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l'AGK OF sroitTi; NBWa
m- .aarr-t fl
The Senate Probing Committee
Applies Series of Search
ing Inquiries.
But of Course me Conversation Was rcvoid
of Criminal latent
Senator Smith, of New Jersey, Also
Chanced to Form One of the Party,
Which Included Senator Brico's In
limat? Friend, Ferrtll, Yet the Con
versation Was So General in Its
Character as to Give no Rise to
Improper Influences The First
Gun in the Senate's Defence of its
Own Honor.
WaSUIKOTON, June 15.
, i 1 f I E scnntnii.ii tut ir trail Invtttl
tation ttarttd In today on what
ij is considered the most direct and
U therefor the most Important
bnmoh of the inquiry. It is the branoli
that cQnaial in the examination of the
individual un'tnbert of the senate in
alphabetical order as 10 thelt knoivl
eii of ot connection with dealing! in
sugar stock or the sugar legislation of
U.e tail if bill. The committee line
made excellent progress, examining
each of its live members an il all sena
tors, with Mv exceptiona, from A to
II, inclusive.
The examination of senators was
bns il on it number of cir.'fnlly pre
pared queitiont, so Iramed that tue
committee to a man believes that no
senator who baa oVtr touched sugar
stook or had anything to do with the
members of the trust in connection
will) legislation, can m:ik- oven tech
nical drnnil or evtive answer of any
sort without putting biuiadf in n ques
tionable petition, Tncte questions arc
as follow:
First Have you been in attendance at
tii" Present -:.ion of couerc-s iluring the
pendency of liie lurifT liill in the senate?
Second Have yon jjivon any inlorinn
tion, directly nr indirectly, to any one in
teretod iu sugar stocltf, so called, or in
the etoi r. nf tliu Ameiicau Pngiir Refining
company, ibnt was Intended or calculated
to affect Its vuni f
Tbird llaye yon nought or sold, direct
ly or Indirectly, ;mco the beginning ol this
e wion of cougros, any to-called nujjar
ht cl: or htooi;- or stock or certificates of
the American Sugar B 'fluing company?
Fuiirth linve yon been concerned with
any ulie in Interest, director indirect. cen-
ktugent or otherwise, in any operation
v. betlier by purchase or sale of said stocks
or certificates?
Fiftl llua anyone bought or told for
yonr account, or in your interest, any of
such storks, or speculated in anyofsuoh
stocks ou your account, or given you to
Ui.dei stand tliat you would share in the
profit of any operation of such to. It, or
plhred any money to you credit as the pro
ceeds c f the purchase or sale of such
sto. kK, or promi'od or agreed to plaot mich'
money ti your credits,
Bix Has any member of your family or
any person ill your emr.loy or any clerk
employed under the laws of the United
Males in yam service been to your knowl
edge Interested in any ot the ways indi
cated la an) of the preceding qnestions In
any Irani-action in sugar stocks or certifi
cates during Hie period mentioned?
Seven Have you. or has any niomb'r
of your family, or any such clerk, owned
or (mid certificates of the American Sugar
Rufiliiug Compnuy during the period here
tofore mentioned?
Bight Have you, at any time, been con
nected with the American Sugar Refining
company cr have you at any time been in
its employ us attorney, agent or other
v ise.
The members of the committee
Punatoig Gray (chairman), Lindsay,
Davis, Lodgo and Allen, were exiim
inid before the nlpbnbethlcaj list was
began, and each answered in the nega
tive with the exoeption of the first,
which from its nature rt quired some
uplanati in. Naturally, the most
interi Hiiiig, If not inn moat important
testimony of the day wh that
of Senator Brier, whoso name has
been so frequently connected wiih
st.. cnlations in suffer ami with the leu-
ialation on the sugar fchednle. The j
ex iminalion of Senator Pricu was not
made on the questions given, because
other witnesses had brought in his
name in giving their testimony.
Senator Gray read to Mr. Brice the
statement of Correspondent Edwards
In the Philadelphia Press, alleging that
Senator Price was a speculator in
sngar stocks and then put mis ques
tion :
I ask you, senator, whether tbat state
ment, which means to impute that, you
end others have been enableil to accumu
late wraith upon the probitblo course of
legislation, is true, and to state what you
have to say in regard to it?
before 0T since entering the senate?
asked .:r. Brice.
Siuce entering the senate.
"Butt nay as well answer as to the
whole time before or since, "said the Ohio
senator, "I have never been coucerm d in
any speculations or Investment, of inter
ested in thotn. the result eif which depend
ed Upon legislation in OOngreSI or olse
W In re. Since entering the senate I have
not been roOcerned in nny way, diiectly
or Indirectly, In nny property, sec initios,
stocks, Investments, or speculations in
anything that is mentioned In the tariff
hill from the first line to the end of
l ho free list, with the ezcepllon
ot some local manufacturing establlih
nunta In Lima and adjoining towns in
Ohio. Nor have t sought to accumulate
Wealth in any way by investment or spec
ulation since 1 entered the seuate, in any
of tliu things which I have mentioned. In
other words, my investments and the
things which I am concerned in are not
connected with or nlfected by the opera
tions of the tariff act exsept as t ho general
property of the country is. There is no
truth whatever In it ns far as I am con
cerned. I was never present at nny Conference
or meeting where any such subject was
discussed. I was at the Arlington hotel
on the evening of the Till of March last,
at the room ot H. L. Terrell, of New
York (for the past BO years one of my most
intimate friends). I calieii at .Mr. Terrell's
roein for the purpose df meeting him am! a
common friend, a New York lawyer in
terested in railway matters, and not con
cerned with or Interested in the tariff bill
in any way. Ve sp-nt perhaps an hour,
or an hour and a hull without any other
person being present. Mr. Terrell said
tbat Henry fiaveraeyer was i the hotel.
1 requested that he send for Mr. Have
meyer, that I might get .Mr. Bavomeyer's
statement, preuinlug him to be tne bost
informed mm in the country on that sub
ject, lie came, and after few minutes'
talk on the subject I raid to Mr. liavc
meyer that there was strong feeling
acainst a tnx on sugar, and against anv
additional tax on refined sugar, and that I
had great doubt whether the senate and
the liou-o would not put SUger, both raw
and refined, on the free list.
MU bavbueyrr's OPINIONS,
Mr. M.ivomover became pretty onru
est, and while I do not recollect his exaot
words, be attacked the policy of the Dem
ocratic majority in the senate and house
St being destructive of the manufacturing
interests of the country. This I res-ntcd
and said to hi in that while 1 was from a
stHte, which iu my judgment favored free
sugar, both raw and refined, and had no
manufacturing sngar interest in it I would
do what was fair and right, if he and other
refiners could satisfy me what that was,
but in no event would i concede in re than
half the differential In lavor of refined
sugar allowed by existing or McKinlcy law,
that I was incliuod to believe that there
was tome protection to the refiners in an
td Valorem .schedule. He Stated that there
was absolutely none und tho di-cussion
continued for a little while on that point
At this tiio Senator Smith, (.Vow Jersey),
who had been informed at my house that
1 had gone to call on Mr. Terrell, camo
into the room. No talk on sugar, how
ever, or on tho sugar schedule occurred
after he camo in, except that 1 think Mr.
Havemeyer made some reference to the
fact that he and I had been having an ex
cite! discussion or a difference or a
Senator Gray rend the Statement in
the Philadelphia Prer.s that Senator
Price ha I procured a cony of the 400
amendments to the tariiT before they
w. re reported from the finance com
lust tue und turmid them over to bis
Did yon furnish, or procure to bo furn
ished, such list ot amendments? ho asked,
Senator Price I did not. I may say that
I never saw the amendments or knew any
thing about them personally, either by m
speulion or by healing, until they were re
por'ed to the Bu iute except one or two
Theodore A. Havemeyer denied that
he had ever been present on H. 0. Pen
edict's yacht ( is charged in the Piiii
delpbia Press) in the summer of 1893,
ana dilcassed sugar interests with Mr.
Cleveland pt takiug f ttt in nny such
discussion at Greenwich, Conn. He
had not been in Washington for seven
teen months, perhaps two years, and
therefore did not know unything about
Ibe conferences between sugar trust
men and senators. The sugar trust,
of which he is vice president, had not
made any contributions to itonreof de
feat legislation, but be thoutrht it had
made contributions to politic il parties
in state campaigns, he knew it bail not
in national issues. Witness did not
kuow of any speculations made
by any senator, directly or in
directly, and be had nevor ceil
ed on any senator for infor
mation ns to tho value of sugar stocks,
nor given them pointers, nor received
any information from a senator about
tho pending tariff bill. Senators
Chandler, O ill. Carey, Cullum and
Cole all testified in turn, answering
fully and without evasion, every ques
tion from mem tiers of the committee.
Tne gist of their replies was to the ef
fect that they iu no way had relations
with tho tugar trust directly or indi
recti y.
Senator Iiill was examined, Mr.
Hill's testimony went to show that the
only conversation hold at Senator
Brice's house when he wss present was
a general discussion of the tariff bill
and there were present on that occasion
Senators Brice, Gorman, White, Jnf
frey and Murphy. No agreement Was
readied and the discussion w,s aweary
Continuation of tho T, stlmouy of thn
Infoiin r, Rill,
WASHINGTON, June 15 The inform
er, Sill, continued his story of armor
plate lrauds before the congressional
investigation committee today. it
was mainly a detailed and technical
elaboration of the frauds which he had
explained in a general way yesterday.
Jle look sheet by sheet of the "fake
reports'' made to the government olli
oert and pointed out how Superintend
ent Kline had changed tho iignres io
as to m ike them uiet govornm tut ro
qnlremente, The tedious process ol
identifying each false entry proceeded
throughout the morning and part of
the afternoon.
Abdul Aahtdiat boon proclaimoa sultan
of Fese.
The Illinois supremo court decided tbo
senatorial apportionment cases in favor of
the Democrats.
The pope's recent attack of weakness
brought him near to do.ith. For some
time it was thought he could not rally.
Pis holiness has since lully recovered.
The Spnnlsh government will propose
the appointment of a mixed commissloo
to settle the difficulty between Spain and
tho United States, concerning tho Cuban
W. 11. Brown's Sou's small mill at
Brown's Station, about twelve miles up
the Mononimhola from Pittsburg, was to
tally destroyed by tire. The total loss will
reach 150,000.
Edward J. Mulligan, formerly oouUMtad
With the Now York Insurance company,
was arrested In Mont ('lair, on the charge
of forgery. 1 1 in stealing, are said to
amount to M(i,()0().
The trustee! of the beblgb university
have elected a new president foe I hat In
stitution. It is said that the lucky man Is
Robert P. Llttdermao, president of the
Bethlehem Iron company.
The body of Dollle VVottlg, the woman
who mysteriously disappeared from a par
ty camping along tho Uouettoga on suu-
day nigQt, was found in tue creok near
Lancaster yosterday afternoon.
Parry Moore and Juntos (lerau, who
haveoeen on trial charged with the mur
der Of. Charles Modioli", whOM body was
fonnd on a lot inS iutb Obeiter in Jauuury
Inst, wore acquitted last night.
ii W Mm
mm art
Further Intercslinfi Revelation? Brought Out
by the Lexoi CciiiiiiiUce.
Organized Societies of Liquor Dealers
Assess Each Member to Secure a
Fund for the Purchase of Protec
tion from the Wardman with a Pull
Large Sums Paid Over to tho
Underlines of Tammany Hall What
Relationship and Boodle Will Do
for a Law Ercnker in Our MllgOV
erncd Metropolis.
. NEW YOBK, June 15,
OMF. interesting testimony was
H brought out at today's session of
n the Lexow probing committee
VcV The 1 1 1-- witnvss this morning
w.i- Julia Badady, a young Hungarian
woman She was once arrested by
w tru uevecHve u 'vc tor tailing liquor
witliuut a nevus-, but was discharged,
as she did not seo the liquor sold her
self. Siie said she had tleVer paid L-vy
any money herself, Lui her partner
told tier that ne nail uoueto, Ih- sur
prising statement was made by the wit
nesa that alio understood that Ward
Detective Levy kpt a house of prosti
tution at No. o'J Stantoa street. Th
committee declined to uliow the wit
ness to stato tho dates and amounts of
money alleged to have been paid to
Levy by her partner.
The next witness was Bessie Butler.
She said sin formerly' kept tne house
at ?io i niiuriage street. The witness
positively swore that daring the five
years pile lia-l Kept the house in Eld
ridge street she never paid a dollar to
any police omoer or other person for
protection. Mm admitted, however.
that her hatband was a partner of
Mver uollar Mnith the Tammany
Mr. Golf now opened up a now line
of blackmail by milling as a witness
Joseph 1'osmsil, a Bohemian saloon
keeper of 1370 Avenue A, near Siventy
third street, in the Twenty-second As
i.t.. a:-:.., r ;n i, .... .
n.mviy uimnci. 1 ospisil luellliued a
copy of the Bohemian p ipar, the Now
Yortke-Lllte, containing an advertise
ment of tho Bohemian Liquor Dealers'
association of the Twentieth and
Twenty second Assembly districts.
Tho association, he said, was or
ganized for Tho mutual pro
tection of its members, the
dues paid by tbetn being used in
paying tho expnses of defending the
members, procuring counsel, etc., for
them When in trouble over the excise
laws. The Witness said bo kept his
own s.iioon-door on th chain, an I did
not let any on in oa Sunday. So fur
as be know no Bohemian saloon -keep t
was arrested on Sunday, After Bo;n
persistent qu istioniug (be witness ad
mitted that b d les reading in the Bo
hetniail paper last Saturday that there
was to be "a strict excise law on Sun
day,' a policeman called at bis saloon
and told him took out the next day.
Pospitil reluctantly admitted that
the anaociation had paid money to tin
police "about two years ago," be
udded. hut he maintained that he had
not said that the association was form
ed so that the money could be paid to
the police in one sum instead of indi
vidually by the membsrt, The mem
hers of the association paid ill to the
treasurer 80 or To cents a weekenob,
according .is they wore attested ; they
wer all assessed th- aamtt amount.
The witness said that the association
by resolutions, form illy and regularly
adopted, ordered their treasurer to pay
money to the polic-, and the money
was so paid to the ward man. Captain
Gunner was in charge of the precinct
at tho time the nuooiation was formed,
and Samuel Campbell was the ward
man, Popisil mil ho personally dealt
with Campbell. The witness called on
Campbell at his house by arrangement,
and Campbell said that the association
mint pay him .121 a month, He
told Campbell that the mombtfl of the
association were very poor and could
not ailord to pay nioro than $100.
Campbell said that it tint were s(1, u
could not be helped, and be agreed to
take $100. Tho association then duly
authorifd the payment to the ward
man of if 100 a month, and that sum, the
the witness said, was regularly paid to
ward man by the financial secretary of
the association in the witness' presonce
for about a year, Th in, by reason of
the increase in the number of members
of the association, the monthly black
mail was increased to $125
Of all tho immemo volume of testi
mony taken by tUu committee, that of
George Appo, tho half-breed Japanese
given yesterday in relation to the green
goods business and tho manner in
which it is completed, was by far the
most interesting. Appo said that the
green-goods business iu this city was
uiootlv in the hands of James MoNally
and Frederick Hudliek, Tlnso two
men mmaged rival concerns and
wore known is the "backers."
Both had police protection.
Men called ''steerers" were employed
to escort the victims to tho ''offices.''
Theat sworers were well known to the
police. Appo himself was well known
to thorn. They escorted their victims
under the eyes of tho polios with im
punity. Tim backers guaranteed pro
tection in this city to those in theii
employ and held back a pereontago of
each nun's pay for tho purpate of pay
ing the police.
Men who trind to run the , business
on their own account iu this city, Appo
said, wer driven out of the precincts,
even murder being attempted to get
rid of them, jobs being put up for
that purpose. There could bo no
doubt, tbo witness suld, that the
regular, men in the bttsineu were
protected by the poli-jo, und us proof of
that lie added with the utmost non
chalance that if he attemptud to pick a
pocket ho was iimnedutoly arrested,
but that notwithstanding hit picture
B 031
was in the rogues' gallery and the tact
that he was well known to the police,
he was allowed to steer "guys," that is,
victims of tho green goods men,
through the street and under the very
nos8 of the police, who often recog
nized him while doing so, with im
Widow ,;....;!- Rem v Her Husband
ard 1 hildrsn hv Arsonlo.
MKtBOUimB,June 15. Tbt authorities
of this city are investigating what may
turn out to bo a case of wholesale poi
soning upon the part of u woman. Mrs.
Martha Needle, a widow, has been ar
rested charged with atteuip ing to poi
son ouo of her lodgors, a man named
Junoken, by the use of arsenic.
The preliminary investigation into
the case has le t the attorney to believe
that the woman's bUlbaod, three child
ren Htid Juucken't brother were killed
by poison administered to them by the
Does Not Want to lie Kecretnry of the
Commonwealth Under Hastings.
Washington, Juno 15. Representa
tive Dick Quay today said that be wan
not a candidate for the secretaryship of
the commonwealth of Pennsylvania
under Governor Hustings,
He was inclined to regard the uss of
his name iu that connection us a joke.
Pathetic Letter Read from President
McQrido in Which Utter Failure Is
Very Frankly Conceded.
PltTSBOBO, Juno 1"). Thn convention
of coal minors of tho Pittsburg dis
trict today mdorsed tho notion of the
national and oistrict ofhV-rs by ac
cepting tin (jp, Clnt ntto and will re
sume work Mon lay. The vote was 60
to 81, but it was mads unanimous im
mediately afterward.
President dims, of thin district,
made an address in which ho told the
delegation that the compromise terms
were b-tier than any the miners have
had for years, and in some ssctinns bet
ter than they ever had. Cameron Mil
ler, of tho national executive board,
read a letter from John McBride, ns
Tho funds have been exhausted and we
are hundreds of doilnrs in debt, There
was no money to pay tho expenses of field
workers and they have been ordered
home. From all quarters Came the cry for
men or money to keep the strike from
breaking. Vo could send them neither,
and the result wus easily foretold. Your
officials have been working without sal uy
and have exhausted their means to keep
the movement alive. Dnaem 01 our nn'lu
bort are in jail and others have been ar
retted for c mtpiracy, and we have not a
dollar to defend them.
After the reading of this letter the
vote was fakl n upholding the com
promise settlement. There nro nearly
20.000 miners in tbi Pittsburg district
and as a majority of the operators are
sutilfiod with the new scale, n number
of miners will return to work Monday.
im IndredIilled.
Two Ixpl sIoub of Fire -Damp Cause
Fiifrhtful Loss of Lift.
TROFPAU, Austrian-Silesia, Juno 15
A 'dsautor involving great loss of life
i reported today from Ktrwin. An
explosion of fire-damp occurred in the
Jotiunn and Fransiska mines. The ex
plosion took place at Id o'clock p. ni.
in n pit of tne Fransiska mines, and
resulted In the death ot 130 minors
there. This explosion was almost Im
mediately followed by a scries of fill er
explosions iu tho Utlntt, the UtOSt dis
astrous of the latter being in the Jo pit, where eighty miners were
A dispatch from Karwin says that
only twenty of tlw men injured by the
explosion worn got out or the mines.
Several of them were dying when
brought to the surface. Tho rot-cue
parly which was lost consistod of ten
Says tho Mon Had Either to Comp.omiso
or Starve.
COLCABUS, O, Juno 15. President
McBride m un interview gives the pub
lie tacts that will be potent in Indue-
lug the miners to accept the settle
It shows that tho miners' organiza
tion undoilooit Ike striko when it was
iu a weak condition, that tho strike
was in constant danger of going to
pieces through all its course, ami that
when it was endd it was known by
the national officer! that it was a ques
tion or compromise or utler ueleut.
Thvr Hs!ea Eeinir f""lbratd
T'arndlnff Streets with Music.
Knxil Way, Pa., June 15. The sixty-
threu iuiuers wno were arrested teu
lays ngo and imprisoned hern wilhout
a Hearing, were noer.iieii tins after
noon. The nun wero charged with
conspiracy and riot, and war 1 all ad
mitted to bail in the sum of sop;). y!x
of the leaders were placed under $1,000
Noble mine is being worked by im
ported negroes. Tho miners are parad
ing the streets with a band of uuiMic.
A l ei-, . Numbs r of Will Be
Arrohtt d
ITniontovcn I'n June 1ft T!w. trinl
ol fifty Stickle Hollow strikers for riot
ami unlawful assemblage was conclud
ed this morning. There will Do a large
number of nrnsts of citizens of Con-
uellsville ns a result of the riot there
on last Monday.
Thirty families were evioted at Trot
ter last evening und 100 negroes put
into the houses.
i.. , 1 I, L . iUUIHIlli; 1111(1
decided to return to work Monday. This .- 1- .i- It. ,1.1 n ninnll ... I
destroys the enSUCS ot the fourth pool
Continuing the strike.
Tho miners of tho Bell, Lewis & Y'ates
Minine mmhAH nt I'linvoti.tvnt. lint-.,
p. .."- - J , .......
in ceiled I h... (if .11) i'iii:l. n.. r I. ,ii ttt.,. I,.
by the company and resumption will prob
ably begin early uext week.
First Ilis'orica! Mention of Any Aninmity to
Sheep Kusbanury.
The Vermont Member Creates Much
Amusement Among the Republi
cans by His Biblical Quotations and
References Senator Pfeffer's
Amendment to Substitute the Mc
Kinlcy Classification on Woolen
Goods Very Nearly Carried De
bate on Indian Appropriation Bill
Limited in ttie House.
Washington, June. 15.
THE senate passed today from the
region of debate to that of nc
tion on tho wool schedule of the
tariff bill. The talking con
tinued . from 10 31 to 8.80 p.m., bat
none of tue speakers presented any
thing now or remarkable, except a
short ouo by Mr. Proctor, Vermont,
who made good use of his Bible read
ing to illustrate his view of tho attack
made upon the wool induptry. Ho dis
OOVere I in the murder of Abel "u keep
er of sheep," by Ciin, "a tiller of the
ground," tne first historical mention of
hostility to shtep husbandry, and be
predicted thai in thlt caso us in that,
"a mark would 1 set" upon the D -rn-OC
rati and that they would be forced to
cry out, "My punishment is greater
than I can bear."
Tin- npositensss of this nml othor
Biblicil references and quotations was
loltsud greatly enjoyed on the Repub
lican ido of tho chamber and iii too
galleries. A good m my votes were
taken upon amendments offered on the
Republican tide of tho chamber, and
while all of tiics amendments wore re
jected, one of them came very nearly
being carried. It was an amendment
Offered by Mr. Puffer, Kansas, to sub
stitute the McKiuley classification on
wooion goods (reduced 50 per cent) and
ths voio upon it was: Yeus, IU; nays,
85; the whole four populists voting in
the affirmative. The senate adjourn i
at 0 So, with another amendment of
Mr. Pt Iter's pending to put all woolou
manoiuoturei on the freo list.
For awhile today the scene in the
honso ri called memories of tho former
time, wiien active partisan contests
were more common than they have
been since the adoption of the quorum
counting rule. The occasion was the
introduction of an order from the com
mitteo on rub's to limit debate on the
Indian appropriation bill. It was
finally adopted by a party vote.
Mr. Richardson, (Dem., Tenn.), do-
nied the charges, expressed or implied,
in the Washington New, that ha had
sold a tract of land to a street railroad
company Iu the District of Columbia
which was to be used by the company
iu pursuance to the provisions of a bill
wbjon Mr. ltichardsein had reported to
the house.
Sscatora en-mot Asrren on tho Parentage
of 1 r t etion.
Washington, June 10 The ponding
tnnfF bill bat passed a number of criti
cal ptriods, but it has now apparently
reached o point where its final parstge
is jeop.irdis d more than at any time in
ihepast, The trouble grown out of the
proposed new substitute in the wool
schedule. The majority cannot
got togother on this question,
iu tho Jones amendment the dividing
line iu women's und children's dross
goods, yams, eta,, is placed at $1 per
pound, and all other goods valued at
that ptiee are made dutiable at 50 per
cent. The woolen manufacturers have
proved before the committee that it
would to Impossible for them to run
their mills under suoh n rate. Attcr
thoroughly discussing the question the
sub-committee decided to make a new
schedule, which it did, fixing tbo 50
per cent, duty on nil goods valued nt
more than 00 cents per pound.
This notion of tbe committee has
callid forth a storm of opposition from
senator, especially from the smith, and
it is laid that a number sufficient to
imperil the SUMSSS of the blil have in
formed the committee that if this
schedule should b- adopted they will
vote against the bill ou its final pass
age, f
The committee appears to be be
tween two lires. Tho manufacturers
who re pre sen I some of tho best -do
meiits of tbe Democratic party In New
England and New Ymk s:iy that the
Jou?s amendment means ruin to them
and tbe utler destruction of their prop
erty, ami it Is said that such senators
ns Smith and Murphy have told the
committee that they would not sup
port tho bill unless iho compromise
proposition wan agreed to.
Knows Hottllng of thu i.ff.irt :o Huvj
the Sugar Schcrtuin Uudtfltd.
Washington, Juno 10, Mr. Havt-
meyer udded nothing new to the tacts
gathered by the committee. Ho said
that lie knew that contributions had
beeu inudo to political parties but he
knew nothing concerning the details.
That branch of the business was in tho
hands of Messrs. S.-arles and II. O.
linveuii yer.
Mr. Havemeyer laid ht had not been
in Washington during the past winter
and knew nothing about tho efforts of
his brother and others to have the
sugar schedule modified.
Strlkern at Mount O iv-r ITava tha Gov
ernment OllLUlu TowerUss.
Bprihqfibld, III, June 10. Advices
from Mount Oliver statu that the mi
Here there have again broken out and
ure stopping all trains on the Chicago,
tvoria and Bk Louis railroad, und thiil
the deputy United States marshals ore
Colonel Briuton has telogrnphed Dep
uty Burroughs to swear in more depu
ties and arrest all ring loaders.
A Former f trnud(burtt-er DPw While ot
tho Way to Visit HU Slotor.
tpecial to the Srniittnn TrihUnH.
SntOUDSBDRG, Pa , June 15 (ieorge
Marton, a former Eist Htroudsburg
resident, who was a glass blower, was
on bis way to visit his sister, Mrs.
Richard Sampson, of East Strouds
burg, coming homo from Gas City,
Ind. , where ho baa been employed lor
live years. past. Mrs. Sampson re
ceived two telegrams, stating that he
wiison bis way and requesting bar to
meet him. She went to the depot on
tho arrival of the train, but he did not
come. 0:i returning home ehe found
another dispatch stating that bis death
hud occurred on route.
Marton was about 80 yoars old and
unmarried. His body will be brought
here today. Before going to Gas City
he resided at the former pluce about
thirty years.
Tn Cambria Iron Company to Burn Its
Own Coke.
Johnstown, Pa, Juno 10. The
Cambria lion company Is preparing to
build ovens and burn its owu coke,
and thus iu the future be absolutely
independent of strikeH and strikers.
Tho coke ovens will be erected on
tho hillside above tiia mills. A new
German process of burning coke will
be introduced.
Such Is the Verdict of the Jury and
the Foreman Weeps as
He Tells It.
NEW Yonic, June 10 After a fore
noon of superior pleading, during
which the best oratorical taiect of the
metropolitan bar was enlisted in behalf
of the prisoner, as well as in bis prose
cutioa, tho c-iso against Erastui Wi
inan, tho Btaton Islaud promoter,
charged with forgery, wus tfiveu to the
jury at 2.:;fi o'clock.
In bis ehurge to tho jury Judge Ii
grahutn dwelt ou tho "greed for gold,"
and how it led to speculation and then
to difuculties and sometimes to forgery .
He emphasized tbe importance of men '
signatures us being the principal safe
guards in buoinese. Justice Inyrahaui
showed the jury, by quoting from the
nrtioles of unti ciation of Ii. O. Dun &
Co., that none of tho three pariies
,iad a right to draw to exceed their
guaranteed compsmsatiou, except as u
settlement showed that more wasduj,
Itnd then. oiy by ponuissiou of Mr.
Dun. The eourl quoted Mr. Dun's let
ters to Mr Wimau to show that Mr.
Dun reminded him that his continued
overdrafts were violations of tne agree
ment. The court said it wus for the jury
to consider tbe defendant's intent in
writing Mr. Bullinger's name. The
j,i Iga allowed most of General Irnoy's
request's to charge, and this Was taken
as favorabls to the prisoner,
After long deliberation tho jury re
turned a verdict of guilty, with a rec
mmi ndatlon to mercy. The foreman
ot the jury wept us be delivor-d the
verdict. As soon as tho verdict was
announced Mr. Wiman fell back in his
chair with a groan. His young sou
placed his arm about his father's
Shoulders uud tiie two sat silent
lor a few minutes. Then Sheriff
Brown cume, aud Erastus Wiman
started for the Tombs. The penalty
for Mr. Wimau's crime is imprison
ment for not more than ton years in
state prison There is no minimum
After hearing tho verdict, Mr. Wi
man said: "There is nothing that I
can say. My c.ish will, of course, be
appealed. I il m not guilty, for I did
not intend to defraud auy ouo. I wus
persecuted, uot prosecuted."
President Mciliid- Says That is Why
tho Etriko Win Bet'.l&
COMJMBOS, O., June 15 President
McBride is out in an interview justify
ing the late settlement on the ground
that the funds of the United Mine
Workers organization were exhausted,
nud that the conduct of many of the
miners wus fatal to the success of the
Under such circumstances tho only
thing to bo done w is to oht iin the best
terms possible.
Trains Are TJmibls to Move on
Bruih Creolt Brnnoh
ZaNBSTILLB, O. June 15. A trestle
was burned this forenoon near Grang
er's station on the Brush Creek branch
of the Columbus. Shawnee and Hock
ing railway. Oannelville trains are
nn ible to move and assistance was sent
out from here.
Striking miners are suspected of fir
ing the trestle.
Drunken Painter If. Ha Bis Fathsr-in-XiSW
and Hiranelf.
Grand Rapids, Mich., June 15
William Qenshaw. a drunken painter,
today tried to kill his wife nud chil
dren, fatally shot his fatuer-ln-law,
Jacob Sutton, aud then blow his own
brains out.
Recently Mrs. Ileushuw instituted
divorce proceedings Tnls provoked
today's tragedy.
Hon. William WalUr Pholpj Resting
More Comfortably.
EnGIiBWOOD, N. J., June 15. At 4
o'clock p. m. there was no perceptible
ohauge In the condition of Hon. Wil
liam Walter Phelps, from that of today
noon, when ho was resting comfoi ta
ble. Dr. Currie said this ovoniog that
ttiero was a possibility of Mr. Pholp.
surviving twenty-four hours longer.
Wasiiinoton. June 1& Fnrreant
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tylaata oeatraUy fair, south
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