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More than on in tho courso of tins
Aisfory it has boon mentioned that the
windows of tho artist's chiimborH looked
ont upon a river. In truth, it was almost
impossible, to rn mivwhero in Maxoy's
rooms and escape its presonco. He had
chosen his suit for the free, open pros
pect it afforded, and he had sketched and
painted a landscape from this lofty situ
ation a dozeu tinu s. It mattered not in
what part of the honso one was, there
wad always something to remind him of
tho river.
The sweeping curve made by tho
stream just above tho center of the city
broadened tho otherwise narrow belt of
water into a lakelike expanse and opened
a vista of miles to the eye. Over this
wido snrfaoo tho wind camo and went
unopposed. It was ever rattling at the
windows of the artist's rooms. To awake
of a winter's night and hear the uneasy
fhost tapping with his chill hand for
admission was to bo reminded of tho icy
water (lowing steadily with the tido
down between tho great stono walls in
tho darkness.
The tido roso and fell in tho river for
miles above the city. In the dead of
winter it lifted tho solid white Furface,
like a mafblo floor, through 10 feet
twice a day. After a thaw, when the
ico broke up, even in Maxey's rooms,
could bo heard tho great blocks grind
ing against tho Htones. These floating
masses drifted variously, as the tido ran
biiok up the stream, to crowd the nar
row space between the banks above tho
sweeping curve or down beneath the
bridgos and between the hulls of innu
merable vessels out to sea. Only in tho
space contiguous to the house in Balla
voine place they remained stationary,
for just here a configuration in the wall
gave a whirling motion to tho water.
Tho floating block that drifted too near
this sput was inevitably drawn in, and
oneo in there it. staid, pounded up and
down, up and down against tho mason
ry and tho decaying piles till it was
melted quite awny.
It was a dark and mysterious recess,
this little section of tho river beneath
the artist's windows. Somehow the
building stood about it in such away as
to cut off tho sunlight, except pcrchanco
at high noon. It was always gloomy
close to the wall. Even when tho river
sparkled brightest in the smiling sum
mer days, just in here there was a drea
ry spot. Here the water swirled and did
not dance in little waves. Here, too,
had oice been tho end of a wharf or
wooden structure of some Kind. A few
of the venerable timbers yet remained
imbedded firmly in the river's bottom.
Tho blackened ends, projecting above
tho surface, deepened tho somber and
forlorn effect.
"fbt honso in which Maxey lived did
not rise directly from the river walL It
stood back and left a little space a
mean and parsimonious space utilized
only Iry housewives for the hanging out
of clothes. A high picketed fence pre
vented the contiguity of tho river from
being dangerous.
Occasionally tho janitor of tho build
ing, who was supposed to have a protect
ing eye for all that appertained to it,
omerged from the basement whero he
lived into the yard to oast about him a
reassuring glance. Ono morning in Do
cembev, when he came, a trifling altera
tion in tho familiar prospect caught his
attention and aroused his wonder. The
Upper ends of two pickets in the hi;:li
fenc6were broken short off near the top.
One of tho several pieces lay in tho snow
at the bottom of the fence; the other
still hung by a sliver from its place. The
Janitor shook the woodwork, and his
mystification was increased when he
found that tho two broken pickets were
loose. This was such an inexplicable
The. two broken pickets were loesc.
matter .thitt he did not oenso to wonder
at it. After he had exhausted all his
theories and had pursued a fruitless in
vestigation till ho was forced from lack
of untried moms to givo it up, being
after tho time when he mado tho discov
ery, it would still recur to his mind.
Sometimes he would look suspiciously
into the river just without the fence, as
if ho raoro than half believed that it
might givo tho explanation for which he
Sought, if it would, lint snch secrets as
it had tho river guarded well. The wa
ter Was very murky and impenetrable
just hero in tho best of times. Soon after
tho breaking of tho pickets it put a wall
of ice upon its surface, the totter tokeop
out prying eyes. But still the two bro
ken pioketH rose up shorter than their fel
lows to remind tho curious janitor of the
something unexplained.
Tho spring came, and the sun molted
the ico. It lingered in the pool without
tho fence longer than anywhore else, as
if it wero loath to go. For a long time
the bitter breath of tho dying winter
and tho warming rays from tho April sky
fought for tho maatery hero. It was a
She admired, openly and ecstatically
admired, Maxey's wife and declared that
if she hnd been a man sho should have
fallen in love with her horself. She
praised Maxey's taste as an artist and
Went into raptures over some of his pic
tures, with which ho had ornamented
tho walls of his parlor. Sho even
1 ktidL
nowAMcr u nr liuiti'S S3w -a"
"Such," thought Ellen, "is her boldness
and effrontery" attempted to become
a worshiper at tho shrine of the artist's
sister, but Miss Maxey mot all her at
tempts to win her over with an icy reti
OSnoe which move than once aroused the
latent fire in tho widow's eyes.
Dr. Lamar, usually so gay and con
versational in tho artist's rooms, hardly
uttered a word. Ho sat beside Mrs. For
sythoon tho sofa as grave and serious as
if ho had been assisting at a funeral.
The difference was so marked and so
significant that all three of his friends
were Impressed by the Fact It was the
last matter under the circumstances that
either Julian Maxey or his young wife
would have thought of mentioning iji
his presence, but Ellen somehow felt
that she had a battle to fight with an
unscrupulous woman, and that any
means wore justifiable. She took advan
tage of tho opportunity afforded her by
this faet to plant a covert thorn in the
breast, of her enemy.
"I am sure," she said in an audible
voice to her brother while Mrs. For
sythe was saying something to Annette,
"tho doctor is not well tonight."
"Not well;"' echoed Maxey.
"No; don't you notice how constrain
ed and different from his ordinary self
he is? Ho is usually so ohatty and agroe-
ablo. Some shadow seems to have come
in with him. What can it be? Is he not
happy?' '
"Hushl" whispered the startled Max
ey, perfectly unconscious of his sister's
duplicity. "She will hear yon."
"She. Who? I don't understand yon. "
Miss Maxey addressed herself immedi
ately to Annette.
"Don't you notice that the doctor is
not himself tonight, dear?"
"Oh, indeed, is ho not?" cried the
Willow Fotsythe, turning with an ad
mirable appearance of solicitude to
ward her affianced. "Do yon hear what
they aae saying, Eustace?"
"No. What?"
"That you are not at all like your
self tonight. I hope yon are not going
to to ill, too, because of my bad exam
ple." '
"I was not aware," returned Lamar
coldly, "that I exhibited any symptoms
of tho sort. "
The tone of the reply was so rough
and discourteous that tho color came
into Mrs. Forsythe's cheeks. Sho bit
her lip, and her eyes moistened.
"She loves him," thought watchful
Elleu, with a jealous glow at the heart.
"She loves him. There is no doubt of
Lamar seemed to havo instantly re
pented his own harshness, for ho at once
Went on, with an assumption of careless
"Tho fact, is, while you havo been
talking I have been dreaming. I may
havo looked sick, but tho truth is I was
abstracted. "
"Some new theory in practice, I sup
pose," suggested Maxey.
"No, "said Lamar, straightening up
and m;ikiiig an evident effort to bo en
tertaining. "It was something odder
than that something a good deal more
interesting. "
"Uf course that is meant to arouse
our curiosity aud make us bog yon to
tell us about it," said Airs. Forsythe
"I don't know abor.t that," Lamar
returned, with a slight frown. "I am
not so stir.- that I should be justified in
discussing a professional secret oven
among friends."
"It's a secret then I" ex
claimed Maxey. "Oh, then we must 1
toldl Professional scen ts are always
the most entertaining of secrets, Out
with it, Lamar!"
"Well," replied tho physician, "as
long as yon Understand that it is not a
matter to be talked about outside, I
don't know that I need hesitate. Pre
pare yourselves for a most curious and
mysterious affair. "
"I think I may say that everybody is
sufficiently prepared," said Maxey.
"Let us havo tho whole mystery at
once. "
"Dictum factum! You shall. I will
save my conscience by not calling any
names. A certain lawyer of this city
called at my office this morning and in
a very cautious and enigmatical manner
informed mo that he wanted to have
niy opinion on a matter of vast impor
tance to himself and others intere sted.
'First of all,' said he, 'I want to know
if yon can tell the comparative age of a
Boor on tho human body?' To so very
vague and general a question I told him
I certainly could give him no satisfac
tory answer. 'Very well, ' said he, 'I
will postpone my question until after I
have presented my case. I want you to
got into my carriage. I will then take
you to a place where there is a scar
which I wish to have examined. I shall
introduce you under a false name, and
it is not to bo known that you are a
physician. All you have to do is to as
sent to everything I say, and when I
show you the scar scrutinize it as close
ly as you can. Afterward I shall sisk
yon for your opinion.
" 'I will tell you, ' ho went on, 'that
this is a most important case, and that
you aro only ono of several prominent
physicians whose opinions aro to be
asked. Wo wish and intend to make
this matter as much of a certainty and
to have it partake OS lit'iloof the nature
of guesswork as medical science will
permit. ,aj do not want, to conceal any
thing from yon, however. There is a
ban possibility that at, some time or
other you may be called upon as an ex
port to repeat tho opinion which you
shall give mo in court. If SO, We shall
see that you are amply recompensed for
any loss of time or Interference with your
business that such a necessity would oc
casion. And in view of this possibility
I wish you to roeolloct just how this
matter was presented by mo to you, and
that so far from endeavoring to control
your opinion I havo not even told you
whether it would bo for our interest to
find this scar to bo old or recent'
Why, what is tho tronblo, Fostolle?
Yon aro palo. Is your faintness coining
on ufc-aln?"
With a snddou effort Mrs. Forsythe
overcame the emotion which hnd made
itself ho dangerously apparent in her
countenance. She Joreed a smile, and
with admirable presonco of mind mado
haste to turn tho apprehensive glances
of everybody from herself by requesting
Lamar to go on.
"Oh, no, Eustace; you aro wrong this
time, at any rate. I never felt bettor in
my life, tio on, I pray you; I am so in
terested!" The physician, almost forced to disbe
lieve his own oyes, eventually complied
With this request.
"After this preliminary," ho con
tinued, "I got into a closed carriage
with my enigmatical friend and was
driven to a certain place, whero I was
ushered into the presence of as pretty a
young lady as you often havo mi oppor
tunity to look at. "
"A pretty young lady?" exclaimed
Maxey. "You aro doing very well, La
mar. Proceed. Don't spare the details."
Everybody laughed, even Mrs. For
sythe, but Ellen, who was watching her
with sharp eyes, saw that a new and
georet terror was OOminB over her as the
doctor went on. At his1' last words her
hand trembled visibly. Nevertheless she
only raised a handkerchief to her lips
and did not speak.
Lamar continued: " 'Well,' said my
friend, tho lawyer, to the young lady,
'hero is Mr. So-and-so, of whom I told
you. He was an old friend of your fa
ther's, lie ought to know you very
well. Von won't object to his examin
ing yon, I suppose?' The young woman
laughed, as I thought, a little nervously
and said: 'Oh, no, not at all. I havo no
objection. He may inspect as much as
he pleases, ' Rather more ImjM and loud
than I should havo liked, but still not
offensive. 'Dark hair, you see,' said tho
lawyer. 'Isn't that right?' 'Oh, yes,'
said I, 'quite right. ' 'And black eyes.
Good again, isn't it?' 'Oh, yes,' said I,
'perfectly good. 1 And so ho went on
making a sort of inventory of her dis
tinctive points, llUGh OS though she had
been ahorse which he was trying to sell
mo. And finally yon can't, guess what
They all gave it up without trying.
"Well," said Dr. Lamar, "finally
the lawyer persuaded the girl to pull
off her Stocking and show me her left
Mr. and Mrs. Maxey wero so intent
on what the physician had to say that
they did not observe Mrs. Forsythe, but
Elleu saw that she looked really ill, and
in the midst of it darted a wild, search
ing, suspicions glance into her own oyes.
"He made her show me her foot, "
said the physician, "and then I saw
that one of the toes was missing. Here
was the scar about which ho had so
mysteriously hinted. 'Well,' said he,
'when we were out of tho place once
, -of.
She looted ii Ellen with on expression 0
ungovi nuible roue,
more, 'was it old or recent?' 'I am sure
I don't know how to answer that, 'I
said, with a laugh. 'Well, canyon tell
me this? Is it IS years old?1 Fostolle,
you are ill. It is useless for you to deny
it. You look as though you had seen a
ghost. Your fltce is pale. Your hands
tremble. I am afraid yon ore going to
bo sick. We had better go at once. "
"No," cried out Mrs. Forsythe in a
hnsky voice; "don't stop your story at
such an interesting point on my ac
count. Give your answer to tho lawyer
first. Old or recent, which?"
" 'P.y no possibility IS years.' That
was my answer. "
Mrs. Forsytho rose up with a vehe
mence that startled them all. Sho looked
at Fjlleuwith rui expression of ungovern
able rage and tin n at tho bewildered
"Dr. Lamar," she cried, "has that
low lived, false hearted chit of a girl
tli ro m t you on to tell what yon havo
Lamar was on his feet in an instant.
"Mrs. Forsythe," ho said iu a ter
rible mice, "are you mad?"
His look calmed the rising tiger in
the woman in an instant. For a minute
she gazed Into his face, and then her ex
pression changed from rage to terror.
Before them all she threw her arms
about his neck, crying out:
"Oh, Eustace, Eustace, forgive me.
I don't know what I have been saying!"
and fainted in unmistakable earnest.
to be continued.
A Thirty Thonsau.l Dollar Ballroom.
The exterior of Mr. Theodore Ravemoy
er's house, at tic southwest corner of
Madison avenue and Thirty-eighth street,
Is imposing. Within, the wide hall is dec
orated iu Ivory and gold; the ballroom,
which is said to have cost $!M),IKR), is in
Louis Qulnse style, white and gold, carved
out of solid oak. The dining room aud
drawing room, on the other side of the
hall, are superb apartments, their walls
being hung with rare old tapestries. New
York Sun.
The aggregate capital represented by the
various "trusts" in the United States
amounts to morn than 3,()0,O00,00l), or
more than two-thirds of our entire manu
facturing etinUal,
tho great, griping,
nauncntinp; pill.
In this enlightened
age you havo Dr.
Incrco's Plensant Pol-
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easiest to take and
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liefter because they do
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They lmve a tonio
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manently care CoiiBti
nation. Biliousness.
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Cedar Bnpidn, Imm.
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r- i'mm' -,,'"-"'"!Ivj
Hon to Make It Trolly and What to Weal
In It.
Havo you hung out your hammock? A
hnminook, n novel and a negligee gown
aro justifiable indulgences when warm
weather sots in. W il li plenty of cushions
ami a story over which one may fall asleep
a volume of sermons might answer the
purpose better, by tho way, although such
literature U not usually recommended its
restful summer reading a hummock is an
Ideal lounging place on hot days. If ly
ing still and reading or dreaming becomes
monotonous, by swinging a few minutes 0
sufficiently respectable amount of seasick
ness may be produced to let one fancy that
one is enjoying tho delights of a yachting
For several seasons it has been tho fash
ion to make one's own hammock, and the
materials for these wonderful webs have
been otlerod us regular summer goods iu
tho shops, large hanks of twisted silken
oordandbig netting needles to carry it.
Fanciful cotton hammocks, too, are dis
played ready made In various brilliant
hues, decora ted with fringe and valance like
tho housings of a knight's horse in the
days of chivalry. Finally there aro the
common manllla nets iu red, yellow nnd
black, and they are the most serviceable of
the throe, although tho least expensive and
tho least ornamented.
As for cushions, plush and silk are bet
ter for the drawing room than for the ve
randa. Blue and brown denim embroid
ered with white, green and gray linen and
plain scarlet ticking will make as pretty
covers for a set of out of door cushions as
can bo desired covers that Will go through
rough usage and bo none tho worse for it.
Cool gowns go with tho hammock, ol
ciuirsc something made of pongee or
linen lawn or some other thin stuff. Tho
sheer tropical fabric called plna would lx;
exactly the thing, but that is not so easily
obtained as iwiss or silk muslin.
A sketch Is given of a negligee gown of
mauve moUSSOlino do sole. It is shirred
in at the waist to lit tho figure, and tho
bottom of the skirt Is trimmed with a
flounce headed by a pulling. A wide dou
ble bertha covers the shoulders. Violet
Velvet ribbon is arranged in a ohoUX with
long ends at the left side of the corsage.
A violet velvet collar surrounds the neck,
and the elbow sleeves are trimmed with
tho same color. JUDIO CHOLLKT.
An Acrd German Queer Little Manu
factory on she Bowery In New York.
Among the many curious manufactories
established on the Bowery near that whirl
pool of heterogeneous humanity, Chatham
square, is that of making the geographical
spheres used in libraries and schools in all
parts of the country.
The business is carried on by an old Her
man with two assistants on the third floor
of a large building.
While on another errand I found him
there surrounded by numberless spheres,
finished ami in process of completion, to
gether with the Curious paraphernalia with
which the miniature worlds ure construct
ed. The aged proprietor happened to be In
a communicative mood, and he took one of
the spheres, then a thin layer of white pa
per pulp that had dried upon nn iron ball,
nnd completed it while I watched tho
The first condition of the globe is that of
a white paper paste, formed by a mixture
of pulp and glue. This is heated until a
desired consistency is obtained, and thca
by means of a curious looking instrument,
a cross between spoon and shovel the
paste Is carefully applied to nn iron glolx)
of the size a sphere is desired.
This globe is heated by means of a steam
piM', which enters it through a small apcr
t ure m ar the bottom. The heat soon hard
ens the paste and then a sharp knife is
passed around the Imaginary equator and
the two hemispheres are separated and re
moved. These two halves are united at
tho edges with glue, and then the hollow
sphere is treated to a coating of white
enamel about one eighth of an inch thick.
"The next thing," said tho German, "la
to turn the sphere into a perfect round
ness," and he placed it. in it distorted lathe,
which accomplished tho work in half a
Two holes at either polo wero bored
through the half completed world and . an
iron rod which projected about an inch be
yond the surface was inserted and fastened
in place. This formed the axis ot tho
The world WSS then ready to receive the
highly colored representations ol the conti
nents and oceans. The latter are printed
from copper plates in this particular estab
lishment by a daughter of the proprietor
on thin linen paper. Numerous sizes aro
When cut out they resemble t hedress pat
terns of a fashionable tailoress more than
anything else. They usually lit better than
the fashionable tailoress' work, however,
nnd without difficulty are pasted on the
"Now, ono momentmorp," continued the
old German, "and you will seethe whole
world completed, the blue divided from tho
red and tho red from tho yellow."
While speaking he passed tho sphere to
another girl who covered the various por
tions of it with transparent bine, red and
yellow water colors. When that had been
done it wns placed in an oven to dry and
then covered with a Inst coating of bril
liant varnish ot mctalic hardness, which
would wear for ages without scratching or
losiug its brightness.
"So now you have seen tho whole opera
tion," concluded tho maker as he bowed
me out of tho door. New York Herald.
(engraiihlcal DlHtrihiitlon of Hair.
Tho geographical distribution of tho
hair over the habitable world is, as regards
tho color, very precisely definable, The
Jtanthocomie or light haired races are to lie
found north of latitudo 4S dogs.,which cuts
off England, Belgium, the whole uf north
ern Germany nnd a great portion of Russia,
Between this parallel and latitude 45 degS.
including northern Franco, .Switzerland
nnd partof Piedmont, nnd passing through
Bohemia and Austria there is a sort ol
debatublc laud of more or less dark brown
hair, und below this line we come gradually
upon the Mclanic races, who occupy, with
hardly an exception (save where we havo
colouized), the rest of the globe. Tho peo
ples of Europe, therefore, present In the
color of linir an almost perfect gradation
the light flaxen of tho colder latitudes deep
ening imperceptibly Into the blue black ul
toe Mediterranean shores.'
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Third National
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WlLifAM CON1SKT.T, Presldrnt.
UEo. h. 1 atmn, Vlre-i'rMldani
Wll.i.i v-i IJ. PKt'K, Cashlet,
Wllllnm. Connell, i,i.,k. h. Cntlln,
tlfreil liniul. Jumes Arrlilmld, H. my
Helln. Jr.. t.illl.'u T. H.oi.h Lntlior
Tost of the hest quality t ir rlomeitla nne.nm)
f nil Klz'ts, rilivorud In any 1 art ot tin, cit j
(it lowont price.
Orders left at raj offlno,
Resr room, flrit lloor, Thlr 1 KutlonsA Rank,
or sent hy mull or telephone to thu mlno, will
recoive prompt attention.
t i - .l euntrncts will be made for the soli
and delivery of Buckwheat Coal
i j
. t
The above brands of flour can be had at any of the following merabants,
who will accept Tup. Tribune flour coupon of 25 on eaoh one hnndred ptmnda
of flour or 50 on ench barrel of flour.
Scriinton-F. P. Pries, Washington avenuo I
Gold Medal Brunei.
Duntnore-F. P. Price, Gold Medal Drand.
Dunmore F. D. Mnnloy. Superlative Rrand.
Ilyd.i Park-Carson ft Da via, Washburn 8t
Gold Medal Brand; senh A. Mears, Main
avenue, Suporlativo Drand,
Green Ridge-A L.Spencor.l told Medal Brand.
i. T. Mi-Hale, Superlative.
Providence Founor & Chappell. N' Main ave
nue, Superlative Hraud;U. J. OiUespiet W.
Market stroot, Gold M-d.l Brand.
Olyphunt James Jordan Superlative Brand.
Peckvlllo shatter & Krlsr SuporlatiTa.
Jermyn -C. L). Winters & Co Suporalattre
Archhald Jones, S inpson & Oo., Gold Modal.
Csrl.mdale-B. S. Clark, Gold Medal Brand,
Honesdale -I N. Foster & Oo. Gold Modal.
Minooka M. H. I.avullu
"No star was ever lost we once have seen,
We always may be what we might have been,"
Scranton, Pa.
22 and 23 Commonwealth Building.
That we will GIVE you beautiful new pat
terns of Sterling SILVER SPOONS and
FORKS for an equal weight,ounce for ounce,
of your silver dollars. All elegantly en
graved free. A large variety of new pat
terns to select from at
JtOvniTa e oi WDWrOQ
.llmnl Ion or IMaalt. Cs
hy nuill DrpaT with a
bEFORE AND AFTER othor. Addieta XfKTl SKftnro., Manonlc femple. CoicaocIu.
r refund the money.
ForSalo in Sornnton, Pa., by H. C. SANDERSON, DruggiBt, cor. Washington
ind Snruoe strunts.
f Ank for SS. MOTI'B PBinrTBOTaX PI&LH ana take no other.
?Htr Send for oiroular. Price per box, boxea for S5.00.
1 UR. MOTT'H CHEMICAL CO., - Cleveland, Ohio.
rortiale . M. iiakkis, i'-.... i.i
SomeHaes needs a reliable, monthly, raralatlnc medietas. Only haraltai SSd
tho purestdruga should he nsed. II ou want tka best, got
Dr. Peal's Pennyroyal Pills
Thar an prompt, safe and oertala In raaalt The asaalne (Dr. Peal's) neTer ainp
oelnt. Beat anjrwbera, 11.00, Address riu Majoaa Ca Clcvelind, O.
Foraale by JOHN H. PHElPS,
Spvuce Street, Scranton, Fa.
Dr. EX Grewer
The Philadelphia Rpeol.llst.and his associate
"k..ii wu uerman pnTflicinn,
are now permanently located t
The doctor iHaurnduateoftho Unlrersity of
I ennsylvanla, formerly demonstrator of physl
oloi..y and Hitrmry at tho Medico ChlrnrKiral
lolleno of Philadelphia. A specialty of
fhronio, Nervous, Skin, Heart, Vorob and
Blood diseases.
The symptoms of which are dizziness, lack of
conlldence, sexnnl weakness in men and wo
man, ball rising In the throat, spots floating
before tho eyes, loss of memory, unablo to con
centrate the mind on one snbjeot, easily
startled when suddenly spoken to, and dull,
distressed mind, which unlits them for per.
termini; thoaotuai duties of life, miking hap
piness lmpcMMble: distressing the action of
the heart, causing (lush of heal, depression of
spirits, evil forebodings, cowardice, fear,
dreams, melancholy, tire easy of company,
feeling as tired in the morning as when retir
ing, lack of energy, nervousness, trembling,
cenfusion of thought, depressloa.eoBBtrpation
weakness of the limbs, etc. Those so affected
should consult u immediately and be restor
ed to perfect health.
Weakness of Young Men Cured.
If you have been given up by your phyaiciaa
cull upon the doctor and be examined. H
cures the w..rst cases of Nervous Lebillty.Scro
fiiln.dljS. i. s.r'uturrliPiles.FeinalS Wats-nans,
Affections uf tbo Eyo, Kar, Noso and Throat,
Asthma, Deafness, Tumors. Cancers and Crip
ples of every description.
Consultations free and strictly sacrad and
confidential. Dfllee hours daily from la at,
toll p.m. Sunday 9 to 2.
rostra A p. swetuM, Jfee.J,JM
The Flour
"CniOAOO, Oct M. Fhe tot offlelal
aanoancement of World's Ferr aV
plomas on ftenr baa been mads. A
medal has been awarded by tk
WorNTs Fair Judge to the tew manu
factured by raw Waabbarn, Cieekgr Co.,
Id the great Wsshbnrn Flour Mi He,
Minneapolis. The committee reports
the flonr strong and pnre, and entitles,
It te rank as first--data natont floor for
family an A bakers' nee.-'
Taylor Judge tt Co., Gold Medal; Athertep
& Co., Superlative.
Duryea -Lawrence Store Co.. Gold MedaL
Mooslc-John McCrindle, Gold Medal
Pittston - M. W. O'Boylo, Gold Medal
(Bark's Orecn-Fraoo A Parkor Snperlatire.
Clark's Kummlt-F. M. Young, GoJd Medal.
Daltou-S. E. Finn & Son, Gold Modsl Brand
Nicholson -J. E. Harding.
Waverly-M. W. Bliss i Son, Gold MedaL
Factoryville Cbarloa Gardner, Gold MedaL
Hopbottom-N. M. Finn & Bon, Gold Medal
Tobyhanna Tobyhanna ft Lehigh Lumber
Co . Gold Medal Brand.
Gouldsboro-S A Adams. Geld Medal Brand,
Moscow Gaige ft Clementa, Gold Medal.
Lako An. ,1 James A. Bortrse, Goid MedaL
Forest City J. L. Morgan ft Co., Gold Meda
4 Connell
Thla wndf rRtl r mrr1t easr
twjifni t n tut All tnoai Jli-
otvot. fturh U Wmk Mftmorjr. LOMfif HrMn Power. Hoadai ho, Wakafulnou,
Lotl Mnnhtmd,Nlhty ttmlfifloim, NerTtnsnoia.alltlrMi.sftnrt Iocs of MWN
In (Joiioi at Ivo Om nn of wither km cnunpil tr over rortion. yonlhfiil error.
Can be csrrled In vest pocket. Bl per box. 6 for 9X
tipnrra or iuiiikhw) wbioh mw iu (""V'l'tvir
5 order w(ilve
r we give a written itu&rancee to cure
rn. Sold n. nil AsHMMl Ask for IL lake
( InralJfJfr
, The only Bate, sure and
reliable Female riLL
over offered to Ladles,
espeoiauy rocommecci"
ed to married Ladioa.
127 Hann Avenue,
Pharmacist, cor. Wyoming Avenue and