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Zfjt cranfon ri8ime
VmsuNB Publishing Company.
New Yobk Orricc I Tribune Builoino. MbR 1
Jbay, Manager
tUU.'STOii. JCSE 0. ISM.
For OOMrnor;
For Lieutenant Q pernor;
Of ALIittoniNT,
Tot Auditor Qttutolt
amos 11. MYLIN,
J'vy iSecrtttini of Itttnoi Atftiir:
i'or CoiUjT' ttBlSft'fll.Lai yip.1
Of M smukiianva.
Flection Time, nv. l
TBIBO DISTRICT fUpnbllMM mado no
'nistake in the wording of thtir plat
.orra. It ringa truo and olMr, In full
i' msonnnco with the reinvieorated
Republicanism of the nation.
No Straining at Gnats.
Jlost persons will aro with our
eiteetted evening neighbor, tbo Truth,
when, in speaking of the Nnnday c los
ing tnorement, it says: "IotbUaa in
nil thitiKS else ressou must rule. Iha
drugstores, for Instance, nre a neces
sity in every lnr(? oily. Indeed we
honld consider it a crime against the
community to compel then to be closed
my diiy in the week, since t no saving
nf buiiiim life frequently depends on
he promptness with which uiedicino
nny be obtained. " Wo concur with the
same excellent jonrna) in its iislief time
i certain amount of Sunday travel is
Decenary undr modern conditions.
The Bale way to (jot at the regulation
jf these things is to separate cncli lutor
is U rt'nlly necessary, in the opinion of
Ihe majority of sensible men, from that
which is wunton and inpeiflnOOSI por-
sit tiio free perforiiianco of one clas
and rigidly suppress the other. This
should le done, not in order to cotnpal
oertain men to think, slog, pray or
pOSS as other men do; and nobody of
euse so chin s. It should be done as a
ivil act of justice to the majority of
ur intelligent and law-abiding citizen
Bhlp; to men who otherwise would tn
forced to work seven days a week for
is days' pay; and to these InflMnoea in
our national Ufa which avow up in an
atmosphere of sei mly rest and spiritu
ality. The Truth regards the sale of soda
water on Sunday as a work of necessity
or mercy. Certain oth-r persons do
not. Let us aubmit the iuestiou to the
OOnrtS. If they decide that such a sale
il hostile to tiis intent of the protect
aw, it will become tiio duty of j;ood
oillsena to obey tbo courts. They may
''till advocate the law a amendment or
rental, in orderly manner, tlironih
legislative enactment. But no tjood
iiti;'.?n will individually anticipate
what ho hopes will be the action of tbe
legislature by defying the law as it
now stands. That would, as Mr. Dick
ion has ably pointed out, be equivalent
in effect to an attempted nullification
if law, to which the Truth would Do
oniony the first to entr objection.
We fear lest our evening neighbor
honid underestimate the intention
which is behind tnis present movj
nent because of certain minor details
n which there is room for an honest
difference of i opinion. That intention,
:h we l elieve, is not narrow nor perse
cutive in any senso. It does not wish
lo club men who honestly cherish opin
ions that do not coincide with its opin
ions. It simply holds that law, in its
plnln and vital behests, should and
ihall be obeyed. The moral suasion first; but if it disclose the ex
istence of a rebellions spirit, there will
be abundant reserve strength to meet
all sncli emergencies.
Can any fair minded citizen dissent
from this reasonable basis?
A CAUSEi.rss strike amoni: anthracite
miners would be n sel-fdelivered blow.
The worst thing about Frank
Grover is tho uamo tiiut his name BUg
geets. Tun QUMT10M of law observance is
DOT a question of intolerance It is a
question of civic loyalty. Law is uot
mado to govern mail's opinions It is
made to impose necessary restraints
upon their actions. The employer who
vrouid force his employes to work
against their wishes seven days each
week deserves to be punished by tho
law. and will get little sympathy iu his
crkB of intolerance.
A fortune awaits the man wbo can
invent a combination fan, umbrella,
mackintosh, overcoat and dustor, for
use during June.
What is eo rare aa a June day in
June f
Pittsburg Moonshine.
An example of how one sometimes
bifl to go away from home to get the
news is embodied in the following dis
patch which has recently been sent
broadcast by one of the larze preBS
news association!, under a Pittsburg
date line:
It was learnd bore Inst night that the ex
ecutive board of tho United Jline workers
aro now considering tbo advisability of
calling out the i -' i-"0 anthraritocoal min
ers in l'ennsylvsiiiB. Tbe ofllcers of this
district aro expecting word at any moment
to go into the anthracite rogion for that
There la, of course, nothing to pra
vant the executive board of the United
Mine Workers from calling on 120,000
anthracite minera to go out on atrike,
:iither is there any obstacle to binder
their calling on 120,000 mill workers,
or 120,000 other kind of workers in
Nortliesstsrn Pennsylvania to do like
wise. But it is one thing to enll and
another thing to secure attention and
obedience. Tbe fact is that
this is regarded hereabouU as
an exceptionally good time for
the anthracite minera of Pennsylvania
to remain nt work npon a faithful dis
ihnrge of their own dntiea. They are
beginning for the first time in aeveral
months to see a dear future for their
industry. They are learning to realize
that when tbo nuthrarite operators
were taught by the Mcleod regime to
appreciate the necessity and the wis
dom of co-.iperation and hannoniona
methods, n lesson was imparted whieh
t iday saves them in large degree from
Uio Buiistle.s disorganization und ruin
ous throat-cutting which lira the un
derlying causes of all tha mischief that
il today being enacted In tho bitumin
ous coal fields.
Under the leadership of those who
i were instruin ,1 in organizing tbe
I Anthracite Coal Onuratora' association.
Ihe anthracite producing interests have
foreseen the expediency of husbanding
the resources of the decreasing hard
coal supply, protecting each other from
individual treachery, chicanery or
Undercutting, and thereby putting
their einployua and all depend
ent unou that great industry iu better
condition to face the general business
depression than could havo been pos
sible under any other circumstances.
It has been a bard pull at best. Uut
onr people have made it success
fully; the period Is near when
better time lis uccnstouiad to
prevail underground, in anticipation
of next winter's demand, and so fur
from entertaining any general disposi
tion to go on strike, the anthracite
miners arc gladly settling themselves
down to the cheerful prospect of a busy
and prosperous autumn, to which ac
tivity the bituminous strike will con
trlbnte considerable portion
Any tbougnt of volunturily ontnilod
Idlenen is so foreign to the general
sentiment of the workers in our local
mines ns to make the Pittsburg item
fairly ridiculous. Anyhow, what has
an executive board iu Pittsburg to do
with Scrontonians ?
It is time for the annual sweet girl
graduate joko to ripoii.
SCRANTON CANNOT boast of a flood,
but good citizens may contiuue to en
joy occasional showers.
A BUOOBBTION haa been made tbnt it
mi::ht perhnpi be wise for tbe United
.Stales government to employ Tailoi
Dowe, of Germany, to manufacture a
few bulletproof jackets for American
war ships ib a solution of tho armor
plato problem.
Those DISTINGUISHED orators, Co'onel
James J. Corbett and Colonel 1'etcr
Jackson, will next come foward und
callo sob other names.
The CONVERTS who are won by clubs
instead ol reason will wutchkg.
The Third District Convention.
The nomination, by Third district
'publicans yesterday, of Frank
(irover of Jloosic, ns their legislative
candidate confers deserved distinction
npou nn energetic and oipiblo business
man, wbo stands well among his neigh
bors, is not the product of factionalism
and will, WDsn elected, m ike a cred
itable representative,
The platform was short, sharp and
decisive, ns such platforms ahould be.
It presages the Spirited and enthusias
tic campaign that is to follow, and that
finally will end with another high
water mark affixed to the credit -aide
of Thir l distriet It- pnblicans.
Upon the whole, n more encouraging
start could not well have boon mado
than was yesterday mule in the good
natured z-nl with which friendly par
tisans, after choosing their cundidnte
fairly and frankly, upon a platform of
merit, decided to accord to him loyal
and undivided support and thus help
to swell the general victory.
MeANWBII.B IT would be well lo enst
an occasional reminiscent glance back
ward at thos new bridges.
If WILUA1I HUN w is lintening yes
terday, he doubllen heard something
drop heavily in the vicinity of tbe
Kingston postofflee.
The QUIBBLi as to whether the Hale
cf soda water on Snnday is a work of
charity, necessity or pun, tqnare dol
lars and cents is a small one to obstruct
tho truo observance of a sacred day.
It would not bo accurals to spak of
the Democratic rush for office this year
as a mad stampede.
In self defense The. Tribuns is
compelled to draw the line on Sunday
observance poetry.
The Sensible View.
Tho lettor from McGarrah & Thomas
printed in yesterday's TbIBONB is a fair
and candi ! explanation w.iicli will not
fail to havo a good effict. The right
of that firm to have a legal question
definitely sdjadlCStsd in the courts will
be readily and generally conceded. If
it can Le established that they are cor
rect in tho position sssnntd by them,
it will clear the Sunday f; :;;ticn of
some uncertainty und leave tho au
thorities free to direct their prosecut
ing energies against those violators of
tho Sunday law who nra the chief of
fenders, both lo tho spirit of their on
position and in its prnciical effects.
At the preBcnt timoit avails little to
go buck into discussions of what has
paesed. The present movement for a
general closing of business places on
Sunday, up to the limits of worka of
noceislty or charity, may, or may not,
have been initiated in the most ndvau
tageonsiinl prudent manner. That,
however, does uot obscure the fact that
a number of persons in this city are yot
defying the law. They do not pretend
to limit their business transaction on
the first day of the to works of
charity or necossity; but instead ad
vertise their intontion to do virtually
what tboy please to do, and then, by
informing on themselves and settling
the cost of a conviction, make of the
penal clauao of the present Sunday law
practically a license to cover tho low's
systematic violation.
The sensible sentiment of this com
munity does not wish to be dogmatic.
It does not say to druggists: "You
shall not respond to calls of charity or
necessity on Sundays." It does not
countenance any course which would
strain at a gnat and then swallow a
camel. Its purpose is simply to keep,
the first day of the week as free from
secular anxieties and toil as is consist
ent with necessary present-lay con
ditions If it is ueoessary to run street
cars on Sunday, run them by allrue,ns,
If it is necessary to set type on Sunday,
sat it. The law, ns nowadays iot'er
pieted, would scarcely prevent tbese
things, provided valid excusi-a could
b urged. But it is not the wish of
the grant majority of intelligent Scran
tonians to have these reasonable ex
ceptions ao abused as to turn the one
day of weekly rest into a day of un
checked license; and a defiance of the
law in any quarter by men of whom
better things are expected would be a
poor example to set before those ele
ments in this community which are
hard to discipline under the best of
It is pnssibb to quibblo and haggle
over this question to on indefinite aud
bewildering degree; but the plain com
mon sense of it is not diirhult to dis
cern. That is what will eventually
The Reed bird pipes a silver lay: but
tbo ifold bug's boss tho livelong day.
William Henry Hinks, in his last
attempt to knock out tais adtninistr.v
ti on, was not even suflicleutto give the
a '.ministration exercise.
Ma CaBNKOIB'b recent conversion to
(ho Wilson bill still looks ns suspicious
us one of his own armor plates.
It is true that type is set In this of
fice on Sunday evening. It is truo that
other necessary work is done. No
printer, however, Is compelled or even
urged to work on Sunday evenings.
Only a limited number of other work
men on Tin; TRIBUNE do labor on Sun
day. This labor disturbs noons. It
infringes upon no one's conscience. It
is necessary labor, if a Monday morn
ing newspaper bo a necessity. And,
finally, it is much the same kind
ol labor that is performed in
churches, at light, heat and power
plants, or in any other place of neees
aary toil. Sentiment condemn! Sun
day newspapers, and The Tribune does
not print them. When tiiis sentiment
shifts its condemnation over to Jion
iiay newspapers, this journal will make
tiio same change aud print a Sunday
but not a Monday p iper. We do not,
in tho first place, cousciouslv break auy
law; and seoondly, we defy no lnw.
When the majority fairly will a thing,
we accept it. That is our conception
of good citizenship.
Corbett and Jackcon should coi .
hut their debate according loQneeo
bury's rnles of order or else subside.
The latter is preferred.
The AMERICAN striker sicrificis i nh
lie sympathy tho moment tie resorls ti
IN MANY respects (.'jugre.-smao Wil
son resembles the pelican. His bill is
very much dipr -r hI.
Coffee Cools
The pre valence of colds at the season
of tbe year when sneezing and cough
ing should he almost unknown h
amused much speculation as to the
causes of these disagreeable epidemics
which make existence miserable durin.
t'aoir pefiodical visitations. Tin aver
ago sufferer philosophically term the
summer cold nn epidemic "that is going
the rounds," and dos s regularly with
compounds of euro without giving a
thought ns to what might constitute
the ounce of prevention. A lumber'
man of this city who in years past has
spent many winters iu the logging
camps gives bis opinion that colds k
brought on by lack of fresh nir, exT
cise and sleep. Tbe lumberman statrs
that in the loggin;; Reason ho has ex
isted for many a day oa salt pork and
slept Bweotly on hemlock bOOgbs when
the thermometer ranired about zero
and the tempest howled about his
cabin door, During the timi any
thing of the naturo of a cold was un
known. Cold water enthusiasts advocate fre
quent bathing as a preventive for
colds. The cold water sponga btth
upon rising certainly is an Bid toward
good health, but unless followed by
exorcise snd fresh air is not tho cure
ull for diseiw. In fact too much
water has in lomo instances camel tho
death of the battier. Professional V0
enlists are usually tho most fortunats
people in the world In tha matter of
colds aud throat Trouble. Their good
health is undoubtedly produced by
diet and breathing exeraises uecmsnry
in training tno voice and expanding
tho chest. There aro hundreds' of
people about us who prolnbly d
not fill their lungs with air
twelve times R year on an average;
and yet they are at a loss to know why
their organs are so Biijceptible to every
epidumic. A sarcastic writer once re
marked that many people died annually
becnute they were too lazy to breathe
This statement is undoubtedly true.
But many rea lers will probably stilt
prefer to take medicine for the evils
that might bo banished by main
strength. AHhousju the afflioted mty
never he converted, still the weight o'
opinion based upon experience, observ
ation and common ueuse soems to be
unanimous that good health can best
be promoted by plenty of out door ex
ercise; regular hours of sleep and tha
absence of rich pu I. lings, pie and c ik
from the daily bill of fare.
From the exchange list it is observed
that people throughout the country are
enjoying a-afonsof summer opera at
popular prioes, an 1 Jit is evident that
this style of sum-jier nmusunent is
gaining ground each year. Tho exp r
iment of producing operas during the
heated months at popular prlees w
first tried in western cities where the
scheme met with favor at onoj and the
pioneers reaped large profits from the
venture. During the Inst two
or three yours tunny managers
have been successfully engaged in
maimer opora ventur s At the clone
of the regular amusomont seaRon som
of the very best talent can be procured
at reduced Halati -r, as nearly nil are
willing to pass the greater pirt of the
heated term at work even at a low rate
of compensation, rather than depend
npon their winter's enrnings to pay
expenses of the entire year. Oi this
account tnanngere are enabled to aok-ct
tho best soloists and chorus singers
from tho nrmy of the nuemployed and
the tntertaiumenta given by these com
panies at popular prioes are often su
perior to those presented by high priced
combinations duriug tbe regular diani-
stio season.
Scranton baa not been bihind other
citiea this year in the matter of sum
mer opora. The excellent onmpany
that h is been secured for a season of
several weeks at the Frothlnghum, will
give all an opportunity to enjoy ren
ditions of the favorite operas at pricea
muoh below those of the winter enter
tainments. From tho enthusiastic
manner in which tho troupe haa been
received in this city, and the liberal
patronage acoorded, it is probable that
the time of the origiual engagement
will be extended.
It is much easier to play bnll on the
grand stand and in the newspapers than
on tho diamond.
It is a remarkable fact that the most se
vere critics arc generally unappreciated In
a business way by the world nt largo.
Cackle is sometimes more rapid than
merit iu elovating u mail in n business
way, but It has not the staying qualities.
Smart boys who imagine that they know
more thun pa usually liud the old gentle
man's biguaturo indispensable iu floating a
Strawborriea aro just ns healthy at It)
cents a box ns at the season of the year
when they will bring ?1 per quart, but tho
flavor is not near as nllnr ing.
One of the neatest and most artistic ex
positiona of a thriving city's business and
industrial interests that wo havo seen
comes from tho presses of the Altoonn
QaSStte, It comprises halftone illustra
tions of prominent Blair county citizens,
leading commercial Institutions and poin's
of scenic interest, together with discrip
tive articles covering the en tiro Held. The
edition would reflect credit upon a pub
lishing house thrice the age of the Uazotte
Printing company, nnd is n maguillcent
tribute to its enterprise.
Tho Wilkes-Harro Times has begun to
print tho regular afternoon Bervice of the
United Press. Other Improvements are
promised by the new management, who-o
greatest mistake thus far has boon in per
mitting Edward A, Niven to retire from
the editorship.
Tho first number of tho now local cvon
ing paper is expected to appear about June
90. There is talk of a new moruiug Demo
cratic paper: but it appears to have reach
ed no definite stage.
Neither Intezrity Nor Patriotism.
.fodal Krosomfrit
As at present constituted, the Demo
cratic party appears to he losiug nil truly
democratic characteristics. In the south
it now represents medheVSliem and mob
law I in the west, flat money, free silver
and populism; In the east, slum ignorance,
pelitiral and social snobbery nnd English
middlo class economics. It soems to hnvo
neither economic principles, political in
tegrity nor national patriotism.
Important, if True
ITasAfao7on Pott
The Mugwump is almost oxtiuct. A po
litical movement that doesn't pay divi
dends ennuot be uindu to flourish.
Hill &
131 and 133
N. Washington Ave.
Jewett'a ratout Ohareoel rated
Water Filters, Coolers and
Also a full lino ot CHINA, CBOCRBBV
8c Co.
Meat Market
Ttie Finest in the City,
Tbe latest improved fnr
nlal)inj9 and apparatus for
kaeping meat, butter and egga.
223 Wyoming Avo.
met m m
11 1
,(T 'TiB
s i-'.Tii(Bffi
CLEMQNS Reynolds
For many years this Piano lias stood in tho front ranks. U lias been admired so much for its
trara, rich tone, that it has become a standard for tone quality, until it is considered the highest com
pli inent that can be paid any Piano to say "It resembles tho WEBER."
We now havo the full control of this Piauo for this section as well as many other fine Piano3
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With the New Valves
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Girls' Wheels. We are male
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Second-hand Wheels.
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price $1.50, for
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Pet tootb, W-W: Vwat fwt, $8; for poU cap;
nnd tooth without 1'latos, calloit crown md
brldgo work, call for prions and referonoes
TONALUIA, lor extracting tuoth without
Iialn. Mo other. No gas,
Ice Cream
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Berries aro arriving
in very lino condition
and prices low.
Fancy Pea, Be&nS,
Bquaah, Tomatoes,
Asparagus, Beet,
Cucumbers, etc.
Pierce's Market
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HaYlng bad 19 years' experience In tho Bi
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ctmiio nre invited to call und examine our
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etanpuor oataiognes.
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A limited number of tho above
bonds aro for sale at par aud ac
crued interest by tho following
parties, from whom copies of tho
mortgage and full information can
be obtained:
E. V. Mulligan, Cashier Second
National Bank, Wilkes-Barrc, Pa.
W. L. Watson, Cashier First Na
tional Bank, Pittflton, Pa.
J. L. Polen, Cashier Peoplo'a
Savings Bank, Pittston, Pa.
A. A. Bryden, President Minors'
Savings Bank, Pittston, Pa.
Aud by tho Scranton Savings
Bank and Trust Company, Trustee
under the Mortgage.
T. tt Atherton, Conosel,
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good. Ours are 18-k.
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Inserted In THE TRIBUNE at the
11 ADS