i. io tio espeote i, approach tlia const i
erallon of a date for the nest county
ronvantiou with prudenoa and caution.
There are many candidates to bo con
tidered; ami many different idoas
expressed and, if possible, bsrmonlzsd.
O.icf a data is fairly ehosuo, it should bo
ii cceptvd without quibbling, A causs
which ntt-d a special date in its bahalf
to save it from defeat U gulf-confers
edly weak. 'i'HB Tribune has gone on
record in tiiut-.t just ia opposition
to "snap-1 conventions, and goes no
rsasou to recede from tbat position.
If this county oommittes wants u abort
0 impalgn, lot it a iy go, frankly, if, ou
contrary, it wauls a long ono, time,
loo, ebuuld be announced clearly and
in iima to give opportunity for reason
;;i !o preparation. Wo much mistake
the diapotition of tho irussss of the
psrty if they are so greatly concerned
in the success cf any taau or yjt of
in ii in the convention as to prefer tbat
to a harmonious and united party after
ward, leading up to a wholesome vic
tory at the poll?.
vita reference to the discussion cir
ri! on over their respective signatures
between ex-Mayor F-ilov.-.i and County
Chairman Powell,, it strikes at, is
drifting somewhat sway from tho main
iscue. Ii :j the county committee, in
r.ny event, which muj. discbarge tho
next official action in the sUcsesslon of
events leading to thu fail election. Un
til that notion ia definitely announced,
it is to I e doubted whether personal
differences between individual Repub
licans are of sufilci'.-nt consequence to
cai.sti'.ute an acceptable interlude.
Collector Herbixo's '.urn down of
Elitor Maloy in tho matter of the J-ji-nty
colleotorship for the Laiserna and
Carbon district", iiifasorof Riohsrd
B. Brnndnge was particularly orae in
view of the petty persooutions wiilcii
Jlr. Maloy had enlf red at tha haiids
of Carbon faotions anxious to disir' lit
him. It 13 no secret that Jlr. Maloy
had obtained tha most solemn of iif,
surances tint he would receive this
nppolntment These assursQoes did not
coma from Senator Barring liinsif,
but they did some dtreotly from 8eus
Mr Herring's political master, William
V. Barrity, I; Is a new Illustration of
the uncertainties and deceptions of
politic, Kit tor Mulos' H not be
blamed should he begin to evince a
certain measure of coolness iu his fur-thi-r
advocacy or Harrityism,
Hfpson Ree;ardmis Immigration
It wi.l lie several vein s before tho de
mati of the California Republican
pli tform for tho complete exclusion of
for i-rn born immigrants will be heeded
in this country. Such a time may
newr gome We doubt if it ought ever
tocome. Su.:: a policy would bo an
ix reme one, almost as illogical as lias
been t'ao abUSS of tho words
"American hospitality" by whioh they
have been made to warrant tho no
checked kfiux of foreign paupers,
criminal.-, Vagrants and lunatics.
A sufficient protection will have been
achieved when immigration is hon
est, y r Ktricted to include only the
sober) industrious, law-abiding and
Bef-snstainlng Immigrants from the
old wo; id. We need all of those we
can i;t. Their blood and their brains
uud their brawn, mised with our own,
go to inako the sturdiest citizenship
that wo have, As a graft ou a troo
sometimes bsstbi iffeetoi rsnewing
and augmeotiog the tree's original
vitality so tho addition to our Yuukee
population of tho stalwart, honest im
migration of Europoun countries
quickens the pulses of our national
life nud makes us a sturdier, broadnr
minded uud hetter-duveloped people.
This is altsady roved iu a thousami
insinnoes. It is proved in the lusty
titisensuip that has developed among
the Scotoh-Irish in this couutry ; and
among the QfOtOll and Welsh aud Irish
and German elements Another geners
tlon will so it de-uiuiistratsd with
reference, to tho better class of PoS
and iiungStiane, Russians and Italiaus
R presentstives of the best elements
among these imuiigrunti stand today
Upog an equal footing with the I ire
most of our purely Yankee population.
They ore lOJOQg tho leaders iu our
politics, our soclsl Hfo, our pnsiness
una our religious activities. We could
not do without them and we woul 1 be
better off had we more like tbeiu.
Tho whole troubU has been tbat the
ntcry aguiost tha unfit loflux into our
citizenship has beeu digtorted by dem
agogues IBM a Hweepinz reflection on
all foreign-born classes, until it hm
been difficult for the rospectablo class
of immigrants to distinguish tho truth
It should be made clusr to them, tbat
they, as much as any other, are jeop
ards I by tho unchecked Inpour of t;;
oriminals and paupers of continental
Europe, They, lilc th intiviBtA, ru
by this Indiscriminate 11 od, Imperilled
in their worksbops,tbelr offices and their
homes. Those o( them who have oome
biro honestly, Intending to stay, owe it
to t.'temslves as well as to their adopt'
ed country to help bail out the unde
sirable elemsnt whioh his leaked
through our Impsrfeot restrictivo laws;
and to then help ootton and caulk the
dan ger-breeding cracks.
Those who do not know wiiat this
"new Carbondala" that thoy talk so
much about really Is should not fail to
got a cony of tho magnificent indus
trial edition issued last evening by the
Carbondala Herald. It will explain
tho subjset better than anything else
that we .;now of. To begin with, there
is a newspaper part of twelve pag IS, or
ity-six columns practically till
made .-it home, and containing
oarefully worded expositions of
all the vsrled interests of ths
bustling Pioneer City its mines,
manufactories, railroads, store?, hotnis,
banks and prominent business men.
Then as a chef A' oeuver, fit-ro is a
dainty souvenir portfolio of photo
gravures em toned and calendared
paper showing many of tno pretty and
imposing public buildings and homes
of modern Oarbondals. Tho Issue was
one of the most creditable achievements
ever contributed to the local literature
of Northeastern Pennsylvania; and
we must heartily congratulate onr
sprightly young contemporary unon
this convincing evidence of its ability,
enterprise and success,
Candidate Lyon Is Frank.
I huving been asserted that Walter
Lyon, the Republican candidate for
lieutenant governor, had. while statu
senator, favored the repeal of the speo
lal Sunday observance statnte apply
ing to Allegheny county, and was,
therefore, adverse to a wholosoms ob
servance of thu weekly day of worship
and rest, Mr. Lyon has addressed let
ter to Edwin K. liart, ona of tno dir-tc-torn
of th Philadelphia Sabbath asso
ciation, explaining his true attitude.
The letter will not pleaso everybody,
but it i nevertheless frank, straight
forward and BXplioit It is as follows:
1 believe in the Christian Bab bath; and
believe that the Sabbath, should bu the
same curuuubout the state, and that ttio
laws regulating it should be uniform
tbrougfaunt the state Under our present
constitution nil criminal laws must no gen
eral, uud the special law relatinn toAlle-
gbeny county couid not now bo placed
upon the statute books. That law nn
poseda greater penalty for violation ol
the Sabbath in Allegheny oountythan In
any other parts of ths state, and was an
taken advautage of for tno purpose of
btai kmall and private persecution that it
became objectionable to people w ho aro
Sabbath observers and favor ju.,t laws
regulating it; and many thousauds of p.-o.
pi from Allegheny comity petitioned ;Ih
legislature for repeal of the law so
e.s to briutf Allegheny county exactly
within tbelawB of it;m with the other
counties of the state. I advocate tho re
peal, and am now in favor ot it. Ag to
your inquiry, as to whether I favor the
modifi ation of ths act of 1704, in the di
rection attempted by Representative Fow
and others at Barrisbprg in 1803, 1 can
only say I do not know what this modifica
tion vriis. I entered the senate near the
end of the Si wion and nui nut familiar
with any legislation tbat b as been proposed
upm the subject, except tho repealing act
Whioh i have just msOtlOUed, i beliovo in
a just enforcement of ail laws against
crime, ami Includs iu tiiis category tho
lawsagalnst unnecessary worldly employ
ment -.Hi the Sabbath, The Hiiuimury power
given magistrates iu the act of lTili is ob
noxious and should bo amended by con
ferring jurisdiction up'-n the courts of
quarter sessions over offenses against tho
Sabbath, as over other criminal offenses
Instead ofailuo of ft. I would increase
tho penally to any amount necessary, by
making a maximum flue or imprisonment
or both, In th- discretion of the court, ami
punish tbovlolators according to the gravity
of the defence. You ask if I am in favor
of excepting railroads from Um act of 1 794?
I answer, no. As to USWspapera, I believe
that the Sunday p iper bus come to stay,
and the great majority of the people aro
lo favor of them, but their nil- should be
so regulated that deliveriesshould bo made
early in the day, aud crying aloud their
saloon tha streets on Huuuay should be
It vill be observed that ?ir. Lyon
dots not bids bouind evasion, Hs
speaks ri'iht out. Thu oljction
raised to Sunday nswspapsrs by mo?t
persons is, first tho frothy qnalityof
their contents in many Instances; and
secondly, tho noise and turmoil croated
by tho hawking and crying of thorn
upon the public streets, Thu first ob-
,j lotion cannot bo oared by legislation,
since it would involvo nu unoonstilu
tionnl censorship. As to tiie second,
there Is a spirited differenos of opin
ion. Mr Lyon speaks his mind frankly,
TbOSQ Who do not agree with him m;is,
nt least reifpoot his can lor. If Sunday
papers, which aro mostly mad) on Bat
Orday, weru distributed (jiiiitly early
I an I iy morning, the plea of civil din
turbanos could not be raised, whatever
might !" said with reference to the
spiritual side of tho question.
THE WlLLIABSPORT Times is tho la
test good newspaper to adopt tho good
newspaper rule against anonymous
sommunioations. It "does not intend
to longer assume responsibilities which
do not boloi.g to newspapers; it says
What it bus lo say in plain English, as
its thousands of readers nro aware, ana
givi s its reasons for so doing, It now
denies to correspondents privileges
which It does not iiuMf claim, and
Will not hereafter publish communica
tions unsigned by writers' real names
it holds tbat if the motives of corre
spondents nro what they should be, and
what they write is worth printing
from any point of view, correspond
entu will not obj ict to having tuoir
names attached to their publiaiiod ar
ticles." This doctrine is sound to thu
core, Let every tub staud ilstly ou its
own bottom. There is no other honest
attitude tbat it cm take.
THEM is always danger of getting
lobrSidsd, Dr. Wellington II Loiicks
effectively counteracts this tendency to
ftjpr as it efteiete students of t-nrrent
scandalous disclosures by saying this
honest word iu behalf of tho iguored
hone-st men of tha land: 'Am-rican
Oltll uiship is ths best in character and
Iq epirit to bo found on the face of the
earth. The efforts of the strong and
thu faithful ure about us aud our vic
tories are not to be overlook!. Whils
utteulion is oallod by the dally press to
friueu: crimes and betrayal of trust,
wo must not forgut thoso hosts of toil
or who are holding thslc places and
discharging their duties wltn humble
fidelity, T ey shrink from no task and
ia their attitude they make a firm stand
for the right. Tncse Hive, permanoney
to our institutions," It is well that
crookedness should get Its full duo of
publicity. Nothing kills it more effect
ively, But while the ugly side of
things Is being hold up, it should not
be forgotten tbut there aro yet plenty
of boUSSt, ioithlul and law-abiding
Amerieans io all portions of our land.
There is no eall for moral dyspepsia
just yet.
It is believed that the most ambiti
ons politician in Benin ton does not
envy Caeimir-Perier the recent honor
conferred In his el ctiou to tho presi
dency of Franco. Au executive situa
tion over the month of a volcano oar
nes with it a dogrse of uncertainty
calculutod to wither the ambitious of
the average office sssker, and to an ex
tent reconciles th ordinsry man to the
serenity of orlvate citizenship,
Coffee Cools.
Tbsboard of ii9nltli or Philadelphia
at h recent meeting adopted health
rules tor tho cue of Infants during the
hot season, which can be observed with
favorable r.-sulis elsewhere, The
rules embrace the following excellent
suggestions :
Bathe the child one,- n day In luke-wnrm
water. If it is feeble, sponge it all over
twice a day with lake-warm water end
vinegar. The health of a child depends
much upon its cleanliness, Avoid
all tight bandaging. Have light
flannel as the inner garment .".mi the rest
of the Clothing light and cool, and so loose
that the child may have free play for its
limbs. At night umbos it, sponge It and
put on a slip. In ihu moi nliiu rem ive the
slip, bathe the child aud dress it in clean
clothe, if this cannot be afford
ed, thoroughly air the dsy-cloth-ing
by banging it op during the
night, The child should sleep by Itself In
a cot or cradle. It should be pat to led
at regular hours, and be t.-.ught early to
go io sieeo without being unread in thu
arms. Without the advice of a physician
never give it any spirits, cordial, car
minatives, Honthinir syrups, or sleeping
drops. Thousands of children die every
year troin the use of thrsu poison". It
the child frets and duos not sienp it U
either hungry or olue ill. It id It needs a
physician. Never quiot it by candy or by
cake; they aro the common causes of
diarrhoea and of other troubles. Give ih i
child plenty of fresh air. in the cool of
the moraing and;y I vening have it
OUt of doors for a little; take it to tie-
shady side of bnmds streets, to t uu public
squares, to tho park, or make frequent
excursions to the rivers, or to thu au!
tarinm. Wbouever it eeeius to s;;:t
from th- bent, let it drink tre -iy of water
whioh has been boiled ana cooled by Ice.
Keep it out of the room In which wealth g
or o Hiking la goins on. It is the excesslt o
heat that destroys the lives c-1 ji
Keep your hones sweet and clean, co I,
and well aired. In very hot weather 1 r
tin-windows bo open day and night Hi
your cooking iu tho yard, in a shed, iu the
garrot, or in an upper room. Whitewash
the walls every spring, and sue that the
cellar is clear of all rnobish. Let no slop
collect to poisou the air. Correct all foul
smells by chloride of lime. This article
caa be got from thu nearest druggist, who
will itivo the needed directions for its ns.-.
Make every effort yourself, and urge your
neighbors to keep the gutters of yooretro -t
or of vour court clean, if, uufortnnately,
the child must be brought up by hand, it
i hould be fed on a milk diet alone t hat : -,
warm milk out of a nursing boitlo. Goat's
milk is the be.-,t, and next to It, cow's milk.
Be sure the milk is unsbimme I; have i;. ii.
fresh as possible, and brought very early
In the morning, Before nslng th i pans Into
which it is to bs poured, always scnld
thorn with boiling suds. Iu very i.or
weather, scald tho milk ni soou n
comes and at once put away the vo
holding it :n tin? coolest place-. in th-.
house--upon ice if It can bo afforded, r
down a well. Milk carelossty allowed . i
stand In a warm noon ipjill ami b
comes unfit for food. If the milk should
disagree, a tablesp wnfnl of limewater m iy
b- added lo each bottlefoL. Whenever
pure milk oennot be got, try the conden
sed milk, which of ion answers admirably.
Tim nursing bottle muel bo kept perfectly
oieao: otnerwiie tne mua win turn sour,
and the child will be made III. After each it should U emptied, riuseil ou',
t-iken apart and the nipple and bottle
placed In clean water, orlu water to which
a little Soda On tren inldeil. It is a good
plan to have two nnrking bottles, nud to
use tbem by turns, The best kind i.i too
plain bottle with a robber nipple and no
tube. Op not wean the ohtld jnat before
or during tbe hot weather; nor, as a rule,
until after its seaon l summer.
"If the child is suddenly attacked with
vomiting, purgiug, and prostratiou, semi
for a d.-ctor at one. In the meantime
nut the child for a few minutes in a hot
bath, then carefully wipe It dry with a
warm towel, and wrap K ia warm blank
ets. If its bands and teot are cold, bot
tles filled with hot water end wrapped iu
flannel should be laid against thsm. A
mush poultice, of u .j mode ol flaxseed
ii.ivl, to wui.-li one iin .irie-r part ..' mn -
tard has boeu added, or flannel
wrung out ot hot vinegar ami walur,
ihonld be placed over the belly. Hy
drops of biainiy (a a teaspoon ful of watsi
maybeglreu every ten or tifteeu miu
utes; nut if the vomiting persists, give
this brandy in equul parts of milk ami
llioe-water, it tho diarrhoea has just be
gun, or if It ia caused by improper footi,
u te.i-p i.mfui of e-nsior oil, or of Liu spice. i
syrup or rhubarb, should be given, if the
child has i i iu it 1 partly on other feed
tao mother's milk idouo must now b'
used. If tno child ims been weaned, it
should have pure milk with ime water,
or weak beef tea, or chicken water. Tin
child should bs allowed lo drink cool
water sparingly, but not ico water.
The scarcity of snake stories thus
far this seas iu has boon tho causa of
considerable comment iu the journal
istic fraternity. Notwithstanding the
healed statu of tirn elements, which usu
ally brings a large crop of yarns in
referenoo to serpents of various kinde,
the Stoek of talis thus far bear thu uu
inistokabl - stump of warmed over ma
terial. With tho exoeptlou of o west
ern contribution, which gave an ac
count of the. rapid ride of a bicyclist
who bowled, along ths highway will
two snakes tangle i in the spokes ot the
Wheels ot his m tehtue, a lirst ciass
snake story not h"n proluced, 1'
is evident that the enak.s of t i -present
age is taking toomuobsngai
sud water In "bliu,"a practice whioh
has n demerallslng eff ol
0( u'iou iu
muse of the replih s
It is pleasing tO Hide that the work
upon the Berauton and Blmburst bogle
v.ird moves merrily along. l''iveor six
niileH of th road have wen completed
ou the Blmbnrst end of tno ime ami
work upon the bridge over Nay Aug
falls is already QOder war. As t'ao en
torprlss begins to assnms tangible
form tho benefits of thu new road b -
coma ssora appstant aaoh day, Than
seems no question that ths bonlovard
StOOk will bu among ths gilt-edged sc
c iritlesof tho future.
10 4
Tha rsc.ut numtier of Cjfoiiqa con
tains a charming article by Editor T.
P, Byder on the sceaio attraatlons ol
WUkes-Bsrre, coupled with photograv
uresthatdo ample justice to the'sab-
joct. Jdr. Byder is one of the promin
ent cycling enthnsisets ot tb-s oonnty
sent and knows both bow to find the
plctnrerqun spots of the Wyoming
valb-y and also bow to describe them,
when found.
Joseph Olennon. of West Pittstm;,
who has just, wi;h bis partner, Mr.
Hughes, agreed to contribute Kli)
towarl the p.iving of M.dn Htreet in
! Ittston, does not ngr with tha opin
ion that before Pittston sbonld have
decent envois it ought first to iorin it
self into a city. ''They talk," says he,
"about Scrunton and other places be
coming bug . nud prosperous cities by
annexing villages clou by, but if they
did they first made great ImproVi ments
in streets and bnildinss, and we cannot
have a city hero until wo do the shim
thing.'1 Mr. Olennon is about right.
Ihi.util Kfot Lie Do m u. t.
Qcranton Record
As long as wh have laws for the enforce
ment f e ipitiil punishment, they should
not lie dormant, but should bs put in oper
ation, a fact which most assurnrly would
have a salutary effect i n those who are so
ready with their death-dealing weapons.
gingerly as a Humorist,
Wtuhington Po$U
The following joke Is from the pen of
Colonel William Slngerly, Democratic can
didate for governor ot Pennsylvania i "A
downtown man Who owns a hornless goat
calls it Oleomargarine because it is no
Well, Wo Bhon'd Say So. "
WtukingloH Hss.
Undoubtedly Mr. Hinci-rly could edit
tho Riato ,t Pennsylvania with ur.-nt
ability, but there may be some difficulty
In elevating him to the gubernatorial tri
Like nrent Kapoleon, Coxey aimed r
At fame, and on it glned
His eagle eye, but now be knows
As Nappy did, tno awful woes
Of innocuous
Brooklyn piaglt
Beneath tho biasing sun he toiled
All day upon a yacbti
But after hours he couldn't work
lie said "Twas too blamed hot"
-AVk- York Herald.
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I Bonne
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can buy now at 5 cents per
fast colors.
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lionii. Tlu-y comumo very
little ico and will keep fresh
meat for throe weeks iu the
hottest weather. We hove
many styles and sizes.
513 Lackawanna Ave.
Fanoy Homa-grown
Do not wait latnr than tlltl wet to
buy Strawtiorriia for c.iunintr.
and Get the I
' Best.
Ginghams, Dimities,
handsome dress you
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prepared to guarantee natisfsotlon. Those in.
to pnn-iiMc aro Invited to eall tad examine
Globe Sloe Store I
227 LACK A. AVE.
Evcii-iss PowrII
Will be held by ths Caledonian C'.ab,
of this city, at
Laurel Hill Park
A largo number of nttraotloos art
down ou tho bills and ft good liun ta iy
be expected by all w!:o nro present.
DAISY DAWSON, tlic Cliampion Child, only 7 years of unc will sivo a
grand entertainment well worth the
)tici of iidmiitslou.
A the Delegates from nil parts ot
tho United St,it.-s and Canada will bs
pivsBiit, this will undoubtedly be a
gain day.
Street Cars every throe uiinntes.
Admission, 25c, Children, 10a
Grand Stand, 15c.
Dancing Free All Day
Grand Picnic in the Evening.
The best is none too
good. Ours are 18-k.
n siZ3S aild wei&llt9-
423 Lackawanna Ave.
Inserted in THE TlildiUNE at the
lute of ONE CENT A WORD.
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