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The Truth last evening contained
tho following interesting parHirravtli :
"The Florence brenker at Ransom put
lta fli it car of coal through Thuriauy
morning. An interesting atory is told
in connection with the Htartinif of the
foreakar. When Will iain Council eume
to this city about thirty-live yoarg ago
he workod all through the mines as a
miner, a foreman and us an engineer.
The very aime engine that he worked
cm in the old Stafford mine waa the
identical engine that he started the
breaker with at Hansom Thursday.
Mr. Connell, after he had iwt the ma
chinery going, caniH up to the bond of
tlie breaker and dumped the first car
of coal. "
Gross onrnincs of 127 railroad com
panies for May refisot heavy losses bo
caiire of the coal strike and the gen-
rul imsinesH depression. Birningl of
09,881 miles of railroad iu May iiirgro
gaUd $80,164,840, a decrease of 17.7 per
cent, trotu the May total luet your, the
heaviest decrease from last year shown
iu uny month so far thia year. For five
months 198 roodi earnod !?17!t,S01 . 087. a
decrease of M 3 per cenl. from the cor
responding total a year ago. Heaviest
decreases re among eastern and coti
Iral western companies, due to heavy
losses on coal tratlic.
Taking the statistcal returns of the
yearly yield of io,l in Japan from 1889
to IM91, 17,458,890 tons is obtained as
the av. rago annual yield Estimating
the average proportional annual in
ereaie at 18 per cent., it is calculated
that in 1911 the yield will bo no less
I ban 808 847,850 tons. Proceeding in
this way tlio conclusion is arrived at
that thu total yield for twenty-five
years to come, computed with the cur
reut year, will bo 515,539,896 tone. As
the latest figure! given by the Nosho
iuubIio fix the capacity of the Japanese
c ml mini s roagbly at 759,720,000 tons,
anil the pr p irtion available for prac
ticable purposes being according to the
i zperience of England, three-quarters
nf the total capacity, it follows that
the actual amount of coal which the
mines will yield for use is Mil, 790, 000
tons. If from that amount be deducted
the aggregate a.iuitl production Iu
twenty Bvu yean, reckiiwl from 1891,
tiure remain only 54,987,674 tons, iu
otl er word, in January, 1916, there
will remain In Japan a supply of coal
i nly sdffisient tor ten months.
East bound freight tounau'9 showed
n decr''" from Chicago last week of
over 7,000 tons. TnU was caused
largoly iiy tbecnt rates via Peoria mid
other southern junction points. The
preaideiltB at their New York meeting
old nothing with tins situ ition or with
the cancellation of through rut's.
Practical freight officials cannot und-T-stand
'.lie non uctioti of the presidents.
The entire eastern rate situation i.' now
dependent on the pools from Chicigo
end St. Louis. Th"s pools must in
eft In lily collapse if traffic is diverted
toother Jnucliou poiatl by cut ratea.
The only conclusion to be reached from
the uou-aolion of the presidents is that
the pools are built en too lliinsy a fonn
illltlon and aro not being carrie 1 out in
good faith.
Ahxon Industrial Notes:
The Lake Shore Is again burning soft
roni i early all en gin as
The 1 19 loch plate mill of the Pottstowu
Iron company will be started on double
tin n today.
In Europe these aro thirty-three electric.
rail.viu systems They use f:n motor cars
mi ! 161 ''trailers,"
An ffort Is m ailing to revive thn freight
bureau at Memphis, Teao., which passed
nt of existence .diout n year ago.
The auti-railroad inov. ment is crystal
la, i.B 'oi the shape of a certainty that a
romuiaaioa will be created to fix ratoj.
Cajttiactor John v. Crollln put to
work a third steam shovel Wednesday
morning at the Mlvor Brook Stripping.
The No. 6 breaker nt Honey lironlt
owned by the Lehigh aud Wilkes-Barre
Coal Company ii working eleven hours per
The South NtroiinNriarg station of the
Wiikes llarre and Eastern railroad will be
finished very soon. Bert Kmtuer will be
I he event,
The Erie got 10.5 per cent, of tho east
bound tonnage ont ol Chicago daring the
we. k ending June 0, and 10.8 per Mat dur
ing the week ending June 2.
The dismissal of a number of train dis
patchers on the Wabaah m ikes it neces
tnry for those retained to be on duly
iw.dvii Instead of eight hours.
John llrnce, who last week resicrnod us
superintendent of the Pittsburg division of
the Buffalo, Rochester A Plttebnrg, will
on Monday return to that position.
Orlando Taylor, late assistant general
piisneuer ngent Of tho Old Colony hteuni
ship Company, has been appointed general
passenger agent uf tho ISew York, N-w
Haven and Hartford.
E. H. Thomas, vice-president of tho Erio,
and its geuernl manager, allo ws the super
intendents of the several divisions only
two-thirds tho amount of money for ex
penses as compared with twelve months
It Is anticipated by experts that, thou
sands of tons of Rood uuthracito will yet
he miuod out of No. 8 slope at Beaver
Meadow, which tins boea idle for thirty
years, hut which is now being pumped out.
The water has already been reduced 275
Under tho rovisod by-laws and constitu
tion of tho American Kiilway Union, an
insurance department is creatod both for
life and disability benefits, butit is option
al with the members of tho association to
tako ndvantago of the bonoflts it affords.
Rich coal beds have been struck ot Kent
land, tnd., halt way between the Big VoOt
and tho Panhandle Hues, and an effort will
be made to Induce ono of the companies
named to build a road to the newly dis
covered mines. The discovery of tho coal
was made by the sinking of an artesian
Moron colliery Is still filled with water,
and it will tako fully a wuok jet before
the same can be pumped out. When this
is done another week will he consumed iu
cleaning tho mud from tho ganewoys and
removing other debris. It will o nearly
two weeks yet before work can be re
sumed. At two of the olght mines on tho Indian
apolis and Vinceunos tho miners huvo re
sumed work, which was very fortnuate, us
the supply of coal of aevoral roads which
depend largely on mines of this road for
fuel was about oxhaustod. Tho Lake Erio
and Western had gotten down to a two
days' supply.
The Western I'nssenger association linos
have announced that they would meet all
tho reduced rates made by the Atchison
for excursion business to Colorado points.
There is no intention ou the part of the ae
socistlon lines to keep these rates in effect
for the benefit of the later excursionists,
unless it Is found absolutely necessary.
It la reported at Atlanta that a gigantic
consolidation of railroad interests in the
Bouth Is contemplated. Tho new com
pany, it Is stated, will oomprise tho Rich
mond aud Danville, the Esst Tennessee,
Virginia and Georgia mid the Cincinnati
Southern systems. The time fixed for tho
consolidation is shortly before Oct, 1.
It is announced that a number of fire
men of the Delaware, Susquehanna and
Schuylkill will bo bo promoted to the po
sition of engineer ns soon as the compnuy
m v perfected arrangements for the Perth
Amboy run. A nnmber of tho ongineors
who wereemployod ou tho L'high Valley
previous to the strike, will also bo given
Business on the Erio is not particularly
lively just at present, although tho good
movement of the fast, freight continues to
holdout. Conaiderable anthracite coal is
being moved from tlio Carbomlalo regions.
J. If. Carpenter, of thn Carpenter Stool
works, of Reading, announces that his
company 1ms under consideration tho
manufacture of st-el armor plates for
United States vessels. As to where the
the works will be located lias not been ilo
torminod. but it will bo between Reading
and Eliaabethport, X. J. Tho company at
present employes U00 hands.
All the Reading railroad car shops hnvo
been ordered to work twelve hours a day
hereafter. The increased shipmeuts of uu
thracito coal, resulting from the bitumi
nous labor troubles, continues, and com
pels the company to add to its ear equip
ment by rushing tho repairs of some ot the
15,000 "shop" curs that are said to be hung
on side tracks all over tho Reading sys
tem. Tho Knights of Pythias aro making ef
forts to get ono of the lines lending 10
Washington to still further reduce the
ate for their annual gathiutc in that city.
All roads have agreed to make tho rate one
unlimited faro for the round trip from ell
points. The Knights of Pythias want a
ene-ceut-a-milo rate, the same as is given
to the Brand Army of the Republic. Rail
road officials argue that, the Knights are
mostly young men holding good positions
or iu comfortable, while a
majority of tho Urand Army of the Repub
lic meu are in bumble circumstances or
Crippled so as to he Unable to work, con
sequently they are entitled to n lower rale.
A Million Friends
A friend In need is a friend indeed, and
not less than one million people have
found just such a friend In Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption, Oougns and
Colds, If yell have never used this Great
Cough Medicine, ono trial will convince
j uu that it has wonderful curative powers
In all diseases of Throat, Chest and Lungs.
Each bottle is guaranteed to do all that is
olaimed or money will be refunded. Trial
bottles fro, at Mathews Bros', drug store
Luge bottles Iioc. and Sl.iKJ.
Sptciol f 'orrefionrfcnec
LOHOOH, June 14. Tho revolt of the
Welsh members is now at an end, as the
prime minister's assurances have been ac
cepted by the four "kicking" Liberal mem
bers, so that tho Welsh Liberal party is
once more united.
But tboonly result of the protest will bo
that the measure will bo expedited through
the lower house, inasmuch us Lord Rose
bery cannot control its fnto In the house
of lords.
The probabilities are that the bill will
bo rejected by the lords, and what will
follow uo one cares to prophesy. Will
there ensue a general election, or will the
members plod on with other bills! Al
ready tho home rule bill has been rejocted
and followed by the Welsh disestablish
ment bill. Onewould feel inclined to ad Vise
theinto appeal to the country upon the
measures, and the issue of tho appeal would
of necessity be the existence of the preaent
house of Lords.
Thn decoration of Carnarvon in honor of
the visitof the Prince of Wales to the na
tional eisteddfod has been intiusted to a
Leeds Irrm and will, both lu extent and
gorgeouaueaa surpass anything of the kind
ever seen iu Wales.
Wales is the most distinctly progressive
portion of the four divisions of the United
Kingdom in the direction of Republicanism
nod during various shady episodes iu the
life of the prince has expressed tho na
tional indignation most Vehemently aud
unmistakably, Particularly in the bac
carat scandal, iu which the scion of tho
house of honor was tho hero, the Welsh
santim nt was such ns to declare almost
for the abolition of the monarchy.
Why therefore this inconsistency? It Is
a question whether tho visit of the prince
is as tlio national guest or tho guest of a
blur-blooded lord of tho realm. Lord
Penrhyn is credited with tbo honor of ex
erting his crest idtlu-nce at court, to pre
vail upon the priuce to "just run down to
the little country, ' and as the future kinir
had to a great extent forfeited the esteem
of thi Welsh people, he wisely COCClu I 'd
to avail himself of the opportunity t: re
deem the piiBt by driving through Car
msrvon town,
This accounts for the npparont incon
sistency of the Welsh people, and the
money wasted by wealthy idlers in useless
decorations and unnecessary palaver.
which Could be better utilized in the cause
of humanity, especially the beneficial insti
tutions which are struggling on for lack of
Dr. John Williams, late of Cardiff, has
boen summoned to White House, RIcU
moud, as arcnucher in the interesting
event when the birth of England's future
king or queen is expected. The Duchess
of York has enjoyed excellent health since
tier m irringe, and her choice of the clever
Welsh doctor Bhows her sound common
v 4 I
The Cardiff corporation is preparing
to fljlit the great Marquis of Bute upon
the question Of his "manorial rights,"
Lord Bute acquired tho fun shoro iu IbM
under his rights as lord of the manor, an
office which he holds as a relic of the old
feudal times. His rihr Is contested upon
the ground that the foreshore was not in
the manor grunted to his ancestor. The
best way out of the diltlci'lty, however,
Would be to cloe the door on all manorial
right once for all. One man possessing a
range of mountains through manorial
rights, granted by nliou kings to Ids
foreign ancestors, can, and do, provent the
Welsh people from improving their own
country or from walking luelr own r.i un
tains, fishing in their own rivers and
treading their own soil.
Patrick Madignn, nn Irish militiaman,
kicked Police Ollicor Joseph Smith w ith
fatal results at Brecon. Madigan has been
committed for manslaughter.
Monster meetings ot South Wales miners
were held on "Million's Day" nt Khymnev,
Blaira and other places, when resolutions
upon the appointment of worklngmen
inSfSCtOM were adopted. Welsh miners
do not npprovo the appointment of
"gentlemen" inspectors; they prefer thn
men who hnvo had a thorough, solid and
practical experiencoiu tho uuno.
I'l 1
The Llansnmlcl burial scandal is oxcit
ing some interest in Wales. The Vicar of
Llnnsamlel refused to allow a Catholic to
bo buried on the pnri.-h birriul grounds,
but as a compromise the luneral took
place without service.
a a
The Methodist Times advocates the fu
sion of North and South Wales Synods of
Welsh Wesleyan churches. This would be
n most important step, but hh the north
ern division is much wealthier it is doubt
ful that any definite action will be taken.
over to good hoalth and tho system ren
dered Impervious to disease when I he blood
is pure and tho liver active. For the liver
is tho sentinel which permits or forbids the
germs of disooso to enter the circulation of
tho blood. To a congested, torpid and dis
eased liver can bo traced many dangerous
diseases affecting various organs.
I was taken sick with
Congestion of the liver
snd the doctors could
give Die no relief, but
after usliifr five bottles
of " Discovery, " I re
1 gained my health and I
I am now a well man.
I wemhed INI pounds
J before taken sick, anil 1
Iwas reduced to l.'tO
I pounds In sixty days
time. For any one suffering-
with liver
trouble as I was, I would
advise them to use tho
"(iolden Medical Dis
covery " at. once, before
Mil. J. Bbntlv. It Is too late.
Itandnlph, Caltarauyus Co., .V. r.
PtooSe and hand,.
Nk.w YORK. June 88. Lower prices pre
vailed at the Stock Exchange today, the
market having been adversely influenced
by the engagement ot 18,80(1,000 g.-ld for
export to Europe ou Saturday aud con
tinai d liquidations In the low priredstocks
for London, Amsterdam and local account.
Today's engagements of gold bring the
total engagements mid sinpmeuts up to
17,180,000 for the week, which is the larg
est total for any week this year. Bids of
V of 1 1 er cent, were n ported today for
the privilege of calling 15110,000 gold at 101 '.j
for the balance of the year.
In the afternoon the industrials devel
oped strength, sugar rising 12, Chicago gas
1 and lend Chicago gas was put up
ou rumore that the dividend hud been de
clared, butowiugto fears ot legal iuter
feteUOS no public notice Will be given at
this time. The general list recovered
to K IW cent and closed linn. Tho net
chsnges for the day shows losses of to
1 per cent, Western union and Louisville
mid Nashville loading, Chicago gas gained
BUgar . Transactions for the day
were 170,000 shares.
Tiih following complete talile snowing the
day's fluctuations in active stocks is supplied
aud revised dully hy LaBar Poller, stock
hrokeis, 121 Wyoming avenue:
Open- Htu'h- Low Clos
in. est. et. bor.
Am. Cot. oil L'7-l.i
Am Sugar. P7U V.H W, 1'sM
A.T.tfS. t SM .-. 4? r'
Can. So. Ml M Nl An
Cen. N. J ItffU lo;'4 I07U ln;i4
( hie ft N. W lOWd inn lOifl lUt
tv.. B, & y m "' 1 M$j "'
Chic. Has. 77jH Ht?l Tea, 7s"i
v., e.e. ft St. I..... ttj Htf BtiM :
Col., Book. Vol. T. 16m ns iii?n WW
i). ft II casts iati2 lanlZ laou
I)., I,, 45 W ItsIM ISOU limit, UMJti
D. A 0. 9 Wm SIM Km t'4
ririo i-'i -: llU ll
(. E. Co B5(j We !l4ks 8lH
Lake Shoro I'l- IK1 MM lill!
Hiss, l'ae '-'Hi MM MA 25W
Nat. Lead ''s '"U 'Ml S
N . Y. ft N. B 1" IU la 1"
-V. Y. Central I! IW H'M "t4
N. Y O. ft W It 15 1!?h H?s
N. V.. S. & W 10 U lr 15
IT. S, O, Co MM tSU fBti
North l'ae 8W DM :W 31t
Xorth l'ae. pf IS)J mi ltlt
Omaha n m 80 BU
Pae, ;.:u
Reading hi hi l't'ii
lioek Island tisU bDM WM "' 'i
It. T Hi?, in;,, V
st. I'niii 50Q sou rs'4 fii
t c a 1 iou mil mifi if'-s
Texas 4 Pae S5j s-lj WS
DnlonPadtta 10 10 '"U Vli
Wabash p. 14 I4M IBM I8M
Western L'nlon MU KtlB t8M -9ii
W. L. K li4ft lOjJ UJi m
W. A! L. E pf
Chicwro Gram and Provlolons.
SruANToit, JuuelA The following quota
tionssro supplied and corrected daily by Ls
BarA ITuller.Stock brokers12l Wyoming ave
nue. W 1 1 1" AT.
ot !:n.
I Ipl'llhlg
( 'losing.
,tnlv. Sent. Deo
r'.i4 hi u id's
BOH . OIK tit-'ii
(U OlU Mk
Wii M IllVa
41 4'.'14
41 4S ....
41 IU
41W 4I"
41 HIM
4'.' el'
AM :i(U4
4U'U til
1810 127. ....
I'JiHI 1270
12,11 ins
12 V) I2W
'fTS 887
1175 utm ....
liTll 885 ....
870 885
IBs rm
1..17 wji ....
8JH 053
Scranton W belranls Karkst.
BOHANTOlt, Juno 89. FtttTIT ANn PUO
DUCK Dried apples per p.mnd.C i7c,; evap
orated apples, Uni te, per pound; Turkish
prunes, BaSifo.; English currants, iis'J ''c. ;
layer raisins. l,75al.80; muscatels, II, 00a
1.40 per box; now Valencies, 7a7$c. per
BEANS Marrow-fats. t3.D0a9.95 per
bushel; mediums. 1.75al.D0.
Pkab Cirean, tl.lCal.SO per bushel;aplit,
f'iSOa'J.W); lentels,.") to tc. per Doaud.
POTATOH Old, tl.OOal.lO' per bushel:
new, her barrel, 8,O0aS.5Q,
(JMoxn Bermudas, crntes, 98.40o8.50;
Egyptians, 9B.00a8.85 bags.
BOTTIR lfla. to IBJfc. por lb
ciieksb 0al0jC. perib.
Kuas Fresh. Lie He
Podltrv Ohiokena, dreaeod, 12 toisc:
turkeys, 12 to 18c.
Mr ats Hams, ll'sc; small hams, 18c;
skinned hums. ll!4c. : California hams,
BJfd ihonlders,834c;bellles, Ba; smoked
breakfast bacon, lie.
Smokbu Bbkv Oatsldes, is)c. ; sets,
Inc. ; lasides and knuckles, lti'c.
I'ouk Mess nt 915; short cut, $lf.
Laud Leaf In tlerees at ''c.; in tubs,
fiJi'c.i in 10-pound palls, Oct 111 5-pouud
pails, BJSC.I -ponnd pails. !lis. per
BxKK Choice sugar curoil, smoked beef,
Floor Minnesota patent, per barrel.
I4.85a4.50; Ohio and Indiana amber, at
18.50; Graham at i3.50; rye tlour, at
Feed Mixed, per cwt., at $1.00.
tJRAta Kyo, (s'ic.; corn, 58to550i onts,
60 to 65c. per bushel.
Rtr Straw Per ton, 9t8n1&
Bat 914.50al6,
New York Produce Market.
NW York. Juno 22. Flouii Firm,
mi derate demand.
V HKAT- Lull and lower, With options;
Nn. 2 red 1 tore and elevator, O'jyaOJlfc. ;
afloat, 68)jc.; f. o. U, ii.')'c; ungtaded
rd, 57alWo.; No. 1 Northern, B9ft; op
tions closed steady at H'nic. under yes
terday, June, Bttyfc.; July, (12 ; ,C ; August,
fl8j4jc.; September, 05&; December,
CORN Dull and lower, steady; No. t,
Mja46Wo.; elevator: 46ta40)ja afloat;
ungraded mixed, 4fic. ; options closed
steady; June, 40Je.j July, 4ii4,; August,
47c: September, 4790.
OATS Dull and lower, weak; options
fairly active, lower; .Tune, 5ljC.; July,
4!j(c.; August, BOo. ; September, 80c. -No.
2 white, July, oljc; spot prices, No. 2,
5la53&; No. 8 white, 54c; No. a Chl
cogo, 68c.; No. 8, 60c.; No. it white, 68c.;
mixed weatern,S84a54o. white du,54a58l4ci
white state, MsflSa
i'.EKK Steady, (,niet; beef hams, dull,
120 a 2 0.50; tierced boil, dull; cut mints,
quiet mill steady.
LAUD Quiet and firmer; western steam.
97.00 bid; rity, SVfsOKc.; July, 97.16;
September, 97.80; refined, dull; continent,
97.40; South America, 97.00) compound, 5
PORK More active and steady; mess,
918.76al4 extra prime, il'.'.Sll.iLl.
BlTTTXR Firm; state dairy, 12al7c. ;
do. creamery, 16a ihc; Pennsylvania, do.,
LSalSc; western dairy, I On I, Sc.; do. cream
ery I4sl8c.; do. factory, U(al4Uc ; elgins,
180.; imitation creamery, ISaloC.
CHERgl- Moderate demand, steady,
Eaoa Dull and easy; state and PennsvU
Vanla, 19a18)jc.; western frosh, llalSc.)
do. per case,9.35s8.75.
Fbiladrilphla Tallow Marltst.
rnir.APEi.riUA. Juno 83. Tallow was
dull and weak. Prices were: Prime city
In hogsheads, 4c; prime country, in
barrels, 4c. do, itnik In barrels, 4a4,Vc;.
cakes, tyic ; grease, 8Jc,
THE SCCCEB8 Which Hood's Parsapanlla
has had in freeing old and young from af
flictions caused by impure blood is really
ilium's Pillh ore purely vegetable and
do not purge, pain or gripe. Sold by nil
Wlien Baby wns f tost, we gave br raforts,
When she was S Child, she eried e.r ( 'icitorla.
When she became Visa, she clung to 1 ' islnrla.
When she. hud Children, she guvolh.ju Casturta,
Bcccham's pills are for
biliousness, bilious headache,
dyspepsia, heartburn, torpid
liver, dizziness, sick head
ache, bad taste in the mouth,
coated tongue, loss of appe
tite, sallow skin, when caused
by constipation; and consti
pation is the most frequent
cause of all of them.
Book free; pills' 25c. At
drugrstorcs.or write B.F.Allen
Co.,365 Canal St., New York.
Lei Hailway! lU'iniy K'!i'i bo hsi-t on
the first Indication ol Pain or UneailntMj
if threatened with Disease or Blekneiii
the urn wilt be Hid'1'' before the family
dor tor would ordlnarll9reacli tito Ikkiho.
totwonty mlnntee Not one hour after read
Ing this advertiiiRmsnt need any ono o UP
Kor beadaeho (wbotbes Hick or nervous),
t .1 tbaohe, Dourslirla. rbeamatlsnii Inmbsgo,
ualas mid woakucas in tbe bs 'lt, spine or
kidneys, i niiih siound tbe liver, pleurisy,
suelhir,-c.f the joints null pnins of nil kinds.
He. application or Hadway's Ready Reliej
will afford immedlato esse, mid lis continued
use for a few days i II let a permanent euro.
Summer Complaints,
Dysentery, Diarrhea,
Cholera. Morbus.
A half to a teasmnnful of Beady Koliof in
n half t utnblor of water, repeated an often
as the discharge! continue, and a Bannel sat
urated with Beady Ballet placed over the
stomach aud boo o!h will nttord Immediate
relief and m.m n sfteot a euro.
Internally a half to a leaspoonftil in hull
a 1 1 mliler of water will, in a few minutes,
cnroOrsmpa Bpasms. Sour Btomaob,Nsuses,
Vomitioif. Hearthurn, Nervousness, bleep.
lositness, Si. k Headache, (latnlenoy and all
internal pallia.
Miliaria in lta Various I onus Cured nnd
There is not a remedial agenoy in tbe world
that will cure loyer and agne and all other
malarious, bilious and all other fevers, aided
hy KAi'WAY s PILliNao qnlokly ss BAD
Travelers should always cafry a bottle of
Bad way's Beady Belief with them, a few
drotis in water will prevent sickness or pains
Irom change of water. It Is better than
French brandy or bitters as a stimulant.
Miners and lumbermen should always Im
provided with It.
Price N cents por bottle. Sold by all drill?
Kists. IDWAY'S
Perfectly tnsteless, elegantly coatod.pur,
regulate, purify, cleanse and strengthen.
RADWAV S flLLB for tho euro of sU dis
orders o the Stomach, Bowels. Kidn-ys.
Bladder, Nervous Diseases, Dsalness, 'r
tlgo, Costivenesa, Piles,
sick ni: i ( Hi:,
Observe the following symptoms resulting
from diseases of the digestive organs lon
stlpatlntt. Inward piles, fullness ,f blood in
til. 1 head, acidity of the Stomseb, Hansen,
heartburn, dltgost ,r food, Indness of weight
ot tbe stomach, sonr emetatlooa sinking or
fluttering of the heart, chok ng or snffooat
Ing sensations when iu a lying posture, dim
111 st of vision, dots or webs before tbe sight,
fe.T and dull pain iu the h ad. deficiency ot
perspii atlon, yellowness of tbe skin and
eyes, pain in the side, thost, limbs, and snd
den Hushes of heat, burning In the flesh.
A few doses of Kaowavs PILi.B will free
tho system of all the above named dlsordeis.
I'rlc XSe, Per box. s,,ld by druggists ,,r
sen 1 by mall
Send (0 DR. BAUWAT A CO., Lock Hox
i5. New York, f,.r Bo k of Advice,
Large Medium and
White Clover,
Choice Timothy and
lawn Grass Seeds
Guano, Bone Dust
and Phosphates fop
Farms, Lawns and
Atlantic Refining Co.
Mumifnctiirors nnd DmUMI 111
Illuminating and Lubricating
Linseed oil. Naptbaa nnd Gaao
linos of nil (irailes. Axle Orenso,
1 inion (irease mid i'olliory Com
pound ; iiIho, a lnriro lino of Pur
rafilne Wax Candlea
We nlso handle the Famous CR0WK
ACME OIL, tho only fmnily HAfety
horning oil in tho murk"t
OITleoT Coal Exchsutfo, Wyoming Ave.
S urks ut l'iuo Uruuk.
Ms and
Dr. E. Grewer
The Philadelphia Specialist, and his associated
utaft of English and (lerman physicians,
are now permanently located at
The doctor is a graduate of the University of
l etinsylvania, formerly ilemoiist rator of phvai
oloey and surgery at the Mi dico I'lilrurgical
College of Philadelphia, A specialty of
(' ironic. Nervous, Skin, Heart, Womb' and
Blood diseases.
The Symptoms of which aro 1liz7.ine.s8, lack of
OOUndenco, sexual weakness lu men and wo
num. ball rising iu the throat, spots Moating
before the eyes, loss of memory, unable to con
centrate the mind on one ' subject, easily
startled when anddenly spoken to, ami dull,
distressed mind, which uiilils them lor per
forming the actual duties of life, making bsp
piness Impossible; distressing the action of
the heart, causing Himh f heat, depression of
spirits, svfl forebodings, cowardieo, fear,
dreams, melancholy, thu easy of company,
feeling as tired In the morning as when retir
ing, lack of energy, nervousness, trembling,
confusion of thought, depression nstlpution.
weakness of the limbs, etc. Those so affected
should consult us immediately and be restor
ed to perfect health. ,
Weakness of Young Meu Cured.
If you have been given up by your physician
call upon tho doctor and l xamined. He
ciiics the voi, if Nervous Debility. Scro
fula, old Bores,CatsrrhPlles,Famski Weakness,
Affections Of tbe Bye, Bar, Nose and Throat,
Asthma, Deafness. Tumors. Cancers and Crip-
plei of every description.
Consultations free and strictly sacred and
confidential. Office hours daily from Da. ui.
tot p. m. Sunday d to 'I.
Third National
Bank of Scranton.
CAPITAL, $200,000
SURPLUS, $250,000
Tlila bank offers to depositors cverj
fnnillty warranted by their balances, ho.i
ncss snd responsibility.
Special attention given tn business ac
counts. Interest paid on time deposits.
WILLIAM rONNri.I, President.
OKO. II. CATLIN, Vice-President.
WILLIAM H. 1'KI'K. Cushiel,
William Connell, lienrge II. Cntlln,
Alfred Ilnnd. James Aichbald, llrnry
11,110. Jr.. v. nil .in, T. Mnjlth Lnthar
National Bank of Scranton
CAPITAL $250,000,
SURPLUS $25,000.
EAHTJEIi IIINF.S.trrcsidont
W. W. W A'l si IN, Vice I'resldent
A. K WILLIAMS, Cashier.
PAMrw. TIinfs, JAMW M- EvtnnAirr,
liiviMi A. KiNrn. PlSRCRB, I'im.ev,
Joseph j. Jkrmvh, 11 s. KnasRiB
Cius, 1'. UATTIIRWa, John T. roiu'sil.
w. w. Watsoi
This bank invites the patronsgo ot businoss
men and tlrins rcii , rally
Rooms 1 aod 2 Ccmmonvvsalth Bid's
Wado at tho MOOSIO end RC8H
Lsfllin & Rnml Powder Co.'s
Electric nattorie Ftiso for exploit
ing blasti., Safety Kuso nnd
RcpaunoChcmical Co.'s High Explosives
Maloney Oil and Manufac
turing Company
Have removed llieir office to their
War Brooms,
141, 143,145, 147, 149, 15)
"ww" ".MaaloReti-l
edV, nmlrr vntraiitT, bu-knl li) IViO.NlO ci.a). I
I liaenrap.i,lecHr1,frtbynill. ffhAnllolUprlnil I
lind Mreurjfiil, Our Mavlc Remedy will I
c.iliv-tir..1, nn.l IIIC rMP 1. .,1, . ill.etiitfl leim 1
I poaltlnlr rurt. rook Kin IU CO.. Ihl-.r... III. J
The abnvo brands of flour can be had at any of the following merchants
who will accept Tin: Tbibumb flour coupon ot 25 on eaoh one hundred pounds'
of flour or 50 on each bnrrel of flour.
Bcr',,rt,t?wP; P' ,TTr'el Washington iwonuo 1
Gold Modnl lirmid.
Dunmorn-F. P. Pries, Oold Modol rtrnnd.
Dunmore-F. D. Manloy. Wiiperlutivo Uron l.
Hyde Park-Oarson & IMvIs, Wnshliuru St.
Oold Medal Brand; Jepb a. Uesrs, stain
srouuo, BunerlatiVa Brand,
Oreei, UldB-A.I,.S,eneor.(hld Modal Brsni
J. T.Mciinie, Superlative.
riovldenccr,!uni)r & Chapiicll.N- Main avo
ane, Superlative Hrandia J, Glllloinla W
Market ntruot, Oold Modal Brand.
Olyiihiint -Jam OS Jordan, Huporlatiro Brand.
Peckvlllo Ubliffor & Kelscr. Mnporlatlvn
Jormyn-C, U. Winters & Co. Huporalatlvo
Areliliald Jniien. Simpson ,t Oa, Sold Medal
Carbondale-ll. S. Clark. Oold Medal Brand.
Homwdale-I. N. Fimter J Oo. Uold Medal.
Mluooka M. H. Luvolle
"No star was ever lost we once have seen,
We always may be what we might have been,"
Scranton, Pa.
22 and 23 Commonwealth Building.
That we will GIVE you beautiful new pat
terns of Sterling SILVER SPOONS and
FORKS for an equal weight, ounce for ounce,
of your silver dollars. All elegantly en
graved free. A large variety of new pat
terns to select from at
Sr Marvelous Cures
r in Blood Poison
TJr;nsrri.-fc -i'ssslianT"iniM
--and Scrofula
P. F. P.
k ...... I
P. lmrlllen ti e hlood. hnlldsnp
pak and debilitated, k'vos
ni r,ia in uiiiii r u, l: i
ntrongth ti WMkeilH Q0FTM, expels
dlp.mob.ftlvliiK thoimtiunc heulth and
upplBMi wboffl UosatMi f loony
! ... nml - i -sr u :, tlrttt prevnlloil.
Forprlraary.wfoonilnry anl tortlnry
robtuta forDlood potswunits ntfoii
riupOlMDi mnirtrln, dySDOMleti ud
In :ul hlotxl and akin dlncRes, llko
bTotohfiSi plmplns, old chronic ulotr,
totter, MMa ht-ad, boils, orylpelim.
OOMIU wo may nny, without fear of
ContraiUftlnn.thiit P. P. P. (itMtMN
blood partner It, tin nrld,aml makes
pMlttVOi apeuuy aud pormaucut euros
in all cfisei.
LidlM whoso systomft ore ptdsnned
And whuso blood Is in an Impure condi
tion, due to menstrual Irregularities,
sro t'Oullarlv heat llted by tlie won
derful toulo and lil I clonn! bigproj)-
ertlosoi V. P. P. Prickly Ash, Poko
Knot and Potasslimi.
IntlMonBLD, Mo., Aug. 1 Itli. lvi.t.
I can apeak In the hlKbost term of
yiiiiriuodielue from my own MMonil
Knowlodno. I WMIONtM with heart
njjioiit, pleurisy and rlieum:itlHin for
y; years, vs trofttM by the very Nil
phwli-lans arm IDOOl hundreds nl dol
Iuh, tried every known remedy with
OQtfindltigrviiafi 1 liavo only takeQ
one bpttN Of yeur P. P. P., and OAB
ciie-'ifuiiy "y tt has done me more
ffood tiia.i anything i dito erertakens
Yean reoofumend ) eur medlelno to all
uuQcrers ol the above i -m-,q
Bp; jglkid, Oroon County, Mo,
itni'tton or Insanity.
IbJ mall preimid. With
k. , ......I i .. ,..,.,.-,
Pi other. AdUroM SlaWJI IUDOOh Masunlc femple, Cbicaqo.Ilu
For Salo in Scranton, Pa., by H. C. SANDERSON, Druist, oor. Washlngtoo
r,. i Dis.
FnrBnla bye. M. llAI(i:i. Urumtltt,
t i ' ! 10 t'"r
b. 1. 1. ... l Mi. i l.iiig.
Sa. MKS u Tr"1""
Foraale by JOHN H. PHEIPS,
Spvuce Street, Scranton, Pa.
From IheX T. TVfSune, Kocl.ttn.
The Flour
"CniCAOO, Oot 81. Fhe Scat official
announcement of World's Fair di
plomas on flour has been mads. A
medal has been awarded hj th
World's Fair judges to the flour manu
factured by the Washburn, Crosby Co,
in the great Washbnrn Flour Mills,
Minneapolis. The committee reports
tbo flour strong and pure, and entitles
it to rnnk ns first-class patent flour fop
family and bakers' use."
Taylor .lndpo ft Co , Gold Modal; Athertoo
& Co., Superlative.
TJnryco - Lawronoe storo Co., Gold Modal.
Monde John McCriudlo, Gold Medal
PittSton- M. W. O'Boylo, Qold Medr.l
Clark's Gri.n-Fr.-ice & Parkor. 8uprlatlve.
( lark h Hummit-F. M. Yontiir, GoM Modal.
I)alton-.S. E. Finn & Son, Oold Modal Brand.
Nlcholxoii-J. E. HardlDR.
Warerly-M. W. BIImb i Son, Gold ModoL
Factoryvilln-Cbnrlos Gardner, Gold Medal.
Hopbottom - N. M. Finn ft Son, Oold Medal
Tobylianna-Tobyliaiina & Lehigh Lumber
Co., Gold Modal Brand.
Onuldsboro 8 A. Adams. Gold Modal Brand,
Moscow Oahre & Clemonts, Oold Modal.
Lake Ariel-James A. Bortruo. Gold MedaL
Forest City-J. L. Morgan ft Co., Gold Mods
& Connell
Pimples, Blotches
and Old Sores
Catarrh, Malaria
mJ Kidney Troubles
Are miln l rmovNl by P.P.P.
Prickly Ash. Poke Rent and Potas
sium, the greatest blood purifier on
AnniinKTiN, O. , July 21 , 1101.
MK3ks. Liitman Bros., gavannab,
Oa. : lKAnnn:s I bought a bottle of
TOOT P.P. Ps at Hot Springs .Ark. .and
It hftl done in" in-to pood than tlireo
months treatment al the Hot springs.
Heed three DOttlea 0. 0, 1).
Reapecttully yours.
Aberdeen, Brown County, O.
::. J. l. Johnston.
Tf nil irhom If inny mnrrrn: 1 here
by tontlfy to the wonderful properties
of P. P. P. for eruptions of tho skin.. I
suffered for sovernl years with an un
sightly and disagreeable eruption on
mv face. I trk-d over? known reme
dy but in vain, until P. P. P. was usod,
and am now ontlrely cured.
(Signed by) J. D, JOHNSTON.
Savannah, u.i.
Skin Cancer Cured.
Testimony from the Mayor of ScquinSeX,
llQUnt. TatX . January 14, 1993. IL
Kmili Itirt'HAN Bsoe. Savannah, -F
Oa. : (it nthmtnl have tried your P. usslHP
1 ' D t. , i II . -. .t l ,.. -I-, n nanullv "V
known ni akin onneerof thirty yoara
stanillng. nnd found greut relief; 1C
puniles thH blood and reniovo all Ir
ritation from the seat ot the disease
nnd prevent any spreading of tho
sores. I have taken tlver six bottles
and feel confident that another course
will effoct n cure. It has also relieved
mo from Indigestion and stomach
troubles. Yours truly.
Attorney ut Law.
m on M Diseases ma Free.
Llppman'. Illock.NaTannith.On
Tbla wnrnlcrflil rtaril; jmtlfr
nulrrd ! i we nil tifrenu (tit-
MaeSf IQOh M Weak Main or , LOSI of Hmln Power. Headache, Wakefulness,
Lost Manhood. Nightly KuiHslonn, Nervtuisness, ulldriilnsaud loos of power
In Qeneratl vo Orianiof either aoxoeosed by ovorenrtlon, ynnthfnl orrero.
excesslTO nae Of toitncco.eplumorBtlniulantsi, which lead to Inilrmlty, Cn-
an be nsri'lert In vest pocket. !l pernm:, lor.
a B5 order we give n written irtinrnntre to cure
Ch'.Milnr frt'O Mold hv nil ,lnmulstK. A W for It. tan a
M m i i;iM'
Tho smut roniMljr for nprvons pruBtrntlon nnd all nefTOUS dltSASSJ of
tin, Ki'iu'iiuiv,. nrpun ,if I'lthvr bbx. MiclinRNurTnual'rostrstli n, Knll
; Iiik or 1 Hiwt M.uliucl, lmpoiunry, NlRhtly Kuilmlonf. Youthful Error,,
I McoitBl Worry,, icuulve uof Tolmccn or Opium, wlilcli lornl tol' ni
mimptloiiiinU llisnnlty. With cvi-rv SIS oril.T wo rim 11 written IIIUI
suiei- t.ii iito iirroiiih,! tin, monoy. Solil nt porbox. C boxes
Ittll l T'N,'lK!HI,'Al.CO., Liccluud. Ohio.
111 Vmtxn AYsnne.
Wl1' br I" Tl" MS
DAllily, LtM ofWexn
Sold with WnlTTF.N
IntoluntnrT Knilfiinn, ann uy nnm . 'if SSalMM, .uch trouble, lend '
riiii.iiiiipliim ,.r lDi,m.ily,(.nnper hnxlj mail, il boi,.,fora5. Willi v. r, (S
?uirrle,. lo euro cr rrfund the BWB.T, Addr
tiiotttUud, Ublo.
Pharmaclat, cor. Wyoming Avenue and