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Great Confusion Reigns in the Chamber ol
In an Attempt to Decide Upon a Can
didate for President, Deputies and
Senators Come to Blows- Casimir
Pcriers Chances Appear to lio Ex
cellentRioters Still Pursue Italian
Residents of Lyons Throe Sus
pects Arrested.
Park, June 2
n MEETING of Republican metn
A here of the annate and chamber
lr rtnpniles WM bold thin nftrr-
t-Tu noon to decide upon n can fl Mute
lor president to lie voted, forntVei
nuillea tomorrow. The proceedings
were cbarnctemod throughout by an
iiideac-ibuble noise and continuous
hraw Deputies ami senators
sbouiertut the tops of th-ir voices over
one another's heads. Some demanded
vote withont debate. Plows were
eiobanged by several membeta and ink
stands were thrown abont freely. Fin
ally eoui- of the calmer membeta pro
posed rccer and n motion to adjourn
was carried.
A large number remained in the bait,
however, and affer a short period of
rjuiet. Senator De Verntnac, who pre
bled, naked whether th meeting de
sired to vote. The tnmtilt w-is re
newed immediately, and as it whs im
possible to restore order, M. D1 Vern
inau declared th masting closed and left
the tribune. Free fighting onsned for
fully :. quarter of an hour Evntnstly
tho hall was cleared. The cor. Ilitt was
provoked by the aoeialiita and esiro
radioali in order to prevent a decisive
The chances cf M. Casiniir-Porior
are regarded as greatly helped by tbe
dtf9nsion in the ranks ol the Repub
lican senators, (t is expected that of
tho 800 votes cast on the first bidlot
tomorrow. M. Casimir Premier will
reo-ive -100 His supporters are con
fident that he will tiavo at least 3."0
votes. D'pny a'd Bris-on together
way possibly net 280,
At a plenary meeting of nil the Re
publican senator this afternoon, in
order to decide upon a candidate for
the presidency, in meoesaion to the
late President Carnot.a vote was taken
with the following reanlt: M Oaalmlr
Psiier, 144; M. Dnpny, i"; M Pris
soii, C; M. De Frsyclnet, 4; M. Con
suns, 2; M. Arago, 0; M. Lonbet, 3;
M. Cavaignac, 1.
LYOK8, June 20 Santo, the assassin
of President Cam it, was again brought
up this morning for examination ho
fore Examining Magistrate Rsnoist.
He declared bimaelf to he an anarchist
and strongly in favor of a policy of
violence. Replying to qusatinns Santo
said that he acted upon bis own initia
tive, and ihat he had not been engaged
in anv conspiracy to mnrdr the presi
dent. The magistrate, however, is not con
vinced that tho prisoner had no accom
plices, as it has been ascertained that
when he stoppjd at Vienna and Mont
pelbr he bad several suspicions confer
ences with persons snspectod of htdng
in Isasue with anarchists. When Santo
arrived at Vienna on Saturday, on the
way to Lvons, ho slept nt the house of
an anarchist and afterwards started for
Ly. n at H :10 o'clock in the afternoon.
The police investigation has alreadT
led to the Rrre-t of three persons at
Vienna who are believed to have been
engaged in the suspected conspiracy.
The authorities bore believe that
Santo was nn sg"nt of the anarchists
and that hu was entrusted with the
task of Murdering the president and
carried out instructions wnich ho ro
crived at various towns between Cotto
and Lyo:is.
THn Mnns at WORK,
in spite of the efforts of the police
and military to prevent it, the rioters
snceneded in wrecking and pillaging
several morn Italian houpes this after
noon. Complaint, in made that the
authorities are not. snfhViently firm in
dealing with the mob, it being alleged
thet io many cases determined and ef
fective efforts to disperse tin mob not
not made until after the injuries to the
houses of taliana is done.
PARIS, June 2fi. rnnuarkabln inci
dent was reported from the Elysee
palace today. Among those who wit
nessed the arrival of the body at t"ie
palace were the head servants of the
president's household, including his
coachman. The latter was greatly at
tached to the president, and wns so
effected when he saw the coffi i carried
into the palace that he fell insensible
and afterwards died from the shock.
Wfirton & Rons Off-r to Pay Rates Al
lowed bv Altoona Convention.
PfUIXiPfiBtTRQ, Pa., June 2' There
was quite a stir among the miners
in this place this morning, when
the following notice was posted In
front of the coal offioo of R. B.
Wigton & Sons: "As the convention
held in Altoona yostorday gives per
mission for resnmption at such
mines where the men can get 48 rents
per grosa ton for mining, wo hereby
ngreo to pny the above price, and those
who are ready to roturn to work at all
onr mines at this prien will Hud tbe
mines open tomorrow morning, ,lnne
27 1304
Signed R. B Wigton fc Sons, per
C E Slmrpless, superintendent. "
Tbe miners' leaders have not yet
acted on the matter, but will probably
do ao during the night
He Is Si-re His Counsel's Arguments
. Will Canse Bis Release on Ball.
New Yohk, June 80. Erattni Wi
man said thia morning that ho was
confident that hi counsel's arguments
which prevail on Judge Barrett to
maku ilia stay permanent pending ap
peal and that he would 'no released on
Ho reteivod a number of letters this
morning, he said, ail expressing con
BdenOO In his integrity.
Fimxutatvnev Onaid Fires Five BhotS
at Fteaing Men.
new men quartered at Anita were
taken to the mine this morning without
incident, No coal was mined how
ever. This afternoon two of the
strikers got noucar the company's
property than the police on guard
thought necessary. They wore ordered
to move on, bnt instead of doing so
showed tight. Tho policeman draw his
revolver and started towards them.
The strikers ran end the guard fired
five shots at them without taking ef
fect. Tho incident took place in full
view of th Fifth rogimont's camp.
There is a meeting of miners in pro
gress tonight to hoar the reports of
delegates sent to the Altoona conven
tion. Local lei tors nru nut in favor of
If the men accept the Bell, Lewis A
Yates Co. 'a offer, the mine at Waleton,
Adrain, Eleanor, lleeeh Tree and Hel
vetia will start to work. Two-thirds
of the striker in this region are em
ployed at the above mines'.
A large number of soldiers are off
duty and were in Punxsntawney today.
Several arrests were made for disor
derly conduct.
Close of tbe Great Music Festival in
New York Prizes Awarded
NriW YORK, June 26, The seven
teenth annual saongerfest of the North
eastern Sangerbund was wound up
this afternoon with a grand festival at
Timer perk, Sonth Brooklyn, The
awarding of the. prizes for competitive
ringing bad been annonnoel for 4 p m. ,
bnt was delayed until nearly N o'clock
by the closeness of the different organ
ic itions in point of rtprit.
Tne names of the julgo had bean
kept, secret until today when thev were
announced as follow: .1. Hans Deiler.
New fjrlejna; L Krgntt, Cincinnati;
.1 Mpsenthal and Frank Datnrosh, Nw
York, and J. Polelki, of the Chicago
Musical academy, Chicago,
following la ii summary of the priz s
nn 1 the winners:
First. prize Large Stelnway grand piano,
Jnuger Maeiinerehor, Philadelphia.
Second iiraeLare silver enp, Arinn so
ciety. Brooklyn.
Thirl i -A Wreath of obd silver.
Orphans, Buffalo,
I'i'iie above are the first eUUtS societies.,
Hconfl class societies, Orst prise Small
Rtelnway grand piano, Williamsburg
Saeogerbuud, Brooklyn,
Second prise Solid silver cap,Harmo-
Ote Society. Newark, N. J,
Third prize Solid silver wreath, Arion,
Jersey City.
Fourth prise Solid silver cap, Ariin,
New Haven, (,'onn.
Fifth prise Life else portrait of Wag
ner, Qermanla, Newark, s. J.
Sixth prise Solid silver enp, Saen?er
bnnd. Washington, 1). O.
Hsventh prise Life size portrait of
Schumann, Liberty. N'ewark, N. J.
Third class societies; II rat nrize -stein-wny
sqnare piano, Syracuse Baongerbnnd,
hvraca-ie, V.
Second piizi! s did silver mp, Brooklyn
Third prise Solid silver wreath, Sch-
waeblscber Saengerhnnd. Newark, n. j.
Fourth prize Solid silvor enp, l'.n,t -rachi.
Newark, JC, 3.
Fifth prize Large picture, "Rnhmeballe
Deutscher Music," Arbeiter 'Maenni rchor,
EUlssbeth, N. J,
sixth prise Life sised portrait of Liezt
Kreusenacher Saengerbnnd, Philadelphia.
Seventh prise -Solid silver cup. Oon
OOrdia society, V-aterbnry, Conn.
Eighth prise Solid silver enp, Oam
briou saengerkrans, Philadelphia.
City and country organizations, special
First class Prisn, Hootnrtven bust, Brook
lyn societies
Second prize, banner, Bndson
county, Nov; Jersey societies,
the festivities atUitnerpsrk lasted
until iate tonight and included choral
singing and dancing. At least ten
thousand peoplo were present nt the
closing festival,
Not a Compsny Parlor Car Will Go Out
of Cincinnati Today.
Cincinnati, June 2" Tim strike of
tho Pullman employes at Ludlow, Ky. ,
is but the peroursor of a boycott of the
Pullman csrs on every road in this
city, beginning at noon today. This
means that not a sleeper will go ont of
this city today on any road except the
Big Four, which doss not nsa Pullman
The manager, of the Pullman shops
in Ludlow. Ky., has posted A notice
that ail striking employes who do not
promptly rotnrn to "work will be dis
charged. Twenty-eight of the strikers
Chicago, June 86. Two vestihnlod
trains on the Illinois Central railroad
left today on schedule time with
ont any interferonc on tho pnrt
Of the mom Ders of the American
Railway union or their sympathizers.
All the coaches worn chained, locked
and sealed, the train consisting
of throe Puliman coaches besides the
baggage oar and engine. On tbe plat
forms of each conch stood detectives
of the railroad prepared to resist any
attempt which might Ire made to CUt
the Pullman oars.
Wh.Minhton'. June 2fi Tho pro
posed boycott ngoinst tiio Pullman
Pnlaoe Car company has not up to this
time had any tffflOtOQ the railroads on
toting here. Both tho Pennsylvania
and Mm Paitimora and Ohio Railroad
companios have sent out a train since
noon, each of which hare hauled one
or more Pullman cars.
l"rer,idont Clevnlaml will lnirvo Washing
ton on Saturday next for lliay Gables
where be will upend a week with his fam
ily. Secretary Morton expects to leave Wash
ington this week to visit, his home In Ne
braska. Be contemplates n brief trip to
Kurope fn .In ly.
Written: replies of Senators Ilutlerand
Pettigrew to th" senato commit toe's pm
tions deny ownership of and speculation
in Sunr Trust stock.
Vigorously Opposrs Income Tax Features of
the Wilson Bill.
Aided by tho Republican Side of tbe
Senate and Four Democrats the
Member From New York Wages
Bitter War Upon Populist's Mis-
chevious Theories Froceedimrs of
tho House.
Washington, l). c, June 20.
SOME eight sections, covering
about eighteen pages of tho tariff
bill, were disposed of in the son
ato today, all applying to the In
come tax. and twelve more remain to
he gone through with before that por
tion ot the bill will be completed. Dur
ing the first half day ir. Hill, of New
York, was again tho central
figure of opposition to the finance
committee, and at one point he
almost succeeded in getting the
better ol tbe committee. When
the tariff bill H as laid before the senate,
the pending question being on the in
come tax provisions, Mr. Hill with
drew an amendment which he had of
fered before the adjournment on Sat
urday to stri?:o ont the exemption from
taxation of the incline of United States
bonds so exempted by the law of their
issuance, and Ire suggested to make tho
clause read "tho irhi.'ipa! and interest
of which are, by the law of their issu
ance," etc.
'i t en Mr. Bill stated that the reason
wny he bad offered his amendment lust
Saturday (which he now admitted
should not be agreed to) was to call
the attention of the people to the
fact that aix hundred and thirty
five millions of property were
of this clause takon out of
the taxable property of the country.
He then offered an amendment to in
clude within the exemption the bonds
of state, county, municipality or towns,
and he made an argument in support
of that amendment
Mr. V"st argued against tho amend
ment and a number of senators on both
i-ides of the chain her took part in the
Finally the discussion was closed and
the vote was taken on Mr. Hill's
amendment. It was rejected yeas, 25 ,
nnys. 80. All the Repfabtlcdni voted
lor it, as well as throe Democrats
Gray, Hill end Pngh. Two of the
Populist senators Allen and Peffer
voted against it. Another Populist.
Kyle, and Mr. Smith (N, ! ).' were
paired with Republicans. Mr. Irby is
C ) voted with ids party.
Then Mr. Hill moved nn amendment
restricting the exemption of state
bonds (not county or municipal). Mr.
Hill also made an argument in sup
port of this amendment, and when he
had concluded, tbe argument In sup
port of his amendment was continued
by Sermtors Gray, (Del.); Pngh, (Ala.);
Csffirey, (La.); Hoar, (Mass.); Haw
ioy, (Conn.); and against it Mr. Lind
say, (Ky.), and Mr. George, (Miss.)
The vote was taken and the amend
ment wes r' jected-syene 27, nays :'')
Four Democratic lenators who had
been hitherto faithful to their party
ranged themselves on the side of Mr.
Hill. They wore Senators (Irsy,
Delaware; Morgan nnd 'ugh, Ala
bama; and Cafforey, Louisiana, But
Mr. Morgan, who would have voted
for Mr Hil I 'a amendment, was paired
with Mr. Quay (Pa,), who as a Repub
lican, Would also have voted for it, and
ao two votes in Its favor were lost. Be
sides that, Senator Irby (S. ( ), who
has usually been found voting with
Mr. Hill voted with his party, and tho
Populist senators also voted with tbe
Democrats, In this way Mr. Hill faileil
to get his amendment adopted, bnt In
came dangerously close to it.
Mr. McLaurin, of Mississippi, mov-d
to reconsider til" Votes whereby some
days ago, the salaries of the p: iib-nt
of th" United States and of United
States ja lges were exempted from n
soma tax, but whether Mr. HcLauren
will wait tin the bill sb.-.ll be reported
to the senate or not to fake notion in
the matter remains to be decided The
provisions as to corporations occupied
the remainder of the day's assion up to
6.18, when the senate adjourned.
The bouse today finally disposed of
the general deficiency appropriation
bill for the year eudiug June 80, 1H94.
It was agreed as the result of three
hours discussion I o appropriate, I(M),
000 toward the payment of the julg
ments on account of Indian depreda
tions, which aggregate 514,000, The
changes made in the bill, added, net
something like 100,000 to the total ap
propriations c irri 'd by It, making it.
in round numbers ;J5.hf)0,flO0.
in tho morning hours n senate bill
wns pns.i"d On motion of Mr. McGann
(Perm, 111.), making Labor I)y (tho
tirst Monday of September) a legal
holiday. Also a house bill on motion
of Mr. Tickler (Rep., S. D ), providing
that in all claims arising under the
pension laws of the United States, the
oath of a private or titui commissioned
officer shall have the same force and
effect as that of a eommissiotiud ofli
Ths Slavor of M-s. Reed rrovos to Be
Alfred B, Hunt.
ClHCAdO, June 26. The mnrderor of
Mrs. Oarrle Reed yesterday In the office
of tho Thatner Lumber company, and
who afterwards committed suicide, was
today Identified s Alfred EL Hunt, a
resident of thia city.
He murdered her because she refused
to got a divorce nnd marry him.
Disastrous Bree?i fiwoepa th Villas; of
Wichita, Kan., J one C. The tornado
that struck the village of Keighley,
Butler county, last evening, is known
to have caused loss of life, though the
telegraph wires are b! ill down and de-
tails of the disaster are moagre. E I
ward Tburtnan 'was crushed to death
in a stable, M::tiy person were pinned
under falling bouses and aerinnsly in
jured. Two general stores, the largest hnild
ings in the village, were entirely de
molished. A freight train was stand
iiigoti the Frieoo traok at the tiinw and
sll cars wer r iiftod and turned Upside
Placards Oramunrllnsr the Act of Santo
Aro Posted In the City.
Lisbon, June 27. A nnmber of pla
cards were posted In various parte of
the city lust, evening bearing tho le
good: "Ravachol, Vuillant and Henry
mo avenged ; juetloe baa been done by
Snnto's arm."
The placards wore town down bv the
police, who later nrrested six Span
iards who ere huspecteii of being tho
authors of them.
T.iseph Whitsatt Muid r uaty Assaulto
Hln Wife and Dmurhttr.
VlNRLAND, N. J., June SO. This af
ternoon Joseph Whltsett assaulted his
wife ami daughter, fatally injuring
tbe latter. Whltsett with bis wife,
daughter, Jennie, a school teacher aged
HI and son, Alfred, aged 18, reside in
this city. This nft"rnoori Wbitsott
quarrelled with his wifo and daughter
und chased thoin ont doors with a
blacksmith file and razor. Whltsett
threw bis (laugher on the ground and
Ottt hor throat, in a horrible manner.
T he gash is seven indies long and very
deep, extending over to the right
shoulder. The girl is fatally injured.
JWbitsett then turned to bis wife and
lant her terribly with the file. Seeing
men approaching, he ran into the
house, looked the doora and set fire to
the building. The firemen got him out
before the Banes reached him, bnt he
begged them to throw hint back. The
house wa destroyed. Whitsett'n son
Alfred says that his father has ben in
sane tor several weeks
Proceedings of Harrisburg Conven
tionRev. E. L. Miller, of Scran
ton, Elected President.
Harkibbcro, Pa, Jane 20 The or-ganizitlo-i
of the Luther leagu.i of
Peuneylvanla was completed this af
ternoon by the convention which has
been in session at tho Kethlehem Lu
theran Tabernacle since yosterday. A
constitution was adopted which does
not differ materially from that of tho
New York league. Tbe Objects of tha
new organisation are:
First To encourage tho formation of
young people's societies in all the Lnther-
anohurehesin the state and to organize
such into central or district associations
wherever practicable.
Becond To stimulate tbe various socie
ties to greater activity in their respective
Third To create a strong bond of friend
ship among tbe members of the various
Fourth To facilitate tho introiluetion
to soy society of s member coming Into
its hoii'ls from another.
Fifth To protect nnd guard the yonng
people against dangerous and vicious in
fluences surrounding them.
Tbe officers for the year are: Presi
dent, Rev. E, L. Miller, of Soranton;
recording secretary, A L. Huugerford.
Wilkes-Bnrre; corresponding secretary,
Le-mder Cotton, of Pittsburg; treas
urer, i r, John W. Hay, of Harrlflburg.
The attendance of deb-gates today was
very large a: d the proceedings were
full of interest.
The ooi vention adjourned tonight to
meet next year nt Reading.
Death of thi Lsd Who Waa Tortumd bv
Comrades at Camden.
Camden, n. J June 90. Charles
Benny, the 18-year-old lad who was
burned at the utak i by bin comrad on
March 1ft last, died today. Rvory nt
tempt was made to save the littio fel
low's life, sirin grafting being resorted
IO without, avail, and ho died of ex
haustion rffe- n long and brave strug
gle with death.
Penny and his comrades were playing
"Indian" on s lot and the boys tied bi:u
to a stake and pasted paper and sticks
abont his legs, On" of ttiem set it
afire and th flames curled up about
Penny's body, burning hira so that tho
fle.-h dropped oil. Bis screams brought
assistance, hut. not OUtll he was terri -
bW burned,
Three Ol the boys who tied him to
the stake and started the fire, Johnny
Daegan, William Eldridgo and Thomas
Crown, were arrested on June 8, were
nrraignd in tho Camden court, plead
ing guilty to assault They were sent
to the reform school. Tlia boys will
probably he re-arrested but it is a
qu -stioti in tho minds of the lawyers
whether they can be re-indicted ami
re tried for manslaughter.
An Aged Catcher U a c Knife with De
moniac Eno:
CHICAGO, June 2I1 Joseph Wisfer
man, a butcher, li. years old, while
erased With drink, fatally stabbed his
ago,; wife last night
He stat bed William Taylor and Jo
seph Miller, who interfered, nnd then
OUt his own throat, Wisterman will
Tbe Vonzenlan war department has or
dereil uew fortifications at Qttayaua Vieja.
The Boers Ot Pretoria, the Transvaal
capital, are angry with the British and
are prepared to resort to nrme.
Kain has fallen in Hong Kong, and the
sanitary authorities now believe that the
worst, stage of the pestilence is ovor.
An axploalou took place in a mine nt
Legallcau, Asturtas, In Spain, The dead
bodies Ot eight, mineis have already been
recovered and fifty-seven are still missing,
The grand Jury at London failed to i in
dict General llowstnn, who recently
caused the death of a man named Ilurtou
by striking him iu the eye with an umbrat
Ir. Howston was set at liberty.
In connection with tho discovery of
mines under railroad tracks over which
tho czar is exported to travel, it Is now
stated that nn infernal machine has beou
discovered in a cellar near the St. Peters
burg palace.
Annial Gathering of
at Tenvrr.
The Visiting, Members of the Or
ganization Heartily Welcomed -Fifteen
Hundred Representative Re
publicans Present Address of
President Tracy Received With En
thusiasm Sympathy for France.
DrNVRS. Col.. Jnna 2(1
I1F,N the seventh annual conven
tion of the National Republi
can league was called to order
lit 10 oVioek thia tnnruin.r kha
Broadway theater, handsomely decora
ted for the occasion With the stars and
s'ripes arid a mass of foliage and grow
ing flowers, Was filled to overflowing
with 1.000 delegates and representative
R 'publicans from every state in the
State Prosii'.cnt (ioudy welcomed the
delegates in a lengthy speech. Provi
dent Goody's remarks on silver secured
but slight und scattering applause, but
protection was more fortunate. His
allusions to (Jov. rnor Wa ire irrA ma
ceived with durisive laughter. A voice
from Oregon cried: "Serve him like w
did l'ennoyor."
William Mason, of New York,
responded on behalf of the delegates.
He congratulated Colorado iuthrowing
wide its silver portals with such
abundant hospitality to the delegates
to the national convention. This wel
come to tho heartiest neec of f
and the retention accorded the dele
gates uiieri an witn intense gratilica
tiou, Such a reception could nover be
rtiKsiDKNT tract's bpbioh,
At tbe noon hour President Tracy
rose to deliver his annual addrss. His
reception was most cordial and heartv.
Ho spoke with eloquenos ami in a most
pleasing manner. In the course of bis
remarks Mr. Tracy said:
All the recent elections, wherever held,
have been showing constantly Inoreaelng
pluralities for hVpublieau candidates, up
to tho judicial election In Illinois during
the early part of this month, where a
Democrrtio plurality of T,OU0 was wiped
out and tbs Republican candidate earned
the district by over 4,(Mn plurality. We
must not, however, be lulled into seeming
security by these overwhelming successes,
nor overlook the fact, that although won derfully
lacking m statesmanship, the
leaders of the Democratic party are replete
with rnlitieul annninn and .I,-..,. .'
The leaders who have so long and so
successiuiiy lotigm tne osttle of tbe Re
publican party, mast soon give place to
jot'.' ger men; let us prepare to assnme the
responsibilities of leadership while wa
may yet have their counsel and advice; let
your deliberations be so mied with wis
dom and patriotism that tho voire of this
convention will echo ovor every moun
tain, penetrate every valley arid find a
welcome in the heart of every Bepnblioau
In the land. Let us go forth from tins
meeting lull of strength, full of faith,
lull or fidelity to Repnbllosn principles,
and then inspired by tho glories of tbe
past and the hope of tho future, the Re
publican National league will continue to
march at tho head or the invincible army
of patriotism.
After tho call of states, Mr. Jansen,
of Nebraska, asked for a suspension of
tho rui 's lor the purpose of suggesting
action on the part of the National
league in extending an expression of
sympathy to tbe republic of France,
tie presented resolutions William L.
Taylor, of Indiana, rea i the txt for a
oablegram. Mr. Sperry, of Connect!
cut, wanted tho committee to prepare
suitable resolutions, Tho convention
voted to instruct tho president and
secretary of the league, to draft, a ca
bltgram, Adjourned,
Fast Track nnd Hot Content Dalichted
the spctatnrs.
Philadelphia, Juno 20. The sec
ond day ol the summer meeting of tho
Philadelphia Driving association at
Point Breeze saw a falling off in the
attendance. Those present Were givon
a good day's sport for their money,
however, -is the track was fast.
In the 2.17 class they saw the best
contested heats evnr trotted at Point
Breeze, In the three heats trotted in
this race the winning horss In no in
stance was more than a yard ahead.
The race was Unfinished whnn darkle ss
came on and the winner may be any
one of tho first four horses. Judge
Austin opened favorite in betting.
In tho unfinished race from yest'T-
day in the 3.86 class Alexils, Queen ol
Upland and Verdie were all favorites
111 turn, but Alex-ds finally took the
rase in straight heats J. M. D. was
tho favorite in tile 8.84 class and won
easily in Straight heats. The spectators
were given a surprise in tho 2 84 pacing
nice by nn Unknown outsider winning.
Mand Morrill and Flying Nig were the
favorites in the rBc, bnt a horse named
Qranger, whose very pedigrno is nn
known, onm to the front and won In
straight hnts. The summaries:
First race 8.20 class, trotting, puree
two (anflnlsbed Mouday); Alexis by Prince
All (R. Grady), llr-t. Qaeon of I'pland by
Bpaulet (T. Grady), second; time, 4. 18,
Becond race 8.34 clnss, trotting, purse
11,000. J, M, I), by Favorite Wilkes (BraW-
ley), first) Bappy Lady (Turner), second;
time, " 31
Third race 8, M class, pacing, purse MOO,
Granger, pedjgne unknown (Myers), tirst;
Maud Herri!! (Browley), second; time
Fourth race 8. IT rasa, trotting, pursn
WOO (nnflnisned), Billy a., ny Bay Tom,
jr., (Shllllnglaw), first) Judge Austin by
McCurdy's Harabletoolan (Smith), second;
time, 8.1 T)',
Immia-rant Inspector CoakllnRr to Visit
Anita Vine
Piinxsiitawney, Pa., Jnne 2ft. A
committee of miner this morning
oalled on Superintendent Robinson, ot
tho Bell, Lewis & Yates Cd. They
wanted him to pay the fare of the new
men that they captured from the po
lio bHck to Buffalo, This the superin
tendent rofused to de, but said that ha
would eecure them work on th Buffa
lo, Rochester and Pittsburg railroad
work train.
The offering of another oomproraise
by the Bell, Lewia and Yat company
ha greatly encouraged tho miners.
Immigrant Inspsotor Conkling will
this afternoon go to Anita mine to
make an investigation, it is claimed
bore that the company has violated tho
immigration laws.
Peouliar Rsgilntions Adopted at tho
Meeting of rtlners.
Ai.ToONA. Pa,, Jnne 2ft -The mlnrs
convention adjourned at noon today
after adopting a resolntinn condemn
ing tho sheriff of Jefferson souoty for
failing to do his duty and calling np n
Ooyernor Pnttison to withdraw tue
troop from the Pnnxsntnwnev region
It was also resolved that all miners
who resume work at the compromise
price shall p.yy an asaoaament to keep
tiiose who do not go to work, that tbe
dead work scale shall be arranged by
the miners of each region to meet their
own condition, that tho same differen
tials that existed prior to the last re
duction shall prevail and that no opr
ator who goo to work at the com
promise rate shall sell coal to an oper
ator who will not pay that rate
Forecast of Today's Proceedings a
Hnrrishrrrp The Business of
the Meeting Mapped Out.
HarrIBBCRO, Pa.. Jnna 2ft The
Democratic state convention tomorrow
will probably ho mora productive of
good results within the party ranks
than any gathering of the Pennsylvania
Democracy for years. v(Tilli"im M
Singorly, proprietor of the Phila
delphia Reeord, will be nominated
for governor by acclamation and
with bis selection will come n com
plete unification of tho hitherto warring
factions. Mr. Bingerly's rocent efforts
at harmonizing the Harrity nad Mc
Aloer forces in Philadelphia, he not
being allied with either side, will now
be rowarded by a restoration of har
mony such, so th leaders say, as will
bring out the full party vote in Novem
bv and moat probably be the means
of permanently cementing whut has
been an ominous breach.
Democratic and R 'publican politic
ians alike declare that the selection of
Mr. Slngerly is one of th9 mot diplo
matic political moves ever offict.ed In
the K'ytnn state. Governor Patti
son and Secretary of he Common
wealth Harrity are credited with hav
ing evolved this method of unification
There is but one badge being worn by
the delegates, and that contains a pic
ture of Mr. Singerly.
The convention tomorrow will met
in the opera hone at noon. State
Chairman Stranahau will call the 411
delegntea to order, and Robert K
Wright, of Alleutown, will assume
charge a temporary chairman, other
temporary officers will be: Secretaries
Benjamin N. Nead, John P. J. Sanson
derfer. or Philadelphia; William E
McAney, of Titnsville, and Thomas
Allsop, of Allegheny; reading clerk,
(ieorge II. Hoffmann, of Philadelphia;
sergeant at arms, Benjamin F, Brine,
of Philadelphia; and Tftomas Mullen,
of Pittsburg. Attorney Mineral Vf
U. it !. of Lancaster, will be per
manent chairman.
Mr. Singerly will be placed in nomi
nation by R. Jones Monaghan, of West
Chester, nnd the nomination will be
soconded by Delegate Crosby, of Erie,
and aiso by James M. Peek, of Phila
delphia. Too other nominee who will be
chosn by acclamation will b?; John
S. Rilling, id Erie county, lieutenant
governor; Davi l F. Uagee, Lan
castor, auditor general, and Adjut
ant General Walter W. Greenland,
of Clarion county, secretary of inter
nal affairs. The two CADdidates
for comrressmnn-at-large have not yet
been definitely selected Hannibal K.
Sloan, of Indiana; A. A. Plnraer, of
Venango; Major T, Brent Swearinger,
of Allegheny, and Gerard C. Brown, of
York, are prominently mentioned.
.Messrs. Brown and Bloan were tonight
Selected for these nominations, but Mr.
Brown declined to srve. It is probable
that Major Swearinger and Mr. Sloan
will be the nominees, Ex-Mayor W.
A. Rose, of Johnstown, wnsapokan of for
lieutenant governor today, bnt it was
stated tonight that he had been suc
ceeded by Mr. Rilling.
A majority of the delegates are on
the ground tonight, and, with a brass
band, they aro enlivening the Btste
oapitol. Thor i mt one contest and
that is from Allegheny. The two
names certified as having been Regally
elect ed are James McCnbe and Patrick
MoNsrnay, The contestants ore George
S Fleming and T M. Brophy. The
credential committee will have to set
tle the dispute,
Tho Democratic state convention ot
Maine nominated Charles F. .loiinson, for
The original Coxey army's supply of pro
visions is so low that, meals have become
scanty and Infrequent
J, S. Morris' Sons, hardware men of
Hi as ton, Tex., have failed with liabilities
estimated atfi4T,U00, and assets sufficient
to satisfy them.
Black diphtheria is raging in Middle
town, N. V, and there is great consterna
tion at Chester, where forty cases have
developed within two days.
The first Northern I'acitic through pn-
songer train since ,Tune I arrived at Ta
coma. Wash., .yesterday morulrig. Here
after trains will run regularly.
The British h1h Lac mane, bound from
Ualontta for Ban Francisco with a cargo
Ol jute and gUttUiaSL has been cut 14" days,
and shipping and insurance men are iie
coming anxious about her.
Receiver Knight, of the Massachusetts
branch ol the Iron Hall, hns notified fifty
run lodges that unless they make good
their shortages of from fc!f to IO,dOO they
will be forced out of the order.
E CLEAR I wHniNOTo.s..Inno ao. Forecast
I for N'etlticsdaii: hor CdstSrtl
B ftnHsvltWNio, tAtmdse snotosrs
in the it fterntion; SoUtS "'inrfs.
'or rFesfers HinnsvIvana,'AoMrt sltijhthj
xvuAoi r, soutitttiSst rciiids.
mi mmm
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