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. OCIETY had a medi
ocre relapse last
week. It was iun,
ly & local nir..ction-
howerer, nnd cti
bo attributed to a
great exttnt to tbe
large number of col
lege comiuence
meuts out of town
mid tiuiilnr rxercisas hero in the city.
In consequence social nintters to
be dropped during tbe preparation nud
tbe outpouring of parents and brothers
and sisters from the city to witness tbe
graduations. Yet from h social stand
point nud the muny girlo and men wnn
have been languishing for "tlio crowd"
to Hwell, it is just M well that tbe com
mencement nicouy id ovor and that it
appeared mostly in u big lump during
week The welcome reactiou is boun 1
to come quickly.
Speaking of commotio jmnt recall I
the fact that tbe termination of school
day3 la considered in a varied array of
lights. Your studious young man
with bit proverbial grotesque shape
and awkward gait, swallows ceiu
mencemmit like the last hutried mor
sel of a 10-oent quick lunch and on tee
principle of a
clerk's noon hour, scurries off to re
nt we.l activity either in tbe studious,
professional or business world. It il
somewhat different with your wtnte
trontered, ut'gllgoe-shirted, debonair
young man. Commencement to him
is a dreaded heodoo. As soon us be
makes up his mind that it is
inevitable ha does biB part on
the Fourth of July order and skyrock
ets the whole niattor through us an
cVeut of good riddance to bad rubtage.
He afterwards in-sntnes the worldly
wise and complaisant air of th full
fledged college young man and with
lunch turned up trousers and a wide
brimmer bound with a ribbon of varied
hue enters into tho sundoa'd frivolities
i,a it mitter of course,
Mater fondly looks at the young; man
and thinks how sorelv he nee Is tin
recreation. Paterfamilias, however,
wipes his glassns, winks bin other ey'
and grunts to himself: "You can go it
this summer I've been there myself
I ut you'll work ia the fafl all right.
Of course there are college men an 1
college men, and to the credit of
American universities be it said that
the mill grinds out a sturdy, brainy
brawn of yonth which comprises one
of the mainstays, if not the anchor, of
the natiou. But the summer girl
doesn't look at it in that light. She
welcomes with the balance of tbe
Bisterhool tbe hordes who for the sea
sin will worship at her shrine; poisi
bly her altar will receive a lifetime's
nffectionate worship. Anyhow, tne
summer, tbo men, the young ladies
nud precedent tire here whit are you
going to do about it?
A recently added social feature will
no doubt cut quite a figure in the sea
son's recreation. Tr.o Gentlemen's
Driving club, organized during the
week, 1b alluded to. Its members
comprise some of Scrantuu's best
known business men who have an nd
miration for horse ll-sh. They propose
holding occasional moetings at the
driving park, when only gentlemen
drivers will handle the ribbons over
their flyers' bacKs. Tneir wives and
daughters and sons mint necessarily imbued with the enthusiasm
of the heads of tbe families. Tub con
tcquoiice will bj that soci
eiy will fljck to the driv
ing park and bet candy, glovi'S
and lots of thiugs while pater in his
shirt sleeves leans back from the sulky
seat and coos "Wh-o-o-n-p" or yells
''hi, yi, yi," as tbe occasion may d
maud. Tbe clnb comprises over fifty
members aud the following offie ts: J.
Frank Siegel, president; Ur. G E. Hill,
vice-president; John A. Fritz, secre
tary; F. It White, treasurer; J. L.
Crawford, Geo. M. Hallstead, H. P.
Simpson, E. J. Goodwin, W. M. Jer
myn. P. S Pags, D. B. R -ynolds and
Ambrose Spencer, directors. The first
"matinee" will bo bold next Saturday
The week jntt passad is tbe month of
weddings, and roses was not betrayed
by Cnpid. There occurred nuptials
galore, and some of them are here man
tinned: Misa Kate McDonougb to Junios
T. Kourney. at St. Patrick's church, by
Rev. J. B. Whelau; Miss Josephine
Lloyd to Attorney W. R. Lewis, at
home of the bridt, by Rev. W. S. Jones;
Miss May Mahon, daughter of William
MaUon, of Olyphant, to Deputy Pro
thonotary John F. Cummings, by Rev.
P. J. Murphy; Miss Gertrude L Kel
low to E Wallace L-wis, of Cnicugo,
at tbe Asbury Methodist Eni-icopal
church, by lit v. II. F Chaffee; Miss
Lizzie Parr to W. J. Brace, at the
Summer avenue Preobyterian church,
by Rev. R. J. Jonea; Miss Cora L
K-rsnura to Joseph E Evans, at tbe
bride's home, by Rev. D. W, Skull
Ingerj Miss Annie Scholl to William
Pfeififer, at the South Side Uorman
Presbyterian euurcb, by Rav. August
Profossor Sonthwnrt'i's recital Mon
Ay oveuing at the Young Men's Chris
tian association will ba a Very entcr
ttiuing affair. Among those who will
assist is Miss Horao, pianist, of Dun
mote. It is not to be woudered at that such
an interest is taken by the public gener
ally in the forthcoming production of
the "Fall of Babylon," The cast of
characters, together with a chorus of
600 voices and Bauer's gr and orchestra,
is bound to draw tremeudoiu audien
ces. The entire work will be hand
somely stage l, and tt)e dra
matic action will be of a high
order. The oast will Include
Joseph P. Burns, Wilkes-Barre; Mrs.
Kate Crossin-O'Brien, John T. Wat
kins, Miss Sadie K -iaer, Wilkat-Barre;
W. D. Evans, Carbondale; Miss An
nette Reynolds, New York; Philip
Warren, E.lwln Bowen, Mies Lydia
Bailer, David C. Richards, Arthur
Foote H. F. Thayer, Charles O'Mulley.
The executive staff Is composed as fol
lows: Board of directors A W. Dick
ion, E. EL Ripple, E. L. Fuller, Tallin
Morgan, Luther Kellor; musical di
rector, Tallie Morgan: stage director,
John T. VVatbins; assistant stage di
rector, John M. Harris; diroctor of
orchestra, R. J. Bauer; planiBt, Mrs
Evangelyn Nlcol ; drills, Frank Seigel
and Frank B. Rsnda; scenery, R. H.
Mennis; property, F. W. Guard.
Among thoso who attended tbe Cor
nell commencement exercises during
the Week were Colonel George Sander
son and family, Mr. and Mrs. James
Archbald, Miss Arebbald and Mis9
Augusta Arclilmld, Mr. and Mrs. E L.
Fuller, Mies Clara B, Simpson, Miss
Welles, nud Miss Catherine Stanton, of
As will be observed by notice else
where, the pupils of Miss S. L. Har
denbergh will give a recital on Monday
at 1 p.m., at her studio nt W7 Wyo
ming avenue, to which musical friends
are invitod. Miss Hardenbergh's repu
tation Its n careful and painstaking in
Biructor, is well established in Scran
ton and it is unnecessary to predict that
the coming ruusicile will be ploasure
able to all musio lovers who muy at
tend. A small luncheon was given yester
day noon by Miss Welles iu honor of
her guest, Miss Clay,
Personal Mention;
Bov. T. F. Caikey, formerly rector
ot Urace church in this place, but
latterly of st. John's American
church, at Dresden, has been invited by
the faculty of theLebigh nniversity, south
Bethlehem, to occupy the profestorsbtp
chair ot mental anil moral philosophy, at
that institution tor the next college yi-ar.
Mr. Caikey bus accepted the invitation,
after obtaining tbe reluctant consent of
bis vestry to do so, Mr. and Mrs. Caskoy
Will shortly leave for America, os Mr.
Caekey enters upon his duties early in
(September, Rev. Dr. Worcester, the pres
ent incumbent of tbe chair, will occupy
.Mr. Oaskey'i pulpit during hiB
llniiondali) CltiSen.
Professor Haydn Evans will leave on
Aug. 15 with a party of musitiaus for
Walts. They wlU bo absent from ten
Weeks to three months, and will give eu
tertalnments in numerous places tbrongh
Wales ami HpgiauQ. frortnior il vans'
party will consist of, besides himself and
Ur. Davis, Mlas Madia Keiser, ol Wnkes
Barre, soprano; isi Cordelia Fi'eeman, of
rlnntlngdon, alto; ltichiud Williams, of
Kingston, tenor; Richard Thouiai, of
Soranton, ba-no, and Miis Julia Aden,
dangbter of Dr. Aileu, violinist, After
the return of the party Profossor Ev;ns
Will go to YonngStoWIL )., to act as ad
judicator of I be annual Christmas eisteJd-
ion to held :u tuit place.
Michael Maudeu, of Manistee, Mich.,
reached this city yesterday afternoon,
Next Wednesday ho will wed cue of the
ttott th Hide's most attractive yonng ladies,
Mi.i.-. Hose, daughter of Mr. atul II r.
Frank P. Brady, of 528 Genet street, The
ceremony will be performed with a nup
tial muss iu St. John's t'nthollc church, on
Figstre-'t. A wedding breakfast will be
served at the bride's home und the newiy
weddi d folks will leave Immediately after
ward for Mr. Madden'l homo iu the West.
Miss Brady Will be attouded by her sister,
Liiisie, as bridesmaid.
K 'V. Henry E- Bwentae, formerly of St.
Luke's, served as chaplain ut the cum
lueircemoat of the i,..h school department
of the Pratt lustitnte la Brooklyn. N. v.,
yesterday. He has accepted an invitation
to read one ot the papers for discus-iion at ,
the next church congress to be held iu
Huston next autumn.
Profes-air E. V. Davenport, who has
been principal of Iho Shorthand depart
ment of Wood's Business college for the
past three years, severed his connection
with the college yesterday and will In the
fall enter Columbia college, Xew York,
making his home at tho First Methodist
Episcopal parsonage, Yunkers, N. Y,
The soloist, Miss Aunie Reynolds, of tho
First Presbyterian church, will take her
vacation during July and August, so that
tomorrow will be her last Sunday iu the
euurcb until September. Mis Seymour,
tho orgauist, will leave for Europe next
Hisses Nellie and Jennie Hartley have
returned from Fort Edward Collegiate In
ititnte.N. Y., where they have been spend
ing the pai t year. Nellie Hartley gradu
ated with honors in her clasB, winning the
senior giyluatiug essay prize.
Rev. an. Mrs. Warren (i. Partridge at
tended commencement at Colgate univer
sity during the week. Mr. Furtridgo de
livered the oratiou before tho Alumni as
sociation and Sirs. Partridge assisted in
receiving at tho D. U. reception Wednes
day evening.
Merlo J. Wightman.secretary and treas
urer of the Srrautou Rapid Transit com
pany, was in Philadelphia 'hiring the week
to purchas a cars for the Middletowu elec
tric road, iu which bn is also interested.
Mr. A. A. Long, of Union f'ity, Mich.;
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Whitmire and Mr.
and Mrs, Daniel Whitmire, of Orangaville,
Pa., are the guests of Rev. J. (i. Whitmiro,
1014 James street.
Fred Kohlor, of this city, was married nt
noon Thursday at HtOkettStOWn, N. J., to
Miss Anuio LnHrr. Quite a psrty of
Scran ton peoplo attended t he weddiug.
Ex-Judije and Mrs. Alfred Hand, tho
.'llanos Hand and Dr. Alfred Hand, leave
Wednesday to witness ihe graduation of
Miles T. Hand from Williams college.
City Treasurer Reese G. Brooks and Mrs.
Brooks and ilr. und Mrs. William R. Mc
Ctave were present at the praduation of
Qeorge Brooks from C.irnoll.
Mayor and Mrs. W. I,. Couuoll and Dr.
nnd Mrs. A. J. Connell nro expected to re
turn Monday from Now York and the
pleasure resorts of that vicinity.
Ml. and Mr H. W. Kingsbury, W. W.
Scranton, (). A. Oakford, R. H. Brooks
and A. B. Kierstoad, of this city, were in
Now York daring the woek.
Rev. Joseph Ynrbek, of Mt. Lebanon in
the Holy Hand, is a guest at Rt. Rov.
Bishop O'Hera's house. He is a Syrian of
high attainments.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bohlagef nnd
family returned yesterday from a threo
week's visit among the pine grove3of
North Carolina.
Mr. and Mrs. James Archbald aud family
will next week begin occurtvtug for tbo
summer their cottage at Murtha's Vine
yard. Mrs. William Packer, of Syracuse, N.Y.,
was the guest of Mrs. M. D. Brown, of
Saunuer on avenue, during tho week.
Isuuc Harvey, of DkgUt mine, Elk coun
ty, is visiting his uncle William Harvey, of
East Market street, Green Ridge.
MimBllia Chase, t 'achor at tho nigh
school, leaves Monday to spend a vacation
at the sen-bore end tho mountains.
T. F. Archbald, Yale '9(1, is entertaining
his classmates, Mr, Lee, of tho Isle of Triu
idad, and Ur. Belo, of Texas.
Mrs. O. T. Green, of Syracuse, is thn
guest of ber parents, Mr. and Mrs. William
Price, of South .Main avonue.
M. J, Eavin, of Wilkes-Barre, was the
guet ( t l icuet Agent ueorge J. McDonald
a few days last week.
Mrs. W. K. Packer, of Bvraonsfl, N.Y., is
visiting Mr. nnd Mrs. M. D. Brown, of
Sanderson nvouuo.
Mis Holmes and Miss Htanton.of Hones-
dale, nro spending today with Miss Hunt
and Miss Blair.
Attorney W. H. Jossup, jr., is at Mon
trose, where ho will epeud Sunday with
his family,
Attornov Horace E. Hand returned last
night from a business trip to Now York.
Professor Rotbrock, stnto commiisloncr
or forestry, wus iu tho city yesterday.
Mrs. D. B. Athoi ion and arm sre visiting
airs, uarrott smitn at wuices-uarre.
Miss Harriot Coleman left yeeto day for
Dsuiuscus to spend July and August.
Mr. J. A. Duckworth nnd family have
gone to Hake Ariel for the summer.
Mie Neva Tilbury, of Union, N. Y., is
visiting friends iu this city.
Compendium of Intelligence Relating to Scran-
ton's Religious Activities.
He Will Deliver an Appropriate Ser
mon Tomorrow Personal and Oth
er Mention in Connection with the
Good Work of the Various Church
Anxiliary Societies What the Pas
tors and Laymen Are Planning and
Rov. N. F. Stabl.of tne Green Ridge
Presbyterian church, will preach the
eleventh anniversary sermon tomorrow
morning ut 10 30 a. m. The reverend
geuth man bus been pastor of the
church for over nine years, and with
out doubt, they hav.) been years of
prosperity. From a smull beginning
the church has increased in members,
and its spiritualizing inniienoe is
mightily felt in the city Tne home
work is carefully and efficiently oar
ried on, while its betiovolouee is as far
reaching us the Christian activity ol
tho Presbyterian denomination. Their
edifice Is magnifloent, harmoniously
combining tbo substantial und the
aesthetic, and impressing tbo mind of
the worshipper with thn suulimo and
the beautilul.
Th activity of the church nnd the
sc i of its charity may ba seen from
th" following figures, which is a brief
compendium ot the work of the year
from April 1893 to April 1894: Num
ber udi'ed to the ohnreh, 1il. making a
total memberabip of 49-t. Ti:e Bundiiv
school numbers IHIT, ana having a el eft'
of teachers snd officers tbatonmber U7
During the year the church und cjiu
gregation contributed S-:14,0!) for home
expenses nnd benevolences In its
schedule of charities nro. the homo and
foreign missionary societl-s, educa
tional and Sunday sohool work, church
extensiou and ministerial relief, aid to
colleges and a eoutrihutfon to the gen
eral assembly, the American Bible so
ciety und the Freediuen of the South.
The s iuh chsriuble spirit character
less the Sunday school. It ba paid its
current expenses and given $'M to aid
in planting schools ia destitute locali
ties. Durinu' the yar the school con
tributed to aid tho First Slavic
church of t'eckville. To this may be
added much other charitable work that
' cannot be computed in currency. No
worthy uppoul io the church has been
set, und maliy a valuable box has
beeu gitut to the drstitnto and ueedy,
when suffering from the scourge ut
tl lode ni d tempest.
The work of the year is highly corn
nlimeutary to both the pistor and th
people, and tiny can truly erect their
Kbeneser and sav "hitherto the
Lord bath help-id us." May tlio same
prosperity crown their labors iu future
Rev. D. A. Evans, of tbe Puritan Con
gregational church, speut Thursday in
v ilkes-Barrv.
P.ev. W. G. Wat kins hus returned from
Bucknell university, and will occuuy tho
pulpit tomorrow morning aud oveuing.
Rev. J. Twyson Jones, paster of the
Fifth avenue Congregational church of
Pittsburg, culled on muny of his frleuds
tins week.
Eev 1) W. Bkelllnger will spend Sun
day ut Sciiencctady, N. Y whore he will
take part iu the inauguration of Rev. A.
V. V. Re mood, D. D., us president of
Union college.
The family of Rev. L. C. Floyd, Ph. D..
hiiB gone to Gctnu grove fur the su miner.
Mr. Floyd expects to join them next week
nnd -.p'1,.1 pare of his vacation at this
popular sea-shore resort.
Rev. David Joue", of tbe West Side.
visited New York city last Wednesday to
meet two sisters of Mrs. Jones whocurao
from Wales and nrenow staying with Mr,
Jones on South Lincoln avenue
Rev. nud Mrs. Chaffee, of Asbuiv Meth-
oJnt Hpiscopnl church, and Rev. aud Mrs
Sautee, of tho t cdnr Avonue church, at
tended the semi-centennial celebration of
Wyoming seminary lust Wednesday.
Last Tuesday Presiding Elder Eckman
held the ciuarterly meeting at the Cedar
Avenue Methodist Episcopal church. Tho
(iiiorterly rerort was very satisfactory
and snowed tho society in a prosnerous
Rev. D. C. Hughes. D, D., attended com
mencement at Factoryville, whero he acted
tho part of adjudicator in the rhetorical
and oratonal work ot the students. Tho
doctor delivered tho adjudication and
awarded the prize.
Kev. Hugh Uavies, ot tho Wost Sme. is
acknowledged the most powerful preacher
ol the LwlVinistlQ JnetuOutst rhurcu in
America. Ho is at present spending throe
weeks In Wisconsin, preaching in the au
nnnl convention ot tbo SUte association.
Rov. P. R. Hawxhurst, D. D dolighted
a lurgo audience last Tuesday evening at
the 1'urk Place church bv his lecture. An
other of his interesting talks will be given
nextl'ridny evening, which will be prop
erly illustrated with a etereopf iron. Sub
ject is "Wonders ot tho World."
Institutions of learning roraember their
quondam students and lovo to hear tho
vi lee or their ri'lng sons. THIS week two
of the clorgy of our city delivered addresses
bo. ore thenlnmni of seats of learning they
attended. They were Key. . j. Ford, at
Havana, N. J., and Rev. (i. W. Partridge,
at uoalgnte university, . y.
8om of tbo pastors of the Hnpt-st do
nomination are talking about obsorving i
Pnptist Day, by having a mammoth exenr
sum to somo public resort, which will be
joined by all he Baptist churches of tbe
valley. There is no question but it would
entuuso a largo numtier, if the several
congregations can be brought into line.
Throe candidates were baptized by Rev
D. C. Hughes, D. D.. last Sunday evening
in tno jeoison street etiurch.
Rev. Thomas Bell, of Coonsctleut, will
preach at the Plymouth Congregutioanl
church tor the next two Sundays.
Next Monday evening the Cedar avenue
Methodist Episcopal church will elect two
new trustees to servo for threo years.
Rev. M, D. Fuller, of tho Providence
Methodist Episcopal chuivb, nnd Rev. J.
B. Sweet, of Ashloy, will exchange pulpits
Rev. T. O, Collins, of the Scranton Btraet
Hanttst chnrch, will return today from i
vi-H to his former home, and will OOOUPJ
his pulpit at the regular services tomor
row. Rev. Augustus Lange, of tho Hickory
street I'resuyienan church, is pronchlug
series ol sermons iu tne Sunday morning
Services on mo l.oro l rayer. At tumor
nw evening's service he will give tho lust
of his talks on his recent trip to Uermany
ard oaoged by a disordered stoin
nch. The genuine Carls bail Hpru
del Salt is a positive remedy for
a disordered Btomaeh. lb dears
tho completion iud purifies the
hlood. Best results when out
door exercise can bo had. Secure
o.i ly tho genuine imported article,
wlneh must have the signature of
"Eisner it Mendelsou Co., Agts.,
New York," ou every package.
which have given great .pleasure to the
Rev. and Mrs. M. H. Mill have speuc the
week iu Lancaster. Mr. Mill returned home
last evening end will occupy his pulpit to
morrow morning aud evemug at the usual
The congregations of the Hickory street
Presbvterian church end of Christ church
on Mifflin avenue will give up Suuday
evening services for the months of July
and August.
To preach every Snbbntb sod teach daily
school is too onerous a burden for one man
and this Is the experience of Rev. Freder
ick Holier, of Prospect avenue. He taught
a daily school in the basement of his
church and preached every Sunday for
several months. At length a teacher was
hired, Arthur Bntze. who has charge of
seveuty-eeven enrolled pupils.
Rev. R. P.Williams, of Holyhead, North
Wales, will preach at the Tabernacle
church tomorrow. Services at 10 a. in., 2
to 0 p. m. Mr. Williams is an eminent di
vine and an able preacher. Ou Monday
evening he will preach in Taylor, on Tues
pay evening nt the First Congregational
church, and on Wednesday oveuing in tho
Congregational church of Providence.
Rev. Daniel Savage, of the Primitive
Methodist church, will preach tomorrow
morning on "Griimblors." During these
hot days their number Is legion, and Mr.
Savage will surely hit some of tlieiu. The
object of the soi mou ia, however, to in
duce these peoplo to quit "Grumblors's
Btreet" and inovo to "Thankaglvinj
Streot." We wish our brothor much suc
The active ones.
The young people of the Plymouth Con
gregational anarch will run their annual
excursion next Wednesday to Lake Ariel.
The yoUBgpeopleof tho Washburn StP-et
Presbyterian church will run an excursion
next Thursday to the famous Delaware
Water Gap.
Next Monday evening the Boys' brigade
of thedince Reformed church will meet
for tbe lest time before disuuudiug fur the
slimmer months.
The Self-Dehial band of tho Primitive
Methodist church, will hold a social next
week. The piece Jds will be applied to re
duce tho debt ou the church.
Children's Day will boosrva l to-nwr-
row afternoon at i p. tn in the First t'on-
gn Rational church, when a good pro-
raiiime ot songs und recitations will be
The youns people of the Jackson Streot
Buntist church will c lebrute the Fourth
ot July by inviting the public to an enter
tainment to be held m the church thut
Next Tuesday tho Sunday tchool of tho
Grace Reformed church will hold its au-
nual picnic nt Lake Ariel, The arruuge-
incntii have been completed by the ennrgy
of V, T. Harkett, superintendent, aud ft,
Welseullue, treasurer.
Tho young tieonle of tho Primitive
Methudi-'t church are debating plans how
beet to get money to lay a now side-walk
before the church. Thoy search f. r some
thing origiunl and taking, and now idea
are thimkfuily received.
Tho Green Ridge Presbyterian church
has the largest Christian E.iueavor society
la the i,acl;uwa:iiia iTe-uytory. it has u
membership of Washburn street Pres
byterian church scrioty comes next, with
a membership of 2U5. These figures were
given in the Inst annual rei ort; since then
hew members have beeu added.
Next Tuesday the Sunday sohool and the
two mission schools of the hecond Presby
terinn church will run their annual excur
sion to l-arview. Tuh tram etarrji rmm
Yitio street at 8.80 p. In. and returns at 4 :io
u. in. The public Is invited to loin the
school iu a p.'uasaut days' outing. Tickets
may bo had from Charles Chauler, of
Powell's music store or a. b, wiiiiama of
uie jilercliants aud .uecnanics' 0 u.u.
The Epworth league of Simpson church
will repeat "le U.d rolfces Coucorte" for
tho beuctit of the Hampton street church
next Friday evening in tho auuitorium of
tho church, corner Hampton und Ninth
streets. The concert gave most excellent
eatisfactiou when rendered n few weeks
iigo in Iho Simpson church. Tho admis
sion is only 10 cents, much less than the
real vnluo or tho entertainment. Come
end enjoy the treat.
Whatever scheme enlists tho sympathy
and activity of tho young people on the
Bien of tho church it should be encouraged
ana rostored. j ue problem that bus long
puzzled the church is how to hold the
young 1U( n, and one ot the most success
ful movements of recent inception is mili
tary organization. ide-awake men lay
no:u or tne military menace in tne lad.
aud by it briug him to submit to the yoke
of the Master and make him a Boldier of
tho croBS. If this is new to any staff of
omcers in our onnrcnet, ana tneir Drain
dice is against such an orgiiuization, they
fitiouid thing tnnco neiure denouncing it
and remember the apostle who mado him
self all things thut he might win men to
Communion service will be held tomor
row morning nt tho Providence Welsh
Congregational church, und in the evening
iu tno rioviueuco ucisii isaptist church.
The parsonage of tho Park Place Meth
odist Epbcopal chnrch looks very much
improved after the painters' brush, and
the Providence Methodist Episcopul church
follows the example iu i aiming the inter
Tho Park Place Methodist Episcopal
cunicu has hitherto oeen ncuieii nr lames
Since the advent of Dr. Hawxhurst ns their
pastor ninuy improvements have bn ef
tocicd, and soon the congregstion will have
better and greater light by laying gus
pipes and clung away with tno Btnoky
Mis. D. T. Jenkins, wife of Rev. D. T.
Jenkins, of Worth Dakota, is visiting
friends in the city. Mrs. Jenkins,' old
home was on the South Side, where her
mot her still resides. She is greatly as ton
ished at tlio growth of our city and is well
nigh persuaded that Scranton OUtWestl
tho west in push aud enterprise.
Last Wednesday afternoon tbe Ladlos'
Aid society of the First Welsh baptist
church gave an atrernoou tea in the par
lors of tuo chinch iu hOnorof Mrs. W. S,
Jones, wile of the pastor, before her de
parture for a visit to Wales, Mir. Jones
will leave noxt week and expects to spend
a lew months la tuo inna ot uer fathers,
Tho now Auditorium of Ocean Urovo
will be one of the attractions this season
It will be opened tho first Sunday in July
t he material is sneet iron, mint in semi
circular form, having seats to accomodate
10,000 people. The cost of erection is tit I, -
000. It is an improvement much needed
and Ocean Uruve has now the lurge
church in the Uuited States.
William E. Davis, a studont at Marietta
cnllen, is home for his vacation. Mr. Da
vies brought with him a first class Ci rul
cate of graduation from the preparatory
department, which Is very creditable to
him, and Is a positive proof of tho good
worn no has none rns mnny rritnui con
gratiilate him and wish him tho same
niHiibiiro of success in tho collegiate de
partment, which he will enter in the fall
ALL Soils' Ciit itcn Pine etroet, near
Adams avenue. Rev. George W. Powell,
pastor, will preach tomorrow at 10-30 u.m.
fevbject, "A Bonfire of Books." Sunday
school at 'i m Young people's meoting
at f,80 p. m. You are invited.
Church or OBBUt, ScrrarisT Sponcor
builumg, 610 Adams uveuue. Bible lesson
at l":.:.i a. in. nnd church service at 7:30 p.
m. 1). N. McKee, speaker. All are wel
coni". Seats free.
Calvary Hkformkd Cnimcn-Corncr of
Monroe end Utbsoa street. Sunday school
at 1) a. m. instead of 7. 80 p, in. Subjects,
morniiiK, "David looking Backward;"
evening, "ExeUIOfl," when Ruv. Roso
Wicks will preach. ll wr-lcnme.
i RVsWB OV Tit! QOOB Snxf-naiin Green
Rldye street. Fifth Sunday after Trinity.
Holy communion, S u. in.; inoriilugpruyei,
lit. my nud Serttton, 10.!0; Kuiidiiy
school, Vi in.; Youug Peanle's eocitty, 8.4a
p. m. ; evening prayer snd sermou, 7.30 p.
ni. All saats free. All welcome.
North i-iTiiuton, Suoit avenue, Opposite
Park Pince public school, H. liiuusou Uic.i-
F. Pidgin, Whose Popular Airs Are
Everywhere Sung.
What a tiresouie world it would be
if there were no sonua in it.
One of the most Vr-raitile soni writ
ers is Cnarle.1 F. Pidgin. of Carabri'lee,
Alafs,, whose portrait la here given
Everybody knows his sonas. School-
t oys whistle tnem and sober business
men go about hum mint; thein.
When it writer of popular sonys u
tired und worn out he connot do goo-!
work nor can any one. All over the
world physicians of every school nre
scribe Pninn's oolerv conmotin l where
overwork and anxiety has brought
down the tone of the nervous system
Prof. E.J ward E. Phelps, M.D., LL D ,
of Dartmouth College, the eminent
tl iscoverer of Paine's celery compound,
dsvoted the most fruitful yoarj of his
remarkable oarser to tuo study of the
blood sn-1 nerves.
Vt-ry soon after taking this remark
able remedy the circulation is favor
ably sffeoted; there is a m irked dexire
for hearty food, t lis heart's action be-
com s tranrjiiilized and strong, and thf
nervous and dig-stive systems are hnr-
moniz d and invigorated and sleepless
ness disappear!, thus stopping the
waste and staying the progress of dis-
nrds, pastor; services at 10.30 n. m. aud 8 j
p. in.
Elm Park MlTHODIST Episcopal
Cbdbob Rev. W, ij. Pearce, pastor.
The pastor will preach etiO.iiOa. m. and
7.40 p. m. bunday school at 2. p m. E; -worth
League at 0.1.0 p. m.
Sacrament of the Loid's supper will be ail
minietered in the morning; preach ng by
the paetor, Rc-v. Dr. MoLeoci, iu tlie even
ing at 7.30 o'clock. Tho Uov. K A. ilutch
more, I). D., tho moderator of tlie genprnl
aseeiublv, will supply the pulpit tho first
two Subbatlis of duly.
Green Bool Evanoki.ic.vl OKUBCH
The anniverinry of the organization of the
church will he observed at the morning
service. Hie sernv-n will be by the pastor.
Bible school at 13 o'clock. Christian En
davor mating ut G.-lonnd evenius s.-rvke
at 7.4").
Qraoi English Luthibam Chukch
Foster W. Oi:t, pastor. SorVices on Suu
day at the Young Men's Christian associa
tion on Wyoming avemio at 10 30 a. in. aud
7.30 in the evening. All are welcome.
Hami-ton Stiieet Methodist ICpiscopal
CncnOH Rev. A. W. Cooper, pastor.
Preaching at 10.30 a, m. auii 7.80 p. va. bv
the pnBtor; class mt-oting liiimediutely fol
lowing the morning Service. Sunday
Bchool at 2 p m. JEpwortii league preyer
service nt 0.30 p. ni. All sittings free ncd
every ouo welcome.
Saint lcke's Ciicncn Kev. Ilogcra
Israel rector. Nativity St. John the Baptist;
Holy Communion, 8 a. ni.; servico ami ser
mon, 10.30 a. in.; Sunday school and Bible
class, 2 30 p. ni.; evening prayer
7.30 p. m. Nursery open at 10 a.
m. at 325 Washington avenue, where chil
dren will be kindly cared for while par
ents attend service.
Saint Luke's Duhmoke Mission Rev.
A. L. Urban in charge. Sunday school 3 p.
ni. ; evening prayer and sermon, 4 p. in.
Rev. Cliiiries E. Robinson, 1). D. pastor,
Services 10.30 fn. m. and 7.3 1 p. ni, The
pastor will preach in the evening on "In
crease of Power." All aro welcome.
Simpson Methodist Episcopal CBDBOB
Love feast at 0 a. m. communion ser
vice and the rocoption of members at 10.80
a. m. ; Sabbath school at. 12 m, In the even
ing the pastor will preach on "Tho Water
of Life." All teats free. Strangers wel
come. Trinity EltOLISB Lutheran CBUBCB,
Adams avenue, corner .Mulberry street
Rev. E. L Miller, pastor. Services at 10.30
a. m. and 7.3.) p. m. Seats aro free, and
visiting Worshippers are always welcome.
of Luke and Kurtz streetr Rev. J. G.
Wbitemore, nutor, "Object Sermon" for
the benellt of the children nt 10.30 a. in.
Sunday school at 2 p. m. Uospol sorviccs at
745 p. m.
WAIBBUBB Stukkt Pre -in vteiiian
CbURGB Services at St, David's hall at a. m.,aondneted by Dr. Qtorge Jlahy;
at 7.30 p. ui. by Kev. It. 0. Joues. Other
services as usual.
Tiik world is always interested in tln
curo of consumption; yet Its prevention is
of lar more importance. Dr. Wood's Nor
way lJiue Kyruo is gn area teed to cure
cotiBhe and colds. Hold by all dealers on a
guarantee of satisfaction.
Having Battered from Dy"
peraUa for three yo'ire, 1 oe
Cidntl to try BCBD-OOI Buioai
BtTTBfta. and after usimr ""S
botti" 1 tonne myself en mueb
better that l was encoanuptq
M us" auolher; after Inking
thl-1 find ray Self SO fully ro
stored tiint. I So not dkcu any
Hiers mediums, feeling trnljr
grateful to H. II. II.
Jlus. U. WrtlTB.
Taberi, Oneida Oo.,a.X
For Delicacy,
Forpnrlty, and for iniproveineul of the com
plexion, nothing equals Pozzovi'a Powdor.
As long as waste continn- s, disease
ooutino s, and the first step in the re
covery of many a persons health bos
been the first bottle of Pslne's celery
Mr, Pidgin says that he otsd Paine's
cel.-ry o jinpound as a nerve touio and
laxative. He ws not siclc, only "tired"
from press of business. Its us put
h!ni in good condition again. "I roc
nmmend it," be e.-iys, "to literary
frionds. "
Weariness, lack of enorgy, and de
spondency are mure a matter of nerves
nud brain than of tbo muscles. Pslne's
celery componod toskss new, ricbly
vitalized blood go briskly through tbe
nerves, brain and every important or
gan, l -i to soen coms au end to
tlreil , worn-ont feellngj, loss of appe
tite and alnoplttssnees.
Thousnuds of men struggling uuder
great responsibilities, anxious over
worked mothers nud wives and shop
giris who are forced to stand on their
feet all day long, bnild np their
strength nnd nervous energy with
Pane's cnlury compiuiid. It rids the
svstein of lack of energy that follows
t bloodless condition.
Ksnufacturers of tbe Celebrated
100,000 Bbls. Per Annum,
flosl of the tiest quality f-r domestic use,snil
If nil size, delivered in any part of the cltj
t lowest price.
Orders left at my office,
Roar room, flrnt floor. Thlr 1 National Bank.
or sent by mall or ti'lopbono to the mine, will
receive prompt attention.
Bmou oatTsMtsl will b mftdn tor
the sah
ana Uvilvery of liuckwhvat CoaL
DKXTJB RUCK CO., Inc'o. rnpitsl, $1 ,000,000.
BEST 8I..10 SlIOE IN Tllfe WOKLI).
".4 dollar kind it a dollar tarntd." .
This Ladles' Nolld t i ;i -1 Magala Kid Rot
tou Boot dsllvorod five tavwbero In fee U.S., oa
receipt of CMS, Moaf y Order,
or I'ibUI Note for tl.SO.
Beaals svery way the boou
old la nil retail ttorcs for
t'lM. V innto thli boot
otivielvefl, therefero we ar
anltr the fit, itule and mar,
and If any oto is not tuHed
vo will rciuoil mo nnmey
or seed another pair. Opera
or UOBSflSOII renpe.
V, Ktt,
Mm 1 lo 6 nnd turn
t:t your tut;
Dexter Shoe Go,
fljteciitt f"trt to ItttirM.
Eureka Laundry Co.
Cor. Linden St. and Adams Ave.
lot nt House bgu Aas.
All kisda ot Laundry work guarantee!
the best,
Robinson s Sons
it x.v -itita
aTt.n I :i ' ,V wtrtthe .'
,1 M
i i, Hi. 'i J v. v"-t.i j
Locomotives and Stationary Engines, Boilers,
General Oft SCK ANTON. PA.
AntUiadts coal used exclusively, lnsurlna
cleaulineHB and comfort.
Trains leave Hcrantoo for Pittnton. Wilkes.
P5rr-e'n,?tS:,.at,3!- B l5- liM a. mTu.801 100,
Mi I io! flop m p' m' yundaya- u-u0 m-
For Atlantic City. 8.30 a. m.
For New York, Newerk and Ellzabotli. 8.20
(express) a. m., 12.51) (exprusa with Huffot
parlor car), (express; p. to. Sunday 2.15
p. nr.
eon uaccn CBOnt, Allentown, Bethi
For Heading, Lobanon and Harrlsburg. via
Alleutown, 8.20 u, m., U60, 6.00, p.m. Buuday.
.l- p. m.
for Pottevllle, 8.20 a. m 12.50 p. m.
Hcturnlng luave New York, foot of Llbortv
f IffrfEB rlv'r- t 'HO (express) a. nt,
1.10, l.dO, 4.0U (oxpross with Buffot parlor car)
p. m. Buaaay, 4 an a. m.
Leave Philadelphia, lteadlas Terminal, S.9J
. m., 2.00 and 4.:(j p. m. Sunday, II 27 a. m.
'J'hrouKh tickets to all points ut lowost rat-i
may bo had on application iu udvaace'to tile tt-v-av at tuo siatiuu.
11. P.
Uun. Pass. Ai; ,!,L
t. n.
Gon. Sunt
Commencing Mav Vs. 1SD2,
trains will run na follows:
Trains luavo llridiro Strost
stutioii. Bcranton. for i-itts-
ton, Wilket-Jliirre, etc.. s.iO,
u.07, (1.37, 10.42 a. m., W
1,86, 2.HH, 4.1ti, &.li, 6.15, 'J.I5
and 11. H p. m.
For Now York and Phlla
dfth ll!.-i MIVI,, it,. i m .--.
-3fl. 4.1(tand 1I.8U p. m.
For Honesdsis(from Delaware, I.aekawanna
nnd wettern depot;, 7.00, oilu. 10 IU a.m., 1S.M)
Li.. S, 17, e. 10 p. m.
For Carbonasle and lnt"rmedlite etnl ions.
&40, 700. iU.lliu. m., LiUU m.,'.!.17. 3.2j,51l),
e.BI and 11 IV) p. in.; from bridge atroot U-'pot,
f 1 : a. m., t.ITano 11 1.5 p. m.
Faet ezfirebs to Albany. Saratoga, tho Adi
rondack Mountains, lio.rtnn and New Knglauil a. m.. rr.v;n at Altir.oy ILMi
Kurntuga .tll p. ni., nnd leaving Scrautou nl'i
p. m.. arriving at Albany at ''.Si' p. in., Sara
t. . r.: ...a. m , and B mtoh, 7.00 a. m.
I ho only direct routo between tho coal fields
and Boston. "The Leading Tourist' Route
of America" to tho Adirondack fountain re
eorts, Lakos Ueorgo and Charuplaiu, MontreaL
Time tables khowlng local and throuph train
aarvlee between stations on sll divisions bel
were and Hudsou Hyiit.iiu, may bo obtained ut
Sll Delaware and Hudson ticket A) -es.
Bocond Vieo President (htu. Pass, Aai
j'.AY IS. ISM.
Train leavos Scranton for Philadelphia an1
New York via. U. A; H U 1(. at H a.m . 12.11,
5:88 and 11. Go p. m viaD .L. & W. It. H 1)00,
e o-.ll.aj a. II;., MCI !..' p, 111.
Leave Scranton lor 1'ittston and Wilkes.
Barre via I).. L St W. It. li., U.0J, B.08, 11.2J
S. m , 1.80, SW, 0.07. 8. e p. ni.
Luavo Scrantou for Wnite Haven, Ilar.loton,
PottevlUo aud all polhts oa tho Beaver
Meadow end pottsvilh. brauciios. via L. St W,
V , tl-Hln.m., v. D. A H U. K. at 8 m., 12.1-1,
Lsa 16 n-nvi i p., L. a v. . it.,, n.tu,
11.31 a.m., 1.80. a.Vjp.m.
Leave bcranton for Bethlehem, Easton,
Kwidliia. Karris hurt: and all intermediate
points via D. II. H. It., 8am .12.10. 2.;H. U.Ji
pjo.,via U & W. ft. K..u.0U,t .08, 11.20 a. m.,
1.80 p.m.
Loaoo Scranton forTnnkhmuock. Towan li,
Elmira. Ithaoa, (isnecu -ul ad lnterm i ii .
poinle vu D. & H. Ft.B.,.u7 a.m., 12 10 and 11.33
p m..vla D. U ft W. B It.. M) p, ru.
Ijcav Hcrsm tti f Kochester, Buffalo 'I
aparii Palls, Detroit. Chicago and all pol-iN
west viaD. & H R. R, 0.07 H.m..l2 lo.-i.i ,. 11.85
p. m.. via D. L. & W. It. It. and l',tt-tou
Junstloo, 8.0S .'t ra., 1.30, 8.jj p. m., via Ii ti W.
K K.. 8.41p.m.
For Flmira and th- wot via SaUnnnci. vis
1. ii M. It R. 11.07 u,m 12 10,(1. ii p. m , via D,
L. & W. K.H.. .8 0S a.m., l.:sj und (1.07 p. in.
I-uIltnan parlor snd sleeping or L. V. chair
cars on all trains between L & B. June iou or
Wttkea-Barre aud Now York, Philadelphia,
Uvift'ulo aud fcnpo:i-ion Bridge
ROLLIN It. WILBUR. Gon. Supt. East Div.
CHAS. S. LKE. Sen. Pas-' Ag't, Phila.Pi.
A.W.NOJCN'EMACnEB.Ass'l Oju.Pi.ja. Ag't,
South ButlO-h'-m. Pa.
Trains lenvu Sc.-auton as follows: Express
for Now York und ah points EhsL 1.40, 2.00,
4 v. ii.oo aud 0.6a a. m. ; 12 5i and 8.U p. m.
Express for Kaston, Trenton. Philadelphia
Mid the South, iX 8.U0 and 9.5 1 u. m ; 12.41
and U 411 p. in.
Wxshlutou and way statious, 3.45 p. m.
Tohvhann'.i nccommouauon. d ill u. m.
Erpr ss for Binshamtou, Oewego, Elmlrs,
lorinug, Hutu, uaiisvuie, Jit
unt Morris and
Bullalo. 12.10, 215 a. m. and
1 21 p. in., making
ciose com.ectioiij at nunaio to oil poinu in th
wost. Northweut and bouthwest.
Bath accommodation, 0 a in.
Biiighainton aud way stations, 12.37 p. m.
Nicuol-ou aceouimodat.on, u: 4 p. ui. and
a 10 u. m.
Btnghamton and Elmira Express, C 05 p. m.
Express fur Cortlsnd, Syiacuso, Oswe0j
L'tlca and Richfield Springs, 2.14 a. in. and 1.21
p. m.
Ithaca, 215 and Bath Ha. m. and 1 21 p m
For Northumborland.Piltston, Wilkos-Barre,
rivinouth, Uloomsburg aud Danville, making
close connections at Northumberland tor
WillinnMport, Harrisburg, Baltimore, Wash'
ington aud the Mouth.
orthnmbcrLnid nd Intermediate stations,
ti.00, 0 4j a. m. aud 1-20 and 0.0, p. m.
Nunticoae aua intermediate stations, 8.0s
and 11.20 a. m Plymouth and iutormeduts
btations, 8.5 'and 8.4; p. in. .
Pullman parlor und bleeping coachos on aU
oxpreba traina. . . ., . , .
For detailed lnforination, pockot t.m tables,
... M. 1.. Smith, cltv tickot oiliest
l.ackawaimaavenue. or depot ticket olllcs.
Bt'llATilN I'lVIMON.
! Kfl'rcl Jannari 88lh, lUD-t.
Nnrili Round.
siouib Itnund,
-.on tor 2i3
.! 2'l4 (IS
8 3 ? a " " SS. 53-3
11 2S M (Trains Daily, kx- 5 S. 2
cent aunaay.) -A & a
r ii: Arrive ueuvei i u m
7 -.v. N. Y. Franklin St.! .... 7 34
T io. West 42nd street' ... .1 ... .1 T 50
"00 Wethawken .... ...J B no
v MlArrlve Leave1 m' r m
i ij LiaiK-il'o
6 0(1
6 18
8 24
0 :
2 08
I 11
I 2 31
I 241
! 2 M
It S-
,3 01
I ii m
3 IU
H 10
1 OS
it! .vi
12 47,
12 32
is m
13 13
ii m
Preston Park
Pleaiiaiit, Mt.
Poraet i ity
White Bridge
Jr-rniy u
l ark Place
7 8S
r si
7 88.
0 4 i ..
0 -15 . .
(SS .,
1 BH
a is
fB 1 ..
7 0-.
7 10 a
s n 1 1 4t
7 J4
7 7
'.' li) a 14
It 4S f3 U
o I-
Ti 27 f 11401
10 48l '-'2
f i U W U f3 41
2011 38
I 31 0 50 4 44
7 40 10 03: I 41
7 13 10(14 3 114
7 48 10 10 3 M
7T2 10 IB 4 04
7 44 1I)I7 4t'7
7 40 10 20 4 10
8 OH IO 24 4 14
8112 10 2: 417
81). 1I.3U 4 SO
a ka h r u
0 3."
5 II 11 1 124
: 2
8 21
5117111 21
5 OK
II 17
5 0
4 4S
4 5."
tl 15
II 13
II 10
f 10
e i
M 13
6 10
f I 5'i'
II 05
e n
a v Leave
All trains rim dally except Sunday,
t slgullle.s that trains stop on sUual for pas
sengers. Additional trains leave Cnrbnndale for pci an.
ton 1.10 aud 0.14 p. in., arriving at sci auteu 1.49
and 7. OH
Leave sci anton for Carbonflale C.50 and 8.80
arriving nt t'lirb uidsle at 7 se and 8,18 p. m.
t-ecure rates via tnuarlo 41 Western before
purchasing tickets aud buvo money. Bay and
MLhgl Eipross lo the W est,
J. d - der -on, Gon. Pass Agt.
V.mttvott, bit l ass, Agt Bciauton, Pa.
Train- leave Koranton for New Yorlt and in
termediate points on tho Erie railroad at o:u
ni. and 3.21 p m. Also for Honesdale,
Hnwlcy and local points ut A 35, 9.44 a. m , and
8.H4 p.m.
All the alKive are through trains to and
from n.tnifdale.
An additional train leavos Sersnton for
Lake Ar el at 5.10 p.m. and arrives at Scran
ton from the Lake at 815 n m ami 7.45 0.111.
'I rams loavo for Wilkes-Barre ut 4.40 1 m.
and 8.41 p. tn.
U.W, 180, 6.00 (except Philadelphia) p.'
biinday, B,16jB. m.
For Lorn UiiABCB, Ocean Guove, etc., at
s.Ma. vn., 12.60 p. m, '