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Nil AW,
row The price,
A Foe io Dyspepsia
And always have
Good Bread.
U1E TllADE Dtf
The Weston III Co,
Punch Cigars
G., B. & Co.,
(dinrJnfnH on Fioh C'nur.
Carney, Brown & Co. Mfr's.
(TO 11.JC
W. H, Terrell, of Montrose, is in the
D. E. Phillips, of Jlalmuoy City,ls at th9
T. V. Powderly, jr., of Cnrbondole, was
here yesterday.
Homer Oreuue, of Ilonesdale, was yes
terday in th" city.
Charles E. Titohener,of Bingbumton.was
in the city yostcrday.
Mr. Daniel Savre, or Montrose, was hero
yesterday euroute for New i'ork.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Onderdonlt, of
Philadelphia, are at tlie Wyoming.
Secretary llaby, of the Yonug Men's
Christian association, bns recovered from
n illne-s of Revurul days' duration.
Mrs A. V. Bower and children, of New
Canaan, Conn., nr.- yMMds at tbo home
of her parents. Mr. and .Mrs. J. W. Uar
noy, of l,Wi North Washington ftvonue.
Mlsa Nellie Jnes Married to William
Smith by R v v, F. Davla.
At 12 o'clock yesterday occurred the
wedding of Mis Nellie Jones, Uaughtfir
of Mr. and Mrs. L. 11. Jones, to Wil
liam Smith. The- ceremony was per
formed nt the family residence. 1910
Wayne nvenne, by Rev W. F. Davis,
pastor of the Welsh Baptist clinrch.
The bride wore a tailor made travel
ing snit and carried bridal r..seS. Mer
ryl and Carrol Jones were flower bear
ers. After a collation had been partaken
of, Mr. and Mrs. Siurtth departed on a
tour which will include Now York and
the eastern cities.
The out-of-'.own guests were: Mr.
and Mrs. S. J. Owens, Mrs. J. E. Jones,
Misj Agnes Jones, Miss Jessie Jones'.
Others present were: Mr. and Mrs Di
vid Smith, Mr. and Mrs. W V. Davie,
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jones, Miss (iartie
Powell, Phoebe Smith, Muttie Jones,
Mrs. Mary Jones, Mrs. D, B. Griffiths,
Mrs Smith, Invi-1 Smith, jr , Fred
Smith, David Jones, John L. Jones.
fcranton'a Bualneaa Intereata.
The Tribune will soon publish a care
folly compiled and classified list of the
leading wholesale, banking, manufactur
ing and professional interests of Scranton
and vicinity. The edition will be bound
in book form, beautifully illustrated with
photogravure views of our pnbllc build
ings, business blocks, streets, etc., together
with portraits of loading citizens. No
similar work has ever given an equal rep
resentation of Scranton's many indus
tries. It will bo an Invaluable exposition
of our business resources. Sent to
persons outside the city, copies of
this handsome work will nttrnct
now comerB and bo an unequalled
iidvertisemont of tho city. The circu
lation is on a plnn that cannot fail of good
results to those concerned as well ns the city
at large. Representatives of The Tiiibune
will call upon those whose names
re dksireo in this edition and explain
its nature more fully.
Those desiring views of thoir residences
in tnis edition will please havo notice at
the office.
Mother I Motharsll Motharalll
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nsed for over fifty years by millions o
mothers for their children whilo teethlngr
with perfect success. It sooihes tho child
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arrhoea. Fold by diuggtsts in every part
of the world. Be sure aud aak for "Mrs
Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup." and take no
no other kind. Twouty-liyo cents a bot
tle. Beadle A Woeiz'a and Ballantlna's
Ales i re the bt st. E. J. Walsh, Agent,
82 tucknwa ina avenue.
of Abington Association Id Scranton
Street Cfcurca.
Various Discussions to Advance the
Usefulness of tho Sunday School.
Some Flaws Discovered but Ideas
Are Presented for Its Betterment.
The Institution Is Especially De
signed for Winning Souls. Other
West Side News.
The Wost Side oiTtco of the Nrii,Troi
IniliUNK is located at 1040 Jackson street,
where subscriptions, advertisements aud
communications will receivo prompt at
tention. The Sunday school institute of the
Abington Biptist association hold yes
terday afternoon and evoning in tho
Scran ton Street B iptist church, though
not well utteudeii, was productive of
considerable discussion and proved a
valuable enlightentneut to those who
A period of devotional exercises lei
by W. B. Owen, of the Jackson Street
Baptiet church, liesruu at 2 o'clock,
preceding the regular Institute and
session of discussions. The hymns,
"Tills Is My Story" and "Nearer
Blessed Lord," were followed by a
reading irom the Scripture by H v
Charles Embroy, of Fleotville. A
prayer was offered by Rev. W. J.
Ford, of Green Ridge,
A brief address of welcome was
made by Dr. 13 i Beddo?, superin
tendent of the Scrantotl Street B.ntist
church Sunday school. Dr. Beddoe's
uddr. ss included nn extension of invi
tation to I lio homos of the congrega
tion as well 01 to tho institute.
A motion by Rev, Mr. Collins that
ReV, H. II. Harris act .is chairman of
the sessions was carried.
Owing to tho absence of Rev. Mr.
Ellis, of Blukely, the regular secre
tary, Bev. Mr. Einbrey was elected o
servo temporarily in that position.
MR. eubbby's pafeb
A paper devoted to the need of better
service on the part of teachers in the
Sunday school was read by ll-v. Mr.
Embrey. He laid considerable stress
upon the harmful results of teachers
being improperly informed as far
ss the Scripture is concerned. Oc
cusional absence, even, on the part of
instructor sets a bad example to the
pupils and encourages tbem in laxity.
"A sure indication of the need of
better service," said Rev. Mr. Collins
in the discussion which followed, ''is
the non-attondanco of teachers at
Bible class. A good man or woman
does not necessarily imply a good
teacher, That teacher who la interested
in his class and gives good service is be
who makes a s'.udy of tho lesson bis
Rev. Warren G. Partridge said there
was a growing demand for a more gen
eral knowledge of fundamental Bible
' Incident I were mentioned by Riv.
M. J, Wutkius, of Factoryville, of
where be had temporarily instructed
classes nnd found a deplorable ignor
ance on the part of older scholars.f roui
which can only be found the fact that
teachers themselves are wojf ully negli
gent in preparation for their duties.
Bev. Mr. Ford was of the opinion
that more dir ctuess on the teacher's
part is one of the greatest of needs.
The carelessness or laxity on the
part of parents was commented upon
by Rev. D. C. Hughes, of tho Jackson
Street Baptist church. Not until tho
training logins at home, before the
child is G years old, can we expect
proper future service.
B--V. D. C. Thomas, of the Taylor
Bapiist church, road a piper oa the
reward of the faithful teacher. The
Sunday school toucher by hi3 devoted
ness to his purpose will be rewarded
according to numerous promise! in the
Bible. It is a divinely instituted work
paid first by satisfaction, which in this
case is better than dollars and cents.
The effects of good work, if not seen
hero, will be nnpnrent in Heaven.
The discussion following and in ref
erence to Mr. Thomua' remarks drifted
to a consideration of how to maunge
classes of unruly boys and girls. It
was brought out that tho quality of
pationce with firmness would in most
cases briugrofructory pnpils to a manly
display of qualities and proper con
duct. Sunday school work as an ag.-ncy
for winning souls" was the subject
treated by Rjv. Warren G. Partridge,
of the Peun avenue B iptist church. He
said that while the treatment of the
Sunday school question brought out
many fl iws, still it is one of the most
wonderful agencies for winning souls.
The home is tirst and then the pulpit,
but next there is no greater agency
than the Sunday school.
Rev. D. C. Hughes said he wai ten
able to bo present in the evenio-j io ad
dress the institute on Sunday ' ccaool
work in general. However, ho wanted
to take advantage of the present oppor
tunity iu substantiating the soul-winning
sentimente expressed by Rev. Mr.
Partridge. To make the Sunday schools
more useful in its purpose, th ) deplora
ble lack cf Biblical knowledge ou the
part of teachers must be overcome.
The brains of printed matter iu the
form of leaflots, etc., are too generally
nsed. Souls o.inuot be Won by persons
incompetent to do the winning.
The eveniug session was opined at 7
o'clock with asonx survice, led by tho
Scranton street choir. Pap rs were
reatl and discussed as follirs: "The
S'cretary; Hib the Position anv
Value?' Bev A E Doughs; "The Su
perintendent in aud Out of School," E.
F, Chamberlain; "The Extent, Possi
bilities and Needs or Sunday School
Work iu tho Abington Asjociation,"
Bev. M. J. Watkins.
The institute adj mmed sine die.
Division street is being improved noar
Main avenue.
James F. (Jammings, of Pittston, was iu
tho city yesterday.
William Evans, of Carbondale, callod on
people hero yosterthy.
Professor Daniel Prnt.l,nra laf. .......
day on a western trip.
Mrs. Bench and daughter Marie, went
to (iordon, Schuylkill county, yesterday.
Mrs. Percy Collins, of Bridgport, Mass.,
is making an extended visit with friends
on this side.
Richard M. Hall, of Hampton streetTa"
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western engi
neer left on nn oarly train yesterday morn
ing for California for the benefit of his
health. He will be absent two mouths.
Oilt edged nuttor. !4Dc. Clarke Bros.
Tho excursion of Robert Morris lodge,
Order of American Trub Xvoritos to Lake
Ariel, will take place toino-row. Special
cars will leave the corner of Maiu avenue
and Jackson street at 7.4:ia. m , running
direct to tho Erie aud Wyoming Valley
Railroad dopot. The train leaves prompt
ly at & 30 o'clock.
Tho many friends of Miss Lucy Hsit
nauer, of Hampton street, tendered her a
suipriso party last night in honor of her
seventeenth birthday. An enjoyable time
was had, daucing being indulged in to
music by Miss Maud Sanders on the piano.
Those present were: Misses Edna Will
lams, Anna Poolo, Nellie Jones, Anna
Jones, Daisy Nash, Ella Sanders, Daisy
Poolo, Myrtle Fraunfelter, Gertie Jones,
Urate Acker, Stella Green, Lou
Deppin, Belle Warren, Nellie and Jen
nie Fellows, Bertha Kelly, Maud San
ders, Poarl Porter, Lury RMtner, Mr. and
Mrs. David Morgan, anil David O.vens.
Edgar T. Meredith, Samuel York, Lou
Joues, Hurry R -inhart, Will Davis, David
Davis, Walter Joues. Will Reynolds, Ed
ward Hughes, Bert Harrington. Ira Davies,
Daniel Reese, Charles Lobe e, John Lebeo,
Bert Evnou, Arthur Ifciviea, William and
Fred Reitanuer.
Thay Were Entertained by Colonel U.
G. Sehoonraakur.
By invitation of Colonel IT. G.
Schoonintker, the Masonic- Veteran
HBSOClalibn held its quarterly meeting
at the Hotel Elmburst Monday after
noon. About liiO members, wives and
guests were present.
After n business meeting and an x
oellent entertainment at the hands of
Colonel and Mrs. Schoonmaker the
party left on a speoiol train for home
at 8 30 in the evening.
the New Books.
Qaeer dnvs have coino upon us. It no
longer suffices for those who would be
poetical to be approximately sane, rational
and intoillgible. Those "that are, our
critic." will have naught to do with. You
remember Poef No one, to my recoliec
tiou, has ever succeeded iu precipitating a
meaning from tho fantastic solution of his
disordered imaginings. Yet Poe bns been
accepted nnd tluly tlt-ilied by two genera
tions of transatlantic "authorities" as tho
one great and eternal poet of America, nt a
time, too, when Longfellow, Whittier and
Bryant, heaven loiefend them, wore
dot nied to curt dismissal with tho beggar
ly boon of a smile. This, to bo sure, is an
ancient story. It occurs to mind only in
Hitting Consequence of the perusal of a
new Volume, whereby one Francis Thomp
son biaves the ignominy'attachiug in these
Commonplace tunes to artificers of verse.
I am not going to honor Mr. Thompson
With an extended seiies of quotations.
'Twere an offence my readers would never
forgive. But ns instancing to what awful
passes the poetical impulse enn force somo
men, I propose to cite simply the one ex
ample nppeutled:
"The Sopped Sun toper ns ever drank
Stares foolish, hazed,
Rubicund, dazed,
Totty with thine October tankard."
No wonder, then, that Bliss Carman,
biuitelf a newly -crowned god of the so
called "verltist" school of which more
anon writ ing in that exquisite new
thing, the fortnightly "Chap-Book" (Stono
& Kimball, Chicago), is moved to say uf
Thompson: "Imagination ho certainly
has, as several of his lines ntto?t, flaring
aud undoubted; but it is an imagination
uncouth aud nuscuooled. I has never had
its hair cut. Ho cannot depend upon it.
It dances before him like a Jack-o'-lantern
nml leads his judgment down wofnl,
dark ways Ot llintv diction, where the for
lorn reader toils after him, distraught and
out of temper, only to b; bogged at last lu
some ferocious sulecism of idiom anil
good taste. lis ha3 ma le an indulgence of
Browni.ig. The pardonable sins of that
great master have become in him n loath
some habit. There was lu Browning's
voice an occasional wayward accent, a
personal Inflection, that removed much of
his work from tho perfect sphere of tho
great normal English, the poetry where
nil individual tones are submerged in the
single Oeauty of a compl itely simplo ex
pression. A id this wayward accent, this
wholly prrsoual mannerism, Mr. Thomp
son has acquired ami elevated into a dia
lect." It from this fi'idiag our friends in
the Wilkes-Bui ro Brownhlg society should
dissent, their qa inel, be it understood, is
with Carman, not wuh us.
It there be affectation in tho writing of
verse, shall we daro deny that there is af
fectation in the r. ading thereof? How
many agree with tho ulilitnriHii theory
that poetry is cood only as it supplies a
literary nans tlep sit suDJect to quotatlou
at draft? It this saino delighfnl little
pamphlet. "Chap-Book," there writes one
who obviously doesn't. His idea is that
"to read woll is to make an impalpable
snatch nt whatever takes your eye, and
run." And ha mournfully Inquires, with
a mental eye on just oaeh persons as our
Browningite friends iu Luzerne, "Is
there no fun left in Israel? Have wo to
endure It, for our sins, that a super-civilization
in- ists on being vaccinated by the
poor little poets who have brought no in
strument along but their lyre? Can wo no
longer ing without the constraint of feed
ing separately to the hearer what rhetoric
is tn us, what theory of caesural pauses,
what original and sequences, what occult
because non-existout symbolism? Without
setting up for oracles of dark import, and
ptisiug romantically as 'greater than wo
know'?" Unknown friend, hero's a
hand. Shake, in mutual distaste for the
fail that makes art a mere mechanism of
ribs nnd dressing.
Wayne ii'feirnrftnf.
A revolution is coming in type-setting.
It may be some lime before it reaches tho
country office, but it is surely coming and
composltii n by hand will then be a thing
of tho past. Scores of daily newspapers
have already adopted somo" one of the
several type-setting machines now on the
market and ns soon as the cost of them is
lowered they will be placed in tbo ofllces
of weekly papers. The spinning jenny
came to the wt avers, the harvester and
lender to the farmers, and now the type
setting machine is coming to tho piftiters.
The march of labor-saving machinery is as
steady as tho movement of the world and
no oue with intelligence would wish to re
sist it, because tho fields of industry al
ways have aud doubtless always will sup
ply work for all to tlo, unless interfered
with by unnatural laws of man's making.
Not Amazing1 When You Knew 'Km,
WUhttBwm Kent-Dealer.
The bold assertions made naainst Leis
raring In the editorial columns of the
Record, anil tho slobbeiinir. evasive wav
they attempted to crawl down uftor Lis
denial, shows a lack of julgmeut uuil
good sense I hat is amazing in a journal of
such lofty pretensions.
Dnatrrwod thi Eirsr .
William ft. Kelder, of Petersburg,
caused the srreBt of William Ziegler yes
terday before Alderman Wright for firing
n shot into a neet of eggs in the yard of
Kel ler. Zicglor gave bail in tho "sum of
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derful orchestrial organs, only 85 and $10.
Specialty: Old music boxes carefully re
paired and improved with now tuues.
By a new nrratigoment TnE Trib
v:;f. is enabled to offer its readers
any one of the twenty parts of the
"America" portfolio for ten ceuta.
All parts arc now ready. This is the
finest collection of popular photogra
phic views in print. Send stamps or
cash. No coupon is necessary. -
Board of Trade Take Action oa tbe Project
for Lake at Connell Park,
The Expected Wrangle at the Meet
ing of the Lackawanna Township
School Board Did Not Materialize.
John Hughes Arrested on a Serious
Charge Children's Day at the Ce
dar Avenue Church.
The South Sideboard of trade held its
regnl ir monthly meeting last night.
After the pussage of preliminary rou
tine business, C- G. Poland, always an
earnest champion of street improve
ment, took the lloor and advocated
some means whereby .the wretched
condition of m tny streets would be
bettered. An informal discussion
among the members resulted from Mr.
Bolanil'e introduction, and the matter
was disposed of by a motion to etir up
tbe streets and bridges committee of
councils. Iu the discussion on tho
street question the proposed improve
ment of Mattes street was the earnest
sentiment of the bnrd that thecaso is
in need of attention in u bnrry.
A few bills wert) read and approved
and new btmness was taken up. Under
this heart the poor attendance at meet
ings received attention. All present
were of tho opinion that if tho meeting
night were cuuugnd to some other date
manv that are now compelled to attend
other meetings ou the same night
would be present. Accordingly the
date of meeting was changed from the
first Tuesday night of each mouth to
the second Friday night, the change to
take cfftiOt ut the uext meeting, which
will be assembled ou Friday, July 13.
Park Commissioner T. J. Moore then
brought up tho lake proj-ct, and it wiib
enthusiastically received. The num
bers mot the idea in a business like
way nnd by motion and unanimous
consent it was decided to agitnte it be
fore both councils and also labor with
the p irk commissioners in co-operating
to secure a lake for Connell park.
Spectators at a School Board Heeling
Expected, However, to Saa Trouble.
What promised to be a st irmy ses
sion of the new organiz ition of the
Lackawanna township school board
Inst night tu No. 3 stiuool, Miuouka,
disappointed the expectant oue', as it
resulted in just tho opposite.
The cuusw of the anticipated billows
arose from the claim of Robert Bur
leigh that ho was entitled to a seat,
beiug elected iciio )1 director for three
years over his opponout Michael Shoe
bun. But. Burleigh included in bis
total vote tbo vote cast iu BelleVU;,
which was a part of the city of Scran
ton. For that reason the Democrats on
the board objected to eeatiug him.
Burleigh met thoir objections with thv
point that if anything irregular hap
pened a contest within tho time speci
fied by law should be instituted against
him. No contest was proceeded with
aud the thirty days' limit to bring con
tests, had expired and for that reason,
as he was declared elected on tho fac
of the returns, he was eutitled to the
seat. That convinced the Democratic
members and. be was admitted as u
Tho board then completed its organ
ization. Philip Boaoh was eiocted
chairman ; Griffith T. Davis, treasurer,
and Patrick Higgins, secretary.
Ho Is Now Undur Bail for Ilia Apjaar
auca at Court.
John Hughes, of Cedar avenue, a
youth who has not yet passed his ma
jority, is under bail before Alderman
Fuller to answer the charge of betray
ing Mary Mcilale of Pear street.
Hughes kept company with the girl
for some time and was very attentive
to her.
When their relations becamo known
a wan ant was sworn out against
Hughes, He managed to elude the
constables tor some nine, but Monday
evening Constable Thornton, of the
Twentieth war J. captured him and
brought him to police headquarters,
wln-re he spent the night.
Yesterday morning he was taken be
foie Alderman Fuller, who held hiin
in sol") bail to appear at court. Ed
ward Mahnr, of Cedar avuuuo, became
his Buroty.
Miss Maria Murray, of Pittston avenuo
and Fig street, is ill of la grippe.
Mrs. Connell, of Breck street, is suffer
ing from a serious attaok of quinsy.
Mrs. Mary Ann Gnnnon, of Prospect
avenue, is dangerously ill of pneumonia.
The funeral of Mrs, John Kellermau, of
Willow street, will occur this afternoon nt
" o'clork.
The Industrial Building and Loan asso
ciation will hold a directors' meeting Fri
day night.
The funeral of James Merrick, of Green
wood, takes place this afternoon nt !1
o'clock. S. i vices at St. Joseph's church.
Minooka. interment in St. Joseph's cem
etery. Edward V. Jones, jr., of Pittston ave
nue, Was injured iu the eye nt the Scran
ton axe works from a Hying piece tf
emery, Dr. Fisher finds his eyesight dan
gerously Impaired,
Next Sunday Will he Children's Dnv nt
tho Cedar Avenue Methodist Episcopal
OAINT cracks. It
often costs more to prepare a
house for repainting that has been
painted in the first place v ith cheap
ready-mixed paints, than it would
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ly pure white lead, ground in pure
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Strictly Pure
White Lead
forms a permanent base for repaint
ing and never has to be burned or
scraped off on account of scaling
or cracking. It is always smooth
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strictly pure while lead, purchase
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church. A musical programme of a hifh
order will bo given by the young folk,
assisted by an orchestra.
Hebrew Yountr I'.'.ou Keel in tho inter
ests of a Library.
A meeting of the Yonng Men's He
brew Aid association of Scranton was
held last eveuiug in Baub's hall, on
Wyoming avenue, for the purpose of
ttiking steps toward the formation of
a Hebrew youug meu's library. B
Lehman was mule chairman of the
meeting and briefly stated the purposs
for which they hud assembled.
Considerable discussion as to the
value of u froe library and how bct,t
to proceetl to start tbe project took
place, aud finally culminated in the
nppoint'ment of n committee of three
w'hos duty it will be to solicit finan
cial aid.
The members of the comuaitte are
Simon Seigel, M. J, Cohen and B Leh
Elmhurat Biukvird Association Ducldea
on Cuch Action.
It was decided by the Elmburst
Boulevard association yesterday to'iu-crens-
its capital stock from $25,000
to 85,000.
from 200 to 30t) men are now en
gaged on the grading of tho thorough
fare, and for about five miles from
Elmlinrst it is passible for conveyances.
Oa any pleasant day a drive out from
the ElmnuiHt terminus would ha nr-n.
ductive of sightseeing and is worth the
The brldm at Nav Anu f ills nnd tha
boulevard itsilf will probably bo com
pleted Aug. 1.
In Mayor's Court.
Patrick McGlnnls. for sleeping off n
drunk io Railroad alley was let off with a
Hue of $2.
Mary ( I'Hara and her daughter Bridget,
of New street, arrested for tlisorderly con
duct, were i,oat up to to the county jail
for thirty days.
Patrick Bcbofleld, arrestol for quarrel
ing on a street car and tearing tho con
ductor's coat, was lined $10 and ordered to
reimburse the conduct or for the damage
done his clothing). The cost of repairs ou
the 1 0 it was placed at $-1. Tho defendant
paid the Que and costs,
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Home Poultry Farm.
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Victor, Qendron, Eelipse, I.ovoll. Diamond
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Another Advocate of
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Custom Tailors and Clothiers,
Wyoming Avenue.
aiEnnHannflnuHiiii 3ii!!!iiaigiiiii:3!iDii:H!i0!!i?t;gniive
THE Fggj
A Few of the Many
S Indigo Bine Calico, Mondiy
(Jliallie Delaines, Monday
i 150 rtozii Damask Towels,
rju - .
(luring the v.!ek ....
S 25 pieces Bleached Table Linen,
VLZD, during rue week
I .r0 dozen Ladies' Wrappers, in Navy and Dark Colored
Chintz, worth Si. 25. during the week
! 200 Ladies' Navy lue Sun Umbrellas, 2(!-inch Paragon
Frames, worth 12.25, during the week $1.49 B
jj A lot of counter soiled Muslin Underwear at less than half price
At 412 Spruce strcot, will b op-ncrt to
t' epuhlie noxt Saturday, Juno '2, with
tho lament nnd most complete line of
(I intlemen'a Furnishing iu Northonst
rn Pennsylvania.
Tho old 1 tore at MS Lick iwenna avo
nuc will. In tho future, be a branch of
tho now Spruce street establishment.
It will always bo stacked with thl very
host oods.
viu i:,;i;in .. ii si!.;os will sell noin-
Ing but the latest end b.t. which will
he sold at the roisonablo prices.
Christian' two str.:oi will loll noth
Consider yourself personally invitod
to the opening of the naw Rtorenoxt
Saturday, Juno 2.
412 Spruce Street
It's a Great Shock
tn the folkl who are claiming they undersell
ill nthera 1 1 find that without t ha Icwt fuss
Dr bluster we aire (flying custom rs tho ben
flit of such opportunities as ttieee.
A Ktrletly Illtrli Grade Light-weight
. 1 :. i8t) pattern, f. i-siio eash.
l::o;t pattern, IHl.0 Wheel, for S75.
1804 pattern, 8100 Vi heel, tor H5 cal't
rheae prices inako tho business atourstoro,
at Trc nt th Mnt Popnlar and Preferred by
L.ea ii iii- Artlflfe
Wararr.c-.ns : Opposite Columbus Monument,
3 'Darlington Av. Scranton, Pa.
- w)-eKaw
Cutaway Suits
& Delany
ion i
Specials for the Week:
2 2-3c I
2o I
Knotted Frinp-e, 22x46,
0 7
18c s
98c a
two yards wide, wortTi
A Fine
Worsted Suit
Ti T
Qf VI Afl
-'l i. i. . 1 1 j
in colors black
and blue, for
Seasonable Suggestions
Atlantic Wh i i Lead.
i he Old Itellablo
lucas Tilted Gio s Paints.
Ei onotnieal, Durable, lieautiful
U. S :irk Paints.
Vory Beat Thing for Floors.
Campbell's Varnish Stains.
1 ho (Jreat Furniture liestorer.
Johnson's Prepared Kalsomine,
Decorates and disin
fects your rooms.
Ahbastine. Alabastin-.
Beautiful, hard finish for walla.
Reynolds' E amel Paints,
Tlie thintr for a bath tub.
London Purple,
Koepj your fruit trees healthy.
Paris Green. Paris reen,
tho old romady for potato bugs
Genuini Dalmatian Powder
and Magic Fluid,
Relioyes yon of that
"pest," bod buga.
Fatal Food. Fatal Food,
Tho propor diet for roaches.
Moth Camphor Balls,
Moth Camphor Flakes,
Tho name indicatos tho use.
MattheYs Bros.,
320 Lacka. Ave.
Now has hasehargo of the KEYSTONE HO
TEL, formerly cailed the Cross Keys, corner
Bromley avo. and Swetland. A full line of
Liquors, Beer, Ale and Fine. Cigars win ho
kept in stock. Mr. Phillips will bo pleasodt o
greet his many frionda who will fayor him
with a o., 11.
Clothm Heifers,?, rumisfoa