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The sliipmonU of aiitliracito cnnl for
the week ended Juno 9, according to
data comiii'.Btl by the bureau of nnltira
cite coal stiitistice, increase' 151,000
tons, the ntitrouiite bciiiir 1. 119.038,
Tho largest portion of the Inorease wan
in ado liy tho yommn r'-irti, tlie snip
incuts amounting to 607,870 tons,
against S08 lo:is for Ilie correspond
ins.' period lastyesr, an Inoreanof 120.
270 ions. The I arrests from the Schuyl
kill region was 2:!,080 tons, and from
the Lehigh region otilv 4,717 tone. It
is evident from theie figures that
there lias been h freer movement of an
Ihraclte lately, which no doubt is due
to a (l. tti. iul lrmn parlies who hav
heretofore need bituminous coal ezolo
piVrly. Opinions on this point differ,
bnt the general stagnation in tho hard
coal trade, vrliicli wns pronounced laet
week, certainly indicates that a new
or.tlt-t lor anthracite has been opened.
Slocks in producers' hands are not, it is
laid, showing any increase. Shipments
for the year now aggregate 1S,48Q,81S
tons, uitoiiiHl. IS.O.'iIU 10 tons for the cor-
raiion 'lng peried Uat year, a deoxeane
ol 3 888 881 tone.
June !'. Mil. Juno 10, 1803.
Beaiona, Tone, Tons.
V. yeming IW7,XJ0 oW,SM) Inc ISS.fflS
L'-lin;i l.ii.iwi l,U,liiiil In,: -4,71
h-emijikill 8tl,l,;i L.t'.: :;( Im; ii.iwi
Total 1,1111,03a 904,854 Dee IM,MB
T- fcil for year
to date 18.UO.S10 1&253,U0 D 2,881,83
Notwithstanding tho fact that
George 13. Roberta, president of the
PxunBylvania lines, it quoted as say
lug ihal trains on that road would not
run 100 miles an hour until after ho
Will gone, it be -ins to look as if, unless
he loon departed, such a fact would be
Bceompliined. A uiaobanlcal engineer,
Who has been giving for two years utat
much attention to the progress railway
companies, nro making in the way of
improved roadbed and equipment, es
pecially the mechanical d
epartmont of
the Pennsylvania, looking to increased
lp ed anil power of locomotives, tells
tlw IndiauanolU Journal, "Some great
a1 in -s have been made in that direc
tion; loins giant locomotives have been
turned out in the lust few mouths at
thcAUoona and the Juniata shops,
tli-re being considerable rivalry
be! Ween the two chops, although
owned and operated by the Penn
sylvania, and soma of then engines
h 'V" m ide a running record that the
Pennsylvania people are not anziona
should become known or Provident
B iberls Bioul'l be at present apprised
rf," The mechanical engineer laid
from what knew of the matter he
was satisfied that within eighteen
n:onilis th train of t'n Pennsylvania
v old ha running between Jersey Citv
stud Philadelphia 100 miles nn hour.
It" added thai not on!v is til? lJ.unnyl
vudi expanding lorga sums of money
patting down ii heavier rail than was
ever lai I before and bu Iding its equip
ni'tit mnoh more thoroughly than .-ver
before, but alio getting its tracks above
or below str-ot crossiugi of towns and
cities between the paints named, wuicd
greatly limpliflm the problem of run
ning trains 10!) miiea au hour. He
It itel that on of tlie new type of en
pines for fast service recently hauled
us cars lr. m Philadelphia to Jersey
Itty, ninety miles, in ninety minutes,
and without seemingly having reached
it ; ;uted capacity.
Tno Like Erie end Western road has
mnde a reply to the request of the
Western Passenger association lines
thai it withdraw its rate of $2o "r, from
Indianapolis to Denver and return on
excursion business U'ol"r pen tlty of
h iving all its tlokets, no matter for
where IslUSd, rifused by all the asso
ciation lines. The Lake Erie And West
ern s:ys that it. h is bnt one contract at
tho price named in its notice, and that
it cannot legally avoid carrying out
the contract; what if mora it has no
intention or trying to avoid it aud pro
poses io carry the passengers at the
l.greod rale, no matter What the result.
Under a new order jmt Issued on the
Northern division of the Lehigh lley
iynt'-m, all crows running into CoztOD
yard nro r- q ilred io lay ot at Cozton
eight hours for rest. Formerly the
period of rest was divided, part bun
ip 'lit at both en-is of ths ruu. Crews
"on the rounds," which heretofore
have had regulur cabooses, have been
notifi d that beginning nt once, they
will have no cabooses. This deprives
the m-n of a place to sleep during the
eight hours' rest at Cozton, and coin-p'-ls
them in lind boar ling plaovi in
Pittsten, Another order on this divi
sion n quires three brakemen to make
ippliciitiou by letter for positions as
conductors, three for positions as tire
men tnd three for positions as engi
ii i rs. This, thp old men claim, is not
111 accordance With the agreement of
tlie company made at tho dole of the
s rike, to reinstate all ol.l employes as
fait as places could be made lor thtiin.
Tho Journal of Ottawa, Canada, has
reliable information that a private com
pany is being organized In Octawa to
prospect for, and develop, the anthra
cite or "hard" o il said to exist in the
James Hay regions. The blea is to
subseribo and expend $10 000 to Jlo.000
U prospecting, and it the explorations
prove snec-sslul. as expectd, to form
ally organize a joint stock company
with a largo capital. Since 187.5 hard
coal Iihs kuown to exist in the James
Bayregioo, but it is only lately that
Its existence has been brought into
prominence. In 1878 Dr. Robert Dell,
F. H. S. C, of the geological survey,
went into tho James Bay region. On
his return he reported he bad discov
ered the presence of anthracite, which,
nhder examination, proved to contain
M 01 per csnt. of hxed carbon and only
8o ner cent, of ash. The deposits dis
covered by Dr. Bell Bro in the east
main district and not far from the
const of James Bay.
It is announced that the New Haven
Railroad company is about to four
track its line. xtending from the Har
lein river to the main lino nt New
Bochello, some seventeen miles north
o.'.st of the Grand Central station.
This branch line is the one over which
the through trains from Philadelphia
ii nd Washington to Boston pass. The
main line of the Now Haven railroad is
Bow practically fonr-tracked between
Now York nnd Now Haven.
A new idea, evolved by Evan Koese,
of Centralia, and given a practical test
'ihursday, promises to work u revolu
tion in tho coal trade. It has for its
basis the removal of the smoke nuls-i-nce,
which has made tho use of bit
uminous coal unpopular; bnt outside
c! this Mr. Itsose claims that it is pos
rible to secure even bettor results in
the production of steam than oouid b
obtained from anthracite coal. The new
process has for its priuciple the mixing
of rice, or anthracite, with bituminous
coal. When properly mixed, Reese
claims the coal has 70 per cent, tho ad
vantage in point ot heating do war. In
the preparation of tho coal to be mixed
a arrangemunt is emnlovud
which oonsista of a series of rollers into
which coal dirt is fed just as it is
touno on tue refuse banks. Slate rook,
coal aud bone are all crushed into pur
lieus, xue plans 01 the micMno
make it look not unlike a big printing
press, it being apparently a succession
or roileis. Air. iteeso says that, 12."
tons of rice coal can bd prepared each
uay uy ono machine. In the test
which was made Thursday the results
In beat production were highly
tying, wnilo trom the ovens hardly
any smoko was visible.
A New York dispatch says: Tho an
thracite coal doalers and operators of
New York and vicinity mot yesterday
to taico nnal action in the decision
reached at a meeting held last week to
BOVance the price of anthracite coal
The meeting, however, adjourned with
out taking any action and without
changing the output for June as al
ready agreed upon. The regular meet
iug will be held on June 2d noxt.
The strike of coal miners will end
Monday, and there is, says Dun, little
room to iinunt that the coal famine
will than begin to abito. Snmo time
must elapse, however, before suopli
of fuel will enable all works to resnm"
that have no other reason for suspend
ing production. Meanwhile the de
mand for produots is so slack that it
if ems questionable whether as manv
hand will ilnd employment before the
enu ot June as were employed in April.
The actual output of pig iron weekly
Jnri- 1 was only 02, 017 tons against
12C.7IS2 April 1 and 17-1 030 n voar ago,
hut the reduction of 348,883 tons in
unsold stocks indicates that a quantity
nearly doable tho output has ben
taken for consumption. The woolen
mills are dosing rapidly,
Then has been chartarnl to the state
eapltol a company to be known as the
Blnghamton, Pennsylvania and South
ern, capitalized at $300,000, whose pur-
tiosn is lo 1 nil ! a road direst onritli
from Blngbiimton to the state line
ami then in Ins most direct lino to
Wyalusing and the Lehign Valley rail
road, about thirty miles in all.
tfittoB Industrial Notes:
The ('.Mitral Traffic and Westorn Freieht
associations have agreed on a general basis
for the equalisation "f rates.
Falurrs this week have been 883 in the
United States against :II3 last year nnd 40
laCanada against W last year. "
It is statod that fully 40 ner cent, fewer
moli are now employed in the railroad
shops of tho country than eighteen months
The Lebigh and Wilkes-Bui ro Coal ccm-
pany have a force of men at work on the
erection f a new washery at Green moun
In May the Indiana Car Service associ
ation bandied lt.r.s; curs, against 88,071
in may, iw.i, auecrease tins year ui iLwJS
A slight accident tn the inaehinerv of the
Clear Soring collierv at West EHttatan
Thursday interrupted operations fur a
Engene Debs, president, of the American
Railway union, claims that the member
ship is increasing at tho rate of 1,600 a
Next Monday the Delaware, Susque
hanna and Schuylkill will endeavor to b
gin running tU-ir tiains regularly to IVrth
Tie- earnings of the Erie for tho last
seven months fall 11,880,000 below liiosoof
tho corresponding months ending with
ilay I, 1898,
Ten more I rain crews will he nnt nr tlm
Delaware, Butqoenauna and Hcnuylkill at
Freeland. Several new Valley engines
will be purobased by th Coxes,
A rumor is correct that the Leliiirh Val
ley Railroad company intends as soon as
possible to make the Buffalo, Wilkes-Barra
and S nitb Ettston loops the three princi
pal shops of tho system.
Railroad earnings for the first week of
June show n decrease of 23.1 per cent.
asaihSt 10.8 per cent, for the last week of
May, and 18 S per cent, for all roads in the
tinted stales lor the full month.
The Coal Trade Journal nrints an nnwl.
lent half-tone cut or the it ot nneumutla
culm remover nt Blmp-on ft Wntkins'
Jiount Lio.iKour. colliery. It has hereto
fore been described in Tub TRIBUNE,
Captain Alex. McDoUffall. of the Ameri
can Steel Barge works at l Superior
, is,, iuuu ioi i.-irge co u laipineoti to tne
head ot the lake tho hitter part of the
season, and thinks that at least 1,500,000
boiin ui ' ' i.i win come up.
On tho New York. I'cnnsvlvnnia and
Ohio division of the Krio lines anthraoita
coal Is being u-ed, and also on th - Phila
delphia and Beading Hues, The cleanlinosi
and general oomfort thus afforded to pas
sengers is tho subject of favorable com
The recent tush of coal from the river
nt Cincinnati 10 Chicago has demonstrat
ed that twenty h .urs is ample time for a
rxeignc traiq to maze the run. and if noc-
ssary 11 i-ouiu he made turee hours
luicker. Five years ago thirtv-six honra
was looked upon as good time for freight.
When the coke simply is refilled, activi
ties at Ht eel ton will be resumed in all de
partments. General Manager Fulton says
mere are ruitlcienc orders h....!;-,: t. k -i.n
theblgplnni running Steadily fo; i,nu next
three months. All tho snridr.S Block of
rails and other product bar. bi . Ji-nn-nrl
of and the yards were nover . lean r than
tUey are now.
Tho new freight rates on pig Iron, steel
nnd manufactured iron went Into effect
yesterday. '1 b y are increase 1 from Chi
cago to eastern points, the increase ou
pig iron from i'ltishurg to Phnu Iclnhin
amounting to 50 cents (41.50 to 88), and on
teel anil mai.ulaerur. d non Iran audio
the same points. 80 cents if-' to tXBlll. Tho
advance will be ii benefit to eastern mills.
it will piovuutcoinni-tition in their own
It is said that there ii a nn
foot to have the southern lines, which are
luniiiging ii, seen u uitior rate war, do as
the northern lines have done admit mi
agreement which will make tin- eze ui Ive
ni ad or ench company responsible for the
lines which Ills mad may mane. doiiiL'
away with the po-Hihihty of rate wars
growing out of differences between truffle
nianageisol competing and rival Inns.
The New York, Ontario and Westnrn
Railway company had iccentiv trh d with
marked success the experiment of burning
a mixture Ot 5 per cent, of buck tv heat
coal and 2j per cout. of bituminous coal in
soft coal burning locomotives which it was
thought could not make use of anything
but soft coal, bat by gradually Increasing
the amount of anthracite Used on them, it
wns found that tho proportions noted
above were Vi ry satisfactory.
It is apparent that tho railway mnnaue-
tnonts nre this month i xponses
to i he lowest possible being the
last month of the fiscal year with fully Hi
per cent, of tho roads. In speaking of this
yesterday, a high official said: "After wo
are through with this month I expect to
receivo InstiUctions to loosen the grip a
little, increase the number of section men
nnd bridge builders, and the number of
shopmen will be coin-idtrni ly increased;
our purchasing agent will bo allowed to
purchase some new Bteol, and there will
bemoroorloss dono in improving road
beds." Mothers! Mothsrslt Mothrlll
Jlrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has b.-eu
used for over fifty years "by millions oi
mothers for their children while teething,
with perfect success. It sooihes the child,
softeus the gums, allays all pnin; cures
wind colic, and is the nest remedy for di
arihrea. . Sold bydtuggists in every part
of tho world. He sure and nsk for "Mrs.
Winslow's Soothing Svrup." and tako no
no other kind. Twenty-live cents n bot
Stocks and Ponds
New Youk, June 15 Trading at the
Stock Exchange was entirely professional
in its character todav. aud at ;) o'clock.
w hen tho room operators stopped tho
backing and filling, not one of the promi
nent stocks ihowed i change of as much as
a point rimer way, si compared wltu
yesterday's finals. The sales amounted
to only 158,000 share or Bugar,
which was tho most active tock,
80,000 shares ohanged hands. At
tho start there was a good demand for
it from the short interest aud advance of
1 tier cent, to flS. took place. A drop to
Wi followed, hut still later there was nn
advance to In the afternoon tho
stock returned to si and left off un
changed for the day at 'Jiyh. There was
little news afloat to affect tho stock. Chi
eagpGaS during tho morning session tell
to7.", but pool brokers quickly put the
stock up to 77J C Union Pacific took an
other little dip and touched 12 but later
rallied to 184 Too market closed steady.
Tho following eonuMato talile siiuwhik the
ilsv'n Bnotuationi in aatlve storks ui supplied
nnd rovised daily In- La Bar & t'ulter, stoek
brokers, ii Wyoming avenue:
Open- Ill.-h- Low Clou-
in, est, ml Ine,
Am. Oat OH 8HU WAt ZM 27
Am Bazar Wi-j ii"a mi'u
A. T. k B. K 7 ' " m "Vu
Can. So
Cen. K. J
Chie a n. w lom loouj lnflU leow
Q. it. & g n 78 i- 77
tide. (Ins 70M 77)i JSK 77M
c. 0.0. fit. L
col.. Hoek.Val. &T
I), .'i II ISOU 180M ISO ISO
D., L. w inp.1 nd'! mi', nuy
n.&(;. P g.'.vi 858 85M (SM
rle Y.hi Uli IH VH
0. E. (Io lnilH 1)7 3UU M
1. ukeShoro 188 lit! ltt!
t.ftH I6M tSJi 4514 4SW
!Uis. Pae 27 2794 2"K
Nst. Liml 88 tlsu aj 88U
N . V, AN. E
-V. Y. Central US t'S U7M t'T-),
M. Y.. O. A W , ....
N. Y., H. & W
If. B, V. Co - lift tt -'till
North Pac
North 1'ae. pt IU 10 Vi K
i 'non I,. i
Pae. .Moil
Reading lm M 10 5: 0M
Uoek Island BWj 58U um$
B. T loiJ itiQ ml w
st. Paul D0U mrs BOM Oms
J., c. & 1 i'.it sum mi iw4
Texas A Tae
Union Pacitlo 18M lMj 18 18U
Wabash p IMS lisyj i.,)4 i:A,
Western I'ldon Wax "14
u 11 "8 fl
. Ji L. L. pf
Clilcmro Gr.iin and Provl".!on.
Bcrahtor', June 18. The following quota
Hons nro inpplled and oorrested daily by L
Bar Fuller, stock broker i,121 VVromta ave
nue. WHEAT.
Lowest ,
eh sinif
Opening ,
Lowe -t ,
Closing ,
Opening ,
L iwesl
1 Ii Bine
Open 11c
bow, 'St
1 losing
BHoBT nir.s.
Julv. Sopt. Di
5sm ( n k
6Hu ini?4 (:
r.7;J tn is
m, w
41M 41H .
41 W, ll.4
tOM 41
404 41
s'.'W mui
VM 80H
88i BUM .
)8D l'..7 .
1231 l.:J7 .,
1818 lt.:i)
r:ir lata ..
081 t-7:,
(no e78
CG'i C7j , .
r:n m
888 ie!0
('III 027
088 utfl)
t'cranton Whel-eal Marknt.
Iil i K Dried apples per pound. BaTo. : evan-
oiated apples, I Lil le, per pound; Turkish
prunes, 5a5!ac. : English currants, SaSlt'c.;
layer ralslna ll.76al.80; muscatels, (1.00a
l.-lu per box; new V aleucias. ,aic. ner
bBANS .Marrow-fats. ?J.75u2.80 ner
bushel; mediums, fl.75al.90.
1-itAS ureen, 81. ISal.SO per bnshol;split.
t8.50aS.00i lentels.5 to He. per pound.
Potatoes 81.00al.08 n bushel.
Onions Bermudas, crates, 88.40a9 60
Ekjyptians, 83.00a8.S5 bans.
BOTTIR 16c to itiic. per lb
Cnzzaz OalOcK, perio.
BkMSFresb, I4ai4c
Poultry Chickens, dressed, 12 to 18c. ;
turkeys. 18 to 13c.
Ml ATS Hams, lie.; small hams. HU'e.:
skinned hams. lOJjat Calltornia bams
S:,.'e - slinuldei-.Hi.e -ImIIIim S-l 1 tmntrnrl
breakfast bacon, 1 Ic.
MlKl:ll Bxzr-Outsides. 11 Mr.: setf.
I8W0.; luildei and knuckles, 15c.
rORK Aless at 1S; snort cut, 118,
Laud Leaf in uerees nt Ue.: in tnt.
OStfc: in I'i-pound rails. BiYo.1 InB-nonnd
palls, Bci 8-iiouud palls, ins. pel
liKEK t hoice su.-ar cured, smoked bee;.
Flour Minnesota nctent. ner narraL
H.S0a4.40 Ohio and Indiana ambsr, al
(3.50; (irabnm at iUbu; rye Hour, al
I'KED Mlied, per cwt., It 81,00,
Oraib Itye, tii.; corn, Bd to r.le.; oat.
0 tn68p. t er DUSbel.
Beecham's pills arc foi
biliousness, bilious headache,
1 .
dyspepsia, heartburn, torpid
liver, dizziness, sick head
ache, bad taste in the mouth,
co iled tongue, loss of appe
tite, sallow skin, when caused
by constipation ; and consti
pation is the most frequent
cause of all of them.
Itook free; pills 2?c. Al
drugstores.or write H.F.Allen
Co.,365 Canal St., New York.
Exhibition in FANCY
10 Sharp, Short and Exciting
All the Flyers coming,
Parade of Wheelmen in the
nnd vltror nulrklt
. . . l.KTITIiy t-nitsi luni,
Mrapbr. ate., i.un-iv en red b imumi, h,,. rrMI
11 . , , v1 I n, ... ....... .... . . ...
M u 1 lUiva liiVos., u.-iiKai- t". u-iutn.r.'
Nbw York Producn Morkot.
New Yonic Juue 15. Plodb-DuII,
Wheat Moderately active, lc. lower,
closing Htfadv: No. I rd, tore and ele
vator, DOUo.1 alloat. flOiiftli'Xc. : f. o. b..
ISln61)ie.; unuraded rd, Siuttlc; No. 1
Norlhern, 88K0, : ontionB cloned woak at
v.,. ' . , .
.t"8- uimtT yesteraay; io. c rcu, iuae,
tMlKc; July, (like; August, 6'J4'c ; Sep
tember, 6!r.; LlfCember. (JBKc
Cokn Dull: kc. lower: rlo-inc firm: No.
'J, 4.. ,al5e.; tlevater, 4fiW46)0. utlonl;
opuoiiB Wvrs dull unit lower;
uoseu steany; June, 4oX'-; Jmy, ac.
AUBUSt, iWc.! Si'i't.'moer, 48.
Uats yuiet, flrmiT; options doll and
irregular; ie. up to ,'4C. iown; June,
18 Wo.: Jiilv.'-ir'iC.: Auiust, ;l?i!ic. ; Bentem-
PSf, .'IS'ie. ; ipot prices. No. 4ba4Uc. ;
No. a wuiie, BOaBOHI 2 Chloagu, 5Hc. ;
No. 8, 4Hc ; No. 3 wnite, 4'Jc; mixed weat-
ern, lUaSUe,; wbitu do., 60aoJc; white
Sli.te, ooaooe,
Bcxr Inactive, nti ady.
TirncEii Bur-Quiet
Cur biXATs-iQalet, firm.
Labo Qniet,weKterniteam, closed $7.00;
city, 6Xci July.? September, $7.15;
rettui,d,tlull;oouiiuent,87.88; Sjutb Auieri
oa. ? coniponnd,8JisOo,
rOBK Dull, stonily.
BOTTKB Qniet; weaker; state dairy, 13a
I8c.j da croHinory,16Kal8u.:PennivlvaD.
la, do.lsXaiM'r.: weetera dairy, ,10al5c.j
do. oreatnery 14hIk(-'.; do., factory,
0)fal4ko.; elgins, lHic.; imitation creaiii-i-ry,
CBBBBE . Stvadv, fair demand.
Eoos About steady; atate nud Pennsyl
viinla, 18al8)i'.; western, fresh, UalSc.;
do. nercase, 8 .5'Ja $11.00.
Fhiladelpblu lallow Marke
PniLADSLPiiiA. Juno 15.-Tllow wns
dull and weak. Prices were: Prime
city in hogilieadn, 4 c: prime country,
in barrels. 4 0.; di. dark la barrels,
4.; cakes 5c. I grease, 4c.
SprcimHii Cnsos.
S. H. Clifford, New OosssL Wis., was
troubled with neuralgia and rheumatism,
his stoumcu was disordered, his liver was
affected to an alarming degree, appetite
fell away, nnd be wns terribly reduced in
flesh and strength. Throe bottles of Elec
tric Hitlers enroll him.
Edward Shepherd, Qarrlsburg, III., had
a running sore on his leg of eight years'
standing. Used three bottloi of Electiic
Hitters aud seven boxes of Bucklen's
Ainica Salve nnd his log is sound nud
Well, John Spenknr, Catawba, O., had
tivo Inrtro fever sores 011 his leg, doctors
paid ho was incurable. One bottle Electric
Hitters nnd ono box liucklon'a Arnicn
Halve cured him entirely. Sold by Mat
hews Pros.
Rooms 1 and 2 Commonwealth Bid'a
ilado at th'. .1IOOSIC, nnd BU8&
LniTlin & Rand Powder Co.'
Electric Patterles, Fusoi for explol
iug blasts, Snfoty Fuse and
RepaunoChcmical Co. 's High Explosive-
We have placed on sale
our line of Ginghams for the
coming spring and summer.
Finer Goods. More Tasteful
Colorings and Lower Prices
than ever before, ae what
will recommend them to our
Large Medium and
White Clover,
Choice Timothy and
Lawn Grass Seeds
Guano, Bone Dust
and Phosphates foi
Farms, Lawns and
Atlantic Refining Co.
Manufacturer! nnd Dealers to
Illuminating and Lubricating
Linsond Oil, Nnpthas anil Gbro
linen of all (.'radoi. Axlo Grease,
Finion Grenso and Colliery Com
pound; plio, a luriro line of Far
raffitie Wax Candlen
XV p nlo handlo tho Famous CROWN
ACME OIL, the only family safety
burning oil in tho markot.
OfnVo: Conl Exchunijo, Wyoming Avo.
W orku at 1'itw llrook.
Seeds and .
fnllow good health
while low spirits,
melancholia, Impair
ed incmorv, morose,
or irritable temper.
ieur oi impend
ing calamity and
a thousand and
one deranKO
mento of body
nnd mind, result
from pernicious,
Bolitary mic
tions, often indulged
In by tho young,
through lirnorancc of
their ruinous conse
quences. Nervous debil
ity, and loss of manly
ooWlT. not infreiiiipnllv
result from such unnuturai huliits.
To resoh, reelalm ami restore such unfortu
nates to heiiltli ami happiness, Is the aim of an
association of medical ifentlemen. who hnvo
prepared a treatise, written in plain but chaste
lanuuiiffp nnd treating of the nature, symp
toms and curability, by homo treatment, of
such OkMSSI
A copy of this useful book will, on receipt
of this notice, with Id cents in stamps, for
postage, be mailed securely sealed in a plain
envelope. Addresi, WORLD'S DtSPKWAM
Muiucal ASSOCLATIOS, Iluitulo, N. Y.
tv um and PBBViSNTS
Colds, Coughs, Sore Throat,
Inflammation, Bronchitis,
Pneumonia, Asthma,
Difficult Breathing,
Rhonraatism, Nurulzin,8ciatioa, Lun;.
bago, Swelling of the Jointe, Puin3
in Buck, Cheat or Limbs.
, xuti upiuif.-iiiiiin oi Tno ItlVAllY! t-1
tho part r partN where the dilllculty or pain
xim win im irci ea .n and comfort.
It was tho flrut and is tho only pain remedy
that instantly steps tho most excrueluting
pains, allays inlhtninintiuiiH und
CnnfrOfiilnn irlmtin.. T .
in . j Kronen,
UowoIh or othor glandq or organs.
. Dr. Hndway & Co., Ghmtlsmeni Ihavoud
iyour Heady Relief for more than twenty-flvo
yoara with much latisfnetlon-liavo used it
.for La Grippe, Pneumonia. P ourlsy and all
'aorta of a;-hes and pains and h;ivo found it un
lalling every tlmo. llo-ipectfully.
31 Cresei nt St., Mlddletow.i, Conn.
January 18, 18U
A U n
1 This Is to certify that. In Fobruary, lH'JO. I
had a snyerosttnek of "Lu Orippo," and enroll
Imysoll in twenty-fou- hours by the us-i of
(Ihad another attack of tho same dreadful
Nllseaso In March, IKtl.nnd nsod tho same ram-
.aj, ,i,ii tin, ajiine rtsiut. i uo not knew
tt- ' y H'" 'o l.uu lUbUlUlHt.-llim
(tni-so medicines, an I I hove always put very
little faith in "Almanac Certiflcntes, " hut l"f
" iiih-h win oniy inanre some ituTenns
i 1 1 i . i ... . .i ... .. . .
. . .....,.. i.Tiiuuy x win I eel amply
repaid lor writing what I havo.
Besp ctfnlrjr, E. U D:.OWX.
J. W. BREWER, Jshhurn, Piko Co., Mo.
"One bottle of Rady Relief and one box of
Ttarlurn.-'a 10 1 rt.... J m .l .
-- "j ...a lujuu uu ui my lumwy oi inac
'terrible complaint, "Lu Grippe," or influenza.
KAjJVtAl'f UKAUY BELIEF, nldol by
RADWAY'S PILLS. I th,. miok.f
effoctual ouro for
Price, 00c. per bottlo. Sold by Druggists.
' i-ureiy vegeineie, rnuu anil vamaoie. ..use
Perfe.-t DlgesUon, ' al sorptlon and
healthful regularity. Kor th-i cur of all dis
oidors of the Stomach, Liver, Hwel,Kil
. . Itlndiier, Nervous Dlaoases, Loss of
.Appetite, Heartaehe, CoiiNtlpntiun. Coh
itlvenoat, Indigestion, niliousuesa, Fever,
I Inflammation of the lloweln, I'llnu and
all dorancameiit of the Internnl vUcorii.
Perfect Digettlon will he acoouiplUhed
hy taking Budway'l 1'llls. By so doing
Slrk Ilenliaehe, Font Ntomach, Bilious
nrss will li avoided, nnd the food that Is
eaten contribute Itti nourishing properties
for the support of the natural waate of the
i f' observe tho following symptoms fol
lowing from disease o tho digestive organs:
Constipation, inward pile, fulness of the
blood In the head, acidity of tho stomach. nau
sea, heartburn, dlsguat of food, fulness or
weight In the stomach, sour eructations, slnk
! inn or fluttering ot the heart, choking or suf
locating sensat.ons when in n lying posturo, ;
jdimness of vision, dots or wchs o.foro the
sight, fever and dnll pain In tho head, doll.;
lenoy of perspiration, yellowness of the skin1
and eyes, pain in the side, chest, limbs, and1
sudden flushes of heat, burning In the flesh.
A fow ilose.i of RADWAY'S PILLS will free
the system of tho above-named diaord.TB.
rriro 95c. u Box. Sold by Droirglsts.
fiend to TiR. RAD WAY & CO., Nn. 82 War
Wen St.. Now York, for Book of Advioe.
I n ...
E. Robinson's Sons'
Manufacturers of the Celebrated
100,000 Bbls. Per Annum,
DSITRB SilOIl 00., Inc'p. Capital. fll.OOO.OIH).
".-I dallur S'irtU T-? a dollar earned." k
Til Ladles' Solid iVoneh nongoiaUidBnt
tou Boot delivered free nny where in the U.S., on
reosipiorussn, moovj unaw.
or I'uoui ftoie ior umi
Knunls every wsy the hoots
Fold In nil retail stores for
S2.60. We maLo this boot
ounolvni, thereforo we (or-onii-e
tho jUl, utiilt and amr,
and If any ono Is not sattsllod
wo will refund tho money
or send another pair, ypsra
oe or t.ninuieii riimse,
widths U P.ASSI,
lien 1 to s ana nair
,.iltes. ataswertisr;
tes wilt fit yen.
lons FREE
Dexter Shoe Co
lu nnlTnN. MASS.
Special ttrmt (a Vtalwt-
R rudyJelier
Third national
Bank of Scranton.
SURPLUS, $250,000
This bank offers to depositor cvorv
fnclllty warranted by tltclr bulnncrs, busi
ness and rmpnimlblllty.
Special attention given to basinets ac
counts, luterost paid on time deposits.
WILLIAM CONNl'LT, President.
tllto. n. OATUN, Vlee-1' resident.
IVILL1A.1I U. l'Kt K, Caslilet.
William t'onnnll, (ieorge II. Catlln,
Alfred Hand, .lames Arelibald, Henry
Itelln, Jr., William X K.nitH Luther
poalof tho best iniallty fjr domestic nse.and
of all !.-. dellverud lu any part ot tno city
st lowoht price.
Oidor loft at my ofllce.
no. 118, WYOMING Avr.Nnn,
Bear room, first floor. Thir 1 National Bank,
or sont by mall or telephone to the mine, will
rccoivo prompt attention.
t-pcclal contracts will bn modo for the salt
and dellvory of liuckwhest Cool.
Iff Mm A
The above brnnds of flour can be had at any of the following merchants,
who will accept Tiik Tridune flour coupon of 23 on eaoh one hundred pounds
of flour or 60 on each barrel of flour.
Ecranton-F. r. Prion, Washington svonns I
Gold Medal Ilrand.
Dunmoro-F. P. l'rico. Oold Medal Brand,
Dnnmore-F. D. Mauley, bnperlativo Brand.
Uyde fork-Carson A Davis, Washburn St.
Oold Medal Brand; J soph A. Honrs, Main
avenue, Superlative ilrand.
Oreou Itidge-A.L.Speneor.dold Medal Brand.
J. T.Mc.Hnle, Superlative.
I'rovldonco Fenner & cimppell N- Main ave
nue, Superlative Ilrand ;U J Uilleiplj, W.
Mnrkot atroet, Hold Medil Brand.
Olyphant James Jordan. Superlative Brand.
Pcckvlllo ShanVr & K- Is r Suporlatlv.).
Jormvn-C. U. Winters & Co Suporaiativo
Arch bald Jones, bVmpson .t Oo,, uold Medil.
Oarbondala B. S. Clark, Oold Medal Brand,
lloiicsdalo -L N. Foster Co. Gold .Modal.
Miuookn M. II. Lavells
"No star was ever lost we once have seen,
We always may be what we might have been,"
Scranton, Pa.
22 and 23 Commonwealth Building.
That wa will GiVS you beautiful now pat
terns of Sterling SILVER SPOONS and
FORKS for an equal weight, ounoo for ounca,
cf your silver dollars. All elegantly en-'
graved free. A large variety of new pat
tern's to select from at
umptlon of lptMttri
i'. . t
Xlfcl-OUB AND A 1 1 1 K UUIMU
l or Sul
l.yC. M. II Mil. 1 lruu'glt,
Jin m!,rtf'!. WiH
Deform auU I bin,'.
... .... Ki.v i. milieu
Foraale by JOHN H. PHF.tPS,
Spvucs Street, Scranton, Pa.
at FORE AND AFTER otbsr' AdSnuKlOfifB St Eli CO., Ussbnic fempio. cuicaoo.iu.
For Sale in Scranton, Pa., by H. C. SANDERSON, Drurrijist, cor- Washington
inrl flnruoe streets.
Dr. Ey. Grewer
The I'liilartnlphi.i i 8poeallSt,snd his associated
ana uennan nnyswisns,
nre new permanently loeated at
811 SPniJCK sr., BORANTON.
The doctor Isagradnateofthe rniversitvof
i eiinsyiviuiin.iorniorly demonstrator of phvsi
oloByand smgry at the Medlco-Chlrarglcal
(odeg,; ,,f phi adellihla. A 0,...,.1..I.,V f
i ireMio. Nervous, Hkin, Heart, 'Womb and
Hlood dlS'-nses.
The 'Symptoms of which arc dizziness, lnek of
confidence, sexual weakness in men and wo
man, linll rising in tho throat, spots no iting
l.cfore the eyes, lossof memory; unable to con-
eentrate the mind on one subject, oosilv
startled nht'ii snddt-nly spoken to, nud dull
distressed mind, which unfits them lor per
forming iheui mill i.uiies of life, making hap
piness Impossible; distressing; tho net. on of
tno heart, osaslng flntti ot heat, depression oi
spirits, evil forebodings, cownrdice, fear,
dreams, ilielam holy, tiio easy of i-ompany,
feeling as tired In the morning as wh. u retir
ing, lack of onorsy, neryoosness, trembling,
confusion of thought, dopresaiou.constip itlon
weakness ot the limbs, etc. Those so alfeeted
should consult us immediately and be restor
ed to perfeet health.
Weitknesa of Yoting Men Cured.
If you have been given up by your phyatolSn
call upon tlio doctor and be examined. Ho
cures I In-worst eases, if Nervous Uohi'itv.Kei-,,.
luln.illd S res.i 'atarrh Plies. I-'emale Weakness,
Affections of the Kyc. Kar. Nose and Tin-eat,
Asthma, Deafness, Tumors. Canoers and Crip
I'lasof overy description,
Consultations free nud slr.etly sacred nnd
conBdentlaL Office hours daily from !ln. m.
tot p. m Snndav !i to 2.
fromlAeA'. 1 . 7'ritnine, Aon. 1 , WM.
"ClIICAOO, Oct. 81. Fhe first offlcia!
snnonncemcnt or World's Fair di
plomaH on flour has been made. A
medal lias been awarded by ths
WorldM Fair judaes to the flour matin
fsctured by the Waahbnrn, Crosby Co ,
iD the groat Washburn Flour Mills,
Minneapolis. The committee reports
tbe flour stroDg nnd pure, and entitle
it to rank s first-class patent flour ior
lamily and bakers' us."
Tnylor-Jndgo ft Co., Gold Medal: Athertop
& Co., Superlativtv
Dnryea Lawronee Store Co., Gold Medsl.
Moosic-John McCrlndle, Gold Medal.
Pittaton M. W. O'Boyle, GoM Medal.
Clark's Green Fruco ft Parker. Superlative.
Clark's summit -F. M. Voting, Gold Modal.
Dalton-S E. Finn ft Son, Gold Medal Brand.
Nicholson J. E. Harding.
Wavvrly M. W. Bliss ft Son, Gold Medal.
Fnctoryvillo Charles Gardner, Gold .Medal.
Hopbottom-N. M. Finn ft Son, Oold Medal
Tobyhnnna T'lhvhann-i ft Lehigh Luralur
Co.. Gold Modal Brand.
Gouldsboro-8 A. Adams, Cold Mo-la' Hr.iad
Moscow Gaigo ft Clements Gold .Modal.
Lake Ariel James A. iiortreo. Gold Medal.
Forest Ci:y-J. L. Morgan ft Co., Oold Mods
This WnueJrrfill r"V-i! i.-un
Nnlonl to ritr-' nil ntr.nit tlll-
The Flow
rnupBsHiirh an Woak Monnry, EsOUOl Hruln I'nwer. IU'ftiiucho, Wulirfulnt'CB,
Lmt Mftnhmiil, Stulitly ICmlffiloi. N.'rvouHno'-.jr.alMrMnHnnrt Iota t power
ln(;piionitlvu Onfan of tflthoriuat:lu?eU by oToroiprttim.ymill.ftilrrror.
suSw ... n inVvnoon iinllini 111' Rt 1 1ll U 1 1111 ( . Wllll'tl til 1 1 1 ' 1 I' M 1 1 1 1 . Coll
ton vo CalTien 1 11 vul ptirri'i. i ht iic , vj ii s.f
a ptot wo ijlvc n w ! t en (Ttmriiiitvc to cure
1 1 :i 1 p mi sniii iv .1 i ipnniau. , u i nv r. inrt
or. mm
Tho prent remedy for norvou proatrntlon nnd allnervonadlneicies of
us fsnerauTe onani f eltner ssx. Buon as Nerroui nostrstli n. Kail
ing or Lost Manhood, Impotener. Nlsntly Bntlulo is,Tontnfnl Urrors,
Slentol Worry, oiceiislvo SSOoi Tobaoegor Cplnr., which lead 10 Con
nunpUon and Insanity. With every MOrtef WSgjTC an nttencnar
niitcetoeuroorretimil themonev. Sola ,,1 il.Ofl pcrbov, O hoxos
ter.'.K. DK. llO'l Ii u:i. t CL-.. viuud. oolo.
17 l'llo AVCIIU.
ero yen npln twek. Sold with WBITTKN
. . ... ... m i,,,,, y. !,,wn , niiini rowf r in eitnrl nn,
UTOiapun mlSMSas Bess say SVM. If nrnliTlei, mich trnnlilca lend t.
ceii.umptina or nut. ity, l.i!(i per bai hj li,u.- fi.r WS. With evi rfSA
uojirnnii.. n. citi'i't i o ami ... iin.ti.-T. Jlr-,:
Pharmacist, cor. Wyoming Avenue and